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Principles of Biblical Leadership – Part 1

James Rafferty


James Rafferty

Co-director and gospel worker for Light Bearers Ministry



  • November 1, 2013
    7:30 AM
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okay so what are we looking at biblical principles of leadership principles and leadership when looking at three two two individuals to fasten or look at for example stood to fashion our lives after one of those individuals is David Roth Neil to the other one is Samuel and the third one woman a look at this morning might be a surprise on the salt surprise is going to be solved Saul gives us an example of biblical leadership and I was really tonight as I actually thought that I was going to use all in contrast to tribute of leadership and I began to read a story we can open up their two-story in first Samuel chapter to first Samuel chapter ten and really begin here with verse one or Samuel chapter ten in verse one it says here for city of Denver 's London Samuel loyal and for this on his soul 's head and kissed him and said is it not because the Lord has anointed you commander over his inheritance so here we see the beginning of Salz leadership abilities of the reason why things always such a commanding example for us as a principal or reviewing the principles of leadership is because there's such a contrast for us between what Saul was under the anointing of God and what he was in its when he rejected that anointing in other words we see in our memory and in our recognition of Saul we see a man who turned away from the Lord who missed the people who did Harold Duane and that is Saul without he wanted the Holy Spirit and Saul 's office without the knowledge of the Holy Spirit and always in line with the Holy Spirit and he did some incredible things God is minimizing the house away and that is office with the anointing of the Holy Spirit it really is an example of righteousness by faith it really is an example of what we need as we wake up in the morning each and every morning as we begin our workday and workweek our lives it is an example of what we need we need the presence and the anointing of the Holy Spirit each and every day it's also an example of how righteousness by faith works righteousness by faith is not something that takes months and years in the days righteousness by faith is a moment by moment experience it happens in the now today this morning right here presently it is not a space is based on what you did yesterday or last year or the generations of your inheritance our heritage in Adventism it's not experienced this based on anything that you have done but it is completely and totally dependent on the anointing spirit of God the anointing of God spirit presence of God in your heart in your life everything depends on that righteousness by faith is not reputation is not based on the accumulation of good deeds of all things that you can bring to the Lord an offer to the Lord righteousness by faith is based entirely completely on dependence 's Christ each and every day and so Saul hears us that he delivers that to us in his life his experience we can look at Saul and we did think I'd only want to go there anyone spent time there but there is oh with this lesson for us in the life and experience of Saul knows here in verse six is a continuous story then the spirit of the Lord will come upon you Samuel says and you will prophesy with Van and be turned into another man is not what we want is not only needs regardless of what we want is not what we need to be turned into another man's return and one other person I know that's what I mean I know that in twenty four years of marriage my wife and I have two children and we've had numerous pets that we need to be turned into other people we need the Spirit of God before I got married I was by my own standards perfect I had attained pretty much everything was in order was in place the toilet paper was put on just so in the toothpaste was squeezed from the bottom and there was nothing that needed to be rearranged in my home and I got married I began to realize imperfections in my own self that had passed my notice when you live by yourself you don't notice things about yourself that you do when you're married to another person who is different from the first different habits from the habits that you have to could does some things that may not be totally in harmony with your agenda and with the way you do things and then of course we had children children who remind us of ourselves the selves that we are so good at covering often pretending that we have arrived because we're not you were able to do the applicant is unable to get the just are who they are and sometimes they allow us to be we are my kids bring out myself much more than I'd like to confess though I am confessing you will be joining one other man for seven and let it be when these signs come to you you do as the occasion demands for God is with you I love that it was a vision adds God is with you when you are carrying out your impulses he will be doing what God wants you to do because you're invited with God 's Spirit and God is with you that's really powerful it's really beautiful you think about it because we often go by a checklist we often look at the outline of what it is that was supposed to do whether it's the protocol of manner whether it's the protocol of inspiration and were not always in the moment with God 's imbued by Spirit anointed by his spirit recognizing his voice and doing what it is that God wants us to do which is according to this verse what the occasion to me it's sometimes it seems like what the occasion demands is different than what Moses command Moses said that this woman should be what Stone what you say while this occasion demands that