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Disease Prevention and Management Through Balanced Nutrition

Winston Craig


Winston Craig

Professor of Nutrition and Chairman of the Department of Public Health and Wellness at Andrews University



  • November 1, 2013
    2:00 PM
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him a few for some introduction I like to move sure to forward begin the thing I just wanted to mention what was discussed lesson on amoxicillin when this man was ruled to Jesus to lay hands on him and remember Jesus put his hands in his ears put spin on his time and then tried the open them the man was healed on the similar situation with a few verses later in Mark chapter I was a blind man couldn't Bruins ask Jesus to lay hands on and Jesus did say is interesting that the notice dies spit hospital was believed to have therapeutic property and Jesus always went with the belief system so we would probably hold about this and I is the placebo effect that the people man determined that we mention were believe that the state was going to have an effect on course when you believe something then this will likelihood that it will happen but I don't focus on that two things which I thought were interesting is that Jesus took the person away from the crowd and he dealt with them in private Jesus treated these faithful not as a clinical kind whose individual is a human brain with me I think the greatest thing that we can do all of us as healthcare professionals is to remember that dealing with in dealing with people that come to us we are dealing with should be dealing with them as individuals human beings as people may not just is another clinical trial unless I missed to myself as a teacher because every student in the classroom has to be treated as an individual not just those anointing on the front of my and Jesus also taught actually sleep a week somehow we forgotten the power and the beauty of top I believe that my side and under therapy are some of their effectiveness the fact that there is an intimacy that is a is a touching of people and great medical centers across the country cancer centers that are realizing the value in Messiah in no helping people sleep better and reduce high and anxiety such as medication is actually the top semisolid thing given of these things are good for us to remember during this special weekend to refocus a rethink about the people that come through women reminded the fame of this weekend is how would Jesus run the office well what otherwise he would run the office as they would treat everybody as individuals of his clinical cases and he would not be afraid to touch in April inappropriate why of course there is nothing more than personal but neither one office and the doctors always thought even crossed your a busy on a computer writing something in your leave but that friendship is developed is something that's very important so as we begin let's have a word of prayer father in heaven we thank you for this beautiful day we thank you for this conference will weaken refocus and we thank you for the example of Jesus in the way he treated everybody as individuals with me and not justice another clinical case guide us in our learning set was Jesus thoughtful to this afternoon about a subject that is very exciting in my song very heavy in chemistry but were not going to dig deeper normal biochemistry would find when you try to show you the big picture and Sullivan 's review and solids your material the first thing we want to mention is that those over twenty five thousand phytochemicals and to get them all you have to have a very died in an aged eight fruits and vegetables whole grains herbs Nazis and we know a number of the funny chemicals some more research ones listed here and we'll talk about some of these along the way to read magazines you'll be familiar with some of these items like carotenoids and in goals are socialized what I want to focus on as examples of where the richest concentrations of these things are found and if you look over here is that there are spices there are Arabs there are seeds knockoffs fruits vegetables veins there's a whole variety of things and so one needs if review conveys function in the body in different ways they exert themselves on this and metabolic pathways and in many different fashions we know at least fifteen or twenty pathways where a funny chemical could help protect against cancer and so some of them are utilized in some pathways others are utilizing other pathways are clearly variety is very important unfortunately in the West and typical American diet we don't get too much what a chemical because the fruit and vegetable consumption is limited home Grimes is graduated coleaders junkfood high in sugar is often taken and people are eating far too much animal project rather than brains enciphered in all of the things that I just mentioned that they should Beijing have the phytochemicals in the light of our aging typical sort of McDonald's fries burger cut meal has very very little in the wild phytochemicals Italian researchers showed that green vegetables reduce your risk of cancer and so is your guy from a lot of insight to immediately incite the hindsight you can get a great reduction or greater protection of many different we all just listen some of them there without one focus too much on the numbers but it's clear that the numbers increase from left to right which means the more you eat the men of the protection what is the often well-known that we do not it's just