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Principles of Biblical Leadership – Part 3

James Rafferty


James Rafferty

Co-director and gospel worker for Light Bearers Ministry



  • November 3, 2013
    7:30 AM
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one morning I think of the messes I am here no way first several hours actually and I'm still using my iPad many but I still have my backup Bible and we are still in first Samuel Davis began here in chapter fifteen when I was a young man I was raised in London England that's where my mother tales from actually from Ireland and was more United States I lived there for ten years as a young boy and we lived in a house that was divided into what they call flats or apartments my mother owns the house and we had about loss and below us other families and with thirteen children in the house altogether and the Flats are by design my mom wanted us to have a lot of kids that we grew up with and above us was a family of father and mother I was raised a single-family home with my mom and a son and to what actually that of the two cents and two dollars but I was good friends with the boys call we were all friends for the many years that we were there and his dad occasionally became my dad you know in a good sense upon the sense he taught me how to play chess he would bring gifts for his son and also include me in one day he came home with a couple of gifts one of them was wrapped in one of the was unwrapped and they were both cars little model cars really cool cars what was on rap was so cool it had little doors would open you know was about the size wasn't really smaller was a medium-sized one of the doors would open darkened windows it was a was a sixty five or sixty six station is white with blue stripes and I can't forget these cars it and it was so cool when we just we just always wanted those so bad we can hardly wording is grand rounds hands and before you get into us you should now have these two gifts and of course one of them this is wrapped in one of them is not wrapped and calling me to give you first choice and then James you can have a one is left over him immediately Paul went for the one that was unwrapped the one for the one the Mustang the cool white with blue stripe Mustang with the doors open in the darkened windows I got stuck with the other one but when I unwrapped the other one what I found was something that was just even more incredible than the Mustang with the blue stripes in the darkened windows and doors and opened this car had a trunk lid open and doors open at a front end and open it had the wheels that were turned as though there was an incredible car so much so that well I will tell you what happened after that but I will say this our danger lies in being content with what we've already seen and wanting that war perhaps in what God still has for us what God still wants to reveal to us God still wants to show us this way would pick up in first Samuel chapter fifteen I'm glad to hear this morning to ought to join me in this morning hour because I believe God wants to feed us until we want no more we need his people were flowing in such a way that we just wanted with his wife overflow to others that we can consequently does have enough to feed them and their times I know we've experienced that we've looked at the experience of Saul in his good days which contrasted that with the expense of sullen is bad days we've been looking at principles of biblical leadership and not only what he did but what he didn't do perhaps as a warning for us we looked at Samuel and how God led him and blessed them and anointed him in the work by number of points it we made about Samuel on why just pick up your first ten to fifteen because we talked about how God is the God of second chances and and Sandy was warning and weeping over solace of biblical this new and and and he wanted to reach out the solid and again God used him to do that in verse and chapter fifteen Samuel goes to solidarity goals with award of the Lord we should never take it upon ourselves to go to those who are straying from God on our own reconnaissance on our own will we should always basing our ventures into secularism more into the domain of Satan on the word of God God needs to lead us whatever we do where we're going we need the word of God we need that thus saith the Lord and we have a sensible with one almost any company where God sends us and me and influenced be a blessing so the response is so significant is because when you look at saw Samuel you realize later on setting is actually afraid of so Samuel was told later to go to anoint David to be king in Saul 's place and he says I'm afraid this will kill me if I do that it is only the word of God gives us the courage to do it God wants us to do as a Samuel goes to Saul here first Samuel fifty one he says thus says the Lord of the Lords of you anointed king of Israel thus says the Lord verse two I will punish Amalek himself the second chance that Saul is given is to follow up with something God wanted to accomplish in behalf of the nation of Israel concerning the animal kites it says is very specific year that Saul is to go and to destroy all of the animal kites and he's not delete any of them were kites online not even the animals are to be left aligned does all this while depends on who you ask doesn't the salt think that he obeyed God yes H L Samuel just that and this is one of the difficulties that you going to find an as as we move through the purpose for God in our lives in the church in every situation were going to find ourselves confronted with people not only out there but in the mirror people who perceive themselves sometimes is obeying God when really they're falling short when really they're not obeying the not doing what God really wants them to do were not doing with the government wants us to do and actually a startling revelation but it doesn't have to be if we recognize and understand Christ in his fullness is our righteousness is our salvation we can deal with our shortcomings in our failures we can deal with the things we see in the mirror and the things we see in other people but saw was not willing to recognize that you changed something altered in his in his way of thinking at this point and so when Samuel comes to him and begins to to ask him about what he has accomplished to whether his accomplice that asks all begins again to make excuses and in that context God begins to grieve over and repent in a sense of the fact that he calls home became and Samuel begins to grieve and it was reviewing the heart of God and it says right here in first Samuel chapter fifteen verse eleven God says I greatly regret that I set up Saul as king is turned his back on following me is not performed my commandments and it grieved Samuel and he cried out to the Lord all night it's very spent sleepless nights grieving over the sins that you see in the church I know I spent many hours talking about the sins that we see the church and communicate my frustration over this that I see in the church but what about this idea