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01-The Need

David Kim


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • January 2, 2014
    8:45 AM
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for him to believe the delay in unveiling getting started right on time back you'll have to develop good often we like to welcome all of the folks who tried to get into David you know the overflow of fact is a wonderful things out clearly the Lord meant for you to be here and not over there my name is David can I think for those of you heard last night I'm a corporate executive but really the way I live my life today is as a Bible worker focused on witnessing to the wealthy worldly well educated and as as you'll see this is a real mission field for those of us who are in the three angels message and how that understanding soap I just thank the Lord for each and every one of you being here i.e. it is and you and I hope and I pray in fact that this will be a rewarding and valuable seminar for you so before we go any further let's just open with a word of prayer dear heavenly father Lord we come before you because we want to share the gospel with this under reached group Lord each of us here has people in our lives who can only be watched through us and Lord we want to be best equipped and best available to you for that sanctified you Lord please be with your humble servant and anoint my lips that everything shared here would be directly from you and please send the Holy Spirit to be upon each heart each person here to receive an understanding and to have conviction about what they ought to do with this information I thank you when I pray you in the name of Jesus and as we get going here I just wanted to start with a few Russians for you first I'd like to know how many of you here are students and university error or high school graduate school and how any kind of student okay so looks like about a third about a third of the group here now how many of you are in the workforce was somewhat okay are a great wonderful about two thirds and just call out what fields are you in or what areas of study are you pursuing pharmaceutical wonderful education aviation like a pilot of a pilot mechanic great great law okay good petrochemicals are you are engineer okay wonderful medical wonderful sorry public health very good banking investment banking mortgage banking okay great accounting very good dentistry welcome I brush my teeth this morning have no fear I floss every day to apparently less than five percent of people you could perhaps verify the less than five percent of people floss on a daily basis which to me is just really know but in this phase I wasn't always this way so I had a little bit of a conversion is a good cross-section here how many people have in mind someone or a group of people who you'd like to be able to reach using some of that methods that we discussed in the seminar are just about everybody good I'd like to just quit I know we know there's always less time than there is material but I would like to get from you a little bit of what specific questions do you have that you'd like that you hope that you learn the answers to in this seminar now discover right on the whiteboard here just just a few but it razor hand if you have a question you'd like to see answered in the same anyone yes in the back how involved do you get before approaching spiritual subjects good question yes create need yes how do you create a need when they feel there is no need great question yes great question what about me thank you and and yes how to get the conversation started yes over here you how do you know when to say when right pearls before swine yes how do you approach someone who says English Hadley said no to you okay know for an answer yes why needs God I'm good enough great here yes maintaining values and secular events over here I think I saw and yes how do you explain it great how to explain faith yester how to he lie job yes good question why me yours I do this thank you yesterday yeah what about atheists any other will take one more here yes so how to witness the family witnessing to family are you can ask questions as we go but I guess that I always find it helpful to understand where all your heads are why you're here which are hoping to accomplish and I have good news for you that we will address all these questions over and over the course of the three sessions I will also say however that some of these will not be addressed until the third session so this is a a a seminar which builds one session upon another now I understand I've been to DY C many years in the past never as a speaker always as an attendee and I understand how calming could you I see is like being the kid at the healthy candy store and there's so many seminars to choose from I understand that and so I would begrudge no one for picking and choosing his or Stephanie and stepping out but I think it's only fair for me to share with you that this is a cumulative seminar and many of these questions won't be answered until of the concessions so just just to be clear on that any questions that make sense are a great so as we get going in this as we get going in this seminar I want to talk about what were going to do that the structure of what were going to go through and its three parts each one of these bullet points is one of the sessions the first part I'm calling the need and it's really about the mission to this group I I I don't know some of you may be aware but this group of course we know from experience but even spirit of prophecy tells us that this is frankly the most difficult group to reach with the gospel but I will go through a lot of both Bible and spirit of prophecy here and hoping that by the end of this session you will have a clear vision in your mind that this is an important group to be witnessing to and it's not only important but as far as spirit prophecies concerned it is the most prioritized and you'll see why I say that the second the second session called the method I will introduce the framework and methodology for how to do this effectively and the repairs of a virtuous cycle or a flywheel that will talk about a framework of how this works and how it will not only impact others the impact your