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Janet Page

Ministerial Associate Secretary for Prayer, Pastoral Spouses and Families for the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist



  • August 17, 2013
    2:30 PM
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him pray before you start and I was invited here to privately just as God does speak to your heart during this time given permission to speak what he wants to view now closed Florida thank you that this is a prayer you will answer that you will speak each one is asked for that he may not even be anything I say that the Lord because when you give permission for the Holy Spirit to work in last each one with what they need and I think you father like please just give me the right words what to share notices so much I think you father in Jesus crushes name and well I thought I got four people I be lucky I'm not surprised the angular County and the woman at this time is just kind of intimate on practical prayer life what when I found out what works and any if you really have a question of what Hussein's confusing entry gene arrays are handled try to answer may not be able to multi the first things I used to have people saying to me everywhere I go is how I can everybody just so busy and I know even people who are going to school are busy and I had done I was previously married my first husband died but before he died he was also a pastor he watched we were going to school again he rushed through school study down in the ministry is not unilaterally administrate I have time to read my Bible really is no God well he interned under someone and this person the land is working long hours and they didn't need more than four hours sleep a night is what they sent anyway and so they ran my husband from seven in the morning until eleven o'clock at night he came home Jonathan had little after eleven at night now this guy his name is my was extremely happy positive person you know for me the glass for him the glass was half full for me it's always been half-empty you know that the expression is not a lot of people are optimists want to test out the optimist nor that is I believe in the workout but when they do it because I is mainly Sunday was really a person never ever seen in fact now I gotten after several months of working with its pastor was a good man I don't need he wasn't my counseling practice and just if you have a spare moment he was curling up in a ball taking the next and was not like him he never does now I know he was really discouraged and just reinforcing and chorus of young he was planning to ensure about it and all of a sudden one night he wakes me in the know and I said he said to me gently why Y Y I was and he said my name is Paul your name back to sleep so we went back to sleep the next night he wakes me up in the middle of the night a sister twenty one I said my time so I don't want to and she said and I see anything that you called my name one him calling me why I will say well maybe in time Kali knew it not be honestly at the next night I sent him waking up didn't happen that way I wanted us over everything that was an payout dad and I open my eyes watching him I saw him grab this Bible off the dresser people in the world only after he started happening and we know me and also before that what I got the party started doing when he was discouraged he started his carrying is it little white women everywhere it is time you have a minute to open it and read and would try anytime just a few minutes is waiting on the other pastor you to start reading that story started to begin with and even left at the dinner table while eating our supper he would read his Bible there which really isn't a good thing to do with your family I put up with a kindly needed it so let them get out of my little organizes to talk to him as he thought we can quietly degrade that he was doing that's for all await yourself when God started waking in the night and he started having the most branch experience with and a down prayer meeting we were headed for a meeting one night in a couple months have gone by any as the church is looking I forgot my steps to Christ I'm going to status declines with him this is could you go back home again I said okay I went back home and traveled to turn because he forgot his bucket handle back on again not only that again I want a majority of the two happy and I in nineteen hundred humans not nice that now is whose testimonies him all around his hat it was just this and I just sat there in on it what I saw happening him to do with your time to time and he will show you how to make that time now when you have time we got it a lot of times people think young and I have in the past two I have prayed to the long list of prayer needs gaining Phil I will agent is what they got a lot maybe the best video extension I have read in a long list when he learned George Naylor yes you heard this morning on the segments and already George Mueller stop it as something in Lake George Mueller do you know about it online this man realizes his own biographies he writes his diaries George Mueller was a pastor and he will visit his church members house your time in the Lord and peoples at one time not to work fourteen hours a day to put food on the table for my family joints generally discouraged and me and my members dispense and he decided to quit the paid ministry and prayed for God to give them something to show that gone if you want cars God will take care of you to start training on what could be and God led them to pray for an orphanage building and so he started private I didn't tell anybody that restarts friendliness and pray for quite a while and not from either building and then he thinks I don't have a right to start right of our friends do you know that eventually coming down the street where people leaving orphans to his building a place in the building he got our offense and God led to people to help take care of the orphans to have when you have those things him will you only believe Valley medical Gary now you need and joined everyone Louisiana's worshipful work this is totally alien were not around when the clock is an excellent value others can't lengthen the time I was less than all these long means George's experience