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Final Breakthroughs

Jerry Page


Jerry Page

Seventh-day Adventist Ministerial Association Secretary



  • November 2, 2013
    11:15 AM
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something inside of me but during the last two days of the movement harasser it's definitely not the physical one you describe some graphically lasting glad about that but that's during all of us is recovering away the sins on a half we need Jesus more than knowing loving everything on life whatever we do is really secondary to see his mission serving on the roof region with a doctor or medical professional or espouse whatever so thank you for letting me be here as real privilege and honor I've heard so much good about a minimum of years are continually general manager came to Gemini for many years of course you hereby are but also wrongly Marquart for some years now precious world-class team on their exams and believe defendants were trying to the world and on Macintosh and new members and others working together without pastors around the world and the rest of you us pray for each other and work but when I hear talk about all that this morning but to hear what the Lord might say I really prayed our perverse prayer for me around the world today that he will say something to all of us including me and so I'd like to invite you just pray silently for a moment as well and ask them to speak your heart Luke eleven he has a whole chapter about the importance of asking for the Holy Spirit persevering in prayer all those things but right now we just given permission based on a promise to ask the Holy Spirit will come circumference he'll instructed to leave the improvements were needed help us so just in your own way by the Lord student journalist our wonderful Lord this amazes the Jewish home where yourself to be a place like this to be a romance novelist 's pursuance to constantly be personalized thank you that's where you are not just loving you are love to understand over someone someday soon your hearts usually lower than the out-of-the-way crucified with news that you conspicuously thank you Jesus young man loved to drive a sports car really fast on curvy mountain roads should ask him it has worked out he was doing again on a beautiful day become a sublime Kirby couldn't see around all of a sudden a woman driver started visiting flying around the curve and almost went off the cliff and at the last moment she corrected came back and was headed right straight for him he was panicking as I was limited ahead on but at the last minute she directed again I went around and as you will buy him see a lot of her window and he was infuriated to think of this woman who almost hit him in his life we call in the big sort out what can I do a holler back hi wrestler himself on the support of the something mean to deliver pursuit on around the blind curve and have the pigs and him and him and I like that illustration because it reminds me of my God always sees around the curves in the right our God is on mission he sees everything is also not embrace the wonderful Gospel it is always trying to warn us when were in danger trying to prepare us for what's coming in our lives and the world he sent us the prophecies and the prophets he sent us providences this friend sometimes tell us what's up he's always trying to help us not have taken the road I was like and sometimes the prophets words seem harsh to me they seem like these are yelling at me almost don't like it cutting across my my life and what I want to do but thank God he is always for me noticing the Chinese language there are two picture characters for the word crisis and what they are in danger and opportunity probably shouldn't say this but I can't help but when Ronald Mondor always be due to staff for our new president and they came in the office his original this durable financial president wasted in crisis and people are wise in prices no there is always an opportunity hiding there to financial crisis many people get rich there is nothing on money going to vomit I'll let you all feel that this is your field we do pray for each other pray for country going to come through and be the kind of country that we should be for God but when I think about that I think about the crisis were in Italy were in the final crisis I unknowingly that I probably shouldn't talk about the signs is a hallmark of your breach of record from signs but I'm I'm a fool so let me stumbling through anyway and we know the science Matthew twenty forty rather many times when you look them up here signs of famines and disasters natural disasters one of those going on right and politicians don't want to do the nations of war and there's all kinds of men failing hearts failing them for fear I terrorism all that we want on the list send doesn't make a lot more worse for Jesus to come doesn't I think he will soon have to apologize to Sodom wanted everywhere I go each country 's elected as fast again we love homosexuals but the laws now in my committee of the General conference the laws are pressing on Christians to be politically correct to be even civil rights issues we have to hire people who have views that we don't mess is the next step for our country and other countries so we got all that Amanda got of course the religious world the Pope with his encyclical several years ago we get back to Sabbath do the right you heard about that Sunday of course and also the encyclical in two thousand eight but said we need a moral religious power to run economy in the world since the condition they put out a resume segmenting that might be a good choice for that I reread Revelation thirteen lately among fasteners are now saying the G twenty summit so they think maybe that's true more religious power take over the economy someone has done a lot with economies in the world already such as the Vatican but I could go on and on and on about try not to do that about that the revivals in the world we look at all religions the world religions out there and was in Buddhism Islam so many many and that is the revival to Christianity rightly going on some lunchrooms among false about her own church I just let one of the things that excites me the most is we work with revival Reformation around the world as I believe with all my heart someone receiving this room the revival of the young adults in this church is one of the most encouraging things that I see in the entire world Gemini travel around the world to come from country to country whether it's Europe or America or Australia are now Indonesia a Y C J Y CI licensure are starting up these young people are coming together just like you are saying were all about Jesus we want to get into his word we believe in the spirit of prophecy we want to see mission happen is not exciting to you I tell you it's one of the most exciting things I think that's happening also we see in the Adventist church the revival to see some exciting things happening and we also see the shaking going our brother which lives in us is us I don't have to do that powerful message anyone across nuts when he combined Jesus what he offers us everyday so I want to talk about the specific signs and I think the last signs that were given on or through the version of Mister Graziano Michael is very dropped a little more than usual and the message is one that okay because as a group will throw me out for that and I wanted a little