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03-The Experience

David Kim


David Kim

Adventist Business Executive and Co-Founder of the Nicodemus Society



  • January 2, 2014
    2:00 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay seamen I might just do a quick chat how many of you were here along how many of you for how many business the first one of these sessions are coming to and so that means everyone else has been here for at least one or two of the other session director Greg will do a quick review will do a quick review and will start with going back to the first session the need right this is a wizard this is a large knot over sixty million people in this demographic and they are also among the most difficult to reach and what were some of the reasons that they were so difficult to reach just call it out back for those of you who are here they're self-sufficient right they can create heaven on earth for themselves what else what's difficult about reaching these people we have lack of faith in studying with them because we think that they don't need God or we think that they think they don't need God but actually scare off the pelvis that they think they need something and they just don't know what that is yet to win lack of faith what else with a wealth is difficult regions but that yes they're rich and so they can do whatever they want they can and the other thing is rich people hang out with who all the rich people right and so when they are in their little echo chamber all the time it's very hard for them to break out of that it gives a lot of courage for them to confess Jesus is less very difficult there was a third reason that we said it was difficult to get when you found worldly wealthy and well-educated fire you need personal effort satirizes very labor-intensive right this is not let's see how many tracks we can pass out in an hour and I will not reach these people at least most of the time that's not my opinion that spirit of prophecy in the Third World the reason was procrastination is people just don't think about these issues and paternity and life-and-death until there faced with it and so they're enjoying life and they just want have the good times roll Greg and in order to work with this group a witness to this group what are some of the principle that we talked about right in order to work with this group you need to open personal and personal effort personal attention you need to bring your wife your best effort you're a gang to bring your a game to these people because they're always bringing their a a game to whatever they're doing right and so you need to bring your a game now that leads us to the next section the method where we talk about the framework and approach for how to witness to these people and your member talk about a new flywheel concept right can anyone tell us urge what what what was the first item where was the first item was the first item in the flywheel heart conversion yes thank you heart conversion then leads to what a Christlike life thank you and Christlike life will do what attracts spiritual interests and spiritual interests will then turn into what Bible studies and Bible studies will result in one of conversions which will lead to what him our first right and we talked about each one of those steps and how witnessing is just as much if not more about your own spiritual walk as it is about whoever is your studying with an all right so we talked about the fly will now what were some of the metaphors that we use are talking about how to witness to these people so we had fly fishing because you're always casting for interest in trying to find these the hungry fish all the fish were not hungry or just enough swim right by but that's okay if you are looking for the hungry fish what was the other metaphor that we use just protecting right and you're gently gently just testing the fruit seeing which one is right and if you yank a fruit off the tree it will die and it will never become ripe fruit and so that's what we have to be very careful and were not were not going down the orchard with a mechanical harvester right and we are not dragging a net out the back of the industrial fishing boat right we are flyfishing good and what were the cerise staffs for witnessing to these people so the first one was way that will remember when build credibility right you want to build credit with ability by being excellent and bringing your best whatever you do and having integrity being a living epistle is the phrase that Ellen White used in the building credibility and then what was the second one have spiritual experiences right you have spiritual experiences big and small small ones are great is that your bait you don't go to the bait shop in order to attract the spiritual interests you have your own spiritual experiences which you can then share in your face this house has spiritual experiences in the third line with what spiritual conversations naturally this should feel an easy and is natural to you as talking with someone about the weekend or they're what or the weather here and we went through that list of example questions are more questions but those were all actual questions that people have asked me that I then used to turn into a spiritual conversation and number one was what was the first question how was your weekend or what are you going to do this coming weekend and everyone has been asked that question so that's a quick review in the session where it would call it I called the experience were going to do a couple things are one first of all I like to share a little bit more depth the more experiences and more testimonies of how I have used this in experiences in my own sphere of influence and a little bit on that and then we will do some role-play so I will ask some I was for some volunteers of people who would like real life practice on how to do this and what will come up then and will do very maybe if if any of you would like to play someone and you could know maybe I can role-play with your global organism role-play because it's all safe here right