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04-God vs. Satan: Patmos

Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah


Nomthandazo Malambo-Amankwah

Vice-President of Missions, GYC



  • January 2, 2014
    3:15 PM
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for you you make a movie where the women he'd demand is going I wanted to like this visit us online at www. delay feedback I have like hiring kind of Linux area and ultimately drive and applicable to the direct fashion we were going to look at the handle again the kind you will get one by the pregnant relay and again I very will ultimately learn from his life and history as he is present out favorite city and ethnicity the Internet is because it really can I never heard in all Eddie and I was going through and I and many that even though culpability of letting you while I'm gone of the trim elegant writing thin and tight end and leave the question let me eternal father we are so grateful for everything in things that taking the time to continue our rate was again put in the year it needs Christ he meets West trained man in Jesus name so as Elizabeth of the epidermis of having one to study John the disciple John are you haven't had one thing on and head like that and Elliott will meet personally and I will initially be daunting to many of you and let you tag there on this afternoon and though easily really having gone through that historical background and five pay increase and wrong hopefully you've seen some of the elements that were unique about each empire and how Satan works through his weblog on people have to think of anything that my profession and send it to you know because it has been found in shining eleven ninety nine dollars that political matter how and how around anything wrong most of the content aware in a day only time one of both Einstein and his experience in the context of the room something that makes sense to you now bandwagon mission than that and went right right yet the mission who was in look and pray during the time John and I later tonight and I you need to realize because of the book of Revelation the alignment going on and something bright and early while John is the area directly in and in this contact because in addition as an presence of quality it actually was how they needed each other and the mission is very efficient in serving in her hands to go back to previous identity within hip-hop and eighty eighty one ninety six and he been efficient than linking to Apollo this means that defendant you check and God hand and review are you the John wooden has been in the one hello Gary and John Kerry will move to his alike from John being called by God John liked by John and and how to live in name only that when I pray that evening I was beyond excited because what happened is the Pentagon John is a cry to get there and build up what happened when they can still John what do you not like John the disciple before I get there I get again a developed life one evening I like John what do you mind John how would he call away what he known for what is politically leguminous plant him one of the Apple one can be one of the three one of the clothes that you remember when Christ was on my consideration who he reported he had with him Peter James and John when Christ when I got Manny and went and learned friend Nick Crane Poole what Mary had been neatly anything made in quite doing to him he took them with a and that John was one of the carpet but in the Littlejohn fly once you have yelling that even in his diamond within a better relationship with Christ he is a very imperfect man when Christ called Lulu Chapter nine Philadelphia study one experience in John substances cool what Apple and white twenty five him blowing my mind is MSU we pray you want to think that men after one p.m. on an even easy read not unclear Luke chapter nine hundred fifty one to fifty six and nine none of that kind up in our quiet and you and believe and the looming when you read on private student and a pair after or before dawn is called by Jesus called after the event occurred after John has been called by Stephen R and John have made the commitment to public event yet after he had left all that his father become involved in the young when you rename the icons what words can you describe the character based on the life he is your content is what I will continue to alter what all the fatality Jesus is unheeded in Jerusalem I was him him I would hunt because they were not prepared to sit him down and inclined to scan and found it I think that he might remain in Cleveland he think it offering the perfect solution for a candidate in every second year that I had not been doing anything he wanted to come back I have never pressed that will help you remain daunting I think he can command five is in demand I don't think the one that comes at the compound you still have to give them an date you know he's not even do not even know what their job and you think like that and you can see in a given constant he is very much think Harry is very jealous of white privilege if you've been given and I cannot have a feeling and ESPN very quick to anger very critical one to destroy those who don't we seems that without an effective here is a man who commit pathology that who is far from perfect yes if any being him and him and me I don't even know how you're going to do it even if you're thinking please review this statement after the applause of page five thirty nine think that John had my nation in fact he was not only proud and so I started the one with the pride and apathetic but also ambitious law I'm not had a list enemy that will an injury to think he and his brother were called what time you gave and named it under a look from a man that is that the remains this is a criticism well all in the beloved Apple him so they are not living in recognizing a loved one and that I could know them and had a last hug him and him in my name there is an equally remaining commitment by you and I know you know expand but everything about when John was walking with you that they can even be close enough that the wind cries Mary I got off of traffic going to take a look at what happened in John's life that you remember that in the second night he is compassionate I become an imminent advantage yet not send him out of the restaurant not goodbye with Colin he'll gave a direct effect on before money one of the ways that occur in the most operating the restaurant up about it had one of the themes of love the restaurant exceeded the tenth eleven between it was in the pavement in your Bible on the pilot phase he loved his brother and pride in the light and eight occasion of stumbling in him he then does what the land that his brother know that express for that is a problem of the month they were right in the book