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  • November 2, 2013
    4:45 PM
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Elena sorry my name is Donald Bell an emergency medicine physician I practice in the state of Florida this is my wife and Burnett and this is my friend Grace Daly we just want to talk to a little bit I is when talking a little bit about missions and how he got involved in it and the amount of fun we have doing missions so about maybe you have fifteen years ago I was maybe back to three years on a residency a friend of mine says hey Mo Val let's go down to Jamaica anyone can do there as well in clinician trip and we went down to Jamaica we had a wonderful time we worked with the local conference worked in a local clinic and I've been on one mission trip before but I was just so excited with about this mission trip that we've been traveling ever since pretty much every summer to a different place and we've been to Africa South America we've been to the Caribbean and his last summer we actually get to mission trips we went to the island of Tobago which is part of the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and we also went to on a Dominican Republic and this is actually these are some slides of what we do what we go to those areas am this is the one you went to south Africa we were working in a rural community and we support in several rural communities and we have one of our dentist there is Doctor Rick Becker Meyer and the newspaper wrote about what we were going but the model is the work with the people there locally they tell us what their needs are and will give you an example one conference was working with an area in South Africa called memo Lodi and so they said let's set up a clinic there because you want to have a church there so we went in we had a clinic in our clinics consist of physicians dentist optometrist we have chiropractors that time we have on nurses and we have a lot of volunteers almost take blood pressures and blood to blood sugars those types of things and we also have counseling is very important that not only do we administer health care as we define it here but also teach people about preventive health measures to me that's the most important thing when it comes to health and then the most important thing is also sharing Christ the one story that I have was we were out in South Africa one of the remote areas and one of the local politicians and cheeses they were there and he made a comment to one of our members he said you know we've had people come here over and over again what made a difference was the way you actually treated are people going to try and sat with them so when you are when you're asked to interpretation not really taking care of a patient direction showing Christ and that's what I been taught on these mission trips and Iowa's gain much more from these mission trips and I and I think that I I donate so we've been to these places and all my veteran pitcher we have a lot of pictures please this is actually a picture of the Doctor Linda Lawrence travels with us please that's a meeting geolocation and I think that's probably South Africa please that's one of her optometrists check sheet examine those high exams and she asked he takes brand-new glasses down there and donates them to Doctor X donates them to you via patients please we have an altar sonographer who travels with us and she does abdominal ultrasound carotid ultrasounds now Venus ultrasounds unless grace counseling on someone and probably trying to steal her baby please add to successful conduct disorder maybe I and this is what we often do as well is we have a spiritual we always have a spiritual dimension so lots of time still actually be a crusader something going on so were doing the medical care during the day and there's a crusade in the evening so let's see about four years ago my wife and I met Grace Bailey and that's about the time for me to transition to doing things also the community and raises to talk to you right after I walked away from professional basketball fight efficiently absorb sonic rainbow romance I wasn't aware of the forty man name and the fact that can allocate actually help preserve your mind and your body by about four years ago I know that even though my parents made transition when I was in high school and I sat in the pews with adventures no one ever ask he asked me how I was able to keep the Sabbath and maintain his professional career while you hang around her she asked a lot of questions so she asked me how it was possible at that time I had been spending time with them on the Sabbath and really enjoyed myself and how I was for the Sabbath you delight is out of the game and the like have really started to look for the theater we just take a break and spend quality time with God and I don't cook and she's amazing cook show people the alternative Plan B feels hopeful plant -based diet is to invite me to their house on Sabbath and immediately wonderful meals I have as grateful and great fellowship so it seems on assignment track the RC start studying the Bible together to form the relations of friendship so we just need Nancy said he doubted Hezbollah receives the men started once again together I thought myself here's Barbie I calculated very by shield her own and she should write by the way so we can pay now starting the Bible and soon as the part of the Sabbath lesson came up and talked about without it I was immediately convicted and it was an old one was even one more day maybe just two more months it was an immediate transition to game overtime flavor different colors and once the tree was not together God began to orchestrate amazing things all of a sudden I went from being very intentional and very focused on getting to the basket because I was of course I didn't whenever I want to do I got my way okay I went from that same intentional focus