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If You Love Me…

Ralph Henderson


  • August 3, 2013
    11:00 AM
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this morning I wanted to just remember that we're talking about probably the most important aspect of our Christian walk and that is revival in Reformation because we all are looking forward to Jesus coming in a week we hear and we experience from day to day from week to week all of these different things going on in our world and in our church this morning Russell came and he shared with us about his nephew Chris to was one of the burn victims of that accident just up the road from us we hear all kinds of things going on we have things happened to us last week fell and she's injuring encounter recovering from an injury in and all kinds of things go on in life and we're all wanting to be done with this are we we all say he and I wish Jesus would come when we lose loved ones we we go through trials and struggles in life we suffer from physical ailments all of these things and we say you know I just wish Jesus would come but you see we we need to understand that Jesus can't come back until there is a group of people that are safe to say you see it all began when Lucifer committed that first sin and then man succumbed to Lucifer 's deceptions and man fell into sin and here we are and were to talk about that little bit more today but this morning as we began I I hope that as we start right now that you can put everything else on the back burner for the next thirty five minutes or so you know that's the other issue that you facing our member when I went to Hector and I both work in a homiletics class together and and the professor that was teaching the class was telling us you know I know when you first start try to put a sermon together you're always worried that how I come up with enough information to fill in thirty five minutes of sermon he said don't worry what's can happen is as you study or to try to figure out how to I can get sit down and get it into that timeframe and that's always a struggle what'll I leave thou what what high point why bring out how I get the most important points across in and I'm asking you as we kneel for print this morning that you pray for me that God will give me his words and that the points that you need to know for your salvation or to be given to you today and you were in a series on revival in Reformation and more to talk a little bit more about that after prayer but this is a series so I'm good I also ask you that if you missed the week we started two weeks ago we started with the seed of revival last week we followed up with following the instructions so today is actually the third part and we could go on five or six weeks in this series so if you miss a week I know Marty similarly for this but asked on this on the sermon thing can I get a copy of this week and then Marty and his kind generosity will make that extra copy for you from a few weeks back or whatever you missed but as we begin once you genuinely as we pray in and out remember I want you to pray for me while I'm praying for all of us let's kneel together and only father this morning once again we find ourselves on her knees Lord I remember statement many years ago if you want to view the stand in the times of trial than to ensure you get on your knees were on her knees today Lord because we know that you are the only one that can help us in our time of need we know that you have the answers to all of the struggles of life we know that you can bring peace in our hearts in a world of turmoil and confusion but right now Lord am asking that you would come into our hearts by the power of your Holy Spirit that you would touch each one of our hearts just now not only come into our hearts open our hearts and soften them to be receptive to what you want to say to us today as Hector says so often we want to have an encounter with Jesus Christ and Lord we want to know when we go away from this place that we have lingered long enough in the presence of your heavenly throne that we have had that connection with you that we need this morning Lord if it's not about me it's not about what I say it's it's all about you it's about what you want to do in each one of us and this morning I just come before you not pray that the hot week vessel that I am that in spite of myself you'll use me today for your glory that you will touch the hearts of every individual in this room because Lord our needs are wide and varied and we just are here together as a church family seeking for your face your power your wisdom and your strength so come to us now through your Holy Spirit fill this place with your presence that we each one will know that we have been in the presence of the living God so bless us now we pray and speak to us through your word because we ask it in Jesus name amen by the way Eddie thank you for that beautiful song you may not know it but Hector and I were singing to parts with you when Eddie started singing home I grew up sitting on the couch on Sabbath afternoons with my mother and she was in a trio and she taught me how to sing parts and we would always sit there and we would get the hymnal out and we would be singing different parts and when any began to sing that that third part to start coming in my head at night I started just coming that part an almost unheard Hector I'm in another part and I was almost tempted just happy my goal is to stand up behind the him on it's just that I guess it was a beautiful song and I thank you for that and this morning that's really what our prayers about that that God will have his own way with us our subject today is if you love me obedience to the evidence of revival and as we are going through this series of revival in Reformation I want to continue to keep reminding us where we started and as we look forward to what we hope to accomplish week we started two weeks ago and those of you that were here remember we talked about the seed of revival we talked about the fact that the beginning of revival comes with recognition and we use the illustration briefly of the prodigal son when he was away from his father and he is gone away from the will of his father and that's