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Principles of Biblical Leadership – Part 2

James Rafferty


James Rafferty

Co-director and gospel worker for Light Bearers Ministry



  • November 2, 2013
    7:30 AM
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him God is good we learned a lot so for handling and it was amazing to me to think that Saul could communicate to us so powerfully and so directly about Christ the Bible tells us that his name is called Jesus because he is going to save us from our sins and we left off in first Samuel Chapter 11 it was one or two thoughts here though I wanted to share with you just in closing yesterday 's meeting because becoming ran out of time and that is is that Saul was confronted with this idea that because there were people who were supporting him as he was anointed king that they should be punished and in this moment of victory the man who brought up this idea were wanting to bring the people forward to and supports all in and punish them in first Samuel chapter eleven twelve and thirteen it says the people said to Samuel was he who said she also wants Saul reign over us bring the man that we may put them to death but Saul said not a man shall be put to death this day for today the Lord has accomplished salvation in Israel salvation of Israel you know I think it's not only in times of great trial but it's also in times of great victory when Satan tries the company tries to slip in among us and cause disunity and disruption and more will God is doing in that exact was taking place here and I'm so thankful that the assault was not just anointed with God spirits and used of God in order to gain the victory but even after the victory he continued to abide in Christ to continue to walk with the Lord and he knew how to respond in the situation he knew what to do and the last thing that he needed to do that anyone needed to do it this time was was punished and and seek personal revenge or little incidences I think about that even here among us I think about the trials and the conflicts that we have been through war perhaps are going through right now and I think about how God wants to unify us wants to bring us together God is working on our hearts is working on us individually and collectively and there may be people of many individuals that we've struggled with in the past that we have history with maybe people here the of history within and God wants to do a new thing and he wants to renew hearts and he wants to grow us and he wants us to believe it is doing and that we can let go of that stuff whatever that stuff is that we just let go it was believed that God is working in a powerful way to bring us victory the salvation was a caucus that day was all about what God and I'm not a valid solvent done and so Saul tended to keep that forefront in his brain at this point he took it to recognize that this was the day of salvation that God wrought that nothing to do with him or we can taking personal vengeance that phrase the Lord is accomplished salvation in Israel question Jesus the one who will save us from our sins it points to Christ as the anointed and so we see here that salt acts wisely in verse fourteen first Samuel eleven then Samuel said to the people that's going to go all limits renew the kingdom there let's renew the kingdom there on it I think that that's insightful because here they are the victorious thirsts they're happy they're celebrating their seeking personal revenge for slice are they were given in the past and yet solve is encouraged by the prophet to renew the kingdom I think that sometimes we take it for granted in the context of victory and happiness and joy what God is doing that there's no need for us to renew anything and everything 's okay it were all rights and yet there is this need even for those of us who consecrated to her dedicated towards doing God 's work there is this need for us to renew the kingdom to renew ourselves to God to take every opportunity that we have like this opportunity to consecrate ourselves again to renew ourselves again to renew our vows again and often to God so biblical leadership directs Samuel directed solely within the context of victory to the renewal of the kingdom of God to to re- dedicate ourselves to God we need to do that with this new great time a great opportunity for us to do that so all the people verse fifteen went to Bill Gaul and there they made Saul king before the Lord Emile gall and there they made sacrifices of peace offerings before the Lord and their Saul and all the men of Israel rejoiced greatly there is no greater happiness and no greater joy you know it in your heart of hearts of experienced and from time to time there's no greater happiness than that happens the comments fully committed to God and his work to basking in his victory and his salvation to walking with him with completely renewed hearts created one hundred percent in harmony with God there's no greater joy than that there is nothing on this Earth there's nothing that you can take your experience on this earth that compares to walking closely with awards and this is what the people were experiencing this was what God had given them in this moment so that the principles of biblical leadership principles that God wants us to follow lead to great joy among people there are people in your lives their people even human contact with you and your work that are miserable or that are trying to make themselves happy with the things of the world and perhaps they never tasted the joy that God has for them that God wants to give them and he wants you to be a channel to communicate that joy so the reason why you are dedicated to God why you give your heart toward why you connect with Jesus is not just to go to heaven yourself is not just to be safe is not just because you want something better for you that the whole point really is that you could be a channel through which God to communicate