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The Undergirding of Prophetic Truth

Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training




  • September 1, 2013
    1:30 PM
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good afternoon all you can see you all again this afternoon and glad that you're alive and well you know life is studying contrast which is of the University Church where there was a general and see you singing with joy and then seeing tears and a study in contrasts let's brought one hundred we live in a day of joy and in the day of tears and we want to get to heaven where the only tears will be tears of joy so if anything I say today can hasten that and not hinder a I asked that it would price me name on one of talking today about the undergirding of prophetic truth I think John the real reason that we haven't message is so precious is because of prophetic truth it's what gives us hope it's what gives us confidence it's what gives us a sense that no matter what happens God knows and he's leaving pretty good it's probably true so to talk today about the undergirding of that prophetic truth on the director of will program called the health program how we were in situ and the role and death upon the role and the rather you be objective and hopefully the role of decimal places to train people to share the good news of prophetic truth at the same time ensuring health and I believe that there's many missionary training schools and I'm happy for all of them and I hope they all fell up because I think we do need to gain a rapid but thorough preparation for service as rapidly as we can because I think there's a lot of work to do so and that's cool we look at a cycle of vandalism that leads people from health to the gospel and one of the exciting things I've seen over the last number of years and probably one of the reasons they asked me to help with the school is I saying that as you share the health message with people it's almost like a prophecy because you tell them to know if you come to our seminar as you listen to what is said and you actually find the strength to do it were to tell you that your cholesterol to go down your diabetes is getting under control you're given be able to have health and people come looking for hope and that if you do a good job their questions are answered by effective medical missionary work could be as little as just a conversation could be as long as three or four months like we work with people amid again asked the question what and how did you know these things and why did you share them you studied out with them and you can share with them the connection between health and religion but if you answered that question correctly that there can ask well you know what exactly in the Scriptures are the things that actually let you to understand than what I like to do is take them to one of the best health properties in the Bible nest Daniel chapter one and then I take them through Daniel chapter one verse six and as they go through that they get more more excited about what they learned and then usually they'll all say something like you know there's more the book of Daniel if you'd be interested I'll study it with you and I've never really had anybody yet say I don't want to study that and then we look at Daniel seven through twelve which I didn't really know how to do that from our perspective but over the last eight months twelve months God has been teaching us more in the help program about how to share the prophecies from the perspective of help and what I'm really excited about sharing with you this afternoon as a little bit of that a little glimpse of that I can serve four months of the school are doing and not in one day but Alastair to slow down I hope you get so excited that you learn more than once I share Daniel with them I saw the mouse connected with revelation and ask them if they'd be interested in that are another busy and not hardly anyone will ever say no in fact I've never only and one person I think of all the people and study would say no to that once they study those churches in Revelation chapter I taken to Revelation chapter ten from Daniel twelve but if you don't know why I do that you really do need to come to my school or study about and then I look at the the truths within the book of revelation and how they were embraced historically by the Advent movement and usually at that time the last the question will how is it that I could become a part of this church what is that the Bakley believed in I take them to Revelation chapter one that has all the key doctrines of the most church the top mountaintops in one chapter I would like to study all that today because they don't have time but I'm just giving you an overview cells I want to focus and however on this section of Daniel seven through twelve today and just look at one of the proxies to give you a flavor a unlike all this power the practice prophecy the undergirding of prophetic truth I've got this real big burden on my heart that whatever we do needs to be intensely practical I think that we are given at times to theological triple speak not even doublespeak and we drive safe thinks of the that they become shallow and so wide that they become narrow and we do that sometimes and we do that with the most precious thing we have which is the Adventist prophetic message I'll think Jesus did that I think Jesus found how to make prophetic truth practical and powerful unless what I want to see in your lives and it's what God has been doing in my life anyways do a lot more of the best we've been doing Jesus one he was ministering as I listened Luke chapter four verse fourteen