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Perils of the Emerging Church

Steve Wohlberg
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This presentation is concerned with spiritual and theological issues that pertain to the message and mission of the church without negative personal intent to the individuals mentioned. The speaker is solely responsible for the content of this presentation.


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker




  • October 12, 2013
    9:00 AM
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dear heavenly father father God thank you for the chance to be here and you know my topic you know how how much preparation I have done and others have done have helped me to organize this material and father you know how big this is and I pray for the Holy Spirit we pray that you will guide me and help me to say the right things give me just the right words there are certain things that I shouldn't say help me not to say the benefits of the things I need to say and give those words to me please guide us now plus the recording is this is good to go out on audio person people will be listening possibly around the world we pray for your blessing right now in the name of Jesus Christ amen okay as you can see there on the screen my talk is called Carol's of the emerging church and I like to start out by stressing the mission of our church which is described in the book of Revelation which is the last book of the Bible I believe the Bible is God 's book Revelation is the last book and at the heart of revelation is chapter fourteen which describes three Angels messages and let me see are we on the revelation slide now and it's really hard for me not having a monitor I guess will all have to remember the people permitted time are right let's go to chapter fourteen let's take a look at the three Angels just briefly revelation fourteen verses six to twelve and I'm on I'm on the microphone here right not on this one the correct okay good revelations fourteen chapter four verses six to twelve describes messages that come from three angels verse six as I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell upon the year to every nation kindred tongue and people saying with a loud voice fear God and give glory to him for the hour of his judgment is come and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters so the first angel is a message goes out to the whole world it contains or is centered in the everlasting gospel it announces that we are in an hour of judgment and it talks about the worship of the creator which ultimately points us to the seven day Sabbath the end of verse seven is actually a quote from the fourth commandment how God made the world in six days and he rested on the seventh day in verse needs we have the message of the second angel that talks about Babylon and its fall and how the whole world is drunk with the wine of Babylon verse nine to twelve describes the message of the third angel saying with a loud voice warning about the beast the image and the Mark of the beast and then concluding in verse twelve with here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus calling on apocalyptic people to become commandment keepers and to center their lives in Jesus Christ in verses fourteen to sixteen there is a picture of the return of Christ verse fourteen says I looked and behold a white cloud and upon the cloud one sat like the Son of Man having on his head a golden crown and in his hand a sharp sickle so we have in these messages a worldwide proclamation of the gospel the judgment the worship of the creator the importance of the Sabbath the fall of Babylon on and her wine a warning about the beast a warning about the Mark of the beast a warning about wrath and judgment to follow those to get the Mark of the beast a lifting up of the ten Commandments the Commandments of God and the faith of Jesus and then ate powerful description of the return of Jesus Christ so just based upon the Bible we see messages from three Angels going to the whole world right before the return of Jesus is that what your Bible says that's what my Bible says in a reading just for a basic Bible and that you should be reading from as well now here is a quotation I want to share with you from volume nine of the testimonies and is that if there on the screen to okay great if they if it's not just give me a thumbs down over there in the back and I'll know up or down all right take a look at this this is ninth volume of the testimonies page nineteen it says in a special sense Seventh-day Adventists have been set in the world as watchmen and light bearers to them has been entrusted the last warning for a perishing world God has entrusted this warning to us on then the shining wonderful light from the word of God which we've seen this is in the Bible is not just something that we've made up they have been given a work of the most solemn import which is the proclamation of the first second and third Angels messages there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention now I do not that's Thursday or not but it's thirds and stirs me I've been a seven p.m. and is for thirty four years and what basically brought me into this message was the Bible and that little bit summit ahead of me a copy of the book desire of ages I read that book to change my whole life I came out of the Hollywood North Hollywood lifestyle as a teenager smoking marijuana using drugs snorting cocaine going to discos just living a wild and crazy life and then when I was twenty years old God got a hold of me he got a hold of my heart he called me apart and he brought me to the Bible he brought me to Jesus and as time went on I studied prophecy and I studied the three Angels messages and it became so clear to me that these messages right here in the Bible must be preached to the world and the conviction just grew on me that God was calling me Steve Walberg off the dance floor out of drugs out of rock 'n roll and into his message with omission and commission to share his word with as many people as possible and I was thirty four years ago and the Lord has been so good to me I am so thankful that I'm still alive now let's talk about the emerging church is a couple of books on the screen about emerging churches becoming conversant with the emerging church the emerging church is a very real