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Living By the Spirit

Ron Clouzet


Ron Clouzet Secretary of the North American Division (NAD) Ministerial Association and Director of NAD Evangelism Institute



  • August 17, 2013
    3:30 PM
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maybe when the story a civil war the Civil War and Saddam for many many years since the Don has been a civil war in his incarnate you know years ago Lisa cc in and images about children with their hands hacked off and legs sometimes her feet right that was that was a Muslim dominated northern and central country attacking the animist and Christian population in the seventh son of the southern part of Suzanne this nation finally became an independent nation South Sudan became an independent nation just two years ago and now they're living with a relative peace but many many people as you can imagine during the Civil War many people had to flee the country to survive and they would go to refugee camps in one of the most famous was Darfur that we've heard about others were over the border in Uganda and also people would build the best they could they would travel at night and they would sleep during the day because if they got caught me they would be killed or maimed or something once such a man left this down and took a number of days to go to a refugee camp in finally got to Uganda when he got to Uganda he walked a hundred and fifty miles to get there after a few months of me this is a a refugee camp with thousands of people he got acquainted with an Adventist minister in the evidence minister started sharing the Bible with him he was fascinated by Lizzie was anatomist was anonymous anonymous is somebody who believes in me in the spirit 's honey mousse Latin for spirit so they that he was a man now he became increasingly became a seven-day Adventist Christian film and baptize them in so and right there in the refugee camp and guess what he was so excited about this new faith and about getting to know the real God and the real true God that he decided to walk a hundred and fifty miles home she shared his faith with people that were still back home now think about this okay he traveled at night and in and in in slandering the day because this was dangerously elastic country so that he could survive and not easily write back into the mists of danger right right in the midst of danger good chances that he would be shot or killed so he shares his faith over a number of weeks with a number of friends and relatives after a few months several of them are ready to become seven that is also so you know what events in twelve hundred and fifty miles back to the refugee camp to get a preacher to baptize in the only preacher he knows of course is the retired minister in the refugee camp in Uganda when he approaches them about it the old man says all my brother I could never survive the trip I could not know that I I will never make it there no problem so he walked a hundred and fifty miles back and read time there is all these things you're okay you want to hundred and fifty miles back any means of a lot of these able expect in people 's is okay now we can be baptize any comes along and he says in Jesus God knows I found somebody who will baptize you all we need to do is go to him sure enough then they all seven or eight of them now walked down a hundred and fifty miles back to you are and they are baptized the seven-day avenues in their new phase so what do you think this could happen with these guys again to be in this safe in the relative safety of a refugee camp now the whole way because they are in love with Jesus and they are to have burns with others as and for others and so they walked back hundred fifty miles again that's a total of twelve hundred miles no seven hundred and fifty miles walking under extreme danger so they can share is their faith with others but this time it takes them weeks to get why because they stop in every village they can to share the good news of Jesus Christ how well you know who do that kind will be only reason is Jesus was real in his life he was so real in his life that no circumstance no danger nothing became any adamant to the objective of sharing what God had done in their benign of Jesus betrayal we read in the book of John that she had this great need for the love and support of his friends we talked about in the last session instead he gave the disciples that he is love and support via the Holy Spirit who made a promise to them about the Holy Spirit I will ask the father he will give you another helper that he may be with you forever when the helper comes whom I will send to you from the father he will bear witness of me so the Holy Spirit really reveals Jesus many many charismatics really focus on the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit himself teaches something different and the Holy Spirit who is the author of Scripture changes that they whack of the Holy Spirit is not regarding himself the work of the Holy Spirit to show you what Jesus so if you want to be a true charismatic you can be in love with Jesus that's really what happened and so in John fourteen twenty six receipt we read he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I sent to you in chapter sixteen we read when he despaired of truth comes he will guide you into all truth for he will not speak in his own initiative but whatever he hears he will speak he shall glorify me for he shall take of mine and shall disclose it to you so what will the Holy Spirit do three things the Holy Spirit Will bear witness of Jesus the Holy Spirit will teach what Jesus taught and the Holy Spirit will glorify Jesus you see that Jesus sent tartness everything the Holy Spirit gods has to do with Jesus enhancing Jesus highlighting Jesus explaining Jesus reminding you what Jesus said it's all about Jesus the