it's not scary here this is weekend we can just give it a shot and and not worry about it is written below the role-play I have a few remarks about sort of tricky situations in and things like that a lot of what you been asking about her so we'll talk about that and then at the end I've asked a good friend of mine I is those of you who were here there was a gentleman John Millet who is a very talented singer-songwriter he's going to come I share is a short piece of music from a project I've been involved in as a cellist from my prior life as a chalice I've been involved in this project called the Lamb wins the idiots in the exhibit hall e-mail noticed it already and he's getting and share a song about life eternal which I think would be a very fitting way for us to remind ourselves what this is all about what this is all about it in our souls for the kingdom it's about for what is our hope or joy or crown of rejoicing is a nice evening you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming for you are our glory and joy that Paul writing to the Thessalonian church and so that's already today is going to be action-packed so we'll just go right into it this is a brief presentation that I gave at my company at my company they have these when you get to a certain level and they evaluate you as having a certain amount of potential they invite you to these beauty pageants called training we don't have a swimsuit competition but we do have an assigning that they do a seven minute presentation about you you're supposed to give your background is supposed to tell people what you do for the company is about to tell people what you're recalling the hag Celine Ellerbe had his gun Jim Collins who I referred to earlier he coined this acronym behind which is big hairy audacious goal and basically is what your aspiration in life and so I gave this presentation in front of the CEO of my company and all of his direct reports for the ten most senior people in my company which is which is Vanguard group which is the largest mutual fund company in the world we manage over two five trillion dollars that the tea and we talked about how big a million lies before a trillion is a thousand millions and we managed two five event and so I gave this presentation to the CEO of that company and all of his direct reports talk about where I was from Korea Boston California I talked about how I used to be a professional chalice not David Kim but I didn't have a picture of myself my cellist I thought maybe Yo-Yo Ma 's picture would be just as good I talked about my business career I talked about what I do I was in at the time I was in the corporate strategy department where I work on various projects for the company and then this was my bee hag I might be had was to live authentically an integrative lead to the fullest and to always bring my best to every part of my life and I I defined that as safe family and career now this was just one slide out of seven in front of the CEO and his direct reports but it was just adding that little bit ignorant that was date that was casting and now the entire senior leadership of my company knows that I'm a Christian and so this is just one example of how you can integrate your faith and your witnessing into everyday situations your euros might be different from this but I didn't make a big deal about this and I didn't make any bigger of a deal about this than any of the other seven slides but it's just the fact and I presented it that way that makes sense you remember if you are here we want to present things actually and then him Sirius one example here's Gilbert is a very famous cartoon which you may have read and Dogbert is the consultant of which I used to be one he always comes any torments the employees and so here he says to this employee have my poems and dances heal your soul yet our the company cares about your total well-being which is funny because when I came is one of the diverse city initiatives at our company put on an event and the event was a poetry reading so this was real life this is real life it was a poetry reading and I was highly skeptical of it for a variety of reasons by the way diversity and corporate America for those of your interest in that area is one of the most politically correct institutions in the country probably space for a second to the University but very politically correct and often times we as Christians feel like we're getting a short and of political correctness because you have to respect everyone else but you don't have to respect Christians but what I will tell you is that you can very effectively I've done this you can in invoke diversity as you share your faith and you can turn the political correct worldview to your own advantage by invoking in saying this is another legitimate worldview that I am representing that I live my life by and you need to respect you see what I mean by using that to your advantage and are so they had a poetry reading I was highly skeptical of this I wasn't even going to participate in chill out friend of mine is in way and so I thought to myself while if I participate in this I'm not going to just read some random column I'm going to submit this the twenty third Psalm as my column which I will share at the poetry reading and I submitted it online I sent that e-mail I think I'm never going to except this is politically correct this is the diversity committee to let some Christian get up there and share the twenty third Psalm while the Lord has a sense of humor because it came back with it thank you for your participation and you will be participating in this boat so I got up in front of a nose probably sixty people or something in him that part of the company and I shared the twenty third Psalm I can't tell you how many people came up after that just thanked me for sharing something from the Bible there are people who want that their people who believe that and you can be a light in darkness so these are couple examples other examples all of these are ones that I've actually used in my witnessing I hate being a witness hallway conversations we