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02-The Consequence of Sin

Scott Christiansen


Scott Christiansen

Director of Trust Services and Director of Stewardship, Northern New England Conference



  • January 2, 2014
    10:00 AM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay 's e-mail a I noticed early because in the last later here for the last session if you own okay I interconnect night I said on a calculator to get twenty two different seminars running six sessions each and so everybody can go to one session of one seminar oligarchy one session of proximally one fourth of the seminars which is so good that thank you think think think offer audio verse but anyway it last time I I usually give this seminar in a weekend and I'm talking for five hours in a weekend you know in three sessions I'm used to having really packing again as I really flew through the last seminar and found out that I had twenty minutes to kill some of his start early I could only do that again to try to pace myself but I'm interested in who came the farthest who came from outside the US RI I see your shy but still razor heading over to come from all man I'm deficit again Angola are welcome honey like it it is good as a spiritual feast did anyone did anyone else come from outside the US yeah okay raise a hand which come from you I'm from where Iceland will become law this is which are here for the first session but this is you have seen your country changing the claimant and every thing else and more formally get more farmland now when you had fifty years ago right a right or wrong is a little more and your your your your so I like but with icebergs but that's not it your glaciers glaciers are going away as Iceland wow okay well actually Iceland isn't well I said isn't that far from Maine but I think I'm goal you still got indeed I think you came from the farthest away so welcome and all the I got another question when I left home yesterday to try and get here all my goodness was that an inventor trying flying on New Year's Day all while barely got here when I left her yesterday at home it was I believe it's fourteen degrees below zero inmate inmate was colder really I went I was given only ten bucks I get to keep it not getting on okay go who came from the hottest place where get where knowledge of each of you except maybe maybe not the blood of Brawley and people our Palm Springs visit on or probably has but it's like twenty miles from you and its horrible rain while okay will welcome you to check on the time well some other people may come may trickle in but let's go ahead and start and let's start with prayer dear father in heaven thank you so much Lord for this spiritual feast I thank you Lord for surrounding me with young people that are on fire him energy that have vision Lord I ask that you would work through this small little modest seminar to to feed those who you want to hear these words learn acid she would anoint my lips that I may speak what you want me to speak I asked that you would have your spirit descend upon this room that you may be present and that your work may be done Lord thank you so much I pray for the other speakers that these blessings will be extended to them and those who are listening that you are a name may be lifted up and that you may be glorified in Jesus name amen by name Scott Christiansen I am all from Maine you know that much and for those of you who are the last session those few of you I apologize I'm in a go through some little introduction I went through last time on I when I was young I I I was a boy I lived in Loma Linda and going to Loma Linda elementary somewhere along the line I picked up this idea that sin affects the world the actual physical world and that the earth is suffering because of sin now that could have come from Romans eight twenty two that could have come from elsewhere in Ellen White's writings that could have come from Isaiah the earth will grow old like a garment I don't know where it came from to come from a teacher who was giving me this information without a specific text attached to it Harris result of all of the techs put together the touch on this and I had this idea that sin affected the world the seed was planted and diastolic I thought about it every day but it's like how could that happen because Loma Linda is ringed by these massive since now San Antonio eleven thousand feet and also to palm trees a great place to spend Christmas and I'm not better than me but and I grew up large orange groves are all houses now large orange groves that I'd is to play NCL 's agricultural fields that that I used to run around in all of this nature birds and bees and spiders and gophers and snakes and coyotes and all of that is all right there and we has to go down to the ocean and at the ocean I could stand there and I could see all the way out to Catalina Island twenty miles I know the origin was huge I had no idea how big she really was that one time but how could soon affect the mountains opposite effect the orange goes how does it affect the ocean this thought stayed when the Beckman mine until I drop in escape the gravitational pull of Loma Linda and achieved escape law sitting and we went to Libya mission in New Mexico the Navajo self-supporting ministry to the Navajo fantastic little place and I was there for two years and I got to know some of the old Navajo very difficult for the language they're talking to some of the older Navajo but when I try and they would try we sometimes get younger Navajo who would help and I talked about a number things and in some conversation somewhere this idea came up I asked him about the changing world because they mentioned it to my I could pursue the topic and the old Navajo told me yes the world is changing