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GYC 2013 Sabbath Divine Service

Ted N.C. Wilson


Ted N.C. Wilson

President of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists



  • January 4, 2014
    10:30 AM
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for you you may not have the video on her behalf when the meeting unanimously I wanted to as likely to visit us online at www. DY C Mann a morning came I see what a privilege it is to be here with you and what a wonderful choir and orchestra thank you so much for what you've done to bring us to the throne room of heaven through music what a blessing this is a wonderful conference and I know that God has blessed seminar speakers the plenary speakers and he 's blessed you and what a privilege it was yesterday to go out on the GUI see outreach Justin mentioned that and let me tell you it was a great privilege and I think our experience was the same as just about everybody's experience I'm very anxious to hear the numbers that are to be coming back here as to how many contacts how many great controversies were they weren't sold they were kind of donated sold and how much money was raised for the salt the service and love together project praise God that people in the Seventh-day Adventist church are helping homeless people get back under their feet help being young children and young people in low income areas learn how to navigate in life and bringing people the precious word of God I was a great privilege for me to to go door-to-door with surrounding and let me tell you she is a great call quarter I could tell we had a great time to sitting in so many places we probably visited at least twenty to twenty five homes we got an additional two great controversies and because he ran out we were praying with people what a great privilege it was going to thank Justin for his leadership and UIC on a thank the Lord for the leadership team and for the opportunity of having G Y C so closely aligned with the world church I want to wish Natasha and her team God 's very special blessing as we continue to work closely together you know it's important for youth ministries for DY C for all organizations to work together for the finishing of God 's work you know the UIC administrative group is taken very good care of me and I want to thank them personally for that there is a special group of people who have helped me while I've been here I go and co- so many others Kurtz and the James and Joe and others you know it's a privilege to be surrounded by young people I was very amazed at the title of the Justin gave me president of young people how to tell you that's a better title than even president of the General conference and I just praise the Lord for the opportunity of serving in any way possible you know it was just a great privilege to be with you and to see the humble zealous enthusiastic fervor for Christ and his word in fact let's look at the word of God to be doing quite a bit of that this morning as we progress through this sermon first rent the Chapter four verses seven through ten I bike you take your Bibles iPads iPhones whatever it is for who makes you differ from another and what do you have that you did not receive now if you did indeed receive it why do you boast as if you had not received are already full you are already Rich you have reigned as King 's without us and indeed I could wish you did rain and that we might we also might rain with you or I think that God is displayed us the apostles laughs as men condemned to death for we have been made a spectacle to the world both to angels and two men we are full for Christ's sake but you are wise in Christ we are weak but you are strong you are distinguished but we are this honor now call was concerned with the Corinthians many in kernel church challenges that were influenced by pagan society let's review those as we look at the beginning of first Corinthians chapter one and I invite you to look at it first and as we began this journey as to why it was that they were witnessing before men and angels in verse ten of chapter one of first Corinthians Paul pled with them to speak the same thing and that there be no divisions among you but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment of skipping to verse eighteen he rallied him across high saying the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing but to also are being saved it is the power of God in verse twenty seven of the same chapter he reminded them that God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise verse thirty one of the same chapter he tried to bring them back to Christ Jesus by repeating the words of Jeremiah chapter nine verses twenty three and twenty four he who glories let him glory in the Lord Emily to chapter two verse two he powerfully declares in these wonderful words the following for I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified as you move to verse five of chapter two he admonished them not to put their faith in the wisdom of man but rather the power of God is he tall your earned in his heart for the internal fighting and the self centeredness to stop in chapter three he shared that although he planted the seed and the Paulus watered it was God who gave the growth owner tell you young people here at UIC and others who are watching everything is dependent upon God in verse eighteen Paul says of chapter three let no man deceive himself if anyone him him you seems to be wise in this age let him become a fool that he may become why Ellis leads the polls leading in chapter four but we began just a few months ago to be fools for Christ's sake understanding that we are aseptic cold before angels and men before the world to be understood by all that we stand for Christ and for his truth regardless of the circumstances and what powerful instruction from heaven for the Corinthians and for us today we face a lot of situations where there is disputing an internal bickering it takes away from our true mission I have no ultimate fear for the unity of the church as we proclaim the three Angels messages the Bible and of the spirit of prophecy show a united church in its mission at the end of the time we are nearing that it God is calling for us to submit to his will for his church in becoming humble full 's for God as we engage in service for Christ before men and angels I want to personally thank G Weiss and each one of you who is part of this great organization for your faithful adherence to the word of God to the spirit of prophecy your strong belief in the power our prayer and your total commitment to personal and to public witness in the service of God and before men and Angels just as Paul what a privilege to walk in the footsteps of Paul figuratively as well as literally a few years ago I had the great privilege of participating in a wonderful international Bible conference organized by the general conferences biblical research Institute it took place in the country of Turkey what an exciting opportunity to visit various places where Paul himself had proclaimed the message is tall walk the hills in the valleys of Asia minor the visit he inspired he preached in many challenging