of mourning and weeping grieving that we see here in the wife of Samuel in the heart of central biblical leadership spends sleepless night screening of the sins and faults and problems in the church and then he goes to Saul he would rise up early in the morning to meet Saul and he goes to him he and he begins to communicate to now when soulmates and Saul says in verse thirteen the last value of the Lord I performed the commandment of the war but the local leadership is not insured by the flattery one process claims obedience to God 's word it sticks to the point and Sanyo has a specific message he needs to communicate to solve regardless of the flattery regardless of awards and solace communicating to him on earth blessed are you man of God and I've been obedient to God no you haven't actually been obedient to God and then he actually has to silence solvent assault begins to talking to speak and examine it basically says to be quite immensely with the Lord has to say and then MS we have to do that sometimes leaders and Dan Ingalls on research that you are seventeen to describe how sex all sentences the salt house when he will literally roll dice with you a little -year-old wise God since you are on mission which is not obeyed the voice of the Lord a Aston verse nineteen why haven't you obeyed the voice more biblical leadership is is willing to question the disobedience and search out the reasons behind it and sometimes I find that when we deal with issues in the church were looking at these two sides perhaps it will looking at people that we see his disobedience we don't always understand why they are pursuing a course of pursuing wheel well that I always understand the history behind rebellion I think it's important for us and we deal with these issues whether it's the present issue concerning women's ordination or little what is this newer larger since it have to do with righteousness by faith whatever it is I think it's important for us to do research to understand history to understand the reasoning so that we can ascertain it and get to the bottom of the issue this is what Samuel is is doing with soft is not just doing it for your safety surface all Saints what wattage of doing that what are you thinking your brain where are you coming from that would help him to help Saul verse twenty insults says to Samuel but I have obeyed the voice gone on the mission was the Lord sent me all it is amazing to me to realize the blindness that I have in my own life in my own experience when it comes to the goddess called me to do I see that more and more in my own life and also as I see others it is so easy for us to focus and was done for God the missions we gone on and failed to realize where we have failed to obey God which we once is to do now to want us to be overwhelmed with that thought only to the degree that we would allow God to lay our glory in the dust so that he can do for us we can't do for ourselves and many times we we revel in our glory dust rather than just being vanquished and allowing God to reveal to us more of what was to unwrap that which we have not yet see we fall short of what what what you will God really wants us to experience in the Straits of righteousness by faith and then Salcedo says verse twenty two has the Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord behold to obey is better than sacrifice and to see than the fat of rams for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry because you have we checked in the ward of the Lord is also rejected me from being king F biblical leadership has to be willing to confront stubbornness and idolatry with the truth of the gospel sacrifice going on missions doing all this stuff is insignificant were told and prescribed in chapter thirteen it is not based upon the law of God in the hearts which comes west through the righteousness of Jesus Christ our dependence on righteous so we must allow Jesus to fully enthrone our hearts to be seen of everything we must depend on him and him alone on a mission trips not on our partial obedience or full obedience as we might see as Saul saw we must be willing to lay aside everything and take a hold of the righteousness of Jesus Christ because all that is me and this must repay the gospel and then Saul verse twenty four said the Sanyo I said I transgressed the commandment of the war and your words because why would I do it because I feared the people and obeyed their voice now therefore please pardon my sin return with me to worship the Lord and Samuel said to Saul I will not return with you for your project in the word of the Lord and the Lord is rejected to I think this is amazing I think what you just confess now he didn't confess he made excuses he put Blake has splendid old leadership does not cast blame biblical leadership takes responsibility for failure biblical leadership and responsibility for failures of others it takes responsibility and corporate census of Christ into responsibility for our failures Saul 's not willing to do that him and his whole reason for wanting for confessing his sins because he wants that will go with and want to keep up appearances appearances it was amazing when we were not maybe I can learn which one wasn't in so many good thoughts and remains were the eye think it was Jerry's anymore he said that Billy Graham quote was quoting told her we're going back quite a few quick as I do now that if the Holy Spirit was withdrawn from the church ninety five percent of the activities we continue is about what he me that's incredible but I think about that in relation to myself I think it I wake up in the morning I don't give my heart to Jesus are not consecrated to God how much of Adventism what I continue to do what I continue keeping the Sabbath of the continued pain times when I continue continue continue I would have to say yes I wouldn't stop the outward forms of Edmonton 's if I neglected to give my heart to Jesus but without the spirit all about assistive formats was all has to he just has a form he wants appearance but it's not a reality his repentance is not genuine it's not deep and Samuel refuses to compromise with that kind of experience he wants to go all the way and then of course Sawgrass annual Samuel verse twenty seven he seizes the edge of his robe he tears it resisted him Genesis to the lowest one the king of Israel community biblical leadership is not intimidated by physical threats or assaults maintains maintains maintains but then in a charter offense assault continues to play with Samuel Samuel goes with Saul and I'm not sure exactly why he does this but I know that something is accomplished through this he turns and he goes with Saul Saul asked verse thirty on him please before the elders and the people I think maybe Samuels thinking that he used to be a stability of unity here I see that in the life no one went many times when there is division that she went ahead and him even though she didn't feel it God was leading in the ongoing Australia there were times when the unity of the church was one more than these individual issues that were seeking to divide