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The Patient Experience 1

Mark Finley Des Cummings



  • October 31, 2013
    7:30 PM
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it is really a realtor would join me here I have been related to a man in more ways than one of the last nine years and I remember when we had our first meeting at Goddess brings a small group of physicians and dentists met together to dream about an organization that would provide spiritual care and nurture for physicians and dentists that would focus particularly on how Christ can be made known in the marketplace and how Jesus could be exalted in offices help physical mental and spiritual care could be integrated and also how busy physicians and dentists could be I guided on mission trips and how mission trips could be planned for them and to see what is happened over the last nine years with the way God has blessed this organization is really quite remarkable conferences on the East Coast and on the West Coast some of those conferences between the West Coast of medical students from Loma Linda having four five hundred participants God has incredibly blessed amen and I believe that a man's destiny is brighter in the future than it has been in the past that God will continue to bless the organization that it will continue to grow as it stays faithful to its purpose I was talking to Elder Wilson our general conference president on the phone today and shared with him that I would be here with you tonight and he said to me he said be sure to tell the amen group how we deeply appreciate their work these physicians who day by day are interfacing with the patient's other praying with them how their sharing Christ with them there is a sure sign you will want to thank you for the ministry that you have an eye I really is that were advisedly because it is ministry you are ministering for Christ day by day of the kingdom of God so I know that the Lord is going to richly and continue to bless your ministry as you continue with the Jesus when I was a timer who told me to start preaching the spring father in heaven thank you so much we just really desire tonight as we are launching into this patient experience we really desire to uplift Jesus to see how he would interact with patients open our eyes encourage our hearts lead us deeper in our knowledge review grant to us a clearer understanding of what it means to minister like Christ we pray in Jesus name on tonight we begin a series of presentations on the patient experience working to define our presentations related to parts of the first all share a spiritual principle and will look at a principal in the life of Jesus that principle will largely come from John the fourth chapter and so I'll make really for presentations on John chapter four will look at Jesus accepting the assignment Jesus wearied at the well Jesus ministering to deeper needs and Jesus making any droit now as I unfold run pack a spiritual principle then guys will come out and say how does this apply in a contemporary 21st-century setting are you apply this in a dental office I this office I find this a hospital setting so we won't interact together a tomorrow morning particularly we will have a breakout session at least one of the maybe two of them where we reflect on some of these principles and we wrestle with some of the questions in each presentation will unfold eternal principles in the light of evidence -based science with applications for 21st-century clinical setting now it's our desire that this series would deepen our understanding of God 's purpose is calling us medical professionals and really will make an impact in our practices I fight you if you have your Bibles to take them in turn to John chapter four in the fourth chapter the book of John Jesus shares with us eternal principles of ministering as medical missionaries in comprehensive medical evangelism 21st-century shares with us principles to do that were to look at John four versus one to five tonight and in the morning will start with verse six so if you have your Bible let's start with John chapter four were going to look they are beginning with verse one therefore when the board knew that the Pharisees has her head heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John though Jesus himself did not baptize with his disciples he left Judea and departed again to Delhi Jesus did not want any competition in his ministry with another work and when Jesus Sands that the temperature was getting a little half because of competition over success rather than be involved in that conflict Jesus left the scene to minister in a different area as for Jesus relationships were born for Jesus Christianity is manifest in loving relationships all doctrine rightly understood and practically applied lease to loving relationships and so Jesus understood that very clearly so he left but it is the next two verses but I want to take a very serious look with with you verse three he left Judea and parted again to Galloway but he needed to go to Samaria now the question is why did Jesus need to go the scenario why is that question that we want one fact that I was some commentators say the reason he needed to go to Samaria go through Samaria and Galilee as it was no other way there the commentators who say that have not visited Israel there are other ways that factor in Jerusalem travel to twenty one miles down to Jericho crossed the Jordan and go off what we would say now on the Jordanian side in those days it crossed the Jordan and Ms. scenario altogether and you can travel north for now it is no longer that way probably would take you four to five days five foot rather than a short wait so so the idea that that there was no other way just doesn't hold water some say that Jesus