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Losing Your Mind

Ben Middleton




  • August 16, 2013
    1:45 AM
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family father we thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to gather together and we ask that as we study your word and on the plan that you have hatched for our salvation we ask that you might enlighten those that you might prepare us to make greater decisions for you and father has above all things that you would speak here that your word would be clear in Jesus name we pray amen all right so why are we talking about media and you know that we see an average of five thousand commercial messages every day five thousand and actually statistically speaking the average teenagers most of you all here the average teenager spends about seven five hours of each day with media whether that be watching television or surfing the Internet or are playing on your clever phones smart phones are always other things spent about seven five hours each day if you would count what we call media multitasking which is where you use more than one device simultaneously about ten hours a day almost half of the hours of your day I spent engaging media now Disney actually effect is waiting yes you believe that or you do say that cruising on Wednesday that it dies media actually does affect us there was this gentleman here is name is Darren Brown he's what they call a psychological illusionist basically that is to say his illusions our mind game so is like a magician many displaced treats of people 's minds the next experiment if you want to spend I don't have enough time to show you the experience brought six of them as long as twenty minutes subliminal advertising experiment what he did was he hired a couple of I do create some designs for them and on the way to the place that he wanted them to do the designing he left advertisements in all these messages and he believes that he can control what ideas they came up with for the project by the things he surrounded them with on the Wechsler driving in the cab and you'll see there'll be no people walking on the street know how the logo on their teacher about this or will have that may be more consciously taking note of their surroundings with their seeing all these things as it turns out they go on a sitdown and eight with their concept of designing about an hour and after the hour they should hope it will be there the idea video would visit for your taxidermy shop and this is perhaps in a major logo that you can use in fish on all these things in his icon as interesting and he shows them that he has basically the exact same thing that he wanted them to make what he did by strategically locating advertisements in their surroundings on their way to his office cravings are a grazing to check it out sometime right down there and brown some little advertising the key is that what we see dramatically affects us but we didn't mean Darren Brown to tell us that as a matter of fact we already had Jesus tell us that he said the is the what but it's not even showing up to Dragon that I is the last of the Dunlap of the body when your eyes are helping your whole body also is full of light but when they are unhealthy your body is also full of darkness as Luke eleven thirty four so what is in his hands and saying you suddenly break that down for me all right so the things that we see will affect us on what we think what we believe how we act it will literally have an effect on our entire being now that's really got into media but however they do that media is not just sung some of tool that can be used but that it is a tool that is intentionally being used by our enemy does anybody know that was a war in heaven in Revelation chapter twelve is a seventy nine and we don't have time to go through all of this but I was already for you there was war in heaven Michael and his angels fought in the Dragon and Dragon and his angels and the dragon was cast out there was no more placement so the Dragon versus Michael and the Dragon loses and then immunoassay is rejoicing inhabitants what will the inhabitants of the earth because you know why because the devil is come down and he knows he has a short time so that will was in heaven started a war lost the war and is cast down to Earth and now we are the middle level war zone so there was war in heaven and there is water but in order for us to understand the war on earth we have to first understand the war in heaven so what were going to do is ask very simple question why was that what heaven does anybody know why there was war in heaven jealousy RI any other words come to mind fried consciousness this is exactly correct as a matter of fact you can write down these passages in Ezekiel chapter twenty eight verses thirteen to fifteen and Isaiah fourteen verse eleven through fourteen we see that in Ezekiel twenty eight it literally says you were perfect in all love you always and I created was ever had a perfect game in every possible way is perfect and always until the iniquity was found in Isaiah chapter fourteen began by saying how you fallen from heaven was worth how can this happen with why would a person meeting somehow been attached out of heaven and it says that his heart was lifted up because of his beauty and desire to be like God that were presented in the heart of the issue was the law of God the heart of the great controversy in heaven on earth and today is the law of God Satan 's rebellion began as an internal rebellion briefly summarizing for you is all Christ exalted he desired to be exalted his desire was unjustifiable by the law and so instead of finding fault with himself he found fault with the law of God Stacy what happened was in a we understand that Christ appeared to be angels as an angel just like