movement within Christianity today it is being promoted by the Roman Catholic Church there are many influential leaders like invention a lot of names within the Protestant mainline churches that have also become involved with the emerging church it has entered into Judaism there are Jewish synagogues and congregations that are joining the emergent church movement and it is a movement I'm sad to say that has definitely entered the seventh day Adventist church as well and I will prove that to you in just a little bit it is because of this that Ted will send when he was first elected as president of our general conference that during his inaugural speech he issued a warning to Seventh-day Adventists against something called spiritual formation and the emerging church and this is what he said quote he said stay away from non- biblical spiritual disciplines or methods of spiritual formation that are rooted in mysticism such as contemplative prayer centering prayer and the emerging church movement in which they are promoted so here's our our president of our church out warning Adventists watch out for this movement and he said stay away from it this is not something that is compatible with seven day with the Seventh-day Adventist church now I may share with you a number of facts and I have researched these facts I look at them very very carefully I want to make sure that my information is accurate and it is and so here we go seven facts about the emerging church fact number one is that the emerging church movement which is interdenominational as even cut and has even come into our church is definitely not promoting the distinctive shrews of the three Angels messages the three Angels messages generally speaking are not part of the burden and the message of the emerging church now I have a number of books that I have read and I want to put them on the screen for you if you have an interest in doing some further research on this topic and getting some straight facts here are two books one of them is called faith undone by Roger Oakland and the other one is called a Time of departing by rape dungeon these books were published by evangelical sort of a watchdog organization called lighthouse trails these books are very very heavily documented with more facts than you probably need and basically what they do and here's a description of of the books on the screen they are revealing accounts of a New Age spirituality that has infiltrated much of the church today these books exposed the subtle strategy is to compromise the gospel message with Eastern mystical practices cloaked under evangelical terminology and wrappings so fact number one about the emerging church it is not preaching the distinctive truths of the three Angels messages and fax number two to seven which I meant to give you are documented in these books very very clearly I don't have time to go into all the details but I just give you a quick overview of fact number two is that the emerging church generally speaking minimizes the importance of doctrine doctrine is not that important in the emerging church are those that are into the emerging church would like to ask questions more than they would like to get answers more than they would like to supply answers the whole idea of absolute truth is not something that is generally promoted among the number links are emerging church leaders sell because it minimizes doctrine point number three is it tends to elevate the importance of experience experience having an experience with God apart from Scripture and sound biblical teachings point number for those involved in the emerging church usually point to the writings of Roman Catholic mystics people like Thomas Merton people like Henry now and these are more modern mystics and then those that are more ancient like Ignatius Loyola the founder of the Jesuits and his spiritual disciplines meister I cart Teresa of Avila John of the Cross and there's a whole list of Roman Catholic mystic some of them are referred to as the Desert fathers way back a long time ago and these mistakes are generally pointed to by emerging church leaders who also teach that meditative techniques can be used to gain an experience with God to gain that experience things like spiritual formation contemplative prayer seeking the silence where you are told to basically empty your mind in order for you to encounter God who is above thought things like breath prayers repeating words and phrases mantra style over and over and over and over and over again in order to separate your mind from thought in order to encounter the Lord here is a couple of definitions from lighthouse trails research .com this is what they say about contemplative spirituality and spiritual for me contemplative spirituality is defined as quote a belief system that uses ancient mystical practices to induce altered states of consciousness or a period of a sense of silence and is rooted in mysticism and the occult but is often wrapped in Christian terminology the premise of contemplative spirituality is pantheistic which is the idea that God is all or can and theistic which is that the idea that God is in all common terms used for this movement are spiritual formation the silence the stillness ancient wisdom spiritual disciplines and many others spiritual formation is defined as a movement that has provided a platform and a channel through which contemplative prayer is entering the Christian church finds spiritual formation being used and in nearly every case you will find contemplative spirituality in fact contemplative spirituality is the heartbeat of the spiritual formation movement is on the screen so you're following me a lot okay I write that is basically an overview of what spiritual from formation and contemplative spirituality is about now point number five is that the same or similar practices and techniques are being used today by full-blown people involved in the New Age movement full-blown new majors and these techniques are used to contact spirit guides to contact voices on the other side to contact apparently what people consider to be ancient Masters and the list just goes on and on point number six says that the goal of many of these techniques techniques usually is in I went and the idea or the awareness that God is in everything and ultimately the ultimate goal this is where these teachings finally lay