it says Jesus return and the power of the spirit you want to return home in the power of the spirit it went into Galilee and there went out there paying one of them through all the region round about persisting and he taught in their synagogues being glorified of all the candidate Raven brought up as his custom was the one in the synagogue on the Sabbath and set up for the re- notices got our NES custom and its customers related to the Sabbath commandment there is a power that comes in keeping the Sabbath and he had that power and I'll talk more of my second hour with you about the more that power because I I believe there's a real power in the Advent movement and message and its found primarily in the local search but that's getting out of myself and I was delivered under him the book of the prophet Isaiah in way to open the book he found the place where what where it was written spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor he has sent me an notice the practice of power the practice rates the gospel to the poor is that practical you want practically didn't read the book minutes reviewing the chapter ministries of four the judge what the devil don't try and overthink it just got enjoyed it works he has sent me to heal the brokenhearted of the nose after the government is revealing about that helpful to him what I do have this really the boatman is revealing already what Jesus did but does what all white red write the book free celebrities of the captives and recovery of sight to the blind to set at liberty them that are bruised and the notice of prophecies about the practice of broccoli and preach the acceptable year of the Lord can you see those all the practice of power the practice the prophecy altogether not only that it was with a sense of urgency close the book and gave it to the ministers said in the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him and he began to say unto them this day tomorrow now last week but this day this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing I have anyone and that sense of urgency that comes into your Bible studies were people say there is something powerful happening here there is something practical happening here there is something for aesthetic happening here there is something urgent happening that's what happened when Jesus did medical missionary work so well by you but I just love this chart I I just love the prophetic message of baptism I mean I don't know why this I sometimes wake them up at night just thinking about it honey like this chart immuno into another really like the seventy weeks prophecy Avenue this love that you just get happy when you see his previous love for fifty seven zero sample is given be rebuilt that is so cool and it was good J seven weeks and sixty two weeks sixty nine weeks Foreign Ministry has a domicile France twenty seven A.D. having just lost twenty seven ADM and you could just talk about that forever nobody amid your discount worn out but I just love this and then there was this vital weekend in the middle of the week great aunt years in he would be cut off but not for himself for you and me and Diana Ross thirty one a date that was is that do you love the drive that's not all then there would be three to half more years and then that Trotsky would abandon thirty four A.D. the stoning of Stephen and then the judgment would begin the end of that twenty three hundred day prophecy that Jesus would except there's been a delay allowed Christ started in the midst stopped in the Adventist church and we been on hold and here we stand between that loud private started and stopped and the second coming and were kind of on pods NME a discounted sad it's very sad especially the today as I was sitting that terrible funeral and watching the kids of the dad who something had gone so wrong to be ended his life and thinking about how to pick up the pieces that Batman adolescents are too many of these services I'd rather be going home we go back and look at the seventy weeks prophecy I will now show you the undergirding of in truth and suggests I met him a is that the power in the practice and the prophecy all came together in Christ Ministry in a way that I think we need to understand and be able to share as were doing effective health ministry and if there's one place in the world that would be good to talk about effective health ministry it might be global and but you know effective health ministry is supposed to transcend Loma Linda the pictures given is that every member is to do medical mystery work not just the vessel links know therefore and understand from the going forth of the command to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince to be seven weeks and sixty Jewish history to be built again and the wall even in troublesome times going from four fifty seven all the way down to Messiah the Prince would be that time often we just get so excited about showing the time but that's all we do but there's an undergirding to that prophetic truth and its guy come hopefully clear to us by asking the question how did people know that he was the Messiah out-of-date all that know therefore and understand that the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the France there shall be seven weeks while the word Messiah or machine means is you look it up in the lexicon the anointed one against fake of the Messiah the messianic Prince it can also speak that anointed one of the king of Israel they also were called that it also could speak of the high priest of Israel it also was used once in the Bible of Cyrus I always wanted as that how do you know that Messiah wants it also was used to the page rocks so how