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  • August 4, 2006
    7:00 AM
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for him him him him him to sleep last night so I then laying down those that I tried my best I guess my body clock is still in Australia so I think you much but it's my pleasure to be with you this morning and just out of curiosity how many you have your Bibles okay I think percentagewise were doing better than last night but were happy to hear anyway remember to bring your Bibles these meetings and I believe the Lord has something to teach us well this morning the title by message is good and faithful it sort of the meeting was subject I suppose unless you know what I'm talking about would be looking at several parables that Jesus told about servants and look at the stories we can put them together maybe in a way that you haven't seen them before perhaps we can gain something practical and beneficial to our personal Christianity today for the begin want to turn your Bibles with me to the first parable is found in Matthew chapter eighteen and maybe use this as the setting for the rest of the parables the lessons that we can leave out of this parable I believe if we apply them to the other parables were going to look at we may get a little added blessing that we haven't received before Samantha chapter him verse twenty three therefore the kingdom of heaven therefore is the kingdom of heaven likened unto a certain team which would take account of the service we begun to reckon one was brought before him which owed him ten thousand talents for as much as he had not paid his lord commanded him to be sold and his wife and children and all that he had payment to be made the servant therefore fell down and worshiped him same Lord pages with me and I will pay thee all that the lord of that servant was moved with compassion and reason and forgave him the debt of the same servant went out and found one of his fellow servants which owed him a three hundred pass and he laid hands on a Mexican by the throat same paid me that our OS and his fellow servant fell down at his feet and besought him saying have pages with me and I will pay thee all and he would not but went and cast him into prison till you should pay the debt so when his fellow servants saw what was done they were very sorry and came and told the Lord all that was done than his lord after that he called him sentencing him O thou wicked servant I forgave thee all that because he desires me should is not also of compassion on thy fellow servant even as I had pity on the and and Lord was wrong and delivered him to the tormentors till you should pay all that was the one to have so likewise shall my heavenly father do also unto you if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother from their press trespasses familiar parable we read and we've heard before a man owed his Lord and incredible MAI easily in classical ill he will also likely even though he said me all the Lord in his life is not possible and I'll be all indebted to God in the same way we know God we have something we need to pay him but it's something that we can never fully repay we have sin and his death is sin me that we cannot ever fully repaid his debt to God we owe God impossible and gone like this master he recognizes the impossibility of the task it looks at us and he offers us free we begin a forgiveness and salvation as a week and this survey which owed ten thousand pounds we have been forgiven and impossible that with this thought in mind I want to take us a few more steps if we know that we haven't forgiven so much what would be our natural spots this servant in this story even though he had been given this incredible gift of grace and mercy he goes out to someone who oppose them a couple blocks and will not let them off the hook and said I'm in a throw you in jail just because you can't even pay back these few panties and of course the obvious direct literal application that you want to understand is that we need to also forgive as we have been forgiven I want to think a little bit further and that is knowing that this man is a service he is in the service this morning this master who has forgiven and how do you think you'd go about his duties in his service after this encounter after this experience of the Lord when you go through in his line of thinking at all I'm off the hook but it is kickback just take it easy or will he in his mind is also consciously I would think any normal human being she was almost think why without thinking to more go will be on the call of duty out of gratitude out of the Internet 's nest to his Lord there is famed as a term in Chinese the Chinese word is renting and what that means is human relation or human compassion if this understanding between Chinese people that if something does something good for you you have to do something good back on me I think it apply to all cultures but Chinese we have a attornment is a very big deal is some invited over to their home for a meal you are required by the duty of culture to invite them back into me paid in some way is some mad food gives you you are now indebted to that person to do something good for that and during Chinese new year we give you little red envelopes with money inside my favorite time of year but if you received an envelope of red envelope from suckers on TN uncle so-and-so automatically in my parents are now required down by their culture to give their kids around the red am looking you him before and I think that this is all mentality is common throughout cultures and humanity and that makes sense to have his natural desire to do something back for the person who is done something good for now that it is in the context of God God has forgiven us something that we could have never retained something that would've exhausted us are eternal lie how do we relate to God do we possess this Chinese culture is called Renzi are we do we look at God what is done for us in the great full perspective or are we just living life as though of great feel forgive me again to forgive me before so from with this concept in mind with this idea in mind that God has forgiven us so much and now natural response as a servant as his followers would be disturbed him more more wholeheartedly with that in mind turn your Bibles with me to Matthew twenty five Matthew twenty five and we're going to look at