talked at length about that how is your weekend that's a typical hallway conversation while I went to church right now the beginning of a spiritual conversation saying grace at meals now people are of different minds about this I personally I don't make a big production of saying grace when I'm in the cafeteria with a group of people who I don't know what their spiritual outlook is but any time I know someone is a believer or has expressed interest before because I've had hallway conversations with them I will ask them if they would like to say grace with me select another opportunity that you have and I keep it short I keep it short coaching conversations or talk about how I'm a coach and mentor to a number of individuals at my company and they will ask me questions about leader questions about worklife balance and elastic questions about being successful and I will always bring them back to my faith my walk with the Lord prayer but I keep it factual factual income factual in town I don't go into a big theological discussion of how the Holy Spirit comes upon me when I'm trying to deliberate through a really important decision right because they're not there if I might as well speak to them in Portuguese if I spoke Portuguese it would be the same thing I don't speak Portuguese but it's the same things that make sense because what we get into theological religious topics and talk we need to put on the decoder ring and we need to speak about it in ways that they can understand otherwise you might as well be speaking to them in a foreign language because it really is it really is like a foreign language so coaching conversation vacations and holidays I brought up this example I'm going to a conference put on by my church for New Year's by people always ask you what are you doing for vacation right very easy factual factual and your casting out during meetings intense situations I will tell you I do I have time for the story I think I do I'll share a brief story with you the Lord is always working on me from a character development point of view and then some of you may also be having this experience if you're not sorry for you and there was a project that I was leaving it was a very high-stakes very high visibility and appear online was being critical of the work and she was being crazy was sending she was doing the old move where she sends me an e-mail but copies her boss and my boss criticizing the work and I thought all am I getting it into an e-mail thinking of these e-mail things they can just spiral spiral all e-mail things and I distinctly felt the Lord saying just take a step back if I did not reply Dimino and I didn't want one exchange for she kept on coming site is okay towards it stop just let it I so I let it ride the next day was the big presentation in front of my boss and her Bob boss and then my bosses boss and her bosses boss or so and these were some of the people who I told you earlier were in that they they all report to the CEO Chris was a very senior audience and were in the presentation and I'm in the middle of this section and she starts to talk and I just thought to myself she is not to go there is she in front of this group at this time because what she was going into a so nitpicky and so small it would frankly make her look bad not me and so she started going there and I thought oh Lord what should I do and I sent that silent prayer to the Lord because we need to pray without ceasing we need to pray without ceasing including in your meetings in your daily interactions since the Lord what should I do and I remember I took a breath and I was ready to respond to her in a nice way but I was ready to respond to her and her problem was I'm not she was saying I'm not convinced that we've uncovered everything we need to uncover I think there's more here were missing it is so that's what she said to this very senior audience and I took a breath and I remember I started speaking some words I was going to say something well maybe we have I'd love your thoughts as to what we might've missed just trying to keep it to the call but before I could get one word out of my mouth these the the most senior people in the real talk over her and said I don't think we've missed a thing we've done exactly the right stuff in this project and I think it is spot on a mad because I didn't have to defend my work her bosses boss was defending my work and only the Lord I couldn't have orchestrated something like that only the Lord can do that and the Lord has a thousand ways the glasses of which we have no idea and so during meetings intense situations that is when your character will be tested and that's when the Lord can bless your witness the last thing I'll say here's all pray for you on their people young in companies and in colleges and wherever you are real life is happening right real life is happening we all clean up nice and we smilingly but real life is happening and people are sick of people have issues and people have family problems or whatever it is and if I have a sense that someone is open to spiritual things because of the hallway conversations I've been having with them I will tell people that I will pray for them about that thing and so these are all simple ways and you'll notice it starts with having these connections with people as if I have no idea where persons acting I jumped right I'll pray for you that'll be made without work out fine praise the Lord but that could easily also work out to what are you talking about right are you one of these crazy Christian people right so these are other opportunities for witnessing in the end they're just so many more like that myself with that it's time for a little bit of role-playing when I'm going to do here I want to set up a scenario and then I'm going to give in this is everyone will have and then I will give the two participants special information that only each individual has and then they will have a conversation and we will observe that conversation and then I'd love for us to have a brief discussion about what works and what didn't work as well that makes sense I