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and Arafat in this our friends we will always very make clear to us how we should communicate with men and women who are antagonistic off clip on our unconcern in the first Samuel chapter sixty births up on it says for the law the law as Lancia formatted to look at on the awkward accounts but God look upon the heart I'd like you to notice for classes of individuals who only communicate the first is obviously sincere safety like the individual called me on the telephone at midnight from across the continent and presented to me in sauce is longing for reconciliation in his home you'll somehow I might be something this yes three it was obvious that he was a thinker but of course I could not compel or try to compel out love cannot be compelled loudest based either on admiration romantic love our common interest really allow forty five eighty divine love and only this is present can there be a true reconciliation is but this was an obvious feature all of us are able to recognize the obvious figure but then the second class is that individual to be extremely antagonistic with him did not even pray for this individual and if we don't talk with this individual were tempted to take him on to win an argument him him not as God 's attitude toward this bill is run up a person in the haunted second song verses twenty and twenty one it said he looked down from his sanctuary from the height of heaven Abelard to help your figures and rounding out the prisoner and Thomas both were appointed today God looks down and eat anything is inside of a human heart even beyond the last over the face and down the thought of bitterness and I'm a organism which we don't usually do we don't stop usually got diagnosed analyzed why is this person better why these abilities on Titan 's thick reactors for a simple no man can live on till he knows he is allowed first John four nineteen so the individual to decide that her salon mistake is actually refracting a situation that exists in our who love me does anybody care is our God in heaven who is giving me an evil and not realizing that there's infinite love extended to a man forgiveness and cleansing he becomes more and more dinner and if we look on the outward appearance realize not realizing that the basic life is that he doesn't know you love and we do not reflect below are a whole litigation is counterproductive that you can illustrate up how we can communicate with those who apparently are so antagonistic by the way you may wish to read at your convenience second Timothy chapter two verses twenty four to twenty six it says there that we shouldn't make him at home and fell at her adventure God will give unrepentant to the acknowledging of the truth a personal restoration of how nearly I came to completely misunderstanding the better antagonist were conducting a series of meetings and up in a tabernacle we devoted seven half minute questions and answers one evening as we're still in the car room just before we ready to step on the rough and somebody step in thinking with your praise and handed me a set of questions or typewritten door twenty eight series of questions several questions that need serious and as I looked at this series of questions I went down quickly and I noticed that that reading aloud to the audience and then answer them and once I realized just the movie audience would take probably fifteen minutes and we don't have devoted seven half minutes to the question-and-answer period and I noticed that these questions are very belligerent and it wants the community said I can nail to the wall I have enough text of Scripture daycare that smartly and then thank the Lord blog caught up with me and the Lord said something like this how would it be if you represented me the instant cool health yet the kind of this man he doesn't know the love of God this is why it is better if you can reveal if you can reflect it you can dramatize the kindness of Jesus Christ and infinite love of God you may remember attendance is up to you Lord but I still saw bristled you know I hate you mom lard though don't think among the white taken on my way when I got out of the restroom and answered a lot of other questions I thought maybe thirty seconds left I picked up this series of questions twenty eight days requested by this time the Lord gotten through and I said friends I hold in my hand so long that the questions they were they were full of wonder and I said I'm sure these questions come from a very sincere individual pages are far more than a few moments this fine individual deserves an hour or two when we could sit down quietly together and I be happy to do that since I find it so limited now without violating the quest of the site I went into my firm the Holy Spirit bless me because I've met Jesus controlling this man was sitting through that someone can find his name took me nicely I got another letter from the same individual dear Sir Delaney answered my questions the other night but my heart many one other thing I was raised in a Christian home as a little boy I know why my mother 's knee I was in love with Jesus Christ but as I grew off little by little I love my fellowship in Jesus I began to backslide and wander away from him then I began up the copies in the Valley it is big Downing book and little by little I lost a lot of entirely uphill finally everything in my life seemed to go wrong and it became very better and he said so I wanted on for years without God without hope and he said with that thought in mind I think the conclusion that Christianity was a humbug and Rob emulating them and I got a little strike but even when you freely has kindly some kind the unit in Omaha I listened through your firm on in the logon go to be within the law I returned home from your meeting and start for the first time since I was a little child I fell on my knees before my heavenly father and I can learn to forgive the pro-life translation I