the peach trees that were the prize possession of our grandparents that they planted the peach trees died when we were kids and we tried replanting them the peach trees that grow for our grandparents don't grow for us not only that but the gardens that we planted when we were kids every year with our race and gardens that we tried to keep planting as we grew up those have died they even if we use water even if we go twenty miles and get a barrel of water and water the gardens don't grow any more the Navajo nation is turning into Badlands the world is changing and I so what does that mean and they said it needs the end of the world this is one of the key signs in Navajo understanding that the world is ending was a their perspective is not a Christian perspective it's a Navajo traditional perspective and so I talked to some of the younger narrowness of this idea this is the old people say the worlds changing this that's absolutely true it's absolutely true the world is changing and they've seen it are grandparents or great grandparents or parents it's true and I said will this idea the that it means it's the end of the world and they are these young Navajo but I was talking to they were Adventist and they said it's true we are seeing signs of the end signs that Jesus will return that's our understanding and when we read the Bible we see that and we read Alan light we see that because that's the reality for Navajo Soviet menace in the world were living will this idea that the world was changing through sin and there was a spiritual connection and an antenna connection that's the first time to put it all together and I pondered it that's an interesting thing happening on the Navajo nation maybe maybe Lord is making it so that they every one can see an animated at the Navajo thing my went from their hop skip and a very big jump in we landed in Mongolia where we were the first we were not the first Edison Mongolia it was Brad and Cathy Jolly working for advertisement remissions were the first to beat church missionaries and we are starting the actual work in nineteen ninety four and Mongolia one of the things that I saw there was that the he was changing the Gobi desert was marching north it was expanding was marching north by fifteen to twenty kilometers here and feel Mongolia other nomads are there that they lived twenty miles apart a little round felt tents called gears they lived twenty miles apart and so it's like so the deserts marching apart so wet in our unilateral meltdown but that section up case the reason the Mongolians live twenty miles apart is because they live off of their animals they drink the milk they need to meet a milk that makes milk into cheese to store it on a fermented milk into something called I and and get Turley John baby milk the camels I've been in the Gobi desert and had camel milk on Cheerios and I cannot recommend it don't go with a camel milk but they they use the hair to make their clothing to make their ropes course hair ropes or horse horse tail ropes fascinating they use the dung for their fuel and in Mongolia in the countryside Bill C- forty minus forty five minus fifty every year were talking about extraordinarily cold nation okay so keep that in my day they need that done and the reason they live twenty miles apart is because the grass is so scarce and these animals in all have to move around to to to graze and so they got this large grazing area well what happens when the net money Gobi desert moves north is that people are displaced families that have been going to the same place for centuries literally they can go there anymore because if no grass and they have to move it all of a sudden families are ten miles apart will that's when somebody scare a felt tent gets Dallas with gasoline and lit on fire and midnight that's when knives come out of man's knife fights that's when a Jeep is driven at high speed through the Geer the middle of the night and everyone killed mean there pretty vicious wrinkly sometimes this is where Genghis Kahn came from so long at all but but we seesaw violence and you saw people being uprooted people they had to go from the countryside to the city people who were once self-sufficient and went into the place really didn't know what to do or how to do it and fell into crime and prostitution most the time fell into really terrible horrible life and summit isn't going hot roast changing and there is a societal impact and there's a spiritual component that's interesting while I was in Mongolia we started getting snowstorms now in Maine you know we get six ten inches we just drive through it no big deal hope the outcome sometime and boy they better not cancel school for just eight inches and be wrong but in all we think were tough and and we look at makers look at Mungo and also to get a snowstorm select except here's the thing snowstorms in Mongolia traditionally and I have very long written record traditional snowstorms come once every ten years and it's devastating millions of animals die because when the snow covers and he may get cold but they don't get storms when the snow covers the land the animals have to paw through the snow to try and find a tuft of grass here and a tuft of grass there I mean it's it's it's sparse to begin with and this is dry grasses got very few nutrients in it when that snow covers the land it becomes a negative caloric event the animal spends more energy moving the snow than they get from the little to address a fine they starve they die they don't produce in the they don't produce the maneuver these that the foundation upon which people 's lives are built crumbles will the snow storms card coming once twice three four five times a year and absolutely unprecedented in the history of Mongolia hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people know accurate numbers no less than a million hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people moved to the capital city and these are people who had only their animals they were rich a few years before when they got to the city they had maybe their clothing and that's it no two related well not many of them had brought their little bit of furniture trying to stay warm because when you don't have anything else and it's forty five below and the kids are freezing and there's no trees for a hundred miles when I got to the city they prostitution rates actually skyrocketed children were sold crime skyrocketed horrible horrible horrible things Satan ring it was horrible and continues to be so in in some senses it's not done yet and so we saw this changing world we saw the impact on society we saw conflict we saw hunger we saw increased disease and I'm looking at this I'm looking at Matthew twenty four and say wow that sounds pulses think sound alike and I'm thinking now okay it's happening in the Navajo nation it's happening in Mongolia what else is going on I left Mongolia after five years and went to China and I was a huge eye-opener for me I went from three one billion one million people to one three billion people in China as the other director and China is under extraordinary resource pressure there are more than six hundred cities of more than one million people in each city that don't have nearly enough water that are in water crises is the accurate term mean water is being rations to more than six hundred million people in China right now they are doing everything they possibly can to to increase food production and they are even moving villages onto depleted soil so they can farm the land under the village they have cut down entire forests and they have put crops in any one of these places where they cut down the entire forest about fifteen years earlier they called me and when is the director manager Mason Scott we want you to talk to this cooperative of farmers who do they their farmers in this large region there's hundreds and thousands and thousands of farmers who want to help them as with the central government told me so reluctantly I went out to talk to the farmers and the farmer said well you know fifteen years ago they cut down all the trees and and we started farming this area we put in Wells thirty meters deep ninety feet some hundred feet and we pump water and we irrigated we put on a whole bunch of fertilizer and why did we produce food but after a few years though the well went dry so we dug a deeper and we put enlarger pumps and all worked so well and with more fertilizer we do less to an end after a few more years you know we had put a new weld a long story short the wells were over six hundred meters deep nineteen hundred feet and they needed pumps the site is a locomotive engines and ASIC and you can help us with this no campus or whatever does I see what you do I mean you only chase the water down so for what you do when not when it's all gone and it looks like it's all gone now this will just move to the city and get a factory the city China hi I could spend the whole seminar China China and the resource pressures I won't but the closest metaphor I can get to is a country with such demand and as such needs and the government leaders are trying so hard to make sure that people stay happy the Romans knew how to do that bread and circuses but trying to keep political peace that they're putting tremendous pressure on food production and on the production of every other material it's kind of like a country that is milking a cow twenty four hours a day knowing that that cow will die again every drop of milk that they can well I looked at all of this I started I said to myself you know it can be that the climate change am seeing in China and yes I was seeing quite a bit there and the resource pressures unseen and a stubborn scene in Mongolia and the societal impacts if this really is as big a deal as it looks like how can this be happening and it's not mentioned in the Bible how can this be happening and is not mentioned in spirit of prophecy if the world is actually changing and it's from sin study mentioned as I began a study and lo and behold it's mentioned abundantly in both Scripture and spirit of prophecy some of which will be looking at and I which I look at at great length in my book which I'm supposed to push they tell me and its downstairs in the ballroom and bilateral McKinney my from my book in the author 's royalties are going to make home church building fund so no financial interest in that but anyway if you want to further study my book is available planted in distress but I do get a study and it culminated in writing the book and what is basically going on is that we are seeing prophecy fulfilled right before our eyes were seeing the effect of sin on the earth right before our eyes were sleeping if only we would wake up we would have a tremendous sense of urgency based on the fulfillment of Christ's prophecy in Matthew twenty four a sense of urgency that this church does not have now I feel a lot more couple saying that in front of an average church and I do it UIC audience because you guys are the hope of the future in your here because you're dedicated so don't think that his criticism but still were largely asleep for every talking about the impact of sand on the physical world session one when deeply into that were were passed session one the secession to really talking about instability of the physical world causing instability in our society we like to think that here we are in these buildings and planes and cars and you know cell phones LSF in nature is out there but that's not the case nature 's right under our feet our