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02-The Method

David Kim


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • January 2, 2014
    10:00 AM
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for you you may not have the video on their behalf demanding he even had to delete I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seemed that a how I can like starting I apologize will try to do it I will try to stay on time we have in our correctness we end at eleven and in the big Flannery starts at quarter after eleven and so I will make sure that we get out by them welcome to part two part two of the seminar on reaching wealthy worldly and well educated in this piece of it we're going to talk about the method and method of sharing sort out a framework of the approaches to how to share before we go on how many people were in the last session looks like most of us anyone not in the last session while I do not expect that so I selected quick review right quick review I exactly do the review often this is a will remember how many people there are you could call wealthy worldly well educated in the United States about twenty percent of roughly sixty million which is about the size of the UK the entire population you can accept this is a huge mission field very difficult right what is the reason why it's so difficult to reach these people sorry our lack of faith yes that's right our lack of faith in reaching out to them what other reasons they're very different from us here report yet we're afraid of being turned down NSF I know all over again I was a joke I thought what White House makes it difficult about wealthy people to be reading the gospel strike certain the back they are satisfied right we read about how the law and the righteousness of God is sweeter than honey and a honeycomb and then we read Proverbs how satisfied soul loathes the honeycombs were satisfied what else whilst it hard to reach the yes yes are self-sufficient they can create heaven honor their version of heaven on earth using their money so they don't feel like they need heaven yes because of their peer group their social status they are so locked in to the social circle the glitterati be whatever you want to talk about I include who is equally as secular as they are and so it's a big deal for them to step out of back into the faith yes they don't want you to get close because they think you want something that everyone who comes up to them wants something they want money they want a job they want influence what whatever it is they get suspicious of people good that's what yes procrastination yes procrastination is another thing they just think well I'm not thinking about that right now I'm too busy working I'm too busy making money I'm too busy traveling and having fun so those are all reasons why this is difficult great great review now we talked a little bit about our qualities and why it's hard for us right because we're afraid of being rejected and because we lacked faith in God right but why does God want us to witness to these people and in fact make it the first priority remember that a spare prophecy said that that these people should be the first priority for witnessing why is that yes in birthright because first of all for their own salvation the second of all is because once converted they can become workers for the gospel both in terms of their money and their talents and their time and their influence and so there are a lot of reasons why spirit of prophecy prioritizes reaching out to the wealthy worldly and well-educated and then the third point here is what do we need to do in order to be effective witnesses to this group we have to be authentic what else personal effort that's right traditional forms of evangelism cannot work she said your member publications tend not to work the typical methods and approaches tend not to work with personal effort we need yes-men we need to thank you we need to bring our a game LMI write this over and over again you need to bring your a game in order to reach these people you can't just do your lackadaisical b-day or C game which is often we talked about last session often times what happens in our churches forget witnessing but even in executing the church service we bring our see game I will often on I'm an elder at my local church and I will preach from time to time and I will sometimes ask people how many times they were late to work this week and contrast that to how many times they are late to church rights we need to bring our a game thank you so that's that's that that's the review and let's move on into this next part so the method on a star with his concept of a flywheel I Jim Collins anyone heard of Jim Collins writes out he is a business writer is a business group is rent written what I'm going to Greg built to last item number of these books in one of the basic concepts he talked about in the flywheel anyone know when a flywheel is any engineers in this room one A will explain what a flywheel is now no takers are well that United you have to hear NBA's explanation of what a flywheel is which may or may not be physically accurate but a flywheel is basically a disk of some sort that is weighted and created in such a way manufactured machine in such a way that it stores energy so that once whatever impulse you give that wheel is it keeps turning and often times the flywheels they use the power of inertia to keep that motion going on way out of my depth now but basically to keep that motion going and so you have to push it a bunch of times and every little bit that makes you go a little bit faster than over time it just starts spinning on itself and he talks about companies that are built to last there are great companies the reason why their great is because not because they has a blockbuster idea or this or that because they have a flywheel and what that means is a series of strategic decisions and actions that build upon each other and create momentum okay well there's also a Christian flywheel in our Christian walk we have a flywheel and it starts with having heart conversion for you to talk about each of these elements you start with our conversion which leaves you living a Christlike life we talked about and you have to be