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Women's Health via Lifestyle Medicine for Whole Foods Markets

Linda Carney


Linda Carney

Emergency Medicine physician practicing "whole person" primary care



  • November 1, 2013
    2:00 PM
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you are and less scientific our references for everything that I say today will be listed under articles at www. Doctor Carney .com D R E a R and E Y .com if you're interested in the scientific references or the handout for this one I thought we would save some trees and you can print if you want for it it is one in digital format is Doctor Craig thinking so much for coming in wife's book confrontation which is then since renamed victory through Christ Jesus overcame the three temptations from Satan in the wilderness the first one being appetite about which will be speaking today mankind first understand on the point of appetite and yet some people say appetite is not a salvation issue on page fifty one of this book we read all was lost when adding yielded to the power of appetite the Redeemer and whom both the human and the divine were united still at Adam 's place and endured a terrible facet nearly six weeks the length of the status of the strongest evidence of the great sinfulness of the based appetite and the power it has upon taking the family after page fifty when on the next page Satan approach Christ with temptation upon appetite he had overcome and I'm not upon this point and Satan controlled Adam 's descendents and through indulgence of appetite had led them to provoke God by iniquity until the crimes were so great that the Lord destroyed them off the face of the earth by the waters of the flood because the subject of life without meat dairy or oil is so confrontational I invite you to pray with me that we may be empowered by the Holy Spirit to believe scientific truths such as health oil hike case five selecting down there we can learn to choose how its ability over mere deliciousness the buyer has a think we've probably father we are gathered here to plead for the outpouring of your Holy Spirit and latter rain power you cannot keep your health laws without your powered their God we cannot even believe the scientific truth about high-fat foods hurting our health unless you enlighten our minds with truth and set us free from our addictions please Lord hiding behind the cross of your precious son Jesus in whose name we come to you today amen what do you think is the most destructive addiction facing Americans today one of the health message the largest most destructive epidemic of addiction the US is not caused by tobacco drugs or alcohol although that is part of a help message on it is the epidemic of our addiction to high fat foods the unhealthy foods what causes unhealthy foods animal protein in the diet on high fat content how high is too high women talk today about the evidence that shows that a diet with twenty percent or less of calories from fat can be very health protective and health relieving in some people with really severe genetic strikes against them they need to get their fat content down to ten percent tell me when the children as you're going for years to the wilderness one with the Lord feed then man on man a man breakfast lunch and dinner for forty years in the wilderness commented on fast biodiversity is given in a seven course meal for breakfast lunch and dinner to hold for you think never have even thinking twice why I was waffling from emperors and their bagel for forty years in the wilderness once the large teach them something about appetite was the one trying to teach foodies can be life-support and he was to be deliciousness when the Trinity generously reconvened at this higher of their hearts with he convened a comfort not food at what he was trying to tell the Hannah their manner it makes beans green squash and the sound positively like the stuff that while these think only what you think is the most common cause of disability for young African-American males in this country aged twenty five to forty when looking to be the most common cause of disability in the US will be trauma the Hitler trauma when it be gunshot will be stroke clinic bistro constructing the most common factor for disability not that this ability in African-American males aged twenty to forty five considered with me that regards study regard stands for regional and geographic known reasons for geographic and racial differences in stroke the regarding study talks about the southern diet I'm from Texas I'm preaching to me okay the southern diet is high in fried foods and meats and sugar sweetened drinks and refine flowers and it downplays the importance of fruits salads and vegetables legumes and the regards trial is no slouch of a trial it examined thirty more than thirty thousand people and so I don't have the exact number memorized thirty thousand people black and white Americans over the age of forty five and it found that the southern diet increased stroke risk by leaving how much him three percent wow in contrast a low-fat plant -based diet reduce stroke risk by twenty percent in speaking to the people what they meant and you know that we're gathered here because you want to share with your neighbors with your friends and relatives your coworkers or if your physician or healthcare provider your patience share with them the beautiful truth and meaning given in the health message what is the health message how can we learn the scientific truth in such a way that we can present them in such a way that will draw people to the giver of all good gifts our father we can help them to celebrate every pound lost in every addiction overcome a gift from heavenly father how can we learn to do that you can learn wish to have these life and you is very and if you if you need some help you can go to www. Doctor Kari .com and all the books where I learned these things and lectures then there you can click on a fictional figure range at Amazon.com you can buy-in you can learn these things teach them to you in your church and invite people to forks over nice parties at the secular movie is a real message you know the film forks over nice you can cook a bunch of wonderful land-based oil free food like forks over nice advocates and you can invite friends and neighbors and start a discussion at work or not but I think Adobe discussion after that movie in an easy and delicious