bigger than mine but testimonies volume nine page one twenty six Allawi says this is the very last sections of Satan will be to make of what not affect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision the people perish where there is nobody yelling page run-ins with Satan will work ingeniously in different ways for different agencies to unsettle the confidence of God 's people run the people that you're just to make and affect were not how to do that get so busy that we ignore it don't have time to really dig in study of myself will now visit the energy cigar now study is really hard so busy traveling to a thousand miles a year on this venture at all the stuff doesn't matter what your job is still hard to have a time in the morning make of none effect well we know this mother was it happens to the hatred kindled against the testimonies which is tanning workings of Satan will be unsettled faith of the church is a man for this reason Satan cannot have so clear attractive bringing his deceptions in mind of souls in his delusions the warnings are approved by Council spirit God are heated letter forty eighteen ninety BC and attack on or about and we believe in the Seventh-day Adventist Church of our world last urges in the world is still believes the seven-day literal creation with Ellie but some have begun to leave that theistic evolution and on again pray for our school peripheral River wonderful school system wonderful education around the world but it would be begin going out to other schools and getting their doctors begin to come back and science and faith and is there not somewhere I call on you as leaders in the church to pray much for schools pray particularly most very solid and great job reviewing all the teacher you know about department is having problems fiery Jesus and Paul Wright I don't think we can just sit there and say doesn't it we're not a citizen advisory my kids take that very seriously so let's pray about always in a godly way we may have while managing the process sometime approximately a but people are trying to undermine the seven-day week the remnant of the sanctuary those kind of things that happened were not anything near miraculous faith and science are you know always run under doing the miraculous and so we begin to live our lives in the church not expecting Americans and more right evidence -based yes but were faith-based as well the other last sign Matthew twenty four fourteen and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached where in all the world as a witness to all the nations and then the end will come well how we do houses run the movement doing on getting the three Angels messages to the whole world on evening Arbor Day press frankly with the general conference didn't really want to go there when I got there was a maze of the kind of people at work that you love the Lord joy working with Ted Wilson Mark Finley marketed Mark to help us industrial as a mentor is doing nine other things but keeps us alive and I thank God for that amazing movements and set group of many young people and others started New England after the great disappointment they gathered together or literally pray they sought God 's word asked for clarity on the sanctuary the coming of Jesus is other things and then find us on missionary right and another missionary but our vision through the worldwide mission to get the transmissive this is a replace on this planet has been amazing what's happening bothering your travel meltdown and are going to go miles a year of incontinence amazing we don't know how people live long but anyway when we go out there it's amazing it is far reaches and what you find is often the Catholics have been because the mission the clinic will school you believers by God what is on nineteen million every twenty seconds a new person being baptized in this church every two hours of the church is being organized around the world three thousand and a plus like Pentecost happenings church praise God what's happening in a little beginnings what God has done as leaders how it has this worldwide vision of how we doing in finishing what one chooses to come I don't thought about that were doing reset a hundred six hundred and sixtieth anniversary wasn't of the founding research that is anniversary of eighteen sixty at the time we were told going on home right how we doing arena finish this will be getting on our generation are looking to document the next generation of young adults as they move aside we want to do this right one finish it up what's the I've put a missile tracking your receiving and don't even get it right now but the materials of coming last few weeks we just had an urban mission conference at the General conference two weeks ahead of the end of counsel for like I want to her about twenty five years ago at a conference to talk about how we doing in the world they called the global economic global mission the idea of sending and church planters and pioneers in every dark area trying to reach the slope with seeing amazing things happen since then but we decided after twenty five years Evans mission group and intent and market leaders that we need to sit on again look at the demographics what's happening are we really doing in the world so we spent five days praying much and looking at the facts statistics and say how are we doing at carrying out this last sign of Matthew twenty four fourteen hearing the gospel to lower the three angels message to everybody how long will it take us another hundred sixty years can we finish so I've got for using statistics that we found that meeting the service mark are the statistics for the first time in human history more than half of the global population which is seven billion dollars in urban areas by twenty fifty is expected to be seven out of ten people live in the major metro areas raising grocery like Legos Connie and thereby twenty thousand day immigrating about severely largest city in the world probably in the next twenty years there are more than five hundred cities with a population of one million or more two hundred and thirty six of them are the ten forty one million dollars and forty one euros basically North Africa Middle East India China North Korea was conscious of those other religions in the political and religious persecution very very difficult to work their we have very small and is presently the details of these five hundred cities in which half of them were in the statutory window one million or more they have an average of one endless conversation for every eighty nine thousand people housing two hundred includes a hundred cities where there's less than one Seventh-day Adventist for every twenty thousand people it gets worse includes forty five cities with fewer than ten Adventists and includes forty three cities without even one of the smartest I sent these faxed my son some of them during this compensation prey my son is in his first district in the vessel California Mendelson meeting right now in its second week Mark pray for them they got good interest under the first week but I sent this text and set of twins conversion rate kid in the said Mina Middle East North Africa they just say they need warm bodies is nobody there are so many cities cities of five million with no evidence that shop architects to make none and ultimately genital to the present these are back he said that all the associate pastors in North America send them immediately I'm ready to