society our industry our economy are all built on the systems that God created to sustain life on this planet as they erode so do our economy our society and we fall quickly into conflict we fall into disease we fall into famine and it's happening right now as we speak you don't see it yet but it's happening and will go into why you don't see yet so we get into disease and pestilence and famine and there is this direct line from sin in the context of the great controversy to what's going on right now there isn't anything that happens in the world that doesn't happen in the context of the great controversy so anchor text is Matthew twenty four six zero eight and you will see hear of wars and rumors of wars to see that you are not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and there'll be famine this is the Suzanne earthquakes in various places all these are the beginning of sorrows it's very unlikely that you attend the audio all or even many of my seminars consists this is a buffet of things here but if you're impressed to listen to these seminars on audio verse in a in a later seminar I will be unpacking this verse and the parallel chapters in a Mark and Luke and I doubt you've heard before what I have to say so during creation week I covered creation week extensively in seminar one God created systems he created off physics and his natural laws and then he created on the on planet Earth are atmospheric system our oceans and thermal distribution or climate system freshwater production and storage food production he also had created human civilization and health if you read Genesis chapter one you'll find it there what were supposed to do and what were supposed to eat but these five systems here in our day in our time and we can chart and graph them are each in steep and accelerating decline that the evidence is concrete I realize it's it's a sum of this especially the climate is is political but when you look at this to a scriptural lens and then you look at science you look at the effect of sin we are in steep and accelerating decline in every one of these systems well as ahead of myself so we were we were income we were in perfection God created the earth in perfection and we went to dysfunction and you can look at that through this chain of logic Satan is in rebellion rebellion as soon San key point is seen as separate the sin separates creation from its creator and the consequences death everything on earth the guard treated as subject to death because of sin even these amazing systems that God created so if you take a look at this top you know how that works you get a smooth surface you spin it you started it's going just smooth just great things are working just fine but doesn't stay that way forever it eventually begins to wobble a little and it eventually begins to wobble more more more and it crashes involves the earth if it were a top is wobbling while in a fair amount and you know what happens and you know that it gets worse and is the accelerating decline that we see we see the lifespan of the top that is the destabilize world in every sense of the work of the word that's the destabilize world in which we all live in which we must carry out our ministries and in which we must carry them out with fire and with fervor because time is so short brothers and sisters I want to invest the introduction were to look at one system now today and that's our food production system in the seminar I spent a lot of time on food production and that's because it's a canary in the coal mine it is the easiest it is the most scientifically validated is the most studied system in which we can see the effects of sin and the connection to Scripture so bear with me as as a line it up here we have destroyed God 's food production system what was created during the creation week so I'll is made up of all sorts of things it's made up of use bits of rock is made up of organic matter it's made up of trillions and trillions of microorganisms that are there working in the soil releasing nutrients it's made up of all kinds of different fungus some of which scavenge nutrients and have a symbiotic relationship with plants they both get something out of it the symbiotic relationships that God created an creation week not many of them are left but those that are astonishing so I'll is living plants grow in it they get what they need they're not incredibly productive but that's because of that result of three separate persons the person Adam you will you will earn your bread by the sweat of your brow God intentionally made the worth less productive because man needed to work because sin would have exploded and everything would've been over very quickly without that and it was a second curse the curse of Cain the Earth will not yield her bounty to curses in a road that suppressed food production then it was the curse of Noah where this Earth which to hear the description in Genesis basically ran on hydroponics a mist came up at night you know this Arthur Allen Weiss says was incredibly productive basically unrecognizable compared to what we have now just astonishing better when away and we had soaked three successive curses the result of which is that we really had to fight and scrape to produce food until the carnage man in his wisdom and I use that ironically ran in his wisdom overcame those three curses by engaging in industrial food production production and by doing that we destroy God 's system couple things you have to know first of all oil is food in the devout world we use between six and nine calories of oil to put one calorie of food on our plate a significant part of your food cost is directly related to oil there is an iron link stainless steel if you want there's this business unbreakable link between the price of