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Breaking the Power of the Past

Chester Clark III


In the second in our series on Emotional Health we explore the influence our family and other major events have had in our lives – and how we can let Jesus bring healing and learning in even these most elemental parts of our being.


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Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • March 23, 2013
    11:00 AM
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a downloadable we found the ever done that kids boys and girls and on your parents and said look what we found out here yes I've done that before but when when the ten sons of Jacob came to him with what they had found Jacob knew immediately what he was talking what they were talking about your member the story Jacob had two sons that were his favorite son there was Joseph the older and the sons of his favorite wife and as they got older there was predictably in such a family sibling rivalries and disagreements and jealousy send competition and as as one day Jacob gave his son Joseph Ace Escobar was a call coat of many colors this writer multicolored garment which must've been sort of like a very very unusual gift for a young boy and a half and hair Joseph would be running around the family compound with his special coat standing out from all the rest that didn't help jealousies and then Jacob said to his sons off to a far country can raise their crops and eventually Joseph was sent off to two to check on their well-being and to send them some provisions what happened ten brother said here comes that dreamer this is our chance to get rid of him so they threw them into that first and eventually sold him to a bunch of traitors that were on their way to Egypt and Joseph the favorite song well enter your maintain a young slave in a foreign country well they have to have some closure to this I don't know why we don't burn on even they knew the truth is that if allowing their father to think that Joseph was just missing any bill into his own investigation they brought back this code object and eighty thousand live in a show together father and stepfather literally found in immediately when Jacob saw that coat of many colors mangled and torn and bloody immediately he knew the awful truth it wasn't the option button immediately he thought he knew Joseph was dead Jacob had been deceived by his ten sons and yet we find that Jacob was only receiving what he himself had given Jacob himself had been a great to see you remember the story and I will look at that in just a minute first divide likely to turn in your Bible things read on the screen actually it as instructed twenty verses five and six this is in the ten Commandments and it describes a part of the character of God he doesn't want to have well you can't have others involved in our hearts if he's going to be on the throne of our hearts we can serve two masters and he says I'm a jealous God visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those that hate me but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments here we find Jesus or description of God that is not simply a vindictive God is not that God is going to punish somebody or something their parents or grandparents or great-great-grandparents it is all about trying to say here in fact and we can read elsewhere in the Bible between the book of these the only time we talk about how a person is punished for his own sin not a lineal descendent visible that God has and has put in place we were talking about the reason were talking about the punishment of eternal death the eventual punishment of the wicked is only for our own choices but you realize their consequences are decisions that are far-reaching even extending down into our family tree if we were just a figure that are decisions will extend to three or four generations that means the decisions that I make it a bit most of you make today will continue to have repercussions down through about year two thousand three hundred or so we're going to continue to have generations following us not because they are owned by our decisions but because they are influenced by our decisions and what we see what we see if we are to do some research and to look into the family line Jacob I noticed an evil small for some of you sitting far back but at the time we had the hate are excuse me sorry the town here we have Hagar and Sarah and Abraham and Ishmael is cut off from from the from the family is not the favored son but remember Saul started out of Abraham lying remember that Abraham lied twice about Sarah being his sister actually is true but it wasn't completely true and then he was being deceptive then we have I think it was the favorite son Isaac and Rebecca were married I also lies in fact In re Mrs. twenty seven that many lies back and forth between Isaac and Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca was in fact lied lied to her her father Laban remember they had those images the Silverlight house cold there was the same practice in the household of advising and out I also have a favored son and a cutoff son Jacob being the favored Esau Nina cut off and Jacob himself was a liar so you remember what happened when he wanted to get the birthright love you thought it was honestly his because he is rated it with the software unless the parties but the one about that birthright and he knew his father was about to give you these on so he went to remember what he did he covered his arms with animal skins because his brother was very hairy on the hairy but anyway and he covered his neck with Hamilton 's and then he went and I suppose he he put on his best impersonation of Esau 's voice and he tricked his father into giving him the eldest son 's birthright Jacob was a deceiver is it any wonder that that Jacob himself now is holding a coach which symbolizes deception code which is a lie a lie because the ten sons of Jacob all new that they had not killed by the Jacob Joseph was not dead that he not been killed by one wild animal the days into slavery in Egypt perhaps one of the most remarkable part of this story and it goes along little bit with our children store day perhaps the most remarkable part of the thirty years faster more how many years it was in those