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Partnering the Practice and Church for Explosive Church Growth

Errol Bryce


Errol Bryce

Internal Medicine Physician in Fort Worth, TX.



  • November 1, 2013
    2:00 PM
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Sir this is a session that deals with partner in the practice with the church for explosive growth would you mind if we pray to start or father and our God be thank you so much for your goodness thank you that we can share in your work thank you that you called us to be agents of change Phyllis but your power feed us with your presence in Jesus 's name we pray amen the talk this afternoon will have three primary aspects of the agenda one making an argument for uniting medicine and faith medical and the church community as well as wellness and evangelism second aspect a man asked me to tell what I'm doing so that we would be covering that is certainly I would like to invite you to be part of the process but I must tell you that I have two financial disclosures I have a financial interest in renew medical Center and lifestyle Institute as well as the prevention RX we could divide this presentation in six different aspects or parts one we want to describe to you the current state of affairs within the church within the healthcare industry I would like to illustrate the cry of the human soul spend more time invent old-line in Christ Smith I want to show what I did then sure the hold that you can blame to help the explosive growth within the church and hopefully I will have time for questions that we start right at the beginning when the genius for this concept but I will be introducing to you Jesus Christ old line tool very clear two opposing forces in John ten in verse ten Christ was made very clear that this case is only there to steal kill and destroy values one force there is another force that healed lines he said I came so that they can have life real and eternal life more and better life than they ever dreamt off everything we do everything we job that we attempt you would find these two opposing forces but he has promised us power power that we can take on the earth acts one and verse eight it states but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit does come up when you and you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem no and in all Judea and Samaria and to the end of the earth she wants us to think globally this is very important that you do not take a parochial approach to what were doing he's coming back to save planet Earth so is important but most important to them to get from this is that we have the power to make this happen then Christ's science gives us a contract where he says in Exodus thirty four versus ten eleven behold I make a covenant to contract with you before all your people I would do marvels people are going to look at us and there were no more harmful outdoor achievement that's a promise I will do marvels such as him not been done in all the earth nor in any nation and all the people among you among you are so see if the work of the Lord for it is an awesome thing that I will do which you but there is a condition to this contract there is something that you have to do to fulfill this contract he wants you to do it his way observe what I call mind you this day that's part of it such wrote this talk today were looking at his method so that we can claim this contract we can hold onto this power understanding that there are forces and we are guaranteed success so let's start by looking at the current of fear score instead of its year of fear in the church over the last twenty years and three mainline protestant church has shown top of the list is a Presbyterian Church would've forty twenty four percent reduction for example in nineteen ninety five unknown they lost a hundred thousand members in one year the Episcopal is right behind with twenty percent the Methodist Church at sixteen percent but there is a small group of churches that are solely either staying the same or sewing some role but that growth is less than two two five percent in a window at the Seventh-day Adventist church the Baptist Church is a reality check that is not very pleasant eighty percent of our churches are either stagnant or die for example eight thousand Baptist churches experience no baptism the last three years and looking at the seven Adventist church that has the distinction of being the fastest growing church was only a growth rate of two five percent and if you take out migration immigration people coming in from Mexico from the Caerleon the growth rate is actually dismal and those are not my words it's from Ron and Director of North American division of evangelism that's the state of the church let's now look at the state of the healthcare industry at this point we are no experiencing sales percent of GDP goes towards healthcare seventeen percent in United States of America if you look at the rate of growth over the next eleven years or so by twenty twenty two if you look at the curve on the rate of growth forty six percent divorce spending growth would be due to healthcare Medicare Medicaid and insurance subsidies will eat up forty six percent of that growth it is a crisis that every administrator is warning about keeps people up at night this is not just a local US problem four years ago the World Health Organization called an emergency meeting to discuss the noncommunicable diseases crisis that escaping the Third World countries there is a global epidemic of obesity diabetes hypertension cardiovascular diseases that are hit in this country and they have no money the malignancy curve as we all know Islam not only in the United States of America but it is devastating with these lifestyle cancers in the Third World country I migrated myself from Jamaica very small island in the car being we have