they finally landed in the idea that man is God himself you discover the divine within within you you discover that you are one with the universe one with all people and that you are actually define yourself and I think we all hopefully know this that this teaching ultimately goes back to the serpent in the Garden of Eden is that right the serpent promised Eve he said if you eat this fruit the forbidden fruit your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing good and evil point number seven is the result of these teachings that I get that on the street you see the meditators that there the meditative man got it okay the result of these teaching also are that human beings whoever we are are ultimately one with humanity as a whole and with all of the religions of the world we are one with all people and with all religions are you following me so far this is what the emerging church is all about now the emerging church leaders are also teaching that we are living in what they call a postmodern age they talk about people that that are postmoderns now I need to clarify this because this is critical in understanding these issues according to them the modern age which is behind us is a time when the church was overly focused on doctrine and quota absolute truth but now we are in the post modern age and basically what they're saying is that the approach of the modern age of the church with its focus on doctrines and absolute truth that focus really just doesn't work today that's their idea it's just not effective especially in trying to reach young people and trying to reach you they say that you and post modern people are really not looking for doctrine they really don't want doctrine they don't need doctrine they are looking more for an experience and we need to be more and more contemporary and experienced centered in order to reach this post modern generation emerging church leaders basically say we need to in order to reach the world today we got to reinvent the church we have to try to put together a new Christianity because the old Christianity it just doesn't work see on the screen a number of pictures of post modern ideas of others one of them on the bottom that shows this little little less clay figures giving each other a hug and I'd rather thought the Internet so I didn't write this and it's a description of postmodernism it says now we finally found out that we can discover truth by a group hug that sat somebody just basically describing this is what postmodernism is all about postmodernism is full of questions it says they are not troubled by unanswered questions lack of absolutes uncertain okay etc. it goes on and on and on now that the clarify something that is very important I do believe and I hope you do too that the church does need to be contemporary we need to reach people in the world better in this world today when you agree with that and that's that's pretty basic and pretty obvious and also want to clarify that we certainly do need an experience with Jesus if we don't have an experience in everything if it's just in our heads is certainly not going to help us very much but I also want to stress that if if the biblical Christian church if Seventh-day Adventists especially if we neglect doctrine if we neglect truth if we neglect the ten Commandments if we neglect to point out soon if we neglect the gospel if we neglect the importance of purity and being called the part being called out of the world like Jesus said in John seventeen and if we neglect the three Angels messages in the fit in favor of a post modern mindset than the bottom line really is were sunk we are a sunk people we are a sunk church we will become wide-open to deception and we will be deceived and we will eventually join ourselves with savings greatest final deception which is Spiritualism we will get involved in spiritualism and we will lose our souls this is where the devil is leading the emerging church movement now let me show you some Bible verses open your Bible the second Timothy chapter three thank you very much second Timothy chapter three let's take a look at a few verses and see what the Bible says as I mentioned this is God 's book I do not believe the Bible is irrelevant I do not believe the Bible that update the Bible is God 's word for all generations Isaiah said the word of the Lord endures forever and so does Peter Peter says the same thing all flesh is grass and all of its goodness is like the flower of the of the field the grass will weather in the flour will fade but the word of God endures forever Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away but my word he said will never pass away second Timothy chapter three verse one the Bible does not tell us that we are in a post modern age the Bible doesn't use terms like this Paul wrote in second Timothy three one he said this know also that in the last days perilous times will come so what kind are we in according to Paul were in the last days right were not in the postmodern age were in the last days Paul's very clear on that and is he describes what the last days are going to be like notice verse seven this is one of the characteristics of the last days he says people will be and he will be ever learning learning lots of things but they will be have never able to come to the knowledge of the truth as a characteristic of the last days they learn all kinds of things but they really just can't discover the truth the absolute truth of the Bible this is site hidden hidden from their from their eyes if you look at chapter four in verse one and two Paul tells ministers especially to preach the word not the philosophies and the teachings of man in verse three Paul said that the time will come the tiniest cunning and I believe were in that time the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine sound doctrine is just something that people just eventually can't put up with they just don't want it they will not endure sound doctrine but after their own last shall be keep to themselves teachers having itching ears teachers having itching ears there been a gather to themselves a whole host of teachers lots of teachers and you know what I need to push all these buttons which one I have on the screen there you're doing it for me okay thank you you have teachers turn to fables that there now that one okay good all right thank you so