attitude on the basketball court to evangelism and we started a program called be smart program which is our spelling out message leaving guiding foods and vegetables are tinier moderation action rest and tell others religiously begun we started this program together and we've also gotten the phone and into the public school systems these believe in God was endemic in the public school system so adjacent to brush your teeth and they went I'm currently on a currently giving our teacher right now so I have five -year-olds and I were posting down hard mentally and physically it is a connection again and again that evening at the time is a very important relevant concept to return to change them these principles were very young age and we also do is exercise classes for the community and here for the doctor comes in interfering theory meaning one FAA mapping exercise classes and have adopted their own in your free consultation right so everyone loves a free medical visit is actually how we ended up connecting the first place reflection of your voice take anyone feel better they will do whatever it takes and if there is someone there will provide a service that will be open to whatever that person just to them so they met my needs first and then after that I was able to learn the great truth in the Bible we are to exercise classes going on in our community consistently or five different classes during the week Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and on Sundays and Eric attended by eighty percent members from the community so at this point now and she's one of our instructors all three of us have different roles machine learning instructors I overheard glasses and I qualify as an instructor can you come from a professional basketball player this is a big deal in Utah basketball raise your hand how many of you are you know more about basketball than I do because I know nothing about sports the main ring look like the stereotypical basketball player dicey and the things come in small packages number that ballplayers are like fixing taught even the ladies but here's what you don't know about Grace are you ready she attended Tulane University she looked and she still holds the record for the meeting score for both in an e-mail with all the CNL two thousand two hundred and forty nine Florence all you got a lot any credible in our life so I is that she was inducted into a university hall of fame and still maintain that record is enough in two thousand and five or six praise the Lord amen Lord works and then as they see she was also the first round draft pick and fifth overall selection in the two thousand three when the NBA draft yes the WNBA player former and that teacher is no joke that's really her okay so he will never tell you that he's an incredible humble person but I had to share how God and how we got together not only played in America many seasons but also in Europe for though I think a cat in the French league disbanded as an probably obvious reader obsolete apparently she found the master was real so she okay now that I am seriously teamed up with an incredibly blessed to have this also means you will although were not a lot of them are not that ballplayers but we work together for Christ were following in his footsteps refusing him him now that all reaching them through health investigation of this significant health and exercise appraisal we provide that for free same with him yes I am that's why the programs are attended by primary eighty percent over eighty percent nine hundred and nine Adventist members only people at difficult class on Tuesday or Thursday we have on average fifty to sixty people will know that I don't know where you wait wait wait wait on average it is sixty to seventy people have gotten us hottest date on want everyone to understand you were to show up I want to have over two hundred and fifty one class but it will take another work schedules as women and children and then the men come right after that anyway I hear anything about how the Lord works we have collaborated with local Adventist churches in man so if any and reached but primarily it's an outreach to have to spend time biggest prepared biggest opera by the space we use our own resources we fund this but so they get free medical care free exercise and we provide all equipment all the way to use Cambell Sanibel music and lots of fun we build relationships with all teachers leave them here were showing a picture of I'm not one charset was owned by Jessica added about three weeks ago one Israel Catholic Church which will work out outside of Florida after all and this is in Ocala Florida starter and off for the conference and was here visiting me we provide these classes are very many surgeons on ongoing basis in two different conferences called unity that Christ does a man a man so on the next picture please old the yes it's really what I wanted to show you that sound great on the back end the pastor and he has been there now for two weeks is brand-new to the start and he is working out Christ made by example can I say in a man it is more effective if the leadership in the church collaborates with the health team right here involved so we provide cooking classes for free we provide on health information behavioral change all of my fishing classes we also transitioned them to charge programs in the afternoon that's solely for them the Lord is so good to unite together and start something in your own church and have to wait for you are trying to do it and grassroots here we go pre- Monica logo back to you we thank you for your time and we love you thing it is really amazing to see the way people respond to the people that lost thirty forty one pressures are becoming normal cholesterol levels in normal is I mean is like God was missing just the people I'm not hundred hundreds of illegal leaders were able to see every single person