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Doing the Wrong Job Well

Kameron DeVasher
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Kameron DeVasher

Director of Sabbath School & Personal Ministries, Michigan Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church




  • October 12, 2013
    10:30 AM
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for the next couple minutes I just can give you a review to catch you up in case you have not been here for the previous messages of this entire visit entire weekend and an extended weekend is a call to stand apart a call to individual proclamation individual ministry individual work for Christ and the premise that I've been working on his loop Chapter 11 the model prayer to Jesus gives re- asses father that his will would be done on earth as it is in heaven and studying from that we discovered how heaven operates which is not necessarily the personal ministry of the Godhead or the four living creatures or the twenty four elders but by the vastly the hundred millions blessed angels that inhabit the courts of heaven then we shifted the second evening to look at how that same model that heavenly model was supposed to be the framework upon which the ancient Israel nation was built to be God 's peculiar people representing him and his character and his law and his wife his kingdom in this dark world Jesus comes as the culmination of all Israel and Jesus does a ministry not only does the ministry but his ministry with teaching other people how to do ministry and he was a walking living breathing breathing training center church training center for Christian workers and this morning were to continue right where we left off we got from heaven to the Old Testament to the New Testament an hour to continue into the New Testament and move into the seventh avenues moment today and I believe there's some important lessons for our church today as we not only look to what through God 's grace hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ were living incredibly momentous time that I believe the Lord has a workforce us to do but I was going as they are the work for us to do the Lord has a work for you to do in his power by his grace as we turn our attention to a study the word was begin with a word of prayer and will be off into her study my father thank you so much beautiful Sabbath day what a wonderful day it is that all the job life and particularly is because of his holy convocation with your people Lord I ask now that the same Holy Spirit inspired the writing of Scripture will inspire our understanding of Scripture in our minds and also the application of that Scripture in our hearts for help anatomy theory Lord help us to have practical application to doing your work and hasten your coming for we pray in Jesus name amen after Jesus did his ministry in the earliest apostles of a very after we look left X two six and eight and the establishment of a very earliest Christian church I want to continue on in the New Testament just a few passages more to give you the framework that was developed throughout that time and then see where it melds with them and they happen to them today Ephesians chapter four Ephesians chapter four that will sandwich of books Galatians Ephesians Philippians there is feed in chapter four will start with verse eleven fundamental work in the organization of the church and it says here verse eleven and he himself of course this is a capital H E himself this is Jesus Christ is referring to give some to be apostles some profits some evangelists and some pastors and teachers verse twelve for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ till we all come to the unity of faith and knowledge of the son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature and fullness of Christ in a verse sixteen he continues on think from home because of Christ from Rome the whole body and of course you know that Paul uses the metaphor the analogy of the body as a way to teach about the church the body of Christ is his church on the earth okay that should be basic one oh one New Testament understanding Paul uses the church is a metaphor for the body as a metaphor for the church when he says in verse sixteen from whom the whole body joined and knit together by what every joint supplies according to be effective working by which every part does its share causes growth of the body and for the edifying of itself in love another several things about this a bit of prescription I want to highlight first of all Paul understood that the working order that he here explains comes directly from Jesus himself this is not called opinion this is not just what happened to work in this particular circumstance apparently this is the mandate of heaven the church operates in this way he establishes these officers so they can build up the church and as the body of Christ is to grow and I want to point out something important if you are the King James version of your Bible this morning there's something I would like to correct it there is verse twelve the wording is fine but the insertion of Hamas changes the meaning of text at times a seven Dennis were well aware of this we think of Luke chapter twenty three and verse forty three assuredly if Jesus is on the cross is that the thief on the cross assuredly I think you today you shall be with me in paradise or the vent away but the comment is what Jesus is saying in anything you will be with me in paradise today or I'm telling you today you will be with me in paradise right I took proper understanding of the state of the data in the larger context of Scripture helps us understand the is erroneous in that passage I want to show you the same thing here in Luke I mean in Ephesians for the Mossad verse eleven is that if he himself gave some to be apostles fine some profit some evangelists and some pastors and teachers focus although that those are different things you different gifts