Holy Spirit is the biggest promoter of Jesus in the universe if you really want to know Jesus you need the work of the Holy Spirit to see Jesus as he really is I will ask the father he will give you the Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it does not behold him or know him but you know him because he abides with you and will be where in you that's John fifteen sixteen to twenty I will not leave you as orphans I will come to you the world will behold me no more but you will behold me because I let it you shall live also in that vein that they had Pentecost when the Holy Spirit comes in that day you shall know that I am in my father and you in me and I in some cases trying to explain is that they should not be sad for him blaming Milosevic as he was leaving his is actually outside the ice I'll send the Holy Spirit to you I will be closer to you than when done right now when I'm with you not state that the preposition here you see in and of the brain is a he he advised with you and will be in here right he advised with them but now he will be in them and what is the difference between that preposition with in the preposition in the whole world of difference in every mother knows the difference between having a child in size and have a child with her right and every mother knows that when she becomes frightened that she actually does have a different life in her any changes her forever Jesus is trying to say the same thing he says look the Holy Spirit will I will be in you I have been with you for three half years I am going to be getting you from now on it is to your advantage is when he says it is to read that I go away because my relationship with you will be all day closer all the more intimate than it was before this means that when I receive this when I get is Jesus Christ in in in in in all there is a people says you know people have all of these notions about when you're supposed to receive the spirit and how that's supposed to happen etc. etc. the truth is a lot simpler than we make it we receive the spirit every time we surrender to Jesus Christ that's when we receive the spirit we receive the spirit every time we yield to him that's when we receive the spirit we received a spamming the reception of the Spirit is what makes you want to yield to him so it is really Jesus in us but that's what we need to take more consciousness about is Jesus in me is not just hanging around with Jesus in the neighborhood is Jesus in me and as the Bible says the hope of glory Christ in you the hope of glory listen to this statement from Prophets and Kings two thirty three transformation of character is a testimony to the world of what an indwelling Christ what's an indwelling Christ Christ dwelling in you Christ lives in you the spirit of God produces a new life and the soul bringing the thoughts and desires and obedience to the will of Christ and the inward man is renewed in the image of God so is Christ in you now I know this sounds may sound a little mystical but that's really the wording used in bulk by Jesus and the New Testament as well and is in the spirit of prophecy this is a very very intimate relationship Christ in you in general the evidence of the Spirit is not my powerful miracle and supernatural manifestations and as we said in the first session is by their fruit of the spirit of love joy peace patience etc. that's the real manifestation that Christ actually lives in you the evidence is the fruit Jesus this very reveals Jesus and his spirit of self has funds I have a friend I had a friend here in California in fact when I used to pastor Northern California he was an extraordinary young man because he was only about five years older than I am so reason extraordinary old man now in doubt when he came to the Lord Jesus he came to the Lord Jesus completely he never looked back use chemical engineer and he he fixed his eyes on Christ and never let them go he is to give you started giving most of his money away one day I found out he never told this to anybody that he gives about ninety percent of his income to people and and he praised season grade for people there been even resurrections as a result of it one baby a remarkable life really but it's very much off the radar screen for most people because he doesn't want it he doesn't want he doesn't want to talk about himself for what he is doing is reluctant about my sharing and but most other places I share that he is not even close to where that is well one time you started he started child you really humiliated Jesus seriously and so you start reading the spirit of prophecy and he discovered the book on diet councils on Tyson Foods and that's a very heavy book because it has a lot of one-liners without any context and so you can make a lot of statements about that at our very top but he was a chemical engineer so he was well training started thinking through some of these things and he started he decided to go into a much more simplified diets which is basically fruit and grains twice a day in with that you that's all you know how much money he spent a month what his food bill was in a month twenty seven dollars at no twenty seven cents a day ten dollars a month twenty seven cents a day ten dollars a month why because most of the fruit he didn't have to pay for it because either he had in his garden when the neighbors Orlando was free and then he bought big rain balk you know fifty pounds Starfield barley and we send Cornyn whatever it is in that's all he spent money on regarding school but he was strong as an ox one time we we worked it in the church it we had a a it works me remember you know it is a mini remember work means you know we got we need to dig ditches to to get our sprinkler system going salsa and bunch of us man started digging in on us hard work well we would did we would work twenty minutes and rest fifteen minutes