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Defining Biblical Purity: God's Better Plan

Krystal Williams




  • August 16, 2013
    11:45 AM
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I morning everyone in eleven of the extra trouble amenities and are my three focus after I presented to session so hopefully been blasted things that you have been able to cancel the morning during the summers of my usual dissenters call Christian majority the first session is entitled and defining biblical purity defining what is God 's better plan for my sexuality what is not better planned for Christian purity in contrast you want to offer my before fashion is basically just a contrast between what the world offers and what God offers as a replacement at this something better to go right into it because I know that where a little bit limited overtime often the last session to start right away it's probably going a lot of information and write that I want to say that I wish this seminar John Mosby five session fall because there's so many things involved in the idea of Christian purity there are so many different decal that summative aspect and perspective in the idea of Christian charity and sexuality and it's only different things that play into it I will try to get on a few a few big things in the seminar and hopefully will be a blessing coming up want for personal cemeteries are happening as buyer heads and we will begin with a word of prayer having order we are thankful that you have a better plan with thankful that you designed the relational beings any of the plan for relationships and for sexuality now I pray that as we look into your word today I pray that they look into the ideas regarding Christian purity that you will guide our minds that you help us to see the higher standing up for not one where you're taking something from us the Lord something where you're putting some even better in its place but I pray you spirit me here Taylor make this message applies to whoever may be here and whatever background and it come from in Jesus name I pray my eye and I knew teacher my seminar without you all question K Stewart falsely lived in a world society where there is an enormous trace for sexual pleasure I have read the Apple points out we live in a world of deciding what we are surrounded by sexuality don't I will eventually fall that they needed my feelings on this matter reiterating it is a Jalal in immorality are around nothing in every kind of a fashion whether it's driving down the road in your car and you see the billboards or maybe it's passing the magazine rack at the buyer groceries or maybe the only TV were in Iran news feed writer simply reading the news were bombarded with sexuality I like to use the word saturated were in a sex saturated society and that's a true statement all around us we find concepts being a prevalent theme everywhere yesteryear in we were to go back a few decades into our grandparents time our great grandparents on the early twentieth century we would have found that divorce was hard to get the hard thing we would have found that pornography was illegal when it found that abortion was illegal expensive and dangerous we went and found that there was a strong social discouragement for having babies outside of marriage there was a strong social discouragement for any type of premarital sexual activity right if we go back to indefinitely and there was a frown upon all those things belief house forward to today's time for today's generation is a couple of generations really later we find out today fornication is rampant yes we find that adultery and marital unfaithfulness is common and excused right that was unheard of parenting I actually have heard and for a weeknight except is not socially accepted we find pornography use and addiction is masculine this is consistent with the athlete is through the roof were before with illegal bike a few sadistic students in Jeremiah 's ongoing event over half of all the time spent on Internet you know how much time you spend there for whatever reason he made himself over half the time spent on the Internet is related to sexual activity that that's that's crazy I'm each day thirty million people logged onto pornographic website thirty million each day two five billion e-mails are pornographic in nature two five billion sex is the number one topic research on Internet number one now it's not been easy for your research paper at school effects number one topic research the average age of first Internet exposure to progress he will you get the Vedas the average age of first Internet exposure to broader eggs tantalizing answer even lower that would've guessed myself the allegations eleven eleven and eleven the actual our twelve and twelve and tanking housing right leg just putting in perspective by putting a perspective the largest consumer age view of Internet photography is one age group twelve seventeen or twelve seventeen of the high age group betting all in the lobby property we live in a world that's not now oversimplified and go back on this one her first aged twelve to seventeen we live in society that sensuality is affecting our adults is affecting our youth and it's affecting our children and we Christians find ourselves in such a society but we would be naïve to think that these things do not affect Christian homes right exactly what specific research Senate forty seven percent of Christian homes that pornography was a major problem in their home forty seven percent and that's only the ones that admitted right away what they needed it so this is a problem not only do in society not only in the world around us but it's one very much affecting cartridges was very much affecting real people and the real issue that needs to be addressed fornication adultery pornography all these different things homosexuality is seen on the rise right it continues into brought in our society and unfortunately become accepted overtures on when one record for saying that God wants every center and every center but he hates the same time truly believe that he has a better plan for our relationships for love and happiness than what that would be offering God loves the sinner but hate the sin other issues of sexuality their office up surrounding