and so he went with salt but it was really interesting as he did this Saul and worship with Saul Sandison bringing a dead verse thirty two King of the animal types here to me so and dad came to him cautiously and again except surely that the bitterness of death is passed but first thirty three Samuel said as your sword has made women childless so show your mother be jealous among women and Samuel hacked a gag in pieces before the Lord in Guildhall who at his serious can you see yourself doing has been a leader you can you just need to transform our time because basically what Samuel is doing is hacking the pieces that the last vestiges of self and selfishness that are there representing animal carts who were stubbornly rejected God were turned away from God who were pretty God 's people everything that hurts and destroys God 's people everything that is against God posted got the only outlet that they can confront God 's people that at the Baptist the strongest for the component of their weakest point they came up behind us people as they were traveling troops in the attack the ones in the back the week and weary and trailing behind this was that the depravity of their sin the greatness of their sin and God wants that destroy he wants every vestige in us destroy that would attack and criticize and pull down the weaknesses of others can you see yourself doing that hacking that Jesus it's not this when I thought about you are an individual here were talking about self and selfishness be destroyed being decimated this is what Christ came to this earth to do biblical leadership finishes the work that God calls to church to do in spite of the apostasy of honors Saul was apostasy can finish this work but Samuel they finish the working God is calling us to finish that work call Christ the finish that work that's why think that Samuel such a type of Christ here because Jesus Christ came to this or any hats the fallen human nature to death by submitting it our fallen human will to God every moment of every day finally taking it down at second death of the cross and completely decimated our fallen human nature wipers printed book recently on the nature of Christ I've got a copy of it here my hand it's called how Jesus was like this is very short read and on page sixty three does a summary of how I read it to you because I believe that in all of our controversy over the nature of Christ in this book is not seeking to cause or stir up more controversy but to bring a unity between the two divines bring it together on this one point in this one point alone Jesus came face-to-face with the root of our problem the Savior of men came the very spot where Senate taken the place of self-sacrificing love the greatest that would fight as the battle against self selfishness and self preservation Jesus fought that battle every day the will of Christ was just like my well his will did not naturally walked across his will shrink from God 's will as decidedly as mine would half Jesus was just like me but he was more than me he was form with me he denied his will be the Boswell self-preservation and reveal the self-sacrificing love of God and in doing so he took me to the cross and crucified we are all crucified Christ because in Christ the root of the problem of sin itself will was destroyed as he overcame our self-centered human will he crushed our selfishness he acted to pieces allowing his human will be submitted to God and purify for what the law could not do in that it was weak through the flesh God sending his own son in the likeness of sinful flesh and for sin condemned sin in the flash praise God so I believe it Samuel here is a type of Christ because Samuel hacks selfishness to death he destroys it and this is what Christ came to be learned as we move through this we see I was getting in your summary here on a number of chapters we see Samuel in chapter sixteen told by God to stop mourning for Saul now some of us to get a picture will is Samuel one long-suffering of God Samuel is morning and God is done Samuel wants more mercy and grace and God says stop MILF Sandy was a representative of God we could even say that Samuel here is reviewing the heart of God God is saying to Samuel or to himself I'm going to stop Moreno was so uncomfortable it's hard for God to give us out it's hard for it you see Jesus weeping over the Temple and Matthew twenty three how can I give you up how can I let you know Hosea chapter six how I wish to be like like the cities us in the plane of Sodom and Gomorrah him it's hard not to give us a tenuous over and then you see that that's that Samuels actually afraid of salt another reason why think this is so revealing to us is because biblical leaders may seem courageous and they do greatest things in God blesses us and wants us to be courageous but who all afraid were offering Senate was afraid I would anyway I'm thinking when Samuel was afraid I can't wait it was afraid of thought was aware anyone what the sonic equivalent of each peak he is the show to illustrate testimony and yet the same time he was in biblical leadership assume we have our fears we have our struggles and Samuel when he was told to go on annoyance someone in the place of Saul he went to Jesse 's house in the first person he saw was Jesse 's older son where they say this is got a be here was he right now so please let us know what was wrong at times it was Samuel was was misdirected by appearance and needed to be reminded by the Lord of who it was that needed to be anointed biblical leadership is concluding a hundred percent dependent on God which we can't depend on our own judgments even if we have years of experience we've got to depend on God in his wisdom and then first Samuel seventeen David and Goliath eighteen salt becomes jealous of David David is anointed Saul becomes jealous of David and it's interesting that David is doing the same thing that solved it seasonal activity goes outreach is taking care of of the sheep and he comes to bring food to his brothers were fighting in the war and in that column context he hears what Goliath is saying he goes to Psalms is all quite and now the brothers of David were upset and was even there and they began to accuse him and it would basically ignore them and went right to the King and told him I am willing to fight for life and the reason why David did that I'm not sure if you remember this is because an angel had spoken to David and told him that he needed to do this that was going on his own impressions it wasn't as his brother said he wasn't just out there for two to generate self God had sent him on a specific mission his designs while at denomination but but God also directed him and God will direct us as we are faithful as we wait on him as we do those things he wants us to do we prepare ourselves and us with David that David told eating hay take care of it they are taken care of God that would make them take care of me now a lot of people that I means young people want to be involved in ministry because in their minds ministry is speaking at three eighty ministries being on television