you know and save it as a rest fifteen minutes but not Mike Mike was just doing it whistling as he went for our members at arrest not once and then he skipped lunch we discourse he wouldn't eat it all day other food that we had but but he was happy that we did he worked for about eight hours solid he did half of the job all by himself he would do exercise and stuff one day he he was biking these broke his plan when he fell and broke his clavicle is clavicle started showing up having it just came out but he went home instead of going to the emergency room he went home because he was now we the habit of praying to God about anything and everything and so he knelt down in his room with great great pain this is God I know you can take this pain away if you want to but if you want me to learn something about pain and help me understand what you've gone through regarding pain unwilling for this bank to stay on so it's up to you whatever you want to do with my life I finished praying praying in the pain when away instantly know you still have a bone sticking out there he went about his business with a bone sticking out okay I mean that sounds pretty strange and then he realized well I better send this bone you know I need to set this month so he walks into a a a walk-in clinic happy smile moments that got me a big smile and so the doctor says the first thing it was nice is what are you on the United States some powerful driving because you are a happy guy in duty iPhone sticking out what's wrong with you is as is typical of my cases are among Jesus and that's really in he meant to keep the EU is it to put it off he was J says that's what it was he was just trusting in Jesus is always set of all places make sure you get a lot of calcium you know milk and cheese and all that stuff and course he had long ago sworn that out a niece figured what's what has a lot of calcium he figured a Kiwi has a lot of calcium and Sony stopped up on Kiwis Doctor says come and see me after four weeks it'll take six weeks dull moment don't do anything strenuous you know when I shoulder needs to be stationary well he goes home after two days he doesn't feel very good that he's not moaning he doesn't do the exercise that he usually dies and so here goes so I went that you know broken shoulder classical in I asked him Mike once a story and media in this broken bone you go swimming crawling not just know it's not much is floating doing this without ye acid I I I could feel something moving there is blacked out but it was fine it was fun sure enough after three weeks the doctor 's incumbency mean for weeks and then check it out after it it takes six weeks after three weeks he feels that this is completely healed zoning laws back in the doctor can't believe his eyes he says I've never seen a bone heal so fast when you do business I a lot of kiwi and so a guy probably a lot he rolls his eyes and say what whatever but that was Mike Mike a completely dedicated person to whatever he saw whatever was truth he embraced it with all his heart but it wasn't just about his diet GE and elegant case please please spam and I see his body became so well calibrated to do everything that he didn't need catch this he didn't need air-conditioning in California in the summer nor did he need to see in the winter he had glasses for years he threw them away his eyesight got better now where have you heard that that your eyesight actually get so better so much better that you throw this away well it wasn't just that he had a great love for people and great love for people I remember I was mastering the church and I was counseling a couple ladies who haven't really really bad marriage one of them was really really really bad and I wish I never heard some of the stuff that she told me about her has so they were divorcing and so you know what happened the first person that get escape down the house he invites to his home he has a four bedroom home the second person he might stoop his home the third person he invites to his home now he's run out of bedrooms is one of that is his fourth person gets kicked out of house he invites them to his home and he checks out of his own house and rents an apartment any keeps covering for these guys in his purpose he told me a year later because we left in the meantime to we left the conference went somewhere else he told me a year later she's intent was only one to pray these guys back to their lives Amy say well that's a tall order when the vehicle order in your dealing with people 's damage the relationships you're dealing with the will of individuals you know they want something to happen that people still have the last word as to whether that certain things will happen right of sorts a year later I came back to that church and every one of those four marriages were healed then rate one of them and I remember one or two cases that was so bad and I said that lady told me after I got a brand-new husband much better than when we were dating interesting totally different person I don't know what happened again and am thinking I know what happened Mike's and praying for you have in his house he's been praying for him and you know what I share this story two years ago in Alaska at an Alaska camp meeting in one of those husbands was present he raised his hands and he said I am one of the format that Mike took to his house and when the pastor saying is absolutely true that's somebody who is living by the Spirit 's that doesn't mean that all of us are going to go through this my point is it takes some sacrifice it takes a real commitment it takes a real following of the Lord Jesus that is the evidence that Jesus is actually living in you because we think about Jesus sacrifices you know Jesus gave it and he he he was extremely sacrificial I mean the most sacrificial person in the universe to become a human being how well involves