wanted to get there quickly so we went through Samaria in history but it seems to me that argument demeans the very essence of who Jesus was Jesus didn't nearly do things because he wanted something quick the third of three set aside in Los Angeles they also delivered myself in their December Jesus knew the woman at the well was there and he wanted me I really wonder about that I think it's my speculative because in his humanity do you really know that woman was like day I think not I think this phrase and when you read it in the original language in verse for this he needed to go through Samaria it integrates that it was necessary for him to go through Samaria he there is another version is related more bad reviews as he have to go through another proceeding in all three do we get any clues in Shaw 's rating after the experience of magazines in one case is possibly the room so there we did look at John chapter three verse thirty four thirty five this is in the untaxed eternal truth about Jesus ministry that is applicable to our own ministries it helps us to understand this expression in John four verse four he needed to go through Samaria if you look back at John three verse thirty four and thirty five cents fourth team whom God has sent speaks the words of God for God does not give the Spirit by measure the father loves the son is given all things into his hand is the phrase he and God has sent Jesus was totally committed to the father 's will and the reason he had been through Samaria was because he seems in his soul he says in his spirit he says he is in court being that this was part of the divine purpose Jesus didn't fully understand the divine purpose he didn't fully understand he was going to meet the woman I didn't fully comprehend the significance of the moment but this he knew the spirit was leaving him free scenario because he knew that going through Samaria was part of an overall divine purpose for his life he traveled through Samaria because the added universe seems that he is being directed by God you may have not understood all the reasons but it's such a deep relationship with God that he had an inner sense of daily divine guidance he wins because he had a divine summons to go elegant white makes a fascinating statement about Jesus and desire pages page two oh eight it's a troubling stake in fact a difficult statement for us to understand the she says the son of God was so surrendered to the father 's will in and on is how so utterly was Jesus himself but he made no plans for himself organize physicians dentists seems a little strange he excepted God 's plans for him day by day the father unfolded his plans so should we depend upon God better lives leaving the simple outworking of his win as I is still away after you take that same cologne it's quite confusing quite complex Jesus for this purpose driven life area businessman is this the internal sense of being guided by God 's overall purpose of ministry and service and it is rather strange statement that says he makes no plans for himself as my son slip shod this organize lifestyle says it's up in the mornings is gone I'm not been any plans you to there is a corollary statement in the heavenly places page two thirteen I think defines hearing on wife's summary on your clients to God so I surrender my ass which I don't have such an obvious reference is like unto Christ every day every morning with my kid with my players with my purposes they are laid at the feet of Jesus surrender your plans to God to begin carrying out were given up as he is providentially using this man are you majoring my baby giving your life in harmony with his plans and purposes into the hands of God accepting his clients instead of your no matter how much they may interfere with your arrangements nor how many classes projects may have to be abandoned thus the life will be moving more and more after the divine model the peace of God which passes understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus of these statements don't indicate any such are disorganized approach to life but here's the heart of the matter as you and I begin each allowing gay before going to the office before going to the hospital before going out to serve in any capacity on her knees we say Jesus this day is yours Jesus on the plans that I have by Laban at your feet I surrender them to you if there is some adjustment in my plans if there's something that I don't see if there is something Nicodemus waiting to be administered if there is someone at the White House but I have a different agenda Lord help me to live the life is so close to you that some online with you that is so intimately since as the fine range are of divine guidance help me to have that sense of your guidance so I don't miss opportunities that you place in my life the star to bless the choice of their lives your kingdom Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it this way the purpose of life is not to be happy it's the useful to be honorable to be compassionate and have made some difference that you've lived and lived well some of you might be familiar with what Doctor Gary there is there something about that book in trouble made a big morning Eastern mysticism but Doctor Jeffrey Gary is an unconscious cancer specialist he's well-known in his field he practiced medicine for well over twenty years and dissolution is somewhat the way medicine is practiced in America and Sally began looking at a more holistic approach to life he's written a new book that is quite insightful called the journey through Cancer and I want to read to you an excerpt from that that really points out the purpose of medicine today in the life and ministry of Christ suburban sex I believe it's time to enlarge our vision of medicine for cancer patients brought