own spiritual walk with the Lord and in the third piece here's the experience in which I will share very specific very practical examples of how I have brought faith into the workplace and we will also have some opportunity to do a little bit of practicing and will also get you an I cannot session so once you are so who are we talking about the wealthy I put those BMWs up there because I dislike you know any tiny CW WW and this presentation is not World Wide Web it is the wealthy worldly and well educated about a talk about each one the wealthy if you just define it there's lots of ways to define the wealthy one of the ways to define the wealthy is the top twenty percent which is roughly if you make a hundred thousand dollars or more per year as a household you can call that the wealthy and there are roughly sixty million Americans let alone and the rest the world roughly sixty million Americans who fit into that demographic that's the twenty four million households at about two five people per household is sixty million Americans which is about the equivalent of the in higher population of the UK or France or Italy so he just imagine this demographic he that demographic alone is the size of a medium-sized country so it's big it's been now Seventh-day Adventists are actually underrepresented in this demographic believe it or not I know we have a reputation for being lots of doctors and dentists in and all these other things and and certainly there are those of us in the seventh day Adventist church were in this demographic but actually we are underrepresented in this demographic in the overall population of the United States there are about two hundred and fifty people per one Seventh-day Adventist that makes sense so for each one of us this two hundred fifty people out there or were not Seventh-day Adventist someone's getting a phone call I in this demographic for every one of us there are over seven hundred people out there who are not Seventh-day Adventist that make sense so we are vastly underrepresented in this population only seven percent of Seventh-day Adventists are in this category and so we have our work cut out for us the worldly I just put a snapshot of many media outlets magazines I think it speaks for itself right you have the worldliness is not something you can measure honest census right worldliness is not something you measure on a bubble sheet that you fill out are you worldly earn on a scale of one to ten but we know that this that our world our society is is consumed with beauty and with consumerism and well and getting ahead and this spans demographics forget the one hundred thousand not that we just talked about people who make very little money in this world also aspire to the same thing whether it's GQ the Robb report the New Yorker Cosmopolitan magazine by the way I had to look for a lot of Cosmopolitan magazine images before I could find one where I could actually put it up here and not frighten myself but then cover-up all the side subtitles which all have to do with things that you already know about if you've ever been to the grocery store but this is worldliness this misses the ocean that we swim in right now okay and that we have a well-educated highly I went to Stanford and so my entry here wall will come from Stanford University I know they lost yesterday down anyone from Michigan here North okay few people from Michigan it was a good game but there are there are on what is that he had these numbers together is forty two percent of the United States have a bachelor 's degree or greater or forty two percent this is people over age of twenty five or so my kids are not included in this number yet are now in the Adventist church any guesses as to whether where similar over or under that percentage of the population yes we are over it yes we're over instead of forty two percent were around well for that is that this forty percent here Masters or professional plus bachelors were actually at about forty five percent for a little bit over represented in this population but then I was looking at the state I felt were overrepresented in terms of education but were underrepresented in terms of income and education and income always get a US any demographer and they will tell you education and income are like peas and carrots they always go together so what's going on here any guesses are good comment but student loans don't apply to your income baby drain from your income now you have them maybe maybe yes yes so there's there's a career mix effect going on here one is that the areas that we go into as a people tend to be thing I'm not always obviously there's the whole healthcare thing that we just talked about but a lot of people are going into the minute Ray Mary a sorcerer or teaching at one of our schools and I kind of things that affects the next that's a huge impact in with the other big impact any statisticians are demographers are aspiring demographers here sorry well if yes you don't have as much to begin with there's less to pass along restroom without I don't think that's it for yes or that would apply the first comment about lots of us live choosing to go into different fields that are as remunerative we do have that exactly we have a lot of retirees now it's not just because we live longer than it's also because our church is aging our church is aging and its dramatic and it's not just because of the baby boomers it's disproportionate to the effect that you expect from the baby boomers and so we should think about when I'm sure their people in Silver Spring Maryland and wherever else they think about these things thinking about the fact that our church is aging and what that means for the future hopefully it will mean nothing because Jesus will come soon amen R so that's the worldly the wealthy and well-educated these people are very difficult to reach we talked about it before but I just like to share a couple biblical verses here I will first song chapter nineteen for seven to ten nineteen for seven to ten Psalm chapter nineteen versus seven to ten and just because a time on the net I never read it for us here it's nineteen seventy ten the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul the testimony of the Lord is sure making wise the simple you