a living epistle in order to be an effective witness to this class you start with our conversion that makes you more like Christ as you live like Christ you attract spiritual interests and some other spiritual interest you will end up studying together always sunny with some of those will become converts and as you take apart and observe and play a role in their conversion story in build upon your own heart conversion and so it builds on each other each step builds on each other and it creates a fly will affect in your spiritual life so witnessing is not merely about the other person in fact you could argue it is almost secondarily about the other person and primarily about yourself I will talk more about that so I would ask a question what are these guys doing in this picture they are playing basketball right is not a question of playing basketball what is this guy doing in this picture he's playing basketball but he's more than that he's a basketball player right Lebron James by the way he says were all witnesses that's not me talking of Lebron but these guys are playing basketball but Lebron the basketball player what's the difference one one is a verb your playing basketball it's something you do and then you stop for fun but if your basketball player that's who he is and that's the point I'd like to make here are you just witnessing or are you a witness because to be successful with the worldly wealthy and educated well-educated you cannot just be witnessing to them you have to be a witness you have to be like Lebron is versus these guys playing pickup basketball that I sent a note and are at the start of our conversion Jesus the yes you must be born again of the Spirit right you're going not optional he says it's an option for you to be born again of the Spirit no no no right he said you must be born again and then he also tells the disciples the spirit will make you a witness against him the spirit might make your witness is a despair will make your witness and so if you must be born again of the Spirit and in the spirit will make you a witness that means if you connect those dots if you are born again you will be a witness that makes sense right if you are born again then you will be a witness that the biblical principle so if your heart converted you will be a witness but the converse of that contra positive and this is the law of logic so far as we can tell it holds in all cases that means if you are not a witness you are not are converted but I think you if you are not a witness you are not hard converted and so what I would say right off the bat here is your witness is a barometer of your salvation and so the first step here is if you look at this and you think to yourself and this is the seat I was in not too long ago but if you look at this equation and you think to yourself you know what I don't think I'm are converted woman praise the Lord that you came to the seminar could now you know you're not and you can do something about it I'm actually serious about that whether you want to witness whether you are a witness is the acid test of your heart conversion that make sense amen are hard to have lots of positive benefits one is that you see all these icons about Angie's list reviews you can trust you got the like button you got the retweet you got the Amazon customer reviews you got yelled our our culture is full of recommendations right now when is the last time you recommended something just so tell me one's lifetime you recommended something to someone anyone yes yesterday a week ago what did you recommend hydrotherapy you recommended hydrotherapy to a friend of yours are a lady and okay good else why did you recommend hydrotherapy to that lady not like the personal details of her situation but why did you recommend why does anyone recommend anything that works because you believe in it right and it has to have confidence if you are not converted you don't have confidence about your faith which is what leads you cannot say anything that makes sense but if you are converted you will have the confidence of this young woman up on the screen she's got a megaphone and she is just screaming from the top of her lungs whenever she say she's got confidence right so our conversion one of the benefits is that it gives you confidence and RI but the other thing the heart conversion does for you is it gives you a sense of urgency because if your heart converted you know that sharing your faith and all of what we know about the great controversy and how fingered and and what's going to happen in the second and always think you know that this is not mere and merely an intellectual discussion when your heart converted it is as real to you as often your life right is an real view as the air you breathe and the water you drink and because you know what's going to happen and because you know what's going to happen to those who are not saved you know that there is a train barreling down on and Satan has got these people on the train tracks tied up tied down to the world and you will have the urgency of this woman here trying to untie this person so that he can get off the tracks if your heart converting you will have a sense of urgency and is only with that sense of urgency that it will force us to get out of our comfort zone to be that witness a man does that make sense okay great so once your current car converted Christ will transform your life if you will let him a here are just a few principles that I've used in my life that have led to my heart conversion and led to my walk with the Lord first of all is you need to have a daily devotional life I think three people agree with me and that you need to have a daily devotional life I'm going to share my testimony on Sabbath afternoon plenary and you'll hear that before five years ago I never had a devotional life because I was not are converted but it makes all the difference in the world makes a difference of prayer reading Scripture and doing it when you don't even feel like it just showing off is eighty percent not fifty percent eighty percent of it is just showing up day in day out even if you don't feel like it just go I've had days when I am in my prayer posture and I'm so tired and during the prayer but I'm glad I showed