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The Shut Door

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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were going to have a prayer and then were going to begin this by heads our father in heaven I asked as we discuss when the controversial issues in the history that does it should bless my mind with accuracy memory with tact and skill communication should help us to understand they ask in the name of Jesus and today were going to be talking about the history of what is called the shut door a doctrine in the Seventh-day Adventist church if ten years from now three or four of you have left the Adventist church it's great like that one or two of you will be very convinced that a lie is a false prophet know somewhere along the way this story will have played into that conclusion although certainly not well enough to tell it the shut door than explain it manual be alert right of it it's like when you shut the door shut door once upon time to land far far away there was a Millerite movement was some fifty thousand adherents give or take fifty thousand I mean forty two hundred thousand me nuts the reference what there was the end Eastern United States when I had the great disappointment of October twenty two eighteen forty four and was right difficult for them to make out what had gone wrong Miller and Lynch and finds for a while this line they said that our profit driven prediction was based on human chronology is possible that human chronology could have been off by days or weeks or months or a year of two and maybe it never would've been discovered for that reason we should just wait and tell Christ conference but as time continued and nothing in particular happens that position became less and less tenable Intel that group the primary leaders of Adventism eventually concluded that nothing particular happens on October twenty two eighteen forty four they concluded that no fulfillment of prophecy happened on October twenty two eighteen forty four it's natural to conclude that because they didn't see anything happen but before they concluded that William Miller with the rest especially soon after October twenty two to a slightly different position they concluded that Jesus had closed his priestly administration on October twenty two that probation had close that they had done their work for the world and now it only remained for them to wait you can understand how William Miller came to that conclusion Jesus said as a what is now a seller shall be in the coming of the Son of Man so what happened there's no way the Noah preach up until the day that it rained almost he preached Intel he was led into the ark with a bunch of animals in the door of the ark lies shot and the rain started really there was a period of time when they were shot dead and the wicked world were shut out and Jesus said so will be at the coming of the Son of Man so Miller with others concluded that since Christ did not come it must be that like in the story of Noah and they had been shut the end and that Dennis say that in the parable of the ten virgins that after the cry went forth that the Wiseman with the bridegroom and the door was shocked and what happened after the dog was shot the unwise virgins came with an open Sandy answer was the door is shut I don't know you this idea of probation had closed was that shut doors Adventists in general believe that for several weeks and son for several months but as time went on it the doctor began to lose its popularity with most Adventism including with the leaders but your member we talked about hiring that's an son TNF behind an ORL Crozier who concluded that Jesus went to the most holy place and with that conclusion was the idea that he had close up the door to the holy place they got out partially from the message to Philadelphia besides I have set before you an open door number two closing but indicates there also is a closed-door no man can open it in May were a light was living as a seventeen -year-old girl in Portland the Adventist in that area word losing their confidence in the shut door theory that is the idea that anything happened in eighteen forty four is a fulfillment of prophecy as they were beginning to waver on the fulfillment of twenty three hundred days and maybe the whole thing is delusion little Allen Harmon had a vision and in that vision she was shown that the midnight cry was from God knows the Crider said go ye out to meet him and that's Christ had entered into a new phase of his ministry in eighteen forty four and that the door of the holy Place was shot the remarkable thing in her vision one pressure within October twenty two was really a fulfillment of prophecy the band generally believed that that's what happened next that is troubling to some James White's and Joseph Bates concluded that William Miller had been right about probation closing on October twenty two eighteen forty four and that the reason he didn't hold onto is because he didn't know about ice cream of the most holy place so the Adventists that were sanitary and began teaching that now they were just becoming sanitarian below the player cemetery in the vertiginous depravation had closed in October twenty two eighteen forty four then except the Sabbath and for a while you know what they were called shut the door seventh day or shut door cemetery and her shut door so if they people that with her tight because they murder what were the prominent aspects of their teaching that Christ had really gone into the most holy place in October twenty two and now we ought to keep Asante said listen they were teaching this for three months or six months or nine months looks like some of them are teaching it for six years during that time only had a number of visions and