ministry has been in the limelight that's not ministry at all ministry 's ministry it's about ministry right ministry it's about doing something to help people who are around you there are times when preachers will be in the limelight 's and times when preachers will be featured on television on three again in those times are very scary times for preachers but there other times when preachers and teachers and administrators all about praying for people and and consoling people in counseling people and encouraging people and hang out with people were doing Bible studies and door-to-door work it and just being involved in teaching and sharing in an history on on the level of this practical analysis times I feel the safest because that is ministry David feel safest with the shape but God calls of the more than as he's faithful met ministry God calls the war and he does more and Saul becomes jealous of David a net context he seeks to kill David I was always a finesse except for jealousy and envy and the basket was come upon salt is no reason for one of God 's anointed Saul to attack another one of God 's anointed I believe let me ask this question do you say that David and Saul could work together asked Jonathan that question I think Jonathan would answer absolutely Jonathan worked with David in the date were it says in first any chapter twenty they became close friends take on the Dominicana together became close friends there is no reason why any ministry in the administers cannot work closely with any of the ministry except for envy and jealousy is no reason for any of these walls and barriers to be raised God has all of the funds that are needed he has all the work that is needed there is no reason for ostomy to be jealous or trying to get something ahead of anyone else we're going after the cards not wrapped we don't realize how much God really has for us to do and how she wants to bless us financially is no reason for us to be competing with one another in ministry but this is the way that Saul felt and David couldn't understand it was trying to minister to Saul he was trying to be part what was doing in Israel and now he had to flee from sullen and Jonathan couldn't understand it either they made a covenant together they work together and then David leaves to handle at once into the status priests utilized to him David God 's anointed lines and again I think it's important for us to recognize that biblical leadership is always perfect as always righteous there are times when we fail we fall short 's Davis falling short here in verse in chapter twenty one and of course what happens because of that is verse chapter twenty two Saul goes to knob and does what kills all the priests and David later confesses on vacation adaptable decrease in the was my fault I shouldn't lie and then in chapter twenty three first elevator rescues atomic FTI lot an interesting story there are many chapter twenty four and this is the key chapter that was the highlight here for a few minutes David spares Saul 's life in the cave of a guinea from the time of Saul is seeking to kill David and David is wanting from Saul scared for his life and even lying to the priests because of his fear to the time when Saul David meets all in the cave and in and save its David's men say to David this is the day that God has delivered your enemy and your hands say a word will put the spiritual ones on one afternoon a second time from that time so that something takes place in David's heart in David's life that cause is here not only to restrain himself from harming salt but to restrain his men from warming into the clinician of the human heart of each one of us is to get a little of those who referred us Verizon also been opposing us to get back at those who are seeking to undermine or destroy us we're not doing with literal swords and spears but the Bible says that our tongs are like a sword and we use them to cut people to hurt people to harm people to inflict people and sometimes just to defend ourselves I think it was self-defense and in a sense women's self-defense for David just say Atlas for the spiritual Ms. Mitchell was defending myself but he doesn't do it something takes place I think a significant time I share this with you quickly because we are going to be let's open our Bibles try to go to the word them you know the physical word to Psalm fifty nine we are faced with this very same experience right now today we are going to encounter not only in the church analysis the preparation for the women encounter in the world the higher the fee fishing trip netted twenty forces the heritage of all nations the elimination of all nations for my namesake and we're going to have to gather Artest is going to together call some of his courage from the cowards were told in the Congress of Matthew twenty four that it is well the world hates us that this gospel of the kingdom will be preached as a witness all nations is that gospel of the kingdom this preaches a witness to all nations that brings the is not simply preaching the gospel in the here and now there's going to bring me and follow me closely but it is the preaching of the gospel in the context of the hatred of the world against you is going to bring the because when you can preach the gospel when you can share the love of Christ when you can preach justification by faith which in essence means turning the other cheek going the extra mile when you could forgive others unconditionally lapse of him you satisfaction the gospel is a witness and that is the witness of the gospel not just the twentieth fundamental believes in a mastic series in the basic doctors baptism but that preaching the gospel to bring you and that is the test that we face and I thank God that he hasn't brought that test was yes because were not ready for I know when not ready for an on not ready for it because I not my love is waxing cold in my encounters with people in the church are not ready for the world the footmen wearying me how can I contend with the horses but God is preparing us I praise God for those trials the preparers and David was being prepared and David struggled his running from Saul Bass on fifty nine it's really interesting it says here in my king James Bow prejudice it says that this was a song that David Rhodes when Saul sent and watched the house to kill him this is what happens just before David takes off to the wilderness is in his house always to try to kill me to his house and solace sent men to watch the house to kill David Sica as he comes out and of course Michael Saul 's daughter David's wife puts a dummy in the bandwidth you know some some kind of weight on top of your head David in the night speaks out the window takes off an emphasis 's experience these awards have you ever wondered why do sometimes when David is speaking the Psalms that he he says stuff like I would read this year in verse eleven he sits up like this about his enemies it's about seasoning a person of verse twelve for the sin of their mouth in the words of let them eat cake and a pride and for cursing online which they speak verse