based on the Bible say bin Laden then love one another a lot in God nine hundred Eubank this is particularly striking because they in the name writing that has no rest John and his writing but primarily allowed his name brand and the lab what I learned a lot on the abroad dialogue you think that the name was writing about are we in the mainland windows have been I said I'd kill my mom invented the John of gaunt from wanting to have been in had the right to riding a bike ride had allowed and the end will want to entitle it felt that it laid been looking at them when they critical they can think about is impacting and with the encouragement like you what do the writing of and living out with Brandon the deposit specified twenty fourth John designed to become a diva and under the transforming influence of the love of Christ and know what inborn they can only influence on the love of Christ he did become one meet and know we have probably been very revengeful man under the influence of Christ love become unique and lonely Southwest hitting even about all his companions John yielded in the power of that wondrous life Johnny you can stop the current and Christ take a proud heart and make you humble in an apartment of a Christianity friend is the only real nature in which the human heart image which was formed how it does everything vengeful proud boastful man by John becomes only in the league content and interact like all become a preacher of righteousness and a servant of Christ how I become the father on the faithful in one and everything that kind of transformation possible anyone can do anything even my wife and when you see it happening in a business not very well this is not made up this is a realization with the real issues completely changed by the power of changing at a ball in our being I know I've had experience in Holland life story nothing I've is that you get in life we've been struggling with something along but he began to wonder in the treatment of possible and may resonate with anyone here maybe only one to get a plan Legoland and what I is one and I don't know when it's because we've got the ability to save completely only good thing maybe it was held in two months they didn't want to try under anymore I don't like being sick of fact and how far removed me up and we see in God it would appear that hot allegiance farm it totally the same grace of Christ now here is how that definition happened and will look at the family is doing on that session otherwise you look at the phone on the train because I wanted to focus on the white pinball yet floating restaurant and wine for us to consider but I want to wait involved in common here him from the beginning when we have heard which we have looked upon him with red eyes that looked upon very and I have handled all the way to play whenever I was in my best and we been in battle with you and she'll see the external light which was with the father and the that we had seen and heard declare we see you then he ought us to put our out on them with bread and went up in both one thing that time had want somebody out experience this is a personal theory is with Christ John is writing to you in here right at Simon into the charge and done things that I'm writing to you because from the beginning that it's trying to life with Christ but I'm writing and life that isn't made up I might have been with my own I have heard how many classic with Christ that I had to visit her in your experience but you're right and is currently working on this he hearing am looking upon handling of the word of life and don't think I write because of the current world have we seen her in his will you know we can't like character how do we heartily to follow and when implementing income him as amended by my plan is to him on John thought he is only deficient in their life who want to buy another of Ali Dave ninety eight increase application on my very own life he may have a pen and fun parent and you have had in the up humility and patience he year I intervene then will this just happened by the mullahs in à la carte and do my lab brought in him a while please know my character one of the practical things that John did the from the Keizai on December to the loan by looking at current and as he is not in this leave what happened did he walk away it is sometimes when I look at Christ and see how perfect he is a copout we happen him we can become second dentist carries everything how can that be like such a perfect example in John Wonderland Johnny at eleven get married we ought to be humble and humiliating we ought to consecrate an environment they played a contrasting that the list so far removed from him and Bill hacky like now for the same great one John is still active today and then you know that I believe it is a filmmaking him I mean more when dealing out patient and I keep thinking I'm done dotting management thinking maybe I can have everything up at this one this one guy on my knowledge if not that was deleted to encourage you to know that I love talking with committee alien just today on my weight I never thought that I'm thinking it was an accident and meeting but talking to the bank than it does a flat that the question of how do I get there if I know I went to get and I'm not that you are viewing is currently get their feet and difficult things to it in the game the only music that is practical real defendant can Internet radio I am happy to do for you what you can do for yourself because his great real and it out but once lit nighttime ministry and you think how God transforms intended by the forgot ability to change my hiding your which is one of the greatest evidence however he really truly informed hot though all evidence of possible and as John is on John programming this is a very very all he actually is one of the longest time finding will him guide you with the executors and eighty seven the time is limited all these things happening to assignment destroyed most of the other than a compliment gone jogging Kyra is the believe that I have a persecution when the roller really an insurance and you write it to Philip Neri I appointed in the Bible I think I do believe they are going to an execution at this point in time and treatment history by John and I get to write encourage he can stop the experience of the cases they are going online to try and save as to be accused by both women clean he went through a lot and in a you remember that you have eleven getting anywhere and in Canada I went to get because it am trying to mission who live there on her at the time of John later life and ministry was really wrong with John for his wickedness he and the way in which everybody H brain activation again in it but with clarity and conviction that the music they made it one of the half awake get rid of the old John looked half into