another parable about servants will begin reading verse fourteen for the kingdom of heaven is as a man traveling into a far country who called his own servants and delivered unto them his goods and the one he gave five talents it's another to enter another one to every man according to his several ability and straightway took his journey as you have received the five talents sure you do the same and made him other foxhounds likewise you have received you he also gained other two busy to have received one went empty in here and hid his lord 's money after a long time the Lord of the servants columns and reckons with the associate had received five talents came and brought other five talents same Lord you delivered to me five talents behold I have gained beside them five talents his lords it is a well done thou good and faithful servant now have been faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many things enter thou into the joy of thy Lord he also had received two talents came and said Lord thou deliver sent me two talents behold I think you have a talent beside them is lowest in the gym well done good and faithful servant thou has been faithful over a few things I will make you ruler over many things enter thou into the joy of thy Lord that he which had received one talent came and said Lord I need the that thou art a hard reaping where thou has also and gather without a strong and I was afraid and went and hid thy talent in the year load there that thou hast that is not the Lord as an incident in the widget as slothful servant don't knew is that I read were so not and gather where I have a strong now on therefore to put my money to the exchangers and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury take therefore the talent from him and given up to him which had ten towns for it everyone has to be given a huge have abundance but from him that have not shall be taken away even that which he hath and cast the unprofitable servant into outer darkness there should be reading and gnashing of teeth a familiar passage to all of us a familiar story about the three service risk the house now drawing the connection between the two stores the reservoir this principle that God is a God of forgiveness and that he forgives his servants apply to all his servants right so practically speaking all three of the service realistically when applied to all have been forgiven but ten thousand talent and what the master do instead of say forget it I'm never entrusting you with my money again I'm never going to let you close to one penny of my well don't work in the genitive area janitorial department instead of saying that God says look I'm going to give you I want you to do something with her I wanted to improve their to invest that that's how me how you think how you feel is your Lord is your master entrusted you with as well after you've owed him ten thousand talents and he for gave you the debt what would be the natural inclination level of your response to what you're going to do the town to begin I'll tell you how I would feel I want to do my very best I want to give as much back to the Lord as I can because I'm indebted to him no matter what it is that I may have been forgiven I still owe him that she to do something in return and in the hello passage in Luke the command is given is actually in mood the store is slightly different to you slightly different terminology was found in Luke chapter nineteen the master tells the service to occupy till you come occupied till I come at an interesting thought and combining that with what it says here in Matthew twenty five Matthew twenty five in verse nineteen the very first few verses of first few words of his birth says after a long the Lord of those servants so what this tells me is that the Lord gives his service his talents of his money as well any child and to occupy or to work diligently until I come back to the Bible tells us that the Lord take a long time and we know this parable is found in Matthew twenty four and twenty five which is Jesus discourse about the end of time so this parable particularly had any time significance God gives his people his service the visiting call town 's and he says occupy or improved invest them work occupy till I call the Bible tells of the takes in the long sometimes we wonder is Jesus really coming soon why is it that we've been preaching as the denomination since eighteen forty four a gene of the coming season is coming but yet he's not here of the Bible tells us that seemingly there appears to be a moment appeared upon the lady that time that we are living in as of the question when we look in this parable for ourselves is what are we doing are you high till Jesus and today I just want to spend a few moments thinking about these talents a few of these talents that God has given to each one of us knowing now that we have been forgiven each one of dad in Paul spoke for each one of us to pay and the natural response of our hearts should be a desire to do our very best with what God has entrusted to us the next question is what are these things that God has given to us invest to improve one of these things interestingly enough the word in Matthew use for the money or the wealth that God uses people is more talents is exactly the word that we use were talents as a applying this idea God has given us each town 's or abilities or just we sometimes limit our scope of God 's Howard's two watts as just our spiritual gifts all are peculiar particular abilities some of us may be gifted in music some of us are gifted in no working with our hands some of us are gifted with incredible intellectual ability we do well in school were able to to get high grades and to solve problems some of us may be public speakers some of us may have other gives in other areas may be as audiovisual or computer work or something like that we think this is my special building my special gift and I use it for the Lord and that's exactly right you do but I want to on these could still hear just that each one of us possess I want to look at gears that each one of us possess because the fact is all the sermons receive at least one talent and each one of us have gifts often we feel as though we had nothing to offer that person can speak that person can sing that person can play the piano so well but I have nothing to offer but is that true in the Lord has given each one of us talents what