ten sons this is pretty remarkable I think it was Benjamin Franklin once said that three people can keep a secret as long as two of them are dead and imagine that ten ten times as their brothers destiny they knew what happened to him and years went by and they never let the secret spill it's pretty remarkable to pray remarkable testimony as to how deeply ingrained in the practice of deception had become the family of Jacob I think this is what Jesus was talking about what God is talking about when he says these sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation it is not so much that God holds us accountable and we will be punished in the end for our grandparents and as much as it is that we learn we learn from those gone before us we learned from our family members using three things that are better trained in all the generations here you find deception we talked about you find that there is a favorite child in each generation and you find their sibling rivalry these are all things they learn from the previous generation if we were to look a little further at another genealogy if we are to look at the genealogy of David and once again warehouse wear and remembering how he was born the son of Jesse Anna David at one time was known as an act of God 's own heart remember that but they may have some problems David eventually become one who committed adultery and murder and it seems as though he had a weakness for sexual sent we find here that David had a number of the children well first of all he had a number of wine right the countdown of the act Abigail and I know I am well and we've all been here but no one who had been the wife of Uriah Hooley Jill was nasty enough and these two wives and children one of them remember what happened and on our mountain range his younger sister who was this was the daughter of one of the David's otherwise Absalom system tomorrow our room became angry when that remember and Absalom murdered his own brother Amnon and here we find a we find exact same sins as someone is guilty of war first this is a notice that finally we have the Solomon being born of that scene and saw himself had problems similar to David's yes seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines e- addictions we might say and where to begin those are not trying to say that we didn't have decisions to make but we understand that there's a pattern here in the family of David and David are asked Solomon to have his own sons Jeroboam Rehoboam and Rita Baldwin also have a hard evil against God he would have e.g. wires and sixty concubines and was perhaps the weaknesses of the parents that led to the weaknesses of the children that led to the division of Israel between the northern and southern kingdom the kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah and Jerusalem saying here there's a there's of familial trait is passed on as these as these families go on and has boys and girls young men and young women learn they trace of their parents know sometime ago we had a message called two thirds of last number that where we talk about emotional health and that the fact is to walk when we as Christians we fail to allow the access to the parts of our hearts that we have such great segregated out as simply being who we are not would we we don't think this is part of our spiritual well-being we know God has domain over our spiritual portion of our lives but we would try to segregate our life and compartmentalize her life and allow God to give us our allow God her mission to help us with our spiritual well-being but not so much often with our emotional well-being or with our physical well-being we actually do I live in vague on this one tell me you can have this part of me was a dangerous thing I'm not suggesting here that Christians do that intentionally I think it's unconsciously right not suggesting that we actually say God will have but I hear I hear it I hear it in the form of excuses I hear the pharmacies is like well that's just the way I intend that's the way I've always been lifestyle of communications or relationships that's the way I grew up this is the way my family is unique and of saying and if we're going to be completely discipled in the family of God were going to be restored to the image of God we have to recognize that we are not just spiritual beings were not just physical beings were not just emotional beings but where are all of me and Bob God is in his image in this way and the only way we can be restored is if we allow God to restore us and all of the areas of our lives and if you didn't hear that sermon on two thirds last I recommend you go on the website Debbie Debbie Debbie Dalton address that organisms would therefore get a CD because it's a is important I guess the foundation for what were talking about the day the fact is that emotionally healthy people understand how their past affects their ability to love Christ and others the past does insert into our our understanding and our discipling as we become disciples of Jesus we we also noticed that emotionally healthy people realize from Scripture and why that an intricate complex relationship exists between the kind of person they are today at their past we do not may come to be usually aren't they simply all about we all were a product to one degree or another of the decisions we make just when the environments we grew up in as well be the people that mean watched the people that we learn from the van that helped to shape our lives they can help determine what we are today and we have to recognize this if were going to be able to move forward and move past some of the weaknesses that we have inherited from others mostly helping people recognize that though numerous forces a mess the family me grew up in is a primary influence as to who we are today now this is usually in very self-conscious way but the very mannerisms we have a wait and think the way we relate the way we deal with conflict the way we communicate all these things especially in June with people which is what life is all about these are largely shaped by the families we grew up and I'm not asking here for us to be critical of our families I'm not asking us to say well you know I keep a journal family because they had this this this this makes listen the fact is we all come into a