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Iron Heart

Larry Cohen


Larry Cohen

Emergency Physican in Colorado



  • November 2, 2013
    10:15 AM
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morning on my mind Larry Cohen on the number emergency physician from Colorado and I do work at the busiest emergency apartment in the state of the Colorado with over a hundred thousand busier and will get into that little bit for select openness and prayer have a fire safety so much for allowing me to give my personal testimony this morning I know there's hundreds of people here that give a similar testimony that is even more powerful I just pray that what I have to say will will bless his people I've pray for content for continued blessing for a man group and thank you for allowing me today and for all event in my life SC 's point name amen I would like to open up with the perverse couple verse that about Jeremiah twenty nine verses eleven through thirteen for I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the Lord thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you an expected end then shall he call upon me and you shall go and pray and to me and I will hearken unto you and you shall see me and find me when you shall search for me with all your heart I was a iron will surprise when the Lord Guthrie asked me to speak this morning we did the do a thing with Hans Veale on three ABN talked about my health the problem problems airport which I continue to do now I have only had a little condition and Doctor Cumming said and it was I grew up if you never heard all things big you can hear his testimony in is pretty much the same as mine I grew up with Collins I was a Jewish name and I grew up the West Coast Brian Barbara New York one oh six weeks old moved to California a typical California Reform Jews I went to Temple a few times a year for special holidays like Yom Kippur Rosh Hashanah things like that no real religion the home although my grandparents were both were Orthodox Jews at New York my parents completely split from their euros and we required to go to a seven school for religious as one Saturday mornings are our Temple had services religious services on Friday evening and I was upset because all good cartoons were Saturday morning so it is kind of bothered me a little bit but my is over there was no mention of God and in my home growing up other than when my parents were mad his name was used unfortunately quite frequently so I grew up without any religion but as a child I think God lets us know he's there and I didn't believe in God believe there was a God I didn't pray even though my parents are paid ever talk to pray I would pray at night and pray that my wife and I was a teenager refrain whoever my wife's good idea she said your in I mean I've and my wife wanted Kevin Hodgkins disease those in before met her and she was taken care of so I I grew up is just typical secular kid I got the high school I got the wrestling team and wrestling is a interesting sport I think it's fine make way to appear to be a letter to Russell I get that no one be overweight yet Russell and I was a terrible theater has a wife might monitor with a nurse work full-time at father worked in the television station and I was pretty much on my own I was born fifty nine years three hundred and fifty seven days ago Sally I would be sixty next week I have a five -year-old brother who's for finding a brother five -year-old inmate and then fifty six years three hundred fifty seven days ago I proven was born on my birthday so I was a middle child and is not probably middle child but thirty psychiatrists here to talk about it afterwards anyways I was I would be made on the hotel is how loader Miller but in one area can do with me my younger brothers would want everything to me I buy terrorizing us about it so I was I knows this with my friend I love my friends also a time and that leads it I would get a good start in high schools are drinking for joy for me I was not my Biden like alcohol I mean if I drink too much I'd throw up so I used to fake it didn't do any drugs in high school although my friend started smoking marijuana is refused to do that until after high school it's another story to but you might do is know there is no method in my life and then I learn bad eating habits as a wrestler my first year of the highest progressing I weighed eighty five pounds in the lowest weight with ninety pounds the following year I gained some weight and address the hundred six by using blues two or three pounds oh four five pound native at the most a week for my Jeep myself you are I learned that I was two pounds overweight the day before I lose two pounds the next they were not eating or drinking anything by timely weight and when I was a senior in high school in the same height I am now I wait a hundred fifteen hours was hundred fifteen pound weight class and I was typing and pouncing week to make weight and I was watching later over the weekend my last match of the season was on a Thursday evening and if it were the way in the morning on Thursday morning for the evening class or for the evening match so I waited Thursday morning and fifty pounds in the couple while the Gatorade had to start dating by the following Monday I gained thirty pounds one forty five