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The Battle is the Lord’s

Chester Clark III


As we face a new year with new challenges, reality reminds us that we will face difficulties from within and from without. As we confront these internal and external challenges we may do so in full confidence that we are not alone – but there is One who is fighting for us!


Chester Clark III

Pastor, Evangelist, and Educator



  • January 12, 2013
    11:00 AM
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good morning once again we had a busy week as a guidance in the resting today so glad that we can come together and that we can spend time studying God 's word and fellow surveying and worshiping and I was so thankful for Jesus they are much thankful for him what were going to be talking about I think an important subject today the battle is the Lord says I was thinking about the beginning of the year and how we make New Year's resolutions I was just contemplating once again how is it that we can be successful those New Year's revelry resolutions almost and revolutions of the some of us need right near his revolutions with a complete change in some of our happen some of our choices and how are we successful in our resolutions and so I decided we would talk today about the battle is the Lord 's facing giants in our lives before we begin with the subject that is what reminds you again next week women be looking at secrets of ancient olds and I think that you will enjoy learning together with us how the Bible was fired how the Bible was preserved and how the Bible is to be interpreted and so allowed biker friends don't just throw the little bulletin inserts a way to get somebody and let's study the Bible and about the Bible next week from the holy Scriptures but also from history and archaeology at think you'll enjoy that you know you were facing danger giants of some sort or threats of some sort it's always good to be able to stand back and let someone else take care of them never felt that way but it felt like killing your kid you could always say well like I even take care of you you know I'm a tell my family so my mommy news on high I know I live in method losing that's the way God meant them to be there there to protect us when it is dangers or giant is good to know that were not alone there's someone there I was and on as we get older we would begin realizing some of those guided out of favor cells some of the challenges there are hours to take on their hours of my and yet and yet even as Christians we don't have to fight alone we have someone else that is there to fight with us in the fight for us I remember a story that tempted place some years ago but years ago I was I was younger and more foolish and I was in on a mission trip in Romania we were doing a weird doing evangelistic meetings and health meanings and we had about seventy young people I spoke a halting young people that were helping us so we were all staying in this school that we rented for the summer and we had a team that was about I don't know seventy five or eighty or so altogether and that the school where we were staying was about probably three or four miles from the town where we were working where meetings were held entities the meetings were in what they call the culture house and in the Soviet Union of former Soviet Union and the state of Iron Curtain space every city had a culture house and that sort of like a big theater that's where the Russian culture or the culture of the nation was to be promulgated and to be taught through various parts and so forth and so we were using the cost of a culture of the town there in a slap in the Romania I remember very clearly was a hot summer day and we had a challenge because there is a seventy five or eighty unless that would need to go into town to be able to work and the health of meetings were having afternoons but we can have adequate transportation back all the way to vehicles my friend and I organize the meeting we were we were born idealistic and had had we thought we could do anything with nothing as along with two vehicles we had on hold slackened off Michael pretty small car and red Toyota minivan I can imagine seventy five or eighty people being transported back and forth down and Volkswagen golf and put in the event any limitations on but of course in those days Romania there wasn't a lot of leading up to worry that much about you know the laws and regulations shortly after the fall of communism in the early nineties anywhere we were waiting for reform to happen pretty quickly when the case the enthusiastic participation of hiring as many people under those cars is possibly good I don't remember what the golf record whether things like twelve or fourteen people we got in the car but my friend was driving off I was driving for a minute and I very well remember we had twenty six people and and we went we would put them we would put them in the three mentioned Juventus behind the drivers you know route we believe we cram as many people as a good side-by-side and we put something more laps than people to want to cross them laying horizontal and on the other was someone sitting on the console and middle in the front than an end in shifting the gears long because I couldn't reach announcements only over here driving and we were going down is really rough road bumpy mom want potholes between the school and town is we're going on down the road we came to this place where there was a jet in the road and and you know I wasn't thinking because what will happen is it just rained that day and arranging was the rain come down and torrential rain and then it had gone away and it was just hot muggy and sort of sunny now and and then thinking the dip in the road there was standing water down and that you you and I heard that problem with voices of people in the back-to-school United twenty