more kindness that is obviously self-limiting in terms of how file Morgan God but certainly more than what would typical Americans aging the other thing about phytochemicals is that they do experience synergy and so you want to eat not your routine from a bottle but rather from phase of spinach or whatever you know what a show like a train from a bottle of pills but rather from from watermelon from tomatoes etc. because research literature shows us at least in the case on presenting here the funny chemicals in dolls and thought sidelights and broccoli and the like a pain in the tomato are not synergistic and their effect so the idea errors we should be eating foods as near as possible in their natural state in other words whole foods are very bizarre this is just a couple of example you mind saying when you blanch walnuts and get rid of the thin brown skinned you lose about ninety six percent of the ellagic acid walnuts before arisen which is a flavonoid in Apple 's UCS is much higher in the field so if you're feeling any of the fruits except of course pineapple and anonymous things which do not want them necessarily be aging skin you got to be losing a lot of protection I got in the olive oil something like to buy a few olive oil is anything but pure they highly refined extra-virgin contains many phytochemicals some of the ones little knowledge of the listed here Tyra Sullivan guitars so all your open and saw these are all known to have strong biological activity to protect against cardiovascular disease or cancer those many many papers that illustrate this people often ask will these things get destroyed by usual cooking in general stirfry microwaving doesn't have too much of an affect mostly the fat-soluble but boiling in and lots of water and shopping them in small places often there is significant loss now you've heard you heard about the value warm-up somehow runs in broccoli and cabbage tomatoes and so he blames in olive oil and garlic so much going to go over all that presents all stuff and you didn't become a desire to learn old stuff about doesn't hurt to be refreshed and to be consolidated in the way that you raging below I just want to share with you some of the things and surveys all of these are very important bar IAR role documented the phytochemistry of all of these is the knowledge the variety of compounds and I certainly provide out also when you eat fruits and vegetables and grains and names for your vitamins and minerals just remember there are thousands of other chemicals in their swim I don't even know the nineties of which are providing health promoting properties so the first one I want to mention his whole grinds researches being coming out of the last few years but this is one of the earliest studies from Boston from Harvard where forty thousand glasses of being followed and the night of the type publish is that hot diseases reviews significantly stroke and type two diabetes who would ever thought that diabetes could be rigid the risk of it could be reduced by making sure that your read Rall was hallway of the dieter is definitely there and whole grains have a fairly unique polyphenol and cold fruit acids very high in the whole grinds but the recently Sean serial foods that many of the phytochemicals are in fruits and vegetables are also found in whole grains so a website a bank that you have stored back here battle the value fruits and vegetables just enter that whole grains also can time many of the white chemicals so just some numbers here frilly dresses value hot civilian and whole-wheat areas in what flat you can see it's pretty well completed not entirely but significant loss recently Royce brand was also shown to contain quite a significant level of early gases which shall oh and Bruce's regression cancer cells also stimulates apoptosis and I was programmed death of cancer cells so the brand tends to be where most of these polyphenolic sci-fi outside and anywise removing the brand this can cause the loss also Hoffman published the study which showed the physicians health study with twenty years of follow-up two to six servings for thy whole grind was associated with twenty one percent reduction in half five compared with others who didn't eat whole grains of gold the guy so that's home Brian you can add that to your diet my we need to stress and emphasize to our clients and patients that we need to try to encourage greater use of a headless slogan three a.k.a. we want to make sure at least three servings of value grain products are O'Brien okay that we moved to the second group which you might have heard about it I just want to stress again here and that is Barry's Barry's particularly rich and halfway the oxidants of the cold anthocyanins these will give the berries and the cherries and plums the rich the blue red purple these some of the most powerful antioxidants than an hour and these help with protecting against cancer and say we just listed a few of the properties how they work they induce apoptosis and I interfere the cell cycle progression and we list some of the examples of the land this is a earlier work by Joseph he continues to work in this field is another flavonoid document and recently terrorists domain witnesses shown to suppress cancer Strawberry is also the only working from a food chemistry Sean number of flavonoids to describe that at least four of the major ones and these also suppress the growth of cancer cells and working different wise there is not on a protectors against cancer that a number of studies of also shown