right Paula Paul talks about people that have been together all kinds teachers are to have itching ears and look at verse four he says that they will turn their years away from the truth and they will be turned to fables see that so sound doctrine is that goes out the window truth is neglected and eventually what happens this barrier they get caught up in fables and it lies than things that are true now go back to first Timothy chapter four first Timothy chapter four here Paul also talks about a final time and we are in that time verse one now the Spirit speaks expressly it's a very definite splashing from the Holy Spirit that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils see that so here are the Bible in first and second Timothy is describing the final days the last days as a time of departure from the faith a time when people don't endure sound doctrine a time of fables the time alternately of seducing spirits and doctrines and doctrines of demons now here's a very very important point don't miss this and it's getting very hot here in just a few minutes a departure from sound doctrine into an overly contemporary experienced -based mystical centered emerging church has already been tried the experiment has already happened it happened after the apostles died it happily happened in the second third and fourth centuries when the church got away from sound doctrine guiding to experience started adapting things from the surrounding culture and that experience ultimately resulted in the emergence of a new church and emerging church and that church was the Roman Catholic Church in the dark ages and the rise of what the Bible calls the beefed of prophecy which it is the responsibility of those who are communicating and preaching the three Angels messages to give a a warning about the beast and its image and its mark are you following me that's what happened in the past and what is happening right now in these last days and of the devil is not stupid he has learned a lot by what he has done in the past and he is gathering all of his information all of his scale all of his science all of the history that has gone on before to put together one final deception for humanity at the end of time and in the last days the emerging church movement is here again it's a little bit different little bit different in it obviously different names different leaders but the basic principles are saying the basic principles and the emerging church has emerged into the Christian world big time into the Protestant churches into even Jewish congregations and as I've said before and I'm about to show you some very very shocking information that the emerging church has definitely come in to the seven day Adventist church are you really ready for what I'm about to share with you you I'm glad I'm here at Southern because I I have a belief in IRS unassuming I'm assuming I'm right that I am here among friends conservative friends if I would if I gave this talk in some other circles I might not get out alive if my job was at stake and my employers were sitting in the audience I don't know if I would keep my job I don't know the slides in a new report on the screen for the next twenty minutes are painful for me to do I want to make that clear this is not something that I enjoy doing and as I have looked at this information out my head has just been spinning around and around and around I am just shocked by what I have learned and what I see and what you are also about to learn I think it will be very shocking shocking to you so here we go got a lot of slides and I'll have to push both buttons here is a feature news story February third two thousand four from the Adventist news network this is and then the titles called church congregations increase focus on spiritual formation came out of Silver Spring Maryland and the article there says that spiritual formation is a topic being raised by many pastors and church leaders in a growing number of Christian denominations and we certainly know that to be true and it says it's no longer enough just to know doctrine infects in today's hectic society people are searching for something deeper and more meaningful something that makes sense in their world when lives for the Seventh-day Adventist church a wake-up call was sounded after a two thousand two survey showing that though doctrinal understanding was high there were several areas of concern and the concerns were that that that those surveyed generally did not seem to have an experience with the Lord that they really needed and so this articles basically saying that I in the having church we have doctrines but were short on experience and then they say that spiritual formation is something that's being discussed out there in the other churches and the basic point of the article is that that's what we at seven p.m. and is neat as well now here is the end of the article listen to this it says that the very end it says the Adventist world church has created an international board of ministerial and theological education in September of two thousand one which is the same month that the twin towers went down in New York the same month it says that this this international board is designed to provide overall guidance and standards to the professional training of pastors evangelists theologians teachers chaplains and other denominational employees involved in ministerial and religious formation or spiritual formation in each of the churches thirteen regions around the world is aqua there on the screen you got it they are all right look at that this is basically saying that here we have an initiative to try to bring spiritual formation to the global Seventh-day Adventist church to try to help us to have an experience because were short on experience and we are heavy on doctrine this is the website of lighthouse trails this article came out in two thousand nine a number of years later and basically what's happening is and these are not seven the avenues these are evangelicals that are watching what's happening with the emerging church movement and they were broke this article basically telling telling the world that spiritual formation has entered the Seventh-day Adventist church as well there is the time of the article Seventh-day Adventist theological seminary talking about Andrews integrates contemplative and emerging spirituality