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The Patient Experience 2b

Mark Finley


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • November 1, 2013
    11:00 AM
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we are talking largely about the doctor and dentist the healthcare providers relationship the patient we've looked it providing attention to the patient that comes looking at the patient as a whole person we talked about spec and sympathy and inspiring hope we talked about making transitions and spiritual thing but I want us to focus in this last session on one Bible passage that speaks specifically to the needs of medical providers and invite you to bow your heads as we pray in this last session asking God to do something special in her own lives because the reality of the matter is God can never do something through me until he does something to me he can never do something with me until he does something for me he can never I can never be a true minister until I have ministered to so we want to focus on what was happening in Jesus life before he met that woman and why he was able to minister father we thank you for the joy the privilege of ministering the King of Kings deeply and that upon our minds that we have a calling not merely a profession right upon the consciousness of our brains the sacredness of being a medical missionary for Jesus teach us that just like you said to your disciples thank you send them into the world that we are God sent that the gifts you've given us in medical skills that the specialties that you've led us in our divinely sanctified may we never lose sense in the complexity of modern medicine of our identity revealed to us that were Christian medical providers but even a step beyond that reveal to us the Seventh-day Adventists with a mission in a message for a final generation to prepare people for the return of our Lord physically mentally emotionally and spiritually thank you for this calling and open our hearts to a special blessing in this last session today in Christ's name amen I invite you to take your Bibles and go back to the story the story of a desperate woman who found whole story of the guilt ridden woman who found peace the story of the power this woman who found strength the story of a lonely woman who found belonging the story of a suspicious woman who found someone to trust the story of an abandoned woman who was adopted the story of the Christ who looked beyond gender who looked beyond social status who looked beyond the conventional norms the story of a Jesus that reached out to minister in incredibly remarkable way but I want to focus in this session not what was going on in her life for what was going on in his life I want to focus not on current physical needs but here's not on her emotions but here it's not what was going on with the patient but what was going on with the provider and we come to that in John the fourth chapter in the sixth burns I've left this first intentionally for the last of our presentations this morning John chapter four verse six now Jacobs well was there what a historic environment Jacob the father of the Israel Jacob Abraham Isaac Jacob the twelve sons of Jacob Jacob had purchased this piece of property it was a sacred piece of property by its very nature is at a historic significance in Israel when Jacob died he gave this piece of property to his son Joseph when Joseph died his bones were brought back and buried here this was a sacred spot this was hallowed ground in here Jesus gave to share the mysteries of eternity with a woman John four verse six now Jacob 's well was there Jesus therefore being wearied from his journey sat thus by the well and it was about the sixth hour now you are well aware that Israelites often mark the hours of the day sunrise in the morning and at the sixth hour would have been high noon so it's about twelve o'clock Jesus began his journey that morning at sunrise any likely walked if being to twenty miles the best I could calculate so here is Jesus traversing Palestinian Sam's in the blazing sun Girish Jesus was what fifteen to twenty miles with little to drink his throat is parched his legs are weary and tired he is swept him smelly and dirty he columns and rests at the side of a well the divine son of God was weary exhausted and tired yet get up early in the morning and began his journey at sunrise he's walked at least fifteen to twenty miles east reversed and arrived at Jacob 's well now imagine this see I want you to picture it in your mind I want you to capture the significance of this moment imagine this scene the creator of sun moon and stars sweaty dirty first state at the mercy of a stranger beside Jacob 's well imagine this scene the one worshiped by Angels in praise by ten thousand times ten thousand heavenly beings physically exhausted in a hospital I imagine this scene the one who hung worlds in space leaning against the rough stones of an ancient well with his energy drain as human yet nothing to drink as divine he created Brooks and ponds and rivers and streams remember as human he hungered for forty days of fasting but is divine Egypt five most judicious of the multitudes as you he slept on a stormy sea but his divine he rose from the sleep and spoke free words the tip is not black before it he was so human he attended a wedding in the subject line we arrive theory trip in the celebration could you transform water into wine he was so humid the wet his friend Lazarus die but he was so completely divine but he walked with students spoke to the grave and reunited Lazarus with assistance I want to focus for a few moments not so much on the divine Christ but on the human Christ I want to look at is weariness is exhaustion is tiredness in the context of his ministry and I want to focus to on your weariness