can people tell that Jesus was the Messiah will the typical answer given in evangelistic meetings is because going to objective three verse twenty one twenty two he was baptized now what all the people were baptized again to present Jesus also being baptized and praying that was open and the Holy Ghost is set upon him in bodily form like a dog voice came from heaven instead thou art my beloved son in whom I well pleased many times as it people say that's how we know it was the Messiah but let me ask you if I walked outside and there was a voice and adults came down would you believe on the Messiah there some of your more nervous the more majority more nervous than the younger and that's good but you know we often just reduce it and don't look at the context of Luke three and four that Sarah was an outward sign but I don't think it's enough of a sign I think we have to look more closely and how can we tell will remember what was the first verse we read as we started out it was Luke chapter four and was examined for spirit of the Lord has anointed me and it says exactly how we knew he was anointed to do what you want to meet with power to do what to preach to heal to deliver another words the evidence for twenty seven A.D. was not just a job and not just the voice as important as those might be what it was while let's look how can people tell accepted tenders thirty eight looking back in time author of acts Doctor will look back and he says will let me tell you what was under your name provided through acts ten thirty I how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost will have you know he was anointed you have the Holy Ghost because he had power wanted I had our good people tell it anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power hydrogen gel because he went about doing good and happy ability was doing to because he was healing people can you begin to see what the undergirding a prophetic through this another words they knew that twenty seven a day spent for something not just because of without not just because of the voice but because of the actual actions and the medical missionary work with Jesus there is a mentor that I may want to have an undergirding to your prophetic ministry not just some top formation it also demonstrates the necessary renumeration in Jesus never got a right life than you jars like the world take out the word missionary its medical work it's not medical missionary worker on output eighty twenty seven now comes alive in great four-part color as we in our minds I see Jesus healing the Untouchables healing the blind stealing the death healing those no one else wanted to come near people were so interested in what Jesus was doing because of the practical demos at our and the probably coming together that they would go to the right to did Jesus how many one people gone through the road to get to you to hear Jesus Mathis not about him but about the power of God how we would like to have that happen he healed even mother-in-law but when my mother was the best Malone the world is related yield by the pool of Bethesda people that never thought they would get wealthy he reached out and there was a power that was coupled with a practical demonstration and a prophetic marker that showed that this medical missionary work was directly tied to something much bigger than just that active feeling health ministry Christ just take one gospel the gospel of Mark has fifteen miracles Mark one twenty seven they were amazed Mark one twenty eight immediately his bank spread abroad throughout all the region around Galilee Mark one thirty the city was gathered at the door like at the city gathered at the door what did he do he even increased the potency by saying go sell yourself to the physicians sell yourself to the phrases and then they couldn't contain themselves while they were on the way finally why do you think most of yourself to the priest he won them get there before word got to them so some kind of excuse I also wanted to get the van he wanted to get to the leadership by the way we wanted to such effective medical mystery work that all physicians and clinicians in your area know about your church would happen in my church in a small way over thirteen and a half years I've have physicians call me up with I can't believe the numbers I'm seeing what exactly are you doing how often do you do it can you do it more often I like to refer patients to your church in a Savior 's work look at this amazing quote C twenty seven A.D. was not some just stale prophetic start trace by some well-meaning evangelist that only talked about the numbers and I love the numbers it has to be an body with a full body of the power and the fix and the prophecy coming together what it'd be great if our evangelistic meetings also had that medical missionary component that drew everybody to the meeting I got to go there because people get Neil notice would happen as a result the Sager 's work was not restricted to any time or place his compassion new no limit on so large a scale that he conducted his work of healing and teaching notice these next words that there was no building in Palestine large enough to receive the multitudes thronged him unless you questioned you think there were any buildings in Palestine that were larger than the buildings here Loma Linda there were many Jesus came to Loma Linda there would be no building a large enough to hold them event and you would say that everybody was happy I don't even know if they be happy if he came here while I haven't revealed everybody what what everyone do for work how will they make the payment for the car how would they support abstinence education