this woman should not be condemned the spirit of God was upon him and he did as the occasion demanded for God was with what a beautiful promise with how her promise that is given to who to us to soul to us to the worst of us to each and every one of us you shall go down verse eight before me Novell and surely I will come down to you to offer burnt offerings and makes her prices a peace offering seven days usual weights weights till I come to you and show you what to do when wait on the Lord biblical there is anointed by God 's prophet changed into another person affirmed and directed by the Spirit of prophecy Sandy biblical leadership ways or more wake up in the morning weight for the war we wait for the anointing of the board week we long for we crave for week we ask for we need the anointing of the Lord now course survey says we don't do that we come out of that place got to get to work we got pressing needs on the schedule on the agenda and so we are gone from God 's presence we might pause for a moment but that's all we leave Jesus by the bedside in the home wherever he has undergone and the day reveals that facts would blunder early fall we stumble and we pick up when we make all kinds of mistakes and often that is the beginning of a continual downward motion in our Christian experience we need to remember is that God longs for us to learn the lesson that day that we need him every moment and we don't need to somehow waits for the weekend for the Sabbath of for an opportunity to come to some kind of convention where we can get things back together with God because you know we messed up now we can in the moments even in the full revelation of our weaknesses and failures we can ask God for his presence for his forgiveness as power lines Saul never learn that lesson and continued in that downward spiral we were in such a medal but later that the things that I think is beautiful here is this all at this point in his life is a type of Christ that seems hard difficult but Jesus was the Messiah that word means the anointed one Saul is the anointed one Salzman anointed with the spirit of God 's assault was a type of Christ here he reveals the characteristics of crises imbued with the spirit of God he does as the occasion demands and in doing so he is in harmony with God so it was for Senate in nine when he turned his back to go from Samuel God gave you another part in those signs came to pass that day we don't have to wait for tomorrow we don't have to wait for next week we deliver some future time by goddess promises the outgoing and the latter rain it can happen that day according to the word of God in space on the word of God is not based upon where we are who we are what we are gods were that is righteousness by faith in the word of God biblical leadership receives a new heart from God biblical leadership is converted to God wants that for you each and every day each and every moment and says in verse ten when they came there to the hill that was a Google profits to meet them in the spirit of God came upon him and he prophesied among them anointed receiving led by we cannot get enough of the Spirit of God was fun reading here from the story of Saul and you know that if you look to the end of his life that the spirit of God needs to be saturated our our hierarchy we need to be filled to overflowing with God 's Spirit all I get up in the morning I spent an hour in the word of God I spent an hour constantly what rights I spend my time in devotions and then I go on I've done my due diligence I've spent the time of award now I go on no where ever we go wherever we travel people that we meet we need a fresh anointing me to freshen viewing read asking for the spirit of God we are too easily satisfied that's the latest seam problem that's the existence that we experience in society today at least here in North America were too easily satisfied with what you easily can chance we we just want to live up to the status quo for as good as everyone else that's okay but the source all tells us that when dealing with something that is only comparable by the Spirit of God to be moving the spirit of God the old woman presence of God spirit not something itself and self while self is a formidable enemy verse twenty two therefore inquired of the Lord further as the man come here yet they're asking after Psalter they're looking for salt are looking for and I got understand this is the time in which God 's people have gone so far away from him they are actually seeking the kingdom twice always been anointed Saul has been anointed to be the king in Israel it wasn't God 's will that they would haven't eaten at a profit that was good enough for God that's that's really what he wanted for his people it's really what he wants for us but they insisted on being like the other nations as we often do so many different ways and the people in Constantine were asking after this seeing that God had chosen God actually chose Saul chose the King and the Lord answered there is hidden among the equipment I think this is interesting because it shows us that the leadership often manifests a relock tends to put themselves forward I don't know if it was the best thing for solving it and among the equipment but it does reveal something doesn't it about himself at this point we know that he's immune to the spirit of God we always filled with the Spirit of God we know God is annoyed in the profits from ten and yet there he is hiding there is a reluctance insult he's he's not push themselves to the front is not promoting himself is not self promoting his reluctance to put himself forward I think that's a qualification I think it's in harmony with what God wants of all of us because what happens I think at least in my experience is that when we are reluctance God encourages us I feel like we need