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Eugene Prewitt directs the Bible Teacher Training hosted by Aenon.



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our father in heaven I asked this morning you would be here is our teacher as we study what is true and best I asked for this gift in the name of Jesus amen him and I was able to make my printer work this morning I did but live paper into the other feeder different something for this morning and a talent for yesterday start popping out the top so that was plenty of copies of yesterday 's log for those who collect papers and review things that was on a three-pointer as the kind of thing before he can scrap paper so I'd be obliged if you would be one of those people take one of them right there after turning your Bibles to first Samuel chapter three and verse four for Samuel chapter three verse four today are really talking about the courtesy upcoming and it happens that I get done five minutes early which is impossible so nevermind while regarded about the courtesy of waiting it might be nicer for the courtesy of waiting the day because I'm posting against instruction to wait another play in the snow yet you cannot be given special time for that later but a motherly figure is concerned that you're going to get sick and wet and cold and just want to tell weight but when we talk about the courtesy of waiting and today we talk about the courtesy of coming for Samuel chapter three and verse four that the Lord called Samuel and he answered here MRI notice the next five words dear whatsoever that he ran on to Eli some of us were trained that way were growing up that when mom says come and doubt has come that you don't say why most was I were trained that way but we should adapt which are then trained that when mom or death they found that we ought and you see Santa was trained that way what was he doing when this happens he was in bed trying to go to sleep and he was called and he is God and he ran that's very courteous I highly recommend that kind of behavior the treat on and he said adding here am I forgot policy and Eli said I called not light on again and he went and lay down in the Lord called yet again Samuel Samuel Rosen went to Eli said here am I without it's called me and he answered I called not my son lie down again no Samuel did not yet know the Lord of the interesting phrase that cycle do not yet know the Lord you can raise a child to do the right thing before we understand how Christianity works as a personal spring for Jesus is a good idea it makes it much easier for child become a Christian it is raised that way this is free marriage and family training and morning worship but for a courteous I want to understand it was a courtesy unsettles part is getting up and running I wasn't from Summit Christian conviction of the thing to do it's what he was trying to do your Bibles to first Corinthians one ten verse twenty six I'll read it to you perfectly and is one of verse twenty six it says for you to see your calling brethren how that not many wise men after the flash not many mighty not many noble are called I didn't want to understand is that in first Samuel you know what God did he chose Samuel to be a prophet what was about Samuel that cost to be chosen to be a prophet we don't know much about Samuels characters of the receipt a story and what's repeated several times is that when God calls with central to UK humble people tend to come when called and people that don't have enough ability tend to think about coming when called and consider whether or not convenience and something that they really want to turn your Bibles to Luke eighteen verse sixteen Luke eighteen in verse sixteen but Jesus called them unto him the day in this verse is referring to little children satellites and Jesus called them under him and sad allow little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven Jesus called the children of addicts little children would do exactly call them that they would come in any sense you can resume out of people like that now I suggest you that the claim evidence in the Bible became a Venezuelan people who wonder called and they come back the Bible indicates that many are called but few are chosen and the reason is simple that many are called but not so many come through your Bibles to ask chapter ten in verse thirty two asked him and you're going to hear verse thirty two this is an Angel speaking to Cornelius send and therefore could job but an call Heather Simon whose surname is Peter he has lost in the house of one Simon a tanner by the seaside who when he can't shall speak unto the why did God choose the disciples again the one thing we learn about them is that when you said that come and follow me updated they came this week is about courtesy and relates most of our courtesy to each other person to each other is very important when I want consensus was that courtesy to each other is potent to prepare us to show proper respect to God that their courtesy of giving each other the kind of respect that we ought to the timer children are not to elders and adults for example this preparatory to work for God because he also gives us calls like this is interesting if you hear someone say of what you're calling what they mean I mean really what you're vocation or what your job you know the idea that our calling is our job comes from Greek that in Greek the word call like I'm a call you if you make it into a participle calling the word used for your job is interesting to you but it is calling when we got has for us a call to do a certain work that call he's calling us to do a work and it would be courteous to do this are turn a few chapters forward to chapter sixteen in verse nine chapter sixteen verse nine and a vision appeared to Paul in the night there stood a man of Macedonia and prayed him saying come over to Macedonia and help us subpoena us right back sixteen what was it the holiday you know he changed his plan he was going somewhere in doing something but when we got the call he stopped going that way in doing that thing and turned and went somewhere else and that's not convenient when you're in a trip to take a detour go somewhere else it's inconvenient but she had a habit when God called him he went in so God use Paul to do a lot of things that we would like to be used with the courtesy be really great to develop the courtesy of coming turn your Bibles to Matthew twenty two verse three Matthew twenty two verse three summarizes the whole parable that it's in the middle of we can practice on Tuesday today by me giving you a call to bring your Bible tomorrow to breakfast you want to put it if I went to breakfast at a hard question to answer but your gravy on Matthew twenty two and verse three assess and he sent forth his servants to call down the network that into the lighting and then what the sad part was a say they were not called I think if you know the parable is in your mind a little bit you know it doesn't work out very well for that class I can picture my mind that if you look to way back in their history when they were children that it didn't go well and their mom and dad called and illustrated idea for your they didn't have the courtesy of coming when called was central doing is called run here I am in fact I didn't pointed out to recess for him twice I mean in one call here's the call he says here I am here I am astray courteous discourteous to answer common just to yourself the service of those needs and so now these children who didn't learn this annual virtue they grow up the results I know they get an invitation to a wedding I like you bought invitation to a negative invitation what do they say I got to go to do I got married I bought oxen I bought a house I bought a piece of land I sorry if I'm busy I can envision just know that's not courteous college students because you have that there is a courtesy of what company and its virtues that cultivates because it's relevant to our end time the success in doing what God is the was not a preplanned part of this talk turn your Bibles to Ephesians chapter one verse eighteen Garth for more verses that are not returned any of the others cannot read them to you and that rapidfire succession tell you something about the be done in eighty seconds Ephesians one nineteen sad the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know what is the hope of his calling and what is the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the same this is one idea about the backhaul that God gives us we ought to come you can't see how Hayek thought you have unless God blesses your understanding in fact in three passages I'm until you are they are but this look is three fourteen second Timothy one ninety three one what you want to know those like that whether papers after I'm done talking listen to what the calling is called clippings three fourteen it is the high calling second Timothy one nine it is a holy calling Hebrews three one it is the heavenly calling that is that we are called to a very high high destiny high standard hot our calling is so high we can even see it without brackets of MRIs the courtesy of coming our life would increase the chance of us making their Ephesians four one says I therefore the prisoner of the Lord beseech you that you walk worthy of the says vocation in your King James for the Greek word is the one that's been called calling all that are versus the red walk worthy of the calling wherewith you are call summary of the whole thing when mom called to coming here what I do for you that's courteous when elders call you respond the sentimentality of now the very same kind of special feeding but have your eyes opened to a bigger picture God calls us if we want to be in the kind that do his work my blood chilled me when he calls we want to come by this calling is fine we need that have a help to understand how high it is walk worthy of them is that requests of the Bible but still prefer him to our father in heaven I thank you for a high holy and heavenly calling and ask you for that enlightening of our eyes that allows to see how high it is I asked for that gift in the name of Jesus and him and him to him and


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