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Sound Asleep

Norman McNulty


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN


  • October 19, 2013
    11:00 AM
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our father in heaven we thank you so much for bringing us to your house of worship today Lord we know that Jesus is coming soon and now more than ever we need to be setting our affections in the right places on things above what I just pray that this morning we would set our minds on heavenly things that our minds would be directed to the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary that we would ponder what Jesus is doing for us even now in the sanctuary of the and that this message would be a reminder and perhaps even a wake-up call of how important it is to be right with you so I pray that you would give me the words to speak and may you give each one of us years to list to hear what the Spirit has to say to us today this is my prayer in Jesus name and life sure has been printed by the grace of God that you came this morning to have an experience with Jesus and not just a surface experience in out of the little that way or far more than a little that way to just come and play church is more than a little way in Earth 's history just to go through the motions and check off that church service at Simmons just to get it done we are Seventh-day Adventists we have a message to give to the world were not just here to be playing church anymore we've never been here to play church God has raised up a piece will have to proclaim my message to prepare the world for the coming of Jesus amen start by reading a statement from review and Herald August nineteen eighteen ninety one the third Angels message is preached as it should be power attends its proclamation and it becomes abiding influence if the third Angels message hasn't become an abiding influence that simply means that were not preaching at the way it's supposed to be preached but it's supposed to be preached in such a way that power will attendance proclamation can send you in on it must be attended with divine power or it will accomplish nothing now why does something very interesting here the next thing she does she connects the proclamation of the third Angels message to the terrible of the bridegroom and the ten virgins here she says I am often referred to the parable of the ten virgins five of whom were wise and five were foolish this parable has been and will be fulfilled she was a very letter for a has a special application shoe this time and white for third Angels message has been fulfilled and will continue to be present truth clothes on review and Herald August nineteen eighteen nine Ellen why the servant of the Lord God 's prophet for the last days says I am often referred to the parable of the brighter if she was often referred to this parable don't you think that we should hear about often because this parable has special application for this time and she says I want to send you to be present truth like the third Angels message close the time I might add now is the time to be hearing present your departure and are really writing sixty three alum I think there's many truths contained in the word of God in its present truth of the flock needs now she identified the sanctuary commands in connection with the Commandments of God and the twenty three hundred days and the faith of Jesus that is present true now we can go off and all these other things safe sermons so need sermons feel-good sermons all these types of sermons but is that really helping up to be prepare for the coming of Jesus furthermore it is it preparing us as God 's people to give a proclamation to prepare people to meet the bridegroom this message is present shrews for this time now we're going to get in the Matthew chapter twenty five morgan read the verses but when he does give you a hypothetical scenario your Seventh-day Adventists you have heard your entire life that Jesus is coming soon and share his name which by the way Tuesday is October twenty two and it just so happens that in the year eighteen forty four October twenty two fallacies visitors of the site for trivia but here's the thing was just say Tuesday morning you wake up in a nuclear bomb has gone off in New York City and by the end of the day for air vigils throughout America have been formed by the next day people were saying we need to get back to God and by the following Sunday the leaders of the nation and the leaders of the churches come together insights we even playing games for far too long it's time to get back to being a Christian nation let's make a son-in-law of and we has some they are messed I'm telling you this is sure as I'm standing here every one of us in this room would be shocked out of our minds and you know you would be you're not planning on Tuesday for a nuclear bomb they go off and I have a son a lot passed the following week no you're not it's business as usual were sound asleep floating a lot oh yeah one of these days Jesus is going to count but not this week not not not next week probably not even night here oh yeah we just got a little government shut down the price of our things are back on track their funding the government again and we don't really need to worry about anything too much but just keep on working making money doing business as usual and maybe one of these days this Jesus we've been preaching about will you left the condition of the seventh webmaster and that's why the parable of the bride in Matthew twenty five has special application for this time no one alliances this parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter on the tarmac beside point by saying this parable was fulfilled she is a very letter through the history of the Millerite movement on my monitor take the time to talk about how it was fulfilled through the you can read the history about that the midnight cry phase was when they set the date for October twenty one with the terrible was