this great salvation is great joy this thesis experience to others but that God can actually work through you to reach the hearts and lives of others solid one battle that day but it was more than just the battle and outward battle that had been one was an inward battle we know that because we know the directions also acquainted was was an inward struggle with which Christ was an inward victory that had to be one against the subtle temptations of revenge and insecurity these battles were also one I saw on that day why because Saul was one with the spirit of God something that is missing from this next chapter we look here this morning as we begin the second outline of principles of biblical leadership with Samuel in first Samuel chapter twelve we look here at the wife of Samuel and we see a man who never left the church we see a man who was raised as a third fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist young boy who is raised in the truth and we can we can save the impact of that can make sometimes I meet young people who want a story they want to go out and so their wild oats and they want to have some kind of testimony that they can share because they been enamored with the different testimonies they've heard of a certain prominent speakers have been out there done their thing and so they want to have that testimony also and they don't realize the influence that they can half by leaving all of that along and just staying close to God in those early years I wish that I had that experience myself I was twenty one when I first accepted Christ as my Savior and so thankful that he took me from all that garbage but I realized that it still has impact on me today that I have weaknesses and susceptibilities because of all of that I wouldn't wish that on any young person the ancestors today in order to have a testimony Samuel Samuel is a powerful illustration of what God can do and how God can work through an individual who is consecrated to the Lord from there early years and never leaves his side never ventures to sell any kind of wild oats Santa speaking Israel now in first Samuel chapter twelve and he says to all Israel indeed hi Peter Weiss in all that you said to me I've made a king over you that's difficult Vazquez is a struggle because Sandra knows ultimately this is not God 's will write Samuel knows the ultimate this is not God 's will and so he's wrestling because he has to do something that he ultimately knows is not God 's well I find it challenging I find it difficult when I first became a Seventh-day Adventist there were a lot of things that I read in the Bible and spirit of prophecy and I concluded in reading those things that the were a lot of things the church was doing the wind not God 's will and therefore I could not work very closely with this church these are the conclusions I came to any early years of my evidence experience it to me on another road of brother was parallel to the road I'm on now but still it was a different road was a different track it was an independent track Samuel never ventured out on that independent track Santa was in a situation where he was steadfast to God and he was willing to allow them to have a king because he knew that sometimes you have to give people what they want with the insists stubbornly insist on having in order for them to our growth and Sammy was all about how God works in what God 's will is not what I think is the best solution for this so in those independent years those independent moments I had I thought this others that serve my surrounded or surrounded me thought that there was another way that we can get the church back on track and we could fix this and we did we could make sure it was it took a while forgot to tap us on the shoulder and to inform us that he was indeed in charge of his church still in his way was the best way and he would really appreciate if we would work in harmony with him I see a few of you naughty now I know that there are some here from that same track that I was on I've seen you I visited with you even here now he says first too here's the came walking before you I molded gray-headed and let my sons are with you I want before you from my childhood to this day here I am personally witness against weeks before the Lord before his anointed whose oxen I taken was daunted by taken too much have I cheated whom I have repressed or from whose hand on my received a bribe with which to blind my eyes I will restore it to you and they said you would not suggest or process you taken anything from any man's hand this was challenging for me I thought why is he bringing this up Weiss 's annual talking about taking things and in bribes in this context and it dawned on me this is just yesterday as I was thinking about this that not only is biblical leadership honest financially honest upfronts but Samuel is making a statement that is very important right now because it could be that people think that he has capitulated compromised his principles that someone has given him something some kind of bribe in order to go along with this king thing is a prophet of God it should be faithful to God there may have been some people who thought the same way that he thought they knew that having a king was really God 's will that God was the king of Israel and they may have questioned why Sammy was capitulating why he was compromising why was going along with this thing and sandwich I say listen I've not taken right from anyone I'm not I am not being bought out its on being faithful to God this is God 's will is will once God 's work through this there are going to be consequences and and God knows that and he's going to walk with you through those consequences that's what I love about our Savior he doesn't leave us to experience those consequences or stubbornness by ourselves the profits dies what God ceased days with his people he supports them through these decisions that they make its car like what