into its degree program that your are not evidence looking at what's happening in the church and are sounding a warning that's what they're doing they're sounding a warning now this is just in shock you and this was brought up in the article here is a a brochure out of ventures this was a number of years ago announcing a new doctor of ministry concentration called discipleship and spiritual formation and I went to the seminary I left in nineteen eighty five and when I was there from eighty three to eighty five none of this was taught but it came in after I left and if I would've been there during this time you know I don't know I don't know what I would've done but noticed this this is just absolutely incredible in the end of brochure under course requirements this is required reading for those that are going through this program are a number of books that must be read and hear I'm are highlighted on the screen here there's sad to hear into an a one of Ms. by John Goodall called hunger satisfying the longing of the soul the second one is by Peter Scott Sarro called emotionally feeling spirituality here's two more books that are required J.P. Moreland 's Kingdom triangle published by Zondervan and the last when it's highlighted is Richard Foster's streams of living waters streams of living water now the end of the last one is steps to Christ I certainly promote the last one but if you look at these four books that are required or at least were required reading at Andrews let me just show you briefly what these books are about you got John Goodall 's book there on the screen all right I hear is his book called the hunger which is sold in our ABCs it says contemplative spirituality is strongly presented in his two thousand eight book hunger satisfied along the soul where did all favorably instructs on contemplative practices such as the V oh Divina visualization which is page on page sixty four the Jesus prayer and breath prayers page fifty two hunger is brimming with references to contemplative mystics like David Banner Morton tells the Eid Al or Adelaide Ahlberg Calhoun Tilden Edwards Richard Foster can bowl and brother Lawrence there are many books that are referenced in Doctor Goodall 's books that are going right back to these mystics these contemplative mystics and it's just the first one here's another second one Peter SCSI era his book emotionally healing our healthy spirituality is a who's who of contemplative mystics and ten ten and theists and emptiest some of those key points readers to our Basil Pennington Tilden Edwards Henry now went Meister Eckhart Teresa of Avila and several others so that's the second here is another one J.P. Morgan 's book I showed it was highlighted his book Kingdom triangle used in Goodall 's class at Andrus explains maturity through spiritual formation Mormon tells readers that a treasure I'm deep rich knowledge of the soul is in the writings of the Desert fathers Henry Naumann and Richard Foster that's on page one fifty three each of whom points followers to Eastern style meditation mantra style during a series of Mormon that Moreland did for focus on the family Morlan says that Catholic retreat centers are usually ideal for solitude retreats these are this is a book that is on the required reading list or at least was at our seminary Richard Foster to get the get Richard Foster care okay thank you I'd see you says in his book streams of living water that deep within us all there is an amazing inner sanctuary of the soul a holy place a divine center is in a bother you it bothers me and it bothers a lot of people it bothers a lot of people now it's been a get worse let's let's keep going here is a picture of Brian McLaren and if you've heard of Brian McLaren some of you have he is on at the forefront of the emerging church movement he's not a Seventh-day Adventist here's a picture of his book a generous orthodoxy and if you can see underneath his picture on the book there is a list of things and I I shown you what it says on the side there so it's easier to read this is what's on the front cover of O'Brien 's book why I am a national evangelical post rightist and liberal conservative mystical poetic Biblical charismatic contemplative fundamentalist Calvinist Anabaptist Anglican Methodist Catholic green incarnational depressed yet hopeful emergent unfinished Christian a confession and manifesto from a senior leader in the emerging church movement now that's his side description at the beginning of the on the cover of the book of what he is he's a bland of a whole host of things obviously and as he mentions there you know if you sometimes depressed and he is not finished and he is he is on a road trying to figure things out trying to figure things out now here's another statement that is inside of his book this is page sixty two he said I discovered he talks about first about his growing up in a conservative Christian home but at some point in his life he says I discovered other Roman Catholic writers 20th-century writers such as Flannery O'Connor Thomas merchant Henry now and Romano Gard Dini and Gabriel Marcel as well as the needy evil mystics and others so here Brian is saying that you know in my search to try to understand more I have discovered the Catholic mystics and that is in his book right there a general orthodoxy and he has written many many books now it's getting get skinny get even worse here is his website which I took a screen capture of two days ago this is you can see the date under Brian 's blog he pastors a church and it says October ten two thousand thirteen two days ago this was on the front of his blog on his website the article there is called taking the Bible literally which he has a problem with and then it says input from Augustine so his article there is pointing back to Augustine who was one of the major fathers of the Roman Catholic Church and he is looking to Augustine to provide insight into the Bible simply no demonstrates his own statement in a generous orthodoxy where he says this that I discovered the writings of the Roman Catholic mystics and Catholic father now let's keep going his book here's one of his books the church on the other side is offered on advanced source for Seventh-day Adventists to read you think that this is us that this is safe material to be recommended to our to our people let's keep going and this is worth