oil and the price of food cheap food by the way is is is a thing of the past it's over forever so oil is food and insanely food is oil in Brazil and in the US we take a hot billions of bushels of corn and turn it into fuel so here's appears as corn which is already what seventy percent oil by energy content and through an instant inefficient process we turn it back into oil some people get rich but it's it's insane we used to sell that corn to the world we don't know we drive with it off this is a population chart from the year ten fifty and Mrs. one billion and look at that population growth those of you who have a good grasp of history what happened eighteen hundred seventeen fifty eighteen hundred eighteen fifty what happened bingo I'm absolutely a ace a student right there the industrial revolution start out with mills that were located by Reverend were driven by the waterwheel but that went away quickly that gave way to call and I gave way to oil and natural gas and because of our ability to transport food and store food and process food we were able to see a significant population growth the population is directly related to the availability and cost of food lots of food is cheap lots of whatever ZDNet then what do nineteen fifteen nineteen sixty we went to the Green Revolution Russell talk about in a minute and we got a lot of cheap food and you can see what happened the result of this is that we destroyed our soil on a global basis of any of her the green revolution okay not many we were here last time so we are here last time for the first of all you are someone who looks a lot like it was here for the last one on start buddy I talked about this last last session on the great revolution don't be embarrassed as a nonsense history now there are some guys in the late fifties and early sixties who had a big sense of urgency and they said look we've got three billion people three five billion people on the artist and we can't possibly see them were going toward a brick wall at a hundred miles an hour and it's terrible and we got to do some and so man in all of his wisdom and that's almost nine they got together and they said okay where where would I have really use fertilizer all over the world and really distribute fertilizer to really distribute pesticides it is really good thing called DDTs great and we're going to read these new kinds of plants that get a lot more fluid out of no we can't create grounds would go to increase yield while they got the UN involved always a bad idea they got universities involved and it worked it worked they created breeds of plants that the yielded three times as much off of one piece of ground and used three times as much water and used far more fertilizer him us of the people all over the world were using to menace amounts of fertilizer in the developing world it's a problem with medicine also one pill is good to build great three pills fantastic and that same approach was taken all too often with fertilizer how does this connect with the Bible alone it will get there so we replaced I'm a horse owner and this is an ugly to me would you know maybe you live in the city and that's that's a healthy horse by the way that steps that horses in good shape but anyway instead of putting a organic matter into the soil and feeding the microorganisms and keeping everything going as God created we put chemicals in the soil and not only that but we irrigated so they could be intensive and we use pesticides and we as tremendous amounts of fertilizer and we got this tremendous production but we all eventually got this hour are getting this what happens when you put fertilizer down is that some of the plant takes up Sony gets washed off some of his days in the ground in the form of salts in the salt buildup and at some point early on in the process it kills off the microorganisms it kills off the fungus that kills off everything in it it makes his soil and it becomes dirt at that point you have brought a lot more fertilizer because what God created isn't there anymore and the soil the salts keep building up and keep building up anything that stays alive that was there before is killed off by the pesticides together they they turned soil into dirt and we've done this all over the world eventually the salts build up so much of the class have a hard time growing and you can you can remedy that by putting on more fertilizer for one or two more years and then you're done that's it no more and you get this each year twenty acres of soil comes out of production around the world we've destroyed what God made not only that but we created superbugs and super weeds same way we create superbugs are super germs by abusing antibiotics in the nineteen sixties we lost twenty three percent of crops to superbike two of pesticides and out to pests and weeds and today were losing twenty six percent and that's with when using pesticides and herbicides used fifty times as much and each unit is one hundred times as strong so five thousand times what we're using in nineteen in the nineteen sixties and were losing that battle how does that relate well it's not the only thing suppressing yields is actually discovered convergence of things it's depressing yields these are all storms and floods and to logical events extreme temperatures droughts forest fires we've seen these triple in nineteen eighty we had about three hundred events two thousand and twelve we had the VP trendline is nine hundred events we've seen disasters triple in the last thirty years and that's suppressing yields that's not a lot a return to this chart in the future presentation and talk about what Ellen White had to say about significant increases in disasters immediately preceding the Sunday law people address of talked about the Sunday law