us I recently watched the Fox news report that was based in Oakland California and one of the schools their so-called specialists were going into the school talking to silver regarding transgendered is a all the way down to meet age Olive kindergarten kindergarten this news report was with relating the idea that people are coming into the great war and kindergarten classrooms and confusing the case by giving them a typical understanding of what a boy is our girl you might be a boy you might be a girl you might be involved you might be a boy and girls Bonnie Martin H like a complete confusion being introduced into our society and theme is the last thing I'm where we have come in a principle that God has given us and where we find ourselves in society today he knows that he is he is being successful in the area of sexuality in our world and in our church an inner church the pursuit of pleasure is high we live in the world I tell that if it feels good what do it I don't just do it but do it now you don't give you the opportunity again right if it feels good do it it didn't seize the moment a society where satisfying the passion those pleasures and those desires is considered to be the height of fulfillment and height of satisfaction and it feels good do it in such a society in the midst of science environment and you and I live in the neighborhood society Christians created by God with sexual desires find themselves being called to separate and in what appeared in the subsequent and we think as we mentioned that we have as Christians are exempt from such temptation were mistaken for a show of hands which I won't but how many of you either in the present or in the path of struggle with sexual temptation I be willing to bet that he's not the something that is real in our world the real power lies because sexuality is not natural to us not created us as a relational sexual beings and so the issue is not so much happening the desires money controlling public and having the desire because God gave us the prize-winning controlling them unfortunately the Congress of sexuality are ones that often go unaddressed they are churches happening you have heard at sexual purity seminar in your chartering your newsgroup lately catching that putting it right I never manuscript myself right name without an address to preserve as we have the pulpit regarding sexual purity rain and I think our youth and young adults and whoever would benefit our children from respected needs a lending average age would benefit greatly if we had more exposure to be such a thing to learn how to maintain our current Christian I need something that has gone unaddressed by really needs to be addressed like we mentioned I think one of the things that causes this issue to be one of the really difficult in nature is that sexuality is natural right sexual desire is natural to want it with God himself that said in the Garden of Eden it's not good that man should be alone right the gatehouse and needs a new companion he did a lot more right he knew that wasn't good for man to be alone the sexuality is something that is not wrong it had been ordained by its heaven ordained to like we mentioned that the problem that is not so much in having the sexual desires but in controlling them for the right time the right person and in the right context and take a look a little bit at the biblical the purity and sexuality and we can look through throughout the history of the Old Testament and even sexual temptation something that was prevalent all throughout Israel history Frank and Chris Sampson did perversely prevent me and we had the story of leaving the king of Israel who found himself in an daughter 's hair was sort of Solomon knew why this man who ever lived in the radio story and propagating the first two chapters in an amazing story of the height of his wisdom and success in the following anyway so far end of the influence of appealing women in his life as to offer human sacrifices and why this man who ever lived with the lowest offer human sacrifices in the influence of women in his life when an extra year influences when a father Israel in the wilderness will start in the one where he would have to curse Israel yes I'm the story and he stringently countersinking only speak what I think I have finally come to do with whatever he says that the validity really want Israel to fall all unity with mixing a ladies in the fall flat on your face is exactly what happened exactly what happened healing women came in and unite women and fullbore global idolatry within the camp as a result of their influence on the sexual temptation economy is the all throughout Israel history and in particular incident happened just on the borders of what is frightening or just on their way into the promised land is under way and they fell flat on her face it should be no surprise to us in our life a generation that we will also see the working hundred fold in this area as we sure on the borders of pain with your unenforceable promise finally you have to deal with it battling our world and cyber churches will be sadly that is important for us to understand what purity looks like and understand logon and standard is for us at the women's generation that on the sex trade in central crazy aunt in no principles apply to obtain and maintain purity Don would be pleased that my life and I can experience the joy and satisfaction that he actually has turned to look at something difficult passages define diversity blacks aren't appealing heart for they shall think of the right is one of the attitudes and ideas are running out what are the pew or in hearts if you're hard enough or striving for open your Bibles the first Thessalonians first Thessalonians chapter four first Thessalonians chapter the elementary versus three to five the first appliance chapter four verse three to five writers has going for verse three it says for the eighth the will of God concerning you leaving your sanctification this is the will of God concerning you even your sanctification Alice caused a sanctification only related to Christian purity no privacy is one area of application one area in which God wants to reform and refine my life to be more like him but in the context of the football talking about I continue