food you can teach the youth in your church to do this for their friends we can reach others for the Savior with this message is anyone else in the world trying to reach others with a message of health what about whole foods market I may spend thousands of dollars per employee who confidentially to diet immersion basin houses and I dollars to spend a week with us on learning how to I die without new area oil on working elections in an eight hours a day were not exercising than eight hours a day like a biggest loser the exercise is offered at Susan our optional exercise is voluntary there listening to and wonderful speakers of the stars of forks over nice the CEO of the engine two diet version is written and he hired me by God 's grace I am so fortunate to have been asked to be the medical director for seven of his first versions were twice a year in the spring and fall we take the sickest employs of whole foods those with the highest cholesterol is the most cancer that the most way to lose on the highest blood pressure is to get into a beautiful resorts north of Austin one hundred Hawaii retreat into a setting where we were lecturing to manage and feeding of the phase kneels all-you-can-eat seconds thirds as there's no food police as saying that they can't all that they wanted each and every lot and their loving the food getting food demonstrations is showing them how to preparedness food and my job I have an exciting job there my job is to take them off their blood pressure medication before their blood pressures faulty lovefest the power the space I as you well know and my job is to cut those insulin dose is twenty percent per day so they will bottom out with their with their blood sugar levels and it's exciting and my staff draws the blood on Monday and Friday I'm I'm using a hypothetical which is to give you a picture that you were there about you know the six half days it's it's not as long thing and the resulting weekend engine two diet version blood pressures fall on quite a bit I mean I'm taking many of them off their blood pressure medicine by the by the end of our average is sixteen points drop in systolic in five days people lose an average of about four pounds over the hour over the five days of the almost account today eating all I is exercising one hour a day if they want to win of course exercise is important were encouraging and exercise but no they don't have to cholesterol have fallen a hundred points in five days triglycerides have fallen eighty points in five days and I knew what was interesting they walk in within the next rise against him and they walked out with the same genetic strikes against the tell me about the power genetics to cause disease sure it's a factor diet trumps in many cases sites about eighty percent of it is really important and I am I'm very blessed to be able to share with you some of the points on in this room are people who taught me thank you so much for those of you who have taught us wonderful things and enter living as I've learned out of play thing I learned from George Guthrie and beautiful and last.fm America program I have one of the last copies of those DVDs from the nineties and one for factors are really really important for people with genetics race against and to keep them from becoming diabetic we need a low-fat plant -based diet low-fat plant -based diet thinking less like a present for like a popper and I tried to those calories and by six thirty p.m. but that's not all exercises and poor eating actions please come to come to their season go right ahead and commit on the exercise and if you can exercise thirty minutes a day six days a week that really helps overcome insulin resistance we need a diet without alcohol caffeine or vinegar as a visitor which is in you have to do with diabetes does vinegar swell the airway really seen the scientific evidence and vinegar swelled airway percentage of all new diabetics have sleep apnea percent one percent of all new heart failure patient Batman percent that is important my fourth factor if you don't get to bed before ten p.m. and if you want and I truly think that if you habit is much much harder for you to overcome there is resistance because of the hormones greatly left Pink Floyd is off it's important to treat sleep apnea is important to get to our sleep before midnight a few hours sleep before midnight is worth four hours sleep after midnight speaking of addictions for the most hard convictions to conquer the hard earth and food seemingly without heroine they can do without cocaine given that tobacco and alcohol can live without food and means to work and where we were working during the day for me from me personally work is in the biggest and this is the biggest addiction and that's met I have it and it's a very common addiction to for people to stay up late so many times in my private practice although language of Iran's miscellaneous solo general practice just south of Austin Texas so many times people say to me and interventional midnight knowledge does not happen on the bed and and it is my job to gently speaking the truth in love as the Spirit can empower me if you can empower each of you whether NDX are not just held on the connection between sleep and blood sugar test my blood sugar every morning both of my parents are diabetic I know firsthand what happens to my blood sugar if I stay up past ten p.m. and my perfect absolutely not I serve a perfect Savior and he is empowering me to overcome these addictions and lovely I'm a recovering from the attic and so lest you think that that I got altogether the Lord is is helping each of us were all a work in progress you know we can't keep that I found Howard Dean Jesus living out his life within us in order to be able to keep it synchronized with Jesus were now his life and therefore enable the health life you don't week and we don't have and the power the Holy Spirit will not see the health life is fair and feel at this time in the world history more of these games probably embedded in our country is seeing the last fifty years there are only two percent of the population but it is growing and whole foods I was talking about building a lifestyle center in Austin is seeing a lovely hat of Battle Creek would have been allowing these wonderful places so much like his guys I told who is going to build a lifestyle center honorable and whole foods is getting some remarkable results two and a you know something that