six people have many we would fit in the van and so so I'm just enough fly right on through that boy problem is there was a car that was going very cautiously through the dip trying to make matters worse the car 's windows were down so as I fly past this little car that's going carefully tended not to get muddy and not to get dirt on the car ice rain water money water completely all over the car in the Windows and all of the occupants and immediately I realized what I'd done and immediately I realized I was in trouble you know what the driver of that car forgot about Winslow to the water he punched Excelerator and came right up on my bumper and followed me as I made my way to the cost the nickel tour in the middle of town and slung around in front of the van he jumped out and heading straight toward the drivers door and I said I am in trouble as he's walking towards the van probably twenty or thirty feet is coming towards me obviously furious my passengers begin getting other than and one person gives out another person gets out in the third and fourth and a fifth and sixth in the seventh and eighth and ninth and tenth and eleventh and twelfth any he's walking a little slower now and a third season affords even if you do sixty minutes seventeen and eighteen and he turned around went back to scar him and yell it was a terrible thing that I did I had to laugh but just seeing see the look on his face as all of these people got out of their priceless sometimes it's good not to have to fight your battle with yourself sometimes it's good to know that someone else has your back if someone is there to fight for you and I believe that ultimately this is something that each of us need in the battles of life our Scripture today says do not be afraid stand still and see the salvation of the Lord which he will accomplish for you today the Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace you know what everything where the dangers whether giant you and I face in her life their various ones there are there are challenges we face it we might call external challenges the circumstances we find ourselves in the obstacles that we face in her career to life in our relationships they are what I would call internal challenges as well they are the the victories that we need to gain this and that we struggle with the temptations that we too often fail and fall and the challenges that we face in our own life in our own hearts but today I want us to look at a Bible story that I believe illustrates and that is actually the one that our title is taken from its founder and first central chapter seventeen is a familiar story for many of you even brought the boys and girls of hearing this story but the Bible says that all these things are recorded for our example upon whom the ends of the world are come right the stories in the Bible are not just good bedtime stories they're not just good for children they are also good for all of us facing our challenges in our struggles are challenges are giants in life the story is a story of David and Goliath we find your first end of chapter seventeen that story and basically just summarize these first twenty five or thirty versus your member the team when they make they arranged themselves again her Israelites out right on the border of the voting sort of north-south border between the Philistines were over next to the sea and the Israeli territory which was farther farther east and as they are the ring themselves there along the valley of HELOC they base that the Israelites met them and they said there can but they are in all over the Valley over this little brook and have an every day there was this challenge that Goliath the giant of the Philistines wouldn't make it says in verse four champion went out from the camp of the Philistines named Goliath from gap is high was six within a span some nine Peterson Paul he had bronze helmet on his head was armed with a coat of mail and the weight of the code is five thousand shekels of bronze down and he still adversely they studied right out of the armies of Israel said to them why you come out the line of battle not a Philistine and you deserve the install choose a man for yourselves and let them come down to me forth it is able to fight with me and tell me then we will be your servants but if I prevail against him and kill him then you shall be our servants and serve us don't worry about having a whole army out here to fight let's just make it simple was itself one-on-one let's just have whoever he wanted to your greatest boldest man your biggest fan perhaps an sin the amount will have a fight and that will determine the destiny of our nation it your man wins will be your servants in our man wins you'll be our servants let's not risk the whole army gear the whole population now you might think that's a great idea but there was nobody little in the Israelite camp it was willing to go out and fight it was the might say biggest man in Israel it was again looking was he was about I live he was back in his hands so there was this there was the stalemate and developed between the two armies then Jan Little shepherd boy David probably just a teenager little scrappy squad he came to know if it the mental picture of data is not being this vague and bulky buff guy but rather just a lazy boy and he comes to the battle not to fight he's not a soldier is not training I experienced becomes because his father Jessica Simpson with provisions to think his older brothers his older brothers were were raised then they were in the Army they were there and they were along the front lines in as Damon is there is a sort of you know maybe a little bit wide-eyed looking around the attendees of the Israelite camp and and and looking across the valley of the laws looking at that philistine array of options as well he is interested in what's going on he 's not in a hurry to run back