for generations and generations this generation can chart a graph it's coming I can see it on the horizon were the first ones this is serious so were going to races were losing both fifty plus years sixty years actually of Industrial Revolution of industrial agriculture that's all sixty years and we've destroyed a global resource if we don't put all if we don't use oil in the production of food the ninety five percent reduction in the amount of food were able to produce with seven billion people seven billion people who will fight for their food where racing against the depletion of soil all around the world so were losing more more soil I mean despite the fact that it's just while reducing dirt really reducing dirt and at the same time are our production yields which climbed are flattening in our population is continuing to grow we got this really big problem so what right you had a good breakfast well so what is it on a global basis were having sequential food price crises now this is a food price chart going back to nineteen ninety you can you can look on the web and that you get going back to nineteen sixty but it's doesn't change a whole lot the low point in food prices was when really industrial agriculture hits peak in oil was very low in in historic terms two thousand and two nineteen dollars a barrel on the good old days seafood that's pretty much we had our peak there it's all downhill from there we see one food price spike arguably we seek to we definitely see this one here so scientists say there's three price spikes I think there's really to whatever and you didn't notice you didn't notice the price of food doubling between two thousand six and two thousand and nine because you don't earn two dollars a day but there's three five billion people on this earth many of whom have not heard of Christ not to cannot possibly afford or could possible maintain their very modest lives with this kind of pressure price pressure three five billion people one billion were making a dollar a day or less when you buy a box of corn flakes you by foolish enough to do it handful of corn and a handful of sugar really that's what's in there and you're paying four dollars for that box of corn flakes when this price spike happened the amount of the cost of the food the actual food not the packaging but anything else is your paying for insurance and transportation and luxury housing for Tony the Tiger all the stuff you know what the actual cost of food your cornflakes went from four dollars to four dollars and twenty cents but if you are earning one dollar or two dollars a day and you actually buy a handful of corn and you buy a handful of sugar you can only afford one handful now and you have you were eating the minimum out to begin with all over the world billions of people have had to make massive adjustments these last five years that's all that happened it wasn't just a matter of of people adjusting to extremely difficult situations because those who are really poor when food prices got high that was the last straw for them you had rebellions you had attempts to overthrow government you had riots are you had wars between countries and there is a direct correlation between the availability and price of food and people 's willingness to fight and overthrow governments and make change in the sort of thing the entire so-called Arabs spring happen because people are very unhappy with their governments but was triggered by the food price spike the stories actually bigger than that back in two thousand and six there was a drought that started in the middle these historic drought all throughout the Fertile Crescent and it continued two thousand six two thousand seven and people it was a really bad year but farmers and were talking millions of small farmers are just barely making it in a big up their herds grazing on a free ranging on the hills they got their crops by what a lot of them are growing barley and they used a exported barley to make beer exported to Europe and when the drought hit the price of beer went up in Europe is not too bad but anyway so there there growing their modest crops and they have to make a decision here know duly by hay for the animals willing to buy hay farmers camp I hate the animals graze on the hillsides do we get them through the winter do we try vice is real expensive pay and and and we got to save money because we got a bike seat here so the drought Canada and then another you know your past they bought some seed all out of money tough times for farmers who plant the seed the drought continues their killing off their animals because the animals are skin and bones anyway do we sell grandma 's earrings that one bomb one belonging that we had and do we buy food or do we buy see no matter what where in trouble over by seed we can if we buy food we can plan when we get into and the drought continues people are begging the government and giving little crusts of bread and the drought continues and people become extraordinarily desperate in Syria people finally got to the point a few young people your age where they began to write protest slogans on the wall and the government there with his usual light touch line them up against that same wall and shot them and that's the start of the war in Syria now these cysts this discharge is put together by an organization called next the a New England complex studies Institute which is a cooperation between Harvard and MIT really smart guys and the numbers that they had here the numbers of deaths and you know that this is an old chart because the numbers of deaths in Syria are nine hundred that numbers over a hundred thousand now there are millions and millions of refugees there's there's rampant disease and starvation in Syria neighboring governments are