have anything we would like to have these had a problem but see they get it really appreciate it thanks when he did one of his most spectacular miracles raising Lazarus from the dead they said let's kill him alight says that when medical missionary work is done in the correct way it will be followed immediately by persecution I don't see much persecution going on do you want there to be enough power to have persecution while they raised everybody from the dead to the will and I say that lightly I'm just saying that when the prophecy and the power and the track picks came together in Jesus life it turned the world upside down so that's twenty seven eighty five and we are excited about seeing the undergirding of prophetic throat can you see on the gospel medical missing work actually undergirds prophetic truth can you say that you understand what I'm saying that now when you start looking I arrived I look with you but Andre 's school of the other Scovel know this stuff probably and they will tell you about the undergirding of all the aspects prophetic you and you start to look beneath the surface of all the prophetic milestones will look at a couple more today but I was amazed when I start looking that underneath is a very difficult rubber meets the road gospel medical missionary work is going on in the context of prophetic truth and another one at the sixty two weeks Messiah shall be cut off but not for himself that's the next part in the props they remember that he was got off not for example stocky about what the cross this is a heads right notice what happens on the cross I thought this was fascinated as I looked at inspiration the thief on the cross the one who accepted Christ called the mind all that he had heard of Jesus and how we heal the sick and pardoned sin the Holy Spirit illuminated his mind little by little the chain of evidence is joined together he thought about all the miracles faulty thought about the practical medical mystery work help us mingle with anguish in his voice as the helpless dying soul cast himself on the dying Savior as his Lord remember me when not that I can get even on the cross the concomitant effect of all the gospel medical Mister Edward the sixth coupled with the power and the prophetic truth of that moment converted us all on the cross is it medical missionary work sometimes is like a sleeper cell it wakes up later on then you saying that that's what happened to notice it says cast his himself on the dying Savior and that brings up the second element of the undergirding of at twenty seven A Dave we saw how to undergird with practical medical missionary work of the Savior but on the cross and the Red Cross it says well price was filling Isaiah fifty three verse four surely he has borne our race carried our sorrows yet we did esteem him stricken smitten of God and afflicted brief word appears twenty four times the Bible twenty of those times translated sickness or disease when Jesus died on the cross it was directly related to medical missionary work and the healing of physical disease it also had the atonement element secondly that word gravestones from her router pertains the physical ailments Solomon physical or mental pain on the cross price laid the foundation for physical and mental healing there is a method that and by the way on the cross in our told to spend the thoughtful hour day looking at the cross if we do that guess what's can happen working and feeling physically and mentally and spiritually emotionally if we do that so another words twenty seven A.D. was just the beginning of physical healing thirty one a day when he dies on the cross it opens up a whole new paradigm of healing mental illness I got to tell you is nothing more beautiful in the Sea peoples thoughts and emotions and mental being be healed by the Word of God nothing more powerful so sometimes what I'm doing some really counselors are done now in the present recoveries we take Isaiah fifty three we break it down talk about the sin and the shame and guilt that Jesus had their he was alone he was abandoned he was betraying he was abused physically he was abused and humiliated emotionally he was saying was verbally and mentally abused by authority figures of his day and by Satan and he was tempted someone came to him and said drink this and numb the pain he was tempted to go to addictive substance yesterday out and he began asking why they begin asking if it's possible take this cup from which I beginning to see how powerful the cross really was because then as I'm counseling with some of what I do I make a list of those things that I asked the question how in your life have you been physically abused that you been emotionally abused had you been a mentally abused idea felt abandoned alone have you felt saying all those different things they might circle is on the sheet and then we begin to talk about how Jesus actually well you actually he can understand and not only can he understand he works through all of those issues by the strength of his father and he did it for you and for me and Hill and parted and suited to you and me some hours across then becomes the fall from the center poured the foundation of healing ministry he was wounded for his own transgressive present at for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities the chastisement for our peace was upon him and by his stripes literally bow blows the shots will by his stripes by what he went through physically emotionally mentally all the different things abuse abandonment saying all of that buying those things we are being out there is came and said that the worker yelled there is rough it's the same word that's used in Exodus