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A New Identity

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway


  • September 26, 2013
    7:00 PM
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him and I want to thank you for another wonderful day here found to do for this week of prayer that we can have together Lloyd that we can come together and set aside quality time to pray and to seek you and to understand your words what the theme of this week has been the unhindered gospel and secondly when we look at our own lives are things that have hindered us from fully knowing you there are a few things that hindered us from experiencing the gospel to the fullest I pray that saying the course of this week I should have been reviewing these things to us that we will be willing to surrender them fully to you to leave them at the foot of the cross that we may experience the unhindered gospel the power that you want to give each one of us I look this evening as we talk about identity a new identity in Christ I pray that he will empower us from above that you will give us the very words that we need that you will take to make this message to fit each and every person 's need in this room Frank trained hospice in the precious name of your son let everyone say amen amen all right well we got to spend our time this evening in relatives Chapter five that's where we have arrived in our inner presentation series so far but before we go to Romans chapter five I want to turn to Romans chapter seven will start out in Chapter seven and when I make a jump back and we're going to spend some time in Romans five as well so turned to Romans chapter seventy should be able to find this book very quickly by now your Bibles might even just dropped open to the present since you have opened to that book a number of times this week already at Romans chapter seven and when you start looking at an identity that I believe each of us can relate to or have been able to relate to at one point I him why maybe as he describes the experience that you are going through right now and identity we find scribes here in Romans chapter seven so that's willing to start off inverse theme Romans seven beginning in verse fifteen these are the want words of Paul the apostle the writer of the book of Romans and he says the following for what I am doing I do not understand for what I will to do that I do not practice but what I hate that I do you drop down to verse eighteen and nineteen he further elaborates upon this experience and he says the following verse eighteen and nineteen for I know that in leave that is in my flash nothing good dwells for to will is present with me but how to perform what is good I do not find for they think that I will to do I do not see but the evil I will not do that I tracked this I think we can all look at life and somehow relating to the words of Paul here as Christians we know what is right but to do what is right or something else how often have you had the experience that you know I should not say that but I do I should not let that happen controlling controlled me but it does I should not get irritated by nineteen I should not be bad but I did I should not wear that but I did I should not go there but I did add anyone have experience in your life there's this business identity crisis we wanted to do what is right but but it just went we just don't find the strength to do what is right Paul is describing an experience here that we can all relate to we come to this point where you know we look into the mirror out of life and we ask ourselves the question what what what is wrong is wrong with me I will while Thomas do what is right I just don't find the strength I don't find that the power and it's like looking in the mirror of life and ask yourself the question what is wrong what is wrong and Paul asks the same question if you drop down to verse twenty four look at his conclusion as he looks into the mirror of life so to speak Padilla Paul says in verse twenty four of the same chapter of branched man that I am that his conclusion as he looks at himself all the X-Men that I have had these what you want just looking a couple of mistakes that he made it his life these FCC that is a fundamental problem and that is a rest condition but he doesn't stay there for something else first twenty four second part of the verse he asks a question a very pivotal question a question that each of us must ask this is the question who will deliver me from this body of death and all debts rise you and I need to get right as well and that is that we need to ask this pivotal question who will deliver me to see Paul is not asking what's will deliver me ball is not asking where will I find deliverance Paul is not asking when will I find deliverance but he's asking who will deliver me in other words that is the question is implied that the answer is in a person examined that we have already found out enough in the course of our time together is studying the book of Romans it's important that we don't get caught up in a pattern of religions but we need to turn to the person that it's all about and that is Jesus Christ and he is the one and only pattern we must follow in our lives so we all can relate to the experience at some point in our lives they get we want to do what is good but we fall short we look into the mirror of life and like Paul we see that there's something not right all rights that him down over the woman that I have but we don't need to stay there my friends we can ask the same question the poll asked what who will deliver me many times the question is asked what will deliver me and we look at some ways to help ourselves to get a little bit better as a matter of fact if you go into a bookstore today is he going to a Christian bookstore a large majorities all the books on that he will find in those bookstores are on self-help self-help category and that you how can I make more money and life or how can I become more fit you know physically how can I did better in my marriage and how can