me in this litigation medicine has two distinct purposes first the relative purpose of medicine is to relieve symptoms and cure disease they said okay medicine has two purposes first purpose is to to release and insecurities he said but also is the ultimate purpose that extends beyond the physical realm to include the heart the my the spirit of every patient in indeed humanity as a whole seat Jesus lived his life with that sense of purpose Jesus was interested only touching why I and they were open physical attached line ice that they can be open spiritual Jesus was only interested in touching it appears that they could hear human voices he wanted to touch spiritually or severe divine voices Jesus must only interested in dealing up with rack will he was interested in that because Jesus had soup meat dairy love you want to relieve suffering Jesus wanted to heal pulsing hearts and palsied mind is the purpose of medicine is far larger ceiling by touching the spirit crushing the mind touching the soul touching the enough fabric of the beings living our lives with us since the purpose makes all the difference before going to your office for the hospital just as sensing that Jesus was sent to Samaria to meet a desperate hopeless woman in an unpromising situation your sent as a dentist you sent as a physician you sent as an nurse your sense as a healthcare provider by God into your world to minister hope that people work times are hopeless to inspire the desperate the vision of the despondent to encourage the downhearted to care for the needy to treat complex cases with the utmost professionalism with the supreme recognition Ambassador the King of the universe two thousand years ago Jesus met with a small group of a man back home missionaries these disciples say amen to everything Jesus any so as the father sends me into the world so send I you you and I have a higher calling than dispensing medicine with a higher calling than operating on diseased bodies we have a higher calling than removing decayed teeth are calling is to minister to human beings as ambassadors for Christ representing Jesus love and grace and treating every human being that comes into our offices with respect and dignity recognizing that their children of God scenario that morning unexpectedly Jesus met complete stranger in each day in your office complete strangers about a walk-in you've never met them before many of them are totally unknown to you but each one is a child of God with mental emotional and spiritual needs as well as physical needs the woman at the well needed water but she needed much more and I was impressed with an article written in the Christian medical journal called nucleus I love that site didn't list it a hard sell and J Wyatt walked wrote an article in it's not a new article is written back in April of nineteen ninety seven and this is what he said about this holistic ministry about this vision of Christ anesthesia that Jesus at this woman he said his health professionals we frequently come in contact with strangers were facing right emotional involvement is something which is not encouraged within health professions even in the face of tragedy any display of emotion is undesirable the image that the modern health professional strives to put Brian is not a cool dispassionate detached slightly cynical expert but I strongly believe that his followers of Jesus were called to be involved with the strangers he was time and again Luke and other gospel writers emphasize that Jesus was not a disinterested observer of suffering and pain he was deeply emotional you thought involved God through Jesus is entered fully into the human experience and is in is totally emotionally involved in the joys and the agony of his creation empathy the way of Christ emphasizes our common humanity I care I'm involved I'm a human being like you we are in this together is the attitude of Christ the patient experience begins with the first interaction may have with you or your staff the patient experience begins when they are avoiding and there is a difference between hair and hair without any sense in connecting bolts without pay but when he pulls his hair you have the heart of what it means to minister Aeschylus is the sympathy the compassion the love the kindness the unselfishness the surface attitude that comes across from you is those few seconds that you meet these patients for the first time that Jesus faced some major challenges in Samaria let's review from home the conflict between the Jews and Samara take a little of event on the antifraud Rawson principles from the very on itself and how Jesus treated as one whose egos and concern in seven twenty BC the Assyrians attacked Samaria it took them three years Congress Americans said Wednesday that you can read the narrative in second Kings Wednesday and they did what many of me he painted tribe stated that time many of warring tribes they attempted to depopulate Samaria so that the thousands of Samaritans and they depopulated the in places like Babylon and other points that they need a related scenario with Assyrians and with those from other neighboring countries but you can pretty populate an entire population there were some Jews remain those gymnasts intermarried with us Americans now this was a to the Jews in the sovereignty they got saturated oils varies so this is anathema the juice was on the you are addressed if you would merit because you remember when the Jews in the southern kingdom or overrun by babbling in the days of Ezra Nehemiah they would not intermarry and so they looked at the Jews in the northern kingdom would intermarry as you will be training review here is totally turning their back on everything it meant to be to be Jews so picture this scene the Samaritan Jews intermarry they are