different response possibilities of a rolled but what are they all supposed to do for what purpose verse twelve it is as if for the equipping of the saints and the King James inserts a comma there like that's one job you quickly equipping of the site then the next job that they are supposed to do is the work of ministry and then another says for the edifying of body of Christ so it looks like all those people were raised up those positions those offices were raised up to do three different tasks to quit the people and to do the work of ministry and edify the church not take the comment out and reread it related without the commas inserted their and notice what is that year and he himself gave some to be of the apostles some prophets some evangelists and some pastors and teachers for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry for the edifying of the church so their job is to teach the say how to do the work of ministry so they can build up the church the work of building up the church and doing the work of ministry is not supposed to be on those people those people are supposed to raise up other people who do those tasks that make sense the same wording but the common makes a big difference now you see that this was the broader context shows us that this is what the original that must of been because we go to Francis Titus chapter one Titus chapter one the apostle Paul in verse five explains to him what he was supposed to do weigela Paul leaves I despair in this one particular place but the location was create an Pollux life here's why luckily great here's what you were supposed to do and it does not say to do the work of ministry said here in verse five for this reason I left you in Crete that you should set in order the things that are lacking the barely there were some things about the church that were lacking there and Paul left side is there to correct this problem for this reason I let you increase it you should set in order the things that are lacking and appoint elders in every city as I commanded you you think you are to go and put elders in the church all throughout the New Testament the elders are the local church members who take responsibility for their local church and the ministries that go on there the local leadership is that I left you here to set up the churches and organize them properly because they are lacking that organization you're supposed to go and set up elders so they can do the work of ministries of the church to be built up second Timothy chapter chapter four is turned back a couple pages second Timothy chapter four verses one through five are are are passages is a passage of Scripture that is read at every single ordination service of the seven Dennis Church the pastoral ministry if the charge from Paul to Young Timothy his protégé I'm sending you out and here's what you need to know right after he fifth all Scripture is God breathed rare in verse sixteen of pepper three and is useful then he says in chapter four in verse one I charge you therefore before God and the Lord Jesus Christ who will judge the living dead at his appearing and his kingdom preach what the word another many church leaders say yes brother we need a pastor who will come into this church and preach the word to a keep watching preach the word be ready in season and out of season convince rebuke exhort with all long-suffering and teaching begin first grade for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they have itching ears they will keep up with himself teachers they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables he said that an unstable on uncensored on on ungrounded people out there who don't know what to believe your job if you don't teach the truth breaks the wire now verse five but you be watchful in all things endure afflictions and now notices to the work of all what an infringer list fulfill your ministry his ministry was to preach the word evangelistic we do the work of an evangelist Bellamy S a question who do evangelists preach to believers or nonbelievers is that you preach the word any tell them who to be an evangelist that people don't know what to think what the believer the crazy world and preach the word do the work and evangelist and thus fulfill your ministry now that my team everybody is always fine but that's a radical change of what we expect of our pastors these days we expect the pastor to preach the word to us you have it but it's another great passes a preaching all this is known as a passive entry through the roof and looking for a pastor to preach to us but apparently passage disposed to preach to others and do the work of an evangelist on another passage now and there's evangelist to do that passage slowdown by the way just I'm trying to learn the lesson of about saying anything that might even be remotely questionable controversy over and let inspiration do it for me right I'm in a hide behind the Bible and the spirit of prophecy and if you have a beef with that you have a beef with them right keeps me safe and the awkward luck page two sixty four the upward look page two six four Mrs. White right my brothers and sisters there is something more for you to do than to sit in your churches Sabbath after Sabbath and listen to the preaching of the word you have a work to do for your friends and neighbors God requires that you visit these families and seek to create an interest in the truth missed on you are not laboring together with God if you neglect the work of helping others to take hold upon eternal realities are ministers are not to be encouraged to hover about the churches to repeat to the believers week after week the same truths now I believe we've done a pretty thorough Bible study up to this point of the working methodology of God in heaven with his angels being the frontline workers noticed the latter that Jesus is the Jesus of income driving firstly he sent his Angels up and out he sends others the delegates authority you