by influence the risk of cardiovascular disease some seventy two subjects with cardiovascular disease factors but who were not taking medications can share moderate amounts of berries for right weeks and this is what I found platelet function is inhibited eleven percent blood pressure was decreased significantly in the increase occurred mostly in August with more abnormal blood pressure readings there was also a publication in American Journal of clinical nutrition in August or is a guy where people with elevated blood pressure showered changes desirable changes in the blood lipids the good cholesterol went up in the bad cholesterol went down cholesterol removal was also improved so you affect here lowering cancer risk as well as lowering cardiovascular disease risk in the same thing we said that Strober is before following on with blueberries vitals I do have someone of an effect on cardiovascular processes decreased by Tennessee for thrombosis improves endothelial function etc. of Kiowa 's substance you're probably quite a bit all resveratrol and other flavonoids is found you probably heard of any gripes and has been capitalized by the wine industry as major fact it's a low risk of hop is a ZIP Codes you want out of it it comes from great juice which comes from grapes skins and great cities particularly so you don't need to drink the wine to get up and is also found in berries and has fairly wide anticancer effect so it's not only helping with cardiovascular but also canceled as generally any surprise to anybody to conclude that you can say that things are not helpful for cardiovascular protection also with cancer these of both inflammatory processes of our help one of these compounds most of the flavonoids have anti-inflammatory properties and these are some of the mechanisms of brain research and validated for the compound resveratrol which I said was found in various as well as great incentives at least half a dozen different pathways buddies and who are familiar with these technical words suppression angiogenesis and saw that supports the tumor growth these things are old documented as I mentioned earlier the great juice the anthocyanins are the flavonoids in great juice does help with decreasing the risk of blood clots major reason why great juice and one helps with heart disease and recently some research has shown that not trick oxide production is increased which helps with visor dilation and there is something that suggests that some of these pigments my old site the lighting memory decline so some of vesicles are interested in that process the seeds and skins have a much a concentration of one oh one has high levels when then write to okay now we move to a side group we looked at whole grinds it looked it varies now in Lithuania so the things and lentils and can see from this fairly recent that Holly and Tyco online game zone lanes produces about a fifty percent sixty percent reduction in risk of many different campuses and nonviolently cancers but things are also good for your heart you can see here that regular consumption of the news can reduce your risk of heart disease by the order of twenty to thirty percent in the diabetic population for every twenty grams of legumes a friend I risk of death from cardiovascular disease decreased twenty eight percent to be fair when need to include chocolate a hair and others a lot of nervousness about chocolate is not really a healthy food because of particular note chocolate because of all the sugar and fat but suddenly got chocolate has been shown not milk chocolate chocolate has been shown to have vasodilatory effects on blood pressure is decreased because their assignment of a caught summary of the foods that have the similar flavonoids we don't need to resort to chocolate but for those of the chocoholic so what do one when a few brownie points to dissect through that like I said the fourth group vendor is licensed we all know Bengali but I think there's been almost as much research done on turmeric very powerful the substance that could clearly allow Lawrence Taylor shown is used in curries and for those of you who like to to avoid scrambled eggs and use scrambled tofu turmeric makes a wonderful coloring is but you won't validate loge cholesterol somewhat onions and ginger knowledge along the risk of blood clots and toward Kos doesn't know the risk of cholesterol oxidation all abilities or ladies also mowed the risk of cancer so clearly one is undoubtedly eating large quantities of these but wherever possible please these flavoring agent should be used rather than solve consultants everywhere and in American food supply and it would be nice when your I would like your foods to use these things the flavor them so that your sold insight can be greatly reduced so his examples additionally my wife my scrambled tofu with some onion and possibly tomato in the middle of the within either full number of people when the singing their eating scrambled egg as a half to tell this food it has on the picture wedding is this highly conjugated yellow orange pigment which then shown the suppressant number of tumors as well as I mentioned earlier reducing cholesterol oxidation so that's what I cardiovascular disease and cancer relative to adding to your fruits and vegetables and garlic and so forth the whole grinds varies the names and spices so you can see the waterfront is expanding and so more and more whole foods of vein shown to be helpful and protective against crime diseases not I want to spend the remaining half now that we