received forgiveness and cleansing and now he is my personal site friends that I read that letter it seemed like the goosebumps almost anonymous on some cause I taken on not recognizing not analyzing the diagnosing that the reason why was belligerent was enormous than the gondola and Goddess Joni on one ago I was revealed a little about the how shall we treat in agony of friends realize that he is better these antagonistic because he doesn't know the love of God instead of arguing and belittling and taking on that they will log revealed through New Jersey and that God loves you love them just as he is gone as a safe safe when you see I love you while we were yet sinners enemies God will there's another class the third class is the unconcerned apparently many guy got asked from church and we think well they don't care and they don't care why should I care offer and maybe the absence for the same reason the plan was belligerent many somehow the love of God is stated out maybe he's never gotten through to them with you in Memphis in measure below perhaps we Christians are not somehow been able to dramatize Islam somehow they are I will definitely are begun as a way to communicate all heaters weren't ready to say hello limit five years ago were holding a series of meetings and El Paso Texas one of the all offices the church dignity one lady said we had a little difficulty in our church several years ago and he said we got excited he said my brother and I found ourselves on the losing side and saw my brother has not returned to church anymore you're his wife he said my wife and I are in regular attendance but he said he doesn't thought many more have been a church for about a year so what we will oversee him now how would you vote if the person who was apparently unconcerned so much so that he doesn't even set foot in the church are you going to take Imam are you going to say what you are the problem of induction automatic urinal you will know the truth is that pulling for a person who doesn't know the love of Jesus whether they need to know that somebody cares and there is not a lot but not home below the low income still is not love Jesus made himself of no reputation they could save you and me so a member of our team and I went over writing the doorbell of dismantling never met him in our life became the norm indicating the dog pedophile we have come to apologize to you for what we've done you and immediately started to find if they also remind probably the one letting I said brother we made a mistake we've been close to each other again please will you forgive off the chart for me I have five years later we went back to El Paso and his brother said media will happen at the human visit my brother and his wife and you apologize I said no what if I completely forgot with I said would you please reconstruct the experience I don't even remember he said yes so many reconstructive I just shared with you he said my brother and his wife or saw the that think that you and come and describe the love of God in the field on the way he said they didn't come to church ever since I said I want to see them again so I made arrangements one might wonder church as it may I visit with you people I said I'd forgotten all about this visit I said what the legal limit your out he said brother he said you just began to apologize we can tell you with rights what were we apologizing Jesus it is immense allow millions so I will reputation something that will fund as well people cannot only as of now while the human heart is the kind of witnesses said listen brother you are not assimilating we said are you embarrassed outside the best Christ's way he was in a great he was sinless but he made himself of no reputation to get through to the human heart he said as I started to apologize for the faith I'll I'll I'll sort of my parties in Jordan he said that even if you told me about the level of an even broader after you left your drywall across America each of our six month my wife and I were try to get on the telephone to save thank you for coming no my friends but him whom I belong to a family who is naturally meek you and you and I will be glad in it I asked him up it has identified and a copy like we might be a little better than the men to come to church is not ashamed God says of any other better than ourselves then the fourth class it is up with the class name is represented by the woman of Samaria utilized Jesus sat down beside the well when she came up there to draw water and Jesus engaged in conversation she presently said alcohol are you greater than our father Jacob Agassi are in a flippantly that's worthwhile interested in eating she said get me this one can you imagine that a heart that appears click on this behind them the thought saw how all will concern and something and just hang Angela K could be reaching out to the water boy that negated when a fast one of our churches I asked the Lord that if I came there the minister that a lot of how he has never before in my sermon in my conduct to reveal God who love for the only way we can love God is to know that were loved by him we elaborately carved the first law blog selected one in my sermons may I magnify the crucified he is willing to come down to Pascal Royals and planets and systems the data protocol helped me get through to hearts are aching with this one out this concern this is not a vintage looking down his nose if you what's wrong but would I hear you groaning at five hundred to twenty nine the twenty fifth here's the groaning of the present these looking down enough in San Jose maybe if so we can be most about six weeks later there was a gentle tap on the path to study for I was that morning the have opened the door and student of the college was standing down I invited her in and this is the stories he told she's a pastor nobody not a teacher nobody around here has any idea that I have the first serious thought concerning my relationship to Jesus Christ and