up because the Lord still left this kind of devotional lot will gain victory over sin we need to be living epistles to these people and we need to gain victory over sin and so one of the things that is really help me as confessing specific sin I used to pray prayers of repentance our forgiveness place to pray using the Master services agreement approach to repentance there's some lawyers in the room I know you will know what a Master services agreement is a basically within companies when you do business with another company and have repeated interactions you don't want to do a separate contract for every single time something happens to you do a Master services agreement which encompasses all of the different transaction that you do with that company and so a Master services agreement approach to repentance sounds like dear heavenly father forgive me for my sins you know what they are and I know what they are delicious good that is the master services agreement approach to confession but you can only get victory over sin when you are confessing specific sense because you face every morning those things over the last twenty four hours that you gave which reveal I knew how much you need the Lord and he shows you that you are gaining victory over sin because there are sins that I used to have to confess on a daily basis which over time increase and decrease in today it's rarely if at all praise the Lord not because it may be because of him and there are certain sins which I had to confess all the time and I still have to confess all the time and it reveals to me which sends him him in my heart so that is really important confess specific sense pray for the fruit of the spirit memorize it love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness and self-control and actually being a little bit mathematical I decided breakout love is a love suffers long and his kind love does not envy love does not parade itself is not puffed up did not behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked thinks no evil does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth right and so you pray that prayer Scripture to God because you know that it's true and ask God to change you is the third piece is pray for the salvation of others in your life intercessory prayer and here's a list family friends church members coworkers bosses direct reports neighbors classmates professors etc. when I was unconverted my prayers I couldn't even pray for two minutes because how long can you pray when it's on thank you for your blessings forgive me for my sins please protect me this day and please be with my family and friends out of thirty seconds right but when you start praying to just let individual fans individual people that gets you out of your own selfishness and put you in the garden of the seventy were Jesus pray for us intercessory prayer is a Christ given practice that we need to practice in our lives for our devotional walk I'll direct reports those are people in the corporate world I have people who work directly for me so that would be a direct report yes I'll share one thing about that one of the things I prayer pray every morning is that I would be a blessing at work that I would be in my company as an enterprise that would be a blessing to the people I report to those who are senior to me and I named him by name I pray that I would be a blessing to my peers and I pray that I would be a blessing to my direct reports are people who are subordinate Junior Jimmy I someone asked me once and I in a mentor in conversation what is your leadership philosophy and that is what I told her I told her that I pray that I would be a blessing to everyone around me and that is my leader and leadership philosophy and so this kind of prayer is really important gets you out of your own head and get you into the heart of the people around you the last features service at your church and your community if you're not doing something for the Lord then you're not progressing as just as simple as that and I'm sure I don't mean to offend anyone but it's just true and I know it's true because that's where I was five years ago and thank you brother to Christ will transform your life and you need it nor to witness to these people now let's get to some of the practical stuff you what that was all practical actually I excuse me I must talk about the witnessing part so once you are living a Christlike life you will attract spiritual witnesses and interests and I want to introduce a few metaphors here in a few metaphors anyone know what this picture is depicting here thank you fly fishing fly fishing is anyone know how to fly fish right okay so what is distinctive about fly fishing versus other kinds of fishing you stand in the river nothing have to be in the middle of it you can't do it from on the shore you have to get into the river so you have to be up to your hips and it yes that's that's distinctive what other distinctive Grady needs that need to be equipped for it right if not it's a different beast than just hit the what greater great point what else is distinctive about flyfishing the technical and what about the techniques are if the casting rights of all confess I'm not a fly fisherman but I know enough about it to me but you got incorrectly but that what's what's distinctive about flyfishing is in typical fishing you might just have to line and then you sit anyway right that's the typical fishing but in fly fishing you're always doing this you're always casting and pulling back casting and pulling back casting and pulling them casting and pulling them and that's the perfect metaphor for what worked to talk about in witnessing to the wealthy world and well-educated when it is not is this right we have a picture here of net fishing DC industrialized net fishing where they pull the net out on the water and it's got all these fishing it and there extracted by force right this your casting your your line looking for the fish that are hungry in this auto know whether these fish are hungry or not but if they are they won't be for much longer we are not doing that this is not what we're doing we're doing this we are flyfishing seventy cents amen amen now another metaphor anyone ever been to an orchard to pick