unheard-of sacrifices will take eternity for us to understand in every one of his followers will experience something similar Christ in you the hope of glory that's why John the apostle Paul says now I rejoice in my sufferings think about it why would he rejoice in his sufferings wanted to sustain the eighth beatitude says he says blessed are you when they revile you and they do they sent all kinds of things against you for my namesake why because it shows that God can trust you not much are now that he can allow people to eighty four rest your life in debt with the result will be giving glory to him now I rejoice in my sufferings he says that and in jail in aid to the Corinthians is is where connected in every way not Christ always caring about the body of the dying of Jesus the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our body in other words Jesus working in the issue sorry no blessed are you when they revile you and persecute you and sale kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you in other words this is an advantage this is the evidence that got really only God could be a king you for years and also that and God will need to be at work in a very serious way for you to go through this so this is what he says in Colossians one the mystery hidden from the past ages and generations but has now been manifested to say what is that mystery Christ in you the hope of glory so while Paul says is that this idea that God can really live in our hearts is not just a theory anymore this is actually real and true and intangible and consecrate it it makes a humongous difference everybody will pick up on that is that he's what's happening in your life Christ a new of Christ in you the hope of glory so imagine yourself Christ in you might imagine that Christ in you the hope of glory now this is all over the New Testament Galatians two twenty I have been crucified with Christ and it is no longer I live so if it's no longer I who live lives Christ lives in me you see the Christ lives in me and the life which I now live in the flash I live by faith in the son of God who left to me and delivered himself for me but that's what it says in Colossians three set your mind on the things about for you have died your life is hidden with Christ in God when Christ who is our life is revealed and you also will be revealed with him in glory so either I got was when he shows up there's got to be a match there is going to be a Mac fan coming in person and you have been become like him that's got to be the match is going to be revealed when he shows up in glory in second Corinthians we read it persecuted not forsaking cast down not be destroyed always bearing about the book in the body the dying of Jesus of the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body in our mortal flesh so the life of Christ in me or Romans two eight two the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law sin and death spirit of life in Christ Jesus forgive me to live is Christ Philippians one twenty one and to die is gain you see it's only the New Testament Christ in me Christ in me Christ in me in a very tangible real way we usually say that as a metaphor we say that has a SSN try to make it salable awesome that's not how the New Testament presents Windows Vista represents us as something tangible and real and concrete Christ in the hope of glory Christ in me having to knock me out I'm sure you're there been moments in your life when the Lord Jesus is still alive in you that you are able to seek to think of people that normally wouldn't care for what you want to Yuma want to you willing to make sacrifices that normally you know know me not me no way José you find yourself wanting to do this is and you say you know what I can only do I can only explain this because Jesus must be really working for me because normally I wouldn't care us Christ you mess Christ in you the hope of glory nice they objected that is what the Holy Spirit dots I am the way the truth I am the life I am the door if anyone enters through me he shows to be safe I came that you may have life wildlife we already have live no we don't we have existence and not real life real life is this abundant life is this life then this this this this thing that cannot be quite explained these things that other people say tell me about it I do something about you there's something about how you handle nonsense are you never depressed you never you never sad you always seem to have all the energy you need you always think of other people one is about you is Christ in me the hope of glory not only does the Bible tell us Christ can begin us through the spirit but also tells us we can be in Christ and that's another whole story but missed this referred to that in Ephesians one you find a whole bunch of references the faithful are in Christ blessed are in Christ verse three the chosen are in hand verse four we are accepted in the beloved verse six in the hymn verse seven we have redemption the mystery of God 's will is known in the hymn verse nine in him we have an inheritance 's ten you know in Christ so I want you to visualize this Christ in me I in Christ you know what that means Christ out around being sandwiched by Jesus Christ and being sandwiched by Jesus Christ so the Bible teaches these two columns I am in Christ and he is in me and how good you are sending your your your goaltending by Jesus Christ to me that me show you the me tell you a story that illustrates this well Frank Phillips is to be pastor in the West year many years ago you wrote a book is wrote reminds one of the best little books I have read on how to relate to it's a very deep and is a time when there were no computers so he really knew his spirit of prophecy very well by chicks actually reading it it tells the story of a woman who came to a large camp meeting I don't know which one it is