I feel even though those books might contain some good good counsel and no helpful instructions they are not they're not really going to the core of the problem because what what what many times happens oh what we see in these self-help books it's all about improving your self improving is making yourself better but the Bible actually tells us in the book of Romans makes this very clear that we cannot better ourselves that we cannot make ourselves better but that we need a power outside of ourselves a source that is not announce and so we do not ask the question where do I find delivered seeking power from within the brother asked the question will deliver me it's in the heights of person it's Jesus and he's the only one that can truly make me what I am created to be that as the son and a daughter of God and many companies when you look at that the look of that self-help collection of books what happens is it might modify character but it doesn't transform character there's a huge big difference we can fall into the pattern within religions to try to modify things try to belittle the better here to deliver that are here we might do quite well but there's something that is going on the very high the height needs to be changed we need to be changed from within we need a power outside of herself the power of the life of Jesus revealed in the Holy Spirit working in our lives and this is when the gospel can truly go for unhindered and so in the book of Romans in chapter seven this picture that is painted which is really a picture all of humanity and the identity that we have when we do not have Jesus in our wives but Malaga jump back to the Romans chapter five I would get a look at Romans chapter five at the identity that God wants to give us and this is a very encouraging the study site I attend a couple chapters back to Romans chapter five elegant take a look at verse twelve before we start reading just a little recap here of what we have discovered so far in the book of Romans it's really been I journey through this book is with the lessons in the book of Romans in each and every chapter or at least would come so far at two of chapter five I wish we had a lot more time we could've done more exhaustively through these verses but I would be able to catch the big picture here of what is taking place in the book of Romans Paul starts out with showing the necessity of all of all of every person to come to Christ because we've all gone astray we have all fallen short in the first chapter describes how we want to serve it created them to create start we will rather one of the gifts of God but without that life giver himself I see how we look at how that not only is this a problem for people that don't claim to follow God this is also a problem in the religious world is meta- fact there are there is a pattern that we find that and that we would while there have been religious pattern than the power that comes from a person Jesus cry at the raise Paul really sounds of knocking him into an verse twenty three where he says for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God so really in the three first chapter she just have this picture of all humanity both those that claim to be religious and those that don't claim to be religious and we're all when all come short we are all in great need of a Savior is born this beautiful story of Abraham which we look at last time and how Abraham one to the promise of God and he was accounted righteous because he believed in the promise and he snapped out in faith acting upon that promise this is the experience that God wants to give to each one of ops and so we come to Romans chapter five I wrote was just the five is really about the identity that God wants to give us a new identities let's reverse wealth Romans chapter five beginning in verse twelve this is what it says therefore just as through one man sin entered the world and death through sin and thus death spread to all men because all stand here Paul is describing that through one person sin entered into the well and was that what we would with that one person that he's talking about here as added by animals that responsible the first created being he was responsible he fell because of his fall soon entered into this world now through Adam 's sin entered and and and because of that we are all affected by that right now verse twelve is followed by a long parenthesis which is typical for it apostle Paul really goes all the way to verse eighteen but we just had a look at verse eighteen and nineteen were kind of pulse songs basic comparison that he makes between the first human being FL Adam and the solution which is found in Christ Jesus look at verse eighteen and nineteen we won't read the entire parenthesis there but we just jump down to verse eighteen this is what it says therefore as a here Paul is making this conclusion therefore as through one man's offense judgment came to all men resulting in condemnation even so through one man's righteous act that is of course Jesus Christ the free gift came to all men resulting in justification of life for as by one man's disobedience many were made sinners so also by one man's obedience many be made righteous so Paul and redness at the five is making a comparison between two individuals he is comparing atom the first created human being that foul into sand with Christ the one that came and died for our sins there lived a perfect life and died for our sins and rose on the gray soaked through wine that comes condemnation but to the other comes justification as he's making these comparisons between them Christ and Adam comes disobedience of Adam Thompson combination that lets you price comes obedience grace justification and life now the Bible clearly taught tells us it clearly shows us that we have all walked in the past Adam just like Adam chose to sin so we have all chosen to send back because we've all chosen to send we have all come short of the glory of God and so naturally we belong into what we want to call tonight the family of Adam to look at