go home and garden went into black River College in Argentina is the new president about union were trying to work together as he is a general commerce how can we reach those Middle Eastern countries in the northern effort worse most difficult children some ways city when he made an appeal to them is what I need right now is one minus I need global mission pioneers to go in this live there check it out and preached but you can live there I'd say bodies in those places he said would some of you be willing to take a call it could be on markers call it will be killed for preaching Christ are you willing to go two hundred young adults from the school forward on our young adults are exciting fire for Jesus they're willing to put their life on the line for him but our challenge is all so sober these figures are sobering challenge for the church but whatever zero today is not the depressing rather I want to bring to us the wonderful promises God has given of the breakthroughs that are coming especially to two areas for breakthroughs but the challenges are so massive but every danger every challenge every danger of missing is an opportunity there right and I believe were setting up a time in an conference right now the vision that was developed to document voted and accounts a lot of these facts was that every city will have an influential Adventist presence actively engage in a comprehensive mission using present in my next fall whereas the average really wanted to do it everything in every conference to look at the cities of a million or more in the world and have a plan started amiss in the cities was to take one for each division one for each union one for each conference that's been done it's on the way five hundred subsidies but that leaves always other cities on plan force was anointed that we can't wait around ten years and write about business as we got to go after every city million the plan by next fall and we generally start earning an advanced presence there so that's the vision exciting vision the goal is to engage in collective resources of local church in establishing a sum of a ominous presence needs -based ministry in cities one million or more and have no address correlation and all other citizen woman or more to improve the ratio members worshiping groups population when you don't have a city million-a-year Stater conference you got a territory don't you and all of us together are going to have to work the ones that are so amazingly difficult all of a sudden have to bring more for those territories all of us are putting more money more bodies more time somehow I know you're already putting a lot in this serves on Virginia the choir here not of itself as recently as the Ethiopia 's milk and I know what you're doing so I thank God for that but on the other hand when we look at a challenge we said okay God has given us wonderful promises of the amazing breakthroughs about to come if if we will cooperate with him and obey instead of just talking about these two things and really doing for one focus of Young's more two basic areas were gone is the most fantastic promises of starting something unbelievable and never seen before if we will finally obey and do it instead of just talking that's the hope that items the goal also than for other areas further to ensure the divisions in order to this will search was a higher priority to the growing challenge of urban mission both in their territory and around the world it's exciting what's going on in this world right now thank God for that in this church what he's doing you believe were in the final crisis you believe God is calling us to something breakthroughs it if it is calling us to wait another hundred years to do this job I want to show something to you now that we just got together last few weeks it's a little four-minute video and we always Mark Mike Ryan and all of us to get together Council of Muslim women surrender Council which talks about what's going on the world grid methods what's happening in vessels in the current thing in this year Jack came back much of what was the weather onward and in and in Indonesia before Michigan I just bubbling her translator is a young woman and Arlene Jim and that she was telling what was happening in Jakarta city we've been in pretty amazing in the news is about ninety five percent ninety seven percent Muslim of the largest Muslim population in the world and she's bubbling about what God is not the last ten years I want to see the story is called Café to see you twelve hard economic culture of innovation here is your Chinese look to Christianity after an economic setback in the late nineteen nineties and two thousand three the group of lay people fill a burden to reach out to the wealthy Chinese religion living in Jakarta not knowing how to begin the good-looking healthy they started printing I tried a variety of methods with limited success the Chinese church leader suggested the help message what members of society once again return to prayer they found a four-story building with enough room so they could start a center of influence we repeatedly from the community the Jakarta conference help with the rent for the first year to help get them started on the first floor the start of a health food store supplement program for the building the second floor is a lecture hall or classroom for the public and the third was a worshiper and eventually help new leaders the top floor is the most important room in the building the prayer hear the prayers for the ministry filter down each of the levels below the group then felt led to start a radio program about health which appears on a local radio station radio program was well received a funny listeners to help seminar in your building when the first fifteen the members were so excited God 's blessing of your ministry Young Litton conducting seminars twice a week at the center a cancer survivor she has had three types of cancer many people who attend the seminars were sent there by the doctors gave up on and suggested they go to the center for health set of volunteers partner with each guest calling him every day to give support in prayer side of the health message delivery is as various types of people the leader in the including intellectual stations asked to write many have asked me what is your illusion and I share with them I get the time that I currently Chinese ministry center as it is called is self-supporting and reaches more than just a Chinese city images Olsons at at because of the huge challenges I believe just seeing the many people who are you forgot who encourages you to be in fourteen hundred percent of the Houston in the country is so good a hunger and thirst before the information ministry room for centers which one hundred visitors on a regular basis each center is supported by two to three area churches and easily driven three dissenters have regularly organized congregation in one of these churches had the highest number of his conference here once a person is baptized they are given a job to assist the Ministry in integrating into the centric services our visitors and services include time to United prayer by humble means in simple in theory methods God is blessing as they mingle with people sympathize with their problems the distributor meetings when you're confident and point people to the Savior they had plans to build a health education Center with a country more health workers to expand ministry they