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Winston Craig


Winston Craig

Professor of Nutrition and Chairman of the Department of Public Health and Wellness at Andrews University



  • November 1, 2013
    3:15 PM
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him in the first the session will have official through a free minute promotional before we begin and no as things send the lawyer season that they were rest and miss the season map of the best but a doctor sees men as they really are and of course the duty of every healthcare practitioner in the business of helping people healing people confident people giving their release and their the judgment of the patient's Mike of their healthcare provider is not honestly determined by the quality of care that you give and your diagnosis but also the treatment they get in the front office and the business office because there is a mixup in insurance some dogs we got higher bills right alike as we think it's covenant it's kind of a bit of a shock to get a letter from the collections to follow and after the added town that could turn into a summons to court which happened to my wife recently after she got in a road accident that she had nothing to do with somebody rancher and Maria without denying and it doesn't give you a very good Tice when the business office or in the front office one time I was leaning on the counter I was told to take my wife else that could then buckle it don't feel so good so what I'm saying is sometimes as a healthcare practitioner while you're giving good quality back there in your cell room whenever what's happening out the front of life it also influence how people feel on one might be even their response to the entry and also have the relationship you have with people the best doctors not of had over the years of people who not only beyond the symptom by Naomi for my hobbies I not only for my passions blasphemy and oh how was the game the other night I was a hiking trip that you took this in connection people like we said Al Olea emotional people want to be treated like individuals not just as a clinical case we need to relate to them in a positive way so that Al therapeutic intervention in the as highly productive as possible as spry as we begin following heaven we thank you again for another chance to open the book of science send and learn some things focused to be careful as to the sources we go to focus also I have daily ministry to reach out to students and patients than friends wherever our ministry reaches that we might treat people with human dignity as you would have us relate to people hopelessly careful about the front office and those that work with us because were a team and it's the team which implements therapy not just the person we thank you for hearing our prayers Jesus okay so when I get hailing from the web is this safe for scary I is all the way you stated that from students and I would not have a here and anymore when using this boy got up from the web must be true and with what's not working and ten no okay sorry I read I read I we bombarded with all kinds of things memory for miraculous cure whatever config was spending millions of dollars searching for wellness buying tools gadgets gizmos whatever secession for a better body searching for better health whatever and so things go in cycles we have aligned cleansing was popular a few years ago was going to use amortized like a new trend spotting rate whatever some of these things were so will not work and some of them really well as I say some of the house except what they do for your wallet and some of them are dying just put in many cases the high Apple runs the reality and we made as Adventist leaders of the community as healthcare professionals are we need to be careful what we're involved with and we need to help church members and others to write decent proper decisions like I would just get a run through a few of them and then give you some resources and are from there okay number one superfood the SAE berry from Brazil upon trade supposed to cleanse you will harmful toxins and boost your metabolism just melt pounds away wonderful one of the light gray slush is Mike's great smoothies like great oak on the things I have even coded now with chocolate oak on the thing to the Federal Trade Commission says that the claims are utterly false there is no supporting evidence for these things to help you lose weight even on the web is full of all sorts of enticement and the sad thing is that millions of dollars have been spent peoples credit cards of been billed for products that have delivered what was claimed for so you have these wonderful before and after pictures of guy you sing-along sure the nauseating day after just one month on the special weight loss products made from açai berry where I would lose thirty five pounds and have always wonderful wonderful pictures then you have the product code sense of incredibly sprinkle of an inferred you eat what you like and you lose white was better than that bring it on right phase flavor scented stops crystals which trick to making you feel that your full size of the marketing guys and in reality is not a peer-reviewed study to show that these things work so this list is just a picture the last time we showed last lecture which I do this picture here we show you have blue mappers become red as the country has become more and more struggling with the problem of eating too much and I think too little part of the problem is