no money yet Jamaica has the highest rate of prostate cancer in the entire world most years the bottom line for all of this is that we have an escalating costs that with Jonas juggernaut fado or deal with but with this crisis within the church this crisis within the healthcare industry comes in opportunity is interesting that the Chinese symbol for crisis is danger and opportunity and it is this opportunity that the church needs to jump on the church needs to position itself unite health and save to address this crisis if you look at people war study and the process is often healthcare and how do we find solutions there was one factor that is emerging Harold Miller one of the best analysis that I've seen look at this and decided that the best solution to this crisis is to have healthy consumers in these healthy consumers must continue to be healthy if were going to be able to solve this crisis one of the biggest costs for us as hospitalizations and if we have healthy consumers who continue to be healthy the width of the hospitalization so their health condition is going to determine the amount of hospitalization and the amount of acute care episodes that we have these people are healthy there hello acute-care episodes so isn't pretty pretty solid simple to look at now if we do have a fence if we operate very efficiently then we can have we can ignore the high cost of these events by Haugen successful events treated efficiently minimizing complications infections and readmissions and this is done by having better outcomes higher-quality but the basis of all of this is the health and consumer continues to be healthy in other words prevention and web 's the basis of this we look back to the genius behind businessman monster design who gave us as a church June twenty one eighteen sixty three prevention and web 's all with significant developments over the last hundred and fifty years were first presented June twenty one eighteen sixty three the cholesterol theory was first presented June twenty one eighteen sixty three not it was not a common count will discover plant -based diet food as grown it was presented June twenty one eighteen sixty three with this background of prevention and wellness you must need to move on to the software and so we are experiencing their first physician every healthcare worker eggs says the cry of the human soul the trial of pain and suffering mental and physical but we face every single day of trout in which people cannot get out it is well demonstrated by other Englishmen in his book change or die on Dusan and a fun task the book of line they in a study where we looked at people come in and with high blood pressure diabetes high cholesterol with their corridor are too busy is so bad that we have to split their chess open putter grip Friday their ribs apart split the sternum stop the heart called piece of the of the bay archer 's take apartment from your legs replace it why were back together at the end of this invasive devastating process we tell them stop eating garbage start exercising reduce your stress in spite of obvious devastating experience less than ten percent make any change at all now two different people groups were there have been change successful change any notes three partner one these individuals must come in contact with an agent of change because it relate and was not in the process there is a reef for a man off their Incan and it must be gone long enough that it becomes a part of them he calls it repeat repeat so relate reframe and repeated I will come back to this don't spend cable on a phenomenon that actually started six thousand years ago Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were the first to show eight p.m. all the underlying mechanism why it is important to unite the church and the medical community health and phase medicine evidence -based medicine and spirituality one day Adam and Steve experience this wonderful love and more just relations ship with God in our nice hair there were eating the perfect diet perfect love relations religion with this perfect God sinless then one day Adam and Eve 's sin and the next day they were experiencing this on to explain you rationale bizarre behavior they heard God 's voice and the expression was in Genesis three and verse nine I was afraid fear over the mine for the first time in the history of the earth where noticing here is not the first indication of the disconnection of upper brain disconnected from the Norbury the first time the frontal lobe the prefrontal cortex control of the amygdala negative thoughts I was naked I hid myself the devastating thing about this irrational behavior it is almost impossible to change and there is only one answer to this nonanswer is not in the medical community it's in the faith-based community in the churches and let me explain this to you you have in the lower brain linking them with the upper brain what is called the limbic system it houses the emotional center and right in the middle of this is the amygdala of this in turn is linked with a instrument process run into good intricate process to the immune system and is a body of cytokines to explain it in a very simple foster in this fight the signs they can be good cytokines protect you or they can be really bad cytokines that really destroy the body this is what's happening at the molecular level your thinking actually creates a as hormones chemicals that actually protect you and Helio or destroy you right from your thinking and this results from what we call an emotional cycle in this error this event this am trauma this emotional injury causes what we call in the new amygdala response this amygdala response is called in learned fear and actually John the first John four verses eighteen to nineteen actually uses the word ornament that care policies on so you have this emotional injury and that causes