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3 The Good News of the Judgment

Jorge Baute


Jorge Baute

Lead/Senior Pastor of Hayden Lake SDA Church in Idaho.



  • October 12, 2013
    3:30 PM
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well this session will take a look at the good news of the judgment and for many when the subject is anything but good news tennis is something that strikes fear and for most of us outside of October twenty two eighteen forty four the investigative judgment began the judgment is in the history to us as to what what it's about and in the course of things here is another hesitation that I may have smelled it and I did have time to put in here for again one day as description the spirit of prophecy the highlights and just went through an endlessly emotion look at the three phases of the judgment I did it because that's a discussion asking the office and something didn't ring right about that I will see what inspiration in the word and spirit I can't say I will and I came away amazed that two things one the incredible transparency of God and to how carefully is to protect our children I marveled at those two things rose to the surface in what I am finding is that the more time I stand in getting to know and more loving and that's really really will recall is the only way out of predicament is young it's hard to trust someone you don't know this is the bottom line in its units in its important for us is all important for us to get terms to know who is it so it is good news I like zero as we get started is I like to just have read the opening paragraph choice that is I think it is about the job creating for us the framework representation actually have some folks coming in either some studies back there for them some she's voting you perfect so Mary thought ahead five before I do it all and had two sessions this afternoon and we need all the help we can get the Malay and I believe that times with engine without meaning to I noticed to for me I always feel that in in a service which were asking for his presence whenever possible I feel you going to O'Neill that's how I feel the humble ourselves before him but the recognition of our need for him and he certainly is my answer so let's do that father we come to you grateful for the love that you have demonstrated to us already in your son and really in the end beauties and yet remain on this planet that you have given to us and by day we thank you Lord for the things you're teaching us that the sanctuary father reveals the plan of salvation how you intend to save us in and how we need to understand this so that we can intelligently cooperate with you a grateful father for the reminder that it's only by beholding the Lamb of God that the sooner license taken away message he told us and influencing you reminded us today that it is a daily experience is not optional more than breathing as for those who wish to have our only hope is in Jesus actually can listening and following his careful and loving directives for each one in order to gather together here and take a look at you five that is taking place we just would be looking at the mechanics as a father I pray that you will anoint my lips touch the floor with a call from off the altar that Julio be your worst town I pray Lord to be your instrument the tool in your hand after you bring to my mind illustrations you want me to present father you see the obvious you know him before this world was created you knew we would be in this room the size you know each one by name you know the struggles in the liking of the questions in a hearted there's no way I can reach this crowd in reality ninety one but I pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit that each one will hear what they need to hear the father I pray that after you have visited us and bless us I pray that all the accolades we believe made at the feet of Jesus and not the stable carrying more so I thank you for your business I pray that you hi this is behind across the Christ will be not only lifted up rightly represented I pray thank you for your goodness to God now prepare a harvest the united voice we ask in Jesus name amen C in addition if you take out your papers I'm going to read introductory paragraphs to lay the groundwork for us in our study today in this study we will learn the truth about the jet which was a final judgment is deeply rooted in the life it is mentioned scores of times some as prophets and apostles offer consistent testimony to it Jesus also made many pointed references to the judgment it marks the climax of his greatest parables and it is the focal point of my this is the writers have a unique perspective on the judgment they did not treated as bad news is good news they did not view it as something outside of the redemptive process but as part of the process they saw the judgment as proof that God is a moral God that the universe has a moral base they saw it as proof that history is not an aimless process in an undirected process to the Bible writers chichi was going somewhere therefore they welcome the judgment with eagerness and hope because of promising ultimate exposure in condemnation of evil in the alternate indication in triumph of righteousness and true the judgment was not viewed by the Bible writers it was always puzzling to me when I would hear David cry out for just as it scared me and interest on immunity was something to the new and I didn't because the judge in front I pray that by the end of this study that I fear will not be forgotten I don't know don't