no conscious which Garrison Kayla very aptly said that the more frequently you want on one color not just the serial reach the public guidance I have a hated dictator who a lesson in theology but suddenly got it right when it comes to nutrition because this is one of the major causes stuff that life post typically we find that the average setting sizes increased like if you got back off just forgotten the book within the seven days ago will sing the seventeenth addition I have to go but the first edition and you compare the serving size is the world recommended in with serving sizes in the present one you say that is about a fifteen to twenty percent difference serving size the getting bigger and bigger and bigger and the average beverage serving as increased owing to warlock couple years ago to get some idea I doubt Scott for a party were wrapping up Andrews and I couldn't find anything I guess I'm from a different generation different plan that I finally found one of the workers they are asking a look at a lighthouse from Jupiter I was really talking about we have sixteen and twenty one twenty four one one so I left what they look announces a thing of the past I guess the bigger portions mean bigger body distortions and that's part of the problem this is the other part of the problem we leave and I longer participating in sports we watching this want and even when we got a fitness club and we haven't even gone Rod is not there this is very deceptive and how maybe you would realize looking at this that each one of these is fifty percent bigger than the previous one when you look at it here as always it's about Brian you can say it with very good judges of things upwards and outwards widthwise is very disabling I'm sorry you think you'll buy a modest amount in a way that when actual fact you're getting maybe twice is not even a label on the front if it scarcely populated with a few items people wait list that was crowded with many chips or whatever is in the box that they will tend eight more than you have something sizes this was a research that was done in Europe with eighty eight college students with examinations and this ball on this boat contain exactly the same number of M&Ms and it was now given to students by two hundred and twenty nine percent more from this one from that one because the ball is big when please will compare there was not much difference once in the ball is helping the ball was so use setting sizes need to be diminished he got all restaurant down the plate is like that I bring my whole extended family a lot about food mixtures we hear a lot about what we shouldn't mix fruits with protein foods because the body can't digest these things while Ken hydrates and Fridays they handled together let me show you something I chose Palladian fruit and vegetable and Ryan is a fine lunch items and that I write down from food composition tables and oh calories from carbohydrates proteins and fat what did I miss everything has everything sorry if it is some private thing can be together than on Siam Creator really screwed up really didn't like anything that we get a visit everything has got something from all the major calorie supplies again on something else on the web ephedra is a man to use a gun in it if you look on the web there's still many sites that are still marketing without any disclosure about adverse effects or misleading statements that could result in how so because of this marketing for not marketing to put the food produces five produces developed something similar nine nine market is now bitter orange bitter orange supplements are promoted as the defender of free but they can tie a similar compound 's and efferent neurons and epinephrine and this has a very similar chemical property and sends its effect on blood pressure and it contains other compounds that can inhibit the Saudi crime and liver and would be expected to increase serum levels of many drawings so this article is makes very clear the study there is little evidence that products containing digital orange are affected by full weight loss and that the compound some effort and it could be considered similar to epinephrine and so I would just substituting one bad thing with another bouquet now what about an attack when we talk about this were always trading on toddlers but in my flight leaves Sunday morning I so if you are a good way is between now and then but some their primitive product is amortized and ninety my claims please this is just some of the climbs and your problems noted on here than we can have it good with him and we do have etc. they are going to eccentric comes every but they usually target things that conventional Western medicine doesn't handle otherwise when some extreme testimonies they claim that their product contains eight special shoulders that we don't make enough of some of the course you look at it and you can see galactose glucose and that artisans are lots of rolling out food we don't get enough Nestlé management comes in because they provide you with these eight shoulders actually when you read the label they amortize complex contains full polysaccharides it is not my client are isolated and purified monosaccharides in these anything but monosaccharides these are gone again the research and like the biology of peer-reviewed journal but in two thousand eight had a long long article outlining all the problems that one of the statements that was my described that one statement is that there is no clinical study in public database that supports the use of this advertised product for any clinical indication whether the people who support local so go to the web there are eighty two references one of the number is all references showing the value of the site either you go to the web and what do you discover all references are written by in-house sizes feasible for Microsoft cello doing research and publish their work so it's like asking the false God the chicken could you expect the chickens to be protected is also a lawsuit this is all about two thousand six by the Texas Attorney General since this company is in Texas they claim that no of making false deceptive misleading practices and fables fit billions of dollars on my a few fat cats out of this and that there is no clinical diagnosis support the use of this product okay moving on to vitamin pills out people arrive the fifty it's recommended that a one Hyundai is good and nutritional insurance coverage because our soul and our metabolism alters as we get older but the marketplace really goes beyond way beyond my recent died as Charlotte Bynum a well initially it was thought it provided protection against heart disease the results of the quite lousy multivitamin tablet is only desirable for older adults will those on a low calorie weight loss diet if your aging your mouse your whole grind your fruits and vegetables and social annual below fifty then you really should have been waiting a lot of money to fill unless of course you are the and not using B-12 fortified products in my view the twelfth supplement every night when the bizarre and make good sense we know there is certain vitamins these full illicit pictures of fat-soluble and to water-soluble and last of as far as many people are taking levels in the toxic Brian what about vitamin C doesn't prevent a cold while identify as people in this room probably fifty of sixty percent to two put your hand up as I do and asking college students at least half foot hand up what is the data really shine the claim is that if you type your gram or more and helps to prevent colds randomized controlled clinical trials have found our benefit work done by Doctor Anderson and Toronto houses probably twenty very good draws is shown that vitamin C does not prevent colds right so is it a total waste of money there is some benefit and the benefit is that it does slightly reduce the severity of symptoms and it does reduce the duration of cold point out one by according to the clinical trials but it certainly does not prevent a call now the National Institutes of Health and the study marks three hundred employees some funny guys old now but still worthy to look at and people were given either placebo three grams and when I got a call about given a therapeutic dose which was either placebo three grams so you have group by getting nothing for me getting three grams three grams on this group Inc. six grams and has a number of calls per person you can save is no difference by different social that there was a difference as to whether people suspected what about getting people who are getting the placebo when I got the call group by group say they call lasted about a week close that God vitamin C and nearly delegating my site they called last the truth resides less if I didn't know that delegating or they didn't know what you are getting typically last about a week so what is this my domain is the obvious thing if you believe that vitamin C has some affect and unite your enticing than exactly there will be some benefit for most faithful guide of the Pauli effect on the what we knows the placebo so we come around to this question that people are spending millions of dollars things are being presented in magazines and what have you on TV on the web and these are the sorts of things which I utilized because there is at least one out of these six things at least one that you are interested sorry your euros vulnerable feel vulnerable so the marketing people eighty one and joined that a healthful law will beautiful lose weight door slight antiaging or enjoy better sex life book and Hatch as you level that you don't want these one liners that you can live the right and you're a liar so when it comes to health and information on the web business with us which is all about is what you're reading legit or is it funny is incredible of crazy is it safe or scary is it harmful was it helpful now the average Mary or John in the community where you live by probably nine nine they probably don't have that all of you health care professional I sung by six signs this is the text that I like to quote from Providence form today is a very nice pics from the wise man sinful man believes anything but a prudent man thinks carefully before he takes a step that I think that applies to the topic that we told you the big yellow I believe everything you read get a second opinion or third opinion think carefully before you jump before you move forward because everything that I may have a wild thing I want to use Photoshop or other things to do savers right so was some red flags Festival you promise a quick fix that is all the product was connected together noticed in a magazine the article lawyers has products on the next finds little support what was articles all about that's how these companies position themselves so that you will continually obsess with how you and how you feel and how your are using this is what the market is all about getting the consumer to assess that but I can continue selling things I make exaggerated claims that sound too good to be true the article is sensationally written lots of capital that is nervous but in a violence like that with lots of exclamation marks is like if something is charity after their three backflips to get the person 's attention but Sakata were red flagged information is anecdotal not attributed to any reputable organization universe in a single ingredient of product is alleged to cause a long list of health problem was deterred some household for the causing your migraines and closing your celiac disease on everything else about thread flag beware of what people are pushing for many Americans guide to the Internet to get medical information on their decisions I wanted there were influenced by what they write so the question is is it reliable a guy this is the Kiesel many people got a guide of the Internet I diagnose themselves on the nisi well I better go see the dog just like shown on the right track so we can say that yes the web is good because this stuff there that we not have to be running to the doctor is frightened and ankle have forgotten from your physiology class what you should do so you can go online and you find out all about rice what to do with treatment until we can get primarily but it can also be negative because it can exposure to all kinds of home so we recommend a healthy dose of skepticism when you're reading and looking on the web you look for the about us to find out who the person is over the organization is putting something up you set your help organizations repeatable government or Academy of pediatrics or whatever it is the allergy foundation to check what what you also skeins beware of websites linked to a distributor of men so we we have the case of Kunal Rollo stuff was not even fit to break hybrids of you heard about all the stories about canola oil that just raises your hair you just can't believe and then you have asked but I product this line from one visit to amino acids and now to go was originated by Nancy Marco circulated around and around and around the TrackBack to find out who's Nancy Michael was a really good in the financial Washington resisted was a fictitious person but you know the power of all the miles thank you you get this message from your close friend and you don't have time to totally reception but he's your friend you trusting while this never heard of this admittedly you think of all I've got sorry friends I could share this with Segar Aaron and box in your fall into all these two hundred fifty three sockets so you may get listened I do the same thing and before before one hours pass by thirty five million messages of God from these cards to the West Coast and nobody's of the check this out and everybody believing it to be true because you know outside sarcastic time how gullible we are passing on these false information this is happened in a number of tries so this is more for public digestion I don't need to remind you healthcare professionals but regard to repeatable universities that have quality nines like normal interim tops insightful regarding government agencies like Medline national Institute you go to credible health centers like my own clinic Cleveland clinic yes they all have excellent websites with many diseases and problems and descriptions of things going to go to professional health vote as a I think we trust so whether you're patients come in and tell you about something you can refile them the song they sing some double check and then there are reliable newsletters that you can subscribe to these are generally twenty five to thirty five dollars a year tops health and nutrition letter which is largely about nutrition than you have Berkeley wellness clinic you tell and then there is not the more focused one from John Hopkins is viewed for the older population and for women's health old floor ladies are very trustworthy reliable and provide excellent material you are able to keep up with all of the information that's coming out these guys and you can raid some reason many of these have references and URLs that you can check and get the original original beta of course raises some of the websites that are available this is my personal one at a view interested in health information it's not a highly vegetarian nutrition but it does have things about physical health and one of people click on amazing I just want to say something here which is amusing to my webmaster he tells me we get more clicks on this from Beverly Hills and we go from Loma Linda okay so what is the danger of reading stuff on the web that might be fraudulent these are just some of the ideas one is that my delight people from getting appropriate treatment care medical care it may involve I think a lot of those who widens and minerals one of the exercises we have nutrition students do in Andrews in regard to number of websites and look at different supplements of the things Solomon I can't believe some of the supplements have twenty and thirty and forty times the recommended daily allowance for something why do you need to type forty times the diary require the filing when hundred percent so they what's really these are the things that are out there weight loss diets Michael is series Holocaust a serious problem is that ensure was get confused as I ran really lower your blood lipids are not back and forth you go with different things here to keep a caulking so and the remaining twenty five minutes we want to look at just a few of the current fences around their just listen four-year coconut oil has got special therapeutic value we need to regulate the talks present bodies full of environmental toxins and parasites rule food is the best for out how and juicing provides better nutrition a look at please just quickly Festival program and it comes in different forms but coconut fat is probably the one of the most popular and this is a claim that Doctor Fife originally my in his book that coconut oil is rich in medium chain facts so it's different from all the other types of fats and does not raise cholesterol it does not promote blood clots it helps control diabetes provides fewer calories than other fats and helps provide weight loss provides moral bacterial and fungal infections quite quite unwholesome with Susan and down as we soar with Magnetek of dementia regardless and that's extremely important when we look at Man I take you remember there was a whole long list and whenever you start getting a long list of one hundred and fifty seven things that it can do for you then you better beware because there are too many things around that can take care of everything under the sun so this is already a red flag but it's possible so if I don't coconut oil these are the three tropical oils palm palm coconut oil is eighty seven percent of its fat is saturated to analyze and talked about meeting Scheinman on bloggers seventy percent of of the total fat is to say the Stalingrad at hand my this is more rustic palmitic C twelve C fourteen and C six thing atherogenic fatty acid and these are the three that are the ones that cause atherosclerosis in the seventy percent saving on its claim that these are largely medium chine fatty acids we still have a whopping large amount of money to Nepal is a little different from the others because it does have a high level of October trials are very unique triglyceride structure so does have antithrombotic property and even though it's listed with the tropical oils it tends to be cited in these articles so let's look at monkey studies long-term feeding of coconut oil thirty one percent of calories as fat to three different species of monkeys produce what high levels of cholesterol LDL cholesterol and triglycerides as compared to using corn oil is what is at tell us tells of the Carvalho does arise cholesterol and what about blood clots rhesus monkeys that were fed diets with a record so I remain clean up or coconut power compared the three of the card did not stimulate platelet aggregation but coconut oil did I sign a guy that claim is patently false so in summary here without going through all the data we don't have time but the research data shows that it does raise cholesterol it does increase the risk of blood clots and provide similar calories of fats you look it up in tables corn oil eight four eight six coconut oil is approximately eight four quite similar not the six point type I guess whoever wrote the book was dyslexic I got the numbers reached turnaround something but it's not as low as its client ability and it certainly does not promote weight loss using coconut oil is enclosure to shed pounds but I saw enough of that coconut moving to number two number two is the need to cleanse the body and I love you cull on is considered to be the so of the body is able to get rid of that compacted fecal material cleanse the car will use a detox diet in some of these kits provide employer actually a friend of mine in Utah who's been practicing internal medicine for forty years and been doing colonoscopies he said that although all the checks amazed on in season of the same one Woods had this fecal matter conferences hanging around so people claim that these detox regimens give them spiritual help and legal help in song reduce allergies and purify the blood and so forth and I even have special vitamins and herbs and antioxidant supplements to help detoxify the liver my my comment would believe that taking a whole bunch of green vegetables and blending them into a nice juice when they are not refreshing drinks that might be maybe will help the kidneys and help the blood whatsoever but there's nothing extra special move beyond what a good meal and some regular drinking water can accomplish is nothing magical about fruit juice or vegetable juice contain antioxidant supplements to totally purify the live of the blonde one of a Costco on a cleansing is probably guided by many and this is dangerous it could perforate create infections and certainly doesn't like a lot of good sense excessive use of enemas have been associated with cardiac problems related electrolyte imbalance and also might lead to dependence on laxatives about juicing we've had people come to the University and tell us you need to buy one of a six hundred dollar machines you don't get proper nutrition they need to strip away fine but so little of what the minerals have been sold the nutrients then can go directly into the bloodstream it sounds a wonderful denial of physiology course they took over because it certainly wasn't in the physiology course I took when you look at it there's so much about juicing a sense when I was too much fluid in the suggestion when you look at physiology teeth for cutting and grinding in the Colorado six meters long doesn't doesn't make any sense if you're going get your nutrition point is drinking why would you need a mouthful of taste juicing also disrupts fiber when I was a fiber in its native structure conveys metabolic effects and juicing increases glycemic and angiogenic response we see that with Apple juice versus Apple 's lossless examples apples have a much lower blood insulin response plan juice what tells us that the movie could we tighten them meals the more difficult it is not just the third food must be thoroughly chaired the digestion of carbohydrates begins in the mouth so if you are not chewing and indigestion so they doesn't begin effectively she also likes a statement and counsel on the food that some people are too rigid and health reform like this consciousness am feeling great but I'm worried this might just be a symptom think she says some are also health reform can be healthy phone was carried to extremes and we need to be great when you be very careful but we got across the boundary into the phone was now ideas extreme ideas we need to follow the middle-class of scintillating and not go on some of these extreme thing and lastly would vote about rule foods the how the time we got ten minutes out of the new ID movement I think from the West Coast was saying a lot of role food promotion and having curative properties I do feel so much elevated feeling right certainly with eliminating McDonald's go to eating simple rule foods clearly feel a lot better it was the food is more natural but whether the live enzymes this is really part of the story certainly the data doesn't show that the papyrus of the raw food diet I knew that heating about forty degrees Celsius destroys the enzymes so far is your enemy and a good eight this young lady angel food rule otherwise your enzyme Zoloft one oh eight physiology the pH of the stomach is such that it will be nature proteins the Niger enzymes before they get into the building of the enzymes in raw food diet I has to stop over and I get around this argument by saying well the enzymes reassembled zones after the end of this Owen testifies us what the item it just goes on and on you can never bring Claudia 's or something and I'll answer further I study that was done on hallelujah Doctor Donelson published this two years ago the things that are highlighted in yellow show that there is a deficiency when compared to the daily recommended intake and CNG is to log protein is a lot of B12 was almost nonexistent days also Marcos and levels alive on for women and sink the women tend in the lives on the raw food diet you have to okay I think the only requirements the food is so bulky so much fiber is very difficult to get all of the nutrients on my dice roll forward absolutely not Wilford is dried on this not in favor of aging hundred percent of my calories from rule five some advantages to call for as we mentioned in the last election phytochemicals can be more reliably ossify side sinew broccoli the like of playing other carotenoids and vegetables are more liable to the blog approaching stop just treated them like it more digestible using calcium more viable when the brand has been quite released you look at Ellen while driving is many many foods that she will valorize cooking vegetables of Maine is the tight eyes etc. of course some pathogenic organisms are destroyed by the and the shoulders that are in veins of the vegetables which cause gas flatulence are broken down somewhat so they level is diminishing this is also a positive things up as fine reasons why for conveying advantage when not pushing that all food because they're awesome benefits on both sides so as I mentioned earlier health reform can become healthy phone when it is carried to an extreme and wall people health reformers need to avoid the extreme one extreme or the other and somehow into the phase society we are pushed to extremes are not enjoying recreation now I wish you're doing an extreme sport just walking is no longer that almost consider this for many more recreational activity could you not doing something Ryan riding bikes off cliffs soon jumping skiing out of a great to Ryan what have you so we need to be careful that we are tempted to drift into those ways of thinking which do not attract people to the health message believe me and you and menace that come in one nine are channeled into these extreme ways of thinking and often disastrous pathways so in summary beware very much aware of a lot of false ideas around their and propagated in the marketplace everything you read my not be accurate the careful get a second opinion country Arafat might not be old and cracked up tonight my attack rite tout outline slides on the following because of our product as a whole list of things that his client for is not invited to support that cleansing can be dangerous totally rule food and excessive juicing a non- idealized tube tying optimal nutrition having a glass of juice occasionally is not detrimental to your health money putting all your vegetables and fruits into juicing machine is set by not ideal and to check the validity of a client is there a certain websites that you can guide you to check it out given you a list of organizations and clinics send newsletters that are trustworthy and reliable you should read in addition encourage others to read I just want to finish I was asked by a vice president who invited me think we had still five minutes away read Michael correctly in undies only the way listed on the website I got a visitor I think a lot of these things is the one hides summary and include the last two slides things I like what I call one-liners that you can give the inflation sort modes into what you're telling them as things that are involved in some others we talked about in today's election but not everything I believe everything you read on the web guy that sinful message to get to your client because I tend to be believing everything that a second or third opinion about what you read is that not everything is natural is site can either set the hubs that you can drink but cannot give out just because it's a plant doesn't necessarily lay their employees was mustering their poisonous are so not everything that is natural and drug design of the ground is necessarily site try most things but there are some things that I have that I will taser not panacea zero substitute for healthy living I have copies of my through full light his books up front if any of your interest in my unreliable at my website but one of them is on her arms and that's a whole other story there are many herbs which shall benefit usefulness some a Hamas victory have a placebo effect and people can get benefits that they should not be considered as panaceas beware of processed food of course what the food industry coal does the holy Trinity one is the holy Trinity fat sugar and salt because you want to avoid those three things as much as you can choose low-fat low salt low sugar surveys of things you can tell your patient read labels place here away from things that are high in fat high in salt high in sugar avoid filters with trans fat they just another good raise your bad cholesterol low your good cholesterol is a double in him lies here in type two liquid calories liquid calories and satisfied as well as solid calories and is now believe that part of the obesity am in debt epidemic in America is because too much liquid is going to title pictures just one little place but it's an important thing avoid the energy drinks which are just sorry of the ubiquitous now everybody's on one of these energy drinks to get a bus most of the buzz is a moron which is testified in her will café in itself and our two hundred three hundred milligrams of caffeine in a style box when you get these other drinks so I can't think of the mobile United in one something of young people using this giving a tremendous surgeon in the last picture here managing a white might be the most important thing you can do for your health exercise thirty minutes and I find I easily these the things you're probably telling a patient but you have to keep telling they need to hear it over and over again seven I now sleep at night this is becoming a rate commodity to die nobody sleeps anymore except in my meeting and was saying at least to think that Slate was just one of the natural remedies but now is a that silly and lower your risk of obesity and diabetes by the dieters eat mostly hopeful words keep well hydrated that helps to keep the white pizza left I found I get very sluggish in the afternoon for the sleep of the computer so easily that you have awarded a keep drinking it saves the case give your mental acuity he awake the best thing you can do it the title is that a small local orphan I wish I knew that earlier reduced overall I think them over a long variety of on the type of the more types of pasta you have a potluck guess what more to try side cut down variety and then push back you know what I made my push back to before you feel full you push back I like the how the eighty percent principal rely on flu not supplements for your nutrients one exception the embodiment that is very hard to get food those of us who live in the northern climate we get one day for three four five months of the year and a vitamin D supplement and choose one of diet furor over fifty is some simple things that you can incorporate into your patience and even if you give them a different one every time I feel like I get a nutrition education for nothing I feel much valuable along with getting help with their I am okay so I think we have two three minutes on the to three minutes for an observation or call now slider of our house wishing you wouldn't come to the meeting is very hot and 's especially if you are in your first writer of the places very hot this not a lot included good later on some of us have high suspicion because when you when you blast the gene into the into the jnana of another plan is specifically inserted so we don't know what the effect is currently at my type long time favorites I will know it took a long time for tobacco to be on the condemned list trans fat out to the guys before these things right now damn foods the con being pushed through improve alumni what is creating a lot of noise except people on the web read on a fuss on than I can give you mine conviction but I can't back it up with solid science because solid science is very hot today because they get saved you got to be a prodigy sign a symbiotic experiment with the GM food with jam savings so there is a visit of problem my personal feeling is that we got to find problems down the run with movies helping the problems but putting putting out putting James out into the marketplace in big fashion likely what we do is a little bit scary what is more controlled in the laboratory me a mighty insula and other things by genetic engineering that's very very controlled situation but growing huge acreage with GM foods way you can get transfer of genes of plants and all kinds of things that it's left to speculation another something who will argue that this is all just based on feral fantasy but I think the good scientists on both sides program and until more research is done we should be careful oh well my principle is to avoid GM foods way you can put in this country it's hard exactly call him sort of vein is cut all of everything his name genetically engineered very odd but are there now you can boy soymilk you can buy silk for example that is specifically utilizing non- GM soya brain Texas North Dakota unattractive carefully so that is exactly long jams other also product Higginbotham but my father minority religious afternoon with what I was out there yes the whole world is in the livelihood definitely would help him so yes I think we should all support the best as I well it's a very good question of degree now a lot of big fan of substitutes I believe the real thing sucralose of course is heavily chlorinated and down some of these on the substitutes have had rat studies and other things of rice questions stemming air of courses available product which doesn't seem to have any problem sorry if you're looking upon that as a sugar substitute on the available free-agent doorstep but all the others in look at Matt I have a problem with calories so if FIA if I get five to ten percent of my calories from sugar so they are somebody wanted to reduce the caloric and cycle management diabetes might be nine nine eight to guide to some of the substitutes but good management of foods can still utilize sucrose you don't have to be paranoid about looking upon it as a toxic food but having said that there is not a lot of negative data on the substitutes so if you're used to using NutraSweet Slim learned they saw the things I think you than regular use of them the socket of any anyhow I just have a bias against unofficial Selfridge's good question yes now we couldn't fit everything in with us another good question you'll have great question when it wish we had another weekend cover whole organic foods are also hopefully you can get them for a decent price pesticides I live Apple should so I say this Fridays ago on it's very frustrating and annoying to say the level but I realize that if you don't it's Friday night use of the size and so forth lower cost one common charity that certainly didn't want to face things that are used by the Mexican immigrants I have much higher rights of cancer and women who work in the fields with children the children that pediatric cases of cancer and respiratory problems I definitely hire that's well documented Sunday's things that are used in the field and nine are spent on foods there is a minimal is a lot invited a shot of the diet are harmful long-term and precise lines but when I was about toxic chemicals only while the one for them in one even in small amounts so sorry using using things that can remove the residues of as some in the marketplace now I can think of all the knife functionally in the nines of things that you can wash vegetables with but if you if you can't do that since I know that and by the stuff and hopefully from a farm when the next one that is an organic goods the wind can blow was prized downstream inside my life is complicated and you can live in a perfect world where water as fuel Avon Boston one is not a hundred percent pure organic foods not a hundred percent euros each of you choose the best of life thank God for food on the title and it hardly and not worry about if you worry about that can you become psychotic but he tried to try to get okay if that's your preference because certainly the data shows that for the chemicals and someone not made with some are increased like final ten percent but the phytochemicals tangibly higher in war or an organic because the plant so stressed the final the invasion whatever and in that finding off the flight chemicals are produced twenty chemicals of a natural plant 's defense system so again foods tend than on phytochemical levels but however when I told him that massive advantages will fraud health to appear in the same sentence this is the gun of fear in the same sentence the Surgeon General 's report and nine antibiotic United very clear that the frying and and in that category is not associated with his message of healthful eating and choices so we need to keep in mind but just a matter of red meat some barbecue process makes it also frying a vegetarian things we want to cut way back on because you putting oil which is unsaturated bonds into the atmosphere at room temperature in full contact with Fairweather 's oxygen edge is setting up for free radical I was on while stolen the idea and are not trying to describe something outrageous but this is possibly what can happen on so you do not want free radicals moving quickly around the double bonds my right in everything and cyclization of products occur in it can generate things that are mutagenic used on relaunch and because I say I occasionally using frying food along with a good plate of vegetables which will minimize the effect is okay but if you regularly use fried stuff is good all because of the Malacca double bombs by using the footer is a title saturated coconut so you might avoid the free radicals oxidation that day and not saturated fat so the point we want to make is that we want to make sure we going to the real site and not getting other people 's paraphrasing our own version and then take on what I think that reading thank you very much appreciate this media was brought by audio price a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about hothouse the more certain is www. audio course taught or


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