any damage in the limbic system which in turns affects the body this becomes a response this learned response is has to be dealt with and so your first cigarette your first group of ice cream your first days of cocaine will quiet this torment this agitation this discomfort once you find out about happens and then for most of us it's sugar once required the amygdala which sugar ones we do it again and every time about how as we move forward you know that the emotional injury which creates an learned that fear response becomes on healthy habits the response over time causes disease and over again there's a trigger that keeps this in a beginning for problem in social embodying told you once before the new are no good you are inferior you're ugly your file for your lost your mother whatever the emotional injury was and this happened at Christmas time for you so every Christmas there is a trigger and you go back to the same cycle all for and over again for some people it's every day what ever it is over and over again to get this so disfigured so fair weather as a child or as an adult describes what we called woundedness and this fear has consequences they are about five over five hundred fears described in these fears can be placed in essentially three categories loss of control is one category being belittled is another category or loss of connectedness is another category this fear causes a reaction the reaction to the fairer again you have health or disease and if you look at the work done by Douglas Lyle Fossett landed work we see that it is a little bit more intricate than just the brain is more difficult to get out of this what we can call the fear trap that we first imagined their biological changes that will hold this all domicile to Graz and you can see these routes give them three separate portions of rock he'd you take calcium of the water magnesium on more potassium and it will smell graffiti drinking pure water and it would be able to eat a balanced diet if you put cocaine in the water they lose the ability to eat a balanced diet and end up actually dying what is not it has these rats actually starts drinking more and more of the cocaine more cocaine each time the drink to the point where did they get so there's emotional hot and then start drinking more will this game just to remain at the same level eventually they get to a point of no recall for a bit there have not been able to save any of these rocks once they've gone to the process they all die Douglas Larson describes the same process which human beings but what he called the dietary pleasure trap if you eat whole foods you get to a level of normal pleasure once you start seeds in the process food high-fat high on emulsifier high salt high sugar you start eating more and more of it to the point where you start the eating more just to stay normal the hide that you get from this become you start experiencing a law of diminishing returns you start eating more and more of this and not mix starts to change into disease processes and you get to the point of the bottom of the trough where you die and only just like the routes only very few humans have been able to get back up to experience normal pleasure they been able to take some humans back to normal by extended five 's either water fast or restricted to just one food unknown over weeks to get their brains changed in such a form to get back to oh where they can experience normal pleasure there is what is called from motivational trier and this helps us to understand that in bit more of what the Ross went through a what humans go through in this dietary pleasure trap the brain can be divided into three sets of actions all animals no matter which specie is governed are governed by the need to seek pleasure and avoid pain and to conserve energy why do you think geese fly south in the winter they are your brains are programmed to seek food and their programs the fly south in search of food so the human mind program to seek pleasure is focused more on food and sex to avoid pain and to conserve energy you might wonder why is it exercises so important that we refused to exercise that is because of the program and open your brain to conserve energy avoided paying I carried by I noticed this in my brother Junior we use are used to visit them a lot when I was starting a upstate New York he lived in New York City hello when I would go down to visit him Junior which is right drive straight through red lights and I would be petrified when I'm driving beside Jerry is where he moved to Atlanta and I went over one Thanksgiving we went out for a drive and we think you'll like came on and you stop not the red light he stopped on the yellow lights as a general the unchanged and he said well you know you get three of these Atlanta tickets and zero seconds what he experienced as he wanted to avoid paying when the upper lobe is disconnected from the norm though we are programmed to be to eat to eat to seek forward to avoid pain and to sit in his order out to the upper lobe is reconnected and governs the more mold that there can be changed now is clear power level of this in the Bible if you look at the story of the Israelites moving from Egypt to Canaan an amazing story results you why do you think God stop the rain for seven years to drive one finally into Egypt because he wanted to show the model you want to be wanted to demonstrate his experience for apostasy as we prepare for his second coming here you have two five million people leave the agent moving towards the promise that this process should last only forty days all Englishmen and built a flood in his book present throughout it to the rocks anyway out that human beings anywhere from thirty to ninety days to get them back we found that forty days seem to be the number as agent of these Israelites move from Egypt to Canaan fear the amygdala response