your tiredness your exhaustion because there are times that healthcare providers there are times that physicians there are times that dentists halfway through the day about that one clock two o'clock three o'clock the morning is a pastor I feel that way at eight thirty one but there are those times in the day when you feel you have any exhaust and there are times you feel I can not seeing one more person sitting at the well that day exhausted from traveling Thursday and fatigue from the journey Jesus ministered to a hopeless one have you ever felt that the like Jesus must've felt that day has patient care ever exhausted in the midst of hectic responsibilities with full waiting rooms in more patients to see then you feel capable of saving you ever felt on the verge of burn how could Jesus be in the midst of medical ministry with more to do that he was capable you mentally of doing with more patients to see if any with more capable of dealing with with more blind eyes to heal with more deaf ears to one-stop with more policy arms to QR with more surgeries to perform if you please my casting demons out of people how could Jesus did do we get any hint from any of the research that is being done on burnout among that health professionals of what boys their spirits and encourages their hearts and how do you apply that research what was going on in Jesus life the research over the last ten years they shown that burnout is a particular constellation of emotional exhaustion detachment and a low sense of accomplishment but that's widespread among medical students and doctors in training you look at medical students one medical student said to me when I went to high school it was like drinking from a water fountain when I went to college it was like a fire hose turned on me but when I went to medical school was like I was standing underneath the waterfall and so much was gushing by burnout is common among medical students at Mexico but recently we have now had one of the first major studies of burnout among fully trained doctors in white ranges special fees Mayo Clinic led out in the study some of you may be familiar with it looked at seven thousand positions of a variety study and I've been analyzing that study is very interesting let me read you one paragraph analyzing questionnaire sent to more than seven thousand doctors researchers found that almost half complained of being emotionally as Austin feeling detached from the abrasions and work or suffering from low sense of accomplishment the researchers then compared the Doctor 's responses with those of three thousand five people working in other fields and found that even after adjusting for variables gender age number of hours worked in the amount of education the doctors were still more likely to suffer from burnout now the interesting thing to me interesting thing to me was that the position service they were as they certainly were coming in but half of these physicians surveyed were experiencing for how to set impact patient care how does that impact the quality of life given nation and how to same impact personal life of the position these are very serious kind of issues Doctor Tate Sean and felt of the Mayo Clinic who was the prime researcher in the study said this were not talking about a few individuals or disorganized or not functioning well under pressure were talking about one out of every two doctors who already survive rigorous medical training the summary of the study went something like this the study passé Graham I on what it's like to practice medicine in the current healthcare system a significant portion of doctors feel trapped thwarted by the limited time there allowed to spend with patients stymied by the ever-changing rules set by insurers and other players on what they can prescribe or offer as treatment and frustrated by the fact that any gains in efficiency offered by electronic medical records are so soon what set by numerous newly designed administrative tasks that must be completed on the computer anybody identify with that paragraph anybody not identify with that paragraph note here is the interesting thing is starting you will read along as I like something jumps out Doctor Sandel says doctors are losing their inspiration that's fascinating stuff because if you have a doctor who in the midst of all this complexity still maintains the firing their soul the passes in the alley if they still maintain this exciting of God 's calling to ministry it is one of the greatest antidotes one of the greatest remedies of burn sure taking time what makes the difference sure getting adequate exercise makes a difference sure drinking that magic potion as you work some people understand this others don't you worry so keep drinking your juice as you work in a given ongoing with sure that inspires you should have a stuffed and can keep you going don't you know it you know it's very interesting diet exercise rest that sure makes all the difference right but if you'd lose that inspiration if you lose that which called to them to medical ministry in the first place burnout is a lot more press Schonfeld Thames the end of his study any makes this observation from least seven thousand interviews among physicians is what he says if people were in an environment where they believe there is meaning to put up with a lot be leaving there is meaning belief in fact I have a purpose the leaving that I am doing more than feeling people cooperating with Jesus in healing people for time but that I'm feeling them for eternity this is one of the greatest remedies against burnout the precognitive body keep the firelight sold i.e. keep the passion burning in your heart how do you keep the inspiration alive you share you live by the strength that is divine Jesus did not live by human strength mental acumen emotional