to his father she is listening to what happens when date when the life comes out in the middle of the day and he hears what David says and David becomes rather offended not because of his own name or his own brothers or his own father 's house he becomes offended because of what the Giants says about God athlete suspended in fact he says in verse twenty six David spoke to the men who stood by and saying what shall be done for the man who kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel for who is this uncircumcised Philistines that he should defy the armies of the living God you see there was one thing that David noon daily news that there was a God in heaven him that God was very much alive and well and he believed that all his heart and this is not really a is not arrogance he believe that he served a true go it's only arrogant in your opinion is not true in commencing it is true is not arrogance evidentially it's not that we want to me that the right ones want anyone else to be the wrong is not the truth friends we want everyone to know the truth and then that's the point and an ending that is sitting here because once what was being done why something is happening this managed to find the armies of the living God God is alive and well in his name is at stake is honored is on the line he is the one being challenged here is too often too often we have a tendency to make everything revolve around North high school and and I found that that's done that in high school you have no as young people become adults just transition that takes place and end of the world becomes very egocentric for time if their world is having trouble than the whole worlds and understand and learn something about adults were not much different what is more sophisticated okay that's all as you become adults you were still teenagers with a little more social graces and sophistication to be able to cover over those things but we tend to still have this egocentric world where it's all about I don't want to go fight Goliath I might get hurt I might be when David heard that even think about himself he's thinking about the will think God is gone gone on and David here is very interesting what he says easily have verse twenty eight Indiana 's older brother heard when he spoken than any anger was aroused against David he said why do you come down here and with whom you left those who shoot in wilderness I know your pride and insolence of your hard for you to come down to see the battle here to rubbernecking your Disney are developing new year is looking for excitement is chased or you're just as one of the rails what does favorite reply David sent one of my done now is there not a Wednesday is there not a call was the cause of it was talking about is not a cause in an Indonesian and well worth it we have to stay here if there's something bigger than our little sibling rivalry going on here is something that it is excitement of looking for the heat of the battle and the drama and all of the things are going on they are mistaken that cause is the cause of God that causes the cause of his name and his reputation is on is there not a kind this young teenage boy demonstrated a world and a perception of why I was Barnett 's of his older brothers and even many of my he understood the cost for us he says is there not a cause David saw that this issue was much bigger than himself the honor in the name of God was at stake and so often we as adults even if we keep our eyes fixed upon us and when we think of why we want to overcome why we want to have the new resolutions we have we usually have I was thinking from confession from item from from my own experience we usually have ourselves still in the center of the biggest reason we wanted me and David says now there's a cause that's bigger than me and that the name and honor God and friends I would say this morning that God of David is still alive and there is still a cause of much greater motivation than what I can get out of twenty thirteen is like what others can see about God through me in twenty thirteen it's not about me as Christians were not called here to live a life a good life an easy life for our sake no eternity is coming for insensitive easy where here I believe that God might be honored and glorified to the way we live 's and that my friends is a much higher motivation for me to gain victory over the Giants in my life then that whatever selfish reasons I might have the honor and name of God is at stake must continue down the story we read on down and says that the words that David was speaking got to Saul and it says in verse thirty two David said to Saul let no man's heart fail because of him is Goliath your servant will go and find this posting salsas they refrigerate you are not able to go against his ability to fight with them is all telling the truth or not was being able to fight for life now humanly speaking no underlined with a capital letters bold everything is no Damon was not capable of fighting Goliath he was no match for the life and a wonderful ring about this story is great of a classic mismatch Eileen and David Lopp and he himself was tabled but we go on down the story says here Damon says the solver thirty four your servant used to keep his father see them align our bear team and to the Lamb on the flock I went after construct and deliver the land from his mouth and when it rose against net highlights struck gilded sermon killed both lion and bear this uncircumcised ghosting will be like one of them seeing that he is by the armies of the living God why in the name of competent because he knew that God 's blessing would be with him and not with the one who is challenging and defying God 's name in honor versus thirty days per thirty seven moreover David said a lot the Lord who the Lord who delivered me from the plot of a line from the pond there was an angel the line