misunderstand me the Bible says your God it's not afraid its respect and Whitney God does not call us get where we're told that he loved us with an everlasting love and with loving kindness he's trying and die and so we we don't fear people that love and there is a effective way to find out and that is not saluted usually look first at the mechanics what the Bible does reveal to us about the judgment so we can create a picture here altogether inaccurate picture of him open a look at again is a mechanic this is how it operates pulling together what we know about the gospel and are you will you lay out how this thing works is anything so is a low question number one can we be certain there will be a judgment at seventeen thirty one says God has appointed a day on which she was John's the world what is that day he appointed October twenty two eighteen forty four a day in which the judgment began very important now in describing the gentleman seen Daniel laid out for us with a look at me Daniel seven nine ten thirteen fourteen as I mentioned on the opening night that if we had been reading this text on October twenty two eighteen forty four we were even reading what was actually happening in this entering heaven let's take a look at those techs I had here I watched the girls were put in place in the ancient of days was seated by the way if the girls were put in place what were they before I be ancient of days receivable was before standing his garment was white as snow and the hair of his head was like pure wool his job was like a fiery flame its wheels of burning fire a fiery stream issued and came from before him and a thousand thousands ministered to him ten thousand times ten thousand stood before him the court was seated in the books were opened I was watching the night season and behold one of the Son of Man coming with the clouds of heaven he came to the ancient of days and broaden your people and sourcing years of setting up a preparation judgment now begins the next day October twenty two was a glut at number three who will be brought into the judgment second Corinthians five ten says for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ him going up in LA it wasn't uncommon to see a policeman show up in neighbors door knocking the door and I have been subpoena and document management if you do nothing your door and you opened it and you were a handed a subpoena but when we do see very well that night you would want to know what the charges were right and he would be looking for a lawyer and that is the situation less real than the one we're facing the reality is that the judgment has been underway upcoming attacks on something here I often hear and say this and that is that we don't know when the judgment is going to pass from the dead to the living how many of you recall Ellen White saying Christ could have come here long before now she made a statement in the eighteen eighties I just recently heard of the resale that in the late eighteen fifties she said he realizes that indicates gradient in the judgment of the dead was not finished the fact that Christ could have come here long before now isn't indicated to us the judgment of the dead the reality is we shouldn't be here in the next presentation under share with you once the law is essentially tells us why continue never for which class of the judge began first Peter four seventeen for the time is come for judgment to begin where the house of God and who begins with us first is a very interesting question it begins with us first what will be the end of those who did not obey the gospel of God very interesting in the facial hair is begins with a nose for coming to it later I lost very interesting if it begins with us so actually if you're in the investigative judgment that is good news will look at a minimum and you're why that is to begin with we remember that when we were talking about the sinner coming with his his sacrificial lamb he remember he confessed his sin over the land is seen was chanted to the lambda like the lamb was taken the line was then captured signifying symbolizing the sand now was in the black and it was later sprinkled before the veil in the holy place signifying that Epstein had been transferred there I do with this guy was trying to communicate with us that when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior RCN is passed on to him and when he went into the most holy place it was brought there and sell under blocks the blood of Jesus washes away the sin and next to the scene his written work hard and this is interest in people I hope it doesn't stay with me a probationary period and is given to us to prove whether or not we really meant because there are people out there that are interested nearly and fire insurance but they really don't know a human by the way if you're one of those surveyed assessing I really don't love Christ will come to the club the only regular prices to spend time with him and love develops in ordinary twenty two years now to my beautiful wife and I can see before you with great confidence that I love her now more than I did today and spent time with Jesus and come to understand his sacrifice on our behalf our appreciation and love for him well Lebron you will not so what is on the daily torment that was then from the go to represents Jesus cleanses the sanctuary and all who sin are placed on the scapegoat knowing that as a result you've heard of the blotting out of sand that's when it takes place using a new research study on this you'll find that the ceiling and the blotting out of CNET are