with Don Schweiger and he thought what you are and what not let him to do and it's something I've been doing for number of years and I is the first thing he determined to do in the morning was the first is happy with God not range and got a bunch of requests along with my content is liable and we were happy when I am maturing adolescent alloy here I am I want to be happy and you willingly enjoy in reason telling us and sometimes you read a long way but not always what you see is what you need to hear other people doing this to now is just to let God lead me through it on what learning that is we need to praise him we need to give him thanks even brings it to my feet and brings it to my disarming the Scripture I need to confess something heavy rain a passage of Scripture and you start getting to sustain the cost something gods telling you you did wrong or that you need to do different or that you need apologizes somebody here yet that you and I know I'll be on the faster on this is really good about the saga is finally trying to avoid that thought is a few people standing in the back handle if there's any empty chairs here some over there but I is embarrassing to what does we know after going into limbo and I thought it I know this is I don't want to hear it in his absently on Jonathan and yet I'm avoiding the fact he's speaking to me I had a friend tell me and I'll be right along in the car listening to praise music and God will start speaking to me this time I want to hear sound turned up all the louder psyche and is not I really working at saying when I starts coming okay line is begin to make healthy like it beginning the Kurds to hand it to what you're telling me that you watch as Sharon this morning is neither that were there on how God converted me and he starts in a timely remembrance day and I just him and I started praying make an interesting physicist board was dealt to me I is and is and at times I get those thoughts as I go to read God 's word this is boring this is all handled in mind that I liked it yesterday or oriented projects if somebody you need to do so much starting reading just a little bit is continuing in the new got so much in unit visiting change in just the first it is not now I don't will excite the lines also save lives he's desperately trying to stop you from reading God 's word in this book this book has been very light of Jesus coming to you when you read it his healing power his healing grace this working nuclear weapon no other book in new and innovative social don't only those lies out on the same will come and try to do everything we can to stop you from reading it you are having a conversation will will I to understand that the just one person no it turns that I'm in a crisis stressed mice busy packing heat on medium trying and I'd only will you and I can't even remember what I just and I will take just one verse and keep praying that over no rinsing would help me to get out of this when I need God I cannot concentrate help me to be able to concentrate on listening this time in your life whether I can concentrate or not my son said to me while the least among some trees he cited Finlayson he get a shot that is just a waste if Satan is talking is not a waste of time it'll do so much for your life and you I was having this experience and it was going really good time speaking to me through his word just things I needed to hear personal things in life that much in my family and its European neighbors and then one day it stopped and I started Nina Simone to talk to me why is intimate once he had that I highlighted when you speak to me through the Bible and it took me three days of asking over and over forgot answer and I don't hear voices as they thought and how to say to begin with and in the corners in your handout sent a section about now herein by hearing God 's voice just wasn't put together a Scriptures but where you want it says this is just impersonated himself and make you think it's got thinking to you so we must be very careful with those thoughts and to many the importance of that is is having a spiritual mentor in your life for me and my husband I did some idea what the law says this is wrong I'm getting to do I know there don't do it because I cannot go against his word number one economy out I'm leaving my husband would you know the Bible talks against that she said that God spoke to me and told me it's okay to leave him God doesn't do that he doesn't speak against his word actually doing any care folio in it I some something is kind of in that gray area you don't know for sure whether you are not hand me know the Bible doesn't talk about how my husband Jerry and he'll probably may not naturally in your life if you don't have present first forgotten to bring is one thing that will pray when you know someone will just start counseling you and telling you what it will just take the time and print reading about what it is and I think so finally the state voice things they thought in my mind tells me you don't care about what I show you anyone you don't care here I know that I share my plans my family are and to the one along there before K entertaining as I was reading Scripture got started showing me what my problem lies he said you don't care who don't write it down Israel's biggest problem was you go through the Old Testament home again in one of my models are circled in black circles read is that Israel for Israel forgot and I done Israel for what I said over and over Israel from an aunt was letting me know it was really important it did not care about what he shows me I need to write it down write down what he says to me write down how he might have a prayer request White Army answers do you do that summary I can encourage you not to do this I went through Jerry and I had to speak somewhere and just then there the month before and he's what we know now I said well let's share the answers to prayers that happened this last year and how our local weekly journal Jerry he also journals and in time to journal a lot but just briefly West and come back and write down the answers were healed out iPad or whatever the notes you not only in whatever notes can write down your here I requested when pictures of me there is all kinds of cool stuff here that but it seemed to be