something to remember this morning he can't even walk contrary to the will of his earthly father and he was out in his life was a mess and we remember that the Bible says Darren Luke I believe it's fifteen in verse seventeen that as he was there in that pig trough he came to himself he had a recognition of where he was and we said that the problem with Laodicea is they don't recognize what they're need yourself this morning as we are reiterating where we are in this revival and Reformation series we want to remember that hopefully that each one of us is recognizing individually what are need yesterday while recognizing that we need a Savior no matter where we think we are in our spiritual walk we need to save your work in a talk about that a little bit more as we continue on but that recognition brings us to a point remember the recognition brings us to a point that young man went back to his father and he wanted to repent and turn away from the mistake that he had made recognition and repentance are the beginning of revival and you know it's interesting as acts five thirty one tells us that only Jesus can bring repentance using repentance comes from Jesus revival or recognition comes from the conviction of the Holy Spirit God is the one who is moving in our lives and in our hearts to bring about revival but you see the part that we all play is as we pray this morning to have that part that's open and receptive for him to be able to speak to so we look at the seed of revival last week men week we saw that as we come to repentance as we start turning back towards the Lord as we start turning our heart toward home then we begin to have a desire to understand his will we want to know God what do you want to do in my life what you want me to do with my life and so we begin seeking to know his will and we discovered that learning to follow the instruction book is the most important factor prayer and study that leads us closer to him and gives us direction to his will following the instructions you see it is only in that true obedience that we will find joy and peace we live in a world where people are never happy there never content they never seem to have peace in their hearts and it's because we are struggling so much to keep up with the world forget that the only piece there is found in Jesus alone we must learn to follow the instructions we are talking about revival and reformation ended to work hand-in-hand one cannot happen without the other if you have revival without Reformation you will end up having a false revival where people will just be living off of the feel-good feeling and that we say it all as long as we love Jesus as long as we worship Jesus everything is going to be great but on the other hand if you have revival with Reformation without revival then you just a set of legalism or forms and people are actually turning their reforms into their religion the two must work hand in hand and we've read this quote many times but again to keep it in your mind I want to remind you again inspiration tells us in review and Herald February twenty five nineteen oh two revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life a quickening or coming to live or reactivating of the powers of mind and heart a resurrection from spiritual death so a revival means that at one point there was some spiritual life Venice is that right at one point we had that first love at one point we were seeing that we needed Jesus but you see what happens so often in the problem that Laodicea has is as we began following along that path and we begin live in an upright life we start looking at how good I'm doing as I'm walking along in life and we stopped forgetting that we still need a Savior we still need Jesus in our hearts and we think that we've done it all on our own remember when Peter was out walking on the water Peter was accomplished in an impossible task was in the butt you know that he stopped looking at Jesus and the minute he took his eyes on Jesus he sung brothers and sisters that's the way life is with us sometimes it may take you a little bit longer to sink maybe you can tread water really fast but sooner or later you're going to go under if you don't look to Jesus and hold on to him she carries on now and she says that Reformation signifies a re- organization a change in ideas and theories habits and practices in other words when revival comes into my heart I become a new creature were to talk about Reformation more but we have to build on the understanding that revival brings Reformation Reformation doesn't come before reply what comes before revival then it's not from the heart Jesus told the Pharisees that they were whited sepulcher 's all they look great on the outside but they were wicked filthy on the inside and what Jesus is looking for someone who is clean from the inside and not only reflect him and look like him on the outside but when somebody searches deep inside the heart when the doors are closed and nobody else is around still reflecting Jesus and their thoughts and words and their actions Reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness unless it is connected with the revival of the spirit revival and reformation are to do their appointed work and in doing this work they must blend so we are talking about revival and Reformation so as I talk to you about the first aspect of revival don't even think there were not many get the Reformation because we are because they have to work hand in hand our message today is if you love me how does that first finished John fourteen fifteen Jesus said if you let me what he my commandments obedience is the evidence of revival and this quote following here in great controversy forty nine it says willing obedience is the test of conversion willing obedience to the will of God proves whether those claiming to be Christians are Christians indeed the Lord means every word he says the law of God is the foundation of all in Doreen Reformation we are to present to the world in clear distinct lines the need of obedience to his law now another person I know you know very well second Corinthians five seventeen says therefore if any man be in cry he is a new creature all things are passed away behold all things become new