outdo is what ancient Israel was set up to do Jesus Christ from the very beginning the first thing he said to his disciples follow me I will make you know what fishers of men and all throughout his ministry was training training training and finally he leaves me says all authority in heaven and others were given to me now you'll go as the bookends of his ministry phenomena but always that not only by come to minister but I thought you how to minister now you going to Jesus with a living breathing training center for Christian workers apparently the New Testament model had the same thing when the dispute came up and in and about the distribution of of things of of close amongst the Windows acceptor six they are the temptation to hover over the church in Jerusalem Ms. White makes it patently clear especially in chapter eight oxen or comments about the possible about this a bit the great temptation was to start looking to the past about whatever the people drop in the Old Testament and they started looking to Moses all we have to have some go before the AU we carefully Moses Golden calf was replacement for Moses they needed something they could see David R God who could think as we have that in Christ is always right as they know you will give them the EU will share the thing you take meal of the stone away you unwrap the help but with this biblical framework Old Testament New Testament especially was the building foundation of the seven data Mister Chavez I don't give you the date for each of the statements outsider who said them and you'll notice a trend over the years okay in eighteen eighty six when asked by the Wabash Indiana plain dealer newspaper and an interview of the question by what means that you carried forward your work so rapidly in the nineteen eighty six the seven divers movement was taking off elder GB star replied well in the first place this is his very first thought how he grown so quickly well in the first place we have no settled pastors are churches are taught to take care of themselves while nearly all of our ministers at work as evangelists in new fields we race up pastors not a lover over the churches but they make new ones twenty six years later in nineteen twelve General conference president ADAAG Daniels a ministerial Institute address in Los Angeles California made the comment we have not settled our ministers over churches as pastors to any large extent a twenty six first if anything no civil passers nineteen twelve not many some but not much but any large extent now noticed where they have decided to settle the in some of the very large churches we have elected pastors but as a rule we have held ourselves ready for field service evangelistic work in our brethren and sisters have held themselves ready to maintain their church services and carry forward their church work without settled pastor then he goes on to say hearing almost prophetic reports he was inspired by the Lord but he explains what he believes the future would look like if we were to shift towards a settled pastor model and I hope this will never be the kick never cease to be the order affairs in this denomination for when we cease our forward movement work 's forward movement work and begin to settle over our churches to stay by then and do their thinking and their praying in their work that is to be done within our churches will begin to weaken and to lose their life and spirit and become paralyzed and fossilized in our work will be on a retreats will start losing numbers instead of gaining if this model takes hold widespread forty five years later nineteen fifty seven in a lecture given at the Washington missionary collagen seven data seminary HMS Richards Senior lamented the then current situation in the seven Devon 's church these were his recollections growing up he said any looking at the current situation at that time the time of too many of our preachers instead of being occupied with carrying the message into new fields is taken up in settling church difficulties and laboring for men and women who should be towers of strength instead of subjects the labor may go than he looks back it is early to when I was baptized and later became a young preacher we looked up on churches and by that any other denomination that had to have us have settled pastors over every flock as being decadent most of our preachers were out of the firing line holding means winning men to Christ and raising of new churches then every few months they would come around and visit the church is that it already been established and this seemed to be according to our view of it the plan of the apostolic church we were just trying to follow biblical counsel and we would look at those churches that every church have to have their own bastard anything we thought that was just decadent was wrong get up and work out my paraphrase on that he didn't say that now in the elders handbook to have in my office seven Devens church elders and there is such a thing casino I believe this and I was written in nineteen ninety four on page twenty three you have that little green copy of it you'll find this following statement during the Middle Ages the clergy largely took over the work of the church the Seventh-day Adventist church still struggles to overcome that medieval tradition and seeks to restore the biblical concept that all believers are ministers members and just in general and elders in particular meet a greater vision of their significance and responsibility in the church and its work there writing this elders and but think the way things are often done is not biblically tenable is not pragmatically bringing forth fruit now I went down to the ABC just this week and picked up the two thousand thirteen printed edition of the seventh episode was that I wanted to show you this quote directly from the book the is now been removed or at least it's been moved to a place I can't find it they look at it with their praise the Lord but