we don't know do they know something about oil that perhaps some of us had just so and this is Harry Albert Athelstan to help with the agency neither version and these are participants and it's a buffet and Doctor T Colin Campbell sometimes lectured for us and Doctor Athelstan Entwistle family Jeff Novick and my staff takes this measurements and on out I'm glad I'm glad that you will miss the slide on this dear lady is five feet and sorry F five feet tall and four hundred pounds in the first picture in the second picture she and her mom are standing each in a leg of her former pair of pants that the nation is in the green shirt and and this is the power of the plant -based diet that is the plan is that powerful yes it does is it powerful apart from the Lord how did the question all good gifts come from heaven so whether people and not wage that health behavior change is a gift from God are not in the either people who are saying spirituality has no part in healthcare reform if there are the only thing differently don't we and we can help people to see the total picture the whole picture the restoration of God 's lost image in man I want you to know that a diet without meat dairy and oil is delicious and you can have your taste buds changed in about thirty days written efforts and does the twenty eight day challenge we set aside during oil for twenty eight days but can learn to like being screens washing of the categories of food fruits vegetables whole grains and nuts sparingly the food can be delicious and after thirty days it starts tasting better team after a year fresh tasting great and after several years you can realize how I can have it all I can have food and I love all this energy and no more medicine is not always that many people can get off their medicines lower my risks of disease and people feel okay and I'm skinny and had no symptoms therefore unhealthy but true health is much more than that we know that you have a single word risks and we know in a coronary artery disease the number one killer of Americans starts in adolescence lanai cloning Cleveland clinic they just published a physician 's guide to keep coronary syndrome in the first term the first sentence and it says atherosclerosis is a disease that starts in adolescence it starts with damaged the endothelial cells lining cell of the artery it's like and so much of the truth is known to many times what I does on St. Louis puts ninety percent of the truth which is two percent error two percent error that he had a dish of Greenpeace on nice warm dish of green peas and history and just percent of LSD we give to your two -year-old mentally because a little bit of error has made the whole thing and so on let's consider the woman who was bleeding for twelve years in Luke eight we read a little crowd had suffered for twelve years with constant bleeding having spent everything she had doctors and she could find no care coming up behind Jesus she touched the fringe of his robe immediately the bleeding stopped sweet Jesus asked everyone denied it and Peter said master is whole crowd is pressing up against you Jesus and some deliberately touching if I felt power go out from me when we realized that she could not stay hidden she began to tremble and fell to her knees in front of him the whole crowd murder explained why she had touched and initiated immediately healed daughter she said to her your faith has made you whole go into are your patients suffering are they anemic do they have problems that need real answers of course they are and what these ladies touch needed to her and Malachi there was a prophecy that for you reminding the sun of righteousness will rise with healing but the Hebrew word for windows could be translated hassles Jewish men white castles on the corners of their clothing based on this prophecy the Jewish people and that they expected the Messiah link in his tassels wishy saying when she reached out what she's saying I believe your God I believe you can feel me what is your suffering what is your patients suffering how can we modern people him here for us to physically touch Jesus I feel differently than instantaneous balloon and healed her wet pussy and empower us to know the principles of these management disease prevention so that our heavenly father loves us too much to merely forgive our sin he wants to cleanse us from all unrighteousness and to help us walk for life cleaner and less disease and I know you want to bring that to your patients right so you can learn is there a link between the factors that can cause uterine bleeding in a way and factors that could cause cancer in men women women what is that link and link is truly much estrogen that's the only link below explore that way today you are warned that it was set at the top end in itself a relate so much to amend to the same principles can apply even if you don't have a uterus is it that you never loved a sister a daughter of a mother a wife or girlfriend on their people in your life that can benefit from what you learn today forgive me need not be noticed but for others it will be a refresher many factors cause cancer but as to promote cell growth and cell is growing out of control that the definition of cancer and as you is like fertilizer it promotes growth the lawn fertilizer make himself go progesterone is like lawnmower keeping things trim shedding blood out overgrowth of cells is called cancer he got too much estrogen you could increase your risk of cancer and were an older estrogen eyes society as to who makes things grow whether that thing is a fetus the plush leather lining of the uterus breast or a cancer too much estrogen can lead to too much bleeding especially in American women age forty and they could have iron deficient anemia that leads to headaches fatigue depression too tired to exercise immediate concrete type that we won the crunch rocks ice or on dirt on heavy frequent bleeding can be caused by estrogen because afternoon is like a lawn fertilizer and a more accurate analysis of the more abnormal bleeding so Doctor do I need a blood test of the estrogen know it is in this country the bell shaped curve for what's normal for estimate is so broad that encompasses almost everybody what matters estrogen at the cellular level when you can't measure it when absolutely doctor should i.e. soy affiliate of the high-fat food want to learn the link between fast food and estrogen creation but so we can be