two families we have the family of Adam and we have the family of Christ and we are all born into the family of Adam and we have all chosen the path of Adam Adam chose the path of sin we have chosen the path of sin and the result of sin is really back this combination is not a beautiful picture at all and that's why Romans seven is so is oh you know and very clear description of the family about them I description who we become sure we trying to do what is right but we all and we see the standard of where we want to be but we lacking power in Adam we lack power relaxed we look into the mirror of life like all we can say oh wretched man that I have all wretched woman that I am who will deliver me but yeah the first staff is asking that question who will deliver me and the Bible tells us very clearly that there is salvation outside of no one but answer Jesus Christ when he came and lived a perfect life obedience to the law of God dying the death and paying the penalty of your sins and my sin he provided a way to take you from the family of Adam and bring you into the family of God and this is the most beautiful truth in the entire universe that we can actually be adopted as a family member of God we are born into the family of Adam where there's nothing but combination and yet because of the work of Jesus the life of Jesus the death of Jesus we are taken from that family were placed in the family of Christ is not beautiful reef that is the most powerful beautiful truth in the universe and when this really dawns on awesome Israelis and we might've heard it many times in oh three Jesus you become a new person but they were really really think about the implications of this new family it will change the way we live altogether you know I have I grew up in that in New Zealand but when I was ten years old my parents are dots and when I was ten years old my parents decided that we can move back to Holland and so we moved back to Holland and were him for siblings so we are finally with my kids and live it also now and then like lichen and health in our life like here and out but when we came to Holland and and and we were all growing up there and going to school and get a life of my friends decided that they wanted to do something for for our children that they didn't really have an easy Canadian time that they actually thought it through and they had really thought about this for a long time that they wanted to have a foster child to adopt a child and even though we would fund all five of us they still decide we know we can help another child that that is not so as not cut the advantage of all of parents to care for them and we ended up for my parents ended up adopting a child and she was four years old when she came to live with us and she stayed with us all the way to select left home so basically I consider her as my sister is interesting because she was adopted into our family and down at but it was not an easy transition for her because she had come from parents that were basically abandoned they were on drugs her parents are they had abandoned her she had she ended up living in and in a kind of EIF help you noticed usually take care of such children for a while she was there for a number of years she just had a very difficult task and they'll forthwith all about back that she basically came into our home and I remember very well growing up and it was always these difficult moments because her parents though they were not addicted to drugs and alcohol they didn't really care about her doll they would also at times really feel guilt because they had in taking care of her and so they would actually try to get the authority back into to basically take her back into another one divorce but both of them were trying to get the authorities over my knee sister and at my parents even end up at one time in a court case because they were really no pricing or two to get you what you commenting this custody to the right where the yeah yeah yeah and so it was quite at quite a situation that I remember we were going through as a matter fact at one point they were writing letters to my parents and they were they they were writing letters they were doing calling my parents and how they were pretty angry because this was the south and they were going to take care of her of course we knew very well what would happen if if my sister would come back to them it would've not been a pretty picture at all and that's what is interesting because then what what what we see here is a in a situation where that authority had been taken from her parents and placed upon my parents and so though they call and though they wrote e-mails and so even if they would show up and knock on the door they had no authority overheard because the legal situation was such that the authority of being taken from them and placed upon my parents it was illegal activity couldn't change of no matter what he tried to think that not on the door you could call that the rise many evils as they wanted but it wouldn't change the fact that legally she now belongs to my parents now think about this we are born into a family and that's the family of Adam this is where we are this is where we are and any note it's not a very pretty picture of a point in the book of Romans that the family of Adam Jesus condemnation it gives us in I gets us back this leads to death it's it's it's it's not a beautiful picture at all and we are in this family but praise God because Christ came to this world and because he he lived a per I live a perfect death he paid the price so that you and I can be adopted into the family of God because of what Jesus did on the cross the authority has been taken from them and has been placed on Christ and and there is nothing that you did to make this happen as a matter of fact this happened even before you are aware on it if you go back to the Romans let me show you this promise at the fiber look at verse twelve Romans chapter five verse numbers swell little bit before that would you look at verse ten eleven assess for it when