resiliency he had all those but morning by morning Jesus came before the father and was there he found strength it was there that he found new hope it was there that he found courage it was there that he found purpose it was there that he found me Jesus sitting wearied by a well exhausted hired was able to minister because there was an inner spiritual strength that shined through this physical exhaustion Jesus was able to serve the bread of life because he had experienced a banquet with the father that morning Jesus was a book to serve to her living water because it bubbles over from his own spirit Jesus was able to share the waters of life that flowed from his own soul notice what Jesus says in John chapter four and verse thirty Jesus talks about the water of life John for verse thirty and onward the disciples come back to Jesus and their concern that he is not had anything to eat or drink and Jesus says to them verse thirty the thirty two then they went out to the city and they came back to him in the meantime his disciples urged him saying Rabbi heat but he said to them I have food to eat of which you do not know they are for the disciples said to one another is anything delete and I would include anything to drink and Jesus said to them my flute is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work there was this sense in Jesus life of inner strength might I say to you that if you rush off in the morning to serve without the spiritual water of life flowing into your soul if you rush off into your practice without the nourishment it comes from Jesus himself but the days are going to be long that the mental exhaustion is going to set into your life like a dark cloud is important I repeat as diet and exercise installing the seven laws of health are eight laws of help bar there is ace the original component in which we received strength from God I love the way John puts it in first John he should get in the not the gospel of John but the little letter of John in first John chapter one is foot this way first John chapter one John shares the essence of oil minister the essence of all ministry is a personal encounter with Christ and Mike I say to you and I don't want to be misunderstood it is not simply praying with patients but it's being a prayer to your patients by that I mean this is not merely offering a profound auditory prayer with patients to mark set off on a checklist of things that are done is having such a hard experience with Jesus and feeling so desperate in dealing with complex issues that you don't have solutions to that you are driven to upon goodness of concern and love with the patient when you share a prayer experience so there is a large difference between offering a prayer and sharing a prayer experience it is not simply sharing spirituality it is being spiritual is not merely mentioning the name of Christ it is being authentic Christian and here Shawn shares the reality of that in first John chapter one and onward he says that which was from the beginning which we've seen first John one which we've seen with arise which we've looked upon in our fans that handle concerning the word of God the life was manifest we've seen we bear witness we declare to you that eternal life which was with the father in manifest to us first three that which we have seen in other words John essay I've experienced this with my own on IFC crimes that you had a vision of the living Christ that which we see that which we've heard just as I heard Jesus speaking to my heart my at he seeing Christ in the morning after you heard Jesus speaking strength and courage to give when you feel on the verge of burnout yourself when you feel exhausted as a health care provider this is silently in the depths of your soul to Jesus speaking to you well done thou good and faithful servant when you feel so exhausted with the Jesus speaking to you the words of Isaiah in Chapter forty three can be valid not afraid I will strengthen you I'm holding you in my hair listened to Christ speaking to you from the words of Psalm God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble therefore will not week therefore without we hear that the earth be removed let the words of Scripture that you have filled your heart with with a personal encounter with Christ in the morning strengthen your heart boy your soul encourage your spirit throughout the day listen John says that which we have seen and heard we declare to you that you also may have fellowship with us and truly I love it truly verily certainly without a doubt definitely and truly Andrew our fellowship is with the father and with his son Jesus Christ why did Jesus minister in the midst of the PC life as the Gospels say there were so many coming to and fro that there wasn't even time to eat how can a minister in that context because he is divine purpose was to do the will of the father and he had been strengthened from on high by God and received unusual supernatural strength desire of ages puts it this way in that chapter rests a while on desire pages page three hundred sixty three and Ellen White puts it so beautifully we must individually year in speaking to the heart when every other voice is much any quietness we wait before him the silence of the soul makes more distinct the voice of God he bids us be stale and no that I am God here alone and true rest be found in this is the effectual preparation for all who labor for God amidst the hurrying throng and he ever felt in a hurry on these the hurrying throng and the strain of life 's intense activity do you have too little to do so that halfway through the day you have an extra hour and you put your feet up on your desk and read your favorite biography the physicians that I have identified this passage their part of the hiring throng their life is filled with