he appeared to men as a man and we appeared to be Angel and Angel was his angelic name I was Michael he was a arcade is one of the coverage of those him and Lucifer who stood beside the throne of God and when he saw that now Michael the Archangel we know it's Christ was being installed is like washing dishes languages like me why how come I'm not being exalted like he's being is also why my not being lifted up like he's being lifted up and so as a result he begins to brew inside himself he says you know this law of God problem with it this tells me that I can love you want to message their way also right now I will myself be lifted up and so God plan of intervention and God came and attempted to reason with and attempted to work with him infinite love pleaded with him and he had the opportunity to be reinstated but his pride prevented him from being reinstated and so is his deception went into a second phase the second phase of the mass faith we profess to be loyal to God Blackwood and surely it was he inside and out he claimed that he had suffered injustice at the hands of God and he declared that the law of God was purely selfish what we see them doing is painting himself in a positive light and thinking guy in a negative light he helps the Angels by inciting little ideas their heads is God really looking out for us is God really doing what's best for us or do we look out for ourselves and of these questions begin to percolate in the minds of everyone in heaven to was possible it's possible what should we believe a one of the things he claimed was that wrong collecting down inside we don't need God 's law it tells how to be holy holy naturally was created perfect of course everything that we know will be wholly facility appears to man I'm sorry to Angels he has several objectives one of his objectives is to awaken doubt in the mind of the angelic hosts he wants them to begin to question whether or not God has their best interest at heart the second thing that he dies intentionally is in working the reasoning to say that God is evil evil is good God 's salvation and we don't need God selfishness and this is that he created discontent and have a telling them that hey you know you'll never have a truly fulfilling existence it was to break free from this law God that he did all of this in the name of holiness and righteousness so we say that it is only worked until he could no longer pretend like he was in favor of the government of heaven and in his rebellion became we call an act of rebellion now I highly recommend that you go back and read the first chapter of the Jackson profits because they think it's it's it's an amazing book that really exposes whole story for it I wish we had more time and try to rush there is because we have so much to cover but the rebellion becomes active and he says you know what this is all gods fault it's God 's fault that I'm rebelling is that even make sense to God saw that rebelling because Don being too controlling and it will come naturally and so he can demand that the creator resigns the demands you know you guide using to step down and let us do what we do best anyhow I will get read of all the restrictive laws of heaven and there will be only one law is law was there which you want do what you want so when you could no longer hide comes out into the open and amazingly he deceives an entire one third of the angels in the end not as I understand it was what's old and actually got some sense back into the men and return to the side of God but indeed plans as all things let's look at that progression one more time it starts out with an enzyme designed in the internal desire becomes masked because the EE pretends like he's wanting something good I is you intended in the mass intentions during the open actions and is open actions put them in the right controversy with the law of God and so when he's attempting to is to shed his dark and light does that make sense darkened lightning opening saying I should be advanced into is too obscure that's a better way of saying obscure it doesn't obscure the character of God he intends to make a chat with uncertainty when God 's character of love has been clear from the dawn of time and he does an amazing job so that is the war in heaven and now that we understand what heaven we can understand the war on her Satan repeats the exact same process with Matt we find a story in Genesis chapter three and I want is the thing to actually turn there if you have your Bibles with galas I can look at this for Monica this is where this is where it gets really really need your limit of three things any day it had a history objectives anybody awakened out all right awakened out invert reasoning that we go in with the third thing create discontent are now let's see if we can find where he does these things in Genesis chapter three guys out all right you have it then read along in your head is value confusing the penny on the translation yet now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord had made any sense a woman has God indeed said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden has he done anything that would talking about yet awakened out so evident when he was in heaven is first objective was to awaken doubt in people 's will I have any other hand the first thing that he does is awakened out in people 's mind woman's as a servant now we can have everything except for the ones in the midst of the garden God said you cannot even ignore touch it lest you die in the sermon says you will not surely die and that sound like any of the briefings were talking about in part really absolutely it is not saying how well you know if you need it probably won't die but God said you will die so it got and you will die I say you won't die now were saying that God is restrictive God is