have been talking about diabetes some of this representative of the Loma Linda vegetarian conference in February this year and analysis right interest because more and more with saying people with diabetes and twenty six million people in this country have but that's unknown to seven million of them and of course the problem is growing growing growing three hundred and fifty million nisi worldwide and seventy nine million people aged twenty years and older with elevated blood glucose are at risk of going on to develop type two diabetes the financial projections and the sheer number of people undoubtedly involved with this next ten to twenty years is just allow me my severe same pictures of the United States and was slowly becoming Republican the blows rang replaced by the red unfortunately I don't have a lot in the next lecture I have the transition but twenty years ago United States was mostly blue on blue map and now many many states are showing high levels of red which means excessive amounts of obesity and overweight and see from the pulpit to have every three Americans are overweight one out of every three or a base that doesn't shock you that I don't know what can because that is a staggering finger and figure out because it's happening in old Western countries and this publication in the New England Journal of Medicine I thought was rather interesting document that losing five to seven percent of body white could actually reduce the risk of developing type two diabetes and those that were prediabetic by fifty eight percent I started natural numbers these are these untypical winds of people and this is the amount of white that we would need to be lost to achieve this five to seven percent so you can see when looking at like ten to fifteen health amend just just the challenge of patients to lose ten to fifteen pounds could significantly reduce the risk of diabetes definitely we may delete pressing this phenomenon even though these two lectures are all sent it around nutrition all I would be blind Freddie if I would ignore the tremendous value of exercise and all of the chronic diseases every one of them stroke heart disease cancer diabetes osteoporosis good exercise and dieting regime is extremely important we need to get people moving we have to be intentional and pocket car along life or my office will do something positive life in the supermarket forget about the drive through the lungs other things we know that exercise helps with white management lowers blood lipids and improves insulin sensitivity all ablaze of course are valuable for the diabetic this was an interesting type of the last year that Charlotte the job weight training but so working out can also have value we tend to think it was going to be a robust go to be out in the field hiking walking swimming cycling whatever but you can see the risk of diabetes is decreased even by my weight training and this is a hold just rode in the reminders that exercise counseling is more effective of these numbers here the chance of the person developing diabetes these are people who are not diabetic with high blood sugar and followed for three years and given a placebo almost thirty percent developed diabetes very few Alaska were given an oral hyperglycemic one on them I found the last weblogs that were exercising and given counseling sick clearly the preventive method is the way to go if you can get your patients to to stick to some of the people following the prudent diet fruit officials hope grinds you compare the highest quintile versus the lowest quintile you can say we're looking at a sixteen percent decrease where as I was following the typical Western and I read make fries high-fat refined grains London desserts etc. diabetes increased resale you have the things guy office at directions prudent refuses your risk and typical Westin McDonald's is increasing the risk now home right as we mentioned earlier we just want to look at are a few pictures relative to that eleven out of a white adults with high blood levels of insulin will fit into the whole grinds or refined grains for six weeks what was the result fasting insulin was measured and for those that would ensure a hollow grinds it was ten percent lower Chinese study that showed that consuming white rice three hundred grams and I will more seventy eight percent increased risk of developing type two diabetes what Rice seems to be a real downer for diabetes and recently the Harvard publish their diagnosis the chakra you want to that was when looking at forty thousand doctors on hundred and sixty thousand nurses will follow for almost twenty years and epidemic elegy showed that the risk of developing type two diabetes was increased seventeen percent eighteen almost daily servings of white rice whereas eating brown rice twice a week more the risk of developing diabetes was decreased to just simply in the type of rice that you choose you can influence your risk of diabetes either up or down what rise up seven eight percent Brown rise down eleven percent the authors went on to say that they estimated that replacing fifty grams and I hope what Rice with the same amount of brown rice decrease the risk of diabetes sixteen percent where as replacing it with whole grains was associated with a thirty six percent decrease okay is another study pulled later including almost three hundred thousand participants they found that two servings per day increase in whole grain consumption associated with twenty one percent decrease in risk of diabetes after adjustments for the dieter