are some talent that each one of us possess the last few minutes before we break for breakfast I just want to go through several how that every single individual in this room possess and I want to ask you what are you doing with these gifts that God given first talent God is given each one of us the ability to think all of us have met in full ability you may be sitting in his room you may think I'm dumb I can do well in school but the fact that you are hearing and understanding what I'm saying and is going through your cognitive processes and longing somewhere in your memory and is making some fact in your life means that you can think so what are you doing with your brain know the obvious implication is what we putting in our brain what do we spend our energy filling our minds with what does our minds think about the majority of the time how do we improve the key to think you know I think that God is interested not so much of what we think about as much as how we think in about the year two thousand and three I was in the country of China and it just so happened I was at the time when the war in Iraq broke out and the disease called SARS broke out it is very interesting and I want to need in China and that always hear what the news would be back home and you are and do you realize that the news in China is very different than news in the US saying that but very different conclusions heal after reliance on to realize the television even the news broadcasts cannot be my source of truth I have to figure out what I understand what I believe what I think on my own I have to think through things you can do is watch the TV and believe everything that they say anymore probably was a lot to do that anytime but may I suggest that the more we fill our minds with the television with the video games with the novels in the magazines of all these things of the world we are dumbing down our mental capabilities we are not developing this gives a far God-given to us what are we doing with our mental abilities I keep thinking each of us have acted about another gift I like to call it the gift of communication some call it a gift of words or speech she indications me is one of the most magnificent things how often do you see animals sitting down communicating like humans do they may communicate in the ways of the basic needs of life move over giving out of mind no they can communicate those being nonverbally but the verbal communication that men has been gifted with for example right now I am communicating ideas to you back could effectively caused changes in your behavior in the way you think the way you live how often do you see animals sitting in gathering listening to one creature speak and after that all animals make Reformation in Oman you'll see that and how often or have you opened your mailbox or maybe more pertinent your e-mail box ACA an e-mail from a very dear friend someone that you love and cherish someone dear to your heart and you be the encouraging words that they write you and how do you feel words have power power to build power to create Howard to tear down and destroy excess stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me that you I can testify my own life the things that hurt the most are words the pen is mightier than the sword when you see the most powerful men and here they are not the men who are the strongest physical there happened than with the most well even they are usually even him incredible ability to Kate to transmit their thoughts and ideas to someone else and ability to create with in that he designed the fallen to do what they do so what are you doing with your communication are you using your words your even your nonverbal communication to build up or to tear down it's a gift and a thinning travel gift just think about what are we doing with access want to think about another gift that each one of us possessed and this is a interesting one because because the whole weekend is talking about is called to give the influence do you know that each one of us right now in this room are influencing every other person in this room around each one of us there is a whole call this sphere of influence I went in the sphere of influence and this spirit it was maybe very small or entity variable are but each one of us have this sphere around us and there are there is H Hart it's like electricity around us and it can be positive or negative without speaking a word without without saying anything without doing anything just by sitting in this room your influence can tend to live someone up to now I'm not sure how this happens but it does have you ever lived in the animal how many of you have ever lived in the dorm situation but I lived in the Academy and also in college now were we live in dorms and I realize that sometimes when you live in such close proxy the things very quickly for example particularly unnoticed among the ladies was something that happens to a girl some know maybe you know something bad happen at home all instantaneously all the girls somehow you and and all of a sudden the girls all near that same feeling when the emotion that goes through that situation is almost like someone is all something that happened home also in all the girls walking around his down because their friend now is hurting how did that happen sure I think we'll talk more but the side effect there is an influenza through me through the campus through the students it is inevitable we are surrounded by a sea air and influenza what we do teach hard that tears up to us what is positive or negative chalk and continue in this vein of influence just recently I was talking with a few friends and they are the leaders of the youth group and they were struggling with a few issues particularly on salutation of dress and some of the leader they were not sure if what they should be when readers of this youth group but they decided that they were going to not dress even though the particular items of clothing their thinking are not wrong or questionable but are not wrong the fact that they are in a leadership position they recognize that they are responsible for being an influence for those who are looking up to and even though there's nothing morally wrong with what they were doing they decided to take the higher road they decided to do what what baths not so they can go to have no but so that they would have positive influence on those around