as others have most water weight and to this day I think that handful had a haircut would not have cut all that weight during that time starved myself so that I I did this it is the smoke marijuana try some other things didn't really like it all that much but then I went to college yet I was going to go and want to be a doctor so started medical school and I rather went to college students to the premed and then I got to the skydiving of something I would want to be ever since a little kid skydive seem to be a you like there was a TV show in the sixties called record and his guys will make like you're flying logo that Russian up and so I started getting them to talk to friends and to go after the first of course and they did not like it but I did I know I was never so scared my life in fact the very first job I would go to the connect class elected today with your stretches instructed somebody are people jump out with yet this is a static line so memorable plane the guys going your number one unit number two in the top when they goes your number three hundred year number three and bought it told guys on the ballot for diatoms was not open I get so scared you know I know the airplane as his nineteen thirty eight the account dragger big huge engine mod fabric and duct tape on it thinking that the safe either in I was scared to death until I land are not forgot how scary was one sign back up so go skydiving to the point where I was going to school I dropped out of college now want to work in the factory of this my mind was turned to mush and decide to go back to school I was honest here that's me with heady hair on top right of my brothers is have opinions and pictures and there I was out and drop zone I'm on the right side of an identity jumping that was my team the dynamic on the bottom right here the guy next to me this guy turns out you know jumpers you know they'd jump all day party at night jump all they were doing he has them and they jumped today to make for good rate for the national championships and everybody drinks up or discovered for license humor turns out he was an Adventist Evernote but he got away from the church but he didn't even do anything that was really confident that the early step in his own funds have equity he didn't drink or do drugs nice like that of Manasseh his out in the Washington state now he did pretty good he was CEO vocally sunglasses there for a while so he I talked to them not too long ago you said you have wonderful ball team I bought a football and so my payments him I find myself on the corporate jet the picture of it I told my new ride it goes like yourself would hire somebody in the series though not so good there is a picture that is fuzzy but the picture I must I'm somewhere I think about that I'm about about twelve o'clock are about eleven o'clock there that exhibitionists and on the AP wire but so I got into that what I mean my diet got so bad my mother was not a great cook them in our vegetables were out of a cannon on the door from the cans in the pot plate plate to my napkin meant that the garbage so that was how I the only vegetables I really hate was a lettuce and onions on my burgers kids I did like tomatoes so so and when I was twenty five years old like me whatever I wanted with just it I would gain weight and so that's how I I have I want again I went back to school got out of skydiving because it was almost addicted to me at that point there's another one so my diet was terrible I was still excellent smoke marijuana and met my wife at Loma Linda or went to a restrictive school of government be as restricted from Loma Linda and I'd I knew the via the director for the restrictive in Turkey would like to program you want to get some extra stuff is Loma Linda was the neck of her first restrictor at the time so so history is neither my future wife and that she she grew up join the church which is about ten or eleven and she left the church is still coming to believe what to avoid this method is an administration that women have been a fly and so she's not doing a lot of bad stuff but that she would death that's what was that so we we eventually got married and I've finished my my my restaurant therapy BS degree then I played medical school to veer off of his work we got married got pregnant in that order and that men joined Linda Woods with medical school and meantime I'm just eating terribly she knows she are nocturnal semi vegetarian and not now so when that we went to when we left to go to medical school at Kansas City last month of school and are some about six months old we went there and after afternoon host two years she said she wants are taken with Sabbath school was okay whoever that is held the winning side window sampling those churches themselves who would save the church most the time of its wondering exposed its kids to the church to thought was important and how it hadn't been delivered supporter with it noted that the medical school that we did my internship in the question DC event is Air Force bases transitional internship that went to who went overseas England for a couple years and over there she goes classical church full-time so we go back to Sabbath school and I cannot like I listened and I've sleep a little bit of that that will end them we fill windmilling keep the Sabbath