will see how many of these we can get through but any any people who would like to any brave souls would like to be only two people we need the witness and the witness fee or the person living with you thank you okay you are witnessing in the witnessing even be the witness right just take a moment to read those an ominous setup the Mike's ear are so you can come up to the Manx and talking to the mice for the benefit of a recording and for the benefit of a room and uncertainty in your name is Kendra Kendra Andina Dini write objects attempted to step up to the mic and because ready to feel like you got it or should I take a question I'll take a question while they are preparing any questions no questions why we have so many questions and the other session I guess all the questioning people left my chill it yeah I have effective happen relatively recently there is a woman who very good friends with network and I I know she's she goes to so she is a practicing Christian and so one of the things I mentioned was I will offer to save razor in my font face race when we have lunch together if I know that their Christian so we been doing this for a number of times but the most recent time and I've had a sense that her spiritual walk with the dwindling based on our conversations and this most recent time she said hey next time maybe we could just not say grace I said okay that's fine more information I wasn't bothered by that I would and I was sad for her but I was offended personally it was like she had rejected me and I just want that information is that okay next time we have lunch I'm going to figure out a way to talk about where she's at because clearly something was a negative slope on veteran on without her yet ready I will take more questions as we go through this but I so the scenario is John who's John Andretti John okay I think your judge okay John at and Jane Dini 's game and there appears who work in different departments they know each other professionally and our family terms but they haven't really had a particularly personal conversations it's Monday morning and they find themselves walking out of their building at the same time to make a five minute stroll to the next building for meetings and if you're on a college campus you could very easily translate this given their working relationship light banter would be expected as they walk and with that we will turn it over and see what happens him him him and that he is and is and is only and is a is is is is is will you say to him and he is way and lets you identify him to thank you for so what worked about what just happened here when you observe common ground right finding ways to get along thank you what else sympathy and empathy right we are developing a personal connection this is personal work what else yeah that's right she was enthusiastic about the healthy food yes that's wonderful what else she is very friendly yes we should be friendly people and and and what else yes hi yeah great observation of the great alteration taking a statement of the form in question yes second no one gets offended question I want to go to buy a great opportunity for great observation on okay great anything else right now let's talk about things that could've been done differently or better or no missed opportunities this is actually very very good so I think there's not much here but perhaps someone has an observation on the yes or she could have she could've said something like I don't know how you feel about the stuff but I'll pray for your sister and and people are often open to that kind of statement but you can't have to feel it out a little bit right now would've been a little bit that would've turned the knob just one more notch thank you and anything else that you might have observed Yassir no mention of church there that I could have been done that's a slamdunk that's easy we talked about that earlier of course where it's just the fact I went to church I was at share with someone the other over lunch and saying look if I have to listen to you talk about your pub crawl then you can listen to me mention that I went to church right it's just it's the same thing it's not the same thing but from a car from a conversation for a quid pro quo perspective it's the same thing because no one would hesitate to tell him tell you about their pub crawl right no one would ever think twice about that dude I got totally wasted right now I would think twice while at some companies they might but no one would think twice about how well I went downtown and we went to a club no one would think twice about that so don't him wrong in fact it's very natural usual I went astray he went to a club well I went to church him and I great great well now and I was actually with you another one food you are volunteers I see a hand in the back thank you and I see another hand here this gentleman and while you're coming up I will set up the scenario in the me give you the sheets right you can be the witness he and you can be the witness okay our and while they're doing that so the scenario is welcome to the neighborhood we've got Larry and Rob who are peers who used to work together many years ago at a different firm who have ended up working together again when Rob joined Larry's company it's been about a month since Rob joined in they are finally catching up over lunch to work working a lunch scenario here and while they're reading their parts will take another question yes ma'am that is a good question I think the first question I would pose is what is it that all are sorry thank you the question isn't what you do and so I asked to study the Bible with you but you have no time and the first thought I would have is what is occupying the rest of your time and I would go through that list of things and figure out what is more valuable than what you could be doing and studying the Bible of this individual and I am not saying by the way I said in earlier sex session I have more people who I could study the Bible with than I have time to do praise the Lord him I don't think the Lord wants us to sacrifice our families