that AA had to be very large one like Sickels for instance it would be thousands thousands of people hundreds of pastors and some pastors and assigned to counseling and prayer and so he was assigned that the gentleman came this is some really distraught I'm about to have a divorce it would you pray for me so he asked her to tell me about it and so always as well my husband doesn't love me and he doesn't care about the kids he doesn't care about the family doesn't care about himself he drinks all the time you can't hold a job he is unreliable we've gone counseling nothing helps he's a kite he is a child and he's more of a burden to have around then not you have tried everything and so he says if you knew if you know of something that would really heal your marriage would you be willing to do it and she thought from moments as well I thought I was doing that already I would just think about if you know something that would heal your marriage would you be willing to do this I think I would you know I I thought I tried everything but if I knew something would really heal the marriage yeah I think I would be willing to do so he gave her a statement from the book amount of blessings possible amount of blessings page seventy one and he asked her to read it take it home read it take it to her tent I think it less readable and come back the next day and see if she decided to do that what is it that he gave her he gave her this statement are also not a blessing seventy one now listen carefully this statement because people always misread the state the father 's presence in circle to Christ and nothing befell him but that which is infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world right visualize that their father encircling Christ right nothing happens to Jesus and less crime at the father allows here was his source of comfort and it is for us he was imbued with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ the blow that is aimed at hand falls upon the Savior who surrounds and with his presence now who would send the blows aimed at you all right the devil is the one that causes all the bad stuff right would you agree he is the originator of all that right so that no let that that is aimed at you actually falls on the on Jesus in this chance what's the biggest increase in fees around the new right if you send waiting you remember all right so he can enhance hand fire goes around you with his praise so far so good what ever comes to an whatever comes to me that is comes from Christ all know this is where most people misread the devil may may want to ask you but you're surrounded by Jay says and sought he heard Jesus instead if something lands on you it no longer comes from the devil you follow it no longer comes from the devil whatever comes to him comes from why now he has no need to resist evil for Christ is his defense nothing can touch them except landlords permission and all things that are permitted work together for good to them that love God Romans eight twenty eight so what this text was saying to this young woman was my no good husband is something God has given for permission to affect me in this negative way in other words the devil may have started that my husband may be serving the devil but if I'm surrounded by Christ on this off is coming from Christ and not from the devil while I think some thinking okay two two two applying this so she went home and she said I'll do this who want a last Jesus to surround me with his presence I'll ask Jesus I'll surrendered to him I'll yield to him I'll ask him to come into my life so whatever happens to me no longer happens because of my no good husband and no longer happens because of the devil it happens because Jesus wants it to happen a year later she came back to camp meeting and the pastor saw her in on the campgrounds and remembered her and called her sister sister tell me remember you have a problem with your husband in marriage what happened to you guys still together what happened this past you have a few minutes so they sat down and talked and she said the first three months I had to commit myself to the Lord Jesus every single day some days it would take me a long time to surrender all to him to let him have my entire life so that he can surround me with his present is that my husband got worse not better he got meaner he got cruel he evidently he didn't beat her op or the children so is not a dangerous situation but he got worse emotionally psychologically in terms of providing your nothing it was desperate moments and then three months into this overnight it changed overnight he changed he got a job he quit drinking overnight he paid attention to the kids started playing with them he began to help me with the chores at home she took me out every night he knew he would go on walks over we would go and get it an ice cream or we would go on a ride every night she said I got a much better husband than I've ever bargained for ever in my life he really loved me and he allowed the children it was in night and day difference between what it was before and what it is now one of those nights we were named on the Rhine now I'm in think about it very good very good committed Christian husbands don't even build as much for their wine in upset you anyone who would have to be treated that way she would be a happy wife one night they were out and they left the children they had a pig a girl and they had it in baby boy about eleven months who was in the crib in the husband 's mother was taking care question fell asleep in the college I'll while the kids were supposed to been sleeping unfortunately the little boy got operational woke up and he was a very willful child and even managed to get out of the cream and crawled all this way to the restroom to the bathroom where he saw all of grandmother 's medications open she had not closed to single one