revelations related to the shut door nonetheless summarize for the charges against her and then reply to them individually you have the paper I gave you this paper denied a shut door briefly well and hasn't seen that means it's in my room ready to be handed to you so I give it to you tomorrow that Ari had sealed the sex take notes and what about 3G or less just like to write things down or number the better the charges that Elimite taught that mercy for centers close in eighteen forty four this should get as a result of her first divisions the result was that many advanced lost her burden for lost sinners Ellen White was wrong instead of frankly admitting her error sticking to her guns she cowardly turncoat explained that she had never talked the shut door this was a lie that's the charge where they are what are the points in the charge the Ellen White's was Ron that she taught us that church that there is no more mercy for centers that because of that many it stops doing evangelism or some dead and that later when she change her position instead of saying what's I goofed she said that she never changed her position should never taught the shut door which makes her a liar and if that charge was true as stated I would think you would have to conclude Ellen White was a false drop I think you would have to and I think many half I don't conclude that I think the charges entirely false top to bottom the Cisco through it piece of the time first of all turn your Bibles to Hebrews chapter six Hebrews chapter six and look at the first few verses for something about people who tasted the powers of the world to come valence anything like that taste of the powers of the world become Hebrews six was the same as Owens in verse five speak about a certain class that had been part of God 's work on our and they tasted the power of God they felt the power of God in doing his work is that describes any class of people would describe those who are part of the seventh month movement in eighteen forty four you've read about it the power of God was manifested there would reinforce the verses before that silence and the versus after it is to renew them again unto repentance seeing they crucify the son of God to them afresh and put him to open shame I could put the thought simply if God is working mightily and you cooperate with him and see the power of his work in favor of the truth and then you turn away from that truth and call it darkness your cases Ray much like Lucifer 's you been the witness of God 's power and truth and turned away from it and what power now is going to convince you that you're wrong so what is Huber say about that class it's impossible to what to renew them again unto repentance lesson Ellen White taught and I teach at humor six teaches that there was a large class of people who tasted the powers of the word of God in the North movement who when they turned their back on their case became as hopeless as hopeless can be there's another class 's case becomes hopeless it's those that hear the truth taught with powered resistant resistant resistant this is why William Miller thought the mercy for centers closed on October twenty two you can read and write about it in the weeks after he said that the day after it was like the whole arsenal state and turned on him that the quickest scoffers were making fun and laughing and and these were Christians of other faiths in short those who resisted the power of thy simple gospel presentation in the truthful teaching of William Miller Eric Turner resisted that they were hardened and when they were resisted arriving up to the Barry and under the climactic warning the world is going to end next week the world will end tomorrow they resisted and tell their case was hopeless now this is the point several of Ellen White's statements between eighteen forty four in eighteen fifty make reference to those two classes the wicked world that rejected the Millerite movement into the Adventists who it had been part of it had turned in hard away from him are fighting against it and she speaks about both those classes as being perfectly hopeless I buy into that I expect soon that there will be a huge class 's case will be entirely hopeless and why would be so because they will reject the power the preaching of the third Angels message Bill resisted under the power of the loud cry the fourth Angel it will resisted that under intense power and tell that resistance caused them to commit unpardonable sin and will God condemn the whole lot of them at one time no provisional closing will be hopeless for the whole bunch so doesn't surprise me so much authority happened in history at some point they'll might never indicated in any writing that happened for the whole world or even for all of New England or even for all of the people who would been called out Venice never said anything like that so that this whole argument that she was teaching that there is no more hope for centers is a supposition based on a twisting of statements about those classes and a couple other statements there is another statement where she was writing about the Fox sisters Donald Fox sisters the developers on Spiritualism modern spiritualism you heard the rapping sound of Mister her when they call him something foot Mister split foot and began to communicate with Mister split flights by knocking and he would not back and was just beginning of open spiritualism the spiritualism was strangely grew not like it is now entirely separate religion Eastern in nature and roof fastened to the Christian church so that there were hundreds of Christian ministers who were all cellophane spiritualists that is you could be a good Methodist and a spiritualist the same time was considered to be an evidence of the power of God and you think spiritualist