disciplined and not go to e-mail suddenly he saw any racist journal becomes back a while later agent can instantly as last year originally from Adam Ethan and I have to steer the hour when you have so much to share now but we transiently forget that someone goes to be in a pregnant I was involved in and her son it just got through a drug rehab and then ego Little River and paralyzed himself and we started praying and praying singing beginning from Lincoln in our own monograph at the Denver Colorado it is a special place for paralyzed people to help them and she's handling no money getting in there somewhere I believe she got provided chats offers to take in September and I told her in many other miracles I told him down by the things that is I forget this I think you know when they then wonder why I saw a couple years later I started saving when you have gotten immense and how God provided the seven justices normally don't remember I'm telling you we forget what do you want to go on a journey with God right down the field for a while for some time I don't like doing it because what if somebody opened and weeds it reads like an not finally let me know if you know it doesn't care I know you better than I do if I accept you don't worry that so I don't anymore I is writing write it down and write down the answers to the intended meaning I started doing this years ago as writing down a chance of running a repair request my son can't remain Journal making every handwriting is really bad but not all that I haven't read it last night when they come home in a statement and you know what I'm praying about them and there were such a change that was happening I don't understand why it makes a difference but there is something powerful about writing down those requests and then coming back and write it down if you happen he will start having blessings and surprises that you will about did you only managed on your hard incline is pointless blessings write those down to but also write down the things that's telling you to do if you're like me it all yeah okay got I'll do that then you forget about it and writing it down helps you to remember all the harmony to talk to someone so again on your data so that anything is when you're having your time and I even have whose love you young and how you have bills that you have all you need a pair went to compel you to know where or how he is also until I'm thinking he wants to spend time with the ottoman so distracted I believe we serve a God that is so personal so real so intimately wanting to be involved in our lives and cheers even out my electrical bill or whatever it is I need to do an insult I like to be less fair and I will say thank you God and how writing down and just keep it on that last order you ever taken stimulus to God the O'Connor told Indiana steps to Christ before him shall stand and you do not want to know where that list but I been overwhelmed especially on a Friday or Monday everything done before so the date is as a loan is my last one went down and I'm just amazed that they bought and kept coming you know you there's something else can do this and not working now influenced help you in your daily life educational wins the sunlight again it is unlikely is a wow moment every time that he discerns God speaking to you and our own in nineteen degrees and have a time a lot I don't really haven't had anything profound happen but I have a sense of this piece and manually fairness you keep doing it day after day he is a service-oriented hunger Ukraine four morning more that you begin to see God working in the to be just be still and for some people and George Miller talks about it he is not a lot in nature walk in the rain and do it together and I know that doesn't work for me but I I I like to be in a room with God that's the other thing is keeping everything together so you know when it's time to spend time with either not certain the whole house to find a Bible to find a marking pens when arranging a great emotional times even together and my son are Bowyer a year ago or so because of the seminary he started trust and more God and he literally I came out I was visiting and cannot be standing in at the Hall of Fame the sound deregulation it would stand out as worship and it will identity out George Miller when doctors had a cult like a water confounding that running water then again at our deep drinking cold water which of course making that happen a lot nice if you way right here whenever I is starting that time the document flawlessly he diligently and build down off you know I'm convinced he is constantly measure to make you fall asleep and then when you wake up he stared in China do feel terrible about what better place to falsely know that Jesus don't feel right same for your mommy guilt trips as an data you got to convince you of sin and an inch it's your part to confess it to ask for Dennis to clean up again but you go after that does not keep beating him down he does not do in that if you keep feeling beaten down Satan doing that to you and how you get over there I don't know what works for everybody but for me in memorizing Scripture are you are just keep going over versa Scripture and in one thousand GOP thoughts your height I never just working in my house and in feeling so guilty about my past and at home I haven't done that in the medicine does dynamic and I determine when they went to the steps of accepting Jesus into my life the probably the millionth time but this time I wrote it down the day in my Bible and from then on whenever I have a size and I can't save you you're too bad and any documents in the past whatever I was taking a bottle and point to that date and say yes I can be safe this is that I accepted Jesus Christ and I know this is like having him guilty rockstar I would just start praying for somebody to be converted if you want to flee start writing for somebody to be converted if I like that he will believe you everything in this timeframe is on the Native American worship one morning the house I only revealed too much but venting means I spend time with one Jerry to see me he went nobody I coming down the hallway I saw the Bible and that is the sound that now you know of straining to cover the something one is afraid he saw me reading my