of air was even riding was he an arrogant young unit was just so so nice seeing that his is a is a teenage immortality of anybody had that he would go out and not even knowing that all the e-mail that it was God who would work through him and it was gone as well he says the Lord who delivered me from the blog alive on the bear he will deliver me from the hand of this philistine is a game of combat was not in some confidence in itself David's confidence was in the war and what God can do through him and what God can do for him David's confidence was not a nightly build ludicrous self self self confidence David's confidence was in God because he knew what kind of God he served so the Bible says Saul said to David go in the Lord be with you I can I try to imagine that I don't know the housecall said that the new Madden with a really blue they really are I really can't invalidate this all really believe that the regular ghosting in fact if you and you want evidence I would point to the fact that well what happens next he says Saul clothed David with his armor and put a bronze helmet on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail and fastened his sword to his armor or data vastness or desire in trying to walk now here's a young boy untested unproven never worn armor before hearing the sword and wearing the armor of the biggest man in Israel and you get that mental picture I didn't assault really believed in the Lord with the wood delivered live in a big hand he wouldn't have been driving is a human method to make it happen you don't think now he thinks he's got to help God get let David get this giant right and so he's using a human method is looking to his own resources and even makes a little ways down from solves ten returns back and he said the numbers thirty nine David said to Saul I cannot walk with these rock not tested the so David took them off and he took his staff in his hand he chose himself five smooth stones and brought and put them in a shepherd 's bag out to have a sling in his hand you see my friends when David says I cannot walk in this I need to use the tool that I'm accustomed to it simply points out to me that each one of us have our own personal individual experience we cannot depend upon the resources of others we cannot depend upon the experience of others in fact I would say that as many of the other many many good books about the Bible there many good preachers preach about what friends minus morning he personal experience in the things of God and I'm not saying you shouldn't read other books of the devotional books on my same can be benefited by them but don't try to be predigested you need your own armor you need your own experience with Jesus you need your own relationship with the Savior and Lord of the world and that's something that you cannot take me as some sort of a surrogate spirits from someone else we each individually must have our own experience with Jesus and so said David takes his staff in his hand a shepherd 's staff and chooses for himself five is down you ever wondered why you chose five smooth stones I've heard various ideas about this one of the reasons I've heard suggested as we read and in second cross in its annual chapter twenty one ways the indication that perhaps the life had were brothers and so David was going to be prepared not just for the one giant Goliath but for his oversized brothers as well I don't know if that's exactly what was in David's mind to me I think he had one line one goal in mind that Goliath I suppose I suppose that David took five stones simply because he said you know what I want every advantage possible I want to have I want to be prepared with a very worse than it since it took five stones and I I thought about that you know was none of us know the challenges we might face in the day that sometimes do you ever think that maybe maybe as a Christian sometimes where to work too content to simply sneak past into the kingdom barely and found the we we we we want to have we want to be saved and we want to make and gotten themselves find out the minimum that we have to do in order to be there never felt like making that the human nature than we have if something isn't really less of a salvation issue so I'm not worry about it yes that is an advantage in a similar thing in the something is an advantage maybe I should maybe I should and can take for my day maybe I should take everything I can take from my personal experience maybe I need maybe I need these things which are really necessary but they are and then change in growing the Lord is saying some people tell me that young people tell me well you know music lessons with and view videos I want to the playing games I play on whatever it is they're not salvation which is utterly worried about as much as sure you know but guess what I learned as a Christian pastor learned as a Christian I need every advantage in the spiritual worker that I so I don't want to just do the minimum I want to have the best advantage that makes sense I wanted to send the minimum that I needlessly including them I want to allow element love the Lord built my life not just with the with him taking out the bad things that filling my life the best thing that makes sense I think to meet your semi- disabled picking up five stones was overkill you realize your need I think you can want everything at once and have every advantage possible and so perhaps the that they the selection by David at five smooth stones could be could be understood as having every possible of vantage for victory in a let me what happens first thirty first forty again into the verse he drew near the Philistine the Philistine Cambridge forty one and began drawing near to David and the man who voice human before him this wasn't even fair because of its size it was apparent as to why you cannot rely this was a very fair you had to live in his