friend that my words intense activities at whites will notice gives the hurrying throng and the strain of life 's intense activities the soul of the disgust refreshed will be surrounded with an atmosphere of light and peace the life will breathe out a fragrance and reveal a divine power that will reach men's hearts and women talk this is a picture of the true gospel medical missionary from the overflow of your devotional experience your soul is refresh as you walk into your nation 's office without saying a word there is an atmosphere of life and peace about you heavenly angels and I'm getting you into that office and there is 's there is this sense of life in peace as you begin to speak you breathe out a fragrance in the care and compassion of your very words that give assurance that rain forest to your donations why could Jesus minister like this he could stand before men and women because he had now before his father multitudes said the man speaks like this no man ever spoke by Jesus because no man ever lived like from the rations and overflow of his experience with not even as it may I be so bold to suggest to you this morning that the research on burnout holds a key to understanding Christian health that when Doctor Shen failed says doctors are losing their inspiration when they discover the deeper purpose and place medical care in perspective it makes a difference when we lose site of the vision of why God has called us medicine is the most challenging exhausting working world but when the lesion of who we are our identity in Christ the vision of being God Saint the vision of why we are called when that vision is clear in our minds sharp in our focus medicine is excited inspiring thrilling it's opportunity the sizing way that they could be touched in any other way that's what a man is all about and that's what you do but Ralph can join you are making this application of what were talking about in your medical practice as a result of that you never get tired how do you love I guess in your practice how to tell you how you stay fresh and vibrant job interview and shared with you and your wife are a number of occasions and I know you don't like the old preacher gets hired at times but here you have a sense of inspiration about you and you and your wife and your medical practices bring together this sense of of loving medicine and that this sense of the purpose driven medicine I keep fresh every day when you know that God is one that will do I've been in your recent surrounding you with timely sarong they rebuilt his lessons and I just like Joe will focus on the disc pathology of our human body you doesn't only colonoscopies some things receded by Carter that you cannot always brings her mindset been just like the V6 they refuse just like everybody else prototyping he reaches next reflux and not realizing that God has a greater plan my mother fast for me to be the only means him recognize that I was in all the love I met my father is one difference is that a urinary tract as well to see that there is a number of people seeking the Lord the Lord is my prevailing view his patients are frustrating I will flow how you see your as a at position how is the willingness of using a laser processing hospital completely secular bad people word-of-mouth is we pray there is hope there is teaching the ceiling guys always the one responsible for all that now you message her in a secular setting but a friend highly harmonized system environments I truly secular people are open to prayer be appreciated because no one is doing review since trust the Lord and to because he wanted to do it in that particular patient sometimes even over environment is there because people see in the SP1 is so busy just don't trust that you like most ruthless Don I patient your guitar hero and Doctor know you probably noticed the charts having a little until a little pain in my stomach recently and I know it's not been too long is the last six months and it's pretty sharp your incident in a behind the scene of the first couple months I think much of it where is digestion or something I'll tell you the last couple months really what is going on food is less than six hey I know you know I am can't put my finger on it too much my work you know I'm a middle level manager at our factory and a lot of extra work that we got a night shift diet I do work about two in the morning I try to get back in oh seven but I think I have anything to do with us sleeping just a video of a little distress and to show your vacation with him in the document coming to some business might make you a Baptist I think you when you can put a finger on that mean we can actually produce cool to see the probably been as nervous as well the language of the sleeve notes that my mother will subdue one another husband Lou that him I know we talked about you just to the right position myself to doing work in the study from a season in which he well usually I try because I can get away the morning so when you know I like everybody else cupped a couple cups of coffee evening don't not know but it is usually overkill launched on the hamburger Hill in the evening I get home late sometimes in a state leadership is not on my wife and me over me know so I think it's okay you most prominent director most of you stress the relaxers and weight relaxants complex number of easy to that first is to give you your money when you what water for doing this is I think a process that you have exercised he has decreased that during the day the more you drink more water you lose for every cup of coffee using that much of water also think I should cut down from the cost assessment is that for every list have nothing to do in the sense annual use of feeling better the other thing is your diet I also started a little eighties and nineties breakfast