parents do you know for their kids we stay with our kids we support our kids perhaps even inclined to be overprotective of their faults and mistakes and that's where we need that balance so biblical leadership is honest in financial dealings at the same time makes it very clear that they are staying faithful to God the county bought that can be sold another compromise for money they want to follow the principles of the truth no matter what first sentence has now therefore stand still though I may reason with you I love this this first week let's reason together Samuel is a reasonable person as a prophet of God is representative of God he reasons with the people he hasn't lost his cool as he's been talking to them you know how we are at times we have our strong feelings about the nature of Christ's and overcoming and a hundred other subjects that all rap arounds message that God has given us and we feel strongly about some of these things at times and it is where are not to us but to the people who are looking at us that we lost our reason that will be unreasonable we are being passionate my wife reminded often it is not the logic of my argument so much as the action in my voice that mood is dissuading her reminds me of that dream film I had of Aji Jones one of the young eighteen eighty messenger 's you was in a room full of people in that room he was offering them a basket of fruit or fruit was lovely it was beautiful but not listed in any no one was accepting any of the four that he was offering up because it was high-priced was no price on all it was free she said it was the manner in which you were sharing the fruit it was it was the spirit that was coming out of you that represent the message the Canadian message and the way that agent Jones was communicating that message discouraged people from accepting is not necessarily what we say it's how we say it Samuel was reasonable in how he communicated with the people biblical leadership is reasonable not forceful willing to step back we want to persuade an illegal student he recounts the history he recounts the righteous acts of the Lord says in verse seven which he did to you and your fathers and then he goes on to say verse fourteen if you fear the Lord and serve and obey his voice and do not rebel against him and against the commandment of the Lord or in verse fifteen he says however if you do not obey the voice of war but rebel against him in command of the Lord to have a mortal be against you that will be with you that I will be safe if you do this you will be with you if you do this you'll be against you Samuel reasons with them homily is faithful to encourage obedience and warn against disobedience sometimes it can be challenging for us to reasonably encourage obedience and reasonably warn against disobedience to be reasonable and to move through it without passion in verse nineteen all the people said to Samuel prayed their service to the Lord your God that we may not die for we have added to all our sins the evil of asking a king for ourselves to me this is incredible because there was something about Samuel something about the way he communicated something about the spirit we had something about his impassioned appeal in the way God is working through him that caused the people to confess their own sins how many times he seen that happen now there is some result so we want to confess people sins and we are to have sat on convincing them that they send them were sure that we can reason with them and show them point by point by point how sinful they are and how sinful it is than leaving even be considering what they're doing they see hear is a man who has communicated in such a way that the people themselves come to the conclusion that said we see this in others we see this for example in Ezra chapter nine Ezra is is encountering apostasy among those who have left Babylon made of Persia gone back to Jerusalem and in it intermarried they are supposed to be you know focused on rebuilding city the temple and they've intermarried they've been turned from God an answer comes there any how does this and he engages them in such a way that these people end up with me and confessing repenting of their sins he engages them in such a way that when he does it's really interesting he begins by pulling out people 's hair why sick people said to the said pulling out hair but is not barely pulls out of his he afflicts himself in as a chapter nine says he pulls out the hair of his beard any volunteers this morning just to illustrate that in the habitat I don't think there to be a lot of us that volunteering for that I want to keep every here in my head at this point in my life but he begins by pulling out his own hair afflicting himself and somehow I picture Samuel in the same way in the same spirit he is bearing on his hearts and its evidence in his words but he is very needy the apostasy of his people that he isn't drilling them in an railing on them but he is reasoning with them and they are seeing and Samuel a man who's been faithful man who has who has never taken a bribe and never deviated from the truth and a man who recognizes that they're going to direction it isn't that a man who knows what the consequences of the Saudi man was able to communicate and then they got Scott allow you to do this but there would be dire consequences and God does not want to experience these consequences are I don't when she experiences consequences Jesus is communicating with them in such a way that they come to the conclusion that they have indeed set and they plead with him pray for your servants to the Lord your God pray for us it's amazing that we can bring people to a place where they normally see their sins but asked for prayers and there are a lot of people out there friends author that are ready for this this experience there are people that we met him and we conducted ourselves in such way we communicate the gospel in such a way we have to