keeping something away from you and is what we see in his very next the Mariners were using the forgot know that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil for danger the third thing create discontentment is as God created you like this but if you know what I say when you something even better than what Scotland God is giving you so he takes the same strategies that he had on earth in the art in heaven yes it is a charge that he had of heaven and he says you know what I can do this on earth to outsell them that they need to doubt their Creator they need to distrust their Creator has God really said this does God really mean this does member of the reasoning that you will not surely die that the industry discontent you will be like God now the enemy means an army because as we know what a hobbit out the grand story ends out of the great controversy and for the devil at least what happens he has an army of people and enemies around the city what's he the new Jerusalem so so God has come down with the new Jerusalem is staying on the earth and all the wicked there raised up from the dead for the final judgment our and what the devil down tell them attack a city we can take this city we can not all of his pompous growth and will have it for ourselves look at that goal back goal and meteors look at Jasper that's working the yours any rallies and army that that concept totally made no sense to me unlike in their right mind would see God in the fullness of the lawyers say oh yeah I can take you I should exchange that make it anybody think you would you would be inevitably give you a resurrection would you say oh yeah I'm ready to fight let's does to this was to this ill Braveheart style or something else I mean they just you know that I don't never figure out how could he possibly do see everybody it's clear you're going to lose but let's look at how his deceptions layout today in heaven awakened out in part reasoning creating discontent he did indeed in fifteen minutes I think you will really die your eyes will be opened and you will be like God let's translate that into what it means here in the today you won't really die you can live in a world of sin forever and if you can live in a world of sin forever that means that this earth is your home this is which him fight for this is what you drive we opened was that mean today all will head isn't really so bad not really a good collegian the bad to just depends on how you look at his back that is good you will be like God is saying it will no longer have a need for God will be God if you replace your creator these messages are being preached to us every day through media so there's the media seminar or talk to learn about media disclosure if your examples I'd always been to was time to know what it all glorified and didn't be named in the idea install let's explore more of the deception but I think it important for us to recognize that the deception is taking place they had ready for this seat belts fastened tray tables stowed baggage everything okay so there's a picture would ask you who it is you ready for this that optimism drive optimist prime anybody know a trilogy of movies that came out featuring this fellow Transformers Azariah the heart does anybody know the plot of Transformers Barton yes the deceptive guns try to take over here and cool flights along with the humans the perspective of the auto boxing optimist prime address the autobahn is not sent this out once I saw this it blew my mind because I thought like other times and never got anywhere with a whole breakdowns were sitting there we talk about heaven that sizzle moving except who we find the hero to be optimist prime is a character who was cast out of cyber Tron is the enemy just play for you a short segment from think it was the third one word describes how there was war in heaven see if it makes sense to you and to our will on will to you should know him and he him and those of their set it was there was is what I was going on in cyclotron and the auto bots were outnumbered but here's a crazy thing it says we were ontologically to what autobio stands for autonomous robot basically means our robot and does whatever it wants to do so we were allowed to do whatever they wanted to fight against the deceivers remember Lucifer said that God was deceiving the Angels through the septic on the deceivers providing as the entendres are Muslims Wendy on their own and the lows and where do they end up on her own and the whole alternative island of Islamic where this are the cons want to bring their dwelling place to earth moon and is making sense so so as to ensure a controversy was about was fighting against the creator and use catheter heaven down to the earth and he rallies people on the earth to fight against the creator was coming back met a violent attack lines the movie was good that the enemy 's return is certain we know the return of Jesus Christ is certain is the enemy in in Lucifer 's mind and the devil 's mind is Christ and we have to prevent him from bringing the dwelling place down to earth and so the whole movie is about all we have to stop them we have to fight alongside human beings and as we work together we can have this for as our home that sounding anything like what we talked about this earth being our home without it we have to fight for something that we have to change the roles of good and evil being reversed and flipped the whole strategies based on in the war the war movies that come out the more I see is the exact same plot being fed to us over and over and over again and so as we hear this plot will begin to get his message subliminal advertising of what I talk about subliminal advertising was not like we're consciously seeing oh yeah that the previous over there I should buy Frias is not like that that is