was operative they refused to trust God does not want God did he brought water you divided the red sea they refused to trust him and soul in a way of reaching them the first thing he did was to restrict their diet to give them my note the same thing every day every morning about was a way of re- cleaned in the rain so dietary restriction was an integral part of the forty day process unfortunately those forty days between forty years and instead of phenomenal growth to involve the entire world our whole nation die in fear and consume and were consumed and found be amounted to nothing because they couldn't get over that fear response there a similar process going on for us yes one one one eighteen sixty three we were given all or March and orders plan base food is grown without processing it sparingly and get plenty of exercise two e-mails instead of three trusting than responding to the novel offer care and God June twenty one eighteen sixty three phosphate one to two days a week is off in calculable benefits walking one hour a day in the fresh air in the morning or gardening small flowers small garden would prevent hundred degree diseases we were given all of this hundred and fifty years ago to guide us to the promised land to help us with that fear response is so in order for roster hit the role of the success mural plasticity has to a car the brain has to change and we must did our people that we work with thrill of this change and this is where this is all medicine unites with the church this is how the medical community must unite with the faith community this is where members of the church becoming agents of change to the people who fall within their sphere of influence all endorsement calls it relate to Thomas contact with church members nothing herein for given compassionate church members keep the faith community we must help these people reframe their thinking it is here that we show them that these promises of love and caring God can help them to change their brains reframed their thinking we focus their minds from these negative barrage of thoughts that I know good and thought I'm okay I'm naked week this must be replaced constantly with the thought that I have known you with an everlasting love with love and kindness I have drawn you these promises that I will reveal you and you shall be revealed need to be reversed day after day they have to read volume this thought process these negative thoughts must be change and so Jeffrey Schwartz in his book change your brain you artists are different sorts you are not your brain outline is very beautifully and it's a book worth reading because of this process long enough that not only do we develop healthy habits but we review right the way the DNA works we actually change genetic expression the transformed by the renewing of your mind Romans twelve the first two days because of this process while the church and medicine need to get together and Jesus Christ and Johnson on verse thirty eight explains it very carefully on the woman at the well a beautiful girl with a fantastic body with a very engage in mind was tormented Martin a number of times when backbenchers marred five times even know the enlarged five time spells trouble yet in her torment Christ reached out to her severe he who believes in me as the Scripture has said out of his heart will flow rivers of living waters out of his mind with full rivers of living waters uniting the mind with the mind of Christ being handled by this loving Kirin God is the only answer to the health crisis to comment you made the attempt to calm the torment so this is why we need to bring the pastors and physicians together to help workers of the gospel workers together this is why Christ designed the Beltway because of this biological father said let's look at Christ method it is stated that he went about in mock two nine versus thirty five and thirty six he went about all distinctives and the villages teaching their synagogues preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease among the people he went above Jesus moved among the people he did not send out flyers and expect people to come to them he himself was an agent of change going out reach into the people in his sphere of influence he was teaching he was preaching and he was human when he saw the multitude he was moved with compassion we must have compassion for these people around us he went about purposely muck to four in verse twenty three much of nine and thirty five again he was more compassionate much of nine in verse twenty he satisfied their greatest needs the woman who touched the hem of his garment with the issue of blood sugar thoughts will be for over twenty years is been to every physician there was no ferrous sulfate so she couldn't take iron pills so you have the months the hemorrhage over twelve years in her her hemoglobin which should normally be about sixteen is now down to four four her feet were sworn in with with with the people she had our hearts were was raising with tachycardia it was enlargement cardiomyopathy she would take three steps and she would be out the breath and just by touching them of Christ's garment first hemoglobin went from four to sixteen the cardiomyopathy about hard in large part became soft and functioning well again was this woman's greatest need was this problem that she was on and he satisfied the greatest needs she taught she preached and he healed and he healed and he healed and he you as you found rule Mike Kumar new job to go to the Gospels you see the theme is healing his human case even over and over again is healing what was the result X and also if PR yet free advertisement phase spread the news about them in all the country must unite in verse thirty one he would hear somebody anyone got them please don't tell anybody about it what happened they would goal and Sprint is name all over