are right rejoicing the heart the commandment of the Lord is pure enlightening the eyes fear of the Lord is clean enduring forever the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether more to be desired are they than gold game than much fine gold sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb so we're familiar with this verse is saying that God and his ways and his line 's righteousness are sweeter than what the honey and the honeycomb right let's now turn to Proverbs Chapter twenty seven verse seven Proverbs Chapter twenty seven verse seven Proverbs Chapter twenty seven verse seven and again on will probably read this in the Bible says a satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb to catch that the satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb and what the what it would just say a sweeter than honey the word of God and God 's ways and his righteousness is more to be desired in the honeycomb but the satisfied soul loathes and that's a strong word lows the honeycomb and I think we see this more now in our society you agree you amen they love the honeycomb because they can create heaven on earth for themselves they can create their own version of what they think heaven is on earth with their means and so they don't feel any need for heaven I think so Manasseh they'll feel any need for having apparently as you'll see because they can create their own little bubble around them where everything is finely calibrated to the way that they just like a man this resume when people good are we seeing this difficulty in the Bible we see the difficulty in the Bible and I got to reverse this year which will just go to quickly versus the rich young ruler in Mark chapter can mark chapter ten versus seventeen through twenty seven Mark chapter ten verse seventeen through twenty seven and this is a familiar verse to us Mark chapter ten versus seventeen through twenty seven and rather than reading the entire passage which will work were familiar with the rich young ruler yes write a come to Jesus exactly how to inhabit and and Jesus as well now keep the Commandments they said what else do I have to do it says go sell your possessions right to follow me well in in Mark chapter ten verse twenty seven minutes season is over twenty seven yes thank you twenty two thank you but he was sad at this word and went away sorrowful for he and great possessions right so you see right in the Bible someone walking away from the Lord walking very from Jesus Christ he's looking straight in his face and walked away because of why because of his great possessions right and and God says that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of kingdom of God as we got our work cut out for us we have inherited it the second reason why these people find it difficult to come to the Lord a starter Mark chapter six verse fourteen to twenty nine were not to read the whole thing this is this is the beheading of John Wright remember us Salome the daughter are you he did he likes Johnny actually listen to John and we see but he he went ahead and beheaded in anyway in verse twenty six of Mark chapter six and the king was exceedingly sorry you because of the posts and because of those who sat with him he did not want to refuser right so why did he why did he behead John the Baptist against his own will you want to look stupid in front of all his important guests because of the prestige because of his status because of where he is in society as King of the two-game Galilean area he did not want to look weak records you just promised this young lady up to half the kingdom and what you can be had some itinerant so-called profit and so that's the second reason the first one with possession of the second reason is prestigious status and the social trappings of being wealthy worldly or well-educated and in the third one is King Agrippa in acts chapter twenty six acts chapter twenty six this is where Paul is testifying to King Agrippa is telling in his testimony acts chapter twenty six and in verse twenty seven Paul gets to the punchline he says it can rip up do you believe the prophets I know that you do believe then Agrippa said to Paul you what you almost persuade me to be a Christian and what I read from this as he was he was he was actually compelled he was compelled by law Pauline to say I said now you almost got me thereby maybe we can talk again later and so is the third one is just procrastination are people don't have a sense of their mortality in Tiller dead or about to be dead right so whether his possessions whether it's status in society or whether it's just plain old procrastination is very difficult to reach these people now I want to share with you thank you John John Millet talented singer-songwriter should check him out he referred me to this vision of Ellen White the Wardell Barry vision and what he says is that she's in a a wagon party a bunch of people young people young men and women were riding out in wagons around the city and just outside the city harvest Wardell berries which are like blueberries but there read inside instead of white or yellow I didn't know that either until I learned about this world berries and so she's going in everyone's just sort of lackadaisical there enjoying the data having the time to really lay back they have no sense of the mission that thereon which is the harvest these mortal berries that once they get there she talked about how painstakingly she goes through the bushes finding just the right one that is ready and ripe to be picked and how she worked all day and input all these just beautiful mortal berries in her in her bucket and she gets back to the wagons where everyone is gathered and everyone else it just been sitting around eating their Doritos records are exceeding their picnic having a good time to send what you are you kidding me there's so much work to be done back let's let's see and then they come up to her and they in turn they look in this is what is that this is Allen like I then took my berries and went to the wagon that I him fruit I've ever had and I gathered a close by while you have wearied yourself searching at a distance without success then they all came to look at my throat and said these are high bush barriers firm and good we