fifteen twenty six what is does I will heal all your diseases and you're beginning to see now that it's not just the timeline when we trace the properties we need him to read and help people with their physical problems their emotional problems their mental health problems we need to ask Jesus through his power to bring healing to bring help to bring out his name that that's the picture that's how we have to enter it we've been doing I'm talking about myself just investing I've been doing surface evangelism I been doing Band-Aids when we need surgery I think to some extent because we've separated the gospel ministry from the medical mystery work we've been doing Band-Aids they have to come back together we can't heal the disease of our people lightly and it doesn't happen in the weekends okay we might get it going the best toxins got a church it's a healing ministry that the van people not always fair he know the church is there to calamus and they now ensnare the guy gets a laugh we've been trying about that is given in our house there the government now that's a place of healing and if there is not going anywhere in a when even a job I noticed how the New Testament applies Isaiah fifty three in the context of the power the practice of prophecy when the minute is gone they brought him to Jesus many were possessed with devils and he cast out the spirits with his word they cast out the spirits with his word and healed all that was like all that what does it mean Matthew that applies it that it might be fulfilled his favorite phrase with which was spoken by us Isaiah the prophet say he himself took our infirmities and there are significant I don't have time to go through about why give you an assignment look at temptations of Christ in the life of Christ encountered every difficulty you and I will ever face and it was conquered and God wants to give it to us no one understands like Jesus under the sun he's a friend beyond compare men at the front of mercy he is waiting for you the hair no one understands like Jesus event now I am beginning to see how you beginning to see all twenty seven A.D. and thirty one a day were undergirded by medical missionary work prophetic truth was undergirded by medical gospel medical missionary worker honey beginning to see that I would like to have a evangelistic approach that I gather you think you drive not quite done because I does look an additional night with you is the get another one he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week now by the way this paradigm I'm sharing with you struck me I'm not thirty below that thank you for the compliment it struck me as I was witnessing to people that were coming to our medical missionary programs and that it struck me today when it really struck me one of our health coaching teams had gone out and the philosophy was very simple it was the acts ten thirty seven thirty eight philosophy go out and do good Mister Barrett as you can but he went about doing good doesn't say what about studying how to do good it says he went about doing good so that they were out in the knock on his door near tarsier target and there was this house and in the house and knocked on the door it was Britney and I can't remember Britney 's partner 's name was who Tabitha thank you for the hippocampus in the front row and they knocked on the door and there was this lady and they said what can we do to help you giggles PLC said you have been praying that someone help me I have a child here in they could see that was a Down's syndrome child out of this child was running around and then literally wearing the mother completely out also the father lost his job had no work and she had been frank I need some help now she surrounded by huge mega- churches right down the road with his big huge mega- church that may target look like a marshmallow so what they did was they went in and because of their many years and their fellowship in all of their years at school now they don't need that in this particular situation although I'm happy for anyone that has that that increases a platform a man and whether I guess what this okay let us clean your house and let us cook some food for you clean the house cook some food what little kid they did that couple times a week they did a couple times the next week they did a couple times the next week then I went to visit so I go into the house I going to visit a lady says are you responsible for this is what you mean there's something all wrong she said no I was ready to end my wife I didn't know what to do I was praying no churches were helping me of these people came what is it why is it that you do this tell me about what you believe and that's when the thought came that I'm sharing with you right now and always I would've never had the fat in my little harebrained unless I would have been out doing good let me explain to you something you don't really learn without going out and doing good and you really can't prepare for what you're going for because circumstances change sometimes that way I'm not mobile when I say to her and then it struck me this part of the prostate in the center that Google was not a tour to hit me he so confirm the covenant with many for awakened in the midst of the wiki so God sacrificing oblation the Y because of earthly things as he was cut off to best forward to router confirming the covenant I do think I said that there is a look like Blankley said whereat confirming the covenant is like what company as seen and understand that it notifies a number behind those moments where you like to have your on the verge of a good thought that wasn't quite mature addition to set anything let me see what I