broken world women we've all come into homes is as good or as bad as well-meaning or as dead as you note disgraceful they may have been all comments are of world into families that have weaknesses and so I'm not here to say we should disparage our families or our past my point at all my point is that while we value our families for the strength of a half because all have had some I think while we value our families and our pastor the strengths that we can find their we also have to come face-to-face weaknesses as well not so that we can condemn them not maybe even so we can help them leverage wings over and help ourselves with our insane particularly so that we can grow me on those weaknesses now some of you may then like me perhaps you as a young person may be less as a teenager when you think you know everything are these the guy probably thought he knew most everything I had things figured out I member my dad telling me when I was a kid is in when I was in eighth grade I thought I knew a lot when I graduate from high school I thought I knew everything when I graduate from college I realize that nothing and there's a little bit of the visit is sort of a AEA pattern the life taken a certain way right as a teenager I probably thought I knew most most of what I needed and Ellen and I found it very easy as I think some other teenagers do to criticize my prayer is a my parents do this my dad this was the way they relate in this way and in intrinsic in what I was saying as they criticize my family was the assumption that when I became an adult I would be different I wouldn't do those things I'm thankful by the grace of God I don't have to but the reality is if I examine myself I see that more often than not I've simply become the persons the person that I had modeled for me and still insane I've become not a clone but I become influence by the trace of my parents and perhaps many of you could relate to this note is the perfect home than most of us saw the weaknesses of parents and vowed to be different yet we often became the same what does this mean for us today what it means is that it's impossible to help people help ourselves break free from the past without coming to an understanding the families they grew up in and so I want to invite you I think the deacons have a little piece of paper that they're going to hand out this time and this is what I would call sort of a is a us a family of little exercise to help you understand your family and the dynamics that existed I'm not asking you to do this right now during the service I'm asking you to take it home with you and the contemplated afterwards take a look at and what this this sheet will help you to come to terms with because unless we comprehend the power of the past on who we are in the present we will inevitably replicate those patterns and relationships inside and outside the church and yes I did say inside and outside the church because in reality happens to each and in reality this this background that influences us in our home also influences us in the church in your life that when we come to church on Sabbath morning very often we look very similar I mean we we we we all rushed our hair and combed our team or the other way around we've all yellow color looking presentable we've all you know we all seem the same songs we all read on the Bible but we come with basic very very vastly different ways of looking at the world of thinking about themes of communicating and relating in fact you could think of it this way instead of saying one family coming into church as they walked in the front door if I'm in the park let me drive a walk in the front door you can sort of imagine instead of one family mom dad two kids coming in instead you probably are having six or seven or eight people coming in you having in why then parents and grandparents and the whole dynamic from generations that are funneled into this family was walking the front door that's coming into this board meeting is coming into this is family we call Turkish and doesn't interesting sometimes because of all our different diversity it's a wonderful thing in order to get more to this in a in a minute but I want just want you to take us home especially adults children you're probably not find as much value in this but especially don't and I want you to I want you to take some time to prayerfully and carefully and thoughtfully reflect on these questions and see what things there might be in your life that are carried over a transference from generations pass to the generation today and from that you can make your own family Jennifer Ramsey could call it identify how your family has shaped you and ask yourself three essential questions and hear the bottom of the sheet one one or two patterns might emerge of how your family has impacted who you are today second in what areas might you be shaping your life and relationships according to your class rather than according to Christ family and what hard work of discipleship might you have before you this is this is something that it doesn't just have to do with our mind has to the heart has to do with our relationships and the way we relate and once again unless we comprehend the power of the past who we are in the present we will inevitably replicate those patterns and relationships in our families and in our church but today I wanted him on encouraging because there's good news in this story as well while the Bible very clear and I think our own anecdotal evidence might support it well that there is a transference of characteristics of habits and weaknesses from one generation to the next the Bible is also very clear that those those connections can be broken by the powered by the grace of Jesus that we don't have to be the same person our parents were same persons her parents were we all have to be inflated by the same habit or addiction that we saw been struggling with we don't have to be relating the same destructive or least combative or hurtful ways that we saw been related we learn to relate we'll have to communicate in the set is saying unproductive ways in which they did because not only their parents have an influence in her life there are other influences in our life as well and I like to go one step further from our families and after cells the question many times when I'm