thirteen consuming them in Iraq consumed them but they may not be elected all of all rules and Jacob under the ends of their seem to wonder why Davidson stuff like that just destroyed in this wife cannot just take out more just on this one how many hinges he really speaks in a destructive tone times in the Psalms was important overconfidence in the content of this is really significant because Dave is running from Saul and David is in a situation I believe this is an outline for what the Bible tells us to do it anger you know that person in Ephesians four twenty six a struggle for many years and says being angry and sin not to get how they be angry and sin not his anger sin let not the sun went down on your wrath this is what I believe David is doing some fifty nine he's being angry so he won't say who's been angry with God is talking about this kind of God is giving you that he's involving the gods it's an outline here of what to do with anger because we're in situations and circumstances with individuals with ministries with leadership with ourselves and our families were getting angry and if we don't learn how to communicate our anger responsibly we will communicate it irresponsibly date is communicating his anger responsibly right here first thing he does in some fifty nine versus first one is a ghosting on asked him for help deliberately for planning his own my God this is from those the rise of the things we got it has that prayer so they doesn't defend himself when he gets the caving in getting his defendants possessed on the defendant and then he lays out this is part to what to do with anger he first he asked us to help heartland and he lays out his situation doesn't happen to me as this is my circumstance and then part three on how to tell what else tells God 's feelings is how I feel I'm so angry right now I wish that you would just consume salt I was in consumerism and I was just taken I was just a story about how I feel this lets at all obvious demotes to God and man part for he praises God for sixteen Bible sing of my power yet I will sing aloud of your mercy in the morning for guys in my defense my refuge finds a meal my strength will I sing for God is my defense God is my mercy and again is good insulting care he's gone to God for help he's explained the situation is emotive he's given all his anger to God be angry and sin not is praising God and when he meets Saul in the cave I don't know that his men went through this little experiences so outline as men say Killam is is not known if any that got my defense God will judge between me and him God will take care of this praise God that is what God is calling us to that as this is a spirit expressed God wants us to haven't in this sense that it was not just a type of Christ Caleb Christ was the son of David what a powerful title that was that was bored from David for Jesus Christ and how he exemplified that lets go quickly now to the about the last chapter in first annual chapter thirty days why go through this in the ten minutes nine minutes we have remaining I might take five minutes of overtime just because the recording guys got here late I was telling one down but it's a great great reason to go over time what name did such a great leader and a type of Christ it was how David responded the salt was was how he dealt with anger and that freedom off to open up the package to go for that we got to not settle for the Mustang the two to get to zero C him are greater gift and almost he was a greater gift we settle down sometimes in our complacency were happy with content with being better perhaps than other people when God wants much more than that for us God is ideal for us is higher than the highest human thought can reach so in first grade through Samuel chapter thirty beginning the first one now says it happened when David is linking to zig lag on the third day now you understand David has been fleeing from Saul and he 's made this agreement with the Philistines and they given a town called Cycladic and in that situation which again reveals David's weaknesses he has been called about the battle of the Philistines but then some of the princes recognize González recognize that this is David and they send them back to one meters in case it turns out to what would've happened in a situation but we know that David would never fought against his own people is available that does it black-and-white gets there the whole places burned to the ground most families gone they're gone is dangerous for office to make any kind of deal with the world or to look to the world for any kind of protection from our enemies we need to look to God because when we do that we put ourselves in a situation put ourselves on Satan 's ground personal situation would lose everything and is what happens to it says here when David is an anniversary came to the city and it was burned with fire their wives are sons and daughters were gone the David of the people that were with him lifted up their voices and they west until they had no more power to week biblical leadership weeks at personal loss it's okay guys to be emotional it's okay to be sensitive human beings are sensitive biblical leaders are sensitive especially to the lost were not afraid don't be afraid to show motion we need more first day we don't need a motionless on we don't need a motion to take over but we needed imbalance so David went his men went that no more power to Weidman and David was greatly distressed for verse six it says that people his people his men spoke of starting your because the soul of the people was grieved every man for sons and his daughters what would you do if in your friends turned against her everyone was partner ministry if you work if you were at a point where people always wanted to take you what a David the Bible says that David encouraged himself or the new King James has strengthened himself in war when we have nobody to we still have God God will never leave us or forsake us biblical leaders understand this they understand that God is the foundation and strength and so returns to God and that's the kind of leaders we need in the church today we need leaders who when they are opposed when everyone is against them their foundation is God and his standing with God and God gives them the strength because I'll tell you David and turn to God who knows of this mission even one of gone forward who knows what these men would've done they would be lost to David Milby and another against him evenly one stone him this book of stoning him he needed to strengthen self and strengthen himself in the war to depend on God even that woman so that she could bring to them in and to others the rescue that they needed we need to be strong in our commitment and our relationship in our in our abiding relation with God even for the sake of those to me oppose us it may be against us at times David was greatly distressed peoples focused on again by the way the are we there is risky and dangerous even those who were close to you concerning SU percent of chapter thirty verse seven and David said to abide by the priest and