armor bearer not exactly when the way those early or late tocsin sounded as man to man but anyway it says that the armored bear team with them and members forty four when the Philistines looked about and saw David he disdained him for he was only ruddy and good-looking so the Philistine said to David and my dog that you come to me with what sticks in my dog of economy with sticks can you imagine the install whilst it is great man-of-war that a little shepherd boy is coming across the valley of the law and is handing honestly or not a spirit but simply a Shepherd 's Rod a stick in my don realize that sometimes methods of the Lord the Lord 's way is foolishness in the world draws a sometimes maybe all the time that Jesus said those things are harvesting among men or abomination of God the world thinks of as sometimes the way we split a way to resolve our Bibles it's like night and day different from the way the world solve this problem write when you have a problem with a gun external shine in a life is a an interpersonal relationship seem confusing families have a a disagreement cousin with cousin father with son nephew uncle brother but rather a disagreement I will follow this agreement is worth number of ways sometimes this fight brute force right as were her kids we sometimes use those not as we get older we have to use ladies don't report a different different format we use things like wasps right on a flight from my rights under the almond there is there to get what they deserve I'm what I deserve right in this way we fight our battles Lisa will fight its battles and I'm not saying there's not time for that I'm simply saying the Bible says if you're enemy has done something unkind teasing coals of fire on his head Jesus is love your enemies do good to those of the spitefully use you and persecute you the way that God deals with giants is very different than the way and will give sometimes that clear and the philistine here he's offended he's angry because you think he's coming he is the soul 's business is like coming to him with a stick filtering says a David versus forty four to me I will give your flesh to the birds of the entities that feel the David said to the Philistine you come to me with a sword and spear Ethelred the world solve its problems but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts the God of the armies of Israel whom you have defined this day the Lord will deliver you into my head to see the contrast David is saying look you think you think I suspect that's going to run fighting will I live in power much more transcendent to even the biggest sword and spear even all the swords and spears of this tiring can I'm coming to you in the name of the Lord of hosts because there is a God who still works miracles there's a God who still changes are there is a God who still news relationships there's a God who can still fight our battles using his own terms this own methods much more successfully than we can ever find them ourselves using our own endowments there's a God I'm coming to you in the name of the God whom you have defined verse forty seven then all this assembly shall know that the Lord does not save with sword and spear for the battle is the Lord 's and he will give you into our hands the Bible is the Lord 's gym often we see human solutions to our problems the Bible would have us to not use the world 's methods to solve our problems but God please be clear I'm not saying there's not time for four this is not trying to say that we should only pray about our problems and noble way okay there's evidence I'm saying is that God is alive and well and we should turn to him first and we should be looking for his solutions soft answer does still turn away wrath David says the battle is the Lord that's easy to say is easy to read here you know four thousand years later but can you imagine saying that when you're walking across the little bear and you got the thundering giant coming towards you as anything that he says the battle is the Lord 's you would think loving whether his mind was the abbot I want to die Zhang yet with my life is on the line here right the battle of the Lords of Damon 's loss is not so now the we says about the Lord of the Lords David's life may have been on the line but the reason Damon wasn't thinking about that the reason David Wethington 's turnabout that was because David had given his life to God are you with me and when you get your life to God he actually can take care of your battles because it is like night your life is on a different substance it's his life not your life you want to worry anymore about what happens to you because of his business he analyzed the long and wrong is he able to figure this use is a busy love us with a an a and and men who are greater than eleven hundred yes he does can we trust him with our futures with our lives of our success of our problems can we trust anything bother we can trust yes interested and when you hit your life and author when you're at all went on the all that they will yours use me however you choose to use the Illini guide me my life in your life no longer do you have to defend yourself because God defending his own God is defending his own job were not directed to default your child about it is that each let people talk you do the right thing gone to give each don't worry about your future because ultimately your last child of his future you worried about your job with the economy list if you surrendered everything that Jesus you can sleep because he is alive he's still on the throne I will label to fight your battles is a nothing about the more than Owen a wonderful thing it is a wonderful thing it is to have your life you in Christ to have your life surrendered to him because you don't have to worry not to worry the Lord will take care of his own demoness surrendered his life to God for what a wonderful