protective against breast cancer if you have any unprocessed form processes to process Doctor is is is total due process no tofu has not been shown to be too processed soy milk that such a process that I don't drink it as a beverage like calories over the age of fifty and fifty three years old I don't need all those calories now and in the stage of life so silly in a deep quake is the functional estrogens in soy are like a geek within the confines of the cells receptor and they prevent real estrogen from binding and doing its damage to the big jumbo jet and a jumbo jet is called estrogen and wants to land on a runway with a chronic pilot has gotten in there and he didn't know whether a first antenna aircraft controls make the big jumbo jet you certainly cannot land until the private pilot airplane is off the runway so that's what plant estrogen can do for savings and real estrogen from landing on runway and doing it to damage excess estrogen can cause cancer growth of hormonal type cancers as well as not allow cancers nail patients on a daily want to get prostate cancer if you know that and they can take some husband Brian shot which are a shot that lowers estrogen which causes men to suffer hot flushes in a suburban relief that they hate those hot flashes excess amount shall exactly the amount of estrogen can cause nonhormonal cancer such as cancers of the colon brain lungs skin thyroid alumina fire is a good thing I are still breaking your food wildfire out of control can be very destructive to the estrogen estrogen a little bit just the right amount with a very good thing too much is out-of-control at the two-edged sword so what are the problems caused by too much estrogen we know it when waiting Abiola suffering nosebleeds rectal bleeds G.I. bleed who knows what kind of time is coming soon for a purpose of the stock that was uterine bleeding and heavy bleeding can be caused by uterine cancer or not I not guess you can still have a heavy bleeding from too much estrogen takes years to catch up with you usually when they are suffering in their forties but I know of thirties and twentysomethings have undergone hysterectomy because of this and high blood pressure when talking about I hope I hope we have time to talk today about high blood pressure to because I'm more things than just thought how oils can cause high blood pressure students can cause high blood pressure blood clots prematurely know that young girls young girls starting a created age eight this pricing is in your practices it's very sad on delivering babies an emergency physician by training delivering babies from twelve -year-olds it's very sad and food related food cost that and of course uterine tumors which can be painful and cause excessive bleeding life doesn't end after hysterectomy but it can be very different and removal of the uterus could mean the intimacy is less pleasurable dishes are narrowed Tiger dry less accommodating me there are swarming with bacteria and when that bacteria passes to the system exits at the rectal area is such a close geographic distance that a woman with no uterine secretions flowing through declines can get more vaginitis and that can be expensive and painful not to mention how extensive and painful on this record can be estimate will help it paid how many of your patients are suffering pelvic pain how many of us are suffering pelvic pain him everywhere for any sisters made and that's normal but sometimes some of the food that we need from the beverages we drink and they go Cisco painful attic control and of course fibroid tumors shrink away after menopause when estrogen levels fall for we know that fiber tumors are related to estrogen level Asheville to promote premenstrual syndrome guess how many women who are in prison for violent crime for murder these these kinds of crimes against Romania what percentage committed that crime within three days of starting her more than ninety percent how is that startling we can help people to understand some of these things on sale so where is that too much estrogen come from foods and beverages can create an excess of food of food and beverages can create an excess of estrogen in our body number of factors over when Gary Gary has more than seven building blocks of estrogen and there's too much estrogen in games because in that God has designed and eggs with growth factors of that you and can grow into a baby check up with this too much estrogen in these products cows milk is perfect for turning a baby cow and eighty pound baby cow into an eight hundred pound yearly in one year has not has estrogens and proteins twenty percent of the calories from milk are our protein but what percentage of human breast milk has its how many Taliban percent of calories and the rest of her approaching who can tell me from five percent you see were not baby cows we don't need all that protein and cows milk is great for baby cows not so good for us would you like to know what causes osteoporosis do that Gary to get your company net proteins making bones strong we don't want osteoporosis is caused by an outflow of calcium in the urine not by a lack of intake of calcium there is no calcification see you know the meeting and that's how feeling that you need then after different everyday availability through any of the vessels of all the protein you need everything that's ultimately ironed that you need milk does not do a body good one of the five factors that make calcium flow out of the eye during a alcohol and tobacco and caffeine but hey I'm talking to the crowd amen small and animal protein in the diet is not an opportunistic calcium flow out in the year-end and protein is made of amino acids so high in sulfur content in sulfuric acid is made that it has to be excreted by the kidneys that's his job excrete acid and calcium is bleached teeth and bone to a buffer that afternoon outing goes in the urine what diseases are related to cows milk and many that you that you wouldn't think really short arthritis acne you know the marvelous results that places like Eden Valley and you can find have when people place a plant based diet relief they get from painful conditions gynecomastia and boys that's premature development of the teenage boys chests of a female chest and when you help these people to see that neat in theory could be doing that and that they don't have to have certain something was undergo surgery for that was a waste what other factors