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Holding On To Hope

Ralph Henderson


  • June 29, 2013
    11:00 AM
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a loving father in heaven Lord this morning I come before your throne and I'm I'm lifting up my prayer in behalf of this church Lord you know everyone to walk through those doors this morning you know every circumstance you know every trial you know every struggle you know every difficulty you know every discouragement Lord you know those times when we don't quite have the faith for the victory and you know those times when we hold on until the showers of blessing come today Lord I'm just praying that you be with each one of us here how much we need your Holy Spirit how much we need you and our hearts and our minds and Lord above all things help us to be able to put aside all the rubbish of the daily life all that all the worries the cares of trials those things that cause so much anxiety and stress and help us just now to be able to focus upon you to listen to your ward and to understand the blessing you long to give us on this special day the UK so we pray that you would be in our midst we ask that you would touch our hearts because we ask it in Jesus name amen this morning we are going to talk about holding on to hope and this morning as I was sitting in our Sabbath school class and as we went through the various days in topics it became more and more evident to me how much we need Jesus in our lives and then as I sat here and I listened to the prayer request it became even more evident to me of how much we need Jesus but it also comes to my mind that one of the devils greatest tools is discouragement he wants to discourage us from being faithful to God he wants to just you're just from trusting in God he wants to discourage us from believing in God and he mainly wants to discourage us from holding on to go this morning I want to talk you about holding on to hope because we live in a world that is filled with hopelessness holding on to hope when everything around us seems impossible I want to challenge you today to have hope instead of despair and I want you to turn with me to our text for today Lamentations chapter three Lamentations chapter three verse twenty one to twenty four and while you're going there I want to remind you to think some can ask you to read along with me because it's vitally important that you see the word that you hear the word and then that you repeat the word and so today ask you because as we go through this message today you are to be joining me as at times we will repeat the words of Jeremiah Lamentations chapter three beginning in verse twenty one read along with me this I recall to my mind therefore have I hope it is of the Lord 's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not they are new every morning great is thy faithfulness the Lord is my portion saith my soul therefore will I hope in him you see hope is to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence to believe to desire to trust a person or thing in which expectations are centered and Jeremiah said my hope my expectations are centered in the Lord this morning as you came through those dual wars were your hopes and your expectations centered in the Lord or more you even thinking about the Lord were you overwhelmed by everything else that's going on in your life I read some interesting quotes on Hope this week once said Hope this face holding out his hand in the dark this am I thought was interesting hope never abandons you you abandon it but the one that I liked the best was this one some see a hopeless and while others see an endless hope what you see this morning you know were to look at three illustrations from Scripture today the first one you will find that if you want to turn your Bibles there it's in Luke chapter fifteen I'm not to be reading verses but Luke chapter fifteen the story begins in verse eleven Jesus tells the parable of the father and the two sons and you know this story I believe every one of us relates to an one where another because my Bible says that all we like sheep have gone astray each one seeking his own way you can imagine what it must've been like for him growing up the prodigal son as a young man he was growing up in an affluent home and he had pretty much everything that a boy could want or ask for but like many of us as we got into our teens and maybe into our early twenties we felt like home was too confining too restrictive we were wanting that independence week we needed to get out on our own for those of you that have kids you may refer to it as I get in that's called busting out of the stalls we got a get out on her own because were tired of everybody else telling us what to do we want to go I tell somebody else what to do we want to do it our way and so this young man came up with a great idea and he went to his father is you know and he told his father luck I've got an inheritance coming to me and I want to take it now because I want to go out and make my way in the world now I'm sure that his father loved him very much and I'm sure that his father probably sat down and tried to reason with him but you know when you're young man sometimes you don't think your parents know very much maybe you remember that little saying when I was fourteen I didn't think my father knew anything when I was twenty one I was surprised how much he learned in seven years but the case is true that as we grow up we have this this insatiable need to get out under somebody else's rules and he wanted to make his way in the world he wanted to do things his way and so we challenged his