fruit before yeah okay we got more takers on that when you are walking through an orchard how do you know whether a fruit is ready to be picked your collar you look at it you observe a gap to look at the fruit if you get a little hollow right you just have to write and if it's right then it's right you know writer but it is not if you have time anything you yank it off when it happened that through other rights if the waste is dead that fruit is dead and you will never ripen it'll never be sweet it's just that and so you can see this picture of the little toddler just gently touching and hugging on this Apple that is a metaphor for what we are doing we're just walking through the orchard and were looking for the fruit that is right and which is gently observing and looking at the color are smelling it contact pulling gently we are not doing this this is a picture of a big tractor harvester going down a rule or a row of trees in an orchard just yanking all the fruit off indiscriminately and putting it into a bin this is not what we're doing a math that makes sense right so whether you're a Fisher or a farmer you can pick whichever analogy you like but it's the same idea we are looking for fish that are hungry or we are looking for fruit that is right we are not looking to drag people into the boat or into the bin I force a man and it are how you do this three points here first of all you build personal credibility and you do it purposefully second you have spiritual experiences in your own life regularly in the thirteen engaging spiritual conversations naturally arrived to build personal credibility purposely as spiritual experiences regularly engaged spiritual conversations naturally atomic each one him first in her personal credibility be excellent and do your best we talked about a game it's not just about a game in your religious life it's also your a game in your know your workplace or school wherever you are where you are that's not church being excellent and of course we turn to Daniel there examples of this but Daniel chapter one verses seventeen three twenty one and this is about wheat we know Daniel you're right Rick UIC right so I'll just start reading ever seventeen as for these four young men God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams now at the end of the days when the king had said that they should be brought in the chief of the units brought them in before Nebuchadnezzar then the king interviewed them and among them all none was found by Daniel Hannan iron missile and Azariah therefore they served before the king and in all matters of wisdom and understanding about which the king examined them he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers who were in all his realm be excellent and do your best they work just a little bit better they were ten times better than they were ten times better I'm sure they were hitting the books I'm sure they were studying I'm sure they were working hard but it was from who their excellent referral who God and so when you are if you would like to be a witness to the www. you need to be excellent and one of the things you need to pray for in your morning walk with the Lord is giving the excellence help me to be sharp helping to bring my a game help me to be on top of things I bless me to make the most of the cows you've given me we need to do that when you do our best to build credibility getting along with others there are a lot of verses here and I think just in the interest of time I'm not going to talk about all of them but there's one example also in Daniel which I love Afghan Daniel chapter two verses twenty four twenty five two this is after Daniel had had the interpretation given to them by the Lord and we pick it up in verse twenty four therefore Daniel went to area whom the king had appointed to destroy the wise men of Babylon he went inside us to him do not destroy the wise men of Babylon to me before the king and I will tell the king the interpretation than area quickly brought Daniel before the king and said thus to him I have found the man of the captives of Judah who will make known to the king the interpretation what did Daniel just do he did protect the others but what did he do with area first we got he did persuade him but he just gave Marriott the opportunity to look really good in front of his boss to catch that you remember Daniel had already been before the king in fact when area came in day of the haywire tried to kill everyone it says that Daniel went straight to the cancer give me time your grandmother but this time Daniel could've gone straight to the king but he made a stop on the way he went to area is ahead I got the answer in that area gets to come before the can't say I have found a man who can show you the interpretation Wilmington area look good in front of others and so my point here to get along with other people get along with other people it's a and wish I would redesign versus what is going on first Corinthians chapter nine I want to read that one together with you first Corinthians chapter nine chapter nine verses nineteen to twenty three and verse nineteen for though I am free from all men I have made myself a servant to all that I might win the more and to the Jews I became I became as a Jew that I might when Jews to those were under the law is under the law that I might Windows were under the law to those who are without the law as without the law not being without the lock for God but under the lock for Christ that I might win those who are without law to the weak I became as the week that I might win the week I have become all things to all men that I might by all means save some now some have asked how do you preserve your own morality in a secular world right and what Paul is saying here is not that I go partying carouse with Aphrodite worshipers on Fridays and if that's not what he saying right we all agree that's always say but insomuch as you can insert a prosthesis is in so much as you are able to find common ground we as a church for good reasons are so focused on being separate right we would try to isolate herself from all different sectors of this world that are not explicitly Bible were spiritual or religious right and I understand that knife I change a