the only flavors and things in the Bible says that Jesus the illegals place is small and everyone in his classes every single class New Jersey be smart principles similar moment go by where or an opportunity next week always is at every opportunity very first that afternoon I want to share with you I in two thousand and eleven at any NetMeeting Doctor Don the door came up and asked me if I wanted to participate in mission trip to the Philippines in two thousand and twelve and that was in conjunction with pastor Louis Torres in the Philippines and so I went and met my family and we had a wonderful time we did health clinics by day and at night the kids did assure him program a modified version shares in programming it was at incredible way to see the kind a hold melding of both health ministry and help evangelism and see the fruits of that we saw a number of people were baptized and we were able to help a lot of people and when we came home from that might my high schoolers mica and on yet were attending high school and they went here with their high school go on a mission trip and so they simply must be great to do the same thing with our high school and that they were attending we market me at the time and so they went back to school and they presented the idea to the faculty as could we do this as as that outreach for whatever mission trips and they listen to it they'd consider the proposal they prepared about it and in February of two thousand and twelve we had the opportunity return we went initially in June returned again in February to the same island and help them with the same outreach so the Philippines is a big place with lots of islands and we went to a small island if you look at the entire spectrum of the islands there in the Philippines that little red dot is the island of shared down there's about eighty or ninety thousand people that that live on an island and when we went to June before we found it never had anyone from any place other than the Philippine scum as healthcare provider so it was a shock to them and they continue lasses why are you here where you hear so we went back with the Academy and I teamed up with Doctor Brett Hildebrand whose views on their children were training Academy as well and then we had some local physicians that helped us and the island is your gal is there is kind of like seven eight main towns on the island and so the way we set it up in June two thousand and twelve and then again when we went back in in February March of two thousand thirteen was we did health clinics in each of these town so we were there for about system each day we would go to a different town and we spent out over seven of the towns there and each evening we would go to that town into a health lecturer and do a a Bible presentation and in the kids of you that soaks the catechism teachers have them prepare ahead of time they had had prepared their their presentation Zen and done we also train them and help them prepare for doing health lectures and health teaching so when we did our health clinic we had some physicians to do consultations but during that whole time you you can imagine when hundreds of people come to be seen to see three or four doctors they are doing most of their time doing what waiting in the areas to that waiting for doctors right but done so we didn't want that to be wasted time so we caught the Academy kids how to check blood blood sugar so they would do glucose checks and they were doing the blood pressures for us and they were doing some oral hygiene we had some dentists that were with the Mindanao health outreach project that came with us and so we had some dental care there's well and so the Academy students were doing oral hygiene teaching and then they would do natural remedies the presentations on charcoal and the benefits of water in and all the wonderful things for health prevention and done so while people were waiting in much like a situation like this they were a captive audience and so they would present one lecture after another and they would even sometimes come with their instruments are saying and do all kinds of things for them so is an incredible outreach and opportunity so the health clinics by day we had lots of other people all ages Mincey the young and the old and the different municipalities since we were now returning they had actually from when we had been there last June had asked the people how were you treated did you benefit digit were you happy with the care and the response was over well mainly positive and so what some of the new submissiveness Pali leaders dad was a knew we were coming they hurt we are coming so what they did was they provide transportation for many of the people the surrounding areas to bring them in and they provided so they provided transportation and the present provided nice facilities for us so they had gems are some of the municipality centers of meetings that were ready present so we would we would doubt that you have workers up helping to prepare the place and clean the place we are to be working before we came there is so much great value in going back to some place you've been before so when you go to do a mission trip it's one thing you go any common you may never see them again but to go and go back reducing we've been before familiar faces and even some of the patients that I have seen in June I would see them again and so it it was some a great blessing the medical work open the hearts of the community open the hearts and units how the leaders the mayors of each of the municipalities hold great power and one of the municipalities was very eager for the local area to any even though the church there and so the door was open for that in the evenings okay so that so then the Academy students were doing blood pressure and other Dean was supervising and again blood pressure Zen blood sugars and checking people in and giving