fulfilled she is a very letter through the Millerite movement but it's also going to be fulfilled to the very letter through the Seventh-day Adventist church the Maeve McDonagh is raised up for the last phase and were going to see how that happens in our Scripture reading of Matthew chapter twenty five before I get into this verses of Scripture though I have a couple of statements to read to you as well from the pen of inspiration the first one as prophets and kings page six twenty six Christians should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise are you preparing are you just floating along how one of these days maybe it will happen or are you living your life in such a way I think the rest of the world is going to be overtaken as if it's an overwhelming surprised I'm not a child of darkness is not going to overtake me this preparation they should make by diligently studying the word of God and striving to conform their lives to its precepts imagine a time that it up so that they are Messieurs thank of the word of God and the doctrines we folder so old-fashioned let's just celebrate the supremacy of Jesus Christ and the Seventh-day Adventist church Jesus is off don't worry about doctrine might away I'm not making that up through the movement out there one project that's leaving such a charge continuing the tremendous issues of each sure and eighty demand in the something besides an imaginary religion a religion of words and forms weren't sure if this kept in the outer court God calls for a revival in Reformation she says the tremendous issues of each term in the demand of a something besides an imaginary religion do you have an imaginary religion or you believe in an imaginary Jesus that only helps you in an emergency lesson with a Seventh-day Adventist we should understand the tremendous issues of eternity if we are connected to Jesus our high priest of our Savior in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary we will understand that we are facing from this issue of eternity and yet here we are away in a CM than one church so many of us floating along as if we have an imaginary religion where our religion consists of five Manhattan morning and evening worship and maybe a couple of hours on Sabbath temperature we are facing something far greater than just child's play here we need to be beyond an imaginary religion test my flaming page twenty of the something very similar transgression is almost reaches reached its length confusion fills the world and a great terrorist can become upon human beings the end is very near we who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an overwhelming surprise again overwhelming surprise overwhelming surprise and yet this is the church is sleep Matthew twenty five starting in verse one then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened in the ten virgins which check their lamps and went forth to meet the bridegroom here Jesus is speaking of his kingdom of his church pew why can sit to ten virgins and virgins represent pure women a woman represents the church obviously and this is a sure church should take their lamps and they go forth to meet the bridegroom and we know from Psalms one nineteen one oh five that the lamp represents the word of God by word is a lamp under my feet and a light into my cat so here is keeps your church that he is a Bible believing church that has the shrews of Scripture anecdote goes forth to meet the bridegroom meaning it is expecting Jesus the combat this is God why hast a church apes your church a Bible believing church who expects Jesus to come back in the clout no money say something straight the alts and when are described as virgins all ten women have the lamps meaning may have the truth of the word of God so let me tell you something of your process seventh Avenue and you'll believe what the Bible says about creation you're not one of the versions if your professed Seventh-day Adventist and you don't believe what the Bible says about Daniel eight fourteen you're not a version this is speaking of people who believe in that sure is on the word of God for the last days that are perfect to prepare people for the coming of Jesus this represents God 's pure church because sometimes will say I'll well yeah they're all sleeping that I'm a wise version because I have the truth of Scripture the fullest versions must be those people who believe in evolution with the parable means the parable is describing a pure church who has the lamp of the word of God and based on the truth of Scripture they understand they see the three Angels messages that we are living in the hour of his judgment they are that we are to proclaim with a loud voice the everlasting gospel that we are to proclaim that Babylon is fallen that there is a crisis coming of facing the beast and his image in the market and the number of his name and so we take our land and we proclaim the messages and were going forth to meet the bridegroom and yet in the nest of having the truth of the word of God verse two says five of them were wise five how could it be that eight year Bible believing and time sure who believes in the eminent return of the bridegroom Jesus Christ how can it be that some of the pure one guy blast a church are full were talking about people that are physiologically here they have the correct doctrine they have the correct theological understanding intellectually they understand what the Bible says about creation and the sanctuary and the humanity of Christ and the list goes on on diet health reform dress reform all of these things yet five are wise and fiber verse three they that were foolish six their lamps and check no oil with them but the wise took oil in their vessels with their laps while the bridegroom carried they all slumbered and slept peers the difference the foolish have no oil the wise have the oil that we now this we understand yes from Zechariah chapter four you have the lampstands and you have shoe watered to your light hikes there's