in this boy down every one of those bills from all of those medications they grandmother was able to see that and that she had at and eight and viewed to the bathroom and noticed that in team containers in the boy on the floor barely breathing and she was so overcome in shock I want because she put two and two together that she couldn't move she couldn't get up from her chair she couldn't cook screen either she couldn't ask for help she was literally paralyzed it was such an overwhelming thing on her mind that she couldn't that nothing she could do anything miss later the parents come home and apparently insane then they grandmother like this they see the child automates Grammy Satan they see him on the floor and all of this medication gone they've been grabbed the boy in the ground of medications in the rush to the hospital after an hour the baby die 's talk about misery nothing could think about it it is if your grandmother think about this mean is bad enough if your grandchild dies and invest terrible enough but if that grandchild dies because of your neglect can you imagine trying to process that will that was a big blow that was a huge that was adjusted child behind that was a child line in the worst possible way and so they husband couldn't handle it to golf the in-laws couldn't handle that need to call and she was left all by herself in a rebutting church kept commiserating with her about what the devil was doing after after your husband had been you know all the change in his heart and how God has worked in his heart and look at what the devil is doing now and sure enough he started looking at what the devil right in such unit goals of this commitment that she had to accept everything as if coming from Jesus and for three weeks he became deep into depression and everybody else was fanning the flames by saying that the weather that was done in a winter is when your husband was really becoming the man that God wanted him to be in this one morning she sees a lady from the church art right on her driveway and she goes to open the door and I she goes to open the door the spirit of God says to her in clear distinct tones didn't you promise me to accept everything as if coming from my head and she said yes I do she opened the door and she says please some say anything she said to the lady please don't say anything because she knew that if she said anything it would center white back to depression right back to thinking about her misery is Jesus don't say I made a promise to Jesus six months ago that I would accept everything as if coming from his hands in I have not accepted this as if coming from his hands and I need all the strength in the support by anyone and everyone to help me back to so please feel down right here with me and help me pray that I would say even this tragedy as coming from Jesus and that brought the reversal in her own in her own life a few days later the faster social what happened your husband and what happened here just taken back when they came back I was back holding onto Jesus again and they said my husband said to me honey I don't know how you do it all I know is that God clearly lives in you and that he is with you and I like to know how that happens and I like to experience that myself can you please teach me can you please show me how to relate to Jesus the way that you lost came and said the same thing but gave her a piece of evidence that she never knew before he says when we were young parents we had your husband we hit it off he was a little boy now you he was a little boy and we became Seventh-day Adventists we accepted the faith we became seven management only a year or two later we left the church we never came back we never developed our spiritual dimension we never took the boy sure we never taught them anything and that's one of the reasons why he has been the way he is but now we see that you are a totally different person you are totally different than most Christians we've ever know because you you really trust God you're really count on him you really are happening you really are liked in his hands and we don't know how that's done how do you know that please teach us how to relate to God the same week late and so she said I don't know why myself and is still painful but I know three things he said to pastor I know that one day when Jesus comes I will see him again in the day of the resurrection I now know that my husband will see him again in he will go to heaven with me in my in-laws will do the same because they followed up and they were they became baptized in the following anal strong followers of Jesus Jesus in me Christ in me the whole of glory that's how it works in real life that's real life you see everything else is the same as no Christianity if we do go certain things that's the same as traditional religions or Eastern religions or anything else in other words this doing what you think you need to go to appease a been masterful bigger but Christianity is all about actually trusting him and him letting him take over your life in surrendering all day and that is extremely scary because every one of us wants to hold onto at least one will you self-control but when you have Christ a new hope of glory it is exactly that Christ in you the hope of Google and you're able to deal with a income to things that would be even possible for us to go through a normal guy he's living by this guy is living by the Spirit father in heaven we thank you for the teaching of the New Testament we thank you for the examples of faithful followers were surrendered all to you have asked all from you in their life we pray that you may shape us into your image more and more that we may be able to say unequivocally Christ in me these are cases of this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio person or


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