did not think we could find anything on the high bushes so we hunted only on the low bush berries we have found only a few of these things so let's let's figure out what what is she talking about here she interprets this vision for she says I have sure that the dreams I've had only teach me lessons that there is a neglect to get the better classes to become interested while the poor classes are not to be neglected neither should the higher and more intelligent classes the overlooked I have been injuring instructed and who instructed her God himself I've been instructed that we overlook the field close by to us to labor in faraway feel that we take very inferior berries when there are larger and a better quality of berries already to be gathered and we are making a mistake in this type of labor these are strong words from the spirit of prophecy she goes on there has not been the effort made that there should have been made to reach the higher classes while we are to preach the gospel to the poor we are also to present it in its most attractive light to those who have ability and talent and make far more wise determined God-fearing efforts that have hitherto been made to win them to the truth this is not ambiguous is it is pretty pretty clear that the spirit of prophecy is in favor of this kind of work infected exhorting us and encouraging to this kind of this kind of work now why do we neglect this ministry well she called in a dear and a lack of faith on whose part on our part on our part there are intelligent men and women whom we are afraid to work for why we fear rep Paul because we don't want to be turned down right that's what she sang right and right theory recalls the earnest efforts should be made for the higher classes coming close to their hearts visiting them and using special was done to win them to the truth there should be no pushing no sharp contention but leading their minds out to investigate we could do the rest of the seminar just on this passage she actually gets on the very elements of the methodology that were to talk about for the remainder of this kind in the next couple sessions but you can see just how pleased I think you're heading you will see these things come back to as we go through this material and then she goes on elsewhere one reason why efforts have not heretofore been made for the higher classes as I have presented before you is a lack of faith and real courage in God so not only are we afraid for ourselves were actually not faithful in God we think that the wealthy worldly and well educated are too difficult for the Lord to reach you believe that these are strong words is a strong work ethic now great question request Red Hat in my flight did you get a copy we will talk about thank you thank you for letting you can hear her question was not rich people think that you want something when you try to get close to them how do you deal with that we're in a talk about our now she goes into the need right she's just told us that where totally dropping the ball now she doesn't even need a why we need to do this there is a work to be done for the wealthy they need to be awakened to their responsibility they have a responsibility as those entrusted with the gift of having they need to be reminded that they must give an account to him who shall judge the living and that the wealthy men need your labor in the love and fear of God too often he trusts his riches and feels not his danger the eyes of his mind need to be attracted to things of enduring value but worldliness of the great barrier so today God is seeking for souls among the high as well as a lot where many like Cornelius then whom he desires to connect to his church their sympathies are with the Lord 's people but the ties that bind into the work world hold them firmly we talked about King Herod right it requires moral current which for these men to take their position with the lowly ones special effort should be made for these souls who are in such great danger because of their responsibilities and associations special effort this has resulted in their neglect as we said we talking right much of the neglected poor sure not some attention be also given to the neglected rich ever heard of the neglected rich before neither high but spirit from prophecy tells us about the neglected rich manual of I hope with thousands of wealthy men had gone to their grave unworn because they can judge by appearance and passed by as hopeless subjects you ever judge someone by their appearance have you ever looked at someone and said they couldn't possibly be interested guilty as charged myself but as indifferent as they may appear I have been shown who showed her God I have been shown that most most of this class are still burdened most of this class are still burning there are thousands of rich men who are starving for spiritual food many in official life feel their need of something which they have not feel among them go to church for this roof feel that they receive no benefits the teaching they here does not touch the soul shall we make no personal effort on their behalf this idea into your mind because the traditional methods the way we do church the way we talk about our faith they don't get it that's what Alan Leiter say they don't get it they don't feel that they don't get it it's different it's a different language for different language and most of these class are sobered but we should not let this deter our efforts those who stand high in the world for the education welfare calling are seldom addressed personally in regard to the interests of the soul many Christian workers hesitate to approach these classes but they should not be if a man were drowning we would not stand by and see comparison because he was a lawyer or a merchant or a giant if we saw person rushing over a precipice we would not hesitate to urge them back whatever might be their position are calling neither should we hesitate to warn men of the parallel all times should be neglected because of their apparent devotion to worldly things in the keyword is apparent because she has told us that most are still burning and so if they don't look still burning merely apparent make sense God has always had these people and here's a list starting with Abraham