being destabilized its turn into a regional war with the US and Israel and sometimes turkey on one side and Iraq Iran and Syria on the other all this is going on while we watch it's because it starts with sin sin affects the world increasingly or CNET top destabilize society destabilizes and what we see here on this graph is coming more and more this is the fulfillment of prophecy you will see wars will hear of wars and rumors of wars famine pestilence we can see it now we can see it as it's happening we can chart and graph it and we can we know where it's coming coming to Central Africa next is actually more or less here in center now this is by that same group and this is the food price trendline that they project that trend will continue it's not that it's just happening or not going to happen in one place I argue with them this clumsy line that I that I put in this is my food price trendline I hope are both wrong I hope it's a flatter line than that but right now we can see the fulfillment of prophecy and we can see it coming and were asleep really were asleep I'll be talking about that in session for the only consolation and is not much consolation at all is a Christ himself said we would be asleep he also said we needed wake-up so this is where conflict lap and access my headline this is a this is a map by Maple Croft who is a global security firm out of the out of the UK and I don't think they would approve of that headline justifies juxtapose on their maps I needed make you understand that's my headline but here is the security risk index two thousand thirteen at hardly to their mountain that comes out this month here is where we got the greatest risk right now and here is where at the same time interestingly you get radical Islam destabilizing governments and if you been paying attention to Africa these countries and the increasing instability we see have been in the news all year there is a link between the price and availability of food and social stability and were seen it right now and there is a link between the physical state of the earth and the fulfillment of prophecy not prophecy and revelation as seminar for all go more deeply into this what what Christ said would immediately proceed his coming when he sat down with the disciples and open to them what would happen in the end times so here's only get when we look carefully at our global food production system we get food price spikes which we will see more and more and more of as this confluence of events around the world make life impossible for billions of poor people and my question is are we doing everything we can to evangelize we and save them the poor will suffer and die are we using our resources including our time not just our money our time our reputation to witness wherever Christ calls us to witness some of you may be asked to work to witness internationally so you may be asked would Mister neighbor but however were asked to engage in this global battle are we doing it on conflict and poverty drive disease and pestilence soda wars it's a it's a downward spiral as so we are seeing right now and we'll see more and more and more famine conflicts increasing disease and destabilization of society it is because of man's sin that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together it starts with sin everything on the world is framed by the great controversy and it's going on right now so since were seeing the culmination is great controversy as sense were able to chart and graph this what's our responsibility really what is our responsibility Satan has created this mirage that man and his society and the worldly goals and everything else in our status in society and our reputation on it but that's real but when you take a close look at what's going on and when you draw close to Christ it's like beginning to see is like walking onto the stage a play and what looked real from the back of the theater is cheap fakery that's the situation were in and yet most Christians and most Adventists are staring at this mirage put up by Satan and are distracted by so I'll be taking this is verse apart in my fourth and fifth sessions most than all the time on earth but sequentially undertaken in our own element forth in six sessions if you don't come back and edify review I be going to all the different sessions I wouldn't be going to to anyone but if this has piqued your interest I've just touched on one small part I haven't talked about man's complex society I haven't talked about the other things that are converging upon us I haven't talked about how technology which was our friend has become our enemy to the maturation of our complex society I haven't talked about the cluster of events that are fulfilling prophecy and will make it so that the end time events really are rapid ones and I encourage you to listen to the rest of these on IRS thank you but at the same time there's a promise if you want to help people introduce him to Christ because only through Christ is our bread and water sure if you if you if your heart bleeds for those who don't have enough to eat if your heart leads those that are suffering and many many many will suffer and die we know that the last thing you guarantee someone that would like to introduce them to Christ but it's the only way that they will escape suffering heaven and the workers of Christ those who are working for Christ in this time the Riddler will be short increasingly that's a very very significant problems this mystery is whether he went to be supporting the ascendancy at a distance a decent him him me why I would be quite interesting to download the pictures other resources like the Internet I am coming out in the mice even when I are you are a


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