crisis trying to prove two Oscar that even if you don't want to the advertisement your been again this is the way for explosive trust growth monster fifteen in verse thirty one two Jews came to them the name double-blind multitude will and it says they glorify the God of Israel God 's special people who what is the spread this good news throughout the all full board or they glorified the God of peace Israel remember finds this whole controversy between Satan and God is about worship worship me our worship him a buy here here here in by teaching preaching and healing NEDs spent on core times herein emphasis on health they worship the true God the unit of this explosive growth of boxes and asked to enforce forty said those who gladly received his word were baptized that day about three thousand souls were added to them ask to first forty in verse forty two population explosion Pharaoh Doctor Philip Blake Dave adventuring in the remote insight in all of this I was given seminar in the Houston area and after making this point Doctor Blake said actually I googled first and estimates of the population of the earth if we were to extrapolate that no we would have about two hundred million people and there would be a hundred and ten I'll is on people being baptized in one day one event if the works out well so want to change the background that understanding of the physiology of why is why it is soul important to me than the pain gospel and medicine health and evangelism I want to show you what we did first of all we formed the group new steps in idols W a minute asked me to say what I did what I could have done it alone God sent many many people to work with me I'm tempted to make a list of the names of some of the people but I believe somebody's name of a mitigating trouble so I figure it is better not to miss names but Dotson some wonderful partner with me to help me especially my area of deficits and so we formed this group on new steps nutrition exercise water sleep timeout exercise a sorry equilibrium partner and witnessed with a physician and a stress resistant personality the first thing we did was to set up what is called a ate a weekend retreat deductible to three-day transformational repeat retreat were bring this people together we take them away from the refrigerator we start a Friday night because we want to give them a model breakfasts or groats whole-grain in its original form we can we gave them absolutely nothing processed nothing with a face or nothing that came from a mother not days for the on process and we have to start for Friday night wasn't disposable home in two thousand dollars in April so we take them for Friday night we tell them we show them the physiology of what software does for your liver and then after that they go home they go straight to bed early next morning immediately make huge breakfasts many were surprised to see how much they could be because this skip supper and we give them a big launch and then they are now surprised to find out that they don't need supper retaken the whole weekend like that and then we organize them into small groups and they would meet weekly through this entire process we would tell them for forty days we want you to house zero stress in your body shows think that there is a warm loving Fawzi God that is caring for you for forty days nothing bad is going to happen to you he loves you and want you to think about that we give them a list of promises to memorize and are good at doing this for forty days during the exercise for forty days and then we tried to encourage positive inspiring people into rock with them it is here at this level the charge into a huge role the charts was how people are loving warm compassionate interrupting with these people that dissolve is where people can see an example of a loving God this is where the church engages with apostate and so we encourage his mid- cards will be healthy seminars in my practice we encourage churches to always with us we partner with written represses and what you know that I began this process of putting myself through June nineteen ninety nine highways over two hundred dollars a doctor a two hundred and ten ashamed to say that I have central obesity I have sleep apnea I have gastroesophageal reflux I was unfit and I was on my way to early grave book myself through the process for today's totally unprocessed food nothing from the animal kingdom is shortly is unbelievable but I started feeling great I went myself this morning I was a hundred and seven people last time I checked my blood pressure without medication I was ninety eight over sixty might hold low-cholesterol Mukilteo my total cholesterol is one twenty nine I'm sure I did no medication I don't know what aspirin or carnal tastes like I don't get headaches I don't get sick I put myself through the process I think that the very first step for anyone who wants to do this reform that we agreed on a logo which showed that the decline of the individual the interruption the medical community and the steps that they take to get back up to normal it took us a while to get this logo this is exactly what we are about reform the 501(c) nonprofit organization formed a warm supportive board and we continued with the process of new steps I may just quickly tell you in the nude nude and nutrition is a plan they this new motocross is absolutely no sugar exercise is exercising sixty minutes five to seven days a week regards these folks the dog a full water to drink eight to ten glasses that update we asked them when you wake up to drink two glasses immediately sometimes with eleven we asked them to get to bed before ten p.m. and to see the seventh to ten hours time all team we asked them to take hourly daily and weekly breaks E is for equilibrium rather find a regularity and bonds they get to bed the same time every day for forty days where there