Abraham Joseph Moses Deborah 's annual David Abigail Solomon Ezra Nehemiah Mordecai Esther Daniel Shadrach Niger depending on who can answer Elizabeth Nicodemus Roman sentiment Roman centurion Joann Joseph Murphy Paul Luke the Ethiopian eunuch Cornelius Sergius called Lidia Christmas and there are more but I would have had to shrink the font size too much God is always sought out and had these people in his church as part of his plan but not only should we do this we should prioritize this check this out those who belong to the higher ranks of society are to be sought out with tender affection and brotherly regard many business life in high positions of trust men with large inventive faculties and scientific insight men of genius teachers of the gospel whose minds have not been called to the special truths for this time earnings or other Christian brothers and sisters were not yet in the three angels message fees should be what first not second not third and certainly not laugh these should be first to hear the call to them the invitation must be given any of you seen this before some of you have were you surprised she said that the wealthy world it went well educated should be the first to hear the gospel message totally counterintuitive to the way that we do church today and I will I why will she have a rationale for this the Lord desires that money man shall be converted and act this is helping hand in reaching others he desires that those who can help in the work of reform and restoration shall see the precious light of truth and be transforming character and led to use their entrusted capital to his service he would have been in that means that you let them in doing good in opening the way for the gospel to be preached to all classes night and far off right so there's there is a reason for this it's not just because Alan White like hanging with rich people right that makes sense but there's a reason for this one is because they gave God means they've got and were not just talk about Warren Buffett here right were not just talking about Bill Gates right were talking about people who are in the upper twenty percent people who have disposable income right and the problem with disposable income is that it often gets disposed by how much better would it be if those people had the love of God in their hearts and would instead they are entrusted capital to his service a man beyond that though just a thought just the means altogether too little effort has been put forth for many responsible places in the world many of them possess superior qualifications they have means would you talk about the also have influence these are precious gifts entrusted to them by the Lord to be increasing used for the good of others it's not just about money they're also very influential seek to save men of wealth and treat them to return to the Lord the treasures he is lengthening trust that in New York the all embracing there may be established centers of influence from which the Bible truth and simplicity shall go forth to the people persuade Mandalay up their treasures beside the throne of God I returned to the Lord the substance enabling his workers to do good and do a in advance his glory arts as means and its influence the greatest men of this earth are not beyond the powerful wonderworking God God will convert a man God will convert men who occupy responsible positions in a intellect and influence through the power of the Holy Spirit many will accept the divine principle converted to the truth here's the important part they will become agencies in the hand of God to communicate the light it will have a special burden for other souls of this neglected class time and money will be consecrated to the work of the Lord and new efficiency and power will be added to the church if you took just it's been a while since I did the math but if you took warned Buffett or Bill Gates he took their total net worth and you just assume the tide out of a total net worth it would operate the world church for decades for decades not years decades decades a billion is a big number the big number just a little be but it makes all the difference mistakes have been made in not seeking to reach ministers and the higher classes with the truth a fund should be raised to educate men and women to labor for the higher classes so there's good news there because we can all be educated to work for these people and that God wants men of talent and good mind who can weigh arguments then you will dig for the truth as for hidden treasures these men will be able to reach not only the common but the better classes to in addition the wealthy worldly well educated was she saying if you can also reach people who are not in that group but it doesn't go the other way around it is a different animal reaching these people down there are similar principle of their similarities I don't want to say that I know you wealthy person can ever be reached by someone who's not in that same circle but in the main it's a different animal there are lots of differences which will talk about such man will ever be students of the Bible fully alive to the sacredness of the responsibilities resting upon them she found out that the that WW W 's were converted to be fully alive to the sacredness of the responsibilities resting upon them they will give full proof of their ministry now we switch gears a little bit race talk about the different animal concept that's not my opinion the intelligent the refined are altogether too much passed by I love this language the hook is not baited to catch this class is about a powerful image the hook is not baited to catch this class in ways and methods are not prayerfully devised to reach them with truth that is able to make them wise unto salvation what is she saying here she saying that the conventional or traditional means of evangelism and witnessing that we use today they don't work for these people in general again there are always exceptions most generally sufficient most generally in the main overall most generally the fashionable the wealthy the proud understand my experience that happiness is not to be secured by the money they possess or by costly edifices were ornamental furniture I noticed in our hearts they know they're barking