something that we think of but the advertisement they do it advertises they put in plain sight and if you see over and over again you become more comfortable with it without ever thinking about and so the enemy is doing through media interviews presenting his message to make us more and more comfortable with it to the point where there may be a moment where he needs to rally an army the fighting infiltrator and all those who have come down from the cosmos matter of fact movie that came out this year Sandler humor a member this guy Tom Cruise in the movie oblivion I believe it just came out his ERA within this year were last year this year in what you know what the plot is movies Tom Cruise using the threat of basically Tom Cruise is a character who's left to guard over the earth and there's apparently nobody left on your name and who we know about any time in the course of the future where there will be one being left on the air then nobody else and Satan during the thousand years that the end of the thousand years he rallies people to fight against the creator so in this movie he joins with these people who are living underground who all wear black and Morgan Freeman was when I saw recently no but really all you guys they join together with their plan their plan is to destroy the creator to destroy God possess sound far-fetched it's actually a line in the movie go get up to the plate for you listen carefully listen carefully because the one American English choices either your God by your Creator and then they blow him up as him no one will and him and him the availability I knew our Creator I knew our God screw you kaboom that is the main blade into your mind destroy the creator destroy God 's possible vocabulary I might make similar enough to the possible that that that that wasn't just even using all these big movies that that you know Arabic music oh well I can I can see that is impossibly doing more innocent innocent movies is impossible the possible okay okay anybody know who this is an and correct it Ralph Gallipoli this guy and regular house no one wants his role in life is where I can be destroyed everything within big monster hands up and even nice land and all he can do it mess things up right in his fix it same exact agent but I given me real this is the double and intensive the Lichtenstein that's right right now is going to believing you okay you know it we would visit his presentations only ready for already in the things that are said but worriedly blatantly openly and reason movies get into our minds and have a way of changing our belief systems over time as we hear the messages over and over again we begin to believe them you know what what message is there this morning this can play one more good for you one more clip listens away tell me if there's anything wrong with it a ready are you guys ready I will be on my own humble guy and or now will I will I is grounded in Eugene Zulus is a letter to the human movie and you are is is is is that is to say hello and he didn't want any bad he didn't want to put what musician artist did you notice you can't change who you are but did he really change your pitch and I think that that that thing is that that that the message is a millionaire that you can't change what you are just accepting you are embracing you are whereas Christ is saying you can be something more than you ever been results was an Baghdad operation began I bad and that's good that I will never be good and that's not back there is no one I rather be with me does it sound just a little bit off just just a little coming we talked about the whole idea awakened out invert reasoning and what was other one anyway and create discontent are and we talked about a plate out of the Garden of Eden shall we talk about how that plays out now in just these the racial examples we can see how even through media the devil is placing his advertisements in plain sight giving us other dogs other object objectives other priorities and somehow it gets in a good sin and then we start to believe that change is impossible that we just are who we are we need to appreciate ourselves for who we are and we start to lose value for the things of heaven because were so obsessed with your being our home something to fight for something to defend Jesus said stretching that was not of this world it was then will be here fighting said his kingdom is another world another place another time but you know that the devil the devil is is really good at gay English a Michigan advertiser would ask if there's anything wrong with it but to ask if there's anything wrong with it okay ready invading out with this is a Lebron James he's got his arms outstretched I will the halos are above him we are all witnesses anybody know where that line comes from comes from the Bible acts chapter two verse thirty two this Jesus God raised up and note that we are all witnesses Nike bag campaign for Lebron James was ripped off from ask chapter two over thirty two King James we are all witnesses I'm telling you that the enemy is so subtle in his ways of taking the things of God and using them for his own benefit using them for longer than ours we as we wrap up as he got closer he soon I can't help it Kate will talk more later okay but check it out okay so his films active was awakened out to invert reasoning to create discontent the lighting is told us here and now the media is that the Earth is our home sending a fight for something to live for something to die for God is good but is that we don't need God anymore we just have each other we just have our heroes we have our stars and that's it now our defense against all these things this is a singularity comes from Ephesians were talks about the armor of God our defense against doubt is what they are at our defense against inverted