considered a curse and a but aside the soft tissues are attacked in southern England everyone is immediate very good they don't intermarry in captivity in the days of answer and Nehemiah are you thirsty passes the degree they come back to Jerusalem what's the first thing they want is that HDMI is what we want to rebuild them so that she was saying that in helping rebuild the Temple when these subjects no way no way you are not taking one right and one blocked no way so there is the rightful there is this horrible conflict and this feud leads to the Samaritans to build their own temple on Mount Garrison although the feud between the Jews and Samaritans bitterly waged on for four hundred years smoldered as pitcher and resentful as ever in the days of Christ now the conventional Jewish thinking was that Samaria was a place to be avoided at all costs but Jesus went anyway when ministry is needed Jesus goes where I hope they stated Jesus goes where sympathy is needed Jesus goes Jesus is a radical in this sense the despised conventional thinking sometimes we do a call to divide conventional thinking were called to minister for ministry sake surface services that give forgiving sake love for love 's sake there are times when God calls us to minister in the context of her own tiredness and exhaustion as if that person were the only person if the world I recently have introduced my friend not that this individual is the position that has really have to be thinking he's not refusing his name is Danny Schechter is very close friend who is building a hospital doctors say is that is why impresses usefully applied in the case of Haryana he now owns what the party out of the hospitals is considered a one of the world 's most brilliant strategic thinkers for the fourth and recently sold Stanford University was saying okay now she is getting results similar to American cardiologists repeating hundred dollars for heart transplants he wants to cut it down to nine hundred is an amazingly he defines organizational thinking his lecture at Stanford was called price of human life prices the associate us he has the Asus sophisticated technological citizen everyone in buying new every day he knows that the market of every single hospital the fourth of April his sophisticated system the technology enables and know everyone wants to know that you know how many briefcases he is due to the Sizzler I know we need to make money the hospital will that's not Michael my long is the same as many lives as I and the way I do that is reduce the cost is often insurance program for one million in the bar signature these are the price of hospital gown is not begun at Brigham Young and Turner recently in a hospital gown this is the apparatus they need people that were started making the case in the hospital is already support right around a certain business to train people to clean the hospital he was at Stanford why is this is one reason human life is incredibly valuable and I want to do everything I can not looking human beings as a commodity not looking human beings as being not looking human beings is in conquering the winter recognize the preciousness of life every human being outside hospital his face and lie to me for these hot procedures every child we turn away times anything to administer compassionately empathetically to every human being is calling about that that whether Doctor Shetty knows it or not is the ministry of Jesus Christ does not apply a twenty first century society birthmark story I have had the opportunity to my reduction using creditable individual changing the way the landscape of the economics of healthcare for the purpose of the soul of questions that we ask that sort on we actually bring about these moments of feeling that arrest because of what Jesus did in his life and ministry so we went to a group of researchers and I am not a fan attitudinal research for you check people 's perceptions because it doesn't fluctuate by the circumstances European and behavioral research notify behavior this is the opportunity to see exactly how people behave and behaviors are first aid whereas attitudes and perceptions fluctuate I went to the folks at Disney so what we have to do is price file search those of your psychiatry and psychiatric associations this is great whole idea originally from the nineteen fifty eight challenge but as a society say is the dangerous and dark sides of the mind too many years Cypress CA said it what if the mind what's happening in mind when their positive things are going right so that's the whole lawyer counseling is becoming very popular with you in North America as families when you are spot on what is really going right so we gain the marketplace is supposed to does the organization of ideas is for us we specifically chose the organization was not necessarily Christian is loose although many people in the principles of Christian folks but they were used to looking at people with hearing in the marketplace to see exactly what made it work is washing away say what happens in Florida hospital they still write so this is what we did we did an amazing one way train our volunteers and during this phase one is seventy five patients forty eight versus twenty five family members over fifty hours of interviews in two thousand pages of Christ is what they did with the actual as in the patient's room and why exactly do they as they sat in the room they saw the behaviors and interactions of a solid number of sequences for our room based to the folks from our marketing and training they asked him to see another ninety nine patients four hundred and sixty six is reports were filed holiday by survey and we were able to personalize the spring summer five hundred marketing team our first step actually pages one rooms watching what was