right now does that mean that if I was an alcoholic you know I go to church on you know every Sabbath I go to church and and I pay my tithe I go to prayer me but I still drink a little once in one is that what that means all things become new old things are passed away if I used to listen to rock music and I come to Jesus and I'm starting to have her Bible and Reformation my heart is at mean that I follow through I go to church I keep pay my time I come to prayer meet I do all those things but I still listen to my rock music there is a change and transformation there is a transformation in the way that we live in our lifestyle the way do we eat the way do we dress the things that we look at the things that we listen to there is a change a transformation in our character whenever Romans twelve and verse two it says be not conformed to this world but what be transformed by the renewing of your mind to renewing or the revival for the activation of your mind and that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God you see we need to understand that in revival when there begins to be a revival in my heart I am going to become more and more aligned with the will of my heavenly father identity walking more and more in harmony with his will for my life and as I'm growing in sanctification that process why keep looking on to Jesus and I keep coming closer and closer to him by the holy and I become what I become changed so you need to understand that if you're seeking for revival and Reformation in your heart and in your life if you're still be holding things that are drawing you away from God you're not going to start heading direction toward God we have to understand that those things must be put why that's why Paul told this in Hebrews twelve he said and putting aside those sins that so easily beset us we have to put them aside we have to come to Jesus repentance means what turning away from when I have true repentance in my heart I'm turning away from whatever it is I'm repenting of if I'm not turning away from it and I don't have true repentance Jesus said if you love me obedience the evidence of revival our topic is obedience and obedience as so often misunderstood in fact in obedience is kind of done to have a bad name hasn't been a likely use that word obedience because it makes a sound like all men were just were under the law were to send bondage to the law in all I love USENET illustration you know if I'm driving down the road and there's a red light and I run through that red light and a police officer comes up behind me at MIA in bondage or my free I'm in bondage right but if I stop at that red light and then it turns green and then I drive on and a policeman comes up binding I'm free see sometimes I think we get confused we don't understand that when we walk in harmony with God 's will we are the ones that are walking and freedom God gives us the power to choose we have the ability to choose that we want to walk in his way I remember when I lived in Sematech California was about fourteen I think in my friends you know we would always go out in the summer and we would throw the baseball or the football and everything in one of my friends would invariably come over on the Sabbath afternoon and he would come already to have a football in his hand and knock on the door needs to him Ralph cannot you want to come out with the ball and you know I wouldn't even speak he would go all hope that's right you can't come out on Saturdays I said no I can come out I can do whatever I wanted you said I choose not to do the things that I do on a normal weekly basis I said I don't play football in Sabbath I don't play with the new softball I don't do all those things on Sabbath because I'm worshiping gone and I'm trying to keep my relationship with him you see but unfortunately we've got to the point where everything is like a bondage for us that's what the Jews were dealing with the things God given them the Sabbath had become aboard into the Jews why because they make so many rules about it you see we have to understand there's principles that we follow and we don't make our own man-made rules we follow with the word of God says and I guarantee you this if you follow what the word of God says you're always going to be safe so as were looking at obedience were thinking how does this all work together so let's just have a little conversation together want you to interact with me here how are we say by grace through faith right reasons to eight for by grace are you saved through faith not of yourselves it is a gift of God right so we are saved by grace through faith salvation is a gift is that right Romans six twenty three tells us that the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life so let's get it logged into our minds now were saved by grace through faith the gift of God is eternal life but then we look again we say what the wages of sin is death so then what is sin the Bible tells us that sin is the transgression of the law first John three verse four okay says the transgression of the law and we know by looking at first John three and verse a little bit further down said originated with the devil he sent from the beginning so we have an issue and send only sin is really what caused the separation the devil sent in he was cast out of heaven atom in the Zend and they had to be cast out of the garden of Eden and so here we are today suffering the results of what to place the thing I want you to remember now as we think about obedience is that we have just read in just a few short versus obedience will never earn your way to heaven in my right obedience you can never earn your way to heaven because Ephesians chapter two and verse they told us that it is not anything of yourself it is a gift of God so of yourself you can do nothing to earn your way to happen so therefore when we start to look at obedience and understand how really works we understand that I'm obedient as Jesus said if you love me keep my commandments so because of my love relationship and experience with him I choose to be obedient to him as a response to it my understanding of what he has done for me Christ object lessons page ninety seven puts it this way true obedience is the outworking of a