a cause and a boiling audio you can picture that you're a heavy and there you have current rate in the McPartland and and left it to the field forgot he returned to the northerly hot man to drop something in it what happened in the back away I believe you think about the content of boiling oil no loitering Donna cat died then and there may have an account and you know what I knew I must be pretty bad his life and drinking my and I believe that he is the man they tried to boil him if I did that and a lot been away so as a last resort movies and I love more a password that you have high blood he will die in old age elegant loneliness and depression something that John did this happen on a narrow rocky islands a place of punishment for criminal way that we may than anything that I am toxic stress depression or something I don't know it happened was in the London area and of his life when you have to go back and remember that he had gone through all the ones that rank of the Christ he had been caught for the converted change in the forty year in guiding the church and him giving his life but they are the minutes to try and get that kind of his life this is what you get to get back and I imagine that the temptation to ask the question all wide-eyed is in them if you think you thought that everything I've done and had been there for the sake of Christ and the gospel why do I hear a long line with management rocky island never know where the guy of practically threatened and I don't know why and John and implement to ask a question the often mundane in on inexperience at the moment villain packed experience of the lineup and the placement him I sent to Yahoo! I would not have when I now I'm behind time dealing with this situation because it is really bad really doesn't have a orange there is a ministry monitor any of the ministry and encouraging the check and see that it was an inch higher than it and I think they can play a glut of the book of Revelation chapter one one Cecilia Howe from the when and how would I even had one in in BCS title and the rock and Pippin John Bill Clinton in God he will come unified and an inspirational client and in the book after the phone that he wants to make friends and client for my Nana criminal and you said that that is untiring and then getting up at an end I started knitting that even a half-mile religions up to one -based nine C eleven the First Amendment learned in revelation recently and I really hang up and memorize Scripture noted that no match for young depth of understanding and get your own personal spiritual growth and healing in memorizing it I came up behind her wonderful thing that happened John unhappy the Bible is the one with ninety eleven by Jean Claude you are planning and simulation I like to hasten on his archive when the aisle in a compact anything you and Y to God and the company on Jesus Christ and I'm going out in the spirit of the Lord 's day and heard behind me I want a great white it is on the way why do I like they are one of the Pentagon was doing bicycling sleeping even in man and emotion I believe even to mankind even in grade to use any Johnson is praying while sipping an great unalloyed faith and environment payment of Olympic citing Pratt of Reformation the Violet May two thousand and three Jay and I heard behind me a good rate keep on reading I had a great length of time like the time that mainline left I offer my hand I made and then bring in the last he stated what LCF 's right and know what but an announcement that indicated that I needed and what are they and the epithet of the friends and he led all that demonstrated that John is now on on on our public and you go and management in particular it is getting on the tablet is coming in the motor city of a prank that God and primarily here behind another loud voice and when a trumpet is an employee speaking very clearly paid off and Omega the French and the individual command to write the him they must holler at the end of one week with me but that they do and how I acknowledge them and gone the same in the comic like the way it sometimes turned her attention away what you like and have thought about significant millionaire and his having a grand idea what that is once again playing and thinking he can avoid it I can only be cool that he's the kind of legacy of the Indians in the walking and going now different than them I see on what happened is that at times or seasons that anything that and he described how easy that there is all the way down to twenty and the Bible describes it he gave a description of how it is that he has been solved one of the enemy and he is lying about it when I saw him I fell at his feet as dead and he laid his right hand on me I think Vietnam and breadth eighteen he think I am it done yet they never hung around in confused minimum rent and King James version and looking at the kingdoms were going on with me and maybe a bit dizzy from the number of infants that don't strengthen on it he see the item that him him him him him you have and I think I am book of revelations about removing the babies have no one been funded and that revelation all who see the price the lessons in this revelation one one the revelation onto the Christ which God gave a confession tissue I'm thinking an Englishman shortly and he is in and in five minutes by an Angel and Sarah and John the revelation of who he went into shock when he receives the revelation here that you are in the gym and my point and then nineteen he John just want and if I had on that island that he is listening on a rocky island when he let him die that time he then ride most glorious revelation of Christ everything and he received the revelation of the taking away of the veil I had Hugo right now but often in time to give my things events activities in Revelation one eleven heartrate of Christ in the book of Revelation e-mail he is the Lamb that was slain in Iraq what are you doing the crescent revelation in a way him wherever you go I'm planning to the Rittenhouse book of Revelation the around and all of this John received where these events never anything more than a place though it be the place of healing difficult trial in the paper he seems you got the bright and wanted me about a Democrat he am off and on and I really even a vacation in the then glorified Christ is risen and you and him wanting them and go in and think seeing them in on an insurance he seemed now to open the scroll he's famous I'm upon my design with very deep clean and it was Gloria said the kind but when it even on that yet my point in my question of why God actually think of my bill in half one that we go through because you may not be a mineral island believed on in the back plate while we get one at why I never played along with this uncle try out that plays within the inhumane thankfully we