you know sometimes doing what's right or wrong we can just simply think about ourselves we can just simply think about well it's okay it's not wrong away what is a result going to be for those around us what is influenced going to be on those who are sitting next to us those were looking up to the fact that each one of us and influence whether we like it or not and what we do with that influence is up to us what about another gift this particular gift I think of is something that we all have the same amount of we all have twenty four hours everyday seven days a week what do we do with our time and may I just suggest this little simple gauge take an inventory of how you spend your time for one day or one week and do a little calculation of estimation what do I spend the most amount of time doing and that would tell you a lot about yourself I've done that nothing I have been a hall at how I have wasted time doing things are meaningless worthless spending my time on things that will not help me or anyone else in the long run fine I'll let you think about that a couple of the gifts him closing what about the gifts of our energy our strength our health by speaking I noticed two young people and this is something that I know that I often have not seriously considered it were still young we don't have aches and pains and sicknesses that perhaps some other people do but you know we have to recognize that this is a gift and is not just the time for us to squander doing what we want there are things that we can do with our energy with our strength and our health that we had other people cannot do God has given us a few on that work your legs that work a body that can stand up straight and run in walking climbing flying for a reason how we improving our ability of health and our strength know some people they spend all of their help to gain there well but then they get sick the good old and he spent all of the well try to get back their health is not the way to live a software that God has given a gift that is worth more than simple gold and silver is given us strength and health that we can improve now in the service of God and also the story of the talents literally is dealing with money and that believe it or not is a talent that we each have been given you may think I'm not Bill Gates I'm not like the people downstairs your ASI I'm just a kid I will have money below the window went to the temple with two months and we each believe have too much of the DH recently I have to face the shocking reality perhaps you apply this to myself on what do I spend the majority of my money is it on things that edify and build and help in the cause of God and helping other people but I spend more money on myself and I'm a lot like many of you perhaps but as I'm a lot like many young people and in this generation I like toys I love gadgets and those things that's easy for me to save up and put money in my piggy bank for that new computer with any MP3 player with any camera how much money I put in the mission of how much money have I gone have I given to help the poor to help the gospel to the world a notice I realize if I do not develop the habit of giving to God now when God does bless me with a regular job with more money I'm not going to be in the habit of giving them so what are we doing with the talents God has given this role money that God can do that just a few talent so we talked something that we all possess the mental ability ability to think ability to communicate influence on health and energy and strength in our own financial resources what are we doing as servants weapon for given in a hospital debt are we living our lives simply for so another death we can repay while we doing our very best to do for God because he has done so much for we are unprofitable servants including much of that passage where it felt that the chapter seven this is the final principle to keep in mind the chapter seven and verse seven to seventeen but which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle Sandy and by-and-by when he is come from the field go and sit down to meet and will not rather stand to make ready wherewith on a something I saw the vermiculite eaten and drunken after what I should eat and drink that he thank the servant because he did the things that were commanded him I try not so likewise ye when ye have done all those things which are commanded to say we are unprofitable servants we have done that which was our duty to do just with this thought in mind sometimes we think it's a sacrifice to do what God has to do all the spend my time for God to spend my energy forgot God don't you argue grateful for what I'm doing for you none Lord I'm so grateful for what you have done for me I'm willing to do what ever you want me to because you have forgiven me it's my duty to do what you have asked me to do so what are we doing to improve our talents to today question minimum blast us as we continue to live lives of young people willing to be servants of God but God has prepared father in heaven we thank you for forgiving us our sins for giving us another chance what we know that we do not deserve it and there's nothing we can ever do the fully repaid for what you have done what you give to give them to us the Lord we know that yet we're airing Christians and erring mortals you have given us talents to improve opportunities to use the gifts you've given to us for your service to help us to look at our lives not as simply pleasing to ourselves anymore that we may do all your names glory and honor of being a good refresher lesson Mister America is administrative I really prevented from two thousand six a aside and held by thousands of lengthy and leadership gathered together at the ninth annual convention to provide a nurturing experience caring for us in the marketplace this is a digital recording of the lump sum will document the same American percent for the largest selection of authentic genuine administration available as a secure website and give them and settle our latest catalog is online thousands on the seventh two MasterCard Visa Discover you will find there is no compromise in maintaining the integrity and strength we request your prayers and continue to support 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry we can help them prepare you and your loved ones for me Jesus Christ needs


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