are found when raising funds still need to raise more than twenty three p.m. your prayers and offerings will help me this awesome new young women are amazing bottom over and remove them afterwards and both of them can come out of very successful professional careers of a magna well for a number of years they live by God by faith these buildings everyone maybe do my faith and in the donors was a raise this money hiding it is as wealthy people as analyses and other wealthy it's those that don't have quite as much they're giving surprised about that but they do a negative outcome down the road and watch this training center they raise two hundred fifty thousand dollars US already want to raise another couple of thousand and really try all the more for centers the third one is not an organized church and on Sabbath morning of sixty or eighty Nima suggests there in the study this sanctuary this David is truly going to the word of God so is powerful and centers of influence women lay people of faith working with the conference as the kind of thing that got us told us we audited that right is the kind of thing was most of the Romans get this text unilateralist thirteen wake-up and wake up the spirit of the Lord is upon me Jesus said because his anointed me to preach the gospel for you sent me to heal the brokenhearted to proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind set at liberty those who are oppressed to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord Jesus came to Nazareth and he said I print the prophetic word but I heal the brokenhearted I have a comprehensive health amount of the ministry right the blinded press those are now now brother run we see God himself Jesus have this ministry when you talk about that I don't need to go on drilling away on you you know you're talking about a broad ministry that includes the spiritual mental physical and social this group understands that I'm here to tell you that by God 's grace there many pastors would do the elders that do but we are committed in industrial Association of General conference leadership educating the best we can over the next few years so that everybody understands it were not going anywhere until we get this one right but just having reading meetings without doing the work ahead of time is not done about it we need revision is there a wonderful blessing without that won't work either we blended together President alone reward is in the statement of this morning 's only repeated but you know that where were committed to trying to educate thirty thousand pastors again but their ministry is not his preaching of asthma getting baptism but it's leaving and joining with their members their medical professionals all are members in this comprehensive kind of vandalism in Jakarta I love as we were talking with the with our lane she's telling about being a system to universally present there are very closely good social things together they had a close relationship or love each other but she said I was so scared ever tell her about Jesus she said I never did and suggesting limited on Saturday and I give her something about your monster to go to does this without Saturday I never told her really what was going on mentioning female some days later her son Collins of moms died selling the funeral home I look down at my boss that I love my casket she said brokenhearted when I never told her about Jesus she said I vowed that I was ten years ago set I vowed that I would never let that happen when put on my mirrorlike windows that about for the hospital would invite all force not I want to do that on the planes you know I look at somebody has advantages that they go to sleep this time I got invite all right again invite only if they don't like it if they reject it wasn't to be abusive of the Sigma one talk on your phone but I never tried on because that person may not have another desktop so those on its it's the mission of Christ not alone it really comes down again sermonizing less spending time in personal ministry pastor 's postmodernism simple remedies got a true villain ever to learn a regular try doing comprehensive ministries but I couldn't give you a hot and cold bath I don't think for him poorly secured for women with those women rejoice with those rejoice ministries dealing one forty three well again I'm sharing this with you not because you don't know his statements because I want you to know and pray with us and help us in every way possible to make sure that all pastors and all the elders mounted on the Encinitas is industrial to around the world get the message that we're in a comprehensive health evangelism plan the method of Jesus following him because when really what we found as we were interviewing Rick Edwards works Venice vision group has been over in this country 's work from different religions work for different time cultures languages there's really one thing that ranges and works everywhere offered Marseille some of the same thing there's one thing that really works asked to forty two forty seven the authentic acts experience will take the rent read always you know the word of God Fellowship much prayer and fear wonders when God begins to do those miracles begins to pour out on them everybody having a belongings in common thanks for the offering today we may be an impressively more before there's over those and then meeting needs and then praising God and then seeing the church grow dramatically this is a model this acts authentic model that works in every culture whenever religion when Christians are real questions are on fire for Jesus when their prey and having articles you know one of the best ways to reach Muslims is to pray with women going to women's burgers against it too much or is working because never was an all ages and become friends and pretty soon people want to know more things happen so it's amazing the prayer is a ministry as well as something we do open the power of God the one accord below all tyranny needs you know Mahatma Gandhi great nonviolent leader of India once said I would seriously consider becoming as for Waterford residents think about our own churches are we doing Lord how are we doing in reaching this I believe the reason I'm sharing this with you as I believe with all my heart that if we start to do in this area but God told us to we are seeing a mighty movement these statements you know as well soon there will be no work done administer lines of medical missionary work a goodly pastors are here to write but some of us to learn a few things you go soon and in many countries now that's where this that do anything but centers of influence gambling but help people 's health the look on a thing already but so there will be anything done except that and then this statement on the worst evil in allowing a want to tell you when possible ministers medical missionary workers are not united there's placed on our church is the worst evil it can replace their set strong I want is Mister Secretary for the world church working with the leadership of General conference I want to release that evil and reverse what he said I want to see God 's people around the world working together in unity realizing the comprehensive health events is spiritual emotional relational marriage all of these things is the key to reaching everybody and we must work together we can have silos we can have us one personal burden here another person there no pastors are to be doctors