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Healing the Right Arm

Robert Hayes



  • November 2, 2013
    9:30 AM
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warning him to pleasure to be here with all of this last year when we are with you we were sharing with you how we started our health ministry in our community and for those of you who were not there we just want to get I'll give you little recap on how we actually began it was several years ago when I gather leaders are my charts together to prayerfully evaluate how we are carrying out the gospel commission in our community we were really looking at how we are doing at reaching people for Christ and then effectively making them what we call a healthy disciples of Christ and we realized we were kind coming shortly so we came up with a strategy which we feel that God had blessed us with and had three phases in order bring the church back to the mission will focus phase one was reeducation we created discipleship classes that were designed to educate our church members is really what church was all about what's the reason for us to be here what's what's the role of pastor and once the role the church members and by the time they get done with that discipleship class we then interview them we discover where their spiritual gifts liar whether interest of their passions lie at Disney and we actually place them in service in the community that's phase one phase two is looking at the community and assessing the needs of that community that we have chosen Isaiah fifty eight excuse me this evening we've chosen Isaiah fifty eight chapter summary of the alumina water windows and fifty eight cents Isaiah to be our blueprint for reaching the people in the community of God 's promise there that we reach out to those every need if we would relieve the oppressed if we would take those that were wrong for a rim to our home that are light would shine and that his glory or his character would be revealed the so we use as our blue planet Brandon assessing our communities but we also use it as a prayer ever praying God as we move forward thank you so much as we move forward to do it Jim called us to do you also promised to bless the house and as far as your kingdom and the advancement of your kingdom well in assessing the the oblivion the community honestly the trainees we also wondered what would it be like if every church member was known for doing good in the community what if every church member had to leave the witness that Jesus had here in acceptance and we find that the Bible tells us how that God had anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil for God was with him what is everyone in our community recognized Seventh-day Adventist Christians as people that that were full of the Holy Spirit had power went about doing good in the community and that they were relieving the oppressed and the God was with them so that was our visions and zooms in our prayer and still is our prayer that will we be people were known as the followers of Christ by the lives we live in the examples that we live in seeking to reach out and help those that were in our community will one of the name they jumped out to us of course I jumped on every community is America's health crisis there is not one community among us not one CDL one town at one stage it is not affected by America's health crisis it's an epidemic all around us we see how the devil you know he's a cc a liar and even murder and he's destroying people just through people 's lifestyle you don't have to bring America to war in order to the America he does have to send in the Dunkin' Donuts as I drove to settlement imposes on the Dunkin' Donuts to see the standard American diet even destroy Americans from a pastor 's perspective was very general to me to continue to pray over people and seek to help people in our community when I realize it was the lifestyle is killing them and it was a turning in my spirit say I have to do something I have to do something or to mobilize our people and to reach out to those people are clearly better in our charts and unless we gave your church we have what we call we had at the time we call the weather right arm it wasn't quite totally dead it was as where there do with needing healing because we would hold health fair is one of the year we would hold a cooking class once in a while and we would take blood pressures every now and then and that was considered the right arm analysis but that we knew wasn't going to end the people in our community and carry the right arm of the gospel to those people in our community so as we made that assessment we prayerfully chose to go with raisin hell now I know there's many wonderful health seminars of the Avenue stirs the chip program news dark and most important thing is like what one doctor said was a miasma question was the best exercise that anyone can do anything the one that you do was the best help program that you can use in your community the one that you do I relate that the one they talk about doing the one in that you do but we all saw ulterior motives and see we have a Florida hospital in sound and they weren't doing anything with Drazen health and they had the kind of got a glowing so we knew that would be a great tool by which to use that seminar on corporate creation health we knew it was important for us to build a team so well we prayerfully to was everyone in the team member has to go through praise and help as Doctor Miller the tallest guy in every six foot seven in the middle but right below him in the blue shirt is Gary I told you about Gary last year when Gary came to us he was living on five to eight ibuprofen a day he had his arthritis was so bad that is why CityWalk when Penguin and so Gary came in 's and by applying the principles that he had learned his arthritis was on ninety nine present does appear to a little bit left in his knuckle but he was he was so impressed with everything and then Gary not only do we baptize Gary rebaptized his wife we baptizes follow laws mother-in-law and his sister-in-law and out Gary is about to become an elder in our charges are very committed and dedicated individuals to all the individuals our team and then through creation health and their passionate about the health message and that's what you looking for obviously on a team were blessed to have Doctor Miller again a physician is working with us physicians I know you're all busy Metro everybody's busy but were grateful that when people manage their time inside that he comes and helps us because you know when the combination of a pastor the position I I disagree for the most conversations going for some a pastor but the combination of the two of us is as great he addresses the health issue were there a spiritual perspective is a great combination were blessed to have that team again RRR team there we only for started teaching trays and helped me realize that the information was one thing changing habits was another matter so that's when we started to me we train them for a program that would make them become law health lifestyle coaches and we would call them it was a program through Adnan 's source is a great program I can remember the author 's name hi gave us some tools for them to work with and at the end of each session we break out for twenty minutes in the lifestyle coach meets with that group I would make so our purpose is for them never why it is following Christ methods we wanted to take