provide us with too much estrogen besides dairy too much fact in our food raises are estrogen level all fats can rates are at sea level even plant -based that am I against all fat in the food no remember I said less than twenty percent of that is what work tell you that it were feeding that the patient of the engine to divergent but there are some foods so high that people who are struggling with their weight people who are struggling with them these issues may even limit some of these foods one does what words sister wife as with the word not that that medicine commonly since using to gather belief element news this word what word sparingly thank you very much as it has wearing too much fat on our body also causes too much estrogen are adipose tissue is safe very for turning what we need in the estrogen and that estrogen can risk fertility and back pain and what other factors cause SUVs to access your secondary eating fat and wearing fat drinking caffeine raises estrogen levels that just came out last year in February digging caffeine can raise estrogen levels think about that next time you drink a Coke teenage boys even the small amounts and chocolate is tiny amounts of caffeine in chocolate and guys do you really want that estrogen raised by eating that and eating cholesterol raises estrogen levels and cholesterol is only found in meat and dairy there is no cholesterol to speak of in significant amounts in plant foods eating a plant based low-fat diets high in fiber to help protect us against too much and estrogen and here's one way to fiber can take the place of cholesterol when you when you are not really cholesterol laden with the oddly enough I'm relating to enjoy taking in less cholesterol but less talk about the liver twenty four seven the liver is like a washing machine taking things out of the bloodstream that don't belong there like estrogen sitting at a little too all the bile back into the intestines was hoping for a sponge called Fienberg to soak up that estrogen and carry it out in the stool yes it's true that a stool of exchanging high-fiber diet has a higher estrogen content then the stool of people is there American that I landed not your job to check stool content for estrogen level in a lender that is not my job on and so are supposed to issue our body fat turned the cholesterol meat into estrogen how does that happen let's look at the chemical structure you don't have to be a chemist to see that these molecules look similar don't they asked today cholesterol testosterone they can get interchange some of my patients are suffering PC OS polycystic ovarian syndrome some of the map too much testosterone have I seen people healed from PC OS field for the infertility on a plant -based diet absolutely particular less cholesterol and making less testosterone testosterone levels can normalize on a low-fat plant -based diet without me during oil students like cholesterol is like testosterone and that they're all sterile compounds are all related the lack of fiber in our diet can cause excess estrogen and I told you how the labor says that estrogen down the bile duct and hoping for fiber to carry out like a wheelbarrow or a sponge and these vibrant health fiber is found only in plants especially unprocessed unrefined plant plants like brown rice instead of white rice I like whole-grain flour with whole wheat flour instead of as a refined flour and there are two types of fiber soluble fiber swells when you cook anyone are like brown rice or steel cut oats are whole of growth inside the fiber does not swell my pictures stock of celery in a glass of water eight hours later it would still be the same size of the stock so is this well in water but has other benefits filled us up with the weight loss miracle because it fills up your stomach debates the stretch receptors you feel satisfied with the way you something in your stomach many of us eat about a pound of food in the near we feel full and you can eat a pound of food with four thousand calories in it maybe a pound with four hundred calories in it which when you think it can make you stay in your home away so tell me what food has four thousand calories around oil all oils okay so if really he plans on me and we can show if this is a message for both genders there is no fiber in annual price and no fiber in the eggs and yogurt no fiber in the oils things against oils is that they been removed from their fiber is Ellen White say he will follow as found in the olive can be beneficial this is a paragraph on constipation but oil removed from its labor can hurt the endothelial silicon vasoconstriction and show you supplied the .net so thankful for a test of the slices show on drinking too much alcohol can lead to excess estrogen levels in our body so now you know how that works because you know that delivers role in picking at him now so anything that diverse delivers attention from what is supposed to do it it is good and make it so that the estimated taken out because of the body doesn't stop us doing anything of it as a south of the night business the Bonaventure his attention to dealing with alcohol that person can go unconscious in the body knows of the mission-critical things he has to deal with alcohol so on when we can talk to the young people in our church about alcohol and realize that every sip of beer is raising that buys estrogen level okay and animal feed contains hormones antibiotics as animal feed containing aromatic unit is labeled organic evening guess what happens to eighty percent of all handbags produced the United States America each year into the food of healthy animals animals is needed labeled organic to because that's not against the law for them to why is an animatic slick bodies bigger and rounder and pressure selling my house and so no likely to meet supply healthier I think this is a huge cause of animatic resistance in this country much much greater cause than what you always hear about his doctors prescribing penicillin prevents sore throat and we're not as much to blame as the diet is for an out resistance and went things that causes yeast vaginitis a lot is meeting of meat and dairy because of these traces of animatics that are found in meat and eggs cheese yogurt and guess what percent I just did a little little study area anything in my own patients there are some that will get off all meat dairy and oil if I asked them to and what percentage of my patients who come suffering