lot of things about my lifestyle as well by him so far as we can without compromising our principles writes about the third point here without compromising our principles insomuch as we can we need to find common ground and so here's an illustration I used a secular context people ask me all the time when I'm people at work how do I find my own authentic style at work because the company has its own culture but I have who I am right and I feel like I don't fit in or has anyone ever had a sedan vehicle company could be at school to be at school right is anyone ever had that feeling like the general culture around you doesn't fit with who you are and so you just feel like a fish out of water you feel like weather station .net all the time right and it's a real problem when I tell these people is ice asked the question I say why give an illustration is the way I network when I'm in a meeting or something like that the way I talk to my boss is different from the way I talk to my daughter right and this normal for anyone of us here at the way you talk to one person in one setting is different from the way you talk to another person in another setting correct but those are both me the way I talk to my bosses me in the way I talk to my daughter 's name but they're just different facets of me right and so what I tried to explain to people is that they are in the classic Venn diagram framework right to overlapping areas right this is what this is me this circle overhears me and this circle over here is the culture right but culture and in all culture values and this is all done that need value that high-value and you just got to find the area of overlap in the middle and in less you're in incredibly narrow person wearing taking English this culture is incredibly narrow itself to talk about this they'll just a word about it now which is there are certain places that we as living epistles should not be right some some sectors of business thankfully not the ones that I've been part of but there are some industries and sectors of business where say going to a strip club is a new normal activity when you're with a group right but what I would say to you is there is no way to be a living epistle at a strip club even if you're not drinking even if you're not you know talking whatever anywhere right even if you're not participating you're just sitting there there is no way to be a living a pistol at a strip club right that is out here in the Venn diagram and so in order to be a living epistle you know you don't participate in but instead you try to find this part here that the areas of overlap and so you need to get some focus think Internet for any individual for any group what is the one area made it's a hobby you have we should have hobbies and this is something frankly that I had to challenge myself with because ever since my conversion experience the only things I like to read or listen to our sermons on audio verse or were liable books in the Bible are spirit but the only thing I really like to do I used to be totally into line with what it headlines and etc. etc. I've had to force myself to twitter is a great pool for this I'm not an investor but twitter is a great tool for this because you subscribed to some of the main headline you know new source whatever it is that uranium is ESPN maybe it's Wall Street Journal whatever it is right and he very quickly just after headlines in them if someone brings up a topic to you physically and I saw a headline on that right that's true isn't it I did see a headline on and then I just mean opening to ask a question what was that all about I didn't read the article him to write so we need to stay engaged with our culture right we can't just when we do need to read this book a lot but twitter is really helpful for just staying in touch with whatever else is going on our show build personal credibility then you need to have spiritual experiences now I think when when you share the phrase spiritual experiences you might think about like you're praying and a light shines down on you know or are maybe you have like a vision of something that now that I went talking about here a spiritual experiences I went to church write a spiritual experiences like tots out of school or there was a great guest speaker right it could be something from your devotional lacking I read something about that today right I sometimes read a Bible study someone might say something to you and you can use that as a spiritual experience the spiritual conversations with others events and trips oh what are you doing over the Christmas new year break all I'm going to this conference put on I is for writing this spiritual experience and then the type immediately consume these can all be spiritual fodder for the next step which is having spiritual conversations but in a really natural way so this is a list of actual questions that I received from people that have led to spiritual conversations right what's up or how was your weekend has anyone ever been asked this question now care couple of right this is this is what this is the most normal question in the world this question can lead to a spiritual interaction because when someone asked me how my weekend was I said well we went to church and then we went and the next day on Sunday we rants and or spiritual conversation remember were flyfishing right so I just casted when I said I went to church I was just testing out trying to see if the officials hungry right any vacation plans oh I'm going to this conference in Orlando I wasn't about while it's exactly put on my my church and it's a great time of year to be introspective and think about the big picture everyone loves an answer I've never had anyone say on so offended by that not once most people say in what is right it is a great time of year and that I might say something like you know New Year's such anti- climactic day and always I remember when I would go out and do whatever in my fiscal Times Square thing that people will wake up with a hangover no wonder the guy I was found to be incredibly ethical and then people think I totally right about New Year's this week nothing burger right after spiritual conversation how did you meet your wife I met my wife we went to the same church