I did find this passage on page twenty eight is reaching record from here just make sure you don't think that making a listen carefully to the shift in thinking the seven Dallas church is growing rapidly and many churches are understaffed right it used to be we need to get back to the model that relies on the passage do much weight of the elders in late numbers involved now it's the church is growing rapidly pray the Lord but as a result we got some churches the pastors in such situations there may be large multi- church districts where pastor shared among several churches and is able to visit each church only once every two or three months that's like sad a stopgap measure that goes on with it it is the faithful service of local elders that helps keep these churches strong and growing so those poor churches that don't have the resources at their own pastor until they can do that will have to rely on the elders or agent is interesting you said that's what we thought was the ideal now are looking at is like something that what happens were thinking that's interesting that they talk about a meeting evil tradition is code Catholic right it's a priestly model for every person every individual every demographic in the church needs their own pastor took to hover over them to take care of the things to settle the controversy is the deal that think and ended large the church gets more pastors you need number reaches and statements from the pen of inspiration in reference for them every little app you can type it in right as I go in mixture the worst thing the computer evangelism page three eighty one if the proper instruction were given if the proper methods were followed every church member would do his work as a member of the body he would do Christian missionary work but the charges are dying and they want to minister to preach to them she continues they should be taught that unless they can stand alone without a minister they need to be converted in new and baptized anew they need to be born again ministry of healing page one forty nine every church should be a training school training school for Christian workers if the member should be taught how to get Bible readings how to conduct and teach Sabbath of classes how best to help the poor to care for the sick how to work for the unconverted the church should be school if lagging in greener January eight nineteen oh two there should not be a call to have settled pastors over our churches but let the life-giving power of the truth impress the individual members act leading them to labor interestedly to carry on efficient missionary work in each locality as the hand of God the church is to be educated and trained to do effective service if the members are to be the Lords devoted Christian workers at was the Atlantic Union Gleaner nineteen oh two eight January humans later the Pacific Union recorder of the same year all what a work there is before us our ministers are not to hover over those who have received the message just as soon as the church is organized let the minister said the members who work the newly formed churches will need to be educated the minister should devote more of his time to educating the preaching he should teach the people how to extend the knowledge of the truth more time teaching and preaching testimonies the churchgoing seven pages nineteen and twenty the greatest help that can be given to our people is to teach them to work for got ended in on him and not on the ministers she can then use let the minister to vote for this find educating them to preaching let them teach the people how to give to others the knowledge they have received ministry of healing page one forty seven everywhere there is a tendency to substitute the work of organizations for individual efforts think about the wisdom of that I don't have to do any practical medical missionary work we have hospitals I don't have to train it we've got a church without a school we got we've got an institution that will take care of that here we are sinned off we just go over here they are send them that was my bet was not hers that was me ministry dealing one forty seven continuing everywhere there's a tendency to substitute the work of organizations for individual efforts human wisdom tends to consolidation decentralization to the building up of great churches and institutions multitudes lead to institutions and organizations the work of benevolence they excuse themselves from contact with the world and their heart 's grow cold they become self absorbed and uncompress the book love for God and man dies out of the soul Christ commits to his followers an individual work work that cannot be done by proxy ministry to the sick and the poor the giving of the gospel to the loss is not to be left to the committees or organized charities individual reason possibility individual effort personal sacrifice is the requirement of the gospel especially like evangelism three eighty two if the ministers would get out of the way her words not mine if the ministers would get out of the way if they would go forth into new fields the members would be obliged to bear responsibilities and their capabilities would increase by use I think that evangelistic muscles that attribute in the pews review and Herald October twenty two eight eighty nine if church members are educated to be silent and useless members instead of defending the church benefiting the church they will be a hindrance to its advancement and growth apparently noticed that you have to be educated to be silent and useless you notice whenever you first come in a message you can't get people to be quiet and go to some evangelistic restated telling their cause and their friend a post office met to you about the Mark of the beast the state of the dead the second of June is coming down we put them in a church I'll call condo condo is good to great work it would have an evangelist Beth six seven months or six seven years with