of every dream of service as so often with the least vaginitis percentage of them don't have any more yeast vaginitis after they didn't need during oil for three months hundred percent no have any more that's a pretty good one isn't it that we each become the fact that we wear and become the estrogen we make and now you see why I say our societies over as you guys now you see why it includes God 's power to even believe what I'm saying to be believe it is a scientifically valid this is this is a tough message for people to swallow on one Jewish leaders back in the day reject their Messiah wasn't because he looks different than the Messiah that they are expecting while some people today reject the health message Jesus isn't here and we can balloon touches and an instantaneous healing but if our task as co- laborers with Jesus in the people 's needs by showing the health message we want to reject the things that could help people not to suffer so much sometimes it against our own range the ship were slandering and feeling this is the essay are hard to swallow I know that God loves us enough to help us to empower us on so we don't reject think it could be for our healing if you listen to my voice and keep my laws it won't be any of these diseases on you and I love to come upon those who will keep my law out of love for me I am the Lord your healer unforgiving I just paraphrase in my own words but that text has great meaning for me let's talk about the endothelial cell and how olive oil can raise blood pressure how does it do that you can see returning at you out of the slide in the lightning is the end of years and no means inside and that cells secrete nitric oxide gas with a very short half-life whose job is to write articles maximum wide-open youthfulness nitro dockside dilates arteries you can have healthy blood flow who like floating when I say perfect health depends on perfect circulation with arteries wide open the aging process can be slowed down if not reversed in some instances but what happens when there's no more nitric oxide when something is hurt the endothelial cell then the artery vasoconstriction and it narrows down because it will prevent the endothelial cell from making nitric oxide in nineteen ninety nine Doctor Robert Vogel of the University of Maryland Maryland gave test subjects in the brachial artery through the contest olive oil and he measured with Doppler ultrasound the diameter of their arteries and feeding olive oil to people named then squeeze down their arteries within twenty minutes of that blood flow is restricted thirty one percent and stayed restricted for four hours how often we like every five hours it's like how often do we restrict our blood flow with a diet so high in fat now there are some sources of fat high in omega-3 what sources of fat have more omega-3 than a new OLE six and nine Wednesday that the artery wall much flax and she have a higher percentage of omega three and and then six and nine no Chia Chia pets twenty delicious pudding can be made out of Shia one cup of Chia night of the water enable ratio it swells and wallets can be made into dressings in a blender cup of water tablespoon walnuts and some lime juice and green garlic pills say it's it's addressing for all the vegetables that you don't like what you're learning to life so that you can learn to that manner olive oil constricts the arteries and within twenty minutes after eating and now the endothelial cell can produce electric oxide in your arteries just got smaller is coconut oil healthy many people think it is but it actually also hurts the endothelial cell that is removed from its fiber all the oils promote atherosclerosis Doctor Rendell of Wake Forest University gave African green monkeys two different diets he gave one a group of African green monkeys which by the way they metabolize fat like a lot like humans use their good standing for a game on one group of monkeys saturated fat like the kind found in your cheese and yogurt and eggs of and be the other grouping to the unsaturated fat like the kind found in olive oil and so when he measured the blood test the ones on the olive oil had better looking numbers at autopsy equal amounts of atherosclerosis equal amounts of artery leading killing disease but the monkeys fed the and monounsaturated fat false sense of security to their numbers look better who tricky who is the father lies in any oil healthy I'm not sure I'm leaving dreams and ten nurse interference RNA can have enough to produce lots of nitric oxide and where arteries are dilated wide-open answer skin cleared up reduces back pain lowers our blood pressure at the end of five days an agent to divergent people like had I not been indiscriminately and doing a happy dance for anyone I shall never anymore not all of them many of them are experiencing but it's good when you get blood flow the body tries to repair itself so nourishing endothelium with dark leafy green vegetables is a very good thing to do does it seem to peculiar to eat them at breakfast while I can have breakfast with talk about addictions and agencies only times thank you thank you Doctor where I gave up oil and I lost my asthma I Ibanez next is infancy and when I was thirty six years old I first heard upon stealing the chip program and when flexing a great blessing that was to me and then I went to a painful divorce and I backslid and didn't care when eight and instrument back on this truth and then age forty four after I had been remarried I was ready to marry him his rating of any vegan and him and at age forty four the Lord broke through to my stubborn mind and help me to become again completely plant late but still eating olive oil vegan is not a cheese Earth balance margarine the only margarine with no animal products in it and still wheezing by age fifteen when I now regard within it became his codirector and I learned this stuff about olive oil and so I almost part of my culture and enough no more wheezing and I backslid since then yes I had a seventies of any of its return on I love not being asthmatic and there is no oil so tasty that I would rather eat oily leaves the number so I'm I'm grateful to the Lord this talk about addictions I do what we do addiction is a are habit-forming things that even when you stop doing it causes trauma this is my simple definition of addiction is doing something repeatedly after I know it harms me and so is marijuana bad for our health yes