happening in those rooms so when we find out about the first thing we found that when things really happen at one hospital that are memorable and their life-changing they say these things of his direct phone and more hospitals mission is coming through loud and clear that something up for me not consolidate up with a Christian perspective of users looking experiences in designing rides and more the design movies they designed various things and they said when we look at what's happening here this is what happened your mission is to express I heard it here I is born a hospital or other lighter my patients we leave our leaders together from all over the church leaders our force in German and medical director we ask that was the essence of the hospitals of the ministry of Christ that's the own may say first of all quality because without quality guy but his name and how excellent is thy name and only are we just sit with you for quality music with an we don't and we lose a lot of people who we pray for unaware doesn't work doesn't work the excellence of Lord must come through we must be first we must be leaders in excellence with my standards are in we must be able to see whether authority of the ball and scientific excellence we must be able to serve certain site medicine in the master and if so what happens is the second day 's people to know how much we care network has transcended all time from the minister drives when so often set aside at different times compassion is the keyword brings together what Markoff even as your cities as this is the compassion and messages directly and indirectly driven by the patient experienced at his nurses on the front line deliver this but everyone is a session prayer is appreciated even if those people don't believe there's applying healing nourishing and action in a cell one of the patients who said I don't believe in God this is all a question someone is hospital digital was responsible as I said well you know what he knows and has obvious so why is he said because you will you ever hear your who you are because you are the factors people know that a lot of what has happened in the hospital when you are not fully aware they know that that basically when a point of surgery are not aware they are not interested in going to place it only has accountability in government into insurance and I like the idea of having been liked the idea people say we want creatures a child of God that you are left thinking up ideas from prison doctors who really made a difference in people 's lives what is certain is not actually there is I sure they had delivered by an anesthesiologist in an interview before the surgery the next day and a picture of Jesus in the surgery is sleeping I'll take the medical staff and says Brian so surgical schedule for the day price for the night before morning and basically says I give you this interesting one if you get a picture doing postcards showed up in our letter also with the postcard is and is only allowed but I also played rock postcard of Jesus and surgery because of me and brought his life the last time he is decided that basically this whole understanding of Christianity and Jesus Christ is vague it is only powerful symbolic of the highest quality of care and highest quality those things to come through the exchange so if you look at the journey of a person in Madison here's what they said was that this is our favorite so it's like the road is going to see that life relatives going in the horizontal direction like a slam on why people are just fine and I suddenly have many blasts out on medical leave sure they call it weren't slices into the road of life and see if it is out of the hospital tomorrow hope I get there they did not say how I have very last they didn't do that they just said is interrupted my life as a result they had dismantled the kind of notice in the middle of the Rotary that representative there say three or four days and often whether you're like to say is there you probably have similar strengths and whatever rock you may not be days and maybe hours maybe something like this the thing that is largely an interruption your car there is an opportunity to create something that is significant opportunity exists the fact is that patients are trying to make a connection to a meaningful from and what their living there is the leading character in one of their personal needs this makes sense out of life by integrating this episode into their meaning of existence so there are five excess August that will be provided at what went on what is meaningful life for me and my certification in my philosophy of life basically what we've is we are in the process of creating store with a immaculate busy and I have set as low you know you want dramas that people will have a hospital of popcorn Illinois people it will be a seminal moment in a will you say that moment and only meeting or simply make a case that is this is what happens is the difference if you learn how to enter into their story you have even cocreated another's you can actually do this for a theater whether or not the state and you will create greater meaning in life because you can't together a series that is jointly meaningful to both you but you understand the normal start as a normal here in what you would look like if you're thinking about moving ahead of commercial and all I had was a commercial and the person coming in the same period in your life related x-ray find out exactly what you need from nutrition both things we can have disjointed episodes or interruptions such as commercial as people don't know why they were there in any given say just yet and one which I'll talk about tomorrow there are sixteen different departments or twenty six different interactions people replace F-16 or performance