Bible and then you know when something is wrong he would get after me many of these issues but I and what I learned was an okay just confirming my mileage is needed I need to move all the more made him and I was having my worship one morning and the kids were little then I is wonderful time and I will pray that you never pray this husband will enable more like Jesus also was to be like Jesus and to represent Jesus to the world a lot of the world that Jesus is wonderful worship time and I cannot worship time coming down the hall Jamie was the juries come in this way Jerry sent something it really is me one thing I learned about people you live with literature here kids your in-laws your husband however since they are trying to even hear each other wrong he just made it can do this and I was very wrong and so I was upset and I went on into the kitchen to fix breakfast for the kids and what are the little guy time that we know many of you lack the necessary history on the floor leaned over the bar you know and see well within a few minutes the serials on the floor and I'm down there cleanup of mass intelligence you can emulate his call and only must we got in the car to go to school and I don't turn the car on anyone starting out and I sang their praying privately she noticed Caroline great I spend my manual and look what happened training is as a guide my hands and staffing firm when you pray for this morning and all I could to be like Jesus as a meditation and is that they thought I'm trying to help you I have known those things happen to you is how my day is that sometimes our second race of the enemy out that Garrett is with anything now I need your help now I need your help help me to have the courage the nail what you tell me that I know you glass how is it that God speaks to you through the word theories into many different ways but we didn't many different ways of things you can do an emotional time sometimes honest to stop me from writing reading and I tried for the last several years just to methodically read through my Bible you know when you're in those chapters the Old Testament that are not all the killings in the wars I have to make some of the Gospels is a just you know I knew something else I learned to read the Psalms but the in inbreeding is anti- I have come back sure but it didn't even then outline on what is entitled how I said that's the enemy him I was reading this one morning it was a Sunday morning as I have wanted emotional pain if you can anyway possible until sometime in the year that you can get away with God for a day and even better yet twice a year if you can but again is regularly still wants to hear or you can even do a whole day to day do something that's more than his usual devotional time we get away with new and extend that time and you might want to do some type of fasting I want to do too much as you might hunger pains of being too much it can enjoy not just eat light leaders from mainly horror Rob vegetables and some just to keep it light and interests then he got not so many times I'm done now and I haven't felt like I really know nothing nothing special really happened but it does after that there's something about doing that it just bills bills bills your Christian life with God but I was in Dorchester and within us that he had enhanced and I know he called me into study are some silent and there anything in this was early on were regarding was starting to drag me into speaking and speaking has not come easy for me I was terrible if he wants understanding time with God in the beginning as to Messieurs you need to share you to share what I'm doing your life you need to share no I'm a shy person I'm an introvert no finally after I wake us O God Bobby knew it as I said okay he wanted to share that Jerry Ted asked me and I knew that would happen within our field guide got the jury comes in again I want you to come help me share at such and such a place I go him I want you to do something he will work it out for you are you wondering what is your spiritual gift what is your ministry and life will spend time with God quality time and you can do it everyday and it is much as you can go and will lift you for the ministry wants you to do I watch that through the years people were spending quality time and on everyday items yes them people who never written a book in their life start writing blocks people are composed of livestock commodities to start doing children's ministries homeless ministries all ministries speak ministries that go well hot issue into the ministry he wants you doing you know is that you want to find your relationship with him he won't push you into it they know which wanted to he will end up giving you enjoy that you enjoy in doing so he wasn't actually my life where I just was struggling with appointments and estate planning and managers achieve it I know we have a lot of appointments lately but but such and such a place as calling really like us to come out now I think I'm done I been doing this is to break and not know now what I want down when my vital and have done dozens that they where was reading I started reading on it said you lazy wicked person him or endings went on chastising me but I finally chastises you eat always comes in and loves you he starts with inscriptions on down after that were there were just want me him how different it is not humane and then I finally went back to Jerry SoCal do it and that's what happened in the maintains that you want to hear about a nevermind so far as I is our light one can hear you had this long-standing disagreement and I was fed up when it was a Saturday night and I determined determined I know what I'm doing tomorrow morning my worship I asked God what he thinks and when he shows me from the word I know I'm right on this issue I think when he shows me to take care this is what the Lord says so I'm going to go to sleep to wake up in the morning as I can wait to ask God 's will that it can begin in July I live all night I started reading writing and reading the same Lord you know how certain I've had this disagreement would you please just show me how you feel about and I kept on reading and got started showing got started shortening Mountain Jerry was right but that I needed to support Jerry didn't like it I