talking to people who are struggling with with with even their spiritual walk much less relationships I find there are events in their life not necessarily family members may be outsiders advanced in their lives or situation there lives that have severely impacted them and left them in my state somewhat wounded were damaged and there's still struggling to get over that letter a few events or people that have impacted my land today and that will help me understand what makes me tick I wanted to give you examples as I've been setting and reading aggressive of stories that I found them one her name was Joan and she came to understand that a turning point in her life was a certain rejection in junior high school all the way back then there was a turning point in her life from a certain rejection she had in junior high school that led her into a life of drug addiction and in order for her to be discipled she had to come to terms with that income firm file though some people have rejected her Jesus accessor Charlotte and Nathan were impacted by the trauma of war in their home countries and panic attacks and outbursts of anger short fuse are just two of the outcomes of those experiences that had to be addressed in their discipleship here yet the experience of being wrongly classified as mentally challenged when in fact he was very bright only dyslexic and this caused him to struggle with trusting God and others years later in his life Kevin 's involvement as a soldier in Vietnam and bitter towards authority and for decades afterwards he had trouble dealing with authority figures and authorities end-of-life because of that traumatic experience in the past Ron's fight to make it as a professional musician in the dog eat dog world of jazz contributed to his written this relentless perfectionism self not only with themselves and others nobody could ever measure up no one could ever be good enough news costly criticizing in beating down finding fault with an imposing his own ideas of what should be done on others he battles to receive God 's unconditional love and grace in Christ and get it to those around him test twelve years at a boarding school in New England make intimacy and family life difficult for him even as a middle-aged father and around the world I've met many young people who went to boarding school at five or six or seven years of age is a different world the role a different different way to be raised to protect the family and while there are many good things that make will some of the Maynor etc. these of these days event or circumstances impact our lives the impact whom you are and in order for us to become whole and to be able to deal with them as disciples of Jesus as Jesus would want us to he asks us to recognize them Kathy's autistic son is major sensitive families with a disabled member and listen music event and shape allowing for the worst but also the betterment and we can look back on these advanced that it influenced who we are today what makes me tick the way I am but a critical part of the growing into maturity in Christ needs to include addressing those issues were passed and how they impact who we are in the present both positively and negatively the first is to automate it and a general grant of our family and see how the family home in a week to up and impacted us and maybe some of us were impacted more one way or another by homes it's okay the point is we have to remember is we do this Jesus accepts us just the way we are today men we can't change who we are we can't change the past but we can learn we can refuse to be enslaved by it we can read we can break the link to the next generation my learning and allowing God to help us the second is the desert other influences our life in the third is my favorite it's to be born into a new family and I like to turn our Scripture today in John chapter three John chapter three this is a well-known passage for us today this is a passage I'm sure most of us have read but I want us to recognize that Jesus here is offering something very special for those of us who were born and born into faulty families with some failures not all of us Jesus says in John chapter three verse three most assuredly I seem to you in the last one is born how born again he cannot see the kingdom of God Nicodemus said to him how can a man be born when he is old getting into a second time in his mother 's womb and be born Jesus answered most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of water and the Spirit he cannot enter the kingdom of God and so Jesus here is talking not about a meeting of birth again of a physical nature is talking about a spiritual rebirth right is not loving born of water and the Spirit these are two different aspects of being converted and they're both very important aspects easy it in order for me to be born again in a letter from eating human race the passage of rain in the long line into the past that they can detonate and continuing the generational failures that have been passed on to my family in order for me to write that familial bonds in the morning to a new family and reborn as Jesus said of water and atmospheric know what that means anymore in the spirit no right it means it means that God is spirit through the power of his Spirit something we can never completely understand it like the wind we see a glowing latrines but we don't know where it came from or where it's going we can understand all of its workings but we knowingly singing when we experience it the Holy Spirit changes our hearts nothing amazing amazing experience it's the greatest miracle I present to you the greatest creative miracle that God perform second to none that is all heart this carnal nature can have on the bottom unit with the greater God 's speed into it so that I don't have to live the life I used to live I don't have to have the weaknesses that I inherited from my parents I don't have to have the same sin that I saw in my genealogy repeated in my kids and grandkids and great grandkids that is a miracle of divine grace of the Spirit is promised to do that that is what it means to be born again of the Spirit notice of me back in Ezekiel chapter twenty six rising to thirty six in verse twenty six Ezekiel chapter thirty six and verse twenty six in fact will read verses twenty five and