that extra encouragement sometimes we can question whether or not it's our promotion that is causing things to happen rather than the Spirit of God leading sources of persuasive soul also went home to give you and the valiant men went with him whose hearts God had touched I like this also because it tells us that the biblical leadership draws men to follow whose hearts are touched by God were not lie ourselves you're not alone the Bible says there are seven thousand in other words as you are faithful to God as you anointed with this spirit is God means you and blesses you and guides you is one of the others to you you going to be connecting with them and surrounded by others whose heart God has touched and together you are going to be used in a mighty way to conquer the enemies of God persuasive some of the rebels was always envied those guys some of the rubble some of the opposition some of those who just are in harmony with God 's will now he's on rebels in the sense that there are listings or from another tribe were enemies these are part of the church these are the people that are bitter sitting in the cues and church offices these of people right around here there's just this church and often atmosphere is taking place here in install 's time as it is in our time there are going to be those who are opposed to God 's directive God 's will God 's purpose for you and for others in the church some of the rebels said how can this man save us how can this man saves wealth the truth of the matter is he can't he simply God 's chosen man is nothing special about him except that he was exceptionally tall and handsome but that was about it Sullivan have anything special that made him or gave him the ability to do something and sometimes also were looking at sometimes our rebellion is based upon our observations of a person our qualifications and that person we think a person can accomplish based upon their pedigree based upon their education based upon who they are where they come from what we think they can do and so we rebel against God 's plan against God 's design against God 's purpose they said what can this man do how can this man seem so they despised him and they brought him no presence obviously here there was this this tradition let's say that if someone is elected in such an office as the system was called such opposition would bring them something that would in some way indicate that you were supportive all their calling on maybe just one run car no wonder were seminal text message and say hey so glad that you know your elected to this office in no God it's been a blessing but they shown and they ignored him but see it says in verse twenty seven this is really the key reason why include this verse because I think it's a powerful but he says hell is piece that Saul doing his vacation demand under the spirit of God anointed by God 's Spirit led by his prophet he held his peace now later on salsa but also for us to kill priests is going to be willing to even kill his son in order to maintain his procedures in management here under the spirit of God Saul is a different man than that and says that even those who despise those who you have a Zen to deal with parsley or severely he doesn't respond he holds his peace he is very much like Jesus is very much like Christ is very much your reviewing the Spirit of Christ he's turning the other cheek is going the extra mile he's not allowing the criticism the sharp criticism and opposition of the rebels the rebels against God not him to the chair would've cost of the news is Christ likeness or his focus on mission or humility is walking right closely with the Lord and turning a deaf ear to those refused and then for or affirmation while this a lot they are so far as their for all of us as biblical leaders but the story goes much further than this it actually now it's in this and nitty-gritty action some some very practical applications but we really can't go here yet until we know once we recognize that we understand and affirm what God wants for us again it doesn't matter who we are where we came from doesn't matter how bad the person or heart behalf that's not the issue that's why this story is so compelling and so beautiful it's a powerful story of Saul that's what so thankful it's here of course the New Testament talks about another soul the house us the very thing that we're being told in the story you want to the parable of deciding other firstly didn't know this is not going anywhere the two salts it seems like the second Celtics up with the first so left off any retirements to where the first all began in the school circle with the old and New Testament stories of these two salts that's really where we are we all are where Saul went where he was the pain was so we're talking about in full need of the Holy Spirit wants to bless us to be women's I know that you don't before we get to what God does through salt we need to recognize our need our dependence on God as revealed in the life of Saul I think we do to some degree recognized that at the same time I know it's difficult for me sometimes in my experience God allows me to stumble and fall so I can realize my full meet with him sometimes the accomplishments are greater danger for me than anything else all thoughts about it if instructed to be talked about how we need to forget those things which are behind it and he's talking about his pedigree there is talk about the fact that he is a juvenile jail keeper of the Hebrews circumcised on the eighth date one of the tribe of Benjamin that he was blameless he was a Pharisee he's talking about all the things the human conquest and he says in the context I counted them rubbish Don King James sense the great mayor actually indicates that if he considered them damage but that they were damaging it that they