is coming out quite consistently that whole grains whole grains whole grains the guy to help with the fight against diabetes you're familiar with glycemic index and we need to be steering away from from the easily digested brains of the tide I was in the focusing more on pasta Bali and the whole grain substitutes a woman right now how big Asian population in America the Indian role in deciding the East Indian East Indian population is showing tremendous increases in dog and rights of diabetes as believed by those who studied the slowness of movement away from some of the Elia grains that I used to use what Chris Cosentino and so forth towards white rice that is really hampering their controlling diabetes Lisa Lisa Greines and a mention here all ten time higher levels of product thing hi I find the levels quite significantly on levels and low levels of call what this translates into is that if you substitute white rice with anyone of these grinds your actually got to produce a lower glycemic response which is desirable Kino moving to later years here we have a hundred and twenty one persons with type two diabetes are encouraged to add a couple things to the this was followed for three months ago and you can see here the initial hemoglobin A-1 C value and also the blood pressure values and after three months by adding one cup of names of it I would get significant reductions in hemoglobin A-1 C only seven percent in three or four percent reductions in blood pressure this was published just last October by the Toronto group vitamins a which I'm enjoying a little bit off here in between meetings these were either overweight or obese teenagers you can see the all very much overweight BMI almost forty and they were given four thousand international unit someone they die the three and for the placebo it was very little change in insulin fasting blood glucose and insulin resistance but with the ones getting a little when our getting vitamin D supplements for six months you can see the fasting blood glucose decreased significantly initial and a crucial north thirty percent and insulin resistance decreased thirty two percent and insulin sensitivity improved five percent so this is a total win-win situation for these people of the Adventist health study am sure most of you know about it or will attend one of the meetings to explain that he usually the diet for diabetes agency the vegetarian rich in fruits and vegetables and hopefully whole grains protects against on the relative to the nonvegetarian and the Reagan even though Oregon told this difference is not significant there is certainly a trend downward fruits and vegetable in tight lower your risk of diabetes particularly in women can see the group for men and women combined as honest significantly reduces it is full of the women the authors of this showed that adding one serving of diet green leafy vegetables Gaiman nine percent lower risk of diabetes and then more recently the British medical Journal I showed that green leafy vegetables decrease the risk of diabetes by fourteen percent and this was utterly true for the green leafy vegetables all vegetables did produce a reduction but wasn't in the significant area efforts likewise vegetables combined sex is a downward trend but none of these worst at this embracing the Dynamo study showing a high vegetable in sight comparing the fifth Quinn dog with the first quintile of insect the risk of diabetes decreased thirty two percent and this was same for green leafy vegetables the cruciferous switches and cabbage family and so marvelously on college lot size etc. this was a publication last year from the international Bureau food sciences showed that broccoli sprouts and this is not a typo is not brussels sprouts this is broccoli sprouts and ten grams of value this was given to pipe patients with type two diabetes of these broccoli sprouts are knowledgeably very high insult for a fine wishes are side by side phytochemical which is found fairly uniquely in the cabbage family and you can say that compared with baseline after four weeks of taking a daily amount of ten grams of on the sprouts of the insurance levels and decreased sixteen percent and then looking at initial and resistance in the same study the ten grams of broccoli sprouts decreased enjoyment resistance by a whopping thirty percent after four weeks Strawberry powder fence that most studies were done with humans this is a study done with mice 's jewelry powder also holds the decrease significant decrease and save the value that very significant decrease by six five percent blood glucose levels than Manasseh 's health study going from Boston this showed that the people who were taking the highest intake of anthocyanin as we mentioned to provide the red blue purple color of the fairies and cherries and plums and other foods the highest intake was associated with a fifteen percent lower risk of type two diabetes and this was not shown for only on the flavonoids that certainly the very same in the particularly helpful with risk of diabetes blueberries twenty three percent reduction some of the fruits were also valuable apples and pears we are focusing right now varies this is always thought it was just a reminder that not something about it also can reduce when regulators can reduce the risk of diabetes by twenty five twenty twenty five percent O'Brien disparities green leafy vegetables not these are all valuable now find against diabetes is now not only photos but we are also mentioned in conclusion a we also want to mention