but they are to be working with those who know what they're doing combined medical matter the positive promises combined medical missionary work with the proclamation of the race message and see if the breath of life will not than coming to our churches and the great mighty movement the guy wants to start will come when we begin to obey him in this area I'm felt a mighty moving again this weekend in that area we have got to do this in all her churches every culture every language of religion if we do this on to authentic ask experience if we reduced price method alone were to see that him I love the same New York City thirteen Martini Ted Wilson others in the city working the last couple of years the work in the cities of the essential work when the city there worked as God would have them the result will be the setting and operation of a white a mighty movement such as we have never yet with more than the book of acts what happened in the book of acts that small group of people hundred and twenty waited before they went they got a room they prayed together they were of one accord in the Holy Spirit was baptized on and poured out upon them they went forward and within twenty five years one generation they had taken the gospel to the hole in the world by the way persecution was part of again settled on Jerusalem and nurture themselves and hover Ellen Weiss is persecution have become to spread them out passport they were beginning to do what we do however yes let's send some of pastors from here somewhere else let's work together in the world to make sure they were giving his antioxidant were sending out to others South America is already paying workers some into the Middle East we believe other divisions other places are limited the same thing where we help the most needy areas we don't just think about whether our report of General conference looks good we think about everybody working together that's been happening for years but it needs to happen even more bitter the promises of God are powerful for what he wants to do pouring out a mighty movement like we've never seen even in the book of acts it's coming will be part of the work together first of all by obeying this command to work United league of blended ministry pastors elders white people working together not opposition and seeing God work is mighty work right I like the call she was here to tell the story removing the second major calling the God-given this review and so does talking about it we'll see a massive movement I believe she got a call was when Doctor 's wife well respected in the community none of you here she she said John Donovan nor very well she was made later in the level of the church were real-time said Janet it's my anniversary Festival congratulations and she said no I want out my husband will love each other for years and runs around when volatile she said I'm so miserable I can't wait to get out in front she said this morning I packed my car with everything I can get in my car and I went down the freeway leaving she said I was struggling us of God you know you know it's not you don't like divorce I know that what you do how can you help what should I do she said I looked at this then there was this giant billboard that said turned back next exit she said I miss God was speaking to you as a thousand ways doesn't she got off came back home I called you sit on the marriage counselor she's leaving God help me I don't want to do in the marriage counselor she was shocked with this family problems and we look at anyway as she prayed and asked God what to do God 's input into her heart offer to spend a half an hour weak praying with her marriage she said I would be willing I don't want to do another marriage counselor develop all spent half an hour a week brings you if you want so I'll take it she went over there so later met with her and she just poured out her heart all of violent hatred for her husband really was doing level of a block half an hour dance okay that's it will never do this again I didn't come here to listen better husbands we can pray she said beside that I'm assigning you spend at least a half an hour to this is a really notable one zero than have one very much so she began her part of the journey that began to get together this thing went on month after month began to pray for the kids again praise God more they were always praying about the man and of them in their marriage but they did pray that they love each other the way they did at the beginning and get back up with prayers in the heart for them but this thing on the prayed for their kids they children were not active in the church prayed and prayed and prayed this thing wrong for two years Johnson was getting so tired of praying for this we can see you what happened her husband Mister he got worse so great for the kids lap she came back she's complaining what you are fighting to get divorced someone on Juno after couple years when they got together was all about Jesus this woman fall in love with Christ her time with God to change your life she was now on fire for Christ she had found the revival and reformation we only and something else strange happened and what was her husband began to notice her because her face was glowing she was happy she was singing around the house he wondered what she was up to when they siblings would you have been going on again telling about a relationship with Jesus Jesus love Jesus lover was wonderful and was growing he so could we bring together they began to pray together presuming there where they went their own hand she was sitting next to him and brought it felt a lot like the phone couple years later she got older and cancer there was annoying was prayer for her physical ministry was going on she was not healed right she was healed General Herb sickroom became a praise Chapel people came to her bedroom to talk to her play with her it was filled with angels filled with joy filled with praise she was appraising she did die her husband said the funeral challenge you haven't taken the time and to do comprehensive health about going insane to pray with her over her needs we were like that's about to John Burns one of the main comprehensive health system praying with people opening up God 's power in the universe on how working out works for studies on fair and balanced on a Loma Linda whatever all I know is it works it's one of the rules of engagement a Rodriguez PRI 's calls about rules of engagement number one price method alone second rule of engagement much prayer personal and together when we do that somehow in the great controversy it opens the doors for God 's power to be unleashed your ministries your practices are they bathed in prayer you have no number prayer partners bravely I heard you talking we doesn't thought about getting somebody to take some of your responsibility for you I understand how busy you must be at least a little bit of but what about their partners I know Jana Nyberg conference leadership for twenty some years I wouldn't be a conference president for all money in the world unless I have a whole large core of prayer partners the story central California it all depends so don't you know Jerry Mays injured his stories rest of the month how God worked miracles but we had scores of people who would pray over real issues for her she's going on every week prayer out of that develop all kinds of miracles is offering for a partner cities in God people don't get it yet