was really upset I like to say this was early on in my experience of it many might think I'm more mature now and I got salad and I was in and I decided okay I turned the Old Testament I was in the new one to get away from everywhere I turned with the same principle I would not get away from her I finally just shut my Bible and it took me a while to go to Jerry Lincoln allowed to tell God I was sorry that I have so many nights of your while to go to generate and challenging when God sent the jury was thrilled when I told behind he therefore earnestly seeking Los Angeles racial principles in his word of warning is no network concerned about that sometime later it was identified her tonight Saturday ninth in the past and been hard for us you know Jesus says watch and pray pray want that is so important it's something I'm just beginning to realize how much we need to watch you got continually been watching praying for God to help you to watch for the time Satan just comes in and attacks you in just a wagering just blows you sideways you cannot expect that and is so important that we want as well as pray for the Sinai Sinai 's head had been hard for seeking interwar working hard all week were ministering all weekend Saturday night late at night if you find that in that's a time where we discussed with each other and this one Saturday night week we got into this argument thing and injuring wants everything to be at peace when he goes to sleep the once solid now now I will settle it now does learning of his lingering honestly so he was patient kind with me that night let me go to sleep and I did determine next morning I got up it is not woke me out and I got to spend time with white internment I was not asked on what to read because I didn't think I wanted to hear from him this morning so I did not ask God if I just started having my worship time and and I turned and saw a nice starting point with a song this worshiping him having this wonderful experience I thought thanking and praising him totally avoiding the fact I have this disagreement with Jerry just to a new century but how much we do that in our religious life in our time and I got some money we just shoot out or treated or is this conflict between a Windows that is wonderful worship God while his wound is already an so if I'm trained in prison on thinking and Renaissance does not want to read Proverbs for today you know there's thirty one chapters in Proverbs timeline years before they should read one chapter of Proverbs and the Yankees is thirty one the home and that if I didn't I be a wise woman what I had been doing that sometimes her start doing us any wise so I will present a challenge was October eight okay on the league condensates are turning Proverbs eight and I started reading in Israel and was about wisdom untreated is not within an hour was enjoying it until I got to verse seven more sentences for my mouth will speak truth wickedness is an abomination and my to my left all words in my mouth are with righteousness nothing crooked or perverse is in writing I read that I just felt my heart tighten the standing sensation in my heart Titan and I knew it was the Holy Spirit speaking to me and I thought perverse wonder what that means I wasn't sure what it meant like Don reading after that and thinking off no medical positive jury and one down reading reading the diverse thirteen and it happens to me again this is the fear of the Lord is to hate evil pride and arrogance and the evil way and the perverse mouth I hate this time I decided to get out of dictionary what were your first because I thought I knew it man I went positive final examination relook at you in any sarcastic joking and that's what got me in trouble at night before so I said I will and can wipe my lungs always on you know God starts loving Jesus I love those who know me and those who seek me diligently will find me know so good when I received my love is scary and you see this man is not a Melissa student demolishes the historian Melissa 's right of Marion inherently create seismologists estimate accuracy Lindon now injuries Ms. and in fact as if you need to know some of his problems finding a lost go the day they were the only response I got was just that they are impression I don't care about how people treat what we need is for you to reflect Jesus 's mean anything I simple way you got how business got says hi well if we would just be open and willing he well helpless animals and hurting anything that really was sarcastic now the point is it's high myself and go into ask forgiveness but we cannot go wrong in doing in our relationships will never forget my mind I was late and only needed if this is all I had a sink come out of his bedroom not done in order to undermine you and your and I opened the door and let anyone sent me and he said he wants to use any spending time with God this is the way I get treated and it is really shook me up I was letting Satan use me to discourage my son and he is that with each of us have someone around the star to always personally as a single command is to try and discourage them we need to watch the play on that we don't let Satan do that with us I don't know if I can say is confusing and makes a et al. does anybody as I only the Bible one thing I found really helpful along with that is to be the conflict series I asked my son got here while Dyson said he would change so much I said what Ajax messages we basically what happens out what was gone how do you and he sizing no new mom I don't know I just use anytime within the Zach started saying he's is not really assigned reading the Bible I really he's got now I might have it all done with writing as I started by subject looking things often just topics and a meeting what she has to say on it he says just so blessed in my life giving you the courage to change found this on Tyson said to me when they said you know Monarch because I can read pages and pages of some religious writer and it'll take pages and pages of four hundred and five pieces but we don't want trying category lines is a powerful excellence will a social but will you do not want to put down the Bible for Alan he you must must make the time will speak to you through this God will heal you see this guy will empower your life do we do this