the bidding of the church and zombie prophetic time of good and that it's a casino we don't really know I mean it's especially you knew you don't know exactly what to say an annual notice of the Bible training at the board though the paid clergy but so let's lead to them and organize support with our tithes offerings which of course is important that I can offer the latest five offerings but that doesn't excuse you from your work will be at this moment on the were large enough we we returned the five we earned ourselves a pastor and the guy don't be we need a youth pastor we actually do children's pastor we got sound system in AV pastor we have a Internet when it you laugh I'm not making this up literal stuff every little demographic everything in a middle-aged pastor senior citizen passed me every little every Democratic needs and minute boil dentist to every individual returns advising offerings to have someone minister to them instead of the biblical model with their job is to get you to do your job you have still October twenty two eighteen eighty nine church members are educated to be silent and useless numbers instead of benefiting the church they will be a hindrance to the batsmen a growth if they are educated to lean upon the minister they'll become only inefficient and demoralized members and the church will be powerless instead of active and efficient review and Herald July sixteen nineteen oh eight so a valid fourth eighteen eighty nine this was nineteen oh eight visit wasn't for just a particular time in particular place this was a broadside this is the big picture there are many who would never heard from the word the reasons for our faith and yet some of our ministers feel a burden to hover over little companies the believers in an effort to hold them together the best way to hold them together is to induce them to maintain a living connection with God and to exert their influence in seeking to draw others to him gospel workers page one ninety seven one ninety eight in some respects the pastor occupies a position similar to that of the foreman of a gang of laboring men are the captain of a ship 's crew they are expected to see that the men over whom they are set to the work assigned to them correctly and promptly and only in case of emergency are they to execute in detail then she illustrates this with the story of share with you now the owner of a large mill once found this superintendent and we open it making some simple repairs while half a dozen workmen in the line were standing by idly looking on the proprietor after learning the facts was to be sure that no injustice was done called the form into his office and handed him his discharge with full pay as all you working the wheel began working really hard and that your fire and surprise the form and ask for an explanation I'm working for breakouts I'm working myself to death and unify Millville and working in basic varieties like that's my point you're the only one working I employed you to keep six men at work I found the fix idle and you doing the work of but one your work could have been done just as well by any one of the six when we keep that in mind all I couldn't possibly do a Bible study as well as the pastor yes you can the reason you perhaps can't now is that you haven't done it or haven't done enough and you got wobbly legs that get stronger keep walking it's okay I found the six island you doing the work but one your work of injustice committed unjust as well as by what any one of the six I cannot afford to pay the wages of seven for you to teach the fix how to be idle by your work your teaching idleness to others your job is to get them to work and she explains this incident may be applicable in some cases then and not others and others not but many pastors fail and not knowing how or not trying to get the full membership of the church actively engaged in the various departments of church work if pastors would give more attention to getting and keeping their flock actively engaged at work they would accomplish more good have more time for study and religious visiting and also avoid many causes of friction no we just finished up a twenty five part evangelistic campaign iterated the second church that I've been a pastor there in the Michigan conference and I know for the entire five weeks we were doing this for you little incidental details of life is coming melted away there is a unity there was that there was a spirit amongst the people they were out giving Lititz and went door-to-door they were inviting their friends and families and though we only had no we only have on the Sabbath maybe thirty thirty five in attendance in each meeting was only twenty twenty thirteen twenty to thirty people by the end of it we had seven people decide to get baptized and that's great and now to put them to work train them and bring them must be in I'm not good at it yet either I'm a pastor and I never learn this stuff okay to be very careful about throwing pastors of the bus were all under their together was time to climb out by the power grace of God by the way if you notice again like I mentioned is a tendency for the bigger the church gets to think we need more pastors it we have more people to care for so many more people to be the caregivers again these level model is pastoral ministry exists a pastor and minister to us right selected message is going to page one fifty five it does a church no good to have two or three ministers waiting upon it review and Herald August twenty six nineteen oh two our ministers are to go forth to proclaim the message of present truth to those who would not hurt it and our churches should not feel jealous and neglected if they do not receive ministerial labor they should themselves take up the burden and labor most earnest Weaver sold believers are to have root in himself striking firm root in Christ that they may bear much fruit in his glory as one man they are to strive to attain one