actually got in the way of his full reliance upon the righteousness of Jesus Christ also chambers once said that our greatest challenge our greatest enemy if you will to the love of Christ to the righteousness of Christ our works for Christ what we do what we offer in obedience to Christ many times challenges our complete dependence on Jesus Christ on his righteousness I know when I first came to Jesus I was fully dependent on him because I have nothing at all are you play I was a send our only down the very bottom but as I began to keep the seventh day Sabbath and as I began to follow the principles of the health message as I began to give my tithe and as I began to you to do Bible studies and the shared role in the war while week by week and month by month there were things that's I could point to and say well you know as a matter facts I have actually done a few things forgot and that's a danger and so there are times when God reminds us through times when we fall flat on our faces there are times when we wake up in the morning and everything goes wrong we think but we thought that we overcome all of without we're past that we thought that that that was a failure of the distant past and there is right there right in our faces we feel absolutely and completely hopeless and lost it's as though we never were converted and simply remind them whose heart don't deal well just lose pedigree just lose dependence on that stuff that you've done let go of it in again grass pulling that green core take a hold of that faith the faith that does not make facts but the faith that accepts the facts Jesus Christ and his righteousness that is our title the heaven that is our fitness room and our faith takes hold of that it doesn't make that a reality that is reality that is the reality that is our salvation that is righteousness by faith and faith takes all of that face is yes that's it I accept that it has we do that it transforms us we live for Jesus what else can we do we tried everything else nothing else works sometimes were reminded of that Saul reminds me of that it also reminds me of what God does a cold on that for Samuel Chapter 11 beginning with verse one percent eleven the universe one thing they hashed the end the night came up in a camp against Jane Gilead and all the Medicaid asset and they has to make a covenant with us and we will serve you and they hashed the Ammonite answered them on this condition I will may come in with you that I may put out all your right eyes and bring reproach upon all Israel burst rates in the L Davis said to him hold off for seven days that we may send messages to all the territory Israel and that if there being no one to sandbox will come out to you so the messengers came to give you came to give me a assault told the news in the hearing of the people all the people of the other voices and wept to get place for us to be right here because this tells us where we are we are threatened by an enemy the enemy 's name here is Nash the word means surplus or snake this is a simple of course but you know who any is threatened to destroy us the threat is real it's a reality and someone can with an idea the idea is that they do come in with not a good idea unity that you lose your right I not a good thing to lose you see the right I was critical was was was vital in order to fight in order to war back then you know you had a shield and a sore and if you were wielding that she'll like most work with your left hand if you protect yourself you need into light I needed it will say beyond that seal if you only had a left I pulled SU Louisville that war and the more defenseless if you are yielding about how what most people where you wanted to ship back arrow you need to write I nationally was doing Jenna stood if he was not only humiliating but he was taken with threats of fighting threat of the fighting force all the men in in in the city were to lose their right there were not one to be a threat anymore to him somehow skin with another idea maybe someone can save us maybe the enlightenment is somewhat annoying that can save us we surely can't say ourselves Briscoe Briscoe it's so powerful to realize in the context of God going to need somebody but there's a revelation at the same time of our need that somebody that's been a revelation I think I I recommend this story a few times I thought why to me despite why didn't they just whining they just put up their dukes or illustrations powerful really when you think about and up until this was no one to save and was no one to help them because all the people who heard the message laughed and wept and he wept anyway reminds Revelation chapter five you know what John sees this throne room and and he see someone sitting on the throne right next to someone as a scrolling shirt on the inside and the outside and was told that's will represent the history of the world and is no longer able writing is on the inside the outside to look with seven seals and were told in the context of Revelation find that nobody in heaven or earth or under the earth that no man can take the school and openings and what is John doing here's a he weeps uncontrollably waits why is he weeping because he knows that history records your life and my life and back that history can be summed up with the words all have sin and fall short of Lord God on sinful short word got waged the same is that the history sealed up unchangeable and movable with this and that and then John here's the good news setting words making up seven letters make up two words we know would not be whole the lion of the tribe of Judah not a commandment but definitely the secret of success behold the lion of the tribe of Judah he has prevail when we fail and this is the message that we find right here they even then the object exterior were in a good place