minister them in such a way that they asked us to pray for them and they confessed that they are sinners in need of help I love that I love that picture I think that Christ often that people like this was often able to communicate in such a way that people responded there were few perhaps just the Pharisees that didn't I think self-righteousness is the barrier that hinders us from from responding this way to the spirit of Christ to the reasonableness of his servants so good leadership leads people to confess their sins revealing the spirit of Christ moreover verse twenty three ask for me Samuel says far be it from me that I should set against the Lord been ceasing to pray you how many of us this morning are without sin in the context of this verse Samuel says it will be send for me to stop praying for you you stubborn apostates who have over all the low down terrible things have now asked for a king how does that effect Samuel the water once unnecessary Samuel is a single is other rejecting you the rejecting me it's a personal front of him he has been personally rejected by the people and he says God forbid that I would cease to pray for your limits Scott insists to pray for you I was in Pakistan some years ago and I remember to the question-and-answer time and was a lady thereby worker there a brave woman Bible worker because in Pakistan doing by work or door-to-door is a very brave thing to do and she had a question she raised her hand and she had a question it was interpreted from that review the English for me and she said there's a young lady that I been studying where she was raised a Christian but in Pakistan straight difficult for Christians to survive especially women to survive and are so many Muslim suitors there so many Muslim men who are looking for why this one to three wives and want to have a Christian wife and an offer so much more for the Christians and so this young lady ended up turning from her face she had turned her face she couldn't remain a Christian and be married to Muslim jihad to denounce him to turn away from Christianity and so she did in order to mirror this Muslim and my question is this should we be praying for I don't think we should be praying for I think she's trying from Christ Jesus committed the unpardonable sin the question what should we be praying for her I said well according to the Bible we should pray for now more than ever but now she needs our prayers more than she ever needed them before if there was ever a time Samuel saying when ice was not pray for you now is not that time God forbid that I should cease praying for you now because that would be a sin I would be sending against God now we have our checklists and we know what sin is what sin isn't according to the commandments of God transgression of the law is sin but according to the experience that Samuel is having here ceasing to pray for those who are stubbornly rejecting what God wants for them would be sent beside it is so much higher sometimes in our checklist indicates God is taking us to experience what he has our hearts and we are need with his heart and we feel what he feels and relate to others the way he relates but I will teach you the good and the right way only fear God inserted insureds with all your heart and consider what great things he has done for you but if you still do wickedly you should be swept away both you and your king biblical leadership faithfully praise for people even those who stubbornly rejecting the light of God and continues to teach the truth continues to hold all things believe all things endure all things even in the light of personal affront so how is Sammy is a leader out of cellular Salida relate to Saul 's apostasy it wasn't long for Samuel chapter thirteen its move there wasn't long before Saul had left his experiences walk with a lot of know-how happened the Bible says here that it was a couple of years year or two for Sammy thirty one Saul reigned one year and when he had reigned two years over Israel Saul chose for himself three thousand men of Israel it was just a couple of years I think that this indicates I may be wrong about businesses and do not thus saith the Lord this indicates that perhaps it was a gradual experiencing gradually a year or two goes by and gradually solved day by day week by week month by month gets a little bit further in a little but further low but further away from God to scratch scratch and then he finds himself in a situation where there's no spirit is no spirit mention in all these verses this is a whole section here that describes Saul 's actions since first center chapter thirteen and there is no there is nothing here that talks about the spirit of God directing human being with a more anointing him a blessing him reading and regarding him it does tell us something I think it's important for us to learn the lessons of the local leadership from the apostasy of Saul in other words it is possible for us to learn from the mistakes of others are not mistakes also in the spirit of prophecy Christ optimizes three thirty two we're told this remember this if you have made mistakes you certainly gain of victory if you see these mistakes and regard them as beacons of one for us you turn defeats into victory disappointing enemy and honoring your Redeemer I believe that's one of the reasons why were told and desire pages six seventy nine NASCAR esophagus is three thirty two and is our greatest examining nine were told Jesus knew that the life of his trusting disciples would be like his a series of on interrupted victories not seem to be set here but recognized as such in the greater we can turn our defeats in the victories if we regard them as beacons of warnings we can look at the life of salt we can look at his apostasy and we can log what not to do we can log from his mistakes because those who are not willing to learn from the mistakes of history are destined to repeat I think that's who we are as a country