father said look give me my inheritance now so that I can go out and make my way in the world and I'm sure that father did everything in his power to counsel him and to give them wisdom and I'm sure that as he left that home with all of those goods his father said be winner you're a young man don't let people deceive you don't let false friends and take what you have but we know the story Bible says very clearly that he went into another land and squandered away all of his living in time progressed and a famine came yet no friends no money and Harry was trying to figure out how I would even survive and defines himself actually working now for someone else in a very lowly position feeding the pigs may know I know every one of us in this room has jobs that we don't like to do I don't like to work on septic tank but you know sometimes we have to do things that we don't like to do because as we do those things we are learning a lesson from goal and that boy didn't realize it but as he was sitting there feeding the swine and living with the swine and recognizing his helplessness suddenly the Bible says in verse seventeen Luke chapter eleven that he came to himself you know what it means when you come to yourself you finally the light went on something finally made sense but what came to him as he came to himself was he began to look at his situation in life and he realized that the way I am right now the circumstance that I am in today I have put myself in this place and my situation is hopeless and he began to think about home suddenly he began to realize that what he thought was restriction was low what he thought was confinement is wisdom we began to realize how much his father left him oh how we long to go home what an embarrassment that would be to go home and try to come back his father would never accepting that's where he forgot what his father 's love was really line but he decided that he would go back and he would just say father look I have sinned against God and against you just take me back as a servant and so we began that long trek back down that road that dusty road that led back to his home thinking that he was going to have to somehow figure out a way to get them just to allow them on the property and what a surprise it was when as he's walking down that yes he wrote I picture him hot is closer looking pretty bad ragged and torn and dirty and he's walking down that road and NSE starts getting a little closer to home suddenly he sees something on the road there's a spot on the road and eat it almost looks like there might be someone standing there as he gets a little closer he begins to see that formed an outline of his very father and I can guarantee you in his moorings was he doing out here today see me like this can you imagine what was going through his mind he probably was thinking on this credit card and act like it's not me I'm going to differ away but somehow he kept going in that direction and when his father Saul who was eating just stand there and wait I want to go with me to your Bibles if you will to Luke eleven if you're there already Luke chapter eleven Luke chapter eleven to fifteen Juergen let me go or chip is to let me do it man Luke chapter fifteen in verse eleven is where the story starts but I want you to go with me to verse eighteen he said I will arise and go to my father will send in father I have sinned against heaven and before the end no more worthy to be called my son make me as one of thy hired servants any arose and came to his father but when he was yet a great way off his father saw him and had compassion and ran and fell on his neck and kissed inspiration tells us the prodigal son in his wretchedness came to himself deceptive power that Satan exercised over him was broken he saw that his suffering was a result of his own folly and he said how many hired servants of my fathers have bread enough to spare and I perish with hunger I will arise and go to my father miserable as he was the prodigal found hope in the conviction of his father 's love it was that love which was drawing him toward home so it is the assurance of God 's love it constrains the center to return to God the goodness of God lead me to repentance of golden chain the mercy and compassion of divine love is passed around every imperiled soul the Lord to criers I have lovely with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness have drawn airline will have a key town the parade he signed a horror and pain from all new since how willful on so many are so he will resume the man thinking me I will and you will only the only sign my age and lose all of the Enron and as a man is as fast soon I sometimes come to mind as I is I this is the same him you know why a student on UU the wrong nineties and we were and I I will nine one and a half I is the time you see him in the fee-only sign my name is installed in the own him and him and him so I has sent my son 's name is a time that is a lie I have always been signed you know why this views in the you will be a and you will need to buy in the mood and I are I see the will and him and he him a I may as so as I have said seven I'm a I will sign in and will resell and so you now lies in a high time you a new knife man and a good start recall my mind therefore Michael is of the Lord 's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not they are new every morning great is thy faithfulness the Lord is my portion save my soul therefore will I hope in him from a young girl I'm sure just like every other girl she dreamed of the day when she would have the perfect man she would set up that little home out in the country and they