reasoning is what drove our defense against discontentment is what now let's look at how these things play out we have defense in face what it means is that we look for another home heroes Chapter 11 anyway knowing he was Doctor letters about the free chapter and it says all of these people were looking for a home outside of this world and they live their lives like they were staying here they are comfortable they didn't accept part of the world had the freedom rarefied we start out my thing I left the body whatever you taken with your eyes will affect your entire being right so we need to be careful about what we are bringing in and we need to make sure we're getting a lot more good in and we are back to our defense recognizing that God is good God is love and love never changes God never changes his nozzle is all well you know today is good and tomorrow is bad and will see what happens salvation salvation having new and creating discontentment as a combat it how to fight against it let's face it the whole creating of discontent was saying you don't need God but salvation proves to us that we need God salvation said you can't do this alone salvation says the wages of sin is death but the gift of God for life-changing ways are likely to get what you are lost without them and so you depend on him truth faith salvation is our defenses against those lies in the enemy always a couple minutes and we'll talk about how they fell and how we can stand you guys mentioned before what was it that led to the downfall of Lucifer Josie Drive PRI so Lucifer created perfect pride awakened in his heart and because he is trifle he refuses to be subject to the law of God why because the law got now totaling is a problem quick illustration okay so I look in the mirror and it's only got a on my to do what was once better way to ask for lunch for yourself and others about the little chipping shall start on my tooth right in that they look really bad you would like to and that is is like stuck there but I don't like the fact that Ms. Meer is telling us something stuck in my teeth right so as I knew break the mirror of course that's all the Lorraine I mean if there's no mirror there telling me that as a champion I told isn't really there we had still there but that's not how we oftentimes respond we see the log which is good which is one level which is powerful we see it and it shows that there's something wrong with what we're doing in our day-to-day lives of the media that we're consulting with its movies with a television whether James God tells them something wrong here but we don't want to admit or accept that there's something wrong and so pride rise of when it's within us just like it rose up within Lucifer is what we do we briefly I don't I don't mean this error telling me what to do is nothing wrong with the mirror 's just telling you how you are worried she is a little paragraph from my paycheck in front of the time had come for a final decision he must fully yield to the divine sovereignty or place himself in open rebellion speaking of Lucifer he nearly reached the decision to return but pride forbade him you know there was almost no war in heaven there was almost no war in heaven there was a moment when when we all called him God was reasoning with those of her anything visible only in horribly and Lucifer 's heart was touched it was then he is and you know what creator is right the only thing may this continue with his pride for me figuring this thing is crazy says it was to write a sacrifice but one would do so highly honored to confess that he had made an error that his imaginations were false and yielded me sing of the new authority which had been working to improve on that which had been working to prove unjust contract and Prophets page thirty nine there was almost no war but because he was proud he didn't want to admit or accept away want to know that he was actually wrong past thousands of years been proving that he was so we say he felt because of pride we don't bargain try out in the fall anybody tell me how evil what was our first mistake curiosity she wanders over as she sees that she is in a place which he knows she is not supposed to meet what she knew she stays there she lingers she looks at the root unmindful of the Angels caution she founders of gazing with mingled curiosity and admiration upon the injury the fruit was very beautiful and she question with herself why not have withheld it from them and now was the Templars opportunity to seek leave them that's that's from page fifty three of the same book he was literally there and she did the devil an opportunity to tempt her to let me ask you how many times do we give the enemy the opportunity to attempt is when he never would've had a chance to begin with we need to learn from how they felt we can understand how we can stand single because his pride he felt because she stayed on the ground of temptation rather than fleeing at the first sign of danger touted Adam thought does his wife it seems sort of legitimate is not a horrible horrible because he loved his wife more than eleven anybody know if Kelly was was looking to see how many say yes how many say no most singles I know okay okay character in your Bibles away thirty miles first of any chapter two verse thirteen is this is interesting just just for the record first Timothy chapter two first Timothy almost the first of a chapter to the first thirteenth you have the same I don't have it yet so you wait for me are second to the first Timothy chapter two these pages are stuck together a right first it was adjusted to Wiley and Thessalonians are okay first of the chapter to the first of each of two verse thirteen window says the drivers fourteen Adam was not what Adam was not deceived woman but the woman being deceived fell into transgression