that prayer can change lives what he can do is give us a token proof that is our friend Amanda Loughran can all things offer it overflowed over ten years hundred thousand warrior in Philadelphia millions and then after that we thought maybe it will die off but return praying people can bring a campaign would survey the open which is giving more and more for than they could see with interest thereon we decided to ask we want to do for these things nominal ministry zero zero heard about the sentences of things still going on in the literature as something bill creek in all of leaders can honor the contract program started there why because we had too much money and did not spend that have prayer and fasting retreats to decide how to spend the money got it given us can me to deny him an unfamiliar I thought when we were because I was in grade hereby than just one of them happen every year that year were praying for him around praying over the ground ahead of time it always been Janet treasure others were there Johnson Lord Steve soon impressed some of us that the two million dollar offerings your system and letting others is not elegantly gas functions will be crazy that Saturday night to spend man walked up the manager housing often going to preach so well it's going well and things have been a million dollars again we praise God always using an old ministry is going Bible workers comprehensive health things the churches were doing his eyes have basically getting you or someone is praying for two million is amazing so you ask this every year we pray and ask God what we should do we spent ten days my brother and I knew this amended wealth and giving exhibit today we decided well with you and your asps is this was doubletime 's afternoon asked him what he wants us to give an recent weekend we thought well it will be a lot of thousand thirteen with the goal of the software talking God told us about a million dollars on the top whenever evidence gives you might have to present San Francisco I suppose what is regarded this year because there were hundreds and hundreds of people bring with us every year Lord help it keep going always ministries always on until things help my phone was when dollars of roof off the place before dawn and mother leaders and regulators were only talking about talking about the second major earnest calling of God 's people in the last days this evidence movement has been amazing God is not great things we have worked ourselves to death for hundred and seventy eight meters we have tolerant tottered off since James White is the graver as we want to see Jesus working working working remarkably telling me about five years ago during physical around the world for his work is doing stuff with trying to win souls but the connection somehow we need to talk about the connection prayer personal devotion like to talk about yesterday animated talk about prayer Billy Graham said one time offender was quoted of exposure he said ninety five percent over the effort of our ongoing and so austere but it's up there somewhere but do we just risk when finished off Billy Graham said ninety five percent of the activities of the church they would continue the Holy Spirit was withdrawn but in the book of acts ninety five percent of what was going on with stopped of the Holy Spirit with arena five of the ninety five helplessly Dennis Newman has been working on also the forever but the one thing on a single cause things whole host of Trimble was a sound affirmative prayer is whole host trembles of the shader packet with these statements on the magazine markedly the reason is written powerful on prayer makes a difference in all the different ways to pray for others it says in board meetings we should talk less and pray more when you say because talk often brings no light in a new witness from new doctors out of our board meetings out of our prayer meetings bring the light because we talk when your prayer request fully numbered around unleashing the power of the God of the universe prayer is a key in hand of faith that unless have in store for us wherever stored all homeless resources of omnipotence pray personally in our devotional life taking time to wait before God were told in Genesis Jesus spent the whole night in prayer it came out energize in the morning how to do that tiredness guide organs hardest guy in the world plugged into the cell phone charger at night came out I only know to leave this village and people still wanting to heal to go to that one as he was in touch with how we you know which patients are asked which one not align no which country to go to next Pakistan Mongolia China the sheer effort that were going everywhere are we where God wants us and I plea for him to show us what real journey you have for us will be one how can we trade pastors and elders around the world that its comprehensive health evangelism not just one thing to try to get some help as large as the book of acts again had a list on PowerPoint but lost on discredited book of acts study it in the inner packet again is a sheet called church growth and with vaccinated prayer over and over again the same that the process is the same I also comes of the church well they're a member information with right there waiting the obstacle is I don't want to do now because it is as long as resurrected there excited about it freezes when Jerusalem's only do the next two happens they wait to baptize the spear that happens and ask for again John Peter in danger I pray they gather the come together the obstacles removed and then the next thing always passages it happens in six it happens and in the twelve repeaters in prison always different passages the obstacle is removed the next thing happens all this and complaining criticism but the word of God was prescribed power in the church her dramatic every time the growth and and and and book masses related back over and over again you turn examples of it she took the time of United prayer God together his people pray and fast to see what he can do it unleash this power in the universe and what some of your sitting here today with the young people loved ones kids a break your heart I know that one of their animated objects I can tell you my testimony about my math I was an analyst should raise at home among the didn't know she was safe I didn't involve the missions landed up almost rebellious kick out of three academies in the buying and selling drugs stealing cocaine the seller on body treasures kid was killed in a drug deal the rest is part Colorado but my parents did one thing right id. 