PC had in knowing that the God of the universe was his protector is a director his his reputation his future his career listen it was it was for God to worry about not for him one of my favorite passages in the book desire of ages reads like this I'll share with you when the soul surrenders himself to Christ a new power takes possession of the new heart the changes wrought which man can never compass for himself it is a supernatural work bringing a supernatural element into human nature the soul that is yielded to Christ becomes his own fortress which he holds in a revolted world and he intends that no authority shall be known in it but his own a soul that kept in possession by the heavenly agencies is impregnable the results of Satan all if we simply surrender ourselves to Jesus as we give him our lives as David gave the Lord his life surrender places the battle in God 's hands we don't need to be concerned about what the future will hold if we'd given our hearts in our lives so that they produce aren't you we know that of the story we know that the Bible says that David took one of his smooth stones and the foot in his sling ever wonder why you swing the slinging ways of the battle towards don't you think the Lord could've understood as this is an angel down that giving don't think it is an angel down applicable most millstones and just an angel of God is doing underhanded toss in the right I mean here we see the fact reinforced to us while the battle is the Lord 's scene works with us he does not see a set of five the human element in the powers of the human who are you with me you see in order for us to be safe is not just a matter best team back in thing a few thousand words no wink want great the Bible says work out your own salvation with fear and gently before it is gone working in multiple unit of the Internet because in this great controversy between good and evil God must respect human will and how does he respect human will he respected by allowing us allowing us to play Walgreen Damon went out there he wasn't a robot dog and take possession of them now I don't know it's very possible in my mind is very possible that David David a minute off just a little bit ill fraction of the degree is very possible and Angel went over there to you little bit of pressure on Zionist a little more velocity is very possible as they can .net yet again but he didn't believe in the modern something against our will one reads with us and allowing us to choose him as Lord of our lives choose us as we are as we are seeing so the Bible says that in fact the stone struck the Philistines forget the sink Brown and he fell face down on the earth and that Dave God worked a miracle a great deliverance for Israel as we think about the Giants in our own lives I just like to contemplate for a moment what they might be and how we might apply the lessons we've learned as I mentioned some might be external some might be internal I don't know if your drives are outline our Bible says that we should lay assign the sin which so easily beset us false is and he rejected twelve verse one I think that every single one of us has internal weaknesses as well external challenges I think so I don't know what yours are but I know one thing that you surrender them to God you surrender your life to God and your challenges to God he will make them his own and he can fight your battles for you you know I found many Christians are very excited about becoming about accepting Jesus as their Savior and then I think will produce a Savior but I have a bone to pick with some of them because they wanted to be sooner but not more to see the difference I want you to see me for eternity but I don't want you to tell me about how I should live what I should do and don't say I think of Jesus or Satan the Lord to I really believe that an actual surrender surrender is allowing the Lord to be the Lord of your life the second thing I want to encourage us to begin twenty thirteen it's not about you is not about me the spiritual struggles that were a part of our about we want his name to be on what his name to be glorified we want his character to be on display through our lives so that others might see what Jesus is last day it's a personal experience that every single one of us must have I would propose to you that the daily experience that you can burn the oil from yesterday 's land we need fresh foil romance every day and new experience with Jesus we need to be walking our own armor on experiences we've had with him and I would proposed you blessed that attack our problems with divine methods not human rights must bus face are giants asking for God to change our hearts and make our ways more like his ways instead of using human resources human manners to challenge the difficulties that we face and I believe that like David we will also we want to overcome will sink every advantage we can possibly have in our walk with them that's what I want to let you guess what I want as I look forward to twenty thirteen father in heaven thank you so much for giving us your word thank you for giving us the assurance that we're not facing the challenge of challenges of the upcoming year loan that we can face them with you what some of these things cut across our human pride our way of doing things or habits and practices but that's what we want we want to be safe we want to have your spirit change our hearts today I just want pray that you would give me this experience in this new year did you get that experience each one hearings on my voice that they too might know that you are their Savior and Lord that you are fighting their battles they need not fear what the future will bring they not need not fear what man can do because they not alive through transcends all the weapons to my mode as we make the name of Jesus or Ms. are safe 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