two parts connected all of treason yet while flying from the olive trees into these lamps and Zacharias is what does this mean and he's told not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord of host misrepresent the oil represents the Holy Spirit and so here we have a contrast you have ten theologically pure women in God last a church and find you have the Holy Spirit and five of them do not those you have the Holy Spirit are wise those you died again I have the Holy Spirit are foolish yet interestingly because there has been a delay in the coming of Jesus the entire here church has fallen asleep power and talk a little bit more about the oil what that represents and how it manifests itself practically in our lives yet here we are God lastly in time church and we've been preaching since eighteen forty four which is a hundred and sixty nine years mouth that Jesus is coming soon and now people are starting to Jan a little bit without we been hearing this for a long time my parents believe this my grandparents only the my great grandparents only those on a fifth-generation Seventh-day Adventists so I'm the fifth generation in my family to proclaim that Jesus is coming soon time more generations of the wind attack I have two daughters now is it going to be the sixth generation of absences how many more generations are we going to need a proclaimed that Jesus is coming soon and so because of this dog the last day church has fallen asleep and younger siltstone described as a pure church that was not amended that we have fallen asleep about the reality of what is now and if you don't believe that the church is fallen asleep go back to that scenario I can't for you that when Ellen Weiss is the final minutes are going to be rapid ones God 's people are going to be shocked out of their minds even if you're ready for it when it really happened because they were like oh yeah Jesus is coming soon and I'm on the final event set is one of the ICANN believe this is really happening it's here but I can't believe and you want at seventh they happened to them in general having a form of God showing up the church and we might even sound and Sabbath school class in our speakers myself included and we might sound get from the flow of the water our lives like when nobody's looking whether you're up flour and lips you and your sounding gear when you make your concert you're leaving our your singing the special music you're playing the piano are your teaching the children's Sabbath or whatever it may be always yes we'll again we come the saddest thought and were here to praise the Lord for what he's done in my life but the question is when nobody's looking do we really know Jesus are we really connected and when that still small voice speaks to our conscience and says this is the way watch CNN are we so connected to him that life as we talked about Abraham this morning when God speaks to us in the rest of the world doesn't want your crazy we follow because that's going to be the difference between those who are wise and that your fullest the Holy Spirit speaks to us through our conscience through a still small voice five of the women are wise five are foolish and efficiently you cannot tell the difference only when the cry is made what did it become apparent who had oil in who did not now on the read continuing for more elements is about this terrible review and Herald August nineteen eighteen ninety in the parable the ten virgins headlamps but only five of them had the saving wealth with which to keep their lamps burning this represents the condition of the church the wise and the foolish have their Bibles are provided with all the means of grace that many do not appreciate the fact that they must have the heavenly unction they do not heed the invitation to me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest take my upon you and learn of me and she goes on to say Jesus desires to efface the image of the years they from a mindless followers and to impress upon them the image of the heavenly that they may become one with himself now I continuing she makes another interesting statements that further down in the paragraph refers a few paragraphs later she says in the parable the first versions five or represented as wise and five is foolish the name foolish versions represents the character of those who have not the genuine heart work wrought by the spirit of God the coming of Christ does not change the foolish virgins and the wise ones when Christ comes the balances is heaven away the character and decide whether it is pure sanctified and holy or whether it is unclean and unfit for the kingdom of heaven those you have despised the divine grace that is at their command that would've qualified them to be the inhabitants of heaven will be the fullest versions they had all the why all the knowledge but they failed to obtain the oil of grace they did not receive the truth in its sanctifying power in other words having a knowledge of truth but not being converted in our life is in great poverty six oh eight as the storm approaches a large class who profess faith in the third Angels message that have not been sanctified by obedience to the truth will abandon the ranks and joined the rest of the opposition by choosing the easier be easy popular science they will come to view matters in nearly the same line as the world here is the issue the difference between the Y 's and the foolish virgins wail of the Holy Spirit Jesus of the neck anime except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God a strong three three nine John three five he says except a man be born of water and of the Spirit he cannot see the kingdom of God were talking about conversion here and you realize that we are somehow bad must have learned the fate conversion pretty well we can come to church I'm not converted but in our heart of hearts we still have the old mammoths and ranting in our lives we had that Romans seven experience where it says we know that the law