's publishing director here's Donald he was razor him but he wasn't home with his kids and one thing right when I started to go schools two things firstly sin which are those we want to go to Max but secondly they said we pray for my son Jerry they didn't hide if they were embarrassed to their merits but they got everybody they could pray for me because I was a lot so lost no one handsomely Google brand phenomenology guide to the dialogue meeting there was a worse time high school buddies in high school my daughter reunion is a journey page their parents they both left the one we don't want anywhere near our kids now I'm world ministerial director is not humorous but gazes can do for your kids will if you will believe it when we play areas only pray intensely something else it's something in the great controversy happens I know what have other kids were enjoying their relatives I was worried about my heart I was miserable girl is living with her broker God save me last just before started using needles on the scoping thank you checks us around all works somehow come back but I do know this if you will intensely get a number of people praying for your loved ones it will make a difference read that magazine is written talking about praying for the lost I can assure couple of other students within the level close nor does go through here and try to find some good stuff for it sorry this is somewhat of an answer revival to guns or greatest need was a Sega bottom of first let the messages one twenty one the revival to be expected only in answer to what harder work will work hard prayers of the hardest workers I know generalizing Plano steroids relay pastors and stuff is in the parade they got Jesus Hart and they were witnessing in evangelizing more than anybody else was too busy to pray Jesus leaving his disciples try to turn the church over the war and peace world and read John fourteen to sixteen again recent sometimes what to talk about their whole and him seven times seven times he makes the same promise hereby donate your bear much fruit then he goes on hereby donate you will ask what you desire and shall be done for you by this my father is glorified that you bear much fruit and later he says you will have great joy seven times in those three chapters Jesus on his way to calibrate his last most important word says the same prompts it was important he says about me you can ask anything in my name will do it sometimes I believe this is the thing madness church we talk about the most preach about the most but do the least now maybe it is true with you that it is true with you I struggle by God 's grace I want to be really doing it and I believe when we do this along with the other method we will see unleashed a mighty movement we have never witnessed because God 's power will be unleashed and will be doing the right way in the city is everywhere else and I just wanted to you as well as in Tanzania in January this year three thousand wonderful pastors elders from other leaders and churches sitting outside of a church I was teaching them I like them finally I said my brothers and sisters if God forbid the president United States were assassinated today how long would it take every villager in Africa to know they looked at me with a strange look one person said they summon also two or three hours someone else said two days how long will it take for Jesus to finish the work he got about a hundred some years ago he said so what's he waiting I don't know that lots was answer that I've heard Mark answer God is sovereign to come to you will come with a was finally right now he's looking to his random people for facilities the women told to follow Christ method in the United blended ministry across the spectrum of the church and also to believe that if we spend time with Jesus personally waiting for counsel really spending enough time to hear him know he wants with the data Phyllis to change is the first level and if we do that and then we take the time and this is a tough one for doctors for juicy people for everybody to take some time to pray together that's what they were doing the book of 's that's what were told will make a massive difference if we will do it and why does well only says it's a unity of heart Holy Spirit Jesus prayed also on his way to tolerate that we may want right on seventeen minutes the mixture and when we pray together it tends to bond our hearts as we pray together by Jesus desires what he wants but I tell you that I been on this journey for twenty years now because we were really at the bottom to her testimony and converted her amazing way for she's become a giant of prayer she's the privileges accorded of the world church and by God 's grace we want to see the whole world praying seven seven zero now thousands leaving many hundreds of thousands Franco Holy Spirit as you doesn't make a difference may take a little while but it's going to massive difference ten days of prayer in January listening drawing a packet of booklets and stuff but that's not the point the point is not assented to it and we're still just talking about the ones I may say the tallest family hasn't traveled my preaching reaching powerful he hasn't shown what are talking he doesn't travel in our great degrees he doesn't from what our wise statement subordinating see triangles of the call on Jesus me because he knows that God has all the power needed and if we will slaughter and stopped long enough for a him a you will start that night in whom I will have it and doesn't have to take a long time I believe in a couple of weeks this world another attention focused so strongly on the fringes message is everybody was talking about is not what happens new cycles twenty four hours what's the latest big thing one paradigm shift one miracle one change that is mainly sooner away for that but we're doing our part of where they are moving forward in those areas where you called us to an earnest appeal were doing our part I believe he will end this thing so quickly we won't believe it were to take the reins out of our hands will know its products that's what I'm praying for last thing I want is a report from DC centimeter great job when you reach the cities in Turkey five nine with no atoms working harder and take dreams to certain groups right it's happening how do we get dreams to Islam so I think if we do that will be amazed what happens optimistic something to North America some amazing stories of how God can fix for a couple more statements will quit this one grade education to sixty sixty one when my five favorite intensity in the world taking possession of the world 's moneymaking contest for power the very struggle for existence is a terrible force and engross his body mind soul God saying they still know that I'm God we rush through our devotional life into great haste to wait for counsel with move on with our burdens will never see the success these workers can never attain the highest successfully learns that her strength time to think pray and wait on God for renewal of physical mental and spiritual power not a pause for a moment his presence but personal contact with Jesus to savanna companionship with him this is our need this is that statement Ellen White said commenting three nineteen and twenty about putting together she says if two of you agree on earth as touching anything the patient lasted of enough of my father which is in heaven for where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them the men she says this this promise is made on condition of the United prayers which are dropped after this present expect a power greater than that which comes in after the private why is the power given on the proportionate to the unity of the members and their love for God and one another when this message of truth was first proclaimed she says how much we pray how often was the voice of intercession heard in the chamber the bond or to the growth frequently we spent hours in earnest prayer to her three together claiming the promise often the sound of weeping was hurt in the voice of thanksgiving Franks will booklet anything but United birds to wait and do that enjoy their churchgoing adults now the day of God is nearer than when we first believed and we should be more honest more zealous and more fervent than is early days five testimonies page one