places seminar that is commercial I heard it make sure you got a shot or it can be suddenly adding me because there is a journey and I will show you how to understand the plots of the person 's life because their sleepiness is a telling story and the regulations are a flock a stage and interaction with talk about how you can create immersive experience in your practice we take people through creating a story join with you on stage at me in the process of medicine for the individual to create a future understanding of God himself it is delicately going to change their life is something that not only cost them repeat the story that allows that to bring the story see what is there anything Iraq as people walk away I just thought I'd ever my favorite conversations Mark seven retrieves the individual who is not able to see it is a crisis moment where he is seeing more people than HMO clinic possibly see that assassinated you see all these people and it is they are from around here and they bring this guide to him who cannot see apparently very well he apparently lost his hearing and was only able to hear a little bit or be able to see very much I have what it sees as will be as well when we say a heel that's it Your Honor we did into society his eyes is the very first time in history that you meditatively find sign it with his fingers into his ear infections this so I put it on the man's science besides supporting a satisfactory sum I enter a reply size make the story is going to suddenly say I understand where you are in that sign better safe than sorry and in that moment when he prays that he would be released suddenly he is free speaks with joy around say one thing when they say he does everything so well he does everything so well is that patient satisfaction survey area ASAP sees your heart there is patient satisfaction survey how to do is create a third story so here we are are you going to be a place work from his art created and wives are honored in the third story that is created in which we have the theater of life you know the surgery said the surgery suite used to be called operatory what do you because truly it is drama is being created in that moment the drama of life and death the great controversy is coming with the healer being the representative of Christ disease being the representative of the devil you have all the elements of great drama you have a bill in the disease you have a hero the doctors and the caregivers you have a superhero God you have the supporting actors you have all of those there you have the star is the patient themselves will go back and show you that tomorrow because you can create this trap tremendous drama if you realize what is really happening and this is not about efficiency or the loss of efficiency Jesus did that moment with the man and it made ongoing impact there are times in which Jesus moves and sees hundreds of people but the impact that they have seems to be able to have a remarkable ability to enter into their lives in a deeper journey so come creating a third story is a nurse way comes about sense that new read that it's your story plus the person 's own story you create our story and the way that we begin to see how that worked what happens in the hospital as they drew me this graph has begin to talk them it really explains what a Mark was talking about earlier misses are three levels of player character to care for the body to care for the mine there's a cure for the spirit tomorrow you'll be able to get this exact quote from the book that we give you the monograph we give you but this Denny's letter that came to us and he said there are two aspects of being in the hospital and are dealing with a medical problem the first is physical which ranges from critical to the comfort issues here everyone I dealt with seem knowledgeable and responsive to meeting my needs this is why people go to hospitals by hospitals even exist in the first place so what he is saying to you is caring for my body is what's expected doesn't like people that are hospitals I expect to hear so what you find is they were caring for that first slice it he is the care they would call a transaction treating the body and when you have good clinical care treating the body the patients appreciated not one away by that they appreciate but when you move to the second element which is again continuation of Denny's letter but from a patient's perspective there's another very important aspect of dealing with medical condition the mental emotional aspect in the case of my prostate cancer from before I ever had a biopsy and all the way through my recovery the mental and emotional aspect probably accounted for how much eighty percent of the hardship now I ask you my friends we do a lot of clinical planning for the body right how many spiritual care plans could we revolutionize medicine was spiritual care I believe that as an opportunity to check this remarkable I believe you'll simply knew of my surgeon friend does and take home the night before all the people you see and simply pray for them that night and pray for them the next morning and let them know a few of them pray that you pray for that simple message to them will open them up to all kinds of conversations and all kinds of opportunities with your staff and all kinds of ways to deal with them and you may say let another skeptic mountains of time and always have as a few of these people are so in so dependent that immediately and so needy that the manager asked him what you can do for me spell it out and now spent hours with our people and drain on my time and take away everything is true you have to have a way to distribute that we can talk about how to distribute that in our church one of the things I do because we have a church to starting our living