lectures as the people waited we had many of the pastors from the local area they came and they acted as our translators both in the medical clinic and in the meetings by night the Academy students an opportunity to do some extractions and work with the dentist they are the dentists were around very instructive and it was a great experience for them by Doctor Hildebrand came from Michigan and we were able to teach an number of things to help them with their remedies and of course we were done pray with them and invite them to meetings that would be happening that evening and by day while we are at the medical clinic of the students that were going to be presenting the main Bible lecture would stay back at our the place that we were staying and pastor Lou Torres would then instruct them in and go over that that night 's meeting and he would give them some some tips on the appeal that they would be making that night and so they would prepare and in the evening then people would comment each of the different sites that we were doing health clinics on different days every site had a meeting going on every night so we had seven nights of of meetings with the help lecture and people would come of all ages we would have it each site ranging from eighty to two hundred people coming and the students would do the presentations and at the end of the week there were appeals for baptism and at the end of the week people came from all over the island for one of baptism and so we drew everybody together and we would load people in GPs which are these vehicles that you see here and they would be stuck completely full inside and over the top and come in one kidney after another and the they gathered on Sabbath morning the last Sabbath that we were there and there was a great number of people both in the church from the churches and the baptismal candidates and when it came time for the baptism you could look down the beach where we are doing the baptism and there were just in just the mass of people you can see the number of people all lined up there and there were so many people that were baptized that day they had to go into the water five at a time and the different pastures where you can see where stationed down the beach there and they all six hundred more than six hundred souls gave their life to Jesus that day and it was a great blessing for Maytag has a lot of times as is been mentioned here this weekend we do work and we don't always necessarily see the fruits of those labors belabored but done this island here was so starving one for outside help and with their medical care and that open their hearts and then starving for the gospel message and to see that all happen in such a short period time is a rare opportunity and does so when my children I experienced the June the gym before we couldn't help but say this would be an incredible experience for Academy students to to do into experience and so this is the group of five young people we had eighteen Academy students and three of their faculty advisors they came in and the smiles on their face post meeting they were they were exhausted because our schedule would be up in update six send to bed at them pass the appropriate the temperate hour that they were used to but done it what it was a long day and in many times in the catching naps in between but after a long hard work and to see the fruit of that labor come I brought great joy to them and see America one do one bar on C1 do one teach one so I seem down and I've heard testimonies of mission outreach as I had the opportunity go do one and then I wanted to share that and see eighteen more young people their faculty advisors CV the experience of the fruits of their labor scene in such a short time in their lives in this best Bible passage then he said to them the harvest truly is great but the laborers are few therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest and you know that that that and that's exactly what was true true that the harvest was truly right on we sometimes at home try to our hand at gardening and sometimes we get the seed in the ground and that's our first step and then when we don't have water that see doesn't grow enough that we've had that experience we put seeds in and wonder why they don't sprout that but then as it sounds like you personally gardening now this is what we do it home now we started at water to our plants and see that while they come up and that's really need until we see this browse and then we stop watering them in a guy the next season we tried again it was other mineral water faithfully watered faithfully and they grew up then we saw through it on these lines and we never pick the fruit the harvest is right don't leave the fruit on the vine thank you for your attention it's a pleasure to the here and it's been an inspiring afternoon to hear these wonderful stories of how God is leading I was just so wonderful opportunity to share and my sister from India shared and I wanted to share mostly new stories what I want to show you want to share one old one because I know many of you are not aware but I stand here today because of a missionary who went to India the very first call quarter she was a very young woman who was appointed by the General conference she talked Elder Spicer at a camp meeting he said finish her education she finished her education leisure college education and they finally appointed her to go to India which is where she wanted to go and as she got to England she reasoned received as a telegram saying they had no money to send her any further nor could they bring her home but she needed to call quarter and earn her own living while she learned the skill in England which she did but she saved enough money to pay her own way to Calcutta because she had this burning desire to go to India my grandparents my father 's parents were young of professionals he was a surveyor of