it causes cancer especially testicular cancer harms our brains the memory loss is often not showing up until long after they start voting airlines and middle age we know that alcohol harms our help we do what we do because it when I feel better thoughts and beliefs create feelings out of which flows behavior even help behavior that was us a slide of meth mouth wide when people take a substance until destroyed their dental health cognitive and thank you so much definitely for all he's taught me about cognitive behavioral therapy of new habits are seeing the pressure cover story to see that because that can bring such hope to your patients but on activating events lead to thoughts and beliefs at the management in the outside axial earthquake is happening is without thought and belief in a feeling about that and do something about that but in any event can arise from within us to and when the pain that's kind of an improvisation when we have thinking blood sugar levels are not state whether on the roller coaster up-and-down to be activating event and bring some thing about that we do something are we doing anything self-destructive it's making those blood sugar level swing on the good news is that by changing our thoughts and beliefs we can create better feelings which can create better behaviors and we're here because well learn to have people change health behaviors and find the Savior news with predictive prophecy and the good news is the great physician he says he came to set us free from all their addictions pardon me for not taking the time to read that they are to these and all addictions the movie is the physical addiction and the big because the psychological addiction what we say to ourselves to keep doing that self-destructive behavior and believe it's called I think the harder one to connect on it we know that doing this thing like stamp passed against them we know that harms our health then we have to sorted deceive ourselves and justify having a saving faith or sought to keep doing this self-destructive behavior I think with the anytime I want to get a party be any fun without alcohol other things we say to myself it's my life nobody tells me what to do beware when your work is ministry it's good to have worked as a ministry all work should be nasty but when your work is ministry is to overwork you want to burn out early for James White he died too early he works so hard for Doctor Kellogg he lost his way overwork was a part of that debate these lies to you you shall not surely die the big beef must be replaced by the truth Jesus use said images such as leprosy to compare the big thief to use structured behavior that is and doesn't take any willpower for loan surrender pair went right here and I said you wanted to help you sleep they'll take your pain away and take a well powerful enough to have that surrender heroin use and why you are speaking the truth is the way painted obviously not the short-term benefit does not outweigh the risk of a long-term harm so you don't even want at syringe of heroine and take any willpower when you place the big beef with the truth and now you know the truth about olive oil when you replace the big him him you can realize what's happening is that when the food because certain foods raise us above baseline we want to feel better and the pleasure center our brain is like a bank account stored with the endorphins and serotonin and dopamine to make us feel good and certain foods that pleasure center and out come the feel-good chemicals and when they do the expense when I called the unnatural high which by the way brussels sprouts never bring you in Brussels about addictions there are certain including beverages that lead into the natural hide what's wrong with the unnatural high unnatural high needs and unnatural low it has to because the unnatural high fritters away all the feel-good chemicals there were depleted we burst out too many at once we couldn't use the law as a very next day that fatigue and the next day was caused by yesterday 's Kathy is so far in the future we don't put the two together you see if the minute we took me on what we found the effects of vasoconstriction we felt the blood pressure going up only wouldn't do it but because we know and and you all know the effects apparently backslide and take a willpower for you not to use it on what foods create a natural high foods high in fat and plant -based foods but the more fiber in the food and less the fat the pleasure center so I was a good thing caffeine fix the pleasure center sugar flowers that break easily is a little knowledge skills I think it's easily done of addressing those the sugar level that had the pleasure center you feel better when things make the five temporarily down private products we know that ill proteins are indicating casing vines with our indoor phase to make hazel morphine until teaching music theory very addicting or twenty different words of the food industry uses disguise the fact that casein which is eighty six celebrating founding of those who would sell healing phosphate parallel color natural flavoring how much fat is too much fat when we had more than twenty percent of that we may create excessive estrogen we may get too much cholesterol may become diabetic today's caffeine is tomorrow's fatigue this is an unusual slide I realize that the things are peculiar to you am I saying that you have to use this reckless know you don't and I think that using this kind of food for breakfast can help those of your patients who are addicted to have phytochemical willpower that why we do such things for breakfast because it stabilizes your blood sugar fiber those being and approaching in the green kicks and adrenaline into your system and gives you energy and to feel fall and feeling good and these are the glories means convene lentils so slick these greens can be raw salads or overcooked greenhouse washer because all the colorful national hands of the root vegetables we need complex carbohydrates for satiety in the call the gladiators of old Marlene and because of that barley was fueled there's legendary strength you can have that you love nobody has to leave the table hungry nobody has to for your declaration is lucky for the food can be palatable but when receiving for that deliciousness of the standard American diet then we can be on a roller coaster of addiction and an when you feel your summit you can fill your stomach with four