some herbs and spices computer was recently shown last year this was published in diabetes care two hundred forty subjects with prediabetes now given just one five grams of cocaine and this is the pigment this is not to this is the Compal isolated from the chip from children for you in this for nine months I might attract how many of these pre- diabetics what progress on the diabetes along with changes in beta cell function and insulin resistance or what it what was found in the group getting extremely those zero progression to diabetes where as in the placebo group sixteen four percent and that if you look at the curtailing group relative to the the Subaru can see the beta cell function was improved twenty six five percent and ensuring resistance decreased twenty three percent both significant price consumer pigment pigment in turmeric is certainly having what you might size of antidiabetic effect cinnamon tree and tree lighting to the bar tree that and say when rice pudding is concerned and then Wednesday gram quantities one grams three grams are added there is a reduction in the postprandial glucose and postprandial and shine you can say with the three grams of cinnamon you get this this is statistically significant reduction in pain while the tells us that almost twenty percent drop was saying on all three occasions only two houses this statistically significant another report from China Chinese authority had diabetes but that was poorly controlled note taking cell phone urea medication high levels of hemoglobin A-1 C and high levels of fasting blood glucose meaning that was poorly controlled for ninety days elegant and very small amounts of cinnamon extract and you can see with both levels of cinnamon extract their fasting blood glucose and hemoglobin A-1 C levels were significantly reduced cinnamon is known as flavonoids which work at the receptor site increase insulin sensitivity the chemistry is being worked out this is another report just simply blood glucose response in normal and the reason also find that it's just average people and you can say that adding cinnamon to the serial putting this case is for a serial to say hello postprandial response abnormal study with with putting shows in the area of thirty minutes up to two hours is significantly reduced when six grams of cinnamon is added to the putting in looking at these numbers may fifty off forty percent less than what I how about the cinema showing blood glucose levels drastically decline when inputting is when I'm putting is added again moving on to fenugreek which is typically used in the subcontinent very rich in soluble fiber collect amounts of snow on the season I'll see the mayor of New Orleans low blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels and typically it can be used in breads muffins and other bike goods and fasting blood glucose hemoglobin A-1 C and blood lipids in diabetic rabbits were lowered by this compound is isolated from centigrade G2 and I found that this compound was actually more effective than typical medication by the unfortunate Mrs. Robinson on humans but nevertheless the blood glucose and measured in diabetic rabbits and then after they put them on this compound was extracted from fenugreek the red represents the diabetic rabbits after fifteen days of receiving G2 and you can see it's almost similar to blow which is the normal routes some other words the blood glucose response on authentic ravenous was normalized by Michael Tsai after three weeks of typing this is due to compound extracted from centigrade this amount this is one that's used by made by Chinese West Indian if you study the blues I don't remember that people are not probably often is this is a free drink every night for a popular treatment for diabetes and known to promote insurance equation two to the site so that a study recently published last year when I looked at the effect of this amount will create on fasting blood glucose and insulin spaniel say here control numbers in the name this is with this amount added that this dose right and amendment form and can see the numbers of courts similar in terms of lowering effect on glucose and on each of them and lastly prickly pear which makes a lovely dessert when you're out hiking you come across these two as we Pensacola so using used by Mexican and in doing so for many years is a very rich and new solutions soluble fiber and these have not been studied as well as summary of Hubble products that the amount low blood glucose as well as your bad cholesterol numbers so in conclusion what we sent for stool in the first half is written down here you'll varies playing this whole Brian Sutton splices will lower your risk of cancer cardiovascular disease because of the phytochemistry is there other things as well and the following foods contain phytochemicals our components that improve glycemic control or associated with lower risk of type two diabetes the four things we discussed were green leafy vegetables and Brassica family of the cabbage family cauliflower brussels sprouts etc. blueberries and other anthocyanin rich berries and fruits seven spices family rakes in the cocoon and then to fruits that we mentioned them on and going to the prickly pear in the fruits of that is a title I think you'll involve wish you the best of the rest of the week and this media was brought by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about the universe the more certain that the visit www. .com universe .org


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