the way that that we do now by yes go to turn them into order whatever you want then she she sprung it on me for the vegetarian now I mean I would be embarrassed my little restaurant in Ellen teaches into the vegetarian of the death if we didn't live find that way too came back to the United States to do my residency there's a presence in merge medicine San Antonio Texas it was the joint military command that is a Air Force Army combined residency and where to level one trauma centers of Aaron we have bodies piled up with for economies not on a nightly basis and see my so is pretty and very you know very stressful you don't residency in a put in a lot of hours and your benevolent time off but there would start she wants her keeping the Sabbath at the Sabbath and I was in for work I was not looking forward also tired I want to build whatever I wonder my days off but I didn't doubt that she and his educational children however son and daughter and so I was not the charter contradict which is China and show them so I supportable go with window but I was not a believer might listen to them and MySpace Neo okay a you know this sounds good but that I think all you have to do is be a good person you go to heaven notably there's a God odds with this matter I didn't know the all grown-up I did notice a difference but if he is a Jewish or your Christian I mean knowing that it wouldn't happen Kennedy was run for president I remember them talking bout and in a Catholic I say what's the big deal you know Catholic theology and ethics that guide had ideas of Catholicism and Protestantism I need to get worse and worse and slowly the way came on and I didn't really realize it when I think about hundred forty five for a long time and then in the Air Force out there doing some things on cholesterol studies and they're using the doctors and run our blood gushing your muscles to twenty so what I'm pretty arrogant about my health you know you have high blood pressure never smoked of the family history of heart disease no diabetes no hypertension cholesterol is little high that was about it so I didn't think much of it for years isn't that much and did my residency went up to Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs the patient might a commitment to the Air Force one of eight years in the Air Force it's funny we see where that right now she a lot of the blog military Air Force and Army and our hospital takes care of all the Army guys that pretty much all the military people even though they have a hospital there with him in a car wreck or trauma things bit like that at all joke of a Cialis England military but the sudden I fell in the Air Force instead and I think that's lately really appreciate that so so I started eons of the waste of coming on and on and on to the point where I didn't like looking in the mirror I knew was I was overweight and I and my wife with you note that even notice that I've gotten heavier in fact I can't yet you go on and off being a vegetarian still and and even when she is vegetarian still cheese and for your supersonic to get fat like I did but that she put on a few pounds as well more than she ever but we never even noticed them to look back at these pictures that why we were were bad stuff so after that doubt and finish my commingle with Air Force One down Caernarvon at the Emerald Texas guys concerning the ER group in Amarillo VI went down there to help start of the agreement for two years with the back applicant back to Colorado Springs I wanted there for ten years you'll go down there we homeschool our kids flee at you know he does get in the lifestyle and what the kids were gone so while are still here now so came back to Coral Springs it's interesting to because before we came back to Springs how I said you know talk about going to does well some idea I would talk about leaving Emerald as well if God wants to go someplace a little call I tried to tell her it is workgroup were in bed now enough in a honey with other numbers in a call minister put our resume is okay when I'm in second message in sure enough the first message the medical record corresponds that it will just think about this one if you want to come back Springs at the coral Springs so when I was in Amarillo Texas cell of those ten years I can know Texas is a big barbecue big me big ranching industry and again I did not eat anything that enough was green red the red was okay for some apathy of the net and I do need much it so I did I noticed myself getting heavier and heavier heavier file and then got on the scale weight myself a hundred ninety six pounds well doesn't matter I don't care I'm looking to heart disease among the canceled mother get anything bad because I got good genes but I wanted to our pounds I told my wife let's join a gym course rolled her eyes at me because that's a wife do but that's over the years it joins EMC now in the I think so we find that the goals in their area the Bible we have this program called apex and two hundred dollars six weeks of the trainer six weeks Northwood with the balance week with a bad person I said okay I'll do it and that firstly so what would he think why think this'll white things laughing look for this course and I want to lose weight what if it's what makes you to stick with a go on paying two hundred dollars