when we lived in Chicago all okay now I'm casting right I'm casting you still play the cello I used to be a professional cellist but it's been a long time over seventeen years since I left a business but I still play the cello and violin essays oh yeah I did which I know I try to play most mornings and then he said this is an actual conversation so low when you get up in the morning Wellington and I get up at around four thirty all how long you plan to challenge him in anything what about thirty minutes plus or minus and then he 's doing the math I know you get into the office around eight thirty and you get up at four thirty so what are you doing for the other three and a half hours are half an hour for commuting waiting for the other three hours and I said while on I worked on the morning and and then I spent some time in prayer and Bible study and this gentleman last time you sent the really great thing to do I had no idea whether he was religious before I said but that's what I know that's like telling what you do for fun someone asked me this at a funeral for him and when you're out of here all right there's a lot of milling around time and this is a funeral for my boss is father my boss sponsored a lot of people from work there and so on this gentleman was standing next to me after the receiving license so what is David came to us and will return with a lot of activity around the family around the church and casting right I said okay not great great guy love family stuff everything he avoided the church stuff right now I have more information and so then I said to him while is what you do with your family and he talked that we did was family medicine so he can do anything at first church that I talked to church I want to know if you think the majority said no actually I'm an atheist and so I immediately freaked out and ended the conversation know really what I did was I said all yes okay what are you an atheist that's interesting that's interesting interesting as well as words that means nothing that's interesting why are you an atheist and he said to me while you know I just can't get past on this like the origins and creationism and blah blah blah I just think I just think of no Christianity and you just have to be logical and he says to me and I said hello well okay well but you don't admit right now I was actually there at the beginning right and no one no one can disagree with but let us stipulate that no one was actually there to observe it correct yes one two that because no one was actually there to observe it therefore any belief or worldview that someone has around it has to be based on different pieces of evidence correct yes okay but there is no proof that this evolutionist a graph theory of origins is the right one correct that slithers not proof therefore that is as much a faith-based system as his mind and he had to agree with any honest law all wealthy world we were well educated person have to agree with that line of thinking right now I'm just earned him I just made in the next that his worldview is just as faith-based as mine and then you can start talking about which faith is better or worse and more plausible right now next on my other side this was us talking now I other side with a woman who I also work with she is a she's a PhD in physics from an Ivy League school so she's reasonably smart she's also grew up in mainland China where there are officially atheists right and so she overheard what we're talking about what he does talk about I felt were just talking about what we do on the weekends and theory of origins and she's a physicist and she says to me you know I'm an atheist right because of science and because you know and growth of any kind of faith rights as being in China that she said something completely unexpected to me she said but I often wish that there were a God action that's interesting why do you wish that there were a God as she says because one she's a physicist she observes all these laws of physics and how finely tuned they are and it's just hard to explain and to she wouldn't feel so alone in the universe funerals and weddings are great places are spiritual conversations but that all started with what you do for fun whole interaction with those two people starting with what you do for fun how did I settle into the area we moved to Pennsylvania about four years ago and people would ask how you balance a audio pretty good digital time I want to think that it's been helpful though is that we come to church casting right many people take all which church where he wears enjoy etc. that the spiritual conversation why do you homeschool how do your kids get socialization in Auckland while reforming of what the recently one of the reasons is usually about what happens in schools these days is pretty scary and was a all yeah it's terrible I've never had one person disagree about but then nothing you can get socialization will have their activities like my daughter 's ballet ballet girls love to hang out with each other and an Wilson church and we have our Arctic to the church and so they get socialization a variety different ways I'm casting one question I thought I was a doozy how do you manage your ambition versus your desire for worklife balance this is a mentor in conversation and I said to her while I can tell you about a lot of different ways to manage her time but frankly the most important thing that I do is I pray in the conversation went from there and I ended up in personal Bible studies with this individual by the way she asked me for the personal level studies after a number of interactions I've had the privilege of studying the Bible ways a half dozen people over the last few years and each time they asked me because your casting your casting for people who are hungry right now you're talking for fruit that is right and so when the fruit is run after I dropped in here hand and you have any advice for how to be successful at work one guy I was talking to he went to a fancy MBA school he worked at one of the top management consulting firms in the industry on any was he was struggling he was new in Cisco network asked what have you been successful because you've been here a relatively short time to any other similar dichotomy