up the wrong tree we ran earlier they are still burning most of them they know that they want something they have not bought this class are attracted toward each other is hard to find access to them the rich left alone without any effort to save them become shut up more and more their own ideas their own train of thought and association whose paternity out of the reckoning they grow more proud and selfish hardhearted and unimpressive or suspicious to your point suspicious that everyone wants to get money this is incredibly powerful statement to me to me this is a different breed we need to approach this in a different way and it is hard it is hard work were to read more quotes about this this is hard work some will ask can we not reach them with publications I believe in publications I believe in glow I believe in the DVDs in the videos that have many ministries are putting out I believe in all that stuff but this is not my opinion there are many who cannot be reached in this way there's a spirit of prophecy she is saying many cannot be reached in these traditional ways like publications what do they need personal effort they made it his personal effort they need is by no casual accidental Koch no casual accidental touch that wealthy world loving world worshiping soul can be drawn to Christ these people are often the most difficult access personal effort must be put forth for them by men and women in viewed with the missionary spirit this is important those who will not fail or be discouraged this is hard work she is saying if you sign up for this work got been ready now to be ready and willing hike up your boots and tighten your belt because in every effort to reach the higher class the worker of God needs strong faith this is a faith based work appearances may seem for bidding it's been a lot harder to look for bidding it's going to look impossible but in the darkest hour there is light above I had to take this statement are many kinds because in the spiritual conversations I've had in the personal Bible studies that I've had with a wealth enrolling well-educated there many times when I just in my prayer time in the morning I say to myself Lord I don't I don't know if I'm making a difference but I trust in you because he has said that I need strong faith and it will seem prepped for bidding but there is light above even in our darkest hour this will require our best efforts our best efforts in order to do this all workers will have to keep himself up to a high level of intelligence she's not talking a IQ he's on that ability you know you're having a day now to bring your a game they cannot do this work and sink down to a low common level feeling that it does not matter much how they labor or what they say since they are working for the poor and ignorant classes now let let me because she is not endorsing this insane while you can bring your see game when you're working for other classes but she is saying that there is an attitude in the church that hey you know what these people I'm whenever I bring them is better than what they have already installed just bring my seating just before I then have you ever encountered that thinking where then that mentality right and you can even see the nurture services right people just don't prepare the Commonwealth in a minute before if you're lucky and rush up to the podium to be the offertory appeal or whatever it is right to bring their a game they will have to sharpen up this isn't me I didn't like this quote they will have to sharpen up and be armed and equipped in order to present the truth intelligently and to reach the higher classes their minds must rise higher and show greater strength and clearness and you can learn this because if you could've learned that she wouldn't tell us to be armed and equipped right instead she would say even got it or you don't and if you think if you're wondering if you got it you don't happen right you can be armed and equipped and that's that's what were going to talk about today but we got to bring our a game now that since some are specially fitted Somerset especially fitted to work the higher classes these should seek wisdom from God to know how to reach these people can not to have not a nearly casual acquaintance with them but by personal effort and living faith to awaken in them the needs of the soul to lead them to a knowledge of truth as it is in Jesus right I don't think this fitting is about having degrees in and so forth what it's about is our you can bring your a game are you willing to develop your eating a game how many great evangelist you know people who can have a conversation with anyone caught very intelligently use big words whatever you want to have anything had even gone to college right there are people out there writing about your willingness to bring the a game but even more important in order to reach these classes believers themselves must be living epistles known and read of all men what does it mean to be a living epistle your lifestyle you have to practice what you're preaching right always be preaching and if necessary use words right and so one of finger and talk about here is you need to be a living epistle if your lifestyle and and someone asked about my networking events and secular events if your lifestyle isn't a witness in and of itself you're not even upset at the starting line the will talk about all that so in summary for this section there are three points I want you to take away first is this is a huge mission field over sixty million people this is a mission field the size of a medium-sized country and is very difficult they are the most difficult to reach with the gospel and it can't be lackadaisical it needs to be focused effort initially focused effort for their own salvation and also so they can help and third it requires deep personal effort and our best thinking and so the question that you should all be thinking about this is an enemy easy it's not can it be now is not to be I hate it I don't want to be I don't want this to come across as being negative on other types of ministry there many types of ministry any all are called different ministry right but this is a very unique different kind of ministry and it really needs our best thinking and it's difficult and