so I think that the one was the same she was actually honestly trick but the man was not a safe anything will exactly what he was getting into he's still very free one more page of the profits fifty six Adam understood that his companion had transgress the command of God is regarding the following preinvasion prohibition laid upon them as a test of their fidelity and love there was a struggle in his mind and he resolved to share her fate if she must die he would die with her how noble know how foolish how foolish so how did Adam fall to know what was right he know what was wrong what he didn't want to stand alone unit one of me all by himself in doing what was right and so he said I would rather be lost with this woman can be saved without her model do we do that because the person who sitting next to you will you make a bad decision because of that friend of yours was as extra glass and brittle walks walks with you in between classes are the friends we are going to hang out with and because of this person will you knew what you know was wrong I've done it I was over fell because he was proud and he was jealous he refused to be subject to log on he didn't want to be ruled over by a lot of told him he was being she fell because she was tempted and she was ticketed because she stayed in a place where she would be tempted out of new what was right but didn't have the courage to stand on his own two feet it's war it's war out here every single day and we will be constantly bombarded with the message is not beginning me through media look around you and this in the end of the world this is exactly what it looks like people eating and drinking and rising up to play peace and safety and income sudden destruction we are bombarded with these messages and VI is a lamp body whatever we give our attention to whatever we focus on will affect us I personally made a covenant I need to stop seeking entertainment in things that are not true things that are not honest things are not just think that it opportunities that are not lovely things that are not of the report no virtue no praise I should not be thinking on these things Philippians chapter four verse eight on the challenge you may catch a standard for urinating make that your standard for what you will see what you will not see make that your standard for what you will dedicate your time to we must be intensely careful of the messages that we allow inside your member the beginning of presentation I talk about you guys look it up the whole subliminal advertising thing just by having things around us we are affecting to the point that what we think is our original thought is actually something that someone else has plenty for us to think so we must be vigilant we must be careful it is war instead of the private Lucifer exhibited we need to have humility humility to accept that we are sinners in need of a Savior instead of the self-confidence that Eve had when you have a confidence in God not lingering on the grounds of temptation only non- truth about God rather than the lies the enemy and a set of Venus loses Adam we need to be courageous even if we have to stand alone in the fight PI is the lamp of the body and whatever you put in for your face will change your mind some of us may have lost our minds somewhere along the way I know I did but by God 's grace on reclaiming my mind I'm renewing my mind anybody know Romans chapter twelve verse wanted to says I beg you my brothers because God is merciful so we go with air when every system in Montréal we has never that I begged my brothers because God is merciful present your bodies as a living sacrifice to God this is the only way that we can reasonably serve God because our sacrificing of ourselves desires is an act of worship and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renovation of your mind take it all out in the whole place see what belongs and what doesn't belong in the new be able to prove truly know what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God for your life will close with a word of prayer and I encourage everyone if you to spend some time today I know are ready set spend some time and think about this and pray about that but I'm actually really serious sense of time today just you and I I know we're here for the conference everything and now it's all about the camaraderie and having a good time and and and fellowship but spend a few moments alone in Ascot what are the things that I'm putting in that may be losing the war see what it is and commit to God to be as determined to be saved as he is determined to save you must have a father we seen that here in this world it is very easy for us to lose our minds to lose control because the enemy knows that he has a short time and he is planted his messages is snares 's temptations all around us father I ask by your grace by your spirit that you would teach us to renew our minds to redeem the time to be aware that we are receiving these messages whether we understand them and recognize or not they are affecting us the father acid you would help us take care enough to not be proud to not be too lifted up to be humbled by your couples do not linger on grounds of temptation not to know what we know where week where we can be tempted and above all when faced with choices father help us to stand courageous no matter who may be against us if you are for us our victory is assured help us to be confident in your blood as our salvation and to work out our own salvation in fear and trembling knowing you working in us will lend you my lenses addresses and then examine your username and this media was brought to you by Nautilus the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more certain that the visitor www. audio tours .org


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