mean and discuss sophisticated with numerous questions coming out at health class is the question how can Christ confirm a covenant with many there he died on the cross how can we confirm that come in with many for a week when he had died in the middle the week pocket he do that I'll will his work goes on how was the question a man you see the Bible says that Christ is the head of the church but he also has a body and the body of the church would keep working in another head was now in heaven it was tonight into the spinal column of fire and the claiming of the promises right but I was as a leverage of consumers three and four how shall we escape if we neglect so great a salvation first began to be spoken by the Lord that had priced the head and was confirmed as the confirming of that covenant confirmed to us by those that is the church the body him or her and what would Christ I didn't know health gospel medical Mister Edward 's face now it continued on and that was the evidence the conformation the practical horrible prophetic confirmation of the new covenant experience Hebrews two three and four make them explicit God also bearing witness both with signs wonders various miracles and gifts of the Holy Spirit according to his own will so another words what role the medical missionary work plan the body of Christ during the final three and a half years the same role that it plays in the first grade half years the only difference was it no longer was just that it was the body and the body was connected that they got the message without adding at all times armed at all times the legs and they were going everywhere and that's why Jesus said greater things than these you will doubt because I notify so I explained that the next person was Julian Tony I was out within days and why is this and I explained to them in a Bible study what I just explained legal wow that's awesome you are doing what Jesus did that's why you do this I said exactly the practical powerful prophetic moment that happened here is it is not by chance is because we want to be like Jesus obviously how powerful this is legitimate of acts it starts with a medical mystery miracle the resurrection of Christ only thing that's pretty good and then he comes down and he tells everybody about for forty days any he builds them up after he's been resurrected accepted to the church was you are emotionally and they came together they were wanted for accepted to they began to call upon the name of the Lord place it if you call upon the landlord you will be saved and that were saved themselves the main health and salvation by Larry got some of those books let you need to buy at my booth those books are not themselves to you because I need money because I don't need any money the reason I sell these because if you buy something you're more after reading amen that's why don't handout booklet on fantasy so accept the three healing at the gate beautiful accepted for behold the man which was e-mailed to be oil demand that was ill describe the prayers they could say nothing against it accept the five they were healing and all the church was and what the court at Solomon sports and everybody was getting yielded some sports and then they were getting healed they thought they could be healed by Peter so and multitudes from the surrounding cities came in ordeal motive that this church accept the one accepted to accept the three accepted for accepted by is a medical missionary service then it comes down to a culmination and understand how you beginning to see the undergirding of prophetic term is either the younger chassis of the car right with it this is why culminates there was this huge phenomenon that had come off and the scribes and Pharisees were the most uncomfortable people that were like that cat what they didn't know what to do is send look of this first of all with have Alex Van and they were getting more and more frustrated that doesn't accept a three the says his disciples as his agent note that they were idiotic and I dramatized another was the refinement idiot didn't know grammar that no grant and that they were in but then it says but they took mounted them that they had been with Jesus not say that you should be an idiot okay that's the great work but I do take a little comfort in that a man especially when most of the PowerPoint slides so idiotic and on drama time but they had been with Jesus and they had that power windows when that's the next at six on those days when the number of disciples was multiplying there arose a complaint against the Hebrews by the hell it is that the Greeks because their widows were neglected in the daily distribution to understand this particular medical missionary miracle and accept the six is going to culminate and thirty four A.D. the next pivot point on that prophecy primitive twenty seven over thirty one there was thirty four hundred are falling so wasn't it down Stephen he got involved in the daily distribution of food does that sound like a complicated assignment that was used by conserved that there was no racial tensions that everybody not just the Palestinians were given the vote but also the grapes have everything we need even if Stephen went to the states of the Middle East he might be entrapped and it was an okay on the deal with this and hand back down him at work through myself and send anyone actually delivering meals on wheels and notice what happens as a result by the way that they need someone that knew what they were doing say got from among you men of good reputation full Holy Spirit and wisdom we may appoint over this business as a result what happened what was the undergirding of this prophetic truth