getting it really right here to home I imagine most of you are familiar with the third way conference and if you're familiar with this the third Way conference took place not too far from here writing this area about a month ago September sixty eighth two thousand thirteen at the Sheraton Reed house hotel in Chattanooga Tennessee Tennessee this conference was sponsored by spectrum spectrum magazine it's called the third way it says in the top there avenues like most Christians have been good at one of two extremes one extreme is conserving a strong identity and belief system while projecting a triumphant demeanor toward others that certainly is that you know we want to preserve our distinctiveness but we don't want to we don't want to be proud we don't want to project a triumphant demeanor toward others so that's one extreme it says and the other one is liberally minimizing distinctive beliefs to allow and accepting attitude toward others that's the second extreme and the conference claims to provide a third way a better way and I would say that the true third way is to maintain our strong identity and our belief system and yet to be humble and to do it in a loving way that really is the biblical third way holes speaking the truth in love that's the way Paul said another you can see there the Ryne McClaren was this was just a month ago was one of the key speakers and so was a Seventh-day Adventist minister named sunnier sale monovision now Samir it's amazing some of the things that he has gotten himself into here is an article from a Baptist website about Samir called apprising ministries awakening to the light of Scripture it says here emerging church leader Sameer so monolithic warships with which its and what they did was they went on a day research Tim there again blowing the whistle on what is happening within the Adventist church and his a number of his tweets from his his church faith house Manhattan art have been found and are being posted in here they are these are his own tweets faith house Manhattan hosted a series about the other are wonderful just this Wednesday are the Wiccan community F8 house living room celebrating we are here celebrating how you ever Saint Saleem think that's the way the Wiccans pronounce it with a wonderful Wiccan community the next one this is the night when the veil between the world is that the finished talking about how we spirit walks our world and we walk the other work so being that now these are tweets from the men that was brought here to speak to your young people at this conference that was a month ago not too far from here you see any cause for alarm in a way we don't want to judge people is not my work to judge or to know decide destinies or examine motives but we still need to look at facts and we need to look at things that are going on and we need to be aware and we need to avoid the things that God tells us about our dangerous night here's a picture of Leonard Sweet emerging church leaders letter suite is one of the most well-known emerging church leaders in the world along with Brian McLaren he has a book or at least it's it's an older book he's written many books called quantum spirituality he had that quote on their behalf they are good okay this is from his book page seventy six and one forty seven in the words of one of the greatest theologians of the twentieth century jazz with philosopher of religion and dogma just how Rainer the Christian of tomorrow will be a mystic one of us experience something or he will be nothing that's what Leonard Sweet said here's another quote page one forty seven the power of small groups is in their ability to develop it this the discipline to get people in phase with the Christ consciousness and connected with one another at Leonard Sweet is is teaching full-blown New Age teachings that are also mixed with Christianity he's got a bland of all kinds of different teachings in his books he has been and I'm not sure if he still is today but in then in the very near past he was a professor at George Fox University is a picture of George Fox on the screen you got that okay now next slide that you know and I hate to do this I really do I don't enjoy this buddy I just feel like it needs to be done here is a picture of the website of the one project which is a coalition of various leaders within the Seventh-day Adventist church right now especially that are focused on youth ministry and there you see their website Jesus all is there their motto celebrate the supremacy of Jesus and the seven damaged church and let me say I I certainly want Jesus to be all in my life that's for sure but I wanted to be the Bible Jesus in second Corinthians Chapter 11 Paul warned about those that that may accept another Jesus and another spirit and another gospel there's all kinds of quote Jesus is in this world and if we want Jesus to be all in all which we do want we do what we want to make sure that that Jesus is the Bible Jesus it's the Jesus who gave us the book of Revelation it's the Jesus gave us the three Angels messages it's the Jesus is coming soon again it's the Jesus who tells us that this is the word of God and that we need to follow that were that is the Jesus that we need net here's a picture of those that are on the board of the one project see Alex Brian Chairman President made the Andes the ones that are highlighted there are many members on their board Tim Glaspie was at the Loma Linda University of health and you see salmon when Lenore University chaplain unless Sierra you see Terry Swinson University chaplain at Loma Linda University these are all board members of the one project that here's something that's significant to know without judging anybody the fact is that all of these men have gone to George Fox University and they've all received doctorates under Leonard Sweet here is the one projects websites website showing their next major event which is Seattle two thousand fourteen which is coming next year and if you look on the bottom who is one of the major speakers it's Leonard Sweet that's right Leonard Sweet along with along with others now here are some more pictures here's Alex Brian who is now the president of Kettering College there he is at a retreat with Leonard Sweet here is another picture of Alex Bryans recommended books the middle there is a generous generous orthodoxy by Brian McLaren here's