Amalek 's son please bring the fight here to me and my thought brought before an event like this because medical leadership is team sensitive it's inclusive of others and shares responsibilities at it continually crisply asks for assistance from other people were achieving we can do this by ourselves and even though they miss strongest foundations and God is still asking for help from others verse eight David inquired said David inquired of the Lord saying shall I pursue this true biblical leadership seeks prayer and guidance and direction from God before making a decision is on track right now he is really on track is motivated by this great loss and there are times when we get off track just a little bit in only slow down we get to turn we get we get sidetracked and there are times when God allows trials to come in our license back on track and David is back on track now he's asking direction from God he's inquiring of the Lord you knew that when he left splits all you didn't even do that we went to not be always do that up until this point but it's coming back I I love this about David because David was willing to see his fault his weaknesses he was willing to make changes and to go in a different direction as the Spirit of God let it in a different direction and make excuses percent and at first failures he was willing to own opt in his Wednesday you know I did make a mistake that I was wrong I'm sorry I apologize now God would want me to do quickly Nephi let's was asked on the same what is agog what direction I want us to take so many times took that into his own hands and made sacrifice himself to determine what he was him David doesn't do that he wakes for God 's inspired and motivated by God affect VeriSign says when David Aston God said go pursue for you will surely cover them and without fail you are cover all the others motivated by the word of God is motivated by the promise of God is motivated action is nothing that can motivate us to action but God 's promise of the gospel truth that we will recover all and why will recover all because Jesus is recovered all for us and so we put our trust in him we were come for all who trust him for that please motivated is inspired he moves forward verse nine and then in verse ten daily percent to four hundred and four two hundred men stay behind who was so weary that they could not cross the brute book but they soar so get a six hundred man he's going forward right amount remember these six hundred men have already wept till they had no more strength to weight out avoid me take off and kill hundreds of intent across the book was a source of David leads to hundred of them there in other words biblical leadership is sensitive to the needs of the weaker he is there aware of the strengths and weaknesses of those that they work with an output more upon a person and they can handle firsthand David pursuit verse eleven season yet firsthand David proceeded he informed meant to understand behind his story could not cross the gross that they sort verse verses eleven and twelve and then they found Egyptian in the field and brought him to David and they gave him bread any age and they let him drink water biblical leadership nurturers opportunities for breakthroughs the finest Egyptian they nurture medium for the given water this this could be where the breakthrough takes place and there was when we are born we working in the world and doing outreach and we need natural some opportunities that they may call from worldly perspectives from different plays I think about a wife in which she was in Australia she received this telegram this note asking her about some land was being donated to the church in Zimbabwe presently Zimbabwe where we now have solicit University this battle is being donated by the government in which a young man by the names and Johnson Wagner in these two young men we all make mistakes had said you don't wouldn't be right for us to accept this land from the government because that would be a mixture of church and state and where the religious liberty and so we shouldn't do that as of the brother Ernesto Mina now Mike sent a letter from Australia to the brother she said God sometimes moves on the hearts of the secular world to get to his cause and we should pursue this line nurturing opportunities even though they may come from the world in any given piece of cake in figs and classes of raises first twelve one eighty his strength came back to him who had been any better water for three days and then verse thirteen David said to him to believe the law and where are you from the local leadership seeks information understanding in the world there are things that will help us to understand it will help our mission and weaning loudly to sing for that kind of information if it can be helpful for us and then that the slave explains the situation what happened to him verse of Tina David said he can you take me down to the stroke biblical leadership will ask favors from the world make deals with the world if it will help the cause of God not in a compromising way as Egyptians of them although if you make an agreement with me don't turn me over to my master protect me from incident makes the steel were seventeen David has since taken down the shift key hacks then I noticed this from twilight until the evening of the next day how long was like what thirty six hours and then someone David and his mandatory bin they've already wept them in having with strength to weight and they take off in this journey gets so intense that two hundred and ten crossed the brook of a store and then when they are led to the analog of Democrats they fight for thirty six hours straight with the get the string from God it all came from the and God will give us strength God will give us endurance God will give us the strength that we need to accomplish the task of the state with the task until it's finished he does that I think is a phone 's principles as we allow him to strengthen us in other ways that he strengthens us is through following the principles of temperance I know the censoring temperature in a fight with six hours but we're naturally we naturally can I take in the intemperate mom I will when I get on a task I was CSS all the witches while not realizing is this is no way than that accomplish this task unless I follow the principles of temperance among the compass the task God is given as the principles of temperate so we can be in it for the long haul James White failed to follows principles and he died an early death to accomplish the task to see it through the air and we need to follow the principles the guns given us we need to pace ourselves and we need to have a reserve because when we come around that last corner where you need to sprint to the finish line the last movements will be rapid once Saudi regime this one with this one thing everything also following this train don't be as concerned about what you eat that's important as you are about getting exercise that is where we fail is why do many times if you exercise on a regular basis you will want to drink more water you