civil engineer in the city of Calcutta they had never been to church they had no interest in church but through a marvelous series of pics of experiences between about nineteen oh one and nineteen oh seven they had my grandfather has stopped smoking they had stopped drinking and they had become vegetarians but they were malnourished vegetarians because they have no idea what to do eating a vegetarian diet and being British they would need Indian food so it had to be British vegetarian food and as they struggle for about a year there was a knock on the door one afternoon was a young woman Georgia Burris who was selling religious books and my grandmother sets closed door in her face because she was not interested but she felt like she'd been rude we now know the Holy Spirit was working on her heart and she walked down the street and called after the lady and on the curb on the sidewalk there in Calcutta my grandmother apologize for being rude such was his interest in the religious books and as they chatted for a few minutes finish their visit turned the part my grandmother turned around and said I have one question would you happen to have a book on vegetarian cooking Georgia said I would but it's in California I can order one and of course in those days or so FedEx or DHL or anything like that so it either time it took about six months to get the book in the meantime Georgia said to my grandmother would you be like me to come to your home and give you some lessons and that's how the Harding family became Seventh-day Adventists the costs of a missionary who was willing who was earning her own living she wasn't demanding a button omission or the general conference to be a call quarter she was earning her own support but she was willing to take away from that door-to-door work and common needed me in a young family that really needed this my grandfather always said that once the cooking lesson started the food dramatically improved but once the cooking lessons were finished there wasn't by the way there wasn't much I mean there were no whole foods and there were no safe ways and this was back very early in the previous century and but the friendship had been formed God was working and the cooking lessons became Bible studies and three years later in nineteen eleven both my grandfather and grandmother were baptized Seventh-day Adventists anyway I just thank the Lord for the work of missionaries who go to all corners of the year is now I wanted to share with you this evening very quickly little bit about health ministries around the world these are just very shortly announce we don't have time there is so much one of the greatest blessings of my work today is to be able to travel around the globe on behalf of health ministry and hear people share the testimonies of what they are doing what God is doing through them in the area of health ministry and I wanted to share a few of them you saw very briefly unknown in the elder pages presentation not this morning a little bit about what's happening in Jakarta is a very exciting project of the club say hot and there there grocery stores or health food stores and their health classes on the next floor 's been going on for ten years it was started to reach those the Chinese in Jakarta and today they are recently in last year they had more baptisms from the four places they have now in Jakarta and their holdings they're hoping this next year to open two more by God 's grace but they are having more baptisms than all of the churches in Jakarta combined as a result of using health ministry primarily as they seek to meet the needs of those who call and they do all whole host of of activities in the area of health on and it is it is a wonderful work that they are doing I have just a few pictures we can get them moving here on of what is happening in these various clubs or health clubs is really what that word means in Bahasa we turn to two Central Asia to begin what are our next on Central Asia is a very soft and difficult and actually an area that is really closing down for Christian outreach we have had we had to remove workers from several of the countries in Central Asia but the country of Kazakhstan is still open although very restricted and we have a son of a honest pastor and his wife his wife is Ukrainian she has forsaken the easier life in the Ukraine to join him in all Monte and they now have a health room I guess I had the they have a health room in the church they have they do health consultations health fairs she's Ukrainian nurse they do health Expo various kinds of simple remedies are simple treatments hydrotherapy massage they do cooking classes lifestyle sessions this is a picture of Svetlana and don't let this is some of what they do in their activities in terms of just teaching simple hydrotherapy treatments are health expos it's a largely Muslim area and they are making friends with the Muslims and the Muslims are appreciating the work that they are doing there there dreaming of establishing a lifestyle center they're doing some lifestyle sessions in a small facility that they are able to rent this is a picture of the first couple of sessions they had last year a Muslim patient said to them on recently may you have more lifestyle sessions so simple people like us can know after this better catches a praise Lord this is a picture and I I'm not sure I should be showing this picture but I was told I had permission to do so but this is a picture of the first Muslim convert and Almonte who was baptized within the last twelve months is a Seventh-day Adventist there have been for more since then and God is blessing the humble work on this couple and they are the only representatives of the administer each in that area but God is blessing their efforts to reach out to a community it is very difficult to reach using the right arm of the message to go back to the mulled over union now or