principle within it springs from the love of righteousness the love of the law of God the essence of all righteousness now listen carefully the essence of all righteousness is loyalty to our Redeemer this will lead us to do right because it is right because right doing is always pleasing to God remember Jesus said in John eight twenty nine I do always those things that please him Jesus walked in perfect conformity to the will of his heavenly father Lucifer Adam and Eve they all have freedom of choice in my right they all have freedom of choice now here's another word that we don't like but it's the truth Adam and he had the power of choice and they chose to read Bell against God wall I don't like that word rebuilt because I don't feel like I'm rebelling but the simple reality is as that's what were doing is an because I was listening to a sermon the other day you may know him Randy said he was preaching a sermon and one of the things that he said that I've always agreed with and that is he said you know the Bible is very simple he said now granted there makes me certain things in the Bible some prophecies different things and maybe harder to understand he said that what you and I need to know for our eternal salvation is very clear and simple view group I think it's very clear and very simple but you see because man has got hold of the word of God and turn it around with their traditions with their thoughts then the word of God all of a sudden has become confusing years ago my family went to Africa for a mission trip and while we're there I was walking down through the streets of this one little town I had my Bible and I was walking along it was incredible because all I had to do with this and all of a sudden I had a group of fifteen to twenty people surrounding me they wanted to hear the word of God the one man said to him he said you Americans confuse us I said why is that he said because one of you will come over and tell us one thing and another will come over and tell us another thing and we keep Aaron all these different things from you Americans and I open my Bible Isaiah eight verse twenty nice that the Bible says to belong into the testimony if they speak not according to this word there is no light in the now the question for you this morning 's are you living your life according to the law into the testimony or have you thrown in a few of your own will twist and turns so that you can live life the way you want to but still think you're living in God 's will let's go little deeper remember in the garden Jesus prayed and said the words not as I will but as thou wilt right him John six thirty eight he said I came from heaven not to do mine own will but the will of him that sent me Jesus was always walking in harmony with the will of God now this is something interesting because the psalmist in Psalms forty inverse they said I delight to do thy will O God gave thy law is within my heart Jesus had the law of God written on his heart therefore he was living in harmony with the will of God because the law of God is merely the expression of his will that make sense so that if we are wanting to know what the will of God for our lives is we merely go to God 's law and we understand that God 's law is not just ten specific little do 's and don'ts God 's law is a set of principles whereby we can look at those laws and understand it four of them deal with our love for God and the last sixteen with our love for man okay so we understand that if we look at the principles of God 's law I can read that law and as I study out the principles and eat one I can understand how to relate to my heavenly father I can understand how to relate to my fellow man I can learn how to walk in harmony with the will of God and because I'm walking in harmony with the will of God which is that the law is an expression of his will we know that the law then also is an expression of his character and when I'm walking in harmony with the will of God and I am reflecting the character of Jesus and when I reflect the character of Jesus and when God 's people all begin to reflect the character of Jesus Foley and Jesus is going to say I can come get him I can return and finally get it because I'm good have a group of people that I can trust will never bring this sin thing back into the world so I know now I can move forward early this morning keeping the logon does not earn us a spot in heaven all the obedience in the world cannot save us because we cannot save ourselves but Jesus said if you love me keep my Commandments heaven will only be filled with those who out of love are willing to walk in harmony with the will of God go with me to Matthew chapter seven Matthew chapter seven beginning in verse twenty one the reason why this is important for us this morning is because if we are not having revival in our hearts we will be like the ones we are going to read about just now in Matthew chapter seven beginning in verse twenty one and remember we talked about last week that there are some of us in this very room who will not be revived because we just can't seem to let go of whatever it is that we cling to hear and notice what Jesus himself said noun Matthew seven in verse twenty one not every one that saith unto me Lord Lord shall enter into the kingdom of heaven but he then do with what he that you let the will of my father which is in heaven so not everyone that says or proclaims or professes to be a follower of Christ is going to be in the kingdom so this morning all of us in this room I would say if I had to raise your hands everyone would say I believe in Jesus and I follow him but the Bible tells us that not all of us are going to be there only those who do the will of their father which is in heaven and he goes on to clarify little more verse twenty two many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in my name and nine in the cast out devils and nine name done many wonderful works and then I will profess under them I never knew you depart from me ye that work iniquity does Jesus know you this morning you know Jesus says my sheep hear my voice and I know them they do what they follow me are you following Jesus this morning to you know his voice if we love Jesus we will want to be like him