so I so Sunday I did great I mean I got are working out six days a week mostly weightlifting and cardio step up three times a week I hated Iran I didn't like to run not a fast runner but I mean the whites are coming off in the muscle start coming up at the point where I was at was kind of powerlifting I could I got my weight I don't want up and down the forty five pounds I lost my fifty pounds and was a starvation diet I was hungry all the time but halfway through they don't leave until the youngest red with a shred of the high-protein low-carb diet and got all right meat meat meat enough and that but it is fitting about twenty forms hours into it I go the gym I do my little ways and I go to get on the stair climber and I couldn't do I had no energy I knew those carbs for something and that course you know I'm in so much protein and get key product so you lose your appetite and base of his sick so that the last very long but I lost the weight and I mean out I'd I even told and an part of this program was eaten lots of vegetables lots of fruit I mean I cut out all the bad stuff since the night I think that was in ninety nine I have not had anything but water to drink drink it I don't drink and go some similes I think I had the typical one time and that is so terrible meantime I'm still going to church and I'm not I'm listening to all best what changed what what really got me his items had occurred in the evangelistic meeting then there was met ninety five our church put on pastor Mark Finley well you know I mean the stuff that the information was getting with this unbelievable and ninety research I called my past I said I want to be baptized sci-fi got baptized ninety six and then the biggest blessing and I know because my wife's nurse in her innards were praying for me your sheet is prayed and prayed and prayed and it's just been a blessing I'm in God 's been so much of my life save my life so I lost this way I meet lots of fruits and vegetables I'm now in the good Mediterranean diet life of the town red meat the reality glassfish so modest MN some tuna and chicken I neither protein for my weightlifting and I thought but that lot of olive oil and sometimes going on about four years five years and shoot Mark with a unlike the delay in marathon events sell catalog I got bad knees and I had wrote in high school I had a couple bad the knee injuries in football and one of heaven a medial meniscectomy on the left need bilateral medicine in the right knee the minutes go back to this when opened yet you want to get as much as a kid but fortunately for all these years I never really stress my music a little arthritis by notice when I go skiing my knees and test well up in her second Skidmore London away and this is a side note I completely plan when I want to put with plant -based diet my knees are a little sore they got a little arthritis and from everything that I can sleep with reporters in Rome I can run and I have no problem one thing I did the four I started doing triathlons as I did get weight-bearing x-rays make sure to have bone on bone which I didn't so much one if you want to marathon going to happen to have a triathlon some friends and triathlons and marathons and five hundred is on Sunday London as we don't have to worry about the Saturday races so she is okay will also help with you and that so she sizes of the unmeasurable do it so we sign up for the first entrapment is a spread in all I get if I got five hundred meters swim it was like a eighteen mile bike and a free 5K two one mile run was done in Texas and so I'm sure to train for this rejoinder a master swim team and I noticed that my endurance start to go down started the visit in September or signed up in the racism in June and I noticed my endurance is going to one-time not the relay system coaches you seem to have a hard time ago I'm just tired from work so I was within the duet on this one about four hundred yards go to the spin class then run and I noticed that I was there to swimming I couldn't I couldn't breathe so I got on the want to spend glad when the spin class in out that it around his porn elsewhere within a single a look at you got a really good workout I don't thought the bank and its wet mill and in some way I don't treadmill rant about the two minutes of that said I did some weights and went home the next morning with a spin class two minutes into it I get this sense of impending doom everything was white black and nothing hurt I mean it was sheer terror I get off the bike go outside get some get some that you recruit go back and so I've never gear so though they are the right EKG on me they get is normal course of the Don of the message and to get on well I mean never happens I feel this pressure on my my chest left arm pain and jaw pain into the Pleasantville like stuff so I stopped it out and go away on the cardiologists say guidance for the audit today is older you're in great shape I go two years ago I wasn't so does the treadmill and Mrs. United are going to know that you have put about seventy minutes ago little equivocal thing at the end but I think it's okay to take his pills and he is a friend even admit the gaping raw advertising is it with Kathy suggested that up for the following third visit Monday and so the cat is about the smoothness of a paragraph of the