go to the mobile reunion they have a volunteer physician he was at the amen meeting last year some of you may remember Costin on that just love accosted on he goes by Slava is a last year pediatric surgery resident in mulled over in Chechnya and he volunteers his time and as I was with him this year for a week several months ago and his passion 's health ministry said I will just supported with my profession he gives against the budget from the mission of one hundred of the Union Mission of war of two hundred dollars per year for health ministry he wanted to do something this year and so early in the year he rallied some young people in the churches there in the city of Chechnya and they did a health expo but there restricted and how they can behave and activities and so they want to the mayor 's office and they asked some areas they could do a health expo for he and his staff and he said yes the mayor has invited him and the Adventist church to do as many health expos as possible in the city as a result of their work his greatest need is available by the materials even though the backdrops in the stands to be able to he wants to have a cheat he wants to heat his goal is to have six teams that can do one health Expo one weekend every month out of the year and he's really excited and praying here's just some pictures of all of the first health Expo they did after they do it for the mayor 's office and it was met with a great deal of success and very good publicity is brand-new information to the people there in the city wanted turned of Papua New Guinea many of you are acquainted with the name of sulcus Adventist hospital it's the red it's the red dot on the screen it had to be closed by the church eleven years ago for security reasons because when the land was given many years ago no one realized that it was right in the middle of two warring tribes who had been held and controlled by the government and it was actually located on the land where the two tribes used to fight jousting grounds if you will and saw the sadness hospital is closed eleven years ago the community the government of the issues of civil unrest and issues have been somewhat solvent are under control and the government has begged the church to come back to the local government has begged the church to come back Doctor Chester Kumar here's a picture of selfless Doctor Joseph Chester just over a year ago took a trip with the governor of the area in the Highlands along with the union president and and the local health ministries leader back to soulless and they were Matt with huge banners and crowds when they came saying please come back and re- open soap was hospital but the amazing thing the most amazing thing and into me is that when the doctor who Kumar who had been a surgeon there at the hospital and the medical director in the past when he walked into the hospital and these are gestures pictures this is what it looked like in eleven years later he said if he could just get the supplies he could go back to doing surgery within 24-hour the local community had protected the hospital from an evangelist vandalism they had painted it to keep it off they had sent custodian people into it every week I kept it clean and you're looking at it as it was for the first scene first time by outside people in the eleven years is not amazing and look at the crowds that came to welcome them and welcome them back we have an amazing situation in Papua New Guinea for various reasons the government has now asked the Seventh-day Adventist church to take over and operate more than eight hospitals we've only had one in the past that a very good reputation the course of challenges how do we find staff the government has said you can run them as Seventh-day Adventist hospitals we want you to run the wood Seventh-day Adventist employees with Seventh-day Adventist nurses Seventh-day Adventist position I had the privilege of being at the first health professionals conference on in New Guinea in Port Moresby and it was an amazing weekend more than four hundred physicians from that area came together for the first time but of those four hundred there were over eighty students for the first time there's only one medical school and Papua New Guinea and it's in Port Moresby is not run by the Seventh-day Adventist church but they have more than eighty seventh day Adventist in training never have they had so many Seventh-day Adventist young people training to become physicians and an appeal was made for the students to come forward and dedicate their lives to the service of God and seventy four of them responded to that call to give their lives for his service and there is hope in the division and in that union that they will have staff to accept the challenge and the opportunity that is before them in the operating and representing the Lord in these conferences are these hospitals I just want to say word about an activity that has resulted in a great deal of positive benefits of the church of the picture that's on the screen as of but tarry in Mongolia but I had the privilege last year of taking part in teaching all the pastors and all of the Bible workers in the Mongolia field a course that we call foundations of health they know very little we teach them some anatomy and physiology we teach some nutrition went to some public health which has some health evangelism we give them a pretest before and one of the questions is you think this is a worthwhile course this is before they've taken in over eighty percent of them question whether it's worth their time to come for two to three actually almost three weeks we also listening the end and over ninety five percent of them have said it is the best course I have ever had and they are going out in their applying what they are learning we've all read and this is this was the class that I had a part of we also are doing this at the Adventist University