another one Tim Gillespie Loma Linda University church Sam went Lenore Chaplin last year they are often pictured with Leonard at one of his spiritual retreats here is advanced source promoting Leonard Sweet 's book aqua church recommending this to young people let her sleep has been for many years involved with the Ohio conference he has been teaching the pastors in the Ohio conference I was there with Philip some on that name ring a bell and Philip and I were at a regional cap meeting in Ohio not long ago standing shoulder to shoulder teaching the Bible along with others and I was told in that conference by somebody that the pastors of the Ohio conference were all forbidden to attend this camp meeting they could not go and see they've been trained under Leonard Sweet including the conference president here's another slide Ryan Bell I do know if you've heard of Brian Bell are not but Ryan used to be the pastor of the Hollywood seventy Avenue church which is right over the hill from where I grew up and there is his website and his blog there's his picture and he says I picked up finding our way again the return of the ancient practices by Brian McLaren this is the first in a series of Thomas Nelson called the ancient practices series and Ryan is part of this community and he's reading these books here is a picture of a statue and this is on you can see on the top this is Ryan Bell's website you have that picture the statue on their okay it says here Ryan says Pastor Ryan I spent two days this week at the Benedict Benedictine monastery Saint Andrews Abbey in California I was so hungry for solitude and silence so I went out into the desert to be alone to be silent and to listen for nearly fifteen hundred years months have lived by the rule of Saint Benedict so here he's going to a Catholic monastery this is a Seventh-day Adventist pastor going to a Catholic monastery reading the books of Brian McLaren learning from Sydney 's weight around Leonard Sweet and here's another picture where he was at IKEA this is his blog and he was reflecting on a meeting that he had with Brian McLaren a number of years ago and this is what pastor Bell said in one on one occasion a small group of Adventist church leaders met with Brian McLaren at his church in Maryland to talk about eschatology and the future of Adventism Brian set said to the five or so of us he said I really hope you guys will stay Adventists the body of Christ needs you to stay there and be a force of change within your group so here's Brian McLaren telling pastor Bell to stay inside the church and try to change the church is that those that bother you I do I tell you you know this is just shocking information over the backup stay on that on that flight we don't want to go to the left like you need to know that the Southern California conference recently let him go as a pastor for write everything but he was just so far off the deep end that they decided to let them go but he still teaches at last year is still one of our teachers there now here is a picture of resources you have the roots of the emerging church here are heroes if you want to learn more on getting down near the end of my talk real roots of the emerging church you can go on YouTube and type in the real roots of the emerging church and you can watch this two hour documentary that gives you a whole host of the history behind this movement if you want to get some of the facts can do your homework there now here is another slide of a documentary that is coming out soon that could blow the whistle this is hosted by Aaron Knuth it's called the shaking to see pictures they are John Bradshaw J Gallimore Doug Batchelor heard Douglas Howard Patrick Howard Garrett Morris they will be featured in this documentary and they are going to be exposing the emerging church movement with and the seventh day Adventist church and this will be out in a few months just to let you know briefly white horse media also has many resources dealing with the end times we have a brand-new DVD that should be on a couple of weeks culprits final crisis what you must know to survive things that we need to know to get ready for Earth 's final crisis that is coming the next one we had a T-shirt you can tell we don't believe in postmodernism where there's no absolutes we have a T-shirt that'll be out soon the seventh day is the Sabbath with the ten commitments I like wearing these tend to manage church when I travel in Europe in airports people look as I walked down the aisle and they look at my T-shirts with the ten Commandments like I it's a pretty straightforward witness I have a lot of interesting conversations with people that I just want to mention this book although it has no nothing to do with this topic sprout power we also had white horse media believing that in the health message and the importance of eating live food and getting a lot of nutrients in your body and that book just came out three days ago so I just want let you know we got it in our booth this evening I'm a strong believer in healthy living and this is one of the talk about this afternoon this book called God 's last message Christ our righteousness this morning of showing what's wrong and in the afternoon and Michelle what we need and what's right so that's what's coming this afternoon got left message Chrysler righteousness it's one of my favorite books and I'll be explaining it Russell planning on doing a documentary in the next couple of months on the films Seventh-day Adventist and were to be talking about homosexuality and the Bible and trying to reach the homosexual community and yet not compromising what the Bible says all right I can see my time is almost up I've got to go through a few more slides with you about John Harvey Kellogg and then about ten rights and in one verse and then I'm done if you see a picture there John Harvey Kellogg something similar happen in our church about a hundred years ago when John Harvey Kellogg became infected with mysticism and pantheism and he put his ideas into a book called the living Temple of you heard of this this was over over a hundred years ago Seventh-day Adventist were reading this book and a crisis was growing within our church now here is what Ellen White had to say about this quote she said and for selected messages to argue Ellen White said we do not need the mysticism that is in that book got