doesn't it make sense if we really love Jesus if we really think Jesus as our Savior and he's the one who gave everything for us I would think that we would want to be like him so let's go quickly look at our Scripture for today Philippians chapter two verses five day what was Jesus really line what was his heart like what was the life of Jesus like when he was on this earth now we have a lot of information from the four Gospels about what Jesus life was like his life was always a life of devoted service to others what's in it wherever Jesus when you known fact that you look at that that history of his life through the four Gospels you see the Jesus more healing than he did preaching and teaching deadening he was feeling a lot more and it was incredible to think that Jesus would go through Sandy's and sometimes when he left there wasn't a sick person left anymore looking forward to that day you realize that in those moments Jesus gave them a little piece of heaven and those moments he let those people see what it was like if every body was well and not one person sick among the children of Israel got experience after forty years and you know I know how we are today you know I'm sure that if all of us had the man every day to three times a day after a few years we complain when but see what they were thinking is that you know the whole time they're in other shoes didn't wear out in the wilderness now have you ever noticed in your life that sometimes it seems that things you have last longer than other people you know what I notice is sometimes in people doing things for the Lord the Lord trenches extended things out and things just last a little bit longer and I believe that God wants to do things in our lives and we have no even comprehension at the if were just willing to walk as well let's look at what Jesus was like Philippians chapter two beginning in verse five now actually you know verses one through four really are the verses that that statement in verse five is in reference to it says let this mind be in you well what mind is he talking about a song about in verse one it says if there be any consolation in Christ any comfortable of any fellowship of the Spirit if any bowels and mercies the failure my joy that he be like-minded having the same lobbying of one accord of one mind let nothing be done through strife or bring glory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves look not every man on his own things but every man also on the things of others let this mind that I just told you about what that might be in you which was also in Christ because Jesus was never worried about Jesus he was always worried about everybody else the matter what it may been with her was a spiritual thing weather was a physical need emotional need Jesus was always looking to help someone else that's the mind that Paul is saying let being you but then he goes on in defining that mine he goes on to see what the true followers of Jesus would really be like in verse six he says who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God but made himself of what no reputation and took upon him the form of a servant that word in the Greek Hector is slave it's a slave now we coming along beautifully don't you all of us would love to be a slave would mean but you see Jesus had the mind of a slave in other words he was totally totally committed to his heavenly father and it goes on now it is addressed to that and being found in fashion as a man he humbled himself and became obedient I think even the death of the cross Jesus humbled himself your member last week our text for the week was if my people who are called by my name if we want to be like Jesus they humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways you want to be like Jesus this morning the first step is humility the first step is recognition like we talked about two weeks ago realizing my need for a Savior realizing that I can't do it myself I've got to give it to him Jesus was obedient to the will of his heavenly father even to the point of death the law of God was in his heart and today good news he wants to write it in your heart and mind so that we will be in harmony with his father 's will do we love them enough though do we love him enough to follow in his footsteps go to first John chapter two first John chapter two verses three through six week we talk about it we say were followers of Jesus but are we willing to be opiates even to the point of death might my guess is that it were not willing to be obedient even when we have to make little changes in our lifestyle or in something we do that were definitely not can make it if we ever have to be obedient unto death and notice what it says in first John chapter two verse three and hereby we do know that we know him if we do what if we keep his commandments he does say I know him and keep if not his commandments is a liar and the truth is not in him but he was so keep at his word in him verily is what the love of God perfected hereby know we that we are in him he that saith he abide in him ought himself also to walk even as Jesus walked you see it's simple you don't have to look anywhere else Paul told us about how we always like the comparisons among ourselves you don't have to look anywhere else what did Jesus do not what would Jesus do I want to correct that one because when you say what would Jesus do your input your own twist on but if you look at the word of God and you say what did Jesus do there's no doubt no question because you see it and you read it and you know what Jesus did and afford and follow Jesus and we need to know what he did do we do need to know how we live but the good news is that that's all right there the word reveals to us how Jesus lived he lived a life of selfless service to mankind and faithful dedication to his heavenly father when we have true revival and Reformation taken place in our lives then obedience becomes the byword of our life I'm willing to obey Jesus even if it means going to the cross your cross by the way may be different than the cross Jesus hung your cross that you have to take up daily may be restraining or refraining from going out and doing the worldly things you used to do your cross maybe having to give