ministers and revivals underneath their preaching we know they sure debt have revivals know my speaks about the revivals which indicates I think what I hope you would expect the same thing the revivals were not truly converting anybody but that they were producing children of the devil the Bible ever indicate that misguided vandalism can produce children of the devil would you say the Pharisees so they cross land and sea to make a proselyte when they made in the making twice the child of hell as themselves so some antagonist of taking the same element made about those ministers the revivals pulled out of the context of the Fox sisters have placed in the development was saying all the revivals going on after eight and forty four were all false revivals when he was it never implied and never indicated that the Norman by twisting a look that way when I was involved with things no as because we've harbored doubts from other sources and were confronted from all this the thought doesn't occur to us that honest people can be making such a ledger it lies in such succession in such volume and the devil has a trick that goes with it usually doesn't have a belligerent liar bring it to you he just has been belligerent liar originated and then delivers it to you through the medium of a very nice person who think how could she tell such lies again up my topic I went back to the history want to read to you from a certain I can find its certain vision it's called the Camden vision but the page I thought was on the tablet click here so this tell you what it says in the Camden vision which is written out in house at the end of it signed L in light were told that we should not pray for the wicked the day on his nineteen fifty one seven years after eight and forty four we should not try for the record that Jesus does not want us to pray for the wicked that when he prayed for the wicked it helps them and bless them and that it could help them but now the case is hopeless and it wouldn't do any good to pray for them any longer goes on that way for several sentences it's really at least to me looks quite apparent in the Camden vision deprivation has closed we already can envision an early writings you're right no one has started in factual and never find a candidate in any book published by Adventists except for ones that quoted in a book like this I'll lighten her critics that's because there is no copy of the Canon vision accident in the entire world that has elements handwriting on it and that it was never published finance Dennis is published by one of the leaders of what is called the messenger party which then we might get to today and I kind of doubted that was an ex- is published this vision thing as Ellen White was in Camden in eighteen fifty one finish you never said anything like the things written in this vision thing is the leaders of that movement ended up showing their wicked character within a few months after this vision was published in other words it's a fiction that you go to Ellen White or at the website you'll find you can envision their with no mention of this fraudulent character what about that thing that argument that only whites said to never talk to shut door here's the reality away frankly admitted they should believe in the shop door like the rest about a dozen she had never wrote it does the Bible indicate that profits have had faulty ideas live in telling the truth the apostle for example had told the ideas whether telling the truth John the Baptist at fault he ideas what he was teaching the truth Peter had faulty ideas what he was teaching the truth the summer the thing is that profits many times misunderstand their own missions and read that Peter that they diligently inquired in the things that God spoken through them and they couldn't perceive what what it meant to me as a credible argument in favor of the licensed ration that though she believed those steins she never taught them because I want alternatively the dead teach them that that was your primary doctor noted they could come out in your writings if you believe that several years into this situation amendment of brother Arnold Nashville River that are you saying that just as there were sacrifices more in the evening in the daily service there was also a sacrifice morning and evening on the day of atonement indicating that salvation was available even after eighteen forty four when Blair Arnold first wrote about that alike husband was teaching quite the opposite you know she could have written a letter of review to brother Arnold but you know she did she said that she will she told her husband that she even directed that he should study with brother Arnold and I thought James White began to come out of his mistake about the shut door what about this idea why didn't God tell Ellen White it was a mistake for years to me the answer to that is so easy compared to how it is other people how lazy would we have become us Bible students every time we had an error God-given vision to Ellen White to tell us what the truth was when I have cultivated significant Bible study in us you know I wouldn't have taken a second look at Zechariah fourteen I would just wait your sentencing when God do instead she taught through the prophets this study the Bible and when my Bibles to you may learn about the Sabbath he confirmed with the vision for those who are doubting we learned about the McGinnis have been assigned on a confirmed its revision and when my study we began to understand the Godhead he confirmed through vision this some forty years after we've been teaching falsehood on the doctor of the Godhead Jamaica prominent leaders so what's the point God never intended that profits would be an alternative to Bible study and you know administered missed that lesson still there's a