for example you see some people and ministries who will serve everyone else and have nothing left for home and that is not something that I could do so you have to be very realistic with yourself about what is it that is taking up this other time and want to come off that list and that's what I would definitely view with great question very practical are you guys ready Larry Larry and Rob Wright I go for as he is I don't think these mice are working in a Fourth of July him and this one is working now they're working thank you I talk into my forever I start start over again sorry in either something wrong with this nice just per month will easily help and get close to him to carry out paid-in is exuded insula are you doing pretty good I like the company has worked coming as a world leader I am as you moved into the AA nightmares of moved how you finding the area and settling in and in and will isolate the new area being at home no I noticed how do him I am a three daughter is eight one oh have you guys tried going to renew the parks in the area and enjoying it for you while there a lot of nice family and is a maxi on Saturday just as IBM at the church I went to the park with my family we just sat down in this make that the ducks and stuff and it's reacting and is agape after you meet when the community Greg thank you thank you let's give him around Laplace him has high though observation what worked well in the interaction not a trick question you showing concern and empathy sympathy very good wealth wealth work yes yes and in the back yes that was actually when I went out Larry now yet Larry Larry said this Saturday after church we went to the park it's almost like subliminal side is almost subliminal but if there and if a fish is hungry he or she will find that but if they're not than before my mind but it will be awkward and I was actually yeah anything else at work yes yes about with a good connection to something that was a felt need of the individual yet very good very good yes sir him I got to be prepared right have to be prepared for this conversation and that's where having breath of interest beyond just remember we talked about that we love reading the Bible but it's okay read other things that sort of give you cultural vocabulary records were talking a different languages here yes yes yes so that's right you want to be clued into all listings are in people 's life this is a personal work yes so thank you and any suggestions of things they that could have been done differently now now that that's that's right that's a good suggestion especially if these are people who work together before rights reserved prior colleagues and now the reunited and so I think that's a great observation good but very well done both so far been very well that apparently people and paying attention I let's on let's do one more disabilities one any to volunteers the last one yes there not okay great hire each to even Carl you can be handy I haven't seen her go ahead by the Mike's going to make it work right right are so this was entitled Heaven is for real Carl and Andy are friends who started at the firm together right out of college and him each other for over ten years they get together for lunch once per quarter to stay in punch and they are in the cafeteria enjoying their conversation appears while you guys are reading your parts will take another question yes now try and ride grannies actually dad I got a go over really great yeah right but I figured he never worked at the national psychics Association but seriously so here's what I would do in that situation first I wouldn't wait for someone to approach me about I just keep kind of casing the joint figuring out what's why knows I is your gaining information results like your secret agent Ryan and your secret agent know what's going on in people 's heads wreck the more you know what's going on in their head the more capable you will be to respond to it is the first design way for them to approach me about it second I would want someone does approach me about it and they say hey what do you think about this whatever it is psychic server then I'd say on firstly I'd say hello when you think about right the first thing but still personalities what do you think about it here what they think about it again I'm getting information and once they're done what they think about it then I would say what he thinks right so now they're still now they're talking again and I'm getting more information and more information and more information and then do it she wants she will remember that she actually ask you what you said to them they'll just keep on giving you information and then find it once that's all exhaustive years if they're still interested in the conversation and I got a bunch of information OnStar there's something that was said in all of that back and become a hook right so could be something like it hot enough your Christian but I don't actually read it that way right will you I don't read it that way no psychics whenever I don't read it that way when you think about that so basically you can have this dialogue with them mostly you're asking them questions you know it's like they say don't shoot to see the whites of their eyes it's just like this you're gaining information information we are processing processing and easier opening and you go in a sense are able to talk more about that are you ready our rights so that Carl Annalee God Andy does not get need to get closer intake Mike and Mary going good draws could see again when I see you guys everything went home trail will all him there is one thing my grandma died and well pretty sent for the family but were glad that she was with the full life she is a bit old emotions but old when she died but looking down from us in heaven now it's been it's comforting okay of him and him him him how do you have to do is to bow to a realism with having well it's definitely real you know I can look at it on your own heavens are I I believe Israel is definitely real place and my grandma has to be with you recently died she went to church on Sundays