just about synonymous with me so were given the probationary period we has to single sins are still mine know they're not there Jesus but there is a record of where they came from but when I accept Jesus as my Savior ghost in our place on him they become his and he suffers the punishment for me but probationary period is given to show whether or not we really remember in October twenty three two forty four there are a lot of people that walked away from Christ there are many that said all we really didn't believe it anyway inspiring checks but there are others I cried and whacked and struggled with the word of God revealed his investor group one of our beloved part of that group and so sold on newsstands that are investigated by those who ever made a profession of having serve Jesus Christ open your Bibles with two very familiar chapter John chapter three that were not a lot of familiar verse why aren't the weekend included in the investigative please have someone reason they cannot say here take a look here John three twenty nine within a look at John three sixteen well let's do it it's too beautiful to pass out for God so loved the world that game his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life I look at eighteen he who believes in him is not condemned but he who does not believe is condemned with nice work and comment because he is not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God the only way out of this mess Mister Christ for anyone of us here as soon were doomed to die the only way out is Jesus what about that people that are that surprised the do good things I'm glad there are people out there that do the things I can do were not saved by our efforts measures have been with you and it'll come out here if I had a surgical knife in my healthy you know if I have a tree table there is a surgery is a place near a table and other supplies we kill it acting on these instruments when we call the senior recalling the sterile field right if one of those instruments hits the ground but can still function can still work and I still can't the problem is that all of his works are contaminated so ardent words without Christ living in our hearts is contaminated with sound but so what has to happen like that Internet is a source outside of itself is an excellent committee on I is anything yes I know that when it is because what happens is in the illustrated with the story when when my son was three years old we have someone who's came over to our home and it was using the Lord 's name in vain I talk to this person that they needed to stop doing that my son picked up so he started to know he didn't know what he was is the result of the second housing your dad and how to deal with this and slandering and I run into his room Alisa down we talked about and how this is not a good thing to start and honor God 's name and his big brown eyes he nodded his head and I saw those in the next day he was doing it again I run back into his room and this time I brought a little little picture of the ten Commandments and Donohue and Levitt is not lying how we could respect his name he nodded and the next day he was doing again and so this time I brought and think of minutes again we'll talk about it insistently pray together and he's not a feminist it was the Sabbath they were on their way to church and and answered your parking become this on another one and that is my life go inside I'm a literature of this and I told him say in the copyright back in Italy cut loose on it finally he was eyeballing me to see what I was in the unit selenium and you are using was not right title he can understand unthinkingly used to anyway I was a lot the short space and the vehicle and I said to the Lord I don't know what to do I feel that if I continue to allow this is that you think it's okay and and and and and is I feel I have known alternative to spank you want us to do an Asus a Lord under the linden on the bank and peace of the Lord even though I did it may not reach his heart so you'd have to do something to reach his heart and if so I went back into the car and I explained to him what had happened and that way when I was about to doing immediately assume the position switch which was an indicator to me that he knew that he knew now I I I I didn't I was mistaken the man I do not use and remember my father used about the knee and I survived so I thought I guess that's what I'm to do this I explained able to happen next so he was over there and I'm sitting in the backseat of a ninety one Mitsubishi Gallant and there just isn't a lot of space back there and felt in my hand and and I just wanted to get them one time to impress him knows incredible connection between your near and down so I reared back and as they came through the Dell something deflected the blow and by the time to note that to his hind quarters inches very consistent and of course you don't that was great and and I informed him that didn't count and so he had him to an so I got in this time I thought it would I would I and you have to come through with gusto because I was in the with the deflection again I figured it was with some gusto image of attendance and feels himself I think it with gusto again something like this loan was at this moment that I realized I was placed in a local here in order not to hurt him and when I think you got myself right now I forgot about everything at that moment is the second time I felt that in and I was writing and acting in my car pulled in many it hurt really bad and I know that with with with all this taking place also had