would raise children together and everything would go happily ever after but today was much different she was a widow now trying to make her way for her and her son she wasn't one of Israel's chosen but she still was living up to the light that she had she still believed in God but she was going through a very trying time in her life she was going through the struggle of her life trying to survive with her son in first Kings chapter seventeen in verses eight through twenty four we find the story of the Phoenician woman of their you know the story quite well she's out by the city gates and she's trying to gather sticks to go home and cook the last meal for her and her son her situation in life to her looks hopeless she doesn't see any way out because everyone else is going through the same struggle she is planning to go home and make that last little bit of meal with her son and die together but as she is picking up those sticks a stranger comes through the city gate and he asked her she would get him some water as he turns and starts to get the man some water he says oh and by the way could you bring me a little Brad I'm hungry she says Sir I'm about to go home and cook the last bit of bread the tiny little morsel of bread that I have for myself and my son and this stranger he had the audacity to say to her well you go home and cook some for me first and there will be some for you afterwards and it will keep on going what you do does your faith have the victory do you decide that you're going to go ahead and help someone else in need even in the hour of your great Disney you see the true test comes to all of us is whether or not our hope is really in the Lord when we are tested in the very depths of our soul when we are told at the very moment here we stand and now the sun have to make a choice to get this food to the stranger or take it for myself you have the very heart of God that woman went home and she decided to do what he said she was get a trust in God our hope was in the Lord and she was get a trust in God and sure enough she made the loaf of bread for him the little the little bread for him to have that day and no sooner had she finished that she looks back and they're still the same amount of meal and oil and that continued on throughout the remainder of the family she always had enough and you know that's one of the problems that I think we struggle with we think that we should have our wants to but the Bible says the psalmist says I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging for bread it doesn't staff never seen the righteous forsaken and everybody have a two-car garage with everything they want that woman understood what it meant for God to meet her needs right there at that critical moment in her life so everything was going along her hope was restored she was starting to trust the Lord again and realizing godliness is caring about me God that he is concerned with my life and then all of a sudden she goes to her son 's bed is not breathing a party lost my husband and I you to take my son to she goes to the property says my son is dead she says that you come here to remind me of my sins you see of the devil works brothers and sisters we confess our sins what is the Bible say if you confess your sins he is what faithful and just to forgive your sins and to cleanse you from all unrighteousness and we need to remember that every day of our lives because the devil is always good to be drawn up L'Ecole San and make you think you're still there you see in this very critical moment in her life she looks at that province is a you trying to bring up my task remind me of my sins nor Elijah was viewing Jasper bring the boy to Newman we know the story she took the boy he went upstairs gone through Elijah raised the boy back to life I know that woman's hope was revived again but it doesn't always work that way we don't want always have exactly the way we hope things will turn out are we willing to trust daughter we hope are we willing to keep our hope in him even when things don't turn out the way we plan inspirations says that the Windows Arafat's shared her morsel with Elijah and in return her life and that of her son were preserved and to all doing time of trial and want your sympathy and assistance to others more needy God has promised great blessings he has not changed his power is no less now than in the day is relying on notice on your way there is not a thing all of whom I love I know I will go to own and I nine nine is now him for a room saying then is some man danced on their owners will is annoying and wrong in a Syrian man in any way in a CNN and have her and I in my name and will and I and he is saying eyes and and in my name is René on your hand and a single night in Rome and is and will him or running in and write me a list means all I than those in a way him to Ray and I will and I and I knew nine nine oh nine and a man in my will on a beret and I and will will in turn therefore I is of the Lord 's mercies that we are not to because his compassions fail not they are new every morning great is thy faithfulness the Lord is my portion save my soul therefore will I hope in him how often in life you encounter those who because they have not followed God 's plan they have not taken care of themselves the way God has asked us to do in his word often times as life progresses they find they don't have the health that they thought they would have when they got older they wish they had been better caretakers of the temple of God but they know that because of their own fault they suffer with disease disability pain and sorrow the paralytic was one such person the