sixty one told to overthrow his verses you know what's the call to earn us call of God gathered together our people there assembled to fast pray to repent of our sins the turn back to God blow the trumpet but the priests administer the Lord week between the boards available at them say spare your people Lord why should they say among the people where's their God than his promises then the Lord will be zealous for his land and pity his people fear not allow me glad and rejoice for the Lord will do marvelous things among you you'll know then that I'm in the midst of Israel on the Lord your God has no other people should never be put to shame earlier and told to very say why do they say where is their God how is your church on Sabbath if somebody comes in as a are you sure service will I see a nicely run bulletin service or license the power of God and testimonies of people pray for each other in America is happening in their church and life-changing the authors Ajax experience is it just ninety five percent human or his Holy Spirit taking you and your family and your church to experience with young adults really excited about men will come to pass afterward I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh your sons and your daughter so prophesied your old men will dream dreams and your young men shall see visions also my menservants menservants for my Spirit in those days when Ellen White's vision and close this message will close with power and strength far exceeding the midnight cry hallelujah the servants of God endowed with power from on high with her face lighted up as shining with holy consecration go forth to proclaim the message and have many appraising the sick are healed we see enough feelings enough annoying things now I want to do more but prayer is the key ongoing unleashing power eluded his time on the notes on what to do but more miracles were wrought spirit intercession was seen even as a manifested before the day of Pentecost we seem hundreds of thousands were seen visiting families and opening before then were of God parts are convicted by the power the Holy Spirit in a spirit of genuine conversion was manifest on every side doors were thrown open to the proclamation of truth the world seem like the heavily influence when the text weather statement and show it unless it why they say why is it that the more power in the churches you know it goes on she says it's because of unconfessed unrepentant sin and selfishness backbiting Olson solicitor because of that human conscience is hard so again always not obeying his commands and how to do our work blending our ministry comprehensive health offenses and your arty on a journey we got to get everybody else there right working the city 's labors working on lighting luminal begin praying is a never prayed before our own life serious about not just talking preaching about it and then taking the time out of our extremely busy lives on which we must cut something probably to pray together unitedly I very more sincere to Brazil nonstory for slight interest on the road here in the church was down some of the incarnation out in the community is not visiting more became anyone's prayer meeting first time you know they've ended up having his wife is a nurse practitioner or system system they started the group of fifty other laypeople around this health advances and programs the church was powerful in this new ministry came along in hopes that was flawlessly sprung up out of breath when he went to prayer meeting and there was for people there is like unto others in a church of twenty five hundred people they didn't give up and began to really pray there they began the prayer people began to bring their young adults with problems they would anoint them they would pray over them miracles were happening people started bringing their kids to its prayer meeting up with him and if they do permit well over a hundred hundred fifty baptisms began to happen because neighbors are bringing their kids to private meeting at the novel thought is that it permanently don't just preach again but we preach a little heated eight minutes then we have real prayer over real issues and we praise God for what he's doing and we see him work people one on FedEx experience I want to see that some things happening in our printing something 's happening in our church a wonder people know concepts will know it's happening but something happened let the Lord be empowered to what SoCal kept in the real sell it they had the site never have again and sell the property but once we started praying for months ended once the hurdles there was also slowing down the aisle giving hostages as administrator exploding to the conference nourished perfect their forget-me-not once again see things happen we couldn't get people in there were fighting over spots for your five thousand during the week eighty ten thousand weekends when God is there people will flock it was just human people will run I said enough Sunday thank God he is still on the move this movement is moving I'm not here to talk depressingly about the advertisement I believe where the best out there but I believe God wants to take us to the breakthroughs in a couple areas and then he can take us to that final breakthrough which is numerical it turns the world on its ear overnight miracles in the sky to be fire on the other side in the sky doesn't work miracles it's alternately spirituals on a religious advancement happen quickly or maybe the economy taken over we don't know all its would you take this similar to what renowned this meal where you are gray discuss God to do whatever you need from your life maybe things are talked about in the changer recommitment send confess trusting he is a healer 's ministry Luke four is happening today at this time love in the spirit baptizes with a lower we want experienced the mighty moving of Pentecost today tired of running things that we know we can succeed at some level in trusting you thinking big enough planning big enough that we can do it Lord Titus helpless I thank you for this group are on fire for you but doing so much in adding to the top of the mission trips him on matter Lord help us although as we witness to our families and young adults another as they will say Raleigh that we have everything in common to meet the needs of others pastors elders are church members medical professionals Lord bring us together the footed across a refinement new power new energy and excitement in adventure with you thank you Leslie Lord I pray for your special anointing on Monday the double double matter whatever that means father raid on the home dramatic way support their pastors to change their churches in a positive loving way we can see a difference in our movement overall revival is not something we hunt for something we're unable to report on so overwhelming and taking over everybody knows thank you God we pray for that thank you for your love thank you for your grace thank you it's all about you you working in us to will and do your good pleasure on about our adding another task but busters surrendering to you abiding in you watching you must ask anything in your name to bear fruit glory to you thanks you are doing will come in person as part of Jesus and a media was brought by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about hothouse oriented like this more so than in www. audio person .org


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