his little voice that said he'd call me call me today when I looked there were tears welling up in his eyes anything that he had sorry and somehow connected the pain that I was going with what he was doing and realize that God has given me that she was taking nice if please don't see that anymore study and Palestinian issues the works that you see the works is only a representation of whether or not we love God the whole foundation allegiances based on my Jesus said if you live me keep my commands it is a responsive love so those who continue doing the thing that hurts crimes are bearing witness to the attack in Australia other illustrations the kind of plasticizers along so so in the first phase of ejectment is only those who acclaim Christ as their Savior the arrest of the lost velocity not enter into the first night in the second phase of the judgment to continue number five who was the prosecuting attorney Revelation twelve verses nine and ten says the great Dragon college FLSA will yes yes I regret hanging also often when we think of the judgment with this feature this is my picture probably from a Catholic background of Jesus standing between the father anything please note that this one spare this one don't don't don't get over this one is that the Lord is just trying to young to get out of the way that is a horrible picture of God gives user is not God the accuser is the Prince of darkness open your Bibles and turn with me to the book of John chapter sixteen John sixteen if you're there CNET any more time nursing John sixteen in number to reach you verse twenty seven was a safe sense for the file South Lazio because you have loved me believe that I can washing of Luke twelve twelve and twelve innovator reach you verse thirty two do not fear little flock for it is your father 's good pleasure to give you to quickly we forget God so love the world it's not the father it were to see in the judge was flesh that are little more all right who is the defense attorney first just to unsentimental children these things I write to you so that you may not sin and if anyone seems we have an advocate a lawyer with the father is described as amazing memories they are prosecuting attorney the as attorney calls himself the brother of our races are run to going to court and your brothers your lawyer the Senate on the Internet take a look at number seven was the just watched this very carefully for the father judges no one one that has committed all judgment saw that await you want more references for that future pencil handy and ready for the longest that you are more references and eighty four at seventeen thirty one at ten forty two John five twenty seven and this was the spirit of prophecy volume not testimonies volume nine page one eighty five paragraph four would you define is the reason why Christ is the only one of the judges is because Christ is the only one that entered into our experience Jesus disqualified judges therefore our job is also our lawyer and our brother volume nine testimony page one eight five four paragraph four in a way lays out there reiterates registry with you and why this is why so the father is the presiding jobs will read and the chapter entitled facing life 's record by the way we study that you can see what is emphasized there is Christ mediatorial rule because it emphasizes general and I am puzzled by that I think part of it has to do with oriented history if you recall when I was a twenty forty four when Christ came into here this area was the area mediation remember you have the alike cinnamon oil I had the incest and are early pioneers the unit was Jesus moved in provision of the world through the shut door probably to sharply understand now is the correct one person on an incorrect one in Pasadena fire that the provision himself for the world but that and so they were just waiting for Jesus to finish the judgment come back later Chinese began to realize what society this box we know it's the ten Commandments without interval Amana and errands run K so the old man is the bread you have the Shekinah glory which is the line and the priest came in with the instance the elements the mediation found here work on here and I began to realize when Christ is still mediating warranties also just soliciting different we still have a mediator or provisions and that was the newsletter made in the resource he emphasized that the initial mention that God the father is the presiding judge he is overall the insurance is Christ within very very important so are setting out this stage so we afraid of the father and the judgment there is no need to be none at all so what we learned in studying the Bible is that the investigative judgment in the context of our discussion here were not professional to sell but the judgment is actually in three phases the first one is the investigative judgment which is under way right now to sit in this room find out if it is found that we believe in Christ sacrifice for us and remained in a faith relationship with Jesus allowing Christ to finish the work is I live in this is review the universe as well now the evidence is there we are found not guilty but it is found that we rename we went back in our commitment that we never made one then again it was that we never went forward with London what happens is that it defaults to phase to phase two is where all the last entry into and during the thousand years what we refer to as the millennium that is the sentencing phase of the judgment when the righteous now John's win Christ why can they may have had the same experience