twenty six as well as twenty seven Ezekiel chapter thirty six old testament in the end of the Old Testament just before the book of Daniel and if you dare say that Ezekiel chapter thirty six and verse twenty six verse twenty five then will I sprinkle clean water on you and you will be clean I will cleanse you from all your filthiness and from your idols I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you I will take this heart of stone out of your flesh and give you a heart of flesh I will put my Spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes and you will keep my judgments and do them I present you this morning blood that this is what it means to be born of the Spirit means that the spirit re-creating us a new heart to have that spirit not only taking the old stony heart out of giving us a heart of flesh that living in us and dwelling in us and powering us to walk in the ways of heaven but we all know that while forgetting this may be instantaneous while blogs were given this is as soon as we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse them all rights nothing in while we know that God forgives our sins we also recognize that he does not usually it is not usually a race in an instant all of the results of our choices in the past he forgives us but he does not necessarily under the natural workings of cause and effect attaché us emotionally shaken us and who we are and that's why as we are born again by the spirit we also have a responsibility to open our hearts our emotional side our relationships the way we deal with others in our homes and our church family open them up to the inspecting I have thought and allow him to begin the process of discipleship that will make us more mature not just spiritually and emotionally relationally as well that's the good news of the message today and as we had this at this opportunity to be born again of the Spirit I want us to recognize that Jesus said unless a man is born again of two things right spirit what else water being born again of water swimming we sought to gain right of baptism David born again unwanted this is not a ceremony that has intrinsic value in itself to understand is nothing holy about the water that David was baptized in there was anything is not visiting holy about the preacher that baptizes in what is important about activism is that it is a public expression of faith in God it is a public expression of faith in God and the means by which the government in the name when in the New Testament believers were born into a new family I when we are born again by water and the Spirit were not only changed by America we call conversion being our hearts being transformed but we are born and you and me are me parents and into the family of God God has placed the sharks here on earth because we need each other I should hear an amen I know it's not always the prettiest we have all of our different backgrounds I understand but we need each other as we as we read and learn how to communicate in God 's way how the love in God 's way to be honest and frank and and and open with each other in God 's way and we model for each other and for our children how a family on we need and friends there's nothing much more exciting than knowing they were born spiritually to the family of God that also were born were born literally into a family who loves and cares for us in which there is accountability in which there is their support and if we do not have that in our earthly family we can find it in our spiritual that's what God 's family we ought to be we really ought to be the New Testament describes Christians becoming a describes becoming a Christian as a spiritual rebirth rebirth through which we are adopted into a new family the family of Jesus learned me to Mark chapter three this is a fascinating path market cap of three March three Jesus is teaching one day and his family his mother and his brother and come to speak with him perhaps he knew that they were about to rebuke him for his method of ministry for his variance from the scribes and the religious leaders and we notice in verse thirty one his mother 's and his brothers and his mother came and standing outside he sent to him calling him marked after three restored to the multitude was sitting around and they can look your mother and your brothers are looking outside seeking you but he is Jesus answered them saying who is my mother or my brothers sounds like a silly question Jesus and then pointing to those who were sitting around him he says he looked at this in a circle of those who sat about and said here are my mother and my brothers for whoever does the will of God is my brother and my sister and my mother you see my friends Jesus says we are born into a family a family that we are asked to recognize as even more closely bound to our hearts that are literal biological families of Roy Anderson Dennis Gurnsey and their book on being families of the display the church is the new family of God through spiritual rebirth we each become brother or sister of Jesus Christ is an amazing I guess it sends chills up and down my spine each big brother or sister of Jesus Christ through adoption in the family of God consequently we are brother and sister to each other husband and wife there first of all brother and sister in Jesus Christ the weather has been white sons and daughters are all the brother and sister who the father mother for their sons and daughters see my friends than in the relationship was with us to each other as spiritual brothers and sisters bought to be even nearer and dearer and more Highlands resident even our biological family because Jesus is in this way in a man who loves father or mother more than brother and sister weren't more than me is not worthy of me and other words with reborn in the family of God our highest commitment as a brother of our older brother Jesus as a son of the living God our highest commitment is that even above our biological thing of friends I think sometimes we get everything come to church we have to rethink our relationships were so you know they say they say blood runs the water your word that means well and what it means originally that the way I interpreted to mean I interpret to mean something along the lines of the care what you say about somebody family because even if