on for this is the will of God even your sanctification that used to obtain seed from sexual immorality first for each of you should know how to put in his own soul or body in sanctification and honor our side not in passion oblast like the Gentiles who do not know about the polyurethane admit the will of God for you that you know how to get yourself in order to control yourself you control your desires and your passions and your body in the area of sexual temptation and not be like the Gentiles of the people of the world is getting to whatever they want whenever they did this is the wetland treatment that you not be engaged in sexual immorality but you know how to possess yourself that you have a life of purity before now I've look at another one in Ephesians chapter five the policy of the stage their Thessalonians of what God wants for us at the will of God concerning us hostility Ephesians chapter five another writing a fall Ephesians chapter and will read verses one to three Ephesians chapter five verses one to three right I will read therefore be imitators of God as dear children indicators of God and walk in love as Christ also has loved on and given himself for us offering a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling aroma or saver verse three but fornication and all uncleanness and uncut and covetousness let it not even be any one of the King James version of the next word let's not even be once named among you let not even be one named among all of you think that he was here fornication uncleanness in the film might be seen of you know anything among you don't like even no why don't you be seeing a little bit sexuality men must be a serious issue and right for him to want to be still in June and we realize that he will not even a little bit sexual immoralities amongst us and a high standard the God-given talks sensuality is all around us in our world aware to let Christians cannot participate in it and anyway anyway since the current page thirty four of the statement at the home link sobering statement in my opinion if it even one please read any Ephesians B name once among you even one wrong trait of character one sinful desire persistently cherished will eventually neutralize all the power of the gospel I'm not sure that has set in yet but I can be right in ninety nine percent of my life ninety nine percent of my habits can be exactly with Scripture but if I hold onto that one percent benevolent that one thing that I want to cherish despite the other ninety nine she said that one thing will eventually neutralized and can fill out all of the pound the Goth wedding strength of my life I think the statement in the state and area sensuality and Christian purity God is helping us to recognize here in the confusion then the statement is a serious issue it's on we need to deal with our life and we need to address as we heard last night Paul says in Timothy 's secondary to twenty two three is the lot by the way you want another word for free run run away from right to pursuing other things I've heard one preacher say we often don't run away from saying we all think for although a hoping that if I ever find the reality is that we actually like I actually wanted to engage in the things flees the last it away from those things pursue procedure to our legacy look at one more passage before I talk a little more with the first Timothy chapter four first Timothy chapter four eighty tons of the comment passage one they probably all familiar with Linda Niemi and your bookmarks given to you or saw the school first Timothy chapter four hundred reverse twelve percentage after four and verse twelve right near the therapist immediately says let no one find your new Lenovo do you but being examples to the believers in word in conduct in love and spirit and faith and purity I hear telling that the Corinthians are telling Timothy and all the crap I don't don't follow what is culturally or socially acceptable set the pace I don't follow just what the standard has been given to set the standard on biblical principles I don't don't do means what the signing authority was right or okay follow the word of God through some mean example of those things being an example you'll noted a contrast to have the King James version while you can't looking at the new King James I the King James version was arraigned again and went for the word individually let no one despise your youth but be an example of the believers now be an example of the first thing we sample of what a believer should be right we can than we were at the example of why Christians should look like in the areas of faith and love and purity in all the things be example to the world of what a Christian should be an example of the believers now you can dance let no one despise your youth will be an example to the believers I go into the conversion here at all but very different word not just the example of what a Christian should be to the world on the example to the believers sexual purity and the standards of sexuality have donned on her church the example to the believers be example to the believers I think that all say that we have what we haven't lived long enough to see the change in our church but issues of divorce issues of fornication and adultery and be unequally yoke in all of these things are accepted in our church today unfortunately in which they shouldn't be I understand has been let down only how to address these issues what we should call your sensitivity don't get me example of the believers visible to the believers the example to those that are younger than you you be those an example to those that are older than you what Christian purity is really like don't be example to the world the main example in the church pace the example the example of the believers and to the believers of Jonathan better purity plan the example in your relationships being example in the physical boundaries that you keep the example in your conversation I been of the church in the church the example of purity rights we at that instructor on to pursue appearing we have examples of Scripture let me mention of David and Solomon advanced that people who failed in sexual confrontation and found themselves experiencing great Harding as a result with an example