will get better sleep a lot of these other aspects of our health message will fall into place if you will not neglect to exercise and what we go for walks every day for two months walking is one of the best exercises you can do all of us could walk you out we all went to another party not which I look to the closest parking space to the front door to door when I only get out of this that crime in our cart between other cause and then it would be all of our North Park the other end of the parking lot when no one is talking with the way that anyone in the ER doors for credit card and also instead of isolated wall to the door unless you live in Oregon it rains a lot of course I understand that but you could always bring an umbrella which we need more exercise we need more exercise okay I'm getting off track if so then it says here so David recovered all the Gamma Chi too carried away David rescued his two wives and was nothing that was lacking either small or great sons or daughters well if anything the data taken from David recovered and was praised God biblical leadership is his first annual chapter three verses eighteen and nineteenth biblical leadership recovers all the correspondence with the rest everything don't be don't settle for anything less than what God has promised you he wants you to recover everything of yours your family your health your everything he wants you to have it all all of first annual thirty twenty and David took all the flocks and herds that he driven before that when the herds they had driven before those otherwise David says this is a spoil significant that David didn't make glass to be financially responsible for that which God given me I think it's important that David was the one who took charge of this spoil because we want to find out that there were others among Davis who were not willing to be as generous with what God had given to him as David wants we need to be financial responsible so that we can be generous with regards giving us generous toward others verse twenty one David came to the two hundred men who would been so worried they could not follow David whom they had also made to stay in the group a sword when he went out to meet David when they so they went out to meet David and to meet the people with him and David came near people and he greeted them he inquired after that he asked after their welfare that's what made the Young's literal translation assistance how are you are you feeling better he was concerned for them even have a negative attitude because they can go all the way he wasn't demeaning to them because you know he was stronger in the oven was stronger and better and you know how come you know all you guys feeling up to it now I think you can get us on the know-how you feeling and then verse twenty two all the wicked and worthless man who went with David answered and said because they did not go with us we will not give them any of the spoil that we've recovered except for every man his wife and children they may leave and went apart biblical leadership is not always attract godly followers the church is filled with tears good and bad and it is our responsibility to hold to the as a wholesome character of God wanted to be influenced help to others rather than being influenced by those negative things are taking place in the church many times we dwell upon the apostasy of the church in the problems in the church would become like we don't even realize it we become critical negative event by e-mailing her life as window in the name of abdicating the truth but were not reviewing the character of Christ David would have none of this he says in verse twenty two but David said my brethren you shall not do so with what the Lord has given us who preserved us and delivered us into the hand into our hand attribute came against us so the local leadership recognizes that God is the one God is the one that gets all the boring she misses in our stuff we don't have any right to decide how they should be divided God has blessed us here in North America he has given honest well it is on hold or even dualistic relationship which probably ordained on and you can know how blessed you are just to have the little you may have and we are responsible to be a channel through which that was in the past on other countries and other nations before your form every dime every dollar in it I cringe at this myself with you to be accountable for God wants us to utilize the things that he has given us of the blessing of others and pass it on to pass along that's exactly David does cool Gigi says in verse twenty four this matter for SES particles down without social his part beef who stays with the supplies they shall all share alike this is a picture of salvation we do not deserve salvation any more than anyone else deserves salvation God is the one that has given us salvation God is the one that has been as gifted us this vitriol more enemies everyone gets a share no one is left out it doesn't matter how much we do for the Lord were no more deserving than anyone else SCIF the gonzo compass for us and our job is to share the gift of salvation with everyone everywhere wherever we gone that's exactly what David does this is normally made an ordinance which I believe verse twenty five says statute in accordance Israel to distinguish typical leadership establishes long-term principles of equality and enumeration as well as establishing biblical principles of righteousness by faith recognizing and teaching and preaching the gospel as a message of God 's salvation to all the world and not just for a certain group were certain people as for everyone and then it says in verse twenty six but when David came physical act he said some of the spoil to the elders of Judah to his friend saying he was a present for you from the spoil of the enemies of the Lords say biblical leadership recognizes the contribution everyone makes to the cause of God even the people not just the state by the liberal base orbit even the people who back in Cycladic not only those people but it says here in verses twenty seven onwards that it didn't set part of the spoil to every child in every city last process here all the places were David himself and his men were accustomed to rope everywhere he had gone everywhere he'd been a subpart of this one because he recognizes and we need to recognize the reason why we're here today the reason why we have the experience that we have is because we are standing on the shoulders of David and most of us and Samuel and and and the hundred and forty four thousand is not an exclusive group from the west of the say Elmont is very clear when she was taken through the heavily vision she came to the temple and Jesus raised his wobbly voice and he said only the hundred and forty four thousand one hundred two vision it's an early writings she's going from place to place and she comes to that to the doors of the temple when she gets there on this heavily toward this vision Jesus raises is lovely voice he says only the hundred and forty four thousand going here and she says we all shouted alleluia