reason helmet is not right about me the most difficult passages in Scripture the fact is there difficult to understand them helmet and write about them because we had studied them yet summary has its no surprise to me that not until someone did serious Bible study nearly brother Arnold the guy did not speak out to indicate our error on this point but a citizen and on the Bible study God let it be known that there was someone around that had done his homework and we ought to pay attention to him until he came out of the thing that I don't remember when you nor I read it three times today but there's a lot of history in this just in this one book for seventy pages on this topic at small print there is something else that happened interesting before we come out of the nest there was a meeting where there was a man preaching about the truth that we hold dear and someone in the audience believe what he heard and want to join the group you want to be baptized pretty sure why this very have to save and consider baptizing him because that's you know it's too late there's no more salvation for centers out what was there God told her to tell that man to have hope in God and it would be all right he could give his life to him and he be received so he did name was JH Wagner that's right father of Elliott when you've heard about Nietzsche ninety eight number with my notes and see if I missed anything stupidest moment yeah I was going through the element websites I was very disappointed in the lack of honesty in one of the objections it just indicates that only denied that she never taught the shut door here's how looks on the website early statements are only talks about the shut door being true the shut door the shut door the shut door then line and then a statement indicating that I never taught the shut door all four statements are acrid quotations and look at that the reader goes it looks like Ellen White was a liar but with just a little bit the context of the eye never taught the shut door it would have appeared entirely different along my confronted this objection against her writings lost so live like after she died and what you said was that she never taught the shut door that there is no more mercy for centers but that she did teach and still teaches and still believes with all Adventist in a shut door she quotes Revelation three adore that has been shot no man can open the doors and open the American shot up and goes on to describe what I told you the very beginning about the door being shot for those who have sinned away their date day of grace she very frankly says what she did believe in what she did mean what she does need and doesn't deny it anyway this made it look like she just flat line you know makes him look like that in a situation is a flat lie which is no surprise to me because even the Beatitudes full of blessing blessing blessing blessing there's counts a little thing about profits versus Blessed are ye when men speak all manner of evil against you falsely rejoice and be exceeding glad for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you how do men persecute prophets historically they speak all manner of evil against them falsely just to know that so when you see something you won't think oh it's an objection it must be somewhat legitimate part of that objection against sunlight the shut door comes in the fact that her early statements once a talk about the shut door were added several times and some of the statements were never reprinted and others were reprinted with omissions leaving out those particular passages or sentences all the stain is it as well not to look like a cover-up on the part of the Seventh-day Adventist church how can I explain that to you even see it as simple as it is in the Old Testament there are some passages that are difficult to understand in the New Testament some of these passages are are illuminated with the revelations that make them more simple to understand if a prophet writes something and it's misunderstood and that is the prophet learns more initial and more is it legitimate for the property rewrite it so that it cannot be so easily misunderstood my turn to say is a simple thing to happen this would help I believe in the shut door the false theory division she was shown about the truth theory that door was shut for those two classes she wrote as she was shown it and it could be taken either way if you are inclined to take it away the later Shia road at silicon and be taken either way I have some great times in Scripture there's a hermeneutic that relates to this value the statements with greater clarity to me adjusting less with less clarity by those with greater clarity as a good hermeneutic all right go a step further and talk about a Bible study program in your Bibles to revelation chapter ten Revelation chapter ten and look in verse ten eleven relations has a description of the event movements the experience of the Ottoman movement is sandwiched between Revelation nine Revelation eleven time life that puts it between the sixth and seventh trumpet certain harmony the time the seventh trumpet nerves near the end of verse history biting at that reparation test cell funding says number seven it is a business owned and also begin to sound the Mister Gosselin finished the set of someone robbers were seven she had a time to the thing right there looked down at verse ten and eleven Revelation chapter ten and verse ten and I took the little book is the book of Daniel out of the angel 's hand and ate it up and it was in my mouth sweet as honey human foods in your mouth you chew and swallow it when words are in your mouth to spend amount here we have Daniel as honey in someone's mouth is a very interesting metaphor it sure is swallowing in addition as Adam was doing I was chewing