of people against the window like the purity and was determined to live his life for the audience of God right in his temptation with Parker 's life because how can I do this great wickedness and sin against God he knew what he's doing and we had an example before us now let's take a little bit of the outlook as to what else is involved in this idea of purity and we have been instructed of Scripture with examples in Scripture but no one will look like maybe in my everyday life K I think one of the things that is directly related to the issues of PRT is the issue of law the issue of well I think the world Berkshire the people accurately meeting people in his room where the quest for love when you think if they desire without each one of a heart to feel love and be loved love what we read out on a quest for we say that we want while it didn't get one explanation of what love is taken from the book bloodlines dotted lines written by name Justin Hall allow me to introduce myself my name is long ivory ceiling I can't be described all went into a sense to me I can't be learned note or witnessed rash they want whole body high crime the arousal that someone creates the passing aroma from his cologne this smiled a strange indeed from across the room I am intense attraction I smell of her hair and the taste of it gets kind of excitement I let everyone think they have always longed for I am finite in the moment I feel eternal I think patients and uncontrollable I am intense pulsing of the human heart I am a Congress to stop I am a drug nobody can get enough of me I needed to combine addictive yet I am right when I go away people don't feel what I have feel empty aboard people look for me everywhere I come and I know I am worth taking chances for because I feel so good I am sexual and deep but filling unfulfilling at the same time that not a description of what the world thought of what it rang many in our world today many our church maybe Neil perhaps we've even heard this kind description before the picture we had been given of while that of all the intense attraction that all of the sexual passion that love and limited to arousal that woman's love is limited to attraction art or limited to the goosebumps and the tingle I love it and I think when we have a mixed company with while lobby is it going to affect our Christian purity for sure so it says here in the book and I read that love to say I'm worth taking chances for we can't elect any chances with one of our opening you silly the big enchanted and are finding themselves wounded and scarred by their clients are going through emotional physical social and spiritual trauma as a result of having engaged with something that I would love but with the wrong kind one of the what Islam is a life saving a lot of the feeling it alive from saying that love is just a thrill that love is just a romance alive from the gamble that while Mister Kula and passion that is not the basis of my letters young lovers page thirty one life as chillout chill out in a fine holy principle altogether different in character from that love which is awakened by impulse and which suddenly die significantly tacit true is not a strong fiery impetuous passion on the contrary it is calm and deep in its nature it looks beyond mere external as attracted by qualities alone is why discriminating devotion is a real and abiding love is a precious gift which we receive from Jesus love is more than the total one of the more than the passion love is a gift from God indeed from which he called himself first on four eight says that God is love and Don Islam first twenty thirteen reminded that while Ms. patient's that while this kind that while this is not jealous but it finds and rejoices in the input of others that love is not boastful God love is eternal unconditional and completely selfless God loving understanding and in no way abuse Darvon is encased and we truly experience his love we more able to experience it with someone else as well from the same book love life supplies basic tenets of the statement in some July was not a feeling or three or simply in motion the complete selflessness found deep within the heart of God the one calling you by name love is so much more inner sensual gratification despite what the world of whatever we still find ourselves man and women boys and girls engaging in different varieties of relationships trying to find coming that will last trying to find some that will fill the void trying to find some that will please visit the designer that we had yet temporary pleasure and fulfillment in the results but when the experiences had when the Russians over the feelings of emptiness are still found into the feelings of dissatisfaction continue love the way the world presented is not something better love as seen in the life and their experience with God is something better and I believe that we have to genuinely have experience with God if we remain element is before we can pass that on our relationships with other people to love you little that I should care we have let the biblical instruction regarding laws regarding purity regarding on sensuality sexuality look at we have any we had that the picture while love is that we just looked at and what is not and never take a look what that play into enough to translate into my day-to-day living I have an equivalent of our practical one really is attrition what really is for security when it looked like whether on a relationship whether I'm married whether I'm single what is it that God expects of me and wanted that purity consists out for a person has a desire for love and sexual fulfillment in the mid- pervert society and ethanol has another book I was reading in preparation for the first LeBlanc line started life as an illegal monopoly and awful at the address is a different life from the devil can live regarding sexuality majority I want to live he directed in the IDSA sex and there is no way involved and he reminds us that no premarital plant a faith other than his own drops over the quick and the second Second Life and the second is the idea of casual sex but I can have a intimate relations with more than one person in uncommitted way the life and I will say that that's okay I'm not what God 's plan is for us he created