they were really in a good place they were because they had come to the realization that they couldn't save themselves they needed help and he knew it do you know that committee today than people in church don't know the man should be stealing they don't really know that they need help that they need salvation they need to be rescued from the righteous judgment of God that they need but they can never share or offer the baby a righteousness that is so perfect but the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees couldn't touch couldn't come close to the people they think they can do it they can but in another way they read that twice what they they knew they needed a Savior they know that but they are not the ones who want to know busy given seven days and was sent out a message and will stand with anybody we don't know of anybody but we know somebody don't wait don't we know somebody is either a man and women in this world there are men and women that are coming into your offices there and then and women that you are coming in contact within your workplace during men and women in rubbing shoulders with their art there are older people in younger people children and grandparents who don't know I don't know that someone has been anointed the same and don't know that they have a safety and absorber here is water on this planet it's where on planet Earth that's our mission that's on ministries insight outlined in second Corinthians chapter five is the ministry of reconciliation it's were called they are ambassadors for Christ is the highest ranking official from one government to the next and goddess called us to minister those people by not counting their sins against them we come in contact with with perhaps grumpy impatience unlikely people people that were not sure we can even handle for the day we just like somebody else to take care of them wore for them to go away quickly and easily very people that God has brought writing your pathway not only because they rub you the wrong way which is really good for character development but also because the worse they are the greater the contrast is going to be between them and the spirit of God and you and the more perhaps potential they have to realize their greedy hands the answer that you can be a channel to offer to now says in verse five there was Saul coming up behind the herd from the field and Saul said what troubles the people that they we white people will be and he told in the words of managing transfer Samuel eleven first one I love this because this tells me the biblical leadership is faithful in the little things everyone wants to be in the limelight in the spotlights everyone wants to be up front everyone wants to be a creature ever wants to be a leader overall leaders were all leaders were leaders in big things and little things right now saw was a leader in little things he was the leader of the flock he was a leader of the hurt he was leaving the goats or the lands whenever they were he was leading them he was a leader and he was faithful in that leadership and is was faithful in that leadership got told something greater that's the way God called David to remember all of David's brothers were in line waiting to be anointed they're waiting to get their their their opportunity to be somebody's to do something great for God it was out my flock is not taking care of developing his leadership skills remember I developing leadership skills so it's all in the second and I love about this is that Saul Google leadership inquires about the welfare of others especially especially when drunk that can be difficult for me as a new with my wife when she's crying I'm a hard time with that sometimes I'm not sure what to do with cheers Benjamin difficult for us to know what to do when people begin to break down when the know what to do almost nationally sometimes most of the time perhaps seems that my wife is anyway on sympathetic words empathetic tears but me I'm not sure it scares me I wanted back okay my wife is said to me on several occasions I will tell you how many will I should I often I ought to know what to do in the moment guess I have at times been the spirit of God and done the right thing is so blindly worked for us to be in the right place at the right time doing little things that God wants us to do and not bothered with the limelight spotlighted the big things just let them go their insignificance it's the little things that matter the counts the humility of being faithful to God in those old things can make all the difference it's not going to be necessarily the meetings right here they are blessed this weekend the speakers some of these meetings are really quite boring this one might be but it's going to be those little encounters social connections the opportunities that you have to minister to one another to pray together into to inquire about life and trials and joys and struggles to just just meet those needs on that level on those interactive levels those are what make the difference in church and home community and in fellowship and interventions and in a manner in ASI CYC that's why people go less where the blessings are the blessings are therefore all of us to give and receive on that level regardless of who is speaking how powerful sermon was or wasn't it's for us each one of us to leave that little heart of the flock of speed that God is engaging us with directing us to the spirit of God verse six came upon Saul I love this part is one to get his father to one I want to leave us this morning and the last thing is that we have to get without focusing on this heart the spirit of God came upon Saul we've heard this news it is anger was greatly aroused her because I like being granted I don't know if it's my inheritance are some on the other side or just the fact that I get