I give him a couple now do this do that to secular normal piece of advice I said but the third thing that I do which I'd be remiss if I didn't share with you and I have no idea how you feel about these but most important thing is help me to be successful at work is my prayer life now you'll notice in the way that I present these ideas in these concepts into season tidbits it's also actual facts are your friends factor your friends if you asked me what I did over the weekend and I tell you I went to church and you don't like that answer asking me but it's just the fact I'm not shoving anything down your throat I'm not doing I'm not preaching the sermon right you asked me a question and I gave you an answer which was factual stage of factual in the opening rounds of your interaction with these people stay factual one it's factual because it's a fact of it is true that no one can refute that if you get into like evolution and this one right off the bat then you're getting into an argument often argue with me about whether I went to church right it is incontrovertible to stay factual to fax a very innocuous people don't feel threatened by a naming right but you people don't feel threatened by I didn't go that you know I have this transformative experience a church that creature got up a talk about how wicked I am an hotelier fire in my life toward that may be an accurate description of what happened this past weekend but there's so much in there that is not objectively factual right and your experience but it's not like I went to church that is a fact stay factual so it's it's facts are your friends the thirteenth these facts their base that's why I said earlier have spiritual experiences on a regular basis because this is your big you have to go to the bait store your have to do a tackle shop just have spiritual experiences and that any time someone asks you any of these questions or something like you have a factual answer to give them back has to they and you can see whether they nibble or whether they're hungry or whether they're right after not hungry some of them to swim right on by I had people writing one of these answers as almost like I'm sorry we talking like they just changed the subject and I have more information I'm not offended by the eye have more information right don't get offended by their attorney down his sister fact he went to church you heard a speaker you wanted URC it's just a fact that all makes sense naturally engage in spiritual conversations then some of these like I told you will lead to studying together so and got five minutes left song to go really fast but that last part was probably the most challenging part I start where they are interested the atheist new nothing about anything but I study with so I start from the beginning the evangelical who was studying with he grew up in his church he actually has a pretty decent knowledge of the Bible what he was interested in was prophecy I started there don't assume prior knowledge but find out what they know ask them what they know at copyright introduced by Stella by one people on how say hey you know how nothing ever looked at Daniel before have you ever looked at Daniel before Nelson Yasser they'll say no or whatever nothing aligns them right but then you'll know what they know or or the there is a beautiful séance so what you think happens after you die to have any preconceived notions about them he says well you become fertilizer and I said that's actually pretty good that's not far off from the truth right be authentic just be yourself don't become trying to be some big preacher anything that you seen just be yourself and factual tone with talk about the factual right stay tuned as I'd like what are they are they are they getting it are they reacting on the negative just not really put out your antenna for how they are reacting to make statements in the form of questions right so I'm talking I'm talking with my evangelical Bible study friend were talking a state of dead happens after you die as evangelicals are tough and waterways I just ask them well okay so what do you think happened to Lazarus right before he was raised from the dead I'm making a statement in the form of a question right you see that you see that I'm making a statement of what I'm saying is it in less you think that Lazarus was pulled out of heaven back into his earthly body to live the drudgery of the rest of his life on earth only to do that again in less you think that then your worldview doesn't make sense so I'm making a statement in the form of a question the Socratic method of you heard of the Socratic method right that is really important really useful I assume they'll fact check Google exists Wikipedia exists topic I'm going to study I will go and hope the literal look on Wikipedia see what it says about it just to be sure and then assume that they're going to do the same as the wealthy worldly well educated right I mean that's why they're a little bit of a different animal don't argue just make observations so going back to the example are so I get what you're saying about what happens after you die but when using the latter I'm just making an observation here they seems will I think someone just leaned on the lights could you hit number three RI we can definitely see the slides now I manage her time which I'm doing a poor job of doing good you want to go on and on forever I don't know you so some people say all the way to the question I don't know the answer to that I say long to say I don't know literally that's all you have to say right that's a good question nation you understand your question though sometimes you will say over what about this and what about that and what about this and what about that you just say well that's a whole exact word in a study that in a few weeks which often injected starting with me for a few more weeks to get a question-and-answer and this last point which probably most important to remember you're not the Holy Spirit on man we know there are people who want starting with and just presenting the truth they're saying yeah I'm a sad thing when he gets to that point with the location where Uni do about it slight Long Island discuss anymore so when asked about when to say when I I