your friends blood is thicker than water right we are to be sold defensive of our brothers and sisters in Christ there would not be a word of gossip among us because their family and it doesn't matter the weaknesses it doesn't matter there their backgrounds it doesn't matter there their wounds and bruises from the battle statement and eventually been a part of the biological families and listen we are family and a family of Christ ought to be tighter than any human family it is our first commitment is to him all this right now if you are not tight like that with your brothers and sisters in the church you are not high like that would Jesus no one can let Jesus a trillion others and themselves if you'd asked him to be struck to be going to church and that's why God calls as high God calls us to douche I will ship the main bullet time that means work at times requires us to be honest with ourselves and on the other half and allow God to decide what you and you may guess the people he once is to be so I believe that God hears calling us higher the critical factor is that most significantly determines my identity as a Christian my new identities a Christian is not the blood of my biological family but the blood of Jesus is clear get a new name is a new inheritance of freedom and glory at home resources a hundred fold a new power of the Holy Spirit to live in this new life as a new person to become partakers of the divine nature second Peter chapter one verse four else is able to enjoy the absolute security and stability and freedom and intimacy and confidence in prayer how children in God 's family there exists a new dynamic with and me have the life that God places inside me as I grow in him and so God gives me this opportunity to become a part of the children of the family of God you get me a chance to be redirected as an word to be reborn in a new family and a new home the family of God what was that it is the believers in Jesus what is heartening brat is mentioned twelve and that he didn't always great natural thanks and that digs in time we understand that and we understand that in our own situation we ought to be more understanding of it in others situations as we understand that we don't get over the backing of our past had a snap of the ergot produced it praise God we come to know it's had a child of the King will recognize the need to continue to help to overcome some of those weaknesses we recognize that God changes to heal our broken Mister Patton or Willens had to make us as we become transparent and open it on one another major agents of transformation for others that is what the church is meant to be a family a family people can be honest about their own mistakes and weaknesses and yet empowered by the grace of God to help others to learn discipleship must include honest reflection on both the positive and negative impact of our family and other major influences in our lives I want that experience about you as we come into the family of God with broken bones and moves leg shot up in the world why God doesn't want really how I feel you I want to highlight your I want to rehabilitate you want to restore you and even the stars you will bear will be used by me talking courage and strength and hope to nurse in fact all the knights and dragons first chapter he says trial troubles me go through not allow so that we can and trials of any sort words no matter what you've been through your past matter what your background might be hardly blotted a special purpose for you hentai and Ryu and they're going to be people that only you will be able to help to their typical case as you can relate to did next to you about the wonderful thing about love gone once to each one of us is not just the pastor now to the each person born into the family of God you know as it is a creature I have ever desired just tell the whole world would you and I can I can sort of relate to the today to the death bed confession of this Hasidic Rabbi Condit into the light this is what he said he said now when I was young I set out to change the world I grew older I perceive this was too ambitious site set up change my state this do I realize as I grew older was too ambitious I set up change my town when I could not even do this I tried to change my family out an old man I know that I should've started by changing myself and then you notice that startled myself maybe then I would've succeeded in changing my family the town readings state knows maybe even the world I like had experience in which it is father in heaven today we recognize were broken people wrote we've got guards will relate then shut up and brought him and we got the bad judiciary and villages scattered in our homes we gave the church in board meetings we want to see a half we want to give you permission to reach deep in your heart see the heart of our heart we've always defended is just your way IMs when my family is what destructive triple what permission to change even that what we want to break the chain that our children grandchildren great-grandchildren will be influenced by our negative decisions but in fact the net will be part of the inputs are of the choices we know this requires a new birth into the family car statement thank you that you offer that for each one equally to offer invite us to be born again your family born my spirit to the spiritual conversion that fit that you only can he had been born by water into the literal family of God here on this earth that can help us to grow and relearn and become the people you want us to be more today I want to pray pray that we might be family here I register get us to get us where we love ourselves more than our brothers and sisters were there and we had demonstrated to really love ourselves more than you forgive us for where we have excused are hurtful behavior or habits patterns because it just we are help us to change the change by a miracle of your grace to become who we are to want us to be restore us spiritually physically emotionally we go thank you Jordan thank you for giving her son and daughter-in-law and one Jesus are over we pray is a media was brought by audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse of his life was more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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