mad sometimes would love to justify but here is a case for justified righteous indignation there is a situation with Saul in view of the spirit of God manifests anger over the injustice that is being imposed upon people to history they do have the right eyes pulled out the spirit of God coupon salt was time for solitude to do something spirit of God still available spirit of God still ready to around sauce to do something I think at times we allow all of our energy to be granted to be to be used up in talking about what we would do or should do or could and then we end up doing nothing the stock goes up such talk or some subset we don't do anything we don't do anything I found that sometimes it's better to stay quiet and just let all of that just bills justice to the right there dividends like even if I keep it inside and then do something actually do something to vacation candidate can be powerful saw actually did communicate initially first seven says so he took a yoke of oxen cut the pieces and sent them throughout all the character of Israel by the hands of the message sinks whosoever does not go out with solace attitudes about social be done to his oxen and the fear the Lord fell on the people and making out with one consent not exactly a twitter feed I don't see us face looking in this manner today but it was nonetheless a vital mode of communication extreme motor communication perhaps and Silas might think that Facebook is extreme work wonders extreme I have a Facebook account my daughter set up for me I don't know exactly how to use a blaze of their own time I have a twitter account someone else said that turning bodies that but me noticed of their own time I want to do something I want to communicate something something that isn't me something that is inspired something that I believe can be powerful impact the lives and hearts of people whoever they are out there who use that form of communication on a regular basis I'd like to impact their hearts somehow I don't want to sit around talking about it's whatever my wife or to the wall I want to be viewed with the spirit of God I want to study his word and and listen to his prophets and I want to share whatever it is that God is his comedic enemy whatever it is that's helped me to blessing him I share with others Saul wanted to do something and sometimes that means utilizing extreme methods vacation when necessary verse nine in a sense of the messages became the silly say to the men of Judah 's Gilead tomorrow by the time the sun is hot you shall have help along you shall have you shall you shall have the say that over and over again himself you shall have help you out in the messages came and reported to the managing and they were what they were glass at three minutes left in it with you this last part quickly so it was on the next day verse eleven that's all the people in three companies biblical leadership brings glad tidings over those are facing evil but nuclear is also organized is in a rundown there is a log .ini is me understand that leaving the city 's America he organized people together into groups and companies in a plan and he followed that plan first twelve people said to Samuel after the great rescue takes place after it's it's all over after God deliver us about it now in the way that only he can the people society of who is who is he who were those people that said salsa reign over us Rush also reign over us bring them in here we are putting to death out as we close this up when you think about this consistency is really powerful in the context of this great victory this is victory the columns this is Saul is used by God as a channel to bring glad tidings of deliverances is only God can do only God can deliver at the victories consummated us as the conclusion comes as the day is one as the sun is setting as it is the dust settles some of the men say who were those men that refuse to bring presents us all that refuse to recognize in that work was thinking critically against them they were close to to his eldership to his anointing to be put is positioned one thousand and bring them here let's let's put them in their place and whistles I love this soul says first thirteen not a man shall be put to death this day for today fool has accomplished salvation in Israel just leave this closing thought biblical leadership has no desire to see personal revenge because it recognizes that God is the one that deserves all the credit for everything that God is a comp or something range and you know when you when you revel in Avenue bassinet when you rejoice in that when you are losing him of God is doing this man will say what to do with me I mean in a negative sense of course it matters in every other way but you don't take it personally it's not about you anymore you have been lost sign up and whole focus now is Jesus it's all about God it's all about his work and his pal and when he wants to accomplish through you will continuously tomorrow with some desperate father in heaven is why thank you again this morning for these insights you given us from the life of Saul it is a powerful lesson for us as we think about how his life ended we recognize the repeat of that same history and even Adventism both started well and were deterred perhaps by the opposition of others father we don't want that to be our record our history we want to learn from the lessons of life assault nor dependence upon you not ourselves and that your anointing can keep us and bless us and direct send fill us and use us and humbles thank you for this reminder thank you for the picture we have of Jesus in the life so a lot of pictures or more horns and are wrong or no room is known about this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe the more so than please 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