then the word of God spread why all those miracles and now Meals on Wheels the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem and a great many of the of those who the priests were obedient to the bank looked all these other signs and miracles like that got them they were interested but then when they did Meals on Wheels and they brought all together they solve the racial tension that was resulting from the hot lunch program what happened all these preset this is the power of God I'm joining the church and they became obedient to the faith they begin joining the church they can take baptized me everybody in my neighborhood out of vegetarian twenty five years probably was not exactly that way but you understand was that me know what I want you to get here is that it was the practical results of medical missionary work with the body of Christ working together in an organized fashion that totally changed the dynamic can you see now everybody can fit into this picture the inner yachts beyond grommets on the people that can make food the people who could eat food the people that can deliver food have we missed it and we visited I don't be too radical but what if we had taken seventy thousand dollar budget for the evangelism and has out of the report in the neighborhood auto id. careful unalloyed fire all I'm saying is there's got to be a coming together of the practical aspects of Christianity for spelling truth I totally believe in the prophecy I totally desire the power but I think the prophecy and the power come from a transformed life and transform my life and I'm rallied to give myself and sacrificial service in whatever way however the meaning to meet the real needs of people in a idea beginning to see how this prophecy of Daniel nine was not just a fancy chart that the video could show all the bad the bath is good how do you like the math on the diminishing the math but can you see the undergirding of the prophecy with gospel medical missionary work she wear that as a result of this what happened as a result was that there was something called the earlier I the power barely rang came at the end of the four nine the proxy there was the next blog will of Holy Spirit power that was made evident in the New Testament searched by active medical missionary I was going back and others locally but globally when the new just good to fair to say that the healing principles of the Old Testament were still in in place that was the purpose of acts fifteen momentum to go through that with you but accepting as a study of the markers of the key points of Leviticus no blot no sexual route overall chapters from Leviticus was saying those are still in play acts seventeen six what happened as a result these in turn away out of sight collisions chapter one verse twenty three the gospel came in the collision with the world you guys thought Colossians like all the collisions the gospel was free step every creature that was under heaven every creature are you beginning to see the power and the undergirding of prophetic soul all of these various parts of the prophecy that we study I hope they come alive and they come alive in a new way to you and I or was it just new to me I got so excited about than a man I got up at three thirty for these and slides for use when does talk about I could show you that there's more the prophecy than just the four ninety folks medical missionary work was the practical demonstration of love of Christ is under GNU the twenty seven eighty thirty one A.D. thirty four aided by the way also undergirded for fifty seventy BC but I don't have time to go through that with you I don't I just discovered I also excited about but is there another part of this property in the administers the latter rain stopped a loud cry stopped because there was an embracing of gospel medical missionary work coupled with the preaching of a loud cry and have you think that Nick needs to come back I was my first presentation Isaiah fifty eight trial a spare not the day of atonement people as sanitary people who actually do medical missionary work and the righteousness of Christ goes before them and his glory goes behind them and the loud cry starts again I want that to happen that's the picture and that's where we stand that's where you are that's why I am that's where we are on the question simply is it's a small question what will you do to reach your neighbor I get to cook them into the kingdom you can cook people into the kingdom did you know that most of your life like that are husband right you can reach people with very practical means so that's the thing that's that's what I discovered the last several months of the health program and I'm a little flyer I want you to pick up a flyer not because I want you to come to my school necessarily that many of the good schools but I wasn't quick pick it up for this quote no we teach the cycle of answer but want to pick it up for this quote as religious aggressiveness of personal liberties are in the he said this is from councils on hell is requested you think religious but aggressive has subverted the liberties of our nation recently low but more than usual I think that's happening has religious aggressive and subverted the liberties of our nation what was the motivation for the September eleven attacks was a religious aggressive answer now what did it lead to a subversive of the livers of our nation the patriot act the national Defense authorization act recent executive orders and many other things Mick James Madison had this to say early presently said perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home was to be charged against provisions against danger real corporate