that Jesus had an experience victory by Jesus did you excel they then enter into that portion and then phase three is the is the executive portion of the judgment which is the destruction of sin and sinners with me so far those are the three phases of the judge was looking at number nine what are the blocks talked about in Daniel seven ten the book of sin or the book of iniquity I should say Jeremiah two twenty two says get your iniquity is marketed for me is the Lord God so there's one book that is marked on every sin every wrong thing and we never committed allies there's another's the book of remembrance Malachi three sixteen so the remembrance was written before him for those of you Lord and meditate on his name so often think of them and not in our life recorded in the book then there is a third book the book of life Revelation three five people overcomes shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the book of life but I confess his name before that my father and before his angels so any person who was ever accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior the name is written the book of life and so there is an investigation to see if that name can be kept as anything are never can what is the stand this fall will be jobs Ecclesiastes twelve thirteen fourteen says let us to the conclusion of the whole matter fear not keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man for God will bring every work into judgment including every secret thing whether it is good or whether it is a futile and that's why this illegal for us to compare ourselves with one another to see what is right you know was asked about this doing it they must be okay for me to do it do not do that if I may be blind to that sand or I may be lost and you want to follow me our focus has to be on the Lord Jesus Christ in his life that is the standard Jesus is the law in living formula note that the lawless like in the life is written on the heart looked at Jesus as a Jesus is the one which compare ourselves to change as well says so speak and you as those who will be judged by what the law liberty and do not represent reflects to last both the character and his essential personality and is very important for us to understand that never eleven by the way this is very interesting I wanted to be the reference to this quote you can write it down gospel workers three fifteen Gosport received fifteen years o'clock the only question asking the judge of any questions or the only question acid judgment will be had they been obediently recommends the only question asked the judge will be happening obediently now through some I need to I need someone who can give me in the past that Christ died to give me his justification me Christ living in media give me strength of the Nevada Power said because apart from him it's not happy with okay Inoue I think we need to come to the place to no longer have confidence in the fact that we know the right doctrine because it is immediately none of the right person that we know the right person in the documents of it was interesting but when early in my life I walked away from God because I didn't think it was interested in me I went to the Academy I knew the truth I was interested because I think he was linking to the place one day and I have a serious buzz about the nineteen years old when I try to take my life is in the process of that Belgrade got hooked into my world and equally to me Matthew eleven twenty eight come unto me on introverted and heavy laden and I will give you rest and I have lived life my way I did everything that the world of sin would be fun and enjoyable in the empty and then I remember that as I heard that it is startled me because I thought was the only one in the room I wasn't Jesus was there and I didn't know it and the Lord Holy Spirit by translating the text to me and is as if the Lord is the Lord the thought in my mind was that's not getting your way is that you what you have to lose training manual it's a native decision to follow Jesus in heaven regret I'm not regret but my point is this I didn't care to know what God you until I discovered that got care about me and what I learned about that it made a difference for me in a huge difference for me and it will for us all so this whole thing about the law of God is working to save us he understands the material my conference should be in one will choose us was how does the union and feeling like I see that's what I wanted to do something good for him to crack and ninety eight with learning then my brother because he's not doing it just the way I am because I don't know what's going on between you and the Lord alienated perfectly okay to drink in a giggling already know you do realize that no one will be lost for believing error atmosphere processing people will be lost because they needed to involve you with me so I I I can enter the judgment of the person I can discern whether they're doing is right or wrong I can comment about that I don't know the motive was going on in the hearts and is not my place like I do now I think it into a round that belongs only to God leader of all believers of that last has blasphemy and always brings us to first eleven what will the judgment brings life for God will bring every work into judgment including what that includes the motives behind all the things that I do the motives behind the things that you I am coming more marketplace to distrust myself that is a safe place to be in a place like confidence Jesus not myself and the verse twelve what is Jesus seeking to accomplish