regarding leaving the house Tommy Burns one barn not just for nerds they provide for their sake to write one partner line number three in Atlanta when the relate a little bit more is the line from the devil that what you did hold together a lie from the devil at what you behold doesn't affect you think you're full of it I will rewatch it doesn't matter what we listen to it doesn't matter what we surround ourselves with a somehow we had this field are on our minds and all this for the evil over here and I'll take the good and that completely it logical right it is logical to say that I surround myself my son felt my stereotype of ideal or values and certainly influenced my own ideals and values right we can't engage in certain things whether sources of entertainment or whatever and not be influenced by the total lack of the devil to say that that we can and we could get into this a whole lot more and I don't think we have time for in the book of world why will go there right now is the time the end of that chapter I challenge you to read Dorothy versus and I really believe that Scripture teaches off that is not only inappropriate to engage in sexual and morale I see the blog reader the right actuality is not and it is a certain line that we know that when we crossconnect as if passing through to the devil 's playground I believe that Scripture not only teaches that it's wrong to engage in it but it is wrong for me to find pleasure and all others who do not repeat that it's not only wrong for me to engage in sexual immorality what is wrong for me to find pleasure in watching others to do now that directly relate for entertainment directly relates for entertainment I don't think we have time I was going to get everything that Mrs. Alito 's challenge to me when I was at guns and causing vandalism near the furnishing author for probably not good now moved to Guam in these communities and states endless speakers got one week and said he talked and he talked a moment chapter one and Romans chapter one and the end of that passage it says exactly what I just said that's for educators and adulterers and liars and murderers and edited I have no place in the part of the kingdom of God right I need people not only engage in those things that he says but they find pleasure in those who do when I sit down and watch my TV screen and see sexual immorality played out on that screen I find pleasure in it my pleasure by watching movies where the Matthew question would it be okay for my dad to romantically talking to your mom and I both on every leg what is she talking about it and it was good it was because they are in a marriage relationship is appropriate in such a way with them outside of the American resident pain that I have no problem or we haven't had a problem sitting down watching action with an addition to that but I am now with no ground sitting down watching perhaps so and so is there to so and so is there when he married Nelson realized and she's married to someone else in real life but because they're being it's okay with not really believe in God Spaniard is much finer than we imagine right for me to sit down at my pleasure in their adultery even when it seems so slow young people set the standard higher for your entertainment it's a lie from the devil to say that what you hold that an effective want to know what I want to listen to all of these things plays a role in the purity of our experience in my life and went to another and live here because they forcefully reiterated that George Mason last night all of these things in movies and music and all the stuff that programming online for sensuality is setting us up for him or what he said last sentiment per watt in the future adultery for the upper adultery and divorce in the future their program I say this is okay and by them to cock in all of these things I met with significant new media before the careful editor for what we what we choose other sources of entertainment number four sport for life here are four alignment for this one called his book called not just the lines of the big lie paid the big lie between when I think it's something that would be applicable criteria in your relationship here in LA I will be will be someday solicits old-line prime number four in the big life lesson of introductory text number three if we are to be the light of the world in that light and what entertaining that fractured a connection with you and they were delighted in the world men engaging in thing in connection with him is going to the CCB I cleared the big life he he dresses sexual purity is limited to sexual intercourse sexual purity is limited to sexual intercourse the data why not coming up with my Christian bank for the most part when we generally say that it's the is the standard of Christianity that we see second marriage yet I know that the general Christian perspective so what is it now how to apply in my in my and my relationship that I was turning what you did not get employment investment plan or often the questions are asked in relationship to how far a few far how close is too close and were actually not to get into all the things that ASQ this is devoted to my site will look at principles got your mind regarding the specifics but the idea that why have an affect of binaries on your eggs he said that the line because compass is so much more than your income so much more purity goes beyond mere virginity purity goes beyond mere virginity purity and not limited to the bedroom purity on the other hand some purity of the white what we are dealing different component of health or a living now I think I can help background and I will put them on the spot when the component of health or later anyway I wanted to help out on anyone the physical side of health another one the mental game and emotional spiritual and social right I'll read everything are the component of health or leaving the work of faith and purity of the lifestyle when it makes sense as impurities stand up all of those areas of my life I in Old Testament 's win the children ever want to bring a lamb further offering he was not allowed to have anyone spot or wrinkle or any such thing I think spotless without blemish and we know the symbol of Jesus as the ultimate price for our sin Paul also