up that worldly music that you hung onto that you thought was great and it always made you feel path up but you may have to put that aside that may be your cross your cross may be walling at the feet of Jesus is saying Lord I'm a selfish individual all I ever do is think about me meme me and I need to think about them them them take those feelings away from me I can't do it myself but you promise that you will be my helper you promise you'll change me and I want you to transforming into your image in your likeness I want to be different I want people to see me and see you don't never happen if there's not true revival in Reformation in our lives thing is that can't happen unless Jesus comes in it's all surrounding Jesus that's why Jesus said in John five thirty nine search the Scriptures Brandon you think you have eternal life why does they are they that testify of me you have to see the Scriptures you have to study the Scriptures follow my word pray seek my face and I will change you and transform you into my image and likeness and in Isaiah chapter sixty arise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you see those people who are truly seeking revival and reformation of brothers and sisters goddess can fill them up with a light so bright it will light up the world I don't know about you but I want to be one of those people might be doing this from I don't want to be the one to school and you're right and you are shining I'm hoping that Jesus will transform my life and my character our high calling Christ's obedience to his father 's commandments is to be the measure of our obedience those who follow Christ if they would become complete in him must keep there will surrender to the will of God and this is a part that lets you know God has given you command if you love me keep my commandments but now listen to what inspiration says there's a promise that he goes along with it other abundant provision has been made that those who will seek God with the whole heart may find him a present help in every time of trouble you see once you surrender it and you dedicate your heart to him when you come to that obstacle or that one thing even hang onto you have to give up Jesus said hey look just look unto me I'm been to pull you up out of the water I'm been to give you strength to walk on water Nubia walk right away from you when you do that you can have to come to Jesus abundant provision has been made to those it will seek God with the whole heart and find him a present help in every time of trouble help has been laid on the one that is mighty Christ has promised I will be your helper it's all about love Jesus simply said if you love me keep my commandments if we love him we will obey him obedience that is not done in love is a mere legalism formalism and eventually as Jesus pointed out with the Pharisees it will be seen in its true light as I close it just wanted to you two quick stories and perhaps you remember them one is a story of King Saul and he was he was told to go out and destroy utterly destroy the animal trike you can find that in first Samuel five Seesmic for Samuel fifteen one to twenty three on the Korea because of time today but I want you to remember that God gave a simple command the song he told Saul to utterly destroy everything everyone man woman child animals everything saw went and he did what he thought God wanted them to do so when destroyed every man woman and child but he kept the King Saul to the animals and when Samuel came to question Saul Saul said to Samuel look I've done what the Lord has asked me to do I obeyed his command and I went in I utterly destroy Gamma Chi and Samuel said will then what's all this banging and I'm here and in the background all well the people see now the Senate shifted that bring some back your memory remember Adam and Eve all was the woman Lord Knowles is like no it was somebody else it could've been me salted the same thing what if those people I mean they wanted to keep these animals the sacrifice them is that that's not what God said his now want to remember something because this is a story about obedience but it's actually disobedience and as I listen to someone else related they said that Saul had the ear rational on this event on repentant sinner you insane this morning the irrational thoughts of an unrepentant sinner and this morning we talked about our thoughts did morning second Corinthians ten four and five but the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God and the pulling down of strong holds casting down imaginations and every high thing that exalted itself about the knowledge of God and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ you see every thought needed to be surrendered Saul thought he was doing what God wanted to do but God 's directions were simple and because of what solved it Samuel said God is taking your kingdom away and you will no longer be keen you know my brothers and sisters this morning God wants us to be teams increase in his kingdom for all rule remember Jesus said to him that overcomes will I grant to sit with me at my throne Jesus wants us all to be there with him he wants us all to be over commerce but in order to overcome we have to simply love them enough to be willing to walk in harmony with his will to keep his commandments which the law is a mere expression of his will the law is a transcript of his character are you willing to obey him today are you willing to obey him even unto death this morning as we close out one question for you do you trust him enough to say with me this morning oh Lord not my will but thine be done are you willing to humble yourself and to obey no matter what the cost if so I mask you to stand with me and say together with me Lord this is my desire the desire my heart to serve you to obey your word to keep your commandments let stand that's the desire of your heart this morning same with me I want to serve you over a year were and keep the Commandments one more time I want to serve you they were wrong and he is a this media was brought by Otto Perez a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse the more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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