and his followers the church through the judgment process Ecclesiastes five twelve twenty seven Christ also loved the church and gave himself for it that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word that he might present to himself a glorious church not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing that it should be holy him now on his sanctuary terminology and you recall that the land could not be presented it had any of those things that are represented soon the representative you know it's not what we profess that reveals what we are during World War II I think this illustration is explained that the dream of going to the allies and the axis forces would be fighting over a city and him were talking about house to house combat which is just crazy wild because you never know when your enemy yes and so many times they way they were able to determine where the enemy was was by the sound of the discharge of the weapon is your pathetic account where the enemy was because everybody the different sides were using different weapons is other weapons the difference and having account in the spiritual warfare is the same Paul reminds us that the weapons of our warfare are not trying the weapons that we use are delineated laid out for us in Galatians five sphere law John peace goodness kindness gentleness faithfulness self-control and the room that night before Christ's crucifixion if you say you wish culture you will find that Jesus unloaded on Jesus Judas he fire his weapon of love fool your an attempt to win possible the demo also has to sweat but if you look at them Galatians five him and him relations Chapter five I really wish I have several translations and this is one of those times I would love to paraphrase some of these words we don't use today that is not there for us to Hispanic Galatians chapter five hundred read verses nineteen to twenty one now the works of the flesh are evident which are adultery following I can be in the mind as well as physical fornication uncleanness the city is less idolatry sorcery is an excellent hatred with an excellent with an excellent outbursts of wrath selfish ambition dissension Harrison Andy murders drunkenness rivalries and the like of which I count you before hand just as I told you in times past that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God when measuring this with you simply guess we can tell which side of the world by whose weapons were used it's not perfect it's going it's what I live never thirteen what happens if the sin remains on the books unrepentant off and on for second Exodus thirty two thirty three says whoever has sinned against me I will blot out my book is usually two twenty four but when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness and commits iniquity all of the right this is very critical on the righteous when she has done so not be what so always good works will be removed from level one because they weren't there to begin with you see when we do something right and good for the right reasons is working we can't take credit and you are what you can we submitted and received what God is given to us and allowing only to be our Savior but our Lord and whenever he leaves us to do whatever success is given related activities of the future payment so important all the righteousness which is that will not be remembered because of the unfaithfulness was he is guilty and the sin which he has committed he shall die another number fourteen don't despair but what if I had repented of my sin and turn from it and by faith claimed the blood of Jesus is my atoning sacrifice for my sins without my naming name in the book of life Isaiah forty three twenty five I even I see who blots out your transgressions for mine and I'm not being a nurse saying that Revelation three five he who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments and I will not blot out his name from the book of life that I will confess his name before my father and before the angel Philippians two thirteen reminds us for his God works in me will to win and is gotten stuck China finally to the Sanhedrin friends is doing everything possible to get a sense I went we need to cooperate with you so he can be successful in the hardest thing to do is to admit that our good works don't twist my salvation I do this as an expression of gratitude and love for one who was willing to surrender everything to save a human if you love me keep my commitment letter fifteen while the investigative judgment is taking place what is my part second Corinthians thirteen five examine yourself whether you say prove yourselves do you not know yourselves that Jesus Christ is in you unless indeed you are what disqualify during the talks down righteous that Israel was searching the hardest to see if there was anything they are now in the state is now repeated in the next presentation if you ask the Lord to reveal to you if there's anything remaining at that moment nothing is revealed to you don't borrow deal don't sit there in sway whose job is to review and did you last get the remaining contact and in due time if there's something he will release a goal about your father 's business I have people here to the Iranians unite here but I run into that are just worried to death on his promise to take care of so that the thing is we got consented permission to do whatever to stay connected keep asking and in time the Lord will reveal those things but when he does reveal it don't excuse it and will spend a little bit more time in our next section now what I need to do is on the