room Mark comes to it periodically along with Fenians fixed there we now have two hundred people attending our church and we have no paid pastor so we have to find a way to distribute when we cannot when we find a person is needy we have at least three people that they can come to because if you doubt what will happen it will wear them down it'll wear you down and it will imply that what they need is more personal scare of another individual just simply providing for them and that will turn them in instead of turning them up or out and so what happens is you have there's a strategy by which you can get there we don't have time to cover that strategy tonight but there's a very good strategy of where you get what you need to do what is the opportunity of medicine is to have opening questions for the spirit the mind and the body but also to engage your staff who may find themselves only in routine activities suddenly finding themselves in meaningful activity when they sent on board appointment card and describe honor points on it will be praying for you and and in a week before your appointment and would you give you have anything please leave us a message when I sent out the automated message if you have the technology to mine people are the patient of their appointment remind them given the opportunity to leave a voicemail of what you could pray specifically for it will change your perspective it will change their interaction will give you the opportunity to create life drama as opposed to simply life episodes so what happens in this experience is if you go the next mile and you start explaining Piercy care for the body and the first foot in the second one you started explaining the care to the mind and engaging the mind explaining the circumstance element understand what you're doing and why you're doing it suddenly there came they take on a new level of appreciation of care and your admire city care for the body are appreciated if you care for the mind and body are admired the watch what happens when you care for all three the power of the whole person care yet there is a very very simple way that some of the hospital staff made a huge difference for me it was all and how they interacted with me nothing big just a simple smile and little pieces of courtesy and kindness and showing little interest to me personally what happens is these patients when you actually interact with them on the spiritual love what enter into the spiritual part of their life they crescendo their attitude and their loyalty and the crescendo is expressed in the language they start talking in specifically language of family they say they treated me like family this is like my home that they actually cared for me like a brother a mother a father sister and they start using family language and now instead of being just appreciated or admired your now adopted and when you are adopted that is the greatest compliment to you as a caregiver that you angle entered in the caregiver circle of the master 's touch and it's mastering the art of patient experience so basically the next thing I want to show you is that in your experience if you would grab the journey through your appointment tomorrow when you talk about the design day Disney actually doesn't design day for the experience they want you to have in the parks amid talk about how we try to take a design day in the design experience in the hospital if God was still time to design the seven days of creation what it would do for us if we designed the entry into our experience and into our environment and women talk about how to create an immersive environment and how to shake that for you so what we found is that there's different ways that people experience in the needs that they have these of the patient priorities slightest cut up over there you see it on that one and you can see on the vertical vector is how high the priority it's intensity of need how much they need something and on the horizontal it's over time so they take us in the hospital this is a three and a half day stay over that period of time when they first arrive the first thing they need his attention so I my guess is in your situation is very similar even if you're not ready hospital people arrive at your officer in you the first thing they'd instantly recognize there's nothing like watching an office in finding the sliding glass and waiting slidably closed and the messages don't interrupt this because you see shadows behind the glass but you never see it open and I been there in those kind boxes to what happens they need attention and in our hospital wayfinding is high and you'll see things like environment is low when they're in high paying as they are around it becomes more more important convenience is low it becomes more important the desire to escape becomes more important in the last few days and say the desire to be engaged becomes more important to them but noticed two things that stay constant they are the two lines at the top care giving and comfort you at caregiving and comfort giving means that there took a the people who work on your practice their caregivers and those of the folks who are licensed to be able to do the medical procedures that are within the clinical realm but there's the comfort givers and I can be everybody and what you have the opportunity to do is inspire people to become and view themselves as comfort givers and part of the spiritual care team that is now distributed across all people as opposed to simply localized with him those who have a license so you have a license agreement body but everybody has the privilege and calling to creep the spirit and the mind nobody told me but like both my wife is in the audience this is terrible fetish one of my church members my doctor Sandy is back here it's your