this statement I know it's probably the most one of the most viewed statements amongst the health of the people in the other stars but Christ methods along with brings you success in reaching the people the Savior mingled with man is one who desired there good he showed ascended read more than he ministered the needs he won their confidence and then he made them follow me so the lifestyle coach is winning their confidence of the people because he is there they are a small group of evening by the time were done with eight ways there is a bond between the coach and the people to tremendous bond that we then allow the codes to carry that over when the seminars and to work with the people we are sharing with our lifestyle coaches look what we want to do is sympathize with them we wanted to minutes of them we just want to the lounge that but we also want to train you and the Holy Spirit leave when you're ready to bid them the following and women so we wanted to take the state and make it practical to those who were working with 's so that they can become effective obviously in reaching evil for Christ so we had last year I talked about dog my chiropractor who came to our seminar and he called me up afterwards and he asked me out to lunch and which is interesting to have your doctor call you interview calling them lazy called me recently she said I've learned also present a seminar I want to learn what the church believes in all my years of three I never had anybody call me up and asked me can you tell me which judgments so we did the privilege of baptizing him recently a he's doing quite well these are really growing in his walk with God he's also becoming part of our staff at raising hell I had a we get invited out to people 's homes that we ministered to deal with we went to one of the homes my wife and I and we went to have dinner with them and when we walked in the door I love the introduction because the media person that we went to have lunch with you and it is good to her parents and she said mom and dad visited the gentleman that God used to bring healing to all the nurses on our floor in hospital these days she went and told the other nurses and the other nurses came in so then we had the nurses from her area and they were being blessed I thought wow what a powerful introduction praise God because that's the way exactly the way we want people to see us right but God was with us and God was using us in that capacity the recently one of my health coaches text me and said one of the participants want to talk to you they had followed up with down there helping them in their lives out changes and so I I called her up I've seen are injured several times we had a meeting and she said I just want to tell you I've never learned anything like this from the Bible it was one of the most amazing seminars I went through it's changed my life but the but what I really wanted to tell you here pastor was what impressed me the most was the love became of those coaches the love that was flowing out of code and I said well praise God as that's what we want to be reflectors of the character of God he caring and loving the people that were with and she said you know I'm struggling with attending charges my husband doesn't want to come with me and he was there and died he said the priorities that honey I want hello I may not be there yet what I want to me feel free to go to class monster so praise God for that he showed up last weekend zero eight we brought in a chef he's a vegetarian chef we brought them in and he showed up and apparently she she called me and told me how impressed that he was with what you learned in making changes in his lifestyle than that it was really breaking down a lot of barriers so you know we praise God that does a few weeks ago I was walking down the corridor of the hall it's urgently tedious I was in class and summary approach means that Pastor Dino remember me I said he has different ration health intensity as you remember me why does want to tell you I'm here today comments out of school as United 's out of school I didn't even know that the we are reaping process in our church where of you visiting our jerseys we send you to the new believers class will label it is that the community doesn't register with that concept so we send them into what we call the new believers class I am a retired pastor there was again for helping people make decisions I don't know it seems like everybody goes into that class comes out want to be baptized we are the little new is vague and we just send them in their and we praise God for him so this was our last graduating class we thought we started off to start off small world classes were like twenty to thirty people lower ad averaging about sixty and seventy people at last this is the one some of the ones that were just ended we had a pastor in there without his income to their charge the county commissioner was in there he was so impressed with the changes in his lifestyle goddesses continually open up doors for us in the community that it is beyond our run our grasp I told the CEO of the hospital recently I said you know this is getting beyond me guys said we really look to the future we need to let me looking at hiring somebody who perhaps is the seventh avenues whether NPH who can come in and work with us on together between the hospital which Ursula were working together we're at right now we have over four hundred people on our e-mail list and gone through our program we have a website called healthy flag .com and thanks to Danny and the life and hold people is a wonderful content life and health thank you Stan corrected his life and health anyways we didn't put that we can come up with a contemplated we just put on the website so please if you need material so great stuff that they had people go there they learned they they get to watch cooking videos they stay in touch with us or destroy to create a way for them to stay in touch with us all along the freeway recently Florida Hospital signed a contract with the public school system we've been working with that contract about a year and a half when I say we one of the gentlemen in our lives our lifestyle coaches works in administration at the hospital in his job is going to the community and and and seek to make contracts with the business is in order to provide health care for those employees of those businesses so when he gets in the situations he calls me automatically go and meet with me the leaders of the business to discuss the business plan what were doing what we've seen and working on the mean of the County of old system employees in the county school system for a year and a half pages came through last Tuesday was open house them fourteen hundred employees and written in the contract is for the employees and now they would make so you know it's amazing when you move all word and you trust in the Lord the doors that he opens up from being in ministry for years I always tell people unless you move all start with what you have not snuggled up doors for you you move forward God will open up those doors for you these are some of the Leon the leadership was there these were the CF fall this was the head of the superintendents of our school was there this is up for Aaron 's wraps around C can get the whole picture of the people that were crowded into this foyer and the CEO was talking and this is what he said no amount of money no amount of health care is to solve America's health crisis