is for the day and I eat whatever was offered to me cookies are great actors ones twos I never develop as leaders in the pieces that you buy the suffers as a consequence of so that is something that is going make a big difference in Newfoundland use either most of the highway to lose the the produce of the ground roots vegetables I should lose that status is fine at right now that you have the roots of the rows in the lease agreement leaves I know you buy will be schooled there's actually more bacteria in your bowels and cells in your body so you are with I'm a little bit of you is that if you live in peace and medicine is already there and is prescribed Venetian prescription green vegetable juices a lets a one hundred and plant -based diet and thankfully we have somebody in the office I can teach you a lot about -based diet one of my selves we can go over and usually by this time they have relaxed than when we shall see you need to have continue we have a magazine that is neat piece missing the start of his finest a sentiment that they have usually remember so they militate about and receive the love boat to loose the waters to see Jesus they're still renal something comes up to see when I have these fees only get you see yes sci-fi homecoming on the system Mexican we asked that Lord of the ocean in the waters of the troubles using these two I tell Hal for what I was than I do today and said he did great value you know the character here's the model start with where the problem is that the patient has so wiki began and it was a beautiful model he got led me through he started with the cost of this pain he bridged from their down to an analysis of what was going on in my life he then went to a deeper level of how that because you weren't dealt with modalities a few are then reached into the idea of stress and peace and offered to pray with me it was a logical flow of progression that was very very well done thank you so much Doctor out I really really appreciate him my question to you what is the most significant take away that you were to take away with you from last night and this morning in one sentence give me your take away expression deepens impression so expressed in a single sentence what you heard said last night what you heard said this morning what is your take away from this time we spent together okay to stand wherever you are and say no one here is an insight here's an idea here is to take away here is something that was meaningful to me okay yes I offer a everyone in the office and I'll repeat just for those about everyone in the office everyone in the hospital is a comfort different so let me tell you what I heard you say by that the intentionally it's going to be necessary to give some education to people around you in your sphere of influence that Gethsemane else what you take away yes you can't give away that which had not received and while we all try to snap on God he's waiting to give us the full mail yes the menopause every day doesn't it case of any elsewhere to take away children of God ministering to children of God like that now that's a good noncitizen children of God ministering to children of God were getting Jason exercise this morning the thought came to me just now is that I think of that statement the ministering healing that the holy influence of the Holy Spirit the very best medicine that we can give and Hobson we can dispense it unless we actually have it in in the supply so really all of this creating a story where wanting to introduce people to a bigger metanarrative of bigger story and the Holy Spirit is the one started doing that we just enter in his work is there any change away that Jess Doctor just Wednesday from personal experience I never had joy in medicine until Christ came into my life and until mice type ministry to my patients and just like you said brings tremendous energy I don't there is a defined energy that comes from viewing medical work as ministry there is an energy to that that brings storing to the entire system now I want to continue to emphasize that does not bypass the physical laws of health that all of us as healthcare providers that that Governor Barnes sure but there is that energy when you get direction anybody else want to share yes connecting with God in order to connect with people to connect them back with God that's a nice phrases in it might be one worth writing a Honolulu are that we keep in our Bibles daily I connect with God so I can connect with people to connect them back to God is a good summary yes it's back to viewing who we encounter as a divine important appointment that Jesus did that with the woman at the well defending she was not an interruption to his daily routine but rather she was part of a divine appointment yes God is helping is waiting to help me help each person who comes to me have been led to the need okay thank you a quite yellow we are many reverted back to the front row this is a sharing time that is as you share your spy something else I like the fact that we need to take care of myself for the four we can help people and disconnecting the spiritual health it's very important thing that we need to be reminded every single time and with every single patient should let your happen to Jesus did that morning before he went to the woman at the well yes revert on all of this has made me think of second Corinthians chapter one starting in verse three all praise to God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ God is our merciful father and the source of all comfort he comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others when they are troubled we will be able to give them the same comfort has given us that is a wonderful wonderful verse now next question is this all a nice material all will it make a difference in your practice