we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of his son much more having been reconciled we shall be saved by his life and not only that but we shall rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we have now received the reconciliation effort through the reconciliation that has happened and it happened according to Scripture depots while he was still enemies the reconciliation of the way was prepared but now comes the point that you and I become aware of Mister Holy Spirit works our life we realize our identity in Adam we realize what Jesus has done on the cross and we put our competence in Christ and the moment that we put our faith in him we realize that we have been had it into the family of God and we start living in a different way now it's quite fascinating because yeah I be doing some reading and some research about adoptions and how it works and recently there is become more and more popular for families in Western cultures to adopt children from less fortunate countries from Third World countries and it's interesting what happens I some of these children are adopted I read a report I heard a report where and it is not just the one time case this happens quite significantly amount of times this happens where a child is adopted from the less fortunate country of federal country is brought into a Western assessing a Western family and suddenly this towel has has everything you know as the child is abusive that all they come from they come from a hallway they were neglected in many ways and then sometimes not enough in they didn't know they don't know what it's all white to have enough data during the day takes to be love and care for and build his report of this child was black and listened again this is not as wondered what happens all-time where child is brought into a new family in a Western setting what happened is that child will actually take it of course they do get three meals a day they get plenty plenty of food but they would think that they do they will actually find it in their rooms and the reason why is because they still believe that they might not get another new that day and they don't know they can again be elected tomorrow and so they are eliminating according to their old family you are living according to the all the circumstances they are not yet aware even though the trends the transition has taken place they are in a new family now for the still living according to the whole family they are not aware of the prohibition that is in this new family and isn't that just at a very very illustrative picture of how it works with us and the gospel young we are born into the family of Adam but Jesus Christ has reconciled us Jesus Christ has set us free Jesus Christ has made provision so that we are adopted into the family or how many times that we are in the family of God we live in according to the family of Adam we we we don't believe that God is able to believe that we lack faith in the provision of me tell you when we when we really believe the promises of God there is a provision to hear of your spiritual power here the Holy Spirit has been promised to those that ask him we have a father that wants to bestow upon us all get and this is shown because he gave us Jesus and he couldn't give more than he gave them that he gave in his son Jesus Christ how much more shall you not give you all things as children of God we have access to power from the Holy Spirit we didn't have access to a power that will enable us to live in a new way but my friends it will only come to pass when we understand our identity as sons and daughters of God as so many times we try to change our behavior and inch in trying to change our behavior were still over here in Adam annual Adam conditioning and at an hour condition without Christ that's just basic it's unfixable it is literally on fixable it's like you know if you have a wall that is just walking on the inside it's crumbling to pieces and try to catch up that wall what you do with that while you break it down you start over again what what what the world is doing is providing us with self-help books eating going to Christian bookstores you will find a big big big category but second the books on self-help this is what you can do that about America's weakened disease due to live a better life this is how would you need to do to diminish your finances might be good instruction in those books but my friends it's not really dealing with a heart issue I mean if you're just a fix your finances it doesn't make you more generous you think you're how to make you healthy singer but if you really want to deal with the heart of the matter is a transformation that can only take place when read in the adoptive family of God amen that's where we need to be and when we understand our identity that we have an identity shift Honeywell will welcome no longer in Adam Levine Christ and when you understand identity shift then the behavioral pattern will follow because you will live according to your new family and I'm you will you will you understand that the provision is there is your father she has given you power he has given you strength you must be set free from sin he wants to give you victory in all areas of your life you must believe that you are a child of God you have a belonging in the family of God because of what Christ has done on the cross field in all world religions today and all the religions outside of true Christianity are a picture of mankind trying to better themselves designed to fix themselves right like whether it is whether they believe in a God or a supreme being a whatever it may be that they claim to believe it has all power and authority they are to do this and do that and do that in order to come closer to that being to come in harmony with that being we see it in Eastern religions enough we see it in Islam the five pillars of Islam we find in the new age movement meditation in a certain way say this in a certain way we find policies on the works of Catholicism we find and install of many areas do this do