object the salvation of souls she continues it is not God 's purpose the minister should be left to the greatest part of the work of sowing the seeds of truth men were not called the gospel ministry or to be encouraged to labor for the master according to their several ability and not everyone can be a public evangelist I thought I'm calling you today I don't know what your gift is but I promise you it ends in soul winning I don't know if it's hospitality out of his generosity out of it's great to me I don't know if it's technology I don't know it maybe it's speaking maybe it's writing I don't know what and you may not know what it is even if you try anything I don't know but it might be the case that you have a latent ability I'm not even ineptness of your spiritual gift is something you come with with standard operating equipment but whatever you do it should be for the aim of serving others and winning people to Jesus that's the bottom line of ministry and my job at the passer is up with that idea in your mind and if you get mad at me take it up with inspiration it is not God 's purpose for the minister to be led to do the grades for the work sowing the seeds of truth men are not called men who are not call the gospel ministry or to be encouraged to labor for the master according to several of your ability hundreds of men women now Idol could do acceptable service by carrying the truth into the homes of their neighbor of their neighbors and friends they could do a great work for the master God is no respecter of persons he will use humble devoted Christians to have the love of the truth in their hearts let such ones engage in service for him by doing house to house work sitting by the fireside such men if humble discrete and godly can do more to meet the real needs of families then could administer you can do more than the minister even though you may do the same thing as the minister but if you have a friendship of family my coworker neighbor to sit by the fire to get to know them mingle with them and draw them to Jesus open the word of truth to them you are a frontline minister in the kingdom of God records Gospel workers three fifty two the work of God in the earth can never be finished by the dozen in their praise the Lord for that right the work of God in the earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to the work and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers until the church works were not going to finish the work he ever notice that we talk about finishing the work but one of the prerequisites to finishing the work is starting the work right somehow legally think that magically working to finish the one item doing I've never worked with me with homework or any other enterprising is like if I just if I disclose my eyes and ultimately also do it as it turned in on simultaneity nope you fail at what happened the Lord is going to return the Lord is good and the people there are good to be people who take up the mantle of personal effort Bible study witnessing soul winning personal benevolence to those around them and they are going to do the work about I don't know how big the group is going to get somebody to do it and you look at the signs of the end were coming down food friends it is your time to work for Jesus the church has too many watchers not nearly enough workers as I tell you some things about my personal philosophy now some very current things that have done research on glad by the web ecstatic thrill that in recent years so many evangelism training school to pop up all over the country know for omission caused after a arrived full of life that the meeting acronym you can think of there out there praise the Lord for them doing a great work and as a pastor all be honest with you part of me is thrilled to be sold exists any other part of me is embarrassed to know words that they have to exist is a possible is it possible to be a lifelong member of the seven Devon 's church and after May twenty thirty forty perhaps fifty years you need to pay good money literally hundreds even thousands of dollars to learn how to get Bible studies the people how is it possible that we sat in church for years receiving and receiving but never been trained to go out in case of the study has convicted me deeply for as a pastor right now part of my job is to support such fantastic institutions and at the same time do everything within my power to run them out of business I love to see the announcement and I love the front of Michigan has the manual Institute call their plays it's wonderful fantastic but I love to see the day doors closed churches doing the work no need for it anymore free of charge to attend the church will give it out you were to teach you how to work for other people in a counterintuitive as it may be statistically look it up but Adventist .org website look at all the world church statistics compare unions and conferences and divisions to all Matthew one counterintuitive as it may be statistically territories with fewer pastors almost inevitably grow faster than on the westerly look at all men I saw Africa is the warpath there has like thirty churches but those thirty churches are bringing installed were not doing in our one South America while this is a difficult time but they are bombing the accession right if you and we look at them is the one to be paid I get cleaned where there should be a prayer meeting down there more than growing in North America how can we help them not a reasonable argument could be made that pastors actually squelch or kill church growth I'm not making that argument be careful but I believe that argument did not because pastors are doing a bad job I just think they're doing the wrong job very well and they're not doing that job they're doing your job and too many of us are doing a single job at all agility crystal-clear Internet not misunderstood our big problem is in poor pastors before expectations of pastors held by