it those who entertain these sophistries will soon find themselves in a position where the enemy can talk with them and lead them away from God is represented to me that the writer of this book is on a false track he has lost sight of the distinguishing trailers for this time he knows not whether his steps are attending and I think that's true of the group of people in the one project in other places you know people that we need to pray for people that's probably some of you know people that that God loves but they don't know where they are where they're going they don't know where their steps are leading the track of truth lies close beside the track of Aaron all tracks may seem to be one of two minds were not worked by the Holy Spirit and which therefore are not quick to discern the difference between truth and error we need to be reading this counsel this is counsel that the Lord has given us here's another quote from page two oh four to have it on the screen the big one are right it says look at this the enemy of souls has sought to bring in the supposition that great Reformation needs to take place among Seventh-day Adventist and that this reformation would consist in giving up our doctrines which stand as the pillars of our faith and engaging in a process of reorganization were this reformation to take place what would be the result this was in the context of living Temple and pantheism she says that these ideas these mystical ideas are to get into the habit of church you know what's can happen once it happened this is it she says the principles of truth of God in his wisdom has given to the rented church would be discarded our religion would be changed the fundamental principles that sustain the work for the last fifty years would be counted as an error a system up into a new organization would be established book seven new order would be written a system of intellectual philosophy would be introduced going down it says nothing would be allowed to stand in the way of the new movement and at the end there it says their foundation would be built on sand and storm and tempest would eventually sweep away the structure are right I want to finish with some comments about can write you from it with without the intent right he was seven Cabinet minister in the eighteen hundreds eventually decided Adventist was not for me and he left our church he wrote a book called Seventh-day Adventist and renounce that your essay you can read this in second selected messages page one sixty two to once at that should be one sixty four where Ellen White wrote ten write a letter it's a very touching letter I've read recently and she says I was need sad to hear of your decision but I have had reason to expect it it is a time when God is testing and proving his people everything they can be shaken will be shaken only those who stamp will stand whose souls are riveted to the eternal rock Ellen White loved can write she wanted to save him for the cause she pleaded with him but eventually he made his final decision and then she says that look at this look at what she wrote to get she said but if you have decided to cut all connection with us as a people I have one request to make of you for your own sake and as well as for Christ's sake keep away from our people do not visit them and talk your doubts and darkness among I don't know who's good to be listening to this talk on audio verse but I want to say to all of those that do unto those that are involved in the emerging church movement and to those whose names that I have with difficulty mentioned without pleasure I want to say that our goal my goal and the goal of a Seventh-day Adventists is for you to stay with us and to be with us inside the new Jerusalem Jesus loves you and we want you to be with us in eternity but as Ellen White said if you finally make a choice that this seven the Avenue 's message according to the Bible and the three Angels messages and the spirit of prophecy is not a message that you really believe in anymore and you really don't want to in the words of Ellen White I have one request to make for your own sake as well as for Christ sake keep away our people if those that are involved in the emerging church are committed to this and there's no stopping them then I urge you to please leave our church please now again we want you with us but if you're committed to this course don't stay inside the church and infect others because God will hold you accountable for that and you don't want to it's just it's just the wrong thing to do last quote John chapter eight verse thirty two John eight thirty two you see on the screen the other person up there on the screen John eight thirty two Jesus said and you shall know the lot the truth that's right you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free in the emerging church they say if you have an experience that you'll hopefully find the truth but the Bible says that if you know the truth the truth will set you free it will give you that experience with God that's the experience we need the truth is in the Bible the truth is in the three Angels messages the truth is ultimately in Jesus Christ and in the gospel and in his suffering and his death for all of us on the cross and his resurrection and in his ascension and his coming back again for purified people were prepared for heaven this is the truth that we need the love of Jesus Christ and may God help us but God help me making help you making up all of us stand for Bible truth in these last days let's bow our heads spray dear God father I said a lot of things it's morning and I pray that you will take everything that I said and that you will anointed with your touch if I have misspoken in any way Lord forgive me and its things need to be said stronger that I didn't do it Lord forgive me help your people help us all to realize what's going on within your church and help us to take a stand for what's right though the heavens fall it was not to be shaken out to be ready for Jesus coming in Jesus name we pray amen this presentation will you will you message and mission funding from individuals and as we respond London is a this media was brought audio nurse the website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about how he is in his life is more certain please visit www. .com universe 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