said in the book of romance and where to present ourselves as living under prices fell and the linen fibers why they make sense and medical when an Old Testament a bright white feet and half a half bath and now know a greenhouse PRD all over with and be hiding something under it Valley Bank it was a pure land so it makes sense then that if you are usually seen all these different areas of my life I was letting soccer finds so different component that you just mentioned typical to have space for this particular pigment right step down you tell me what you think of involving physical purity and making it go for it okay were interspecific there definitely is in fact so we present physical boundaries relationships are relationships that any half welcoming and related in the purity questions interesting what you eat and drink all right restraining ten thirty one says whatever he eats whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the glory of God interesting purity what you eat and drink I think that the waivers or maybe her gestures and things okay the way you interact the less good in another section afternoon anything else that comes to mind for physical the way you dress we dressed the purity of not just cause he touched me to launch losing it affects a lot of things regarding our physical fight as well right physical physical purity can also be things like masturbation rape or you can send some more real thing Sarah now deputy purity takes on a broad perspective okay okay physical and emotional what might be involved the notional purity any ideas from the nobility are right I had sentimental that he affidavit of millions to hell not delving into the milling and in all right very very good summary of what it basically picturing scenarios right in the picturing scenarios that needed to I only think that the emotional and mental purity and information that wealth can be involved in emotional maybe having a motion or allowing my heart and rolling okay for a relationship for many in the white Internet home in its permission for me to grow emotions for my secretary or maybe it emotional purity maybe it's dealing with same-sex attraction and emotional purity or something I need to I need to have the needed experience the purity of God that I can understand what he wants my relationships with no settings and okay so very dependent upon our emotional I blame related as well mental purity welcomes your mind meeting of mental purity lost my right away first thing I lost muscle thinking lustful gaze thing do you have addressed that in Matthew chapter five imagining scenarios which was counseling with a financial had only read our I asked Alina goes back to the fertilizer business in a few minutes and write what we want to do what we read the books are not in the graphic and I think I'm your face is saying out a shirt and rank the work piece and sometimes do more than the pictures on the screen as we create the image that we treat the mental mental purity again regarding colossal thinking accountability doesn't think pornography is totally related here and mental mental purity I heard one person say while running out of time I heard one person saying that the earlier cocaine addict can eventually get the cocaine out of his system but a photography addict always of the images there him him and wash out with lots of water you know I need to do so pornography is directly related to mental purity we could social purity but not as an aspect of winning the friendships I form another Friday associations I have the sources of entertainment I choose would be related to social social purity the types of relations of domination be unequally out I'm not sure where all of you stand on that relationship and how your mind may see that value that Don was presented to us but I believe that the part of purity and social purity means equally with the person I got has for you in values and standards and beliefs and goals and purposes for your life you want to be okay with someone who is going at different venue of any Creek disaster and heartache spiritual purity thing it encompasses all of the above let me mention and it affects our spiritual lives our spiritual growth within related to buy wizened promisee can be purity of knowledge and indoctrinate the things as well since my first experience on every level right there we can see that fury is not only just the physical realm of her life how much can you get that last night we have even if it's encompassing so much more purity of a life style the lifestyle and perhaps even actually more of the game word mindset than it really is about words that we experienced party lines our actions will naturally spring forth appeared right at the birth of my life is out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks to think that they and Proverbs chapter four twenty three OpenOffice deeper with all diligence out of it are the issues of life I feel in our hearts and in our mind that this is an address of the I see the roots that we have pure in heart and mind than our actions will follow suit Philippians chapter four verse eight there were things are true you are betting on Aston Villa and lovely things on these things because I know that we allow our minds to engage in things that are in pure nature it will translate into action it will translate into our shopping and will effect our character which determines our destiny by controlling her mind controlling her mind I was but a few different things during purity and this is an area where I know I have at times struggled in my own life naturally the line going straight down this miserable aerobatic idea whether I'll and maybe we could say that the line crossing the line would be safe okay crossing the line we think will be easier for Lindsay over the line defined over here nonathletic I'm not that I like to jump on it I only did he never needed to cross over the line if I'm right here we held the second if we walk the line we can be sure it will cross the bank we can be sure across the life which I believe our live chats close that I can get away with whatever I can wear anything across the line Walker's wanted to give him something better did have something better as a living sacrament even some reason of all he's done for you