that and make your final make your way from where you are where God wants you to be and that is not true Christianity and if that's what you believe about the gospel that you need a radical paradigm shift because the gospel is not making you better from there you are the gospel is ten we are sending you and your family and that your family is the only possibility of spiritual growth and swing respectfully drop when you are understanding your in a new family and in the provision comes from God himself and he gives you the power and authority under as because of the one whom Jesus and his staff that now his life can be lived out in you some are battering ourselves making ourselves better is not accepting the life of Jesus and then acting upon the promise because we look at the story of Abraham yesterday Abram didn't just believe the promises of God but he stepped out in faith and acted upon that promise and when we had our belonging in the family of God we will act upon the promises of God is one story that I just love and the story of the Israelites that be in all his years in the wilderness and now they going to move into the promised land there's the promised land but there is a river before them is the river Jordan and after the Red Sea but there was another one that passed before the end it into the promised land that was the Jordan River and the Bible tells us that the priests that were holding the ark of the covenant that it is a step into the water and if they stop into the water at their feet were wet that when the river opened up and asked over dryland and many times when of my life that we like to say that to each other when we come into challenging situations enough administrators were traveling and and and and and dealing with a lot of people in a lot of different places and situations come up in difficulties and we need to step out in faith we will say to each other when we step into the water we know exactly what we mean when we say that step into the water step out in faith make a step in faith and God will open the way there is provision in this new family a man this provision but we must step out in faith we must act upon the promise and God 's salvation will be singing him he will be made manifest just as the way was open for the Hebrews to enter into the promised land is a Scripture that I would like to look at as we come to a close this evening that I believe really reveals in many ways are pulled together what would be talking about this evening I went to charge the book of Colossians the book of Colossians and Chapter three and then it was just a number of years ago that I read this passage again I've read a number of times but suddenly it dawned on me just the power of August copies versus that were about three implications the strong implication of what God is telling us here Colossians chapter three and beginning in verse one when Revis with the understanding that yes God has given us a new family we had been adopted into the family of Christ into the family of God Colossians chapter three verse one says it then you were raised with Christ those things which are above where Christ is sitting at the right at the right hand of God set your minds on things above not on the things of the earth to listen to verse three for you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God now the implications of version three is just huge if we allow these words just sink into the soil of our minds for a moment what this was what is the word of God telling us here when Jesus died when we put our faith in the death of Jesus the death of Jesus is really weak it's really a death that we experience now what it says here is that we die we dine with him he Christ united himself so much with us that when we when she died we really died away he rose we rose and we how are you finding into a new family with dot and was the result of a diversified business powerful first five therefore put to death your members which are on the artist and then all these yellow sands fornication uncleanness passion evil desire covetousness which is idolatry and goes on to list these things now what we often times daily I think you can relate to this lease which is absolutely the other way around we say okay and if we didn't deal with our stand without unfortunately a fornication with our uncleanness with without passing with our evil desires if we can deal with these things that we can come into a relationship with Jesus I think this passage is saying that if we put our faith in Christ then his death and resurrection is so united with us that we become part of this new family and because we are part of this family therefore put away these things put away the sins in DC the deference it either trying to make ourselves seem to get ourselves to the point of acceptance or understand that we have been exempted in the acceptance we growing products we overcome face it it's like going to the doctor when you go to the doctor and you have some ailments and sickness that the doctor is going to except you presumptively get away you are a man is good except Cuba what is getting to even start trading you is to discourage the start you know she is in this that the healing processes in a begin as he applies the various remedies that are needed in order for you to be healed this is exactly what's happening crisis he says okay you not being able to do it on your own but I will take you because of my death and resurrection I feel I denied myself with you I've reconciled you you belong out into a new family and in this new family now the healings that take place now start drawing is not enough why these remedies in your life and those remedies my friends the word of God as the promises of God we must believe that I not only believe them but stepped out in faith cleaned them as yours when you fall into temptation when you when you realize there's some challenge that you are facing in your life take the Scriptures look up those promises it was very helpful to memorize them write them down write them down and then claim