spiritual I am carnal sold understand I'm a slave descendents of the again I would I don't be in that which I don't want to I can than viewing anyway over the wretched man that I am we have listened knowledge of the shrewdest but we don't find the power to obey because were not willing to fall upon the rock Christ Jesus and the surrender our lives to him fully and completely in every aspect of our lives we make it practical for you here it is important that all ten versions have the White House because the lamps contain the truth of the word of God which point us to Jesus and all the doctrines contained in Scripture to help us to understand Jesus better than if all we get from the Bible are the truth of Scripture without the oil on our lamps that regenerate our hearts and minds and bring in conversion we end up becoming a full surgeon must make a practical you understand the twenty three hundred days that beginning in eighteen forty four the sanctuary would become one yet you're still smoking cigarettes in the filing the temple of God now my daughter is I'm imagining that everybody's beyond that type of its invitation that yet there's more it's closer than how we know it right so we believe in the late fourteen yes two thousand three hundred days dimensional the sanctuary the clan yet every time my spouse crosses me rather than responding with a lot of users I respond with the spirit of a down every time at work when that person who gets under my skin doesn't just that little thing to make me upset I respond as if I'm not a Christian and people like what you're a seven band in your you have that kind of an attitude wasn't having the truth of Scripture are important but have those truths which Jesus is the truth has that knowledge of Jesus come into your heart so that you become like him in character because it's all nice and gray and wonderful and fine to know all the doctrines of Scripture yet if you're still acting like the old man that you were the old when woman like you work before you gave your life to Jesus then at the end of the day what difference does it make you feel like one of the foolish virgins who will be without the oil of the Holy Spirit and listen the reason why when they say all know I'm I don't have the oil let me have some of years you take someone's conversion experience from I can get the conversion experience for my wife for myself she can get it for me I can get it from brother allegedly he can get it for me and so on and so forth we each have to have our own experience we each have to have our own oil we each must have the experience of saying I am crucified with current on not crucified for brother looking to ease not crucified for me Jesus was crucified for me and I respond to that I sang I will be crucified with I make a choice to surrender my life to him so what were talking about your we are talking this parable this message of this parable is designed to be given to Seventh-day Adventists who know the truth and it's good to know the truth because knowing the truth sets us in the Avenue of the way of salvation so that the Holy Spirit can speak to and can prompt her prick our consciences so they were like oh yes Jesus is the most pointless in the heavenly century he died on the cross for me I will respond in a loving way I will respond in a kindly I will be like Jesus I'm not going to let the old man a sunrise a and show what Norman is really like when he's unconverted I'm than I should let Jesus sure what he is likely to remain about the difference between the wise and the foolish virgins now if he got actually very interesting I want to try sonic lessons page four eleven the class represented by the foolish virgins are not hypocrites they have a right guard for the true they had advocated the truth they are attracted to those who believe the truth but they have not yielded themselves of the Holy Spirit is working they have not fallen upon the rock Christ Jesus and permitted their old nature to be broken again this is interesting sometimes we think you have the fullest versions are just the hypocrites in their out there in the bar is in their believing in evolution and their fishing really hard for women's ordination in the Bible makes it clear that that's not okay yeah that whatever now were talking about people who understand the truth of Scripture but the question is yes you can give a Bible study on the twenty three hundred days yes you can give a Bible study on the judgment among the second coming in on the Sabbath and on the state of the debt and all of those things are important to help prepare us to not be received in the last days but the question is have you fallen upon the rock Christ Jesus and yielded up your life to his well when you hear that still small voice speaking to your heart sang this is the way walkie and do you have that automatic response in rain within your mind to say yes Lord or do you say you have maybe next time but not this was an Jesus is working for the outback Chris Jesus is looking for yes now something woke up dogs sleep in church because the church is sleeping we are sleeping the day where hearing this message to them like REI oversleeping and were going to go right back to business as usual we may be converted we may have the oil of the Holy Spirit so that when reflecting Jesus our life but were still sleeping because all the versions were sleeping but was something woke the church and then let's read verse six Matthew chapter twenty five or six and at midnight there was a fry may behold the bridegroom cometh go ye out to meet him now and parallel of the Millerite history there was a Millerite preacher by the name of Samuel S Snyder who came along and he through his understanding through his study of the Scriptures came to realize that there were the spring festivals in Jesus but pass around the married in the fall Festival and the damage town would be on the very day of October twenty two eighteen forty four at the end of the twenty three hundred days and through