incident me so I just want to know I want to first picture is of the LAD first and whom I can see it meant that elevated big always have done now then although there's another one but before it was sent there beforehand you know my wife is a young white at the worst impact that the bypass and she is going Gaiman eat on the arches everything is in the fine not to be no abnormal in on up to up to Lynwood one four years ago about eleven years ago but the number of their twenty four years I don't think I've ever been right about anything in those twenty four years unfortunately I was right about this one so so we and so he goes as a desolation that we can type and extent and I can guarantee will block off of that vessel and yell and you'll have an MRI so I don't bring my wife in answers a much smarter than me she said that she looked at the cardiologist and said to you is anything he can do with diet and he just snapped back no course have I known then what I know now would not come to the bypass I think I will try to reversal diet alone a low-fat but we plan with one of doing myself I wanted having the bypass court because I'm a doctor there is a complication is never waking up point in my chest saying it hurts it hurts and realize that no Boyz II Men I got my still being debated in our final evening into the next event on the nurses there something wrong just noticed to two ago note that the Doctor the real wimp while I showed them what happened was they did that with their beating heart surgeon and banana bypass pump but they did to the vessels with a Lima and sequence identity the third one with a bang gravel where they fit her veins you know that the clipped off unclipped well I had a tapenade and so they had to rush back to surgery now and this remember thinking about there is such a thing as root failure verse was shocked I guess I could die from this hero Lord thank you now I'm ready to come in and inability in a delegated up for resentment of them didn't get me that disease I need me that disease in that member the next morning I will find like I'm town thank you for let me live I meant do what I ever I can to try promote health timing I sorry I remembered the north his work and a member seen Hans be on TV and members see enough John McDougall on three ABN and thinking and using other than the width of talking about boy enough by time of hundred eighty degrees on hundred percent without so I'd now like to sit in the chip the chip program idea I have I have nurses from a hospital of Don for program I have other doctors my group referring patients accounting with heart disease and diabetes note about our program and that the Lord is just really bless me allow me to use what I've done for myself for the good of others one bad thing is not done a few weeks about you afterwards I wanted have been a murmur and that he says you know this is bad and so I rarely got into bed depressed out of the just very depressed and I heard about United Lord please if there is no limit to be okay I heard a voice three times Psalm fifty seven finally I get a hotel listen I'll read it and I and I serving some fifty seven at the verse seven it said my heart is fixed O God my heart is fixed I will sing and give praise so since then the way back you know I what I had my money might put one month post surgery Stanton and that this instance blockage your later is completely reverse the normal self and I did get a good bit fast you know that's the Disneyland with the grandkids and whether now that was postop now so with my kids this is a running from within by the way we weeded them that the triathlon in the June my wife got sick in her age group I I finished the following September she did not need another one she got first erased group I finished the lesson your letter we did with the first marathon of this is Ryan Colorado had a little race but the call this race I think I've ever done Mister Norland about three years ago Marathon it was I mean it was so cold the water stops were refrozen as one way to defray it was awful I am more than is in the humidity discusses that put the and the best means of my son I started club called coronary artery disease sky divers cads him will will record you everything you are in our disease is my friend passed along left unfortunately he passed away about a year and half ago it should run to the rock that would burn the chip summit of years ago try getting really fired up annually at the sheer barnyard and note to Jeff Novick and things like that but the again I get the agency 's lifestyle little bit drop that some weight but terrible heart disease so I was at such a time when much of program classes two years ago as amended friendship health burden is that he told that he does answer anyways thank U so much Alexa this does offer closing pair of a father think you so much for this gathering today this wonderful Sabbath and this wonderful group of people I think you so much for all the blessings that you given me and the blessings you shared upon all of us here I pray that we have a good salve to the speakers today and he was a child for those who believe in a message is when a member this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe the more certain is www. audio tours .org


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