once you will need to realize about changing your lifestyle and take advantage of entrées and help with we're right next to him take advantage of this opportunity that is being offered to you that I thought that beautiful that truth that he spoke the truth of those people the CFO came up to me the school system and said have you ever the book China study water because he is one of my favorite books on nutrition and we actually promoted in our creation help we actually show what video clips from ports over knives and documentary from that bought anything in wide by three in the time that I hand them out to my friends they give them back and then I have a lot of other friends and he's been trying to get the school system the chain is learned their lines for the children right and because of the government zero the political situation he said that they have to serve me that deserve dairy reason we can work with them on choices that I said man what would a divine appointment it is out of the minor appointments will now were going to be laboring together to promote the will be called we called the wellness program for the for the employees in a label a great help as the wellness program to be working with actually the leadership of the school and an inviting employees and the teachers we met teachers here that are on out on a wellness committee that wellness can even though I will thought that enlisting that is what was the basis that we don't know whether that wasn't what you come to the right place this is one of those programs that you can find them were here to help you and all the employees get to attend for free as part of their package but they can attend the wellness program for for free so we played crazy on for that for those opportunities that God continues to open up for us we had many more I know time it is it is a factor but are are are a eventual goal is to open up and we call a center of influence God latest on our heart is a big vision the General conference calls and centers of influence future you probably heard by we are working with us and that is businessman who owns a natural food store large grocery story is fifty five employees were working on the business plan for it he said that he'll lend as all of his his leadership in order to get it off the ground we would like to have a natural food store the military can't say the doctor 's office and run fourteen twenty one day lifestyle change program out of the me what we call our center of influence which would be in our city I like the little out of them the rains I know were blessed by our lifestyle centers that are located in parts of the country but we wanted to use this as a launching pad to so many people that would we believe the doors open the doors right for this they would make you know scientists say that if you take a grain of sand these days we put on it of your finger wondering sending it holding up towards the sky if you can see through that great of Sanders holding your finger up to you exactly see billions of galaxies of billions of stars anywhere you put your finger billions of galaxies billions of that amazing so there I was asked the question what how big is a universal question is this how big is God following is a God we serve and how big newsletters compare the rest of the arrest they save smaller than a grain of sand but how big are you beer smaller than a grain of sand but in the eyes of God in the heart of God your bid your use because God became to this planet became one of us became one of us that he might redeem us he gave up and say God sacrificed his life that you and I might have one and now in the final days of the czars history no one can look at this world everyone everywhere is talking about how the world is falling apart what the world needs Jesus Christ is measuring and what Jesus means his men women and children who are willing to dedicate their lives to him and say I like the question was asked of the prophet Isaiah who shall I send and Isaiah said here I am send me what about you you know in our church we realize that dizziness didn't equal leading people to Christ the devil 's trap is for people to be busy so we need to do is a little self-examination while were here this conference and ask God to examine our hearts and ask God to say Lord here I have used me right making a commitment to spend time with God daily and be filled with fresh supplies of the Spirit in the break forth from your homes and your neighborhoods and into your workplace is to be instruments in God 's hands by which others can come to a saving knowledge of him and God has given us a right arm that he wants to be healthy to be a vehicle by which others can come to know the Savior and we all know that the adventures of you had not tell it is never too late to God 's people to pray that as the power Holy Spirit and then move forward and work together in your communities work together form a team so that Noah built the one burn doesn't like too heavy on another and move forward in your community to reach those people that are hard everywhere you look people are ravaged emotionally mentally physically and spiritually and we have a solution so this morning I appeal to you to allow God to use you to allow God to use you to advance his kingdom because he soon become as a your desire to want to be used by God having it raises ours one of you that is natural and often times we feel so inadequate it seems overwhelming but we just start where we are just use what we have got to multiply we start off with with with with very little I started off holding a seminar with one other person I know I have a staff of fifteen antiwar people that want to join our staff we had no budget we still have no budget by Milton Florida Hospital as much as I can he has only said he met him in his wonderful partnership we've been working together we are now working through to impact the employees of creation health impact occasions that impact the community working together to login my appeal to you that you will give your all for the last twenty primitive gracious father father again we come before you in the name of Jesus anonymous are worthy we come near God thanking you in praising you for your mercy in your grace that is renewed to us every day so you are forever indebted Lord were so grateful that you will be on all of our sins we look beyond our misery you look beyond how we're living and you came to this world and became one of us that we might see something different that we might see a love that that would lead us to the foot of the cross to you we are forever indebted thank you for Jesus thank you for salvation and now Lord you called us you've called us to be sent and you given us a message a right arm of the gospel to carry into our communities and it might be a healthy radar and so we are here today saying Lord may your spirit rest upon every individual speak to our hearts individually as to where we can serve you in this capacity Lord give us grace the city to feed every day to be filled with your spirit that as we move followers that will become your your hands to touch the hearts of lives with we become your eyes to see them with that others may come to a saving knowledge of you pleasant and ascending into one purpose he might be glorified and we thank the end-user of this media was brought by audio nurse in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. audio person or


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