lately line is online asking what the requirement that have to be would still get into heaven and we step away Monday this theater likes you arthritis area of sexuality material to you I would experience a joint facility you will live on Wednesday note across evil cockfighting formulas they wish if you need to ask the fruit she would have eaten Pentagon say from the content description which have taken it was sympathetic but she hadn't constitute committee palaces bobbing for apples so anything that I was a kid but if I know in eating the fruits to say this doesn't make sense for me to handle it into a door and thank you Robin all over my face but making sure that I don't buy into it or hate it I probably would say I want to find my cell phone and if I get so close to know why I'm going to find myself crossing the stay with the indications of purity God will what would you have me what when you have to remain in two thousand thirteen how would you have me live my life in such a sensual society how can be example to the world many examples of the church of what purity really looks like what it really looks like it all of these different areas of my life whether physical or mental or social are our spiritual only different things how can I be an example of true purity teaching or the joy will come in following your plan your better plan before we close on going to a couple of things here the benefits of waiting the benefits of waiting in relation to sexuality and sexual activity what are the benefits of waiting why should I deny myself the pleasure of this moment I want right now what is it that I have to gain by waiting when I have to gain by reflecting that I want right now what do you have to gain the lifetime it was all of these back after you and Kathy what are some benefits and waiting from your perspective Northwest is more choice of when a friend recently sent of the law is liberty and folly in the law and disobedience we find ourselves has to rest guilty ashamed only thing that you find yourself living a life of in accordance with God 's will if it's one that's freaking on some a special stomachaches with the specialist engagement people other about marriage emotional trauma that results from break right just because you give yourself a summoning enemy with them forever if you're in a committed relationship outside marriage so that the breakup and emotional trauma that results after having given so much invested so much in our relationship only to find yourself wounded and separated now creates a strict disarmament I never wanted you need me free from not by waiting in the physical round if we were to talk maybe this context and in the world what are some things that they would say that you and that is why we don't happen out avoiding what okay what STDs and unwanted pregnancy all the things also play a role I think I had also one including here why do we not immediately think of the disappointment and on my disappointment that he wants only so much better for a so much better at the parent is hurt when their children are hurt not currently see that we dabble in things that are less so he has to left on the house but outside of just kill unwanted babies may getting infections the Madonna has where there are so many other reasons as well to wait and not just in this book and Doctor Hall says that sexual abstinence is not yet likely phentermine why not yes not social intercourse by a special purity involves so much more he likens it to all sexual activity or arousal but I think that Dawn has a plan frosting waiting and likely set beyond the diseases and beyond unwanted pregnancies I believe that waiting develops characteristics in all that are necessary for all areas of my and here's one of them the highest evidence of nobility in a Christian the high evidence of ability to Christian 's self-control and a statement rank Devanagari the greatest music waiting to develop self-control waiting develop self-control which is a quality that you need in your home in your workplace in your neighborhood when the kids are annoying when the box and listen that you need to develop investors right thing and element goes on to say in another quotation that someone who connected themselves and control themselves under such abuse is one of five this one about heroes got here and the highest evidence of nobility a Christian is self-control I was we also developed differently waiting developed different my plan is just this year they between what you want me now and what you want most right now I want to right now I wanted in the grand scheme of things the only house on this more when I really want this more and talking with a friend recently asked you what you really want we want to grow old with white hearing a case until the hand-in-hand with that special someone and when anyone enrolled in law and that is the plan is to do what you want now in this moment and choosing what you want most in the granting things waiting developed discipline window self-control wing develops discipline and finally waiting develops a delayed gratification what I mean when I delete gravitationally think what what is not unlike that for me later application is even more spent on exactly what he does that in a way to get it is even more special we live in a world of right now I get in my microwave heated up in messaging instant oatmeal right everything is very fast-paced whatever you need me right now and in that world we find ourselves pushing our purity into the fast-paced as well give it to me right now I wanted my right now my business plan causes us to look for is what we want most in more than what we want now and the delay gratification is deficient how does mention the ability to resist temptation that take advantage source delayed gratification is the ability to read this the temptation for any needy rewards the preflight electrons and worldly lust there is a separate letter immediately war and wait for something later a larger reward right larder there was a study done in the nineteen sixties and seventies marshmallow study environment okay I mercilessly and it was done by many Walter and Michelle twenty four -year-old and four -year-old template on the table there was a marshmallow and you said you wanted marshmallow pushed