or swallowing it was teaching the book of Daniel and as soon as I had eaten that my belly was better so when he was chewing on and teaching that the dabbled a very cheery message is ensuring message to think the crisis kind back soon very cheering what happened when he got his belly Nell was extremely better defined that he hadn't come it wasn't meant to be coming in the next few days at least so how did the church relate to that listen any seven to me thou must prophesy again on before many people and nations and tongs and Kings Bush and ten verse eleven is virtually a prophecy that the Adventists would stop preaching after they can understand the books somewhat better and it's also positive they wouldn't stop preaching forever that it eventually understand that they were still to continue preaching religion ten is a prediction of the shut door doctrine has been lies in the Adventist movement but more than that the great disappointment is the subject of a number of prophecies not to go into them out loud but I have gone into the money gone into them in this paper you'll find them in Habakkuk two and in Hebrews chapter ten and in Malachi three as well as this passes we were just looking at revelation ten the passages where the disappointment is predicted there is an indication that the judgment will explain the questions that we had out is there any other passage of Scripture that connects a message to preach the gospel to every kindred nation type of people with the idea of judgment suppression of message revelation ten connects the Adventist movement to the preaching again of the first Angels message announcing the coming of the judgment okay let Mace summarizer is not said to be done with this lecture I just realized that for those listening to this the fact that there's a handout is not to help them understand what's in those chapters so I changed my Minamata talk about a little bit and son chapter seventy three Asaph is perplexed by the fact that the wicked are prospering he can't understand why God is allowing it to happen he nearly loses visit Christian experience he says that my feet well-nigh slipped and said I do talk about out loud in front of the children in front of God 's children because they be offended you know people at questions like that too they were afraid to admit it they wondered why does God allow these things to happen that a Seth says that I went into the sanctuary then I understood there and so was God 's answer to Asaph 's question about justice the sanctuary that is a bad thing to happen I think everyone until you have the same question about the same God how can you allow this able to go on these wicked people are prospering God answers I'm going to send babbling to punish them the doctor says yes I'm sure you're going to do that with the Babylonians are righteous either they also need to be punished how can you allow this able to go on and wicked people to triumph over those more righteous than them and then back and begins to realize that that is very arrogant way to talk to God he becomes much meeker Habakkuk to what he said on the stand in my watch and put me in the tower and wait to see what God will say to me and how I will answer when I am reproved back to one answers the question wasn't me to watch them is to listen what does this say to you and to watch yourself when you answer when you recruit the doctor chapter two goes on and got explains that Habakkuk should write down a vision make a plaintiff on tables that he can run the recent so and then he's told that the vision is going to speak at the appointed time and is going to appear to carry it is not military mission wait for it in all of this begs the question where is there a vision that is about judgment that fits itself to tables that puts an appointed time for the judgment and that went to understand that they should run as our image like that in the Bible as the book of Daniel especially the vision of Daniel seven eight those that read it should run in Daniel twelve it's one appointed time it's for a judgment and a and get itself so conveniently to charts and tables that feel they don't charge from what has God say about the patient about it he says it's going that vision is going to appear to Terry but it is not going to Terry and Linda Pierce attorney says to wait for it but how can you wait for it is not carrying is because you don't under stand a super debts the great disappointments it predicts that the judgment would begin you will be looking for Christ's second coming in the predicts that many would fall back by that verse four says that the just shall live by his faith with many men drawback he was tangled on the say draws back to perdition summary of some seventy three Habakkuk wanted to in Revelation ten is that God foresaw the great disappointments he intended that the separate between those who were righteous and those that were not as resilient back to that the righteous stand but the others go back that he intended that they knew that there would be a SCC for a time in the preaching that he would let the church note was time to preach again that's all very comforting to me it shows me that invested judgment was not a face-saving device the fulfillment of prophecy I'd much rather be part of the fulfillment of prophecy than to believe in a face-saving device and then started for prayer our father in heaven I asked if you will bless the truth that you put an ad in this history to guide those that are here in their study they define what is true we are dependent on you to be our teacher passage would do that very thing in the name of Jesus and more thorough written material this topic will be available of Bible .org sometime soon if not there already Bible DLC .org


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