story you will find in Mark chapter two verses one to twelve we know the story very well Jesus as always is being followed by a large crowd and he goes into a home to the share and to preach in debt and to encourage people as always there are priests and scribes Pharisees Sadducees someone is always looking there was always there trying to trick Jesus the this paralytic was a man that knew his condition was the result of his own sin in his life he felt hopeless and he was filled with despair but he has some good friends friends said it heard about Jesus and they came to tell them about Jesus and what he would tell Jesus would never heal me because I'm here I'm in this situation because of everything I've done they said oh no you don't understand Jesus these field people that are far worse than you people who led much worse conditions than you Jesus can take care of your problem and in his heart there was that little spark of hope you know those friends brought great encouragement to him that day the know that you can be someone's friend and at the time of their greatest despair you can be their greatest encouragement you can be Jesus to their those friends were so anxious to help them out if they picked him up in his bed and they took him to where Jesus was and you know the story the house was so full you couldn't even get close to the house of a tribe maybe a bit people are strange when they want to hear somebody talking on the they weren't moving they are afraid if I let somebody else and I'll be further back and I will be over here so no one was leading the men but the friends were determined that they working to get their friend to see Jesus are you a friend like that you care about your friends you care about those a you work with your own family members that you are determined that they are going to get to see Jesus and they took this man somehow they got him up on the roof not of my human summit was carrying her out of bed I don't know that he wanted to take me up on the roof but they got this man up to the rooftop and they all planned out the roof now the homeowner might not like that either but these people were determined because they wanted their free to have the opportunity to see Jesus imagine what it was like Jesus is talking to the people looks up and before all before longer sun shining down through the roof and the next thing you know there's a person coming down through the ceiling lowered down at Jesus feet Jesus knew what was going on let's go look real quickly in Mark chapter two if you're not there go with me Mark chapter two this is an incredible story Mark chapter to beginning in verse one and again he entered into compartment after some days and it was a noise that he was in the house and straightway many were gathered together insomuch that there was no room to receive them no not so much as about the door and he preached the word unto them and they come onto him bringing one sick of the palsy which was born of four and when they could not come nigh antonym for the press they uncovered the roof work he was and when they had broken it they let down the bed where the sick of palsy lay when Jesus saw their faith he said to the second policy when he say your heels get up he said son thy sins be forgiven thee why because when we go all the way back to the beginning of the story that paralytic was lying there knowing that it was his own sinful life that it caused this condition and more than any physical healing he wanted spiritual healing that day he wanted Jesus the cleansing in the making hole you know what took place inspiration tells us what that place when Jesus told that demanded his sins were forgiven he felt healing come on his body but he felt most importantly the peace of God that passes owners because that's what his heart is so long soma in going on in verse six but there were certain of the scribes sitting there and reasoning in their hearts why does this man thus speak blasphemies who can person who can forgive sins but God only and immediately when Jesus perceived in his spirit that they so reasoned within themselves he said and to them why reason you these things in your heart whether is it is easier to say to the sick of policy-based sins be forgiven me or to say arise and take up thy bed and wall but that ye may know that the Son of Man hath power on earth to forgive sins he saith to the sick of the palsy I say into the arise take up thy bed and go by way into thine house and immediately he arose took up the bed and went forth before them all insomuch that they were all amazed and glorified God saying we never saw it on this fashion the brothers and sisters that man was in a hopeless condition and you know there are many of us here today who maybe we won't be healed right now other physical malady but Jesus is willing right now at this very moment to heal any spiritual now you if you since you are need for Jesus right now at this very moment he is willing to forgive you and the claims you today it has to go no further than this room right now today there are thousands suffering from physical disease who like the paralytic her longing for the message nice sins are forgiven the burden of sin with this unrest and unsatisfied desires is the foundation of their maladies they can find no relief until they come to the healer of the soul the piece which he alone can give would impart vigor to the mind and help to the body in a single news and him and I see me long to a meeting tool a means friend to send me and see you supply a and will a you see my sin timeline all and then on and you'll grew a stand alone may use this loan is these a I am all alone