hundred calories or four thousand calories if you're eating about a pound of food you can see the summit with a small amount of data foil and that small amount needed that person she received out more food she feels now that gnawing emptiness in your stomach why her stretch receptors and often activated the way to receptors of her stomach and often acted as a way him though I can fill with chicken sold many of you understandably shaken but can you do the same thing by heating to a broader social for other avocado you can if you have a weight problem this may help you to consider how the principle of calorie density can help you fiber is our friend because fiber space ways something a stomach they didn't have any calories same with water water think of space in the watery fruits and vegetables eaten on the watery beams L milk spaces with no calories on and and what to eat low-fat plant -based diet the silver medal in the gold-medal goes the leafy green vegetables is what they do for the endothelium the silver medal tally other venues and legumes get the bronze and fruit comes next what to drink try not to drink beverages with calories and you know whole muscles and family doesn't drink anything but water in glass ever interesting is that two hours of sleep before minute I worked four hours of sleep after midnight if you're trying to lose weight if you're trying to become nondiabetic and the secret is surrounding yourself with healthy food but there's an even more important secret than that and that is the fact that there are three things three steps to help you finish strong we need to learn information so they can share with others in a winsome way I share three three slide power points with my patients all the findings are a little tablet on depends whether info with the chief complaint is that if they're in for phlegm and congestion I let them know that high-fat foods cause the phlegm in the congestion if number two is easily the practical how-to sauté onions without oil well on sprinkles of water shoveling very very hot hot pan cc nonstick you can even use a nonstick pan you have to use nonstick on the the first thing is the most important half to ask God to fill us with his power and I wanted to let you know that I've adopted some of the things that I learned that previous a minute talks what are things that I say to my patients is on location is new we have a prayer list in our office and from time to time my staff and I gather together we pray for the patients on our prayer list sometimes people ask the status of the advent of the prolific they are facing a new diagnosis such as I gave you today they're facing addictions such as tobacco and trying to take alcohol over usage and so would you like to be added to our prayer list and so depending on what the patient says how they reacted that some patients are like okay no one given some time gives a finding of guilt go further what I don't I will always go further with that of the summer like no I do what I want that I wanted him to do it and then I put in the margin of my electronic records no prayer is this person has told me I do I don't want that and so on as they build a relationship with trust with me he did a Holy Spirit will give me another opportunity done in a respect their wishes that's a notable developer was anyway so I hear about that ever again and some people say about the program listen to me like they can't hurt you now need on helping get him and said that he and I say to them would you like me to offer a prayer for your health right now and I think Doctor Tim how for teaching me those phrases a man conferences in the past and has worked beautifully in my practice and her some people which believed on Jesus as a marketing there are some people who because they heard the doctor that phrase with the patient's that they come from hours drive away because of that and give it a try now Doctor Richard land of the diapers as ministries and a beautiful book on Bible answers your questions inside their if you would like to be able to use a different method there is that phrases such prayer is the answer to every problem and so his method is to open the book to that and he says would you really want that says prayers answered every problems the patient reason and he says I have I remember the new PMI prayer club and he says that next is that they won't think it's a recruitment for you to enjoy churches and I got would you like me to offer a prayer for you now and if they say yes would you like the book and then he's got a book into their hand a spiritual book is not a beautiful way to transition to a spiritual things the Holy Spirit can reach us we've got better blood flow to our frontal lobes we want to be able to hear that still small voice and juju extra is a completely secular subscription program worth four hundred and twenty dollars a year in new can sign up for that and you can be seeing a hundred different videos that are invented they are at the teacher because even every week there's a celebrity guest interview this focus groups moms with toddlers I diabetics cancer patients mother teenagers how to cook this way on let's take back the health message here you can see him Doctor Carney .com where you can for those of you wanted to be getting if you would like to hand out you can go to the articles section of Doctor Trainor have it up God willing by on Wednesday and you can see the scientific references for everything that I said there and on operation blueprints and let's party together as doctors and I wanted tell you that I have been very blessed to be able to share short versions of these kinds of talks with audiences that are geographically way far from young sitting in my office just south of Austin Texas and I and I sent up a PowerPoint indicates that into the PowerPoint slides and their hearing my voice is little health ninety for evangelism in the booth for forever free ministries and him seems any Kaiser are here anywhere sign you up you doing these talks upcoming to content you can share and the pastors and the doctors join together and let her use my demands of the case not that hard we can do this together painting so much for your kind attention in this media with my audio is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more you would like to know more about my universe the more so than please visit www. on universe .org


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