into oncoming of eating the marshmallow but he also said he'll wait fifteen minutes opportunity to hear the situation you imagine the strength and before you're all right like a lightweight fifteen two marshmallows many of them couldn't wait many the way they didn't understand but I couldn't control himself to wait fifteen minutes to get the better reward up to marshmallow and studies showed that further on in the life the children who waited longer at age four and later scored significantly higher on the SAT were better educated felt a stronger sense of self-worth cult more effectively with stress and were less likely to use cocaine or crack in the family gratification or those who couldn't do a print edition for there is a sense of like Chantelle and the mouse is missing the joy and fulfillment after you've worked hard for something right and that later better reward the delay and the satisfaction of waiting out that process and finally reaching your goal finally gaining your treasure is Joanna has pleasure in their satisfaction and delayed gratification the world held us to do it do it now went to Disneyland now how cool is a different if I had her automatically to find anything worth having is worth waiting for writerly gratification couple that live together before marriage is Elizabeth and I don't Internet coupled with the other before marriage had a fifty percent higher chance of divorce after they married than do people who do not live together before marriage now that's actually very interesting authority within the opposite legally to get us understand each other ended and we can better accurate but the significant opportunities right they began altogether they went together before they married and a more prone to divorce after marriage and those he didn't like to get its beginning which is actually a very interesting statistic we have to wrap this up after a thousand people working things here Probert chapter twelve thousand fourteen responses there is a way that seems right to a command but the end thereof are the ways of ways of dad is a way that seems right to me right now is what I wanted Lexington excess but in the ways of death and destruction and carnage CS Lewis says that the Perseus Lewis but even very interesting variation author in many cases there are far far better things ahead anything that we leave behind far far better things ahead and leave behind the as also in a relationship idea in pictures of prophecy one twenty six and I might have gone astray lights of the previous place on our frosts the one place happy if everyone in this world is pursuing happiness I you may find it in different ways we are all pursuing the happiest place on earth for the place where God would be the place where God would have us be well I'm not so sure that I'll be happy in waiting I'm not sure that you receive the benefit happiest place of these were not to be I'm not sure that I would be happy with that I seemed okay but he's not the church really is really not that the happiest place to be informed on what have you been on my shoulder I would be happy with that gender the happiest place the only different I would have to be the happiest place and pursuit of happiness for you to follow God 's plan renounce the things that he has a conflict to renounce and not wait but he'll provide something better in the better in its place I believe as a close that purity was seen that it involves every aspect of our lives right I believe that PRT is possible someone may think you're not so sure that the entertainment it affects my associations of excellent conversation and relationships the physical boundaries of every pronoun also sure that it's possible for these four thirteen that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me to challenge each other wonderfully force is now a human is able to keep you from falling I finished chapter two says that that the grace of God appeared to all men teaching him to deny worldly life that we can live soberly righteously and godly in this present world with impurities possible in the next session will take a look at how the first one defining the jury what is not better planned the second session will look at is how life hearing from the community what I continue to implement in my life to know that experiences practically everything I can do in my experience and I think and obtain or maintain the purity that I would have for me operate your blacklist on the things that we share today I'm sure they were challenged in some ways for those of you may think luckily for me I'm artist about half time on arty indeed since your entertainment on partying these interrelationships my mind is already built would enter hours forty four for the sixteenth of the just man fall seven times the rises again there's a quotation taken from LED names and Maria Robinson of Leslie B Ayres on my sure what her life I let it says nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today in the community is hope for all the craziness security we would take a look at what got stand and know there's something better not just arbitrary rules of finance really for my happiness and fulfillment and I will learn the next session however the extreme sense of what had tactically my life those of the word of prayer and will break for lunch I had and thank you the other better plan for thank you that although we may renounce things right now in this life in the end even if the rest of her sexuality in our purity what troubles to realize the big picture view of something better to offer but I pray that we would adopt the principle of the leave we talked about today that we would see the areas of our life that perhaps need to be put a little more fine-tuned in line with than the planet you have for us Speaker Hartzler higher purity only don't have that desire what we claim the promise of immediately opening new heart within us the new desire to have one desire righteousness and purity about until now I may borrow my name is Lord anyone mainly handblown your needs and bring a loan of this media was gone audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about how the universe will feel like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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