network integral to this rather quickly mobility operation of the Reagan is even again I seen it in my hearing so what did the impression is that the note we must search our own hearts analyzed by comparing ourselves with Jesus and his law we are not given multiply locked into salvation but one initial or isolated act of deleting we are called to continue in Jesus there must be sustained persevering commitment to him continuous personal union with him and this is accomplished by choosing him as our Lord and Savior how often do consider if we understand the key import how choice in our day-to-day lives we will have no difficulty understanding the operation of the preemptive judgment everyone are initial choice to receive Christ by faith puts us in Christ at the moment of our initial commit Jesus gives us the legal run to live forever with him the moment we are financial he gives is that legal right I like the picture in my mind Jesus turned to an agency and sang in a crowd is a crown reinforcement and what we just described is the outer court experience coming to Jesus and asking him to be Lord Eliza acknowledges that we are sinners and the only way we can be saved is good at precious blood committing our life in this justification Jesus at that moment gives you a new whatever you have done you realize of course people whenever you have done his mouth she's in his life now is passed as your written justification that Iraq was continue look at two and three are sustained habitual same choices to keep on receiving him cheese sauce in Christ in a state of perfect security number three consciously and deliberately we must renew our surrender to Jesus 's control voluntary but when a horse on it day by day and moment by moment basis this is what this is what the Bible means by finding in him by continuing in the face in doing unto the and keeping ourselves in the love of God and holding fast the beginning of our confidence firm on to the receipt victory is no him we receive are from Christ did you catch that in other words it was raining outside and just saying rating was sent and you are out there getting some and you want to victory over when this and you know what to do and suddenly you found Jesus walking toward you within a broad and overseas income under Gant I wanted to read just you know have victory over rating yes I see you separate yourself know the injury is a listening heart of Jesus you know there's a lot of stuff in my life when she wouldn't understand of human is today I decided to live a good life partner it wouldn't take my law before I would fall back into everything I was before him it wouldn't take the remember one day in the district was doing on Wednesday night creating primitive and a man came to me he was generational happiness very very precious and respected in the community of the assignment was to have the look of desperation in his eyes and said to me I have struggled with pornography for twenty twelve years at three so I asked him this question what's your devotional life line service for how has your victories in spirit is there a connection I said this is what I wanted to do for the desire of ages and I said I said I want you to go before the Lord and give them permission to do whatever he's got a do they represent anything takes anything and spend time with everything into Jesus when this becomes an attempt Jesus Jesus think about Jesus and be wise to place yourself unnecessarily we attempted use your head in your I remember what the time was it wasn't long we continue with a big smile and tears in his eyes the same with the Lord 's three other land uses thank you for getting people off smoking I didn't desire of ages Jesus is our victory behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world that's the key to spending time with Jesus I don't get me wrong there is a Struthers addresses from the surrender and to do what Jesus calls us to do but with the call to surrender comes the power today a human very important okay well never for an here is the fear factor one factor and one factor alone can jeopardize our security and take us out of Christ that is our own with our own decision to do things our way so one element of risk remains that lies within ourselves while no man or demon or circumstance can destroy our security in Jesus we can destroy them executed by carelessness or perversity or neglect number five accordingly when our individual cases are reviewed in the judge before Jesus comes to bring his reward with him only one that will need to be investigated businessmen and women continue to life Jesus remembering that my relationship with Jesus is always manifested in a life of obedience to his commandments we're not save my club membership Olivier we pass judgment on ourselves if you are referenced sorry this patient is a we pass judgment on ourselves by the consistent quality of our personal day-to-day choices we are now deciding receiving our eternal destiny ungodly character is made up of thousands of individual choices which we are now making in response to the Holy Spirit product in each reader saying yes to the Holy Spirit over saying you realize of course that this is saying is that the closing of probation is done by the number seven at no point in time either at conversion during our Christian lives or at the judgment does not act arbitrarily to override or manipulate our power of choice the decision attendance courts are not arbitrary it is our decisions that determine the verdict had been simply recognizes after judgment God takes no of the current quality of our