them read them in and fray over them the very moment that you fought that you find yourself in a difficult situation at the very moment that you feel tempted to go in opposite paths take that verse in Scripture and pray how God I believe I can do this in my own strength I need you by step out of faith I claim this promise helped bring deliverance to me provides a way and God your heavenly father has all the provision of heaven available for you all I would rather send hundreds of thousands of angels to aid you if it was needed and he will do so we must believe that don't don't don't be like the child was adopted and to believe that he got another meal but accept that you are in the family of God and then your God your heavenly father has all provisions made available for you to overcome sin amen all provision available for you to be an over comer in the power of God that's why that's my prayer for you is my prayer for myself that I will that we will all enter into that experience I will understand that our identity is rooted and grounded in Christ noting two thousand one the sixteenth of June two thousand one I made the best decision I could ever have made in my life that was that I was baptized I was baptized on on that day I remember so well that you know I have actually been to share this with you the verse that so that I'm gave to me it's so applicable to the masses I'm sharing with you this evening because he gave me the following verse maybe something this novice versus Romans eight or sixteen access for you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear but you receive the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out father for the first that that that was given to me that day that I was baptized that I decided to follow Christ fully what I have been adopted by the father I belong in your family now and this was really the outward sign of say you know what I want to belong this new family of God this is the family where I now belong I can see the new lot of the father that it has created the world is the world in its orbit certainly he can keep his my life is in the palms of his hands I believe that because of what Christ has done crisis united himself so much with me the price and when I died you die when I rose you rose you belong to me once we are reconciled to the power of the cross the power of the death of Jesus in that when he rose from the grave but he promised to give us a new experience in your life a new chapter and maybe some of you here this evening you have not made that decision yet to be baptized at something you may have thought about something that you that you view has gone through your mind center but you know it would be it would be I have believe it would almost be a sin for me to be here at the week of prayer and not give me the opportunity to make such a SL and I want our last night is there anyone here that has not yet been baptized and another that has euthanized them be afraid but you would like to make that decision tonight you know what I I would want to be baptized into the family of God 's or anyone that would like to make that decision tonight here the week of prayer amen and I would just like him him and sparkling as someone else is always good when this when when when one person is made that decision is anyone else phrases alive praise the Lord anyone has to want to belong into the family of God and men which would give him a moment longer for anyone that says enough I born into the family of Adam and I see what what what what God has done for me in Christ I would belong to his family I want to make that decision to be baptized to actively take that step and show the people around me that this is the family that I went along to anyone else that would like to have this moment make that decision praise God praise God amen amen I want to draw this to myself is there anyone else say tonight the Holy Spirit is speaking your heart and you say I do not want to belong to the family of Adam any longer I want to belong to the family of Christ I praise God for each of you to start I would like to invite you to come forward and to have a special prayer in closing I saw especially dedicate those that have just made this decision here she would come falling and would like to pray with you you can also invite if there is any staff here tonight to come forward and that we can just make it a special prayer here with the students as sound as we dedicate our lives to him but only meal together dear heavenly father was a great privilege it is to belong to you with great privilege that in the midst of a world that is experiencing an identity crisis that you have given us a firm and wonderful identity and your son Jesus Christ our Lord give taken us out of this world the family of Adam brought us into the family that you have made a family ways you are our father where all provision is available Lord as we enter into this family we want to praise you and thank you for the opportunity to live our lives with you thank you for adopting us thank you that we don't need to live according to our old family but that we can live according to this new family I will praise you especially for those that have stood to their feet tonight made the decision to that they want to be baptized that they want to enter into that covenant with you I thank you for each one of them is made that decision I pray in a special way the English yield them with your Angels but you'll be with them as they prepare for this great moment and then lowered to a farm for them they are calling help them to be faithful help them to look into you is the author and finisher of their faith and bless them abundantly Lauda may we be the support to them that they need as they prepare this great moment thank you father for your fitness we pray these things in your precious name amen this media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about the universe will you like to listen to more services please visit www. audio tours


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