each face and so I cannot try to chase you away either not trying to chase you away but have these thoughts on your mind as we go through the next couple session about the approach because what I'm going to tell you I actually was less than uptight again the way that the Lord has shown me how to witness and share with these people is literally as easy as talking to someone about the weather or what their weekend was like literally it is literally that easy has anyone ever okay let me ask you an easy question any of you ever actually done any missing try to talk to someone about their faith right okay good most of you most of you with a easier heart little bit about how I would say it was more hard and easy okay I missed a forty percent who says it's more easy than hard less than that so maybe it's like sixty forty while what I want to share you is going to be easy easy really easy I couldn't believe it but it works with that I'd like to ask that we have about five minutes left I'd like to ask if there any questions at this point presentation yes sir yes so so your hearsay how do you maintain your credibility with your secular circle of an while I was still being heaven oriented right Rick talk about that by the short answer is you got a do your best not to bring your a game in every facet of your life and the Lord will show you how to do that little shakeout in the end we will talk about how you and some of the choices and decisions that each of us needs to make in order to do that thank you for your question yes or right putting of God calling you to this kind of ministry on their entire seminars about how to know the will of God in your life so I will not be this topic justice but what will I will say is this hub you remember the immortal Barry vision early on in this presentation your remember the contrast she made between what she had done and what the others have done and one of the contracts he made was I was looking nearby and found all these beautiful world Larry's you guys went far off and found low quality ones if any writing so she is clearly making a statement there is think Jesus Christ made a statement there right you shall go be my witnesses in Jerusalem thank you day out and in Samaria and then to the ends of the earth right so Jesus also set up a principal start where you're at and then work outward from there if the only place for your witness is someplace that you need a passport to get to I propose that that's a problem I would suggest to you about is a problem is a web failure question is I is the fact that you're here and we suggest to me that there is an aspect of this ministry that you are ready for why you're here you're not here by coincidence even the fact that you got overflowed out of David seminar next door you think I was a coincidence so after I would say about that and we have time for a couple more questions of the question yes or yes yes great question great question on working talk about that were in how to witness how do we can need and awaken curiosity for touch on that very much but I would go back to what Ellen White said as a preview there shall be no pushing sharp contention but leading their minds out to investigate that not just as a foreshadow what were the top this yes yes no no no there is an is an you know so I'm not this is the question as I went about ministers and other denominations and witnessing to them and this is presentation on address that specifically but you can probably think of them as part of the well-educated they are probably probably different breeding of himself because they know enough to be dangerous yeah okay time for one more question on this goal in the back and then feel free to approach me and we got more sessions to go so were still here together for a while Yasser if I'm not unconverted www. within our own church yes usually will you be here for Sabbath plenary at two p.m. okay I'll be giving my testimony there I think you'll find it insightful but because I was one of those people I was one of these highly educated WW W sitting within our church serving as an elder in fact but completely heart unconverted we'll talk about that we'll talk about that I think a lot of the similar principles apply here but but but we'll talk about that are we I want to let you guys have a full break so I think we have a fifteen minute break counts are correct while lot during the break though I would appreciate it if one of the things I'm trying to do is build a database of that sounds really Google NSA what I meant to say what I'd like to find could you hand these out why would you want to resell thank you I've if you are interested in this type of ministry I'd love for you to fill out some information thank you I love for you to fill out some information and I just let me know who you are I'm working with binders and campus we might be familiar with out of Michigan they are creating ministries to address address the professional class and were trying to build just a knowledge of who else is out there who has passion and interest in learning more and being equipped and so forth so if you wouldn't mind I would really appreciate it if you would fill out this this response sheet that were passing around I hope we have enough and then you check the appropriate boxes the bottom of it you can detach because after this all said and done I'm been opposed the materials at campus and bondage website so so you can detach that bottom for your own reference and will take it from there so thank you very much please fill it out and what can someone stand by the door and collect them for me thank you sir I handed to that young man in a black jacket with his hand ready as you go out and I hope you come back because we haven't gotten to the practical stuff you will join easy ways to witness this is where you thank you very much I will see you in the top thirty hours I will start again okay thank you the top of the hour will these new systems including the length you wait to see you supporting Mimi 's deep decency and justice he seems I think young people to be knighted by the date flight to rescind to download the pictures on the resources for the Internet I am going anyway seeing that I and are you a


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