commitment our current orientation of parking will classes places his seal of confirmation upon the lifestyle or character that we have consistently chosen God 's verdict in the judgment simply discloses and vindicates the quality and direction of our habitual personal choices when asked the question is got there yes preference or start a design as we tested ourselves summary is free moral agents we are the architects of our own destiny by decision all along the way I would count not just those at the beginning acceptance that you as they has two robots this appraisal process is not automatic our initial commitment to happen to him does not take away our power of choice we are always free to choose another master accordingly it is not God 's future decisions at the judgment the wood to fear it is our own decisions the ones that we are making now and they are under our control and now the no these consideration should not rob us of the quiet assurance that all Christians may have the only protect us from the false assurance of resting comfortably in a relationship that has never existed or one that we have since long as we're living in us in sobering time is going on about you but I think I saw that hand prone to wander Lord I feel probably not related and especially pretty well and so I am I have constantly each day coming for the learning given permission by one that I gave him the right to do whatever you need to get my attention in a trust me that I should interest in I should give number sixteen when the investigative judgment has done what verdict is reached Galatians twenty two ten to fourteen he was in jobs that interest you he was filthy let it be filthy still he was righteous than the right to steal he was holding the holy still by the way this is very interesting but you're looking at two opposite extremes of the spectrum and so thereto two characters are being developed right now that the Prince of darkness and death Christ I'm holding we can change the very careful of what we choose brothers and sisters to listen to what the idea that were watching movies of violence and calling in entertainment when God calls an abomination awesomeness warning because it is not holding and we have no idea how some of the initial units was artificially hostile how easily a I was not coming from the Midwest many of you if you have any specific West you know that's not too surprising to run people who never left the county because you married your form and supply honey you come from California like I is so weird but that's not weird out there and answer people are connected to the LAN and when you're far from it and it was this family three of their son joined the Navy was so strange you never let me in on three joined the Navy XL a local Islamic community was a sociologist or our psychiatrist and what was that he was over if you wanted to find out what in the world took place in the family that those three kids in alternating and so he spent time in agreement it hurt like we had no idea and got it figured out the voice came home he gazed at them isn't it long ago over the mantle was painting a beautiful question into the sea and the two boys were influenced what can be said of the movie the music by beholding we are being changed into one care both will be fully develop both will be the case that and behold I come quickly in my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work Hebrews nine twenty eight so Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many to those who eagerly wait for him he will appear a second time apart from sin salvation and we can meet in the piece with nothing between Arsenal and nursing antacids is that the note there the removal of sin from the sanctuaries final century service that's when Jesus working the investigative judgment is done the destiny of always been decided for life and death finally the decision was made my probation is ended and Jesus returns for his children under seventeen is Jesus able to secure my case before the heavenly court Romans England says there is therefore now no condemnation and those who are in Christ Jesus how often do you and every day when they do Internet presentation is within a look at why Jesus way and as we do take a little closer while the process God setting us free from sin process how God sets the seasons you look a little more at the process I'm just like an everyday level but it's going to reveal to us the next day like Jesus has not returned down the river I father you have given us the freedom of choice we have the responsibility to exercise it wisely Lord you have you have emptied had been at its greatest gift in your son you have mobilized every possible resource the same whether or not you will be successful in her lines to us to come to you to confess a great need to post in nothing but in Jesus and to invite you internalizing to permit you to do what you must it's a reminder father that we are to spend time with you and we have to be very careful of the things that we think about because actions follow lots to ask you to help us to harness will stop the run while Lori is something we cannot do that were reminded that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so Lord I pray that passages kind of similar little bit and when we ran a prenup to prepare our hearts for the next section to understand why you have not returned thank you for your business Elena is having a as well as as honestly as this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universal .org


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