of Africa in in Nairobi Kenya and in fact it is part of the required curriculum for all graduate students at a US and so we would go every year and we spend almost three weeks teaching foundations of health to pastors administrators anyone who is working on a graduate degree is required to take this course and we have over there are now over at almost three hundred of our church leaders in east central Africa primarily who have gone to have no taken and passed this class this is one of the classes of this year when I was there in July and once again they're not very sure about it they wonder why it has anything to do with getting their master 's degree or the demand for doctorate of ministry and yet is required but one is finished they get excited the Tanzanian union president stood off at the end of the class this summer and he said on one there are one of my pastors to have this glass the Lord is blessing in unprecedented ways on we now have in the united Arab emirates a faculty position at the University and we are working with the police and the fire we as Seventh-day Adventists have been asked to provide them smoking cessation training and help him they are on and you makes think this is a bit odd because it is an Arab country but alcohol is a huge problem and we are dealing we are been asked to help with that problem as well and Daniel Handy science I has been teaching for two years at the University and is has opened doors in their begging us to send another faculty member he came for two years from from Loma Linda school public health and we have yet to find another person but where are praying and working all on that it's a wonderful wonderful opportunity and one of the interesting things is that that the president of that organization the educational institution has now told us that they varies a move to make our work able to be more prominent in that country and we can praise the Lord for that which have medical Adventist medical Center and I don't have a picture of it but it is located in care of its been under construction and development for close to ten years now is now about ninety five percent complete and it is becoming a center of influence for care in fact I just learned in the phone call this week while here in Florida that saw they are going there there are going to the union committee has voted to call it the J Slocum Memorial center and many of you are acquainted with or have known of Jace Lupu disappeared and you have just this year on and he worked tirelessly to see the center take shape and has helped to guide much of its activities they've already had smoking cessation programs they're having cooking glasses and they have a wonderful facility in which to do that in my understanding from those who are working there is that the response is been tremendous as I close I wanted to share with you story from the country of India but it isn't centered in India I was there for the health advisory on and had the privilege of hearing the various union and mission I ended health ministries leaders share stories of what was happening and I just want to share one of them and that has to do with the gentleman who is the health ministry 's director he has no mph she has he's so doesn't even have about housing the finished college but he's been a pastor in the Lord laid on him a burden because he is Bhutanese half are part of his hated his family comes from Bhutan Bhutan as a closed country we have no work there at all and we cannot get him to do any work but he felt if he felt the burden that God placed on him to go across the border and begin doing smoking cessation for the villages where he came from and because of his heritage he can go back and forth across the border without any problem and so he began going about three four years ago and he began smoking cessation and then he began doing some just basic hygiene teaching people how to live cleaner how to eat better on just the simple seconds of the health message and they continued to beg him to come and even his his mission field on his administrator was not sure he should go back and do so much but they later became convinced that his work back at home and just across the border it really wasn't far from where he lived and he continued to do that he took some others with him that were members of the church and could also cross the border and I'm just so thrilled to be able to report what he reported that by God 's grace there are more than a hundred and twenty individuals who have been baptized as Seventh-day Adventists that live in Bouton many of them have to come across the border to worship on Sabbath and those that are close enough can but that work continues in the last he told me they look like they're going to have another one hundred baptisms in the country of Bhutan God is working in health ministry and in his church all over the world not only in these and in all that is working wonderfully in so many places doesn't matter whether it's a well-developed area or whether it's a very poor area of the needs are the same people have similar needs and they all need to hear about Jesus and God is his blessing and this is this is an unprecedented time in the history of our church never has from the highest levels of the General conference been rater support for health ministry and I praise the Lord for the and I praise the Lord for each one of you who are involved in your communities as well as in various places around the world as you volunteer and share the talents that God has given you think God wants us also as long we can see is very similar as a matter of this media was brought by hottie is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through free seminar audio and much more I would like to know more about hot house will feel like this is more so than in the visit www. .net verse .org


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