teller and that the faith that he just buddy pass on CF caregivers and you have comfort givers and the opportunity would it talk about tomorrow's hot actually bring your comfort givers into the whole process so that they don't see you incremental life because they don't have a license they often don't feel like they're part of the real medical delivery but you can give them a license to be able to deliver to the spiritual needs and you could show them the best eighty percent of the experience that fabulous place to give them a sense of meaning so what you have is an opportunity in our hospital to create a Florida hospital story the individual story and then create our healing ministry story so tomorrow morning to talk about how you create what is your story while you called how you express that in your facility so that when they walk-in they captured the sense of your story then you may say well I don't control the environment that I working at somebody else is in charge of the things they put on the wall I like to change things on Matthew 's control the spaces which are both don't just control what you can control will start there and will work out in a legal be amazed at how things change in how people will be able to be affected by the sinners who were were going to basically stop with that is the care model that we found in our system this is what they said is the difference in our care what really happens is the healing ministry of Christ it happens like this in the old care model a person is a patient they said their body and have an illness so there that gallbladder and room for twenty five Red Hat then then we moved to where your customer your transaction you have taught you have a payer you have the ability to have a choice so we treat each customer thank you for choosing us you know we really glad to hear kind of attitude and then we got hold of Ritz-Carlton and so you're just your guess now we have ladies and gentlemen during her ladies and gentlemen but then you moved to family welcomed us love us belong help us belong your children of God for children of God that's the feeling of thing that's what happens in this environment were there to talk to you about how we took our model procuring we took from the Sabbath and show you how we can extract from the Senate is important for you to have a model procuring it comes back to an actual understanding it will transcend both that will apply for both healing but it'll also apply for help because we're here to get the cross-section of where we meet a person we are going to do when John Harvey Kellogg said sanitary and was supposed to do member high name to the sanitarium he said he would not name and a sanatorium you would change it just a little bit just like he changed the nose to granola to do those kinds of things you change sanitize sanatorium to sanitarium in sanatorium was a place to go and die what you say Senator has worked place to get well stay well with your practice place to get well and stay well you have the ability due to taxes of God but that's the world offers with help in the creation story you have an opportunity to bring help this society that desperately needs the relevance of the Adventist health message the twenty first century I believe address health message the creation help model is the answer to health care reform I believe we have the credentials to lead health care reform I believe we're relevant today because we were born in healthcare reform our first institution was called Western health Reform Institute here we are talking about health reform in the twenty first century who's been doing it for the last century who's been leading it why can't we leave the future and I'm excited about that opportunity and thrilled that God has put us at this point in the crossroads of history or we can leave the future Florida Hospital has had the opportunity to for the first time in our history and for the first time in the state of Florida to be declared the number one hospital by the U.S. News & World Report that is not a achievement of corporate chest that is achievement of a master that is achievement of seeking God 's will we do not go there because we are seeking corporate identity because unless we succeed in on top we can call ourselves arrest reputable hospital we are there because God has said we should be the lead and not we need to all be how excellent is thy name in all but the excellence that we need to bring is not the clinical excellence of people who are lost in the background approving the matter of this world and say I can understand creation because I can actually physically explain how good of which occurred time I say to them that's a fine journey go on that journey if you want to discover matter but the purpose of the creation story was to explain meaning and that's what we're here for and if you understand the meaning of the creation story you understand your mate for love and if you understand the meaning of the creation story you understand that God is a God of love and exchanges people dramatically and particularly man because it frees you from the module believe that you are not romantic for the very first words of man or song the woman he written in the Hebrew so never believe the macho ideal that men are not made for Roman 's they were they are in a forever will be for God is love a person to Sabbath 's love in time in your practice is loving place may you bring the family of God to the children of God that they will have a new story is together the story and be turned around by yours is a media was not as high as the website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more and he would like to know more about a person is more certain is www. audio verse .org


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