as a nation and as individuals and as a church we have a lot of history that we potentially will repeat eighteen eighty eight history for example unless we can go back without that history and learn from it this is what Samuel is seeking when he recounts the history of Israel and I think you'll be powerful for us to be able to go through Saul 's experience and understand what it wants that indicated when it indicates his apostasy one of the things that we see here so billing is inverse to sending the people away alike talks about how that salt was in the limelight of victory that God blessed and given victories in and in this context he divides the Army thousand here couple thousand years as everyone waited out and that was a big mistake he should have done we cannot dismiss at the time when God is working powerfully we can't just go back to the usual status quo just back to our individual lives are individual homes we need to rest together we need to work together this is convention this is not something that's going to happen once a year and then we go back to discontinue one of life we want to stay in contact with one another and we want to plan together how God is going to work to bring victory and why to truths into the areas of darkness in this world we want to continue to work together in this way and I think that each one of us here has a place at work forgot to do so Saul made us this first mistake he said the people address the people yet get a few chosen ones you have the ones that have the most potential ones that that he thought could really do something in the rest of this data set away but there's not one person here today that does not have a place in God 's work not even these young men can be left out God is the place and purpose for every one of us something for us to do none of us are expendable none of us can just go home the Philistines gathered together because Jonathan had attacked the Garrison I really I really love Jonathan I really love that character that person I want when I think of splicing of God choosing select and God understands not only solve the understands joint is okay and I got the right guy here any son causes committee get this is really going to be get also I think you know God wireless is God he was so disappointed and said he was he it repented him since he regretted because solving these choices he won in this direction inch and he'll got had knowledge solving and Jonathan and God really foresaw it recognizes all continue this direction she was not just a loose all your results will lose Jonathan who faithfully stood by his father even though his father was try to kill them at times to the very handy what a man what a young man so Jonathan attack to garrison the Cisco to the story quickly as array out time and it says here that Saul called all the people together and they would bear in Gil Gaul all the people following him and trembling they were fearful and says that they waited seven days according the time set by sandal sandal told him with their seven days I'll be there on meet with you and so they're waiting that Samuel did not come to go gall and the people were scattered from him the people are leaving saw and so Saul said person I bring a burnt offering a peace offering here to meet and he offered the burnt offering personalized and out happened verse ten is seriously finished presenting the burnt offering us and you came in Sammy went out to meet him that he might season and salt were not immediately me my greet him verse eleven Samuel said what have you you got and Saul said becomes excuse number one when I saw that the people were scattered from the season number two and the EU did not come within the days appointed as he's number three and the Philistines were gathered together make mash December fourth then I said the Philistines went up and down on the ideal Gail sees number five and are not made my supplication Lord is December sixth and I felt compelled I felt compelled and offered a burnt offering one excuse after another natural tendencies of us with it we just naturally have reasons for doing what we do when it's not in harmony with God 's will we have a whole list of reasons and a lot of them based on feelings is by Paul Salzman based on thyself I just felt compelled as had to do something the people were leaving the Philistines were coming he wore a pair how this Sammy responded these excuses again he said this all you have done foolishly you have not kept the commandment of the Lord your God which he commanded you for the Lord would have established your kingdom forever over Israel but now you can and shall not continue the Lord Asaph himself a man after his own heart and the Lord commanded him to be the commander of his people because you are not kept with the Lord commanded you was at the solace of most of the just way to swing just wait here is the patience of the saints I find it very challenging to just wait just wait I want to do something I want to do something the charges being scattered people leaving apostasy is an area where a enemy is coming out upon us where's the problem where is the solution what is something I just feel like I got to do something this week wait on the Lord be of good courage he will strengthen your heart wait on the Lord be faithful to God do not apostatize yourself in the midst of all of this rebellion is taking place all of this sphere all of this trembling all this uncertainty be faithful to God and hold hold hold of God is asking you to do to hold a faithful because as you do that he is going to be able to use you powerfully aids as you depart from that stance from a position from the faithfulness that you introduce things and regret I've done them perhaps you have to continue to be in position we want make excuses one of the first principles that we learn from this for Biblical leadership is that we would not make excuses for our disobedience we would not excuse ourselves