tendon from abroad he woke up one then he said look we wrote the Constitution we wrote the Bill of Rights and that there's only one thing to bring all this down suppose that threats from abroad is a pretty smart guy was doing when it was Sunday's men's open it would be that smart while laughing those who stand for freedom of conscience you got to get the Flyers got this quote I look it up yourself those you stand for freedom of conscience will be placed and unfavorable positions is that happening now the more market way is Revelation thirteen in the process of being put the veil are troubling changes in the past months being seeing either Eric Snowden 's that let us know that there's all kinds of liberty that we thought we had we don't have either things happening that you didn't even know about I think it are getting ready your cell phone I think he originally wrote your Facebook account they have everything you ever said they can serve it up whenever they want investigative judgment is not just a heavenly so I suggest he will be doing in that time and setting one room of the celebrities arthritis when liberty of conscience is threatening what you may be going on is what it says for their own sake they said while I have opportunity become intelligent in regard to disease its contents prevention and cure was kidnapped and why what can happen when you give it all to this will find to fill the labor anywhere to be suffering was plenty of them who will need help not only among those who are of our faith but largely among those who know not the truth may want to have job security to get involved in a gospel medical missionary work understand the power and the tactics and the prophetic importance of that work the driver was a time this quote tells me now is that time alright will when it okay so for their own sake for the sake of others finally what shall we do the shortness of time demands and energy that has not been aroused among those claim to believe the present truth I believe that what I just shared with you is present through is that concept of the undergirding of prophetic proxy present through the resume is this quote present through so what's a summary of what we should do know where we are on the prophetic timeline understand the shortness of time understand what the present you for this time is aroused energies and energize the same that's what I'm trying to do for action is typically what kind of missionary work soon there will be no work not in the ministerial lines except medical missionary work and we come to a time when every member of the church and take hold of the medical missionary work and we come to a time or personal labor we should reach people where they are become acquainted with them are we understanding of this work can't be done by proxy we can't give money to the ministry of our choice and so you guys do it we can't say the preacher needs to pretend he's got to do it have we come to the time we recognize we didn't we need to act Lisa change allies we need to do something for the game and we come to a time when every member of the church to take hold of the medical Mister work I have a drain of that one's already taken by downlights that I have a vision and this is what she sought representations fast before me of a great reformatory movement among God 's people many were praising God the sick were healed and miracles wrought the spirit of intercession was seen even as it manifests before the great day of Pentecost hundreds and thousands were staying visiting families in Albany before than the Word of God and hearts were convicted by the power of the Holy Spirit and did you see in that quote the power and the practice and the prophecy did you see the undergirding prophetic through have we come to the time when I remember the church at a cold medical mystery work one last quote I think in the time travel just previous to the coming of Christ the lives of the righteous will be preserved to the ministration of holy Angels can you say hallelujah there are angels hovering around was always favorite song by snap though so that trying time neglecting to obey God 's commands will have no security in their lives so the angel lover on some but not others how do I create a sovereign round Angels cannot protect them from the wrath of their enemies while they are living in neglect of any no duty or express command of Jehovah I don't know about you unnatural motivation with fear of this ritornello question I mean the Angels around me on the days around my family and leaving the Angels around our church families and you matter heard some things in this talk you matters and things this week another talks and you know exactly what that's calling you to do and if you do it by his power this right is Dennis send his angels can use a method that they are angels hovering around is what you've heard present truth is it time is it time for you no one else is it time for you to allow Christ to act through you let's pray father in heaven with thankful for the undergirding of prophetic truth how you came and entered in the lives physically emotionally mentally and spiritually you became flesh and dwelt among us you are tempted in all points like as we are yet without sin through those temptations you want to compute it apart those very things and heal us and then you want us to confirm the covenant with many here at these in this last remnant of time oh Lord show each of us what the next step for us in Christ name we the media with you the website is not free audio and much more we would like to know more about the universe the worst thing is www. on you


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