both laypeople and ministers like it is a pastors are doing their job poorly they're just doing the wrong job well they're doing your job I firmly believe the conversations of mutual respect and humility needed per all over the seven that Mister where the agreement was reached the pastor needs to start doing his job so you can start doing your job in this work can be finished and we can go home to truly be a people of the book we claim the far moniker to truly be a people of the book we should work the way the book directs inspiration is worn and history has demonstrated the settled pastor 's the two settled elders settle deep in settled members we all settle right at home to friends this world is not our home Jesus is coming soon and there's going to be people who will work for him in the last days my question is are you one of them are you willing to take what little you know I only I only I don't know that I give a bottle that up to twenty three hundred eight find out at Bible study to the one you know is one passage that store what you got start right where you are and go from there and if you don't know what to do talk to pastor trained me on not really feel that cock the conference rate have betrayed me but I don't talk to the union law that became good friends we are supposed to be a movement in the extent of any movement is defined by movement a movement that stops isn't should work the way the book directs Jesus that the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few I don't know that much as changed in the last two thousand years the natural tendencies receipt for our self to be coming back in at this evening to receive for our self to take person even the beautiful gospel message is all about me me me a friend heaven is not about you heaven is about you serving others and we need to practice being heavenly citizens even here in the seventh evidence church member should be synonymous with missionary there too many watchers not nearly enough workers the greatest need in the seventh Avenue search is not more money more ministers or even more members we need missionaries individual members trained to win souls and willing to go not just around the I love across the field across the street I believe is markedly talked about the Lord 's doctor to call you to be a missionary on your missionary where you are short-term mission work is great all around the world go do something learned to bring it home friends we are living in a mission field with you believe it or not you might not realize but the North American division is only about six percent of the world church ninety four percent of the world churches elsewhere we are on mission field and we need missionaries right here in the great thing is you don't have to raise money to do it you have to get a sponsor not to write a letter yard to approach her aunt in an awkward way asking for money just go when a soul you shouldn't have to pay money to have learned talk you have to go to your local church everything every resource you need its redevelopment especially with modern technological age every resource is available question is where are the work burden of my heart and I hope it's a burden on yours we know we need men and women who don't merely take the regional mission trip but lifted consistent mission lifestyle of Jesus Christ and his ministry for others to tell you all we can to make it appeal and here comes I wasn't kidding I told you exactly would it be from night one been thinking about it hopefully praying about it and now on that appeal out there the Lord wants to use you to reach someone else and I don't want to settle down for the concept of presence evangelism where you know what my ministry is to smile will that's good it's a starting point within open your mouth and say something right my ministry is visited health I'm I'm in very good shape and I'm a vegan right but when someone to Jesus through ministry is not about us friends about doing for others church isn't about us is not about finding that old examples come to both the best life the best preacher even appointed breach is really preconfigured unless that goes through you to someone else at the no good were all supposed to be ministers and nation a peculiar people all holy nation a minute to my question will you allow the Lords work for you and timidly and shaking even though you don't feel the spirit move is not a big weepy appeal I'm not crying telling his story about some sort of thing that got rid I just want you to see from God 's word that you need to work for him that's the bottom line personally if the question have you understood what I'm trying to say has been clear in Eurasia and good again if you disagree that's one thing to least understood the message I was trying to convey praise the Lord now the question is are you willing to go and when it's over Jesus are you willing to go to your neighbor and knock on their door are you willing to have that what a person will seem like a very awkward conversation about you know spiritual things or this incredible truth I just learned Churchill you know and I will I love this tip is like you know my pastor challenges this week and a feeling I need somebody to do a Bible study with and they said I should do this can you be my guinea pig it works just whatever club you have in your bag swing it for the Lord whatever your strength is when somebody to Jesus but don't come with all this we got a four oh students and youth we have energy we have some money in the room whatever your gifted but don't excuse the work of Jewish and you are worth the windowsill God wants to use you to bring someone to Jesus and I believe with all of my heart that if you are give you an example I'm always a little uneasy with the bit with the canvas and I'm fine with the candidates but if we want to survey fifty if someone wants to actually have a health message meeting we should have that we should provide that we did note that