settings he ministered to any centralized people who were even harassing him now it's great to be part of DY C to be here amongst all these wonderful people but what are you going to take home with you when you leave Orlando what challenges and harassment William meets and what are you going to do about reliving in very unusual times the convergence of just about everything political economic financial ecumenical social is shaking people to the core people realize something is happening in the world it's pointing to a great prophetic even to come we are standing I believe on the air of eternity in service to go the four men and angels I believe with all of my heart as you do also Jesus is coming soon after his conversion on the way to Damascus Paul knew nothing except Christ crucified risen interceding for each of us and coming again it animated everything he did he couldn't stop pointing people to Jesus 's righteousness is justification sanctification and eventually his glorifying power it all never forget a sermon by Elder George Brown one of this churches great statesman a mentor and a wonderful friend of mine he will be ninety years old next month he lives not too far from here in Avon Park he made a statement in a sermon which has stuck with me he said when we get to heaven we will gratefully look to Jesus and we will proclaim that we are justified sanctified and glorified and satisfied as you leave this GUI C convention proclaim this same precious adventure message of Paul the message of the Advent hope in service to God before men and angels is nothing that unifies this church worldwide as much as the power of the Holy Spirit working through you the consecrated polls of today the great truth that we hold dear as Seventh-day Adventists this great advent message is the truth that unifies us in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit yes of course we need to share truth in love inappropriate and compatible way with various cultures around the world but remember there is only one name given among men whereby we might be saved and that is the name of Jesus proclaimed in your local church through your service to God and before men and angels take your example from pole left the shores of Asia minor from Tropez and traveled towards REITs as we look at acts chapter seventeen and I invite you to turn to that chapter were to focus quite a bit of attention we can see how God used up all on this journey in verse fourteen Paul is preaching in service to God before men and angels in Thessalonica and because of unrest he then had to go to Berea as some of the Thessalonians followed him and because of additional difficulty certain church members sent Paul to Athens when he arrived in Athens he sent those who accompanied him back to Berea to invite Timothy and Silas to join him he found himself in Athens alone acts of the apostles tells us in page one page two thirty three that he was a press by the feeling of solitude when you feel alone and abandoned in a few days where you feel without the resources in the service of God before men and angels if you've enjoyed here at the DY seat convention just like Paul if you have Jesus Christ as your anger and you are grounded in this precious Adventist message you will not be alone all of heaven 's resources are at your fingertips in verses sixteen and seventeen we see that Paul while waiting had his heart steward stirred by the Athenians they were absorbed in idolatry on its value nothing is much nothing much has changed even today everywhere we see idolatry in full bloom and full swing self centered secular and postmodern attitudes that are in opposition to God 's work independent self-serving attitudes that needed that need to be softened by the submission to Christ the three Angels messages those precious messages will bring people to the realization that we all you and I included we all need this submissive spirit of Christ and we need to turn back to the true worship of God don't be afraid of what you're going to face in your local setting or where ever God may lead you it has been faced before and the Holy Spirit will go with you just as he did with the apostle Paul when Paul saw the opinions he was compelled to share with them the beautiful message of the one true God the all talk with Jews and Gentiles he understood the challenge of multiple gods surrounding them leading Athenian philosophers and thinkers heard about Paul's presence and presentations they intended to come and make fun of him but in his presence in his manner of delivery and his logical thinking they held back don't ever be afraid to share the precious word of God in love in simplicity and with diplomacy for the Holy Spirit will help you to convict people who otherwise are trying to harassment is the God is calling you to fall in following the footsteps of Paul in service to God before men and angels the intellectual capacity the talents and skills represented by those in this room this auditorium this morning is absolutely astounding I want to thank God for what he does with the minds and the talents of Seventh-day Adventist young people who commit themselves in service to God the four men and angels listen to what the acts of apostles page two hundred thirty five cents they are the philosophers and all others who came in contact with him soon saw that he had a store of knowledge even greater than their own his intellectual power commanded the respect of the learned while his earnest logical reasoning and the power of his oratory hell yeah attention of all in the on and they took him to Mars Hill procedure polytheist and taken as perhaps the equivalent of today's secularism relativism pluralism and postmodernism it was in that environment that Paul shared the message of the adventure hope with the Athenaeum eat the artists the poets the philosophers the scholars God is calling you today young people in G Y CNN throughout this denomination he is calling you today to meet not only the general population but the unique of this world interact with the intellectual young people in the faculties of the campuses on which you reside in on which you study see the General conference is also recognized recently that this is so important we are in the process of assigning a full-time associate in the youth ministry 's department who will care for nothing else than public ministry to young people public campus ministry young people and UIC a lot of tell you Shay Lamar 's pills of today God will empower you to share the full love of Christ in service to God before men and angels in verse twenty two Paul pointed out the great missing truth a firm belief in the one true unknown God whom Paul knew Jesus Christ Mars Hill represents today all the false theories and twisted truth Satan has fabricated in contrast to the ennobling crews of the ruler of the universe Mars Hill represents the efforts of Satan to bring confusion into society culture and especially into the Seventh-day Adventist challenge of today's world is represented by Mars Hill a great controversy a great battle nothing has changed since the beginning of sin the Mars Hill mentality has invaded society and our own lives and our