all the time Sunday school leader to death now all was anything about when he says to me having you think he 's like right after she died over the things NIAID how long it takes to get there at really helps that I either thinks is Molly and allow free and not by a lot owned behind developing in one one nine remember you tell me here's Seventh-day Adventists like what it what you guys about you reading your Bible and all that like I know I read my Bible but this is my pastor told me how we get together maybe later I'll sat away from a Wiccans cousin Greg to have around reply him at fitness for the top one five this is a tough one and I thought they did a great job adopted a real nice job the same thing what were thought to what work you yet kept the conversation going to know not just asking questions very good what else will work yes sir I thought I was brilliant now when really honestly for a while there I like on my shirt is in a day than once where are you going okay you and their young ones UN hey let's talk about it some other time the off-campus area after work I was brilliant because when you don't know what to say you can always you can always deflect you can always certify yourself time in Jill Reich is no shoot until you want to shoot don't ever be forced into shooting by the other person right yes yeah that's great that's why we need to be living epistles because going along the way we need to be building our credibility so that when the moment cons we will have the right to have that conversation you attract what went also where some ways of improvement are other things to do differently a thought identify when we are we were confronted with China with this kind of thing sometimes we can go deer in headlights like will I then expect that come out of your mouth try and so it is really important for us to be up on what other people believe and that's why asking questions is so important for asking questions is so important and in the top of the gag reflex when you suppress that right I've had people say things to me which obviously are you kidding me but you just say him why do you think that you can always die for you why do you think that no one would ever take offensive why do you think that's a great while I want client to have a rhino file for everyone to finish him and and by the way all of these are actual situations I've been in so I handedly know these are not made up this is the real stuff and as you guys get into this kind of ministry in this kind of witnessing your come across this all the time and you want to be prepared okay we would have a number of questions along the way about hot topics write things like Cory Jens theodicy are no good and evil allowing good God evil exists go figure right Sabbath versus Sunday is Christianity the really the only way right home is actually nice sexuality and marriage is as a hot topic of abortion can be a hot topic on welfare and social justice as a fever by the event buzz phrase that can be a hot topic in there properly other in general what I would say here in Wheeling out policy each one of these attributes in six parts seminars UIC right so I'm a meal to address all of it but what I would say as a principal is focus on premises and logic not detail so focused on the premises and the logic not the details here's here's one example so someone to talk to I thought I saw a woman I studied with an undergraduate she's a brilliant violinist he has a doctorate degree from Juilliard and she went to Yale very impressive woman and I I I had dinner with her when I was traveling on business for the first time in probably fifteen years of all in a long time and where you began hey what's going on right as I have fifteen years but anyway are our conversation turned toward spiritual things and one of the things he asked about was the one really Christians are so close minded what do you think about gay marriage right out of any of you ever been asked that question but what I said to her was in a nutshell why said was we need to disentangle the issues there's homosexuality and marriage is into separate issues homosexuality is a depending on your school of thought is it's that you're born with it words of behavior or it's a lifestyle there's a range of opinions out there marriage is an institution which has itself two parts one is a governmental status and one is a religious institution we need to be very careful not to conflate these issues the point why was I to get into the details of what I think will simply what I said was I recognize that there actually at least four five six different issues going on in this thing that we call the marriage and in the second thing I said was as a Christian because we inhabit we're in the midst of a very deep spiritual conversation as a Christian I can't help but see what's written in the Bible and understand that in that system I'm speaking very factually about it in the biblical worldview homosexual homosexuality is a set its did not synonymously that's obvious but that's a fact and then I level the playing field and adultery is a sin and lying is a sin and greed etc. etc. these are all things and God does not seem well I want Santa being good and one Senate being that it's all sin and so I start their and then I just say that the legal issue than what our government decides to do about this lifestyle choice would everyone call it what our government decide to do about it is a totally separate issue from a theological issue about homosexuality through the sort of an Arab conversation after that how the language and vocabulary I used to be very objective there is actual and just brutally logical about it now some of you may make him more naturally than other but my advice to you would be we had a brain or a game I work on how to talk in this way about these issues because otherwise you get into the doom Loop about what you think and what I think in Europe they get an right and there is nothing good that comes out of that yes yeah I think I did and I saw a headline about that so you are doing all kinds of stuff to the Bible yeah yeah I don't