entity interested but I keep trying to the different canvases like you trying to tweak it and I'm never comfortable that you can tell I'm not really a stay in one place Pentagon and I just started on on this one occasion we were there church a few months ago doing outreach and I went down to one neighborhood there was a lot of there was a lady standing on the street with another lady who had turned me down for possible studies I was walking back down the street I could tell they were talked about because the sixth and got the awkward at one point is it's like I said I don't know you talk about me the jig is up OPEC huge eyes of an issue is the one lady when I thought you would let you know about the land on the landlord and I'm not a signal upon this the pastor from down the street getting a Bible studies anyone want than the other leg thinners like the USA you are a vital site is using I don't notice it stop clown around you know you want to Bible study no you know you want to learn the door to God for the Orlando the Bible come on now right is a you know okay I I guess I need to know the Bible my wife and I and her two children went over to her house legally three months now every week he's on lesson number nine or ten something like that she's fully aware of who the antichrist is still on board were starting our meetings coming up this next week when I get home Thursday night were starting our meeting on Muskegon the other church and she has at our calendar he's marked out every day of those meetings it is because of hey you want a Bible study group come on you know you want to Bible studies a plan around what about the another thing that's the method everyone should use right that's just the club did in my bag and I decided to take a swing right I don't know your personality but God wants to use you as an individual to work for him friends you can reach someone that the minister can't you have someone in your life someone in your sphere of influence someone around you you know needs the truth as it is in Jesus will you be the third Angels messenger take that word you are interested the message so here's my ass anyone you don't have to come down but if not and I don't want if only five Elizabeth thought I don't want numbers quality for quantity over quality if you want to say Lord and put a timeframe on it he said I don't know about that your thing I make it six months or make it longer but don't put so far off the face-off on the horizon writes that the state courts expect an hour or one year from the whatever to put in a determined timeframe for your grace I'm going to help when someone in Jesus Christ now that may not go from outright pagans to head deacon in that amount of time right but you are going to express your faith through your own voice to someone you know that the respondent of that person doesn't work the argument of failure try again reach someone else Jesus then when you summer can reject you just as we don't know over the next but during the course of the next list they year you will meet someone to give Bible studies to ensure the love and truth of Jesus Christ does that make sense to understand the appeal regular if you want to commit due to make a solemn covenant before God by the way if you had a pastor from the Dunedin key point I'd like a mulatta music is going on at the right is that it would ultimately do if you had a passive one would think individually one twenty people to the Lord every year to consult winning everything .org order that's great in next year he does it again next year to get your churches adding members that the only way to multiply numbers that they have more people multiple people individually adding right would be fantastic even said that I only won one person but thought nineteen others at a Wednesday up within the first year the thing that resulted twenty people but each of them the next year one another one agent so he just keeps winning his one and training is twenty one ago better will you be that one who helps the church multiply I'm not asking a multiply benefit of that Pentecost unasked for simple addition of one you want to commit to being that person to stand with me today if you don't want to do it don't stand very rare field until you sit down if you don't want to do it this morning and make a covenant with the Lord there is someone on a reach for you your power I can go to my own but through you I can do all things were trained me equipment send me out here and live our heads for prayer heavenly father order thank you so much for your marvelous plan of redemption such is the plan of destruction to destroy evil you want to save sinners and amazingly you want to see what he is redeemed sinners to reach other sinners and Lord all of us employee lay member where we are in the second unlike we lost the sight of the fact that the gospel is an individual work with isn't wholesale to retail one-on-one one-on-one so Lord I want to ask you see obese covenant stood up and made we that you will honor the minute you will will arrange for divine appointments it will keep all discouragement and distraction away given endurance and fortitude and strength to do your work your way make each one of us a vehicle for presenting the three angels message you've entrusted us with this abuse from a mindless idea that organizations got it under control the great institution we had a monolithic Lord help us to see that our neighbor needs us beyond just seeing the need vote for your great strain is with both strengthen us to fulfill that need so this time next year W this many more people in your face was a big task work were several big on so we ask that you do great things in these humble frail instruments and the all mighty name of Jesus a media was brought by osteoporosis a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about the universe is like the more so than is www. audio person or


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