especially based upon the apostasy of others Elijah did that when you ran from his posted duty the very place where God had called and he ran and got was within God nurtured him God kept him God said him as he went on his journey out into the wilderness and they got asked a question he said allies who were you doing here analyze himself came up with some pretty good excuses for vacating his posted duty well that all apostasy are seeking to destroy me and all profits on the only one left that's why I'm here got it into opportunities to lay aside these fuses and just confess that he according to Romans eleven and Paul's account at interstate interceded against Israel instead of for Israel and available accounts so the other person God told him to go among others in his place I'm so glad that allies was willing and humble enough to do that because God rewarded him for the humility the willingness to annoy others to replace himself there some of us it might be in that situation today that it is not patiently waited for the Lord there taken Madison or our own hands and got my own feelings in and now perhaps it's time for us to annoy others to finish the work the goddess called us to do you've not kept the command the Lord and Samuel arose and went to Gil Gaul to give you of Benjamin Saul numbered the people present with them about six hundred men I think it's interesting that Saul 's first act of disobedience was a missed appropriation our responsibility I think that's really significant for us today in the church today the next huge step in apostasy was Salz making excuses for his action rather than simply confessing it acted rashly he was going by his feelings but what he felt was the right thing to do in the time and circumstance rather than wait on the Lord and allowing God to work things out Saul 's rebellion was sealed by his relying upon numbers to measure his strengths rather than turning to God repentance and following the words of the prophet from solstice of these we can learn what not to do as the leaders the Spirit of God was present in cells early experience but was absent from this latter experience Samuel stands up yes this apostasy but he does in the spirit of Christ the men of Israel were distressed later on removing out for Sammy fourteen they were distressed that day because in this chapter Saul has made a vow that no one can eat anything until he is avenged on his enemies verse twenty four for seventy fourteen I've got about six minutes left so moving quickly here the minister or distress that they for solid place the people underdosing cursed is the man who leads any food interleaving before taken vengeance on my enemies so not a people taste of food but Johnson said my father has troubled the land looked now how my countenances brighten because I tasted a little of this honey we can expect things to get pretty bad in God 's church before this is all said and done a white said apostasy will grow as dark as midnight we ought not be surprised by this and it's important for us to recognize this fact so the we don't act shocked and go by feelings in the way we deal with this apostasy but we keep our heads maintain reason are ready to do what God wants us to do in the first he wants us to do is pray were told in the ceiling chapter the God 's people are praying and mourning and weeping all of Samuel for seventy fifteen is all about that Samuel was just waiting for Saul interceding for him praying for him are we doing the same I know we need your prayers on the ordination study committee am involved in the committee and we earnestly need prayer for God 's direction there are many other committees and issues that the Lord that the church is resting with you know that right now tapping today even as we speak when you are praying for our church earnestly brand so thankful we have a prayer room here that is organized for that purpose man made sacrifices forced upon others weakening the people 's physical strength unwarranted control arbitrary measures seeking personal gain revenge these are all the principles that are coming out of salt naturally because he has departed from the Lord because he is not endued with spirit of God and Jonathan was up against so we see what it is that God doesn't want us to do and we see what it is that God wants us to do is biblical leaders there are times when you say when and waited and waited that's going too far we don't need to be going to extremes that hurts people 's health I remember attending a church meeting where during the question-and-answer time one person asked what to do when someone says to you that if you don't think enough water your sending I will tell you the answers I gave at that time I don't know that I was maintaining reason and I might've gotten a little theory there in that response I can see Jonathan in this situation pleading with the people why because one extreme least to another and the consequence of going to this one perhaps right conservative extreme led to the people going to another we could perhaps label very little extreme the people in verse thirty two when they had finished the Valley rust on the spoiler to the shipyards in the cast they slotted along the ground the people ate them with the blood I've noticed this but often in sure we are aware we are instructed we are opposed to the one extreme and unaware of the other one though what is very clear that there are two extremes to be avoided to extremes to be avoided and there are times when the moderate position amid the position that the holes tension between those two extremes is criticized and any yet I believe that's where God wants us to be one we have this tendency to turn to the left of the right processes can be a voice behind the same this is the way walking minutes the fires of fanaticism in the ice of indifference and what describes them following the dictates of human leaders who means us to two extremes not just one or human leaders that