arthritis I'm not aware of any other well I found a well in your case you sound like you're talking to someone who is already in the church about this and that's a whole other kettle of fish what I'm talking about actually I would probably say the same thing to that person but when were done by here is noticed the wealthy worldly well educated I mean they are also politically correct and they want to talk about these things and we're all big and we have to show them were not billions we just have a worldview we have premises and we have logic that results in certain ideas and positions based on that it's purely logical so on the other thing I do I say about that it was really and I think you'll find this encouraging she was talking about her own spiritual background how she grew up so confused because she didn't have religion in the home and she was saying no I think there a lot of good things about religion for example you know how the Jews observe the Sabbath I think that's just wonderful after she said right and of course then I took that I stepped right through the door I said well you know what we observe the Sabbath Darrell Rodriguez is in the Bible so anyway on hot topics in there the other lot was good but the point is focused on the premises and the logic not the details at least that's it that's something that the fight for another day or at a discussion for another day you're not fighting with your prospects I know I've been using some imagery about the future we see the white of their eyes and stuff but got it we are the whole point is to be very deliberative don't don't get caught somewhere you don't want to be you always need to be you need to be playing chess when they're playing checkers okay so it's is all about getting information in thinking this through on five laugh and I mentioned that I wanted my my good friend John Malaysia share a song about eternal life from the language recording project and so while you're getting your guitar ready ask for also one other thing could you hand out the handouts any of you who have not because the only handouts will be going to put these at the campus in OS are handing those out if you haven't if you're new to this session please get a form from this gentleman we are going to be posting all this information at the website at the bottom about forsaking the staff for your own reference but also were trying to build a just a list of people who have interest and passion and a burden for the wealthy worldly and well-educated people who want to be in charge learn about resources I be equipped and so forth so if please raise your hand so he can give you one of the forms and then you can hand it to him on the way out or you can bring out forward to me and an will take your information and while John is getting ready any other questions yes sir will yet enact case and this would be authentic for me and you don't think about the equivalent is for you but my case I think what's up with the whole zombie thing anyway right like what don't I like that and then all of a sudden woke up and it was fun by zombies I just let her talk about that for a little while and then I find a way to change the kind change the conversation at some point to you there's no point in getting into fisticuffs over something like you on so all of you that after you are you ready great yes they are you can do it okay you want me to raise this one here you know what I will do the work because they were like doing fireworks more like that so anytime someone spoken to them but you could will I will will be our so John and I were are both on the Lam wins recording project and I is a beautiful song we'll say something about you you don't tell you to carry out massive fireworks I will go on and on and I and and pray for Phyllis Sawyer playing it I will be in him one more time is that in a I saw in an e-mail the and saw a songwriter a life in a and in a is in a and in and in a and you and you are you and I and is and is is a and I him I have a really and he a and him and him will and I know that is is him I will I is him him him in a and I will go in a and advantage on him that's what it's all about rightists about the Reverend of your life and where we are trying to bring everyone we know to sell you my words know what you believe be able to defend it know your mission and expect opposition the direction of the results are from God but the cooperation is from you not all choices are created equal we talked earlier about how you can't have a strip club ministry but the same thing goes for our what your choice of career is there certain careers where there many careers where you can be a very good witness there's some careers where I just don't see it and people try just fit the square peg in a round hole and it just doesn't work him and Dennis Wu lost we lost last point law what was the last point we'll just have to find out okay the last point is it's not just what you say it's also when you say it him he saith hopefully you got a lot of practical effective methods today to share your faith whatever your sphere of influence is with the wealthy worldly well-educated and beyond so I want to thank you all for coming I ran five minutes over I apologize for that it's just closer where prayer dear heavenly father Lord we want to bring our character and our conference to have want to be at the tree of life surrounded by those we love honor and they will only get there if we do something in cooperation with the Holy Spirit and slower I pray that the ideas were constantly approaches that will share here to find a home each and every heart and mind I participated in the seminar or a praline were glorified I pray that people are powerful solution we thank you for your continued blessing on the rest of precious time we pray this in Jesus and dismisses was waiting in the queue length is disappointing news to the city state entity states he seems I think young people he gave advice to rescind to download the pictures other resources like he do this I am coming to my seat .org


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