egg in Revelation chapter seven it describes a group of people that is so great a number that no man can number great multitude that no man can number dressed in enrollments and an in white robes with palms in their hands and their praising God in the same salvation to our daughter to the landless to the land and John is asked by one of the elves who these people and John Sassano they argue it's only what they are any illicit as these are they that came out of great tribulation it was the robes and made them white in the blood of land and they serve God where in his Temple van only the hundred and forty four thousand go into the temple the great multitude that no man can number of every nation kindred tongue and people serve God 's temple day and night every single one of the redeemed is going to sing a song of Moses and the Lamb even Moses it's Islam after all none of us are any better than anyone else any more qualified than anyone else to be in heaven children have grounds of different sizes with different amounts of jewels on them but that that is has nothing to do with salvation is it that does have to do with the reward that is based upon the one him quite but as for salvation those were all equal same status will have every right to be in their in that Temple last last thought right here will close to me this is all powerful as justice is just a story system illustration about two and three of them actually had one that was on in a video and perhaps even look this up it was done by a news broadcaster in Houston Oregon about a businessman I wanted this man was an Adventist he sounds like he might've been he runs an office supply company in Houston and this was a story came out in two thousand eleven his name is silently and he just turned into a big warehouse was happy to see the bottom line wrote because now that his business is growing he has more money to give away half his profits to be exact the first three years we didn't make any money he says we were in the resolution have a lot any problem giving away money we joke but these days EIS gives away forty to fifty thousand dollars a year up what is also solid money hold all the money goes to eleven different charities including Houston start Hope homeless shelter Simon has always been a big volunteer to start hope for time is really just a consistent it was a talk about how it goes this homeless shelter he works with them as well as supporting them etc. Nichols on and says another charity he supports is a cheat on he's traveled there and he helps with water wells built hospitals and helps with the kids there and sees about what it precious commodity water is now here's the here's the point leave people are of this company that gets forty to fifty thousand dollars half their profits away every year the Burns draws a salary four thousand homes a year some of his employees take home a hundred thousand dollars a year here they are this company is just moved into a new warehouse to his hapless profits away which is forty fifty thousand dollars and he draws a salary of forty thousand dollars could you live on forty thousand dollars one oh seven do I don't and then it says he's talking now on this interview this news interview that he says he's only following his ultimate role model Christ he says gave his life away for me and to give money away is nothing compared to what he sacrificed for me giving away is really a deep joy and anybody that is given a Christmas gift or birthday gift has experienced that joy in some way or form the purpose of life is to give back to the people who are in need other several stories that you can Google lookup along these lines but it amazes me I believe he's a Christian but it amazes me some of these other stores to come from people who are Christians obviously aren't Christians necessarily and I'm thinking about even the story of a Ford but here's the point David exemplifies the principles principles of biblical leadership not just in all the talk about him doing that in the fact that we got all these blessings we call the spoils we go all this stuff and some of his men talked about not sharing it with these guys not sure with these guys David said no will have none Mrs. got stuck everything we have is God 's we are stewards and stewards along everything we have all-natural possessions would possess Argonauts and God is into us so we can be channeled into the others just so the NYU this one gone and trust she was a channel more God confused to you as you become that Calvin give to others and share with others and that is not only true of or find an sure stuff but it is essentially true of the gift of salvation of the measure his grace and a gift of righteousness by faith God wants us to open our hearts big he wants us to forgive forget to move beyond he wants us to come he wants to completely seal us of the pain the suffering the bitterness the hurts we've experienced so that we can become channels through which you can more effort in the South to others and this is our greatest need our greatest need esters receive from God the spoils of his grace the riches of his mercy the abundance of his love so that we can allow those that well the riches of his righteousness to flow out from last others who are in need who are poor who are imprisoned for struggling if you let me this morning I feel that need everyone is praising the fathers were thinking this morning for the messes we find in the life and experiences David as well as Saul as well as Samuel was one thank you for your words that the clarity that they bring to us today the message that they communicate to us right now and are in our needs and in this time of preparation before the final test we recognize why recognize my own failures in abilities my weaknesses perhaps at times overwhelmed by the by so thankful that you can bring them to me in the context of crime righteousness so thankful that we see Christ among the churches standing among us as he reveals to us failures in the fault would possess Prince of Vancouver the message rehab to overcome enough in the victory the crisis given us in overcoming our fallen sinful nature so that in him we are crucified father I pray that you would allow us that you wouldn't power us to take hold and not be overwhelmed by our failures as we see them in Saul 's receipt of an Samuels receiver David that we would allow your grace to not only reveal them to us but to overcome following a spate for a special prayer this morning because I know there are people here including myself who were dealing with specific trials and struggles in family and churches and our own doubts and imperfections and is asking that you would give us the hope and strength we need right now to know and trust in Jesus and believe that he is the author and finisher and he will finish what is begun to trust you leaving the Air Force program and is the media was wrong audio errors a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more to know more about our universe the more certain and www. done on universal .org


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