will lead us to left in their human leaders lowliest of the right and we want to listen to the voice of God biblical leadership does that Saul answered God do so more also for you Jonathan verse forty four will surely die why Jonathan had gone along with salt extreme that he had enforced upon the people and therefore Jonathan was going to be sacrificed Saul 's own son was in the sacrificed because it go along with extreme when we come to the place were we are sacrificing our families in order to protect our image with turned away completely away from God 's directive our families our first missionary field we all done the very best that we had they are to be number one this is especially true for awesome to preach and teach and speak but also I think for those in the medical field who find themselves as it was expressed yesterday in a position where it is impossible for the help to have a normal life at least to those instructed years so it says here that verse forty seven cell establishes sovereignty over Israel he fought against all the enemies on every side gets more because all the people of Amagansett even against the Kings of Zelda off against the Philistines were every attorney arrest them again an army attacked the animal kite soars forty eight he delivered Israel from the hands of those who plunder them we had just gone through verse after verse experience after experience of salt policies us all stubbornness of souls spiritless walk and now as we come to the end of this chapter to come to the end of this description of of of cells experienced we find that Saul is being the last in spite of his apostasy because God does that for his namesake God accomplishes his good pleasure his purpose in spite of our failures I guess the lesson on taking from this is we need to be very careful not to make success and excuse for neglecting to repent of our failures we need to be careful not to point to what God is doing through us in spite of us as a reason for covering up those things that we need to personally repent off and let go sometimes we look at what the church is accomplishing look forward doing we look at the things that God is is is doing for us in our behalf and it leads us to the conclusion that there were these fine there were good but we sort of got a second chances I don't want to leave you with this but our time is up on two minutes over I want you to know that as we pick up tomorrow morning were going to look at something really powerful in first Samuel chapter fifteen and on what were going to be looking at the experience of Samuel as he responds to solve and also with and be looking at the experience of David and to find some principles of biblical leadership are very powerful for us now God is a God of second chances and third chances and fourth chances he'll give us all the grace that we need he wants us to be in the kingdom more than we want to be there but he knows will be miserable there is any vestige of selfishness in this fiber of our character of our humanity as we longed to take it all out so we can experience the full joy what heaven is really going to be like I know we've would test each one of us in touch that I have tasted this movement of that here and almost renew that we knew that we knew that every moment every day the only way that can happen is if we are willing to have a full revelation of who we are we are Saul that is us I always have always wanted to be Jonathan I've always wanted to be David I often refused to consider that I'm even close to what Saul was but I recognize I recognize it as I look through the recognize but that's me that's me that's me that's me that I often an unreasonable that I that I often go by my feelings that there are times when I don't wait on the Lord that I'm not patient that their times are not listening to the words of the property or times their times and I I regret it when I mix yes this is how my actions and for my sins I want so much to learn these biblical essence of leadership and to allow God to deliver me from all of this don't you I believe that's what he wants for us this morning and every morning is reawakening of our hearts to him whispering together father in heaven thank you so much for promising us that we can turn our defeats and victories by regarding them as beacons of warnings that we can live a life of uninterrupted victory not seen as such here but recognizes such a greater after that that in Christ we have salvation for complete at it as we continue to follow him behold him wherever he goes that we can face our failures are weaknesses are sins that we don't have to excuse them or hide behind the blessings and the victories you give us that we don't have to follow the course of Saul that we can that we can acknowledge our sins we can recognize that the reason why you bring them to us is so that we can give them to you that the reason why he revealed to us so that we can surrender than England this morning father we don't want to neglect to recognize the lessons that solves apostasy is teaching us individually by the ring on the hearts may your spirit work with your spirit speak to us the solid message is not just for than for the church and for others it's for Ross individually for each one of us and some of us may feel more than others but unlike Saul we are still on this side operations door mercy is tended to us in greater measure than the Tina currency in the United States there is so much mercy available right now that it would be foolish for us to see excuse in any way any fiber of the selfishness of sin we see it we feel we realize in our hearts speak to his father let us give that to you let us give it all up and depend upon you to lead us up by step asked ourselves and into the experience of a number price one hundred percent is for sweet rain is a this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. .com universe .org


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