as he said it the thought came to my mind neither did I think so she said I have across the college campus women don't care attitude I spoke a little bit just a little bit when people are a little bit nobody has the slightest idea that I have the slightest desire for Jesus he said I go back into my dormitory room I fling myself on the bed he's a pastor I saw as long as an hour straight I have dared to look up to God because I didn't know below I did nobody cared I didn't limit anything to him she said sometimes I like yourself for two hours straight in abject terror hopelessness he said that I lost my faith throughout my step out on the college campus I trip across the camp what why you ever stopped to wonder why a freshly young people why do young people often take this attitude there to reason one is unfortunately somehow we all are one and not been able to reflect the van of God acts would love us just as we are when we asked but he wants us to know that you love the skill to get a feel cleanser and he will say and childlike the second reason is that afraid meditation faith or daddy or mommy our teacher or minister their claim that they should say I have a little problem in my life but and they're afraid that we affect you want to know better than that have you studied your your Sabbath glasses have to learn and our church baseball and the right of that terrible spare that is not there that weekend and next next week report that one with you we need it anymore but that is already been accusing accusing accusing that they can't run anymore it would be all we can open our hearts a lot of boys and girls are you and I will come in contact no care wanted company over oneself to God a young child and they stumbled we were once something and you want that wasn't the own a few nights ago no no friends we surveyed you know you need to battle my grandchildren under Little tykes if you made one mistake granddaddy of made several and they look at things you have yes I'd like all read more than five hello when I than we know that where offenders all they can relax you think we sometimes have the wrong impression while fighting his withholding of thirty meetings one of my colleges some time ago were walking in the cafeteria I love the young people don't you know one of those tables whether the group of college students how you think the date and one of young men who looked up almost in terror he's a wrong table I get what you want to save it he didn't know he did not want to slap him in the face you know I cannot tell you what a site is I said I say as I said headed toward Antarctica for the little right table right you know my friend we need to communicate the love of Jesus Christ I'm thinking of actually passing was not married but you are going to have a little baby she was attending church when they were not of the church council and they said we would recommend that we write her name from the record out I had ten churches which are faster and also state how many evangelistic meeting I do not I said has anyone visited with Patsy is a visit with her don't you realize have to have a single fall of seriousness don't you realize what she's done but maybe she's selling passing your taxi went live with some with some effort I was able to get the weight until I could see it went off the next day or so with my car is now in Grenada would have lots of clinical growth the local gold in back of mouth versus are not the door Mary answered her sister Mary I is is tested with GW is not I figure they should be a little later that the this morning she said yes pastor who very graciously I said why not make a visitor to not be back about twenty minutes after an hour if you can collectively the capital of the seer if ethical I can like a night about the thirty minutes later knocked at the door Mary Kate Mary is happy here now no practical all could be married that Kathy has been back since I was here there's a little reluctance yet ethical use of both married when she's only coming up with Buckley was a little shape and slipped out the back door yet practical I'm going make a little visit and I'll return when I when she comes back in with your calendar that a pastor who lost her and that Jesus can't take a forget and I just can't find practical maximum life here is faster to I must have come back about six times finally Mary guided me up through the cocoa often the clearing and that I was actually so wanted against the local crying her heart out we walked up to on her and I gave our God wonderful loving forgiving cleansing from the issue is and I have never given cleanser is believed and we believe God would do it see if it taken in the bucket and the girl found deliberately Jesus Christ is no roof by the power your friends wouldn't you join me in asking that they are large to help off to see as Jesus sees it is so that we look on the outward appearance and in Bihar he sees he and I and I think prisoners crying out wondering if God still love old of your life by your Holy Spirit revealed to us longing of these hearts sit there they are but they don't know that God really long may we reflect his love in such a way that they know there's hope and then there ones there may be in this audience at this hour dear ones who wander whether God does love you only said I love you with an everlasting love the goal of loving kindness I've drawn you look at Calvary and you come unto me I will give you rest I'll forgive you up when you completely with you taking when you accept forgiveness dear Lord thank you that is we come to you you are not merely revealed to us that since Sarah Fox that are behind these men would you also review your love to every longing crying yourself thank you in Jesus name amen it was brought in as a website dedicated to the gods were seven audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like this more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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