put in this book this camp which is when to say when is one of the Holy Spirit tells you keep praying for them he printers there's one individual who I went to twenty eight Bible study this person the entire message from front to back every single one you are saying yeah I agree with that in a sense yet I agree with that young on a size I invited this person the church multiple times and it was person came multiple times that at the very end of it this person 's light while still a point in my life for a while go have fun and do this thing and that they want to work on my career and I just I just feel like all this religion stuff is just getting the win over that person I she she wanted to keep starting with me but I I prayerfully made a decision that I would say well that's actually all the studies of God you're always welcome to join me a church and I still invite this person when I'm preaching but I basically had to gently say you know what were not regular weekly thing anymore because I didn't want to become a substitute for church another different calls you can make since a very prayerful decision dirt there is one individual and atheist Latin study was for a year and half but yesterday so just ask the Lord that's the only thing I can tell you it's also got your time on I told you about how people asked me to study with them I actually have pulled back because I got three active studies going on right now I don't have time for another one there are more people unconvinced I could study with it if I only had time and so you do have to be judicious with your kind where your spending if any of the three off-site with words used for end up in a different place and I felt like the Holy Spirit saying yes time to cut loose on this one that I would do that I would ask if this were basically this is just an example of the Bible studies I direct my own Bible studies and I didn't like any of the off-the-shelf ones work for the wealthy they like outline their life fax data this is very light bone point by point by point what's going on and so at the bond 's website which are there more forms which are passing those out for those of you who weren't here last time I'd like you to fill out a form if you're interested in this ministry the forms free self-explanatory if you can get one last time someone is handing them out and please hand them back in once you're done anyway this is an example of this stuff will be posted at campus and bonkers website for almost when the homestretch here this is a process that you thousands of people you know depending on how my Facebook friends or whatever he got out of them but there are thousands of people you know probably and inurement has spiritual conversations with these people few or many or light for deep spiritual conversations and your you have got hundreds of these conversations just like the ones I just talked about like how was your weekend spiritual conversation hundreds of those a very small subset of those are to lead actual Bible studies frankly because you don't have the time but you might Bible say the least and Daniel get converts out of this is that my spirits are last few years now remember this is hard work this is the hardest segment to reach and so it's a funnel effect goes from thousands to single digits but just be faithful and will just wait with us and on this this point here is Paul for what is our hope or joy or crown of rejoicing is it not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming for you are our glory and joy has been said before but Allstate again normally take converts in your character to happen I just wanted to think about a couple scenarios winter and which is one is going to be in the millennium you're going to have overwhelming joy seeing those other people in your life who are there with you and Anna and then you might have overwhelming sorrow when you recognize those who are in your circle of influence and your loved ones who are not there you have overwhelming sorrow and and and and and is a third option did you know there's a third option here to be walking down the streets of gold in your ministry someone who really existed great on your here I had no idea there to look at you and say you send the desk next to me for ten years and you never once said anything how could you keep it to yourself I have extreme joy you're going to have extreme sorrow here going to have extreme awkwardness that is going to be an awkward conversation you sat next to me for ten years and you didn't say anything and what we've just done here I hope you'll see I didn't does anyone for wanting to close and ask a couple questions spiritual conversations discussing easy or hard easy right this is the easiest thing you could possibly do how do you think you could actually do this think most people by ten percent needlework RN this is the easiest thing you can do what you can leave to Bible studies with the wealthy world man well educated in ways that you could never do through handing him a tractor handing them a video and just saying hey good luck with that right won't work personal efforts drawing close to them heart-to-heart art we don't have time for questions let's close forward a prayer I'm happy to two questions individually and don't forget session three no more deeply into these women give you more examples from my personal life as how I'm applied these principles were going to do some practicing of our own and get you in a cell let's let's have a worker your heavenly father Lord which is thank you so much for the gift you've given us in Jesus you saw Lord we know that there will be ecstatic joy deep sorrow and extreme awkwardness Lord the Lord what we do today will determine how much of each will have a very low I pray that these principles are the apply to the when they go back and interact with there's the present of Holy Spirit and I will write as thank you and don't forget session three afterlife business is as fleeting as the delay see you supporting Mimi 's tea of the citizens energy states he seems I is young to be knighted by Lizzie Christ oriented Christians to download the pictures other resources like this I am in immediate and delay Stephen Dunn a


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