okay somebody home they share with the group what difference is his enemy for you what what what what clearer vision what greater consciousness houses in a different kind is still a very quick story yes they're very quick story had a lady come into my office young lady to give mental image massively overweight wearing one of these sort of flannel pajama type not really clean it on the menu else has that in her office but I do abdominal complaints we did the whole work out in this copy CTE bloodwork two thousand gallbladder tests were definitive should have had her gallbladder came back to my office still having symptoms from others whether an older copy sinks or look in so I'm thinking you know nothings get help this is hopeless but I spent some time with her I told her the only thing is the help is really following the principles that God 's given us I told us physically that's and the scope of the like I mentioned a few minutes ago thought on what am I doing and have a whole office full of people like you pointed out I'm taking this time why my doing what a waste I get it just to show how cool guidance on seeing patients about a month later I get a text from another physician who'd seen her he said she texted I saw that she put the patient's name she swallowed your diet plan is not my she looks and feels great she's lost eighty pounds fantastic is God good or what yes anybody want to share how you're going to take something and apply it to practice practical applications on Tuesday I saw patient who I hadn't seen for two years but operate on the rotator cuff repair on one side which seem to do well oh then I did one on the other side and some arthritis in a children's gentleman wasn't injured in a tunnel accident is a fire coworkers were killed he has PTSD blinds himself was written with guilt as chronic pain also took out his set right olecranon bursa limit of his left shoulder which got an infection was draining and I said will come back and will do this and this and he didn't come back he went back to his primary who dealt with it I got a call from this patient's wife of a week before he came in this time and said he got a do something for him you know so I I examined him but when people are already in such chronic pain hallows emotional overload he scheduled for a QME with a psychologist and you know what what am I get to do for this man offered to pray for me said I want you to pray for me you know would you how would you feel if you are this terrible pain and somebody just wanted to pray for you to select a bunch that saw them going away from the visit I'm thinking it on Ottawa to see this guy O'Neill lawsuit you know what is blood listening to the story at all of this I'm rethinking this and thinking well that I really enter into his story and I really empathize and sympathize with him and I may not be the best one to do whatever needs to be done orthopedically for him but I can certainly engage in show that I care and give he and his wife were having that their troubles as well hope so it's been very helpful for me to take them like one of the most challenging cases of the week in my mind emotionally for me as I put stressful for me you know you all that but in the car reframe it in SoCal can I do this differently and what with the Lord had me do things you for being so vulnerable and sharing that took real vulnerability and this is the whole purpose of the seminar to say okay how can I read saying experiences that I've had and reframe them and I I think the point you have made is is so powerfully poignant and that his there will be times that we do not have all the medical answers there will also be times that people do not want to explore the spiritual dimension so here you have the spiritual dimension here you have the physical dimension but where we can unite with them is in the emotional mental dimension indicating that we care indicating that we have empathy for them than Sosa really thank you for for for mentioning that because I think that sometimes we talk about success prayer stories but there aren't any times that we offer to pray people don't want that I would not interpret that either that you botched you provided an opportunity you weren't overly aggressive in and this man chose not to do it so that's that's okay but I think the concept of communicating hole the concept of sympathy and empathy I think that's what we see with Jesus at the well that he can't pay for your compassion anybody else has something yes Doctor Carr this next week I have a half they scheduled for a monthly staff meeting and I intend to begin the process of helping mice staff understand that the satisfactions of serving another people is not just for the caregiver but for the whole staff and they can all be comfort givers as well and I I have a supportive staff have to staff who do not understand the health principles like we do and so it's going to be a process to help them understand that the spiritual implications of what were doing that's it I think that's one of the main reasons of the seminar when does I talked about it we talked about the sex this most of you have stats that you work with and to be able to communicate this concept this comes these concepts and principles to staff I wanted and today on missing somebody yes that's the way in the back on a pediatrician and I deal with a lot of crazy parents and a lot of and I'm a hospital as an idealist a lot of teenagers who come to the hospital with abdominal pain and I freely admit it's very frustrating often roll my eyes because there's often nothing wrong with them and we do this huge big work up in the ER and they send us to deal with them and I am going to change the way I practice could vacuum and a look at these people as obviously more is going on than just the abdominal pain and I need