church if not constantly leaning on Christ and his work we can be affected by lifestyle music outreach approaches views of the future distorted views of the great controversy theme and improper interpretations of the Bible and of the spirit of prophecy it is affected the purity and simplest of God 's church and of personal religious experience and people leave this congregation this convocation knowing that God has called the seventh day Adventist church as a prophetic people to be a prophetic movement with a prophetic message and a prophetic mission let me identify for strong concerns for the church today that we need to approach with biblical understanding and with the grace of the Lord the first concern is the loss of Seventh-day Adventist identity among certain leaders and members of the church the seventh the this research is much more than just another denomination or church it was born of God out of the disappointment of eighteen forty four according to Revelation chapter ten Ypres providentially raised up a good fine movement of destiny to impact the world according to Revelation twelve seventeen God 's last day people would be characterized by keeping God 's commandments and having the testimony of Jesus which the angel identifies in Revelation nineteen verse ten as the gift of prophecy or the spirit of prophecy according to Revelation chapter fourteen verses six to twelve gods in time church would proclaim the message of the everlasting Gospel in the context of the three angels and the second coming of Christ calling every nation kindred tong and people to worship their Creator by keeping his Sabbath there is no other religious movement on this planet that fits this pattern too many in either failed to recognize or have forgotten that the flying prophetic calling that God has given to this precious is a growing tendency to minimize our differences with other denominations and I'm not saying you want to magnify those differences but don't minimize the differences much of this comes from a neutralization of the Bible as God 's word we must base our beliefs on the word of God using the historical biblical or historical grammatical mess in studying the Bible and approaching our prophetic understanding from eight historicists perspective God 's word must be foundational to our belief our faith and our practical living that strongly establishes our identity as seven a.m. lack of identity has even led some to doubt the liberal seven-day creation week to deny a worldwide flood and to reduce the Sabbath to merely a rest from stress rather than a last day sign of God 's people there are some who would like to reinterpret the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation to fit a more contemporary mold they see the historic interpretation of prophecy is a relic of the nineteenth century thinking but I want to tell you my young friends and others it is as current as today's news because it is from God himself we have a life and death message to present to the world Seventh-day Adventists have been raised like know what to prepare the world for its final hours I am absolutely confident that guided by Jesus and faithful to our prophetic heritage this movement will try I appeal to you young people I appealed with all my heart be faithful to the call God has given you as Seventh-day Adventist young people embrace this message in its fullness be filled with the Holy Spirit as you share with the world the second concern is growing world this in many churches and in our own lives Jesus stated it well when he prayed in John seventeen verse seventeen I do not pray that you should take them out of the world but that you should keep them from the evil in first John chapter two verses fifteen to seventeen John added do not love the world or the things of the world if anyone loves the world the love of the father is not in him for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life is not of the father but of the world and the world is passing away in the last of it but he who does the will of God abides for ever the church has always face the danger of compromising its loyalty to Christ through a growing tendency to allow the world to shape his thinking closer we get to the end of time the more the devil will redouble his efforts in this area standards that were once cherished by Seventh-day Adventists in the areas of diet dress recreation amusement than Sabbath keeping are fast becoming things of the past now let me underscore the absolute fact we are not saved by what we wear we are not saved by eating correctly we are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ but when the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit enters into the life we will do the things that God wants us to do is even members are adorned like the world when they dress like the world when they love the world 's entertainment and don't just point your finger at somebody else think about your own life in my own when we listen to the world 's new they captivated by everything that comes out of Hollywood and its glitzy as way genuine spirituality is eroded and the devil makes inroads into our very souls when the Adventist health message which is accepted by so many honest hearted people in the world is considered by many within the church to be legalistic or fanatical rather than a glorious gift from a loving Creator something 's wrong were to be ambassadors for Christ were to be the light and the salt of the world in Matthew five verse sixteen it says let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven see millions of people all over the world are aching for something different they long for genuine authentic oceanic we will never reach them by compromising God 's standards in our standards to come down to their level we must lift up the standard for the grace of Jesus Christ this is no time to just flirt with the Devils dress and diet in amusement and worldly influences this is the time to hold the standard high for the world to see this is not legalism this is Christ centered justified and sanctified living through the power of the Holy Spirit as a witness before men and angels as to how God can change a life of third concern is the challenging danger of this unit in John seventeen that powerful chapter the Christ prayed for you and for me as well as for his disciples he prayed for unity in the church one of the Devils strategy you this unit is the nose of the church is not unified it will not effectively accomplish its mission and selected messages book two page one fifty nine reread unity is the strength of the church Satan knows this and he employs his whole force to bring in dissension he desires to see a lack of harmony among the members of the church of God greater attention should be given to the subject of unity of the devil uses all his forces to bring in dissension and conflict to neutralize the soul winning efforts of God 's people now is the time for administrators pastors teachers young people and all members to unite under the banner of Christ truth and preaching the message to the world God is given to Seventh-day Adventists a divinely inspired church organization and mutual agreