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Praying with Patients from a Christian Perspective

Eddie Needham


Eddie Needham

Program Director, Florida Hospital Family Medicine Residency



  • November 1, 2013
    4:30 PM
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I am a family physician and by training I had the pleasure of serving in Hawaii for three years of stuff someone had to do it so I did my residency and then I was at Fort Benning Georgia for about four years. I had five children and saw the handwriting on the wall that at some point I would be sent for three to six months or more away from my family so I went ahead and took an opportunity to go to Emory in Atlanta where I was on the faculty for eleven years and then came to Florida Hospital here in the City Beautiful Orlando. I don't know the name of the city until about a year ago but it's the city beautiful and I've been here for about three years. I'm a recovering program director of about ten years duration and love to teach and share with you guys. I hope that our time this afternoon is not very one sided but they'll be plenty of opportunity to share in just for you know those of you in the first two rows This is the splash zone and things may get splashes longer splashback it's OK Already that's a little bit about me. I have been blissfully married my wife made me sure and put that additive in there. She's not here to defend herself. I have five mostly grown children and my eldest is a boy. And for girls and so blessed with what the Lord has given us. I just want to say what a delight it is to be able to speak to a group of physicians health professionals who are coming together in a Christian atmosphere. Someone who speaks and trains and does things you always have to be careful you can give little hints but you can't go overboard and say Jesus or things like that because you may offend people not that Jesus said we would live in people but it's a delight to be able to come in just to come into a group with brothers and sisters and to share the Lord what he has for us. Caught up with a word of prayer. Just real briefly. Father thank You that you are passionate. For us if you're a good father I thank you for brothers and sisters thank you for the opportunity as Solomon said as iron sharpens iron so when we sharpen each other well I pray that you pour into our spirits more of your presence that as we rub against shoulders with each other there'd be static electricity of the kingdom's presence that would be able to electrify the environment around us with you and where we just want to make much of you this afternoon we pray these things in your name Amen. Alright that's about me what I really want to do is serve you guys and be able to share a little bit of what I've done and what I'm currently doing. I am a journeyman apprentice on the journey that we're on and there may be some master jet in the room. I've got some things to share I will occasionally be dropping Star Wars and Star Trek and so those of you rock on you know dilithium crystals and all that kind of stuff. So our goal this afternoon we want to identify some clinical opportunities to address spiritual issues with our patients or just with each other and then apply three signals that it might be inappropriate to go to go there as so to speak and they create a clinical opportunity where we also can have spiritual care for a patient encounter stirring the waters in John Chapter five. There was a miracle and it happened in the midst of stirring the water so I hope to stir the waters in your spirit. I hope to present the weapons of our warfare as mighty sense in second Corinthians ten that are weapons of our warfare mighty to the pulling down of strongholds. We tear down all kinds of things that are out there but our weapons are not iron and steel. It's getting down on our knees it's reaching out and touching people. It's the things of the heaven that Jesus showed for us I hope to make much. Of Jesus He's the one that we're all here about and I hope that we can conspire together to advance as king and it's interesting the word conspire con means with spire brief to gether so do this for me take a deep breath and breathe out. Right we just there's one in equals one randomizer the treatment group right. Already some ground rules in medicine we use evidence based medicine. We've got heat Harrisons we've got Cecil's We've got sports textbook in medicine else and how maybe all primary care so Family Medicine internal medicine pediatrics about surgical subspecialties dental focus and a dentist in the room. Market we talk about it and how about a non-physician health care folks. Anybody OK great. This is a good reflection of the Body of Christ our ministry textbook. Obviously is the Holy Word of God. It's interesting it says in Hebrews four twelve that the Bible the Word of God is living and active sharper than a double edged sword it penetrates to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit joints and marrow this serves the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. That's our textbook. So I'm going to be three sixteen says All Scripture is. God breathed is what it says in the King James Doohan or in their own nationals their national version says that it's inspired all Scripture is God breathed and is useful for teaching correcting rebuking and training in righteousness so that the man or woman of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. What we're doing is equipping each other and John fourteen twenty six as the counsel of the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name will teach you all things and remind you of everything I've said. I always wondered how could guys who weren't trained go for pages of writing read in the Bible just like put the D.V.D. in and start quoting you know Jesus. I think the Holy. Spirit was bringing things to their remembrance so the Holy Spirit the Word of God Those are obviously teachers that we have some other ground rules God is awesome. We know that he is so much bigger than we can ask or imagine. Job Chapter nine proceeded says he alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea. I love were Jesus does something in the New Testament and it doesn't seem to have a reference where did that happen in the Old Testament you know he's walking out on the water tells Peter he was already treading on the waves in the sea back in job. There's a story in several stories where Jesus takes bread and fish and multiplies it a life. Did that in the Old Testament with just one hundred people. What is he doing in our lives that's already been recorded in Scripture and is just waiting for us to get out of the boat. I say a forty twenty eight through thirty one you know this verse do you not know. Have you not heard the Lord is the everlasting God the creator of the ends of the earth. He does not grow tired or weary and his understanding no one can fathom. He wrote Cecil's he wrote here since you knew all that stuff and it goes on and then says you know those who hope in the Lord to wait on the Lord will renew their strength will soar on wings as eagles will run and not be weary they'll walk and not faint. So who exactly is Jesus. I was like in my practice in my life when I'm not sure I actually don't have a little band on but W W J D. What would Jesus do. That's actually helpful for me to go back and see what would Jesus do if in doubt of where we are. Look at what Jesus does it says in Hebrews one three Jesus is the radiance of God's glory and the exact representation of his being. Sustaining all things by his powerful word and it says in Colossians verses one is chapter one verses fifteen through twenty. There's a large portion there he is the image of the invisible God the firstborn over all creation it goes on the disk. All the things of what Jesus is. That's who we serve. My biggest brother is the richest Jew in the world. That's an interesting way of putting it. I like to use stealth Christianity where you say things like that people think you're being culturally competent. Who here is really culturally competent just making a fact from our perspective so it's important to Jesus. We're actually going to get to praying with patients. I'm just laying around I like to also use the term faith synchronous when I'm approaching a relationship with a patient. It's helpful having taken a spiritual history are we at least in the same ballpark with each other. So for example someone who might be Southern Baptist and a Presbyterian they're going to be synchronous in that they'll share the text of the Bible together. You may even pray together someone who for example is a Japanese person of a Shinto faith and a Jehovah's Witness probably or just synchronous. Those of us who are from a Christian perspective coming into maybe a Muslim perspective and maybe Hindu are sion to Shinto or Baptist perspective. Those are just synchronous faiths it doesn't mean that God can't move in that situation but it just helps me to identify Can I easily take a next step. Or should I just pause and wait and give God a chance with someone else. So my focus today is to be focused on the faith synchronous interaction. We often times are here things where you know it's not appropriate to pray with patients or you can only do it in the situation. What if all the stars were in alignment. You know everything was there everything was perfectly set up for you to take that next step. Have we done so. So let's do a quick poll of hands how many people in the past year have prayed with a patient. So I may be talking to. Do the audience I mean have you guys just come up and share how many of you are regularly reaching out being active in your community with what you do from a health perspective so a lot of you. So why did you invite me to come. George you guys already knew all this stuff so I want to go on and share some of the things that I have found to be helpful and then also give you a chance you may have something burning that you want to say or share there will be opportunities this is participation as well audience participation. So this is the perfect jewel Yes there is a patient who is the same faith or close enough to where you coming from has a spiritual need that you might not necessarily shoulder the entire burden but you can at least speaking in that person's light light with some light in the love of Christ so I love you many with the purple ones. What kind of stone is that that's never kissed hello at the upper right corner of the Green Line. It's a trick question it's a green Amethyst and then the bottom right hand corner is not a sapphire to Bluto past those are some of the ones that i like they're beautiful and they're not quite expensive as the other ones and they're still on you can get them in their natural state. I want to just show this because this is the perfect view when we get to that patient. So we all know that they're going to be in them around just like we have in surgery and the times that perhaps we could have done something a little better. So no one can integrate medicine and ministry perfectly except our Lord Jesus Heaven's expectation though is we give it a go as they say in Great Britain in a fusions chapter two. Everyone's familiar with verses eight and nine by grace are you saved through faith and that not of yourselves it is the gift of God Not of works lest any man should boast. It then goes on the very next verse says for we are God's workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works which he's already prepared in advance for us to do. It's a set up. All we have to do is take that for. Or step assuming we're hearing correctly from the Lord Philippians two thirteen says it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purposes. We're all familiar with the parable of the Talents. What on God's given me that I've not invested if I just buried it in the ground and this is for me the scary part what I'm I'm not stewarding in my going to be accountable for something later on. I have cautiously taken the tact I would rather try and fail and have not tried. I believe God is big enough to cap and clean up any mess that I think most of us often times when a lot of us don't. We're timid and then you think three days later I should have said that I had a patient who had cared for for about three years. Sorry I'm on the tail end of a cold now who has got really really bad diabetes heart disease all kinds of stuff and I've I just decided recently that I was going to start helping him with his chronic pain and he saw me about a week ago and I have shared with him a little bit and he's actually sharing more his faith with me than I am with him. Got a call on Monday that he had been found dead at home. And oh wow. And it still is not raw but it's still fresh but it made me think What could I have did I do anything that I not do something that I should have done to touch him that I do something not so much medically but just confirming and affirming who he was he was always coming in and giving me the Jewish ironic blessing you know may the Lord bless you and keep you said he'd write it out in Hebrew. And given it to me what are the things that we're sitting on. God wants us to kind of move forward with. So I just want to encourage us to move forward. We've already answered that one. You guys. Very well there are three preconceptions I want to address. Number one it's not your role as a physician to provide spiritual. You should pray with patients there are books out there and we know that's out there and I mean I understand where people are coming from and I think probably in a lot of situations it's not appropriate. But again perfect gem perfect storm when it is appropriate do we step in and minister or do we shrink back as it says we don't want to be those history but we want to be those who are stepping forward. I'm not credentialed for this procedure. I know at least in family medicine I did my military tour I did my residency in the military. We didn't have a lot of joint problems if you had chronic arthritis you were in the military so I graduated from my residency having done maybe three to five injections maybe two to three children directions when I left the military I was doing two to three knee injections almost every day coming into an older practice in Atlanta and there were a lot of things I just had been sending out to people carpal tunnel and said I can do a carpal tunnel injection I can inject that in so stepping in as the Lord gives us teachers colleagues in our life people who sharpen our blades it's interesting when blades sharp and what happens when the sparks fly sparks are going to fly but the blade gets sharper in that fashion. So and then the third thing I don't have enough time. How do you spell time. Excuse me I. I ruined my punch line. Spelled love T V. We are told to love each other and you have for me is my family. The most challenging thing I have is just sitting down and sharing with people I care for you. And often times it's like St Francis of Assisi said Preach and when necessary use words. Just sitting down and being with somebody probably is eighty five to ninety five percent of the battle for me. What about this first one so it's not. Our role. Who wrote the greatest portion of the New Testament. Well there's actually look how many people knew that anybody a few yeah. So I'm for the doubters in the audience because I know there's a Thomas or two out there. So there's the actual workout. So Luke the physician who wrote the gospel of Luke the book of Acts for a total of just under fifty thousand words. Look at all those epistles incredible amount of sleuthing throwing out giving Heber's even though I don't necessary believe as Paul would give it to here it's still only forty thousand words. What's your point anyway saying that well because look I was one who invested in the kingdom and it's interesting around Acts Chapter sixteen as you read through. Luke is documenting they did this they did this in the middle of Chapter sixteen there's a word in there that changes and it's we you could see where he comes in and now he's writing about what he did with Paul. That's neat I want to be in the we portion I will be in the room with you Jesus when you hear somebody. Ice will be in the room when you change someone's lives or rub up against YOU CAN I JUST BE THERE. Anyone read The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe. I come I assume so as soon as one of the big great lion in the first book there's this wicked witch none of the West but just the wake the wicked witch and she has ability to freeze creatures Azlan in saving the land comes in in the breeze the breeze on the statues and they come back to life and there's a smaller line and that is soon as he comes back to life. He's jumping all over and around as one is rubbing up against him and his purring is doing all this stuff and I'll be a little transparent as a guy those are things I naturally. Yeah that's cool be buddy buddy with Jesus and he's holy and mighty and he's up there but he also wants to be with us and to be able to rub up against him to rub against Paul. All acts like Luke did. That's kind of where we want to be. That's where I want to be. It's interesting in the Old Testament if you had a rash if you had an illness or something and it didn't get better over a period of time what were you supposed to do. You present yourself to the priest. There wasn't a physician it was a priest in the priest determined to do this you know go put this poultice on or wear this and if it gets better in seven days you're good if not he was actually the one assigning isolation so to speak so to me that's a joint ministry of medicine and the Ministry of the Lord. Yes there are those who are formally trained if we go to medical school that's a good thing. We go to seminary that's a good thing but there's not a great canyon divide between that was there was an opportunity for us to go back and forth and work work together where we are. Florida hospital we're blessed because each of the floors in the hospitals got its own chaplain and then in the clinic we have the opportunity to have a chaplain come over and help us if we don't either have the time with ability of the training to be able to minister folks were killed were about the last one I don't know how to do this or I'm not credentialed well as with other pretty procedures what we do see one do one teach one so had you seen when you were in that school where was the first time. When was the first time you saw someone as a physician pray with someone else. Anybody. Let's go where you know school so long let alone Melinda's get creates that environment. Awesome. Anyone not in med school see that which was a cigarette or whatever was just fantastic. Now the V.A. environment I think because you're dealing with people in the military is a much more open environment people shoot bullets at you you want to get close to God So what about others with perceived as well the work of the five fold ministry as we read about it. Patience is to build up the church. It's not to put all the fivefold ministers upon them. From stage and have him do it. It's for us to get out there to prepare God's people for works of service we talked about works of service and patients to ten before that there are things that God uniquely designed each of us to do so in some measure we are indeed credentialed well but I don't have time. Neither do I. Yes we know that is Ministry of this ministry or service important. Yes I remember one time my second or third year out of residency was a while back in the ninety's. I had a patient who came in who was just in her heart was raw right in front of me and I could have just gone and said Well here is your medicine for your osteoarthritis there's no I got to go there and so we shared a little bit. I shared some scriptures with her. I prayed with her and it's very common. She was you know crying but it was a therapeutic type of interaction. And after that it was just very very thankful and I'm thinking oh great I get two or three people who aren't you know behind. I walk out you know and I turn and my next two patients are no shows. I'm so God was waiting for me to step in and maybe I passed in some small measure there's plenty of opportunities where I had not passed and I've got to he's got a flat spot on his forehead for going oh no and he did it again. So we do want to say that the ministry is of eternal significance. Can we just find one person today to tell it's for the king and that doesn't necessarily mean you gotta pray with them and spend fifteen twenty minutes it can just be a simple God bless you. I like to give the guys I can with you. Well you're closer over here when I'm going to do this. Hey How you doing. Give a little bicep squeeze you guys as we do that. Yeah and it's not just a little padded to squeeze it gets your attention and it also you know Guy Guy kind of thing. What do we do that way spiritually to each other. Robust in our. Doesn't see a program that there's a tradition that I don't know how long it's been there. We do a devotion at the beginning of our faculty meeting and it's a great time just to kind of float some things out on the water not being too in your face with anything because we have a lot of probably half our faculty who are people of faith of Christian faith and the other half are maybe close observers and so you don't want to scare people away at the same time we've got to keep our big fisherman going to catch fish you gotta keep throwing in the water you don't catch fish with them just jumping out of the water. So even Jesus said You throw the net on the other side of the boat try a different technique you never know when the one hundred fifty three. So can we find a person every day. Slow down and our start slow and taper. If we haven't done it we think I'm going to set up my entire clinic I've got to have all the staff all these things if you just do one little thing consistently that creates spiritual momentum and is sufficient for the Kingdom including our staff so Jesus had a team of twelve people on his dream team. Maybe we could just get the eight or ten folks who work around us some of the more effective ministers may not even be the physicians and maybe that nurse or that may or that staff member or anyone. Oh what's his name. Guy that used to live down here in Kissimmee is a family doc I'm blanking on his name. Sorry about that anyway. I'll remember as soon as I step out the door he his practice was the nurses would come to yeah I was there more to go thank you so while he now works with focus on the family now he would his nursing staff was trained that if they sense that there was something else going on they would put what is God doing Debbi I.D.A.G. on a sticky on the door and so as he when he came into the room the R.D. son's virtual radar something's going on. He would be able to you know take care of the patients. Pretension diabetes whatever it might be but also just gently Is there something we can help you out with and if there was the torrent the water flow is coming. He simply excused himself and his nurse staff come in and they took care of it he was able to Kenya to see patients on time. He also had a network set up so if someone was from a spiritual perspective just like you do a cardiology consulate heated up Presbyterian cancelled or an event is cancelled or Catholic consul or whatever to be able to plug them in in the community. I thought that was fantastic that you don't have to do it your fact you're not designed to do it all. There's only one person who's ever had the entire presence of the Holy Spirit in his body. If you and I had to be like holding up our you know like five thousand volt electrical cord all about two thirds of its unused boom spontaneously explode. So God was this Jesus was designed to do that were designed to do it together as a team helpers anybody doing patients in and out of the home said team medicine right. So there's a we want to go ahead identify some clinical opportunities to address spiritual issues. Has anyone been on American business trip. Probably almost everyone in this room. One of the delights I have on a missions trip. Almost every single patient you come through and see is when you asked him Can I pray for you there. Yes And oftentimes it's yes and they're holding their hands out. Please pray for me. Vs in America you have to develop this careful relationship kind of gently back door sneak a few hints in there I only get to the point of you know can I pray for you. So that's an easy way if you haven't done that before we went to Liberia back in February and there were three of us myself and two residents. Alice Park and we'll be lonely all three of us people of faith and we saw six hundred ninety seven patients in three days. Reason we saw so many people is as you know most of them are helping they just needed a check and you're alive and here's some vitamins and here you go. But every single person that I saw I was able to bless in the Lord's name. It was just very refreshing to have that you come back to the states and you always have to think oh yeah I'm here in the States I can't do that with everyone. But why not and why. I've seen the enemy he's me so it's a challenge to me and to us. There are things that are on those missions trips that we can take home in at least plan see us doctor the dentist frequently a spiritual debate they hear the American doctors are coming and people come from all over the place they're waiting three or four hours to see you and to see me. We see him for two minutes get some vitamins and then that's it. So it's an opportunity to kind of really just invest in the kingdom of God I want to share this with you. Anybody a member of Christian Medical Dental Association C M D A are familiar with that. Anyone seen one of these the Avenger cube so I am not going be able to do this with two hands easily but this transcends language and I actually have one of these it's about this big so there is darkness in your life and there's light in the kingdom of heaven. It opens up. Jesus hung on the cross died for your sins and my sins. He was buried in a tomb that was guarded by the Roman soldiers then arose from the dead and has made a way for us to get from darkness into light and have fellowship with the King of Kings and the Lord of wars. There's any what you do if you just put this out on the counter and the kids start playing with it in the very early someone says what does that mean. Oh since you asked. Let me tell you about that. And there you go. So we would always bring those when we get them going on medical missions trips and it's neat to see how many people even through a separate language. They're nodding the whole time and then you ask them Would you like. We see the lore and they go Yes And you know when I was to let me explain it again and again no no I got it I want to be you know in his kingdom. So that's when the tool that you can use and other places we can address spiritual issues. How many of you do hospital medicine work. Are in the hospital and then in the clinic. So a little bit more people now are patient and patient the clinic obviously is a place one of the hospitals here at Florida Hospital excuse me again our papa hospital on the north side of town about two years ago Jason Salamone I'm not sure if he's here. You wouldn't miss him he's about this tall. Jason is the chief of their medical staff and they had a suggestion that when people come into the hospital as part of their sign in materials that they be given this prayer ban and it says if you would like to be identified as someone who would be willing to be prayed for. Just simply put this over your wrist and as we come around on rounds we'll know what you like is to pray for you and almost takes away the whole tension of having that discussion the patients already said yes please pray for me. Now we realize we're preaching to the choir that someone who is probably already in the kingdom of God but a great place to practice great place to identify someone who can be blessed receive emergency department. Oh Are the words there can be some challenges with that and we'll talk about that a little bit the dental clinic hospice a lot of times people have you know come to the end of their line and suddenly they're now more tuned into I need to listen to what my heart is telling me. Help Here's another great place you can do is raise some issues they'd like this is if they flag you just putting something out there waving the flag. Anyone heard that term before. So few people are you seemed years as well. OK so it's not my turn. It's something that someone else has used but faith flags are static items that you just put on display in the speak of Heaven's love require very little effort on our part we just put him out there so some examples aren't work in the waiting room how many people see that picture. At Florida Hospital are pictures like this all over the hallways and it's incredible. You don't even eat almost have to kind of OK it's there. I need to give people some breathing room but the artwork that's there a symbol on your lapel a lot of people were Christian jewelry a non-provocative phrase like Thank You Lord not faint yellow or some type of you know people will take the name of the Lord in the name of the Lord in vain. So this is an example of Jesus Christ. And I will say he's listening and I know what they said. Yet you just called Jesus Christ is is listing it. Can you call Buddha's name next time or maybe someone else and so I step into that there's a proverb that says like muddied water or polluted spring is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked. So it's a very non-provocative it maybe it's not like it but I'm not you know calling down fire and brimstone like the John and James but it's just a Thank You Lord and I mean it. Verses is just a phrase so that's a simple faith like we talked about this a lot of your clinics my clinics and hospitals have got artwork and you put a little verse down there in the heavens declare the glory of God Yes I go out at night and I look up and I'm there I love to tell fish stories and like I was joking earlier about you know all the different things that Jesus did the very first four apostles were what they should be. Yeah so it justifies my existence now. It actually gives me opportunities sometimes when I'm telling fishing stories with people who didn't need to wake. But those brilliant colors on the dolphin like it's just fantastic and I will sometime get out OK that's kind of nice. OK I'm done I don't need to push any further. Yeah. Then you step into that. So those are ways to kind of back door kind of bring the kingdom to the disk to the discussion we talked about that event. Q What are some other faith flags that you all might have in your practice or things that you do that maybe open doors for you. Audience participation is available magazine's great this one right here. Medical mentalist that I hadn't seen that before I read that when I was in the Salvation Army they had one that was out there and they would always give it for free and they'd ring the bell sometimes you get a free literature right. So for the people listening to Christian reading materials magazines small brochures using things that the N.R.A. has deemed as helpful to include prayer. Those are great ways anyone else going to new ideas. So yes. So a comet so one of my favorite things that I'm sure is if you take your kids this is happen. Little Johnny was sick two days ago and it takes mom a day or two to get an appointment and she comes in and by the time she can do as well is really sick and now is better and that could be almost a gallon to you that you didn't see Johnny yesterday I was you say is the need the way God designed our bodies to naturally heal themselves and I do. Yeah usually it's a neutral to slightly positive response sometimes it's just you know whatever. But that's a way of just a comment and I have to be careful when I use that I can use it more when I know someone. But Faith flags are very important. Now there are danger moments Danger Will Robinson danger lost in space so some danger when would it be inappropriate to address spiritual issues so. Somebody comes for an acute care visit. They just sprained her ankle there an urgent care your lead statement may not be well tell me what brings you spiritual sustenance healing a bone sticking out I am not spiritual sustenance it could be a thing if you get to it but acute care visit you may not want to leave that is your ace of spades. Some people in electronic medical records people are filling them and now you can put in different prompts that just kind of people fill out that they check a box would you like your physician to pray for you it comes out when you're on the receiving end you see that in when you're performing a spiritual history in your questions fall dead in the water do not pass GO not collect two hundred dollars you can just say that's not the right time. Thank you. I remember being out in Montana back in town. January and there was a rock shop and I was trying to find a geode and I went in and I talked to the guy behind the desk and he said yeah here's a geode right here and said Hey are you a person of faith and he said Well not really and I was like oh OK and I was like OK where do I go with this conversation. Make it awkward. But that to me was a time when that's as far as I needed to go. I had another gentleman I was out jogging two years ago and I was on the trail just like that and I hear this guy coughing I go by I am the comeback is Kaufman Kaufman and I felt like the Lord tell me you should go and as for that aspect he wants to be prayed for healing and I'm like Are you kidding me I don't know and he doesn't know me and I got about another fifty yards and I just you know this focus trying to pull me back I said fine if I mess up we're going to have to take care of it so I went back and he was he wasn't all terrorizing and kind of looking individually just sitting there homeless people in Orlando oftentimes look better because there's no cold weather and their clothes stay well longer and they present themselves well. But his name was Thomas I didn't say doubting Thomas but that was his name. I asked him you know. I've been you have seen a few times. Do you mind if I pray for you and they said No go ahead. So I started praying for him and I said Well do you mind if I touch you. He said yes and I was thinking Oh yes please do it and I started to do it he said no no get away from me like OK well done. So making sure that it's an appropriate situation and I have that still fresh in my memory that when I pray for people I maybe I shouldn't touch them as a position it's easy to touch because people expect that and a non-physician environment sometimes we carry that with us I'm still the position of you know I don't know that your position so make sure that you are listening to the Lord and then doing things appropriately. Don't minister to attract person so if they've just been newly diagnosed with cancer I got them they got to come down and now that's it that's probably not the best time. Someone is getting ready to go to surgery a number someone chairing this. A patient had a great interaction with their surgeon. We're looking forward to the surgery and surgery because this is a great doc to do the surgery and right when they were in a pre-op area before they put in the sleep the surgeon came up and said Can I play with you and then didn't listen just jump right in to pray for him. The guy's an agnostic at best a very very strong atheist and he was like What do I do and how do I get a new surgeon or he was trapped so make sure that you address those things in appropriate fashion. The didn't start here that's why if you're in the dental chair Don't you love it when people tire or where you get a little bit of water you know in the back you throw you're trying to swallow you can't you will sucker things not there. So when you're in the dental chair might not be the best time to try to minister to someone so be careful. We have a new patient your practice coming in for a chronic disease that they get diabetes attention so they get you know they're obese they had hypertension they had diabetes they're not going anywhere. They're going to come back they need to. He fills in either crap in check. That's something that you can follow up with those folks. We've all heard this quote other people don't care how much you know until you know how much they know how much you care. My adaptation for the kingdom is people don't want to be preyed upon and they want to be cared for before being prayed for. So care for them establish that relationship first before you move into a spiritual situation. It's interesting all the people Jesus healed. How many of them came and followed them. Five percent ten percent. I heard one so with the lepers it was a ten percent capture rate right you know ten nine went off and only one came back to say thank you. Interesting. So Jesus was ministering to their bodies first before speaking to their spirit in the ones that followed him were a few people who are faith the synchronous you may not necessarily want to minister to pray with that patient. Sometimes you can't I have done this twice now just this past week where the residents had a patient who she looked Latino to me and she was a level four visits a doctor even got a committee to see in a patient's bill of over what was it and she started talking about all or issues and she was mentioning how she volunteers at the Jewish home. The recreation center something that was related to the Jewish faith and then later on again she said something Jewish and I had assumed she was Latino or perhaps Catholic and so I did say are you from the Jewish faith. Yeah OK well I went back and we did some things and at the very end I just said Major over Shalom give you peace and be a blessing to you there. You're you know culturally competent and multiple different things and her face just lit right up. So a lot of folks believe the same thing in the Old Testament. Just go back there and hope things from the Old Testament that people from the Jewish perspective will also be blessed from that. People who have obvious lie. If Sound Choices need that are challenging need tender care have to be very careful and this is holy ground as you come in as we move from just taking a pill to I'm going to test your spirit it doesn't get any more transparent than that so there's some things to be careful about the way that I go about doing an informed consent for yes or so for the tape it was someone sharing about as a surgeon praying for people ahead of time. The example that I gave the surgeon asked the question but then didn't give the person an opportunity to say no they just jumped right in. It sounds like you're very gently coming in and saying can I pray for you. And having been Blair's little Helen the lot to get where you got North Georgia Blueridge I love to go out there and your trout fishing So yes you're right you're you know. Well it may be a good time to let them this is serious it is important. I'm going to be God's instrument hopefully and I'm sure you talk about informed consent the risks and that kind of stuff. But. Oh OK OK. Well some people are going to have a malignant melanoma or they're going to have we have a gentleman how to work with me work with me here. I still think it's important any time you step into the surgical environment you're right that being a dermatologist it would be unusual that you know someone would have like a poor outcome of the next day or two. It can happen. I really again want to echo what I heard you doing those sound just from the demeanor that I sense you're a gentle person you're coming in not like I'm gonna do this. Here comes a hold on you know put your seatbelt on the very gently partnering with someone coming up beside them. That's what I heard I think that's that's always going to be a good thing to do. Yes. So it's my custom to pray before surgery would you offer a prayer. That's another way of doing that. Yes we'll do another common over here. Oh OK. All righty my process for doing an informed consent I have a very quick four step process takes me about five to eight seconds or so and I do if you guys are you people of faith. Most people sixty to eighty percent of people will answer that yes I'm a person of a fact depending on the study sixty eight percent of people who want to their physicians to address their spiritual needs and pray with them. So I heard the Yes You know like the guy with the geode. I'm done I'm not going to do any further but yes I'm a person of faith. Oh what kind of church you go to or what type of you know faith environment did you grow up in. Yes or no. So that's a great point you know do you believe in a higher power. From where do you get your strength. There's no hope demonic that's out there and a lot of different things that are out there. So what does your faith tradition allows them to identify Well you know I'm a dentist I'm Catholic or you know I'm Jewish whatever it might be if their faith synchronous with you then you can go to the next step. Well I want to go to church and that kind of gives you a sense of how devout they are and if I get a sense of what is going twice you know Easter and Christmas isn't that when the doors are only open anytime we're giving out candy or presents I'm there. So and if there's a relative amount of devotion it's there then I will say Well can I pray with you rather than let me pray with you that me pray with you here it comes. Can I pray with you and then pausing as you said to kind of give them a chance to fill in the blank. So you always want to be careful of the power differential as a physician. Usually I'm sitting down to get down. Or up with them upon the table and because I'm a little bit Sure individual when I'm in the chair I'm actually looking up to them so make sure that when you get to this area you're not. Are they going to come back and see you next week or are you doing something that now that's the end of the relationship you want to continue to partner with them but that the four steps that I use in the handout that they're I think the second page. Yeah. Second page for those of you who are engineers or need an algorithm there's an algorithm for you they kind of walk through it as well and there is and sort of blow it up. Are you a person of faith yes or no. What church do you to know what your faith tradition or do you have a higher power and then stepping on down through there. We have the ability to offer chaplain services as necessary and one of the things our Artemus at our church our hospital does it's neat when you're discharged from the hospital they always in addition to the paperwork they operate discharge a blessing. Would you like a discharge blessing I was at like a ten percent discount to disturb us. And so it gives the chaplains an opportunity not in time to chaplains have been rounding and they already know they've established a relationship so just some thoughts there. There are some general Scriptures that I like to just down someone wants just to be prayed for I love Psalm twenty seven thirteen fourteen it says this and there's a song that goes with it but I'm so confident of this I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord be strong take heart and wait for the Lord. Third John today John starts out his third epistle with brothers I wish above all things that you prosper and be in Hell even as your soul prospers. Psalm ninety one the whole thing I'm not going to quote it to you but that's a very saw a strong song Psalm one hundred three verses one through five bless the Lord of the soul all that is within the blesses away. Plus a little missile and don't forget any of those benefits you could give your sense what's an excellent heals all your diseases redeems your life from your pit from the pits of someone who's got some issues with depression do they feel like they're in the pit. There it is. He crowns you with love and compassion satisfies your desires with good things so that those who are older than fifty so that your youth is renewed like eagles. I love those type of scriptures someone would go through some of these other ways later on as we get some more specific examples. So pray the Word of God I'm always with someone of faith. I will write a prescription and I'm off to get a prescription pad and up relevant scriptures on the prescription pad and then. How many people have electronic medical records so these are kind of becoming somewhat extinct. But back in the day I get you know here's your prescription for your flu oxygene twenty milligrams. And here's your prescription from the Word of God. Quote These three times a day or with your mouth or whatever would be and I encourage people to write him out on three by five cards that way they're always available and at some point they get memorized and at some point they go from here to here and then at some point they don't need a text it's already there it's in their heart. So really getting the word of God and praying it is a very effective thing and will give you some examples. Praying for blessing and medical insight like going before surgery inviting other people in the team. Can you come in. Would you like to pray with us. So chaplain or family member. Physically positioning yourself I mentioned that as well. May I hold your hand you always want to be careful about that before you touch someone not as a physician but as a minister are you doing out appropriately now. Balance is very very important. You are here somewhere up there in the middle of the Milky Way And what about you know Paul said to Timothy Hey take some wine for your. Well Senator I mean for your stomach and frequent illnesses. Lazarus got to die twice. How about that and a life now I sure was suffering from the illness from which he died. Here's a guy that did twice as many miracles of the light but he was suffering from I don't know the answers for this. I just know that we've been given permission to pray and expect God to do good things for people. So I was going to provide balance it's out there. And Philippians three twelve to sixteen it talks about pressing on towards a goal that win the prize which God has called us and we were in Christ Jesus. Verses fifteen and sixteen a very limited sense and those who are in Christ who take should take such a similar view and if on any point you think differently that to God and they clearly only listen let us live up to what we've already obtained so whatever measure of faith of praying for people you already have. Stay there and they keep building on that. We are seated with him in heavenly places. Yeah but our feet are still on the earth. The concept of the not yet but already he's he's made us perfect in the heavenly is but we're still being made holy here on Earth. There's a tension that's there and we need to keep pressing on and on going short on time I want to mention a few things here so again here's the perfect situation. How would what would it look like so how many people have seen this thirty seven year old female presence of a sharp stabbing sternal chest pain and anxiety. Anybody does primary care that's a very common scenario. You establish medical excellence first it's not hyperthyroidism your heart's OK having palpitations do you need to do a cardiac workup. Assuming all that's negative. Are you a person if they have him. Baptist. How do you go from two or three times a month. Would you mind if I pray for you. Well sure thank you. And then stepping in. These are the prayers I can only pray Philippians four four three. Rejoice in the Lord always. I'll say it again rejoice let you. We haven't all the Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything and pray but with prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your requests to God in the Peace of God will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus finally whatever's true and just going on and quoting us you don't have to quote you can just have you know a little cheater card as well. First Peter five seven Cast all your anxiety on him for he cares for you and just the song twenty third song. Those are all things that you can just have already so that when there's an opportunity you have to be careful that their faith is not in you but it's in the Word of God So you've prayed it but then you read it and say Here here's your take on here's your prozac but you know what this maybe even more important. So that's something. Those are some. Some examples there. We talked about general help. I love my dentist brothers and sisters because of the pursuit of help and wholeness and how do we not use the drugs but use the things God given us I mean there's so much that's in there. Romans twelve therefore I urge you brothers and your gods mercies present your bodies a living sacrifice you know the problem about the living sacrifices when you put it on the altar it keeps wanting to get off and go do its thing and then you got to keep sticking it out there every day. First Corinthians six nine three one thousand eight hundred twenty cents. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you whom you have received you are not your own you've been bought with the most precious commodity in the universe the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore I was a little addition there for honor God with your body. We talked about there John in that song twenty something help in old age song nine to says they will still bear fruit in old age it will be fresh and green and I love this prayer Moses's prayer of the tribe of Asher and a woman I saw just two days ago who had some. She's a person of faith she had some knee pain but she had some mild osteoarthritis. Only the first part of this verse said your gaze will be like iron and bolts of bronze said Here's your your gates are like iron and bolts of brawn. There's your titanium knee and your strength will equal your days if you get to be ninety two years old you want to be just as strong as you are right now when you get to be. I love things like that they're buried in the Old Testament you know I didn't know that was in there and that's one of the things I used to pray for folks like Caleb and Moses were one hundred twenty years old. Check out Caleb give me the mountains where the Giants are eighty years always I want that that's the way I want to be when I didn't you know I'm not anywhere near there are some quotes of note and we're getting to the end here. Glance at the business gaze at the King and just focusing on the Lord and how awesome is yes that's there but then gazing at the King singing is like praying twice. George Guthrie did that quote and I love that you can pray but if you sing your prayers you get like double credit man. How do you spell love I mentioned it's already T I M E. Hi James this is the last encryption decryption close with. Confess your sins to each other and pray for each other. Most of us were not in a place of confession when the things the Catholic Church does really well you go to confession you get the junk off but confessing our sins to each other and praying for each other so that we may be healed as we're trying to pray for healing and do all these things. If we're carrying around baggage oftentimes that's where there are some challenges. The prayer of a righteous man or a woman is a powerful effect. So seek out the splash zone of his presence you may in fact get wet. Those are some other takeaways but may in closing then your vision be sharp and precise. May the winds of heaven feel your lungs with inspiration and with color and the mysteries of eternity itself. Thanks so much for your time. This media was brought to you by audio through a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe. If you would like to listen to more sermon legalism W.-W. 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