his proclamation of a Miller ICANN meeting everybody what that candidate and the words on there let's work behold the bridegroom and was none of the seventh month men Alan Weiser and Wright controversy for a want of all you're a religious man in the days of the apostles none of them are free from human imperfection on the wiles of the devil summoned out of the Ottoman eighteen forty four we haven't yet gotten back to the Lord used a messenger with a message to wake his people and I would submit to you today that John is looking for messengers today with a message for this time to wake his sleep in church because you see God isn't going to use an external influences nuclear bombs second my outline and then what have you to be the main vehicle the weight is church God is looking for modern day he'll lie against you are going to come to God last day church who are going to proclaim the message prepare ye the way of the Lord God is going to bring a strange message that is going to bring a shake into his church and that is going to wake and says I'm up when you arrange early writings page two seventy Michael I was asked the meaning of the shaking and she was shown that it would be caused by the Straits has the money called forth by the true counsel the way up to the latest ventures by the true witness to the Laodicean church and message that comes to God lastly church and says wake up Seventh-day Adventist water Linda Wayne why are you playing games with God you know better than to be doing you can plan on this front they are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing but at the end of the day you above all people should now we have of all people should know that Jesus is among the most holy place unless sanctuary can haven't shrine to put in an sedan and our lives and yet Seventh-day Adventists have become almost complacent like I'll outline sermon name of the mother gets a sermon on why Jesus was now I'm glad Jesus loves fishing out the way Jesus is going to show his love to his lasting church he is going to send messengers with a message that will await his sleeping church and I believe one day soon we are going to be hearing the message behold the bridegroom cometh and people are going to start waking up in thing you know what it's been a long time since I've heard Seventh-day Adventist preaching such a straight message warning us that Jesus and it's time for me to surrender my wife fully and completely to him so that I have a oil in the vessels in my life that I have the converting grace of Jesus in my wine I need to be prepared for the crisis that is coming not because I'm scared that Jesus is coming but because I wasn't on one meeting with how how much money one way produces the company you can say with your lips all I want to come see and it will sound and that all of us right back are you living your life are you living your life in such a way that demonstrates you want them to come soon in my lesson if Jesus truly is your best and dearest for yielding willing to go through what ever time of trouble was coming to get to see right if you don't really love Jesus then you're talking more about all the time and trouble I just thought maybe arrest Florida for that time comes but it wasn't if you have a long one a special one I'm married now and I have a long distance relationship was with her before we became engaged and in them eventually she moved them to the same time we got engaged and became Eric we are long distance for a year and a half and I love her so much that I was willing to go through whatever trouble whatever crisis what ever it said to be with her you feel that way about Jesus or do you just want to have a permanent long-distance relationship with behold the bridegroom cometh although not yet want to stay back in heaven for another few years because I'm having a good time I have a nice job I have a nice house I'm a nice family I have a good group of friends in college where you have a unanimous and by the way I hope my favorite sports team won the World Series before Jesus comes or you name it why will I seriously and you want in you you say you're a Seventh-day Adventist and yet the things of this world are more exciting to you and you think about them more and you spend more time with those things when you think about Jesus was and if we have a message behold the bridegroom cometh we have to have an experience with Jesus where we want him to come we want Jesus to come back we are looking for his appearing we are looking at it as the blood that all other high-end here's described it if not the scary how I saw my mammoth growth in the church now all the time the trouble is in a recession number wasn't there whether management has the thought we focus on we don't look at the NY mistake work and I be when Jesus but here's the thing we know Jesus is pure and holy and we can talk about that the mushy grace like Jesus that will cover you and your sons until he comes and we know that's not true the end of the day you know it's not true the reason why we get scared at the thought of Jesus coming as they were not ready to me if you love Jesus if you fall on the rock Christ Jesus and then broken in Jesus as your first you want your friend to come back but if Jesus is not your friend deep down in your heart of hearts are to be like concepts for the wins of stress to a level that will just keep in what were then Allison Price object lessons page four twelve it is in a crisis that character is revealed when the earnest voice proclaimed at midnight the whole the bridegroom cometh to be out to meet them and the sleeping versions were aroused from their slumbers it was seen who had made preparation for the event both parties were taken unawares but one was prepared for the emergencies and the other was found without preparation snow listen so now ace sudden and I'll look for calamity something that brings the sole face-to-face with the will show whether there is any real faith in the promise of God there is coming