by him to say no Ray still in use saves me a him in him and him and him and I and I say I is known as client and the way I am home alone I may use it as he your gray student and a means to the needs and why a a you are all a is a new is he a handsome why a man I have had that him and the moon I will loom he is a use is the glue grew a new day in the a bear in mind is on the Lord 's mercies that we are nonsense and why because his compassions fail not they are new every morning great is thy faith the Lord is my portion saith my soul therefore will I hope in him three different life situations the product the woman of Sarah Pfaff in the paralytic three different circumstances yet each person with a sense of their helplessness and their hopelessness filled with despair yet finding hope in their God through these stories we see how soon separates us from God we see that sin is the root of all suffering of humanity the pain the remorse the sorrow the regret but in all of these things if we are holding on to hope we can see a way out by turning our eyes and focusing upon G Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we can see the tender mercy and compassion of our father in heaven we see that at the end of each day there is a hope of a better tomorrow we are reminded that those who confess their sins and come to him he will in no wise cast out but his arms are open to bring us to him we see that when we turn to him he internalized to us because you see God is and ever relentless pursuit of his children we have these biblical illustrations so that we don't lose hope turn with me as we wind this down to Romans chapter fifteen Romans chapter fifteen verses four and thirteen Romans Chapter fifteen verses four and thirteen Romans chapter fifteen in verse for you remember the verses for whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning that we through patience and comfort of the Scriptures might have what that we might have hope and go over to verse thirteen he says now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost as we recall dogs compassions fail not as we recognize that her Ms. Murphy's are new every morning as we recognize his faithfulness to us and we can have and hold on to hope go with me as we closed your last thought in Scripture Titus chapter two in verse thirteen Titus chapter two and verse thirteen this morning are you holding on to hope Titus chapter two in verse thirteen the Bible says looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ we have a good hope through Jesus it is sure and steadfast and endure unto that within the veil it heals us comes consolation in affliction it gives us joy a mid- anguish disperses the gloom around us and causes us to look at all through it all to immortality and eternal life earthly treasures are no inducement to us for while we have this hope it reaches clear about the treasures of birds that are passing away and takes hold of the immortal inheritance the treasures that are durable and incorruptible undefiled and will are you holding on to that glorious hope Jesus is coming very soon out in one day I think time has come through then the head of the wheel and smoothly it's not it's very odd will be a call old things in new and a goal in his room which I saw alone will than their he movies nine and a no no more I know I learned in her know what you arrive we were at day 's is cyan I have and love in the area and and how the signs will know see your movies are in parade he says to cry a dollar the many on him wrong rename and I are bad for all will rise as high as and I him I blue van and Donna Reed in a whole new world I was in mice the no he is on no follow by an say is I and you nine all gone and love me in line of the creative and because they are new every morning rate is I think the Lord is my portion saith my soul therefore will I hope in him was Neil together we closed our loving father in heaven this morning I'm very aware that sometimes we feel like we're in a hopeless situation we feel like our case is hopeless that we will never gain that victory that we so much warmth it we will never fully understand or learn how to surrender completely the Lord we are so thankful this morning that even in our unfaithfulness you are faithful we're so thankful this morning that your mercy is new every morning that no matter how bad yesterday was today it's a brand-new day to day we can once again recommit and surrender to you Lord we don't want to live our lives in falling and re- committing falling in recommitting we want to finally step over that line Lord were we say all of me take all of me we want to step over that line or were able by your grace in your power to put aside those sins that are so easily besetting us now today and Lord I pray that we will recall in our minds how you've helped us argue strengthened us you've upheld us and you have given us victories in the past so we know that whatever we are facing today we can have victory Lord help us to hold on to hope because we know that only those who hold on to that blessed hope and are looking for your glorious appearing only those will be actually ready to be with you so we pray Lord that you would touch each one of our hearts today change us remake us into your image in your likeness so that we will be able to not only hold onto the hope that the see that hope fulfilled as we spin our ruling overhearing our family and rest is a day or a media was brought by Hotmail address you read God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe this is more certain than the visit www. .com universe .org


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