to treat them for their spiritual needs as a whole person and not just try to get them out of my hospital as soon as possible because they're frustrating thank you so much for sharing that does anybody also something burning in their soul that they have to share okay yes Dave you're getting faster as we go on moving again I was quite struck by hearing and then say that the attacks are bracing and that that goes along with not rushing off in the morning without eating or spiritual living for me personally that's where I'll applied it it is just as important to spend time with my time and to receive man raising my own nourishment before I go out and try to do anything else and that's the way to keep my inspiration thank you so much for sharing I would like you all front row I'm sorry I missed you have been very struck by although open principles that I purchased one and we had thought previously but what can I do as the only avenues a large group and I am alive that I can take one of the things that I think I need to take back his also besides taking care of our patients we need to take care of our staff sets it and in my group a lot of our medical system single mothers they are making medical assistance salaries final race several kids what can I do to the one thing I learned from my father who was a pediatrician as he would have prayer with the staff before he started in for a while there I was doing that and then you get busy and then you get tired so you don't get up early enough you don't get your spiritual folk you don't get your physical for the Glock in all relates to adopt children as they met that other staff members the doctor when are you going to start having abortions in the morning so that's what everything up on the focus on is my love and that she may be to take care of my staff because I have the medical systems of my partners who come to me with their problems and asked me to pray because they know it so I think I'm going to try to start this small ministry again with my staff I get it my spiritual food in the morning getting my physical drive provided quality not just my patients but also to my staff thank you for these comments sure Dave we have one more last one to add to the devotion of their staff almost every day my mom some botanists and and they were tiny was an occurrence to hire and start acting charts and that is she is so eager to it she devours the word of our devotion she kicked she can't wait to get it on the last divorced me had actually I talked about music the book comes back to encourage very good at first I talk about the story and then we checked and we talked about but not Saul and his and its sole and Jonathan his son when he ate the honey and salt wanted to kill him there was a book that sells from Saul and we talked about selfishness and then we held hands and wrists had working to help pass itself with itself will be buried and that will come a day with experience in overcoming cells and rudely bring it in as we meet and everyone of us brought several experiences of being overcome something that's help to the table and that existence at every type of thing the insulin also reside in a medical office thank you very much couple things that be helpful to you that I don't want you to miss do you have your book the patient experience if you do would you please take it and turned pages thirty four and thirty five as we conclude this afternoon I just want to direct your attention to a few things that you can share with your staff the chapter on the power of intentionally sharing your heart is an incredibly powerful chapter take a look at the caregiver communication chart for example to give your on page thirty five the nurse enters the room my name is Lisa your nurse she says I'm here to care for you because I want you to feel better and soon recover well she has taken less than a minute and she's identified herself she has told why she was here and she has told what she wants to do for the take a look at this chart is very very careful go over to the end of the book as well there is an appendix in the end of the book that are likely to take a look at is and that's called on page forty eight five service behaviors behind the superior patient experience that's really worth taking a look at and going over with your stats that's page forty eight and then there's a cut a little humorous one on appendix a for employee training school training tool this I think will provide an excellent resource in enhancing the patient experience as we conclude this section which you stand with me as we pray father in heaven you have given to each one of us one of the most sacred calls than any human being could have you placed us in a position to minister to the physical needs of men and women to listen to their emotional and mental heart cry and to hear their deeper longing for spiritual reality father the clothes that you has given have given to us is so sublime that it almost overwhelms us we are ministers in the marketplace pastors to the patient Christ to the unconverted Lord Jesus we open our hearts to you we ask you to strengthen us so we can strengthen others we ask you to inspire us so we can inspire others we ask you to give us hope so we can minister to those who are hopeless the father knew the passion for medical ministry burn brightly in our souls may we constantly be reminded of how highly heaven values our work the days are tough the journey is long and were sitting by the well weary and exhausted help us to know that your delete some Samaritan woman by that we can minister to what impact a city hosts for the kingdom boy up our spirits are current your harness send us tomorrow or would join Arsenal and if so this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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