to God 's church in the last days after God send his messenger is so way the church up with a straight message that will bring a shaking there is blind and then indeed a son onlookers for a calamity that is going to bring the sole face-to-face with that and then we will see who is my preparation for the question is remaking preparation what is your character like when you hit the little mini crises in your life now like you hear the sermon at church and its powerful woman you get a flat tire on the way home and you can get a hold of anyone who needs to start kicking the tires smashing the car with a later chapter we can't even handle stuff like that Harold and face the real crisis or the bigger crises you leisure job in the new start acting like the children of Israel God just let me through this life to let me die in the wilderness making wise and losing a job don't get me wrong but at the time that God is going to test your faith so you can get closer to or even foster home if you go through a divorce or separation or a tragic sudden loss of a loved one do you have faith in the promises of God to get you through those times those are experiences that will prepare us for the coming of Jesus because this sudden much for calamity is coming that will bring every soul face to face with death and it will show whether there is any real faith in the promises of God now is the time to be developing faith in God 's promises now is the time for us to learn to trust in God but if were not willing to surrender our lives only encompass related hemp were shown that we don't really trust were still wanting to hang onto certain areas of our lives because we trust ourselves and our judgment and are with them more than we trust the wisdom of the Almighty and if we hear even stressing on the little things there is no way when the final test the REMIC trust God when facing death so a message for this morning I hope it's been clearly we are the ten virgins we are all sleep in a frame of the grace of God that there are some in this room today to Levine messengers for the Lord to give a message that messaged the midnight cry message which is the loud cry message of Revelation eighteen which will be empowered by the latter Rambo Holy Spirit will I wear an angel come down from heaven having great power the earthly delight with its glory the character of God will be eliminated throughout the world Mozilla Marxism Christ subject wasn't talking about the parable the Gregor the last message in mercy to be given of it world will be the message of the character of Islam I fray that we have messengers today who will be part of that message to wake people up I also pray that each one of us will come face-to-face with God advancing in a money the oil of the Holy Spirit in my life I then living and imaginary religion where I show up to church and I know the verses and I know the applications but I'm not applying the person and I need to fall upon the rock Christ Jesus and the broken money to be crucified with Christ as a I see Jesus on the cross for me with his matchless lot it provokes in my heart I respond someone where we want awake and lunch and we say it is Jesus gives up everything for me what more can I give it for what am I not yet given up that's what Jesus is looking for United it's a sad state of reality that Shuman too many seven p.m. on the final crisis comes will be among the foolish virgins and will receive the mark of the beast and they will come up to the door and I'll say Lord Lord let us enter and he'll say guitar for me I know you're not enough first John four Versace as usual while that's not now with nine when Jesus says to the professed followers of Christ I know you not it will be a people who never really loved you when Jesus you want to see him come back are you willing to go through whatever crisis in trouble lies ahead to get to see him because that's the greater people that Jesus is going to come back for those who are looking for his appearing and why that grace of God we won't be Seventh-day Adventists who are looking for the blessed hope not the scary hope we will be Seventh-day Adventist who have the oil and our labs we will be wise and by his grace we will prepare people for the coming of the Lord so that when Jesus we will say behold this is our job we have waited for him and he will save us if you want to be among that group of people I would invite you to stand as I make steel prayer this time he wanted be among the number who will be wise you will surrender everything on the altar that Jesus Christ was for a father in heaven we thank you that you have given a terrible through Jesus to us that I identify as our true condition in the last days of verses three were sorry that we fallen asleep and in so many cases many of us here are full of sugar we have a knowledge of the truth but we have not fall upon the rock Christ Jesus a member of we not surrendered or lies fully and completely to you and if the crisis were to hit tomorrow our characters would reveal base metal rather than pure gold and largely wants you have your character we want to have your righteousness we don't want to just have a knowledge of the truth we want to have an experience in the truth we are where we are settled into or forgive us for where we fall short help us to respond to what your spirit has been saying to us this morning so that we will be prepared to meet the crisis that lies before us not so that we will just get through it and be like the trooper that we will get through to see Jesus our Savior and Lord and our best friend helps the learner to spend time of Jesus every day in a meaningful way so that he really is our best and dearest friends that we will be filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit each and every day of our lives but I pray that your criminal really well be so well this is my prayer in Jesus as a this media was brought by Nautilus is a website dedicated to 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