is in sync with their value or no cycle make sure they are exposed to fresh air and sunshine and team we ask them to get in touch with your physician work with your physician that no one saw been to partner with the physicians of the team is partnered with the physician for early detection and prevention and asked if the stress resistant personality when we stress trusting different and receive an especially from a caring God during this process we take them through a forty day transformational change holding onto this every day as we mentioned a model breakfast a model launched away honest and to minimize supper as much as possible reform these people into small groups we consists on the life body system where every person has to be the rings with a body of prayer partner however you want to call it they must interrupt every the recent callers the use of technology you there is free conference call live means of free conference call five thirty every morning in my small group you can be daily weekly there is no leave this Facebook whatever you can use to get together and that we have a huge graduation on unbelievable passion of this graduation you hear testimony install result of filing causes of weight to be lost getting off medication current market-based disease being reverse with this is graduation process we give them a very attractive certificate that they take with them and the key to this is you will have to maintain long-term relationships it is very important that they just don't come to this small groups and then disappear long-term care in nurturing relationships are very important so beyond the forty days they take the small groups back to pump in this back to their schools back to their churches they formed cluster of homes in these small groups of the small groups and we're the church can play a huge role now I want to move mention that the church where I am right now they organize the entire church in small groups and just as my small group is finishing there is starting and invite these folks there is a manual does that is printed at duplicate shows there is enrollment and people offered these small groups there was a hunter they nor tree in the long term relationships with these people in that aspect of it is very very important and then we went ahead and did some innovation where we are we we read came up with a prevention RX which is a development software for primary care physicians we expect to have a thirty percent reduction in reimbursement for physician this software helps physicians show reclaiming this money where they can actually earn money using prevention and here's an opportunity to unite with the church we went ahead and bought forty acres in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where work and set up a lifestyle center where people where we can engage people who can't make it without getting with them away for a weekend for a week for some sometimes I want happen with this menu his lies were transformed my practice X loaded people started hearing of people coming off hospice corner are germane to reverse diabetes read the reverse one of my most dramatic case is a spaceship with HBA Wednesday of thirteen three is hemoglobin eight weeks late later in a knot with my instruction he stopped on his medicines HBA Wednesdays now six two the diabetes completely reverse hypertension reverse and overall you have these massive reduction in healthcare costs and it is through the small groups that we must emphasize that continues this long-term relationship with the churches and their here lies the potential for explosive evangelism and so my invitation to you one of like for you to start with yourself as an example of wellness presenting yourself as an agent of change records you do have an upper room experience without the old touring of the Holy Spirit you are worthless you are powerless it is Christ's who does the healing he gives the power he transforms the brain and you can not reverse these processes without why attend the amygdala and ordering in love and caring relationship with Christ using his methods it is only through this process that you can get extra six this explosive success become an agent of change pray that you can partner with the church or a pastor form a partnership change the charge into a center for health and healing and God will take power from above organize the church the school of the company into small groups and finally I want to encourage you to my house to the principle of oneness of unity it is a prerequisite for the old touring of the Holy Spirit this is where Kellogg went wrong instead of the lives of the people around him since the costly smart counsel that he had at his bedside work in Austin one body and the multitude of console there was wisdom is very important that you recognize that as healthcare providers we are trying to have the control you will have to learn to that goal is control you will have to learn to recognize that ideas are going to come not through you but through all the false what part of your team together God will guide you so invite your friends to take this step and I and as we close I'm inviting you as you leave here just to ask Christ to use you as an agent of change why don't we pray as we close father in heaven thank you for this exercise thank you for this message that you brought thank you for this explosive results that you can give a thank you for the power of the Holy Spirit that we work through us help us to eleven upper room experience where we can find oneness and unity and power to go forward in your name using your method in Jesus 's name we pray amen the media was brought by audio parents a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more if you'd like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. .com universe .org


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