may even feel that God has abandoned yet in the moment friend maybe half it could be the DaimlerChrysler revealed himself at I child window there we do not maintain that anyone that had a pram I did not feel like God is to be open my eyes and easy as because maybe just maybe happened to him anyway then you are a revelation and season and give to a parent I'm going to be quick to carry my little guy taking their like it's in Kenya United he died of old age they are sitting I like thinking wow anything humiliating himself but it does the revelation of Jesus Christ and God gave and got an angel to his servant John on our family didn't really think about place on and file in in in your life and you and them up and as as a Christian in their character growth and a very hot in here but there was child that will bring themselves where you know if I didn't write it on my exam and I got in a panic I am in fact anything that would raise the life situations when you're praying God and maybe invite you very impressed are you hearing anything that may be and that played a lowly and you know I know where Galway in a moment I pray open my eyes because he gave me a month to commune with John and in that there were you find you he is the and you want to be maybe we didn't ever think before the revelation obsolete the accuser and his family and him or her in once a close of this petition this billions to be gained in the presence of trial and flexion in the way all the pain and cost that God brings his children and that he may sell of them that we that if you send them to lean on him that he has been in the embankment built in this and try to .com a great happen but we step out when we get that God is speaking to bring near the end of an interview and you constantly where you are in your life right now I just want to encourage you to look for an trade partners and revelations nineteen we may not see what I mean regarding the proper right and integrated I like to hear is very very and all you know it this is a very great and the finale a great present for me eventually without going to happen I understand I didn't know when I when I graduated from college and what I come in and out the setting will history and which I did for well over two years and early this year got been in my life where you get it came to decry the details when it is very difficult behind me because I had asked the question on Yunnan got committed to saving you completely given my findings that would at best night of my education many predicted the look and got and then something is everything going under and I'm left thinking what he will do when you got to make them really by everything underlying to serve you now this is at hybrid and I said I'm often looking for full-time finish the whole year luckily these busted on everything because I can thought on these decisions I have made in service of God and I have also included to think when they got the paper wasn't expecting anything at the everything engine and low as it could take care between the left inlet I don't know what to do a way to go and I think you I got ninety one and believed in my heart and aid in front of you we really got very worried duty one that was not relaxed to be gained why you gave it everything everything white and that's all gone one way I fill land stressed that even in this difficult time of not knowing way to go all one can do how you willing to trust the name God who was making all the different ways you can read about that that very same God it don't and I think that's even right now but he's very good of you that he still sticking to teach you to guide me and in the moment of title it is ungodly seeking to bring their awakening of an opposite ways we think of it as though it am going to get God 's help me if I'm not limiting within where is God I'm going through this difficult time but it is in the moment but you need a rest in the event stood right John he's been right there and John went during the emotion was right behind him in the US telling me as a friend I had a really really want to encourage you we got ridiculous because we need to grow angry and parent that is done and refine in the furnace most of the time I want to close with this my temperature the only questions hello there then you still have time for another three and a half how to carry out what questions and complaints I believe that my previous three finalists for the kingdom of God she looked thin and never I paid my own way sorry no one who was studying this chapter of my interview with Greg at the unit he was the enemy trying to connect I have felt that he can understand what you need that he would never find them I will showcase the family understand what this means I'm going to build that she went to see a film of consistency that am letting the Bible and one hundred and how you find out he set them up with was that his innocuous in the way this is going about his job and regular he picked up a piece of metal thickness with the content is present in the middle of the fire pendulum is watching him sensitive that it was observed in your fieldwork connected them he will film and noticed that he is holding his pizza matter in the time and he is watching and paying higher candidate will know him as well these are from the ninetieth have to keep the island the whole time and yet I have any think I've always been in the hot out of the removal of him ha ha all I malingering the development of why seeing the human anatomy I went in the woman they okay okay how do you know what PR is helpful to save how do you know when PR and then refining in the development and all that easy when I see my question in the government did that and there are entry I know if you got you in my friend had lived his life seeing you the whole time and even according in there either evil when it is no he thinks the market tag in the and he wants to hear the whole time the file only the draw and speculating he even intermediate at her and and and and forget you don't yet put them the manner that they know what also did not want his wife seeking the acting ten right there with you that if he take you on track to you and me it's a difficult place to be and what the John and maybe the Navy joins in a opinion the revelation of God that he will have any way him him that way and I live in with creating even in country and that child is not my cat it's very difficult father I knowledge among us who is going through in using him to raise bad plan I will give you I will in an is an business is as fleeting as we wait to be supporting the receipt of the citizens found it is the seams I you young to be knighted by belief in Christ oriented Christians to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us I am coming my C .org I you are a


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