through the years and is seen a lot of major miracles just one recently and here happened with help channel within ten days of prayer and it happened during what time frame boy what can we do him fairly home channel when did the year before we had people prerecord toxin testimonies and we really couldn't do that this year and this is the same font comes to me what to do site right now and I went and presented in January and what I found this is a good idea or not but they didn't hope generally talking about it and make it and do you know that doing that they got the most audience people watching they never have during that time and the most hits on Facebook but God will bless you God who you issuance each year during those times but writing in one thousand and for me I had to take and use the psalms a lot because you live every emotion as in Psalms my sometimes and he is used however I'm never forget was a young teenager in releasing this morning I think it is an mom you've changed since feeling a lot like you do Torontonian on Windsor Bible South he comes back to me after a while I week I guess I says to me Monica morning and all I want to get an a Christmas for some of you know you want kids get so I started framing repair that make your word exciting to him only please make you what exactly do it two weeks went by and I was in the kitchen fixing dinner and my son comes walking anything wrong you know where you just told me the exact same words we've been praying for him using over and over again the specific words and praying for someone in their life it will come out in the session will any dart in a B Proverbs that he liked emphasizes love the books of the book of Proverbs as I just learned so much anything in fact mom you could learn a few things to start I mean I even better the thing is though is rather harmless seller 's name was never trying to memorize that he is right so my whole book memorized just from reading it so much and in it he is a wise wise young man because of it I call him up for counsel stop and then the work God led them into nasty he's really needed that they are saying as many songs as Internet 's many Proverbs is something that might not lead you as to what you need in the songs remain to take him into prison and I view every emotion is in the songs from depression to jealousy anger who joined the peace the celebration and an enzymatic Amazons and I pray the songs I is feels me what's going on in Islam intersperses like Jell-O I think you're how things went downhill the writers of the songs are just totally open and honest with God God wants and not the Psalm sixty in sixty two eight exist pour out your hearts to God God is a refuge in shelters big enough to handle anything you have to say to him if you don't pour out your heart to him you will happen emotional wall will come up between you and God a single one I know is when I think and write I don't know why I does know what happens I decided I wanted a child I don't like salvation in this communal water or e-mail exchange about a man and you might start news diner which is what every know we need to be open and honest with God and tell him whatever it is you read in the Psalms that's what they did in one place it said you know their babies against the rock it is the one wineries him well I got mom honesty from anonymous on a continually goes back and that I will learn what you did I'm not having I will praise you I remember the things you did in it is so important to dramatically praise God eight zero zero ha ha problem is really bad for you do I cannot promise out badger doubting if God exists are you thinking is he asleep does not care about me anymore in any matter e-mail your sleeping summoning all of you need to I found the answer years ago in Psalm seventy seven what to do when life is so bad and you are so you know is not the flavor is not working or you start wondering is even alive and we need to quit Tony is assured as quickly when you song seventy seven it starts out with you know and try out the I'm a way to travel extensively and can jingle got every answer is the answer what to do and please remember this Christmas will be life-changing for you unleashing power knobs in your life is the answer in verse ten eleven of what to do when you're feeling so bad about not answering it says and I said this is my angle shower remembered years of the right hand of the most high I will remember the works of the Lord surely our remember your oneness of all units saying remember what God has done in the past the journaling is so important to briefly write down this prayer requests and answers and then when you really discouraged anything where God might have any answer thing about that journal to go back to incite more and I want to thank you presage a friend worked in January two thousand and thirty morning animal unit in July two thousand I will bring Aaron and I want a president for having worked that unleashes the power ministry of healing were told that Don want to be reminded in the online is to be reminded of the things he's done in the past in our lives as arguments we need to greater things in the future and one of the best ways to do that is what I say many in our memory and you can just remember to praise God thank you for the things done in the past affirming that journal helps all my weight and you're really desperate you wonder you don't think miracle yesterday and today is a huge problem and having a journal to praise him with the thinking went it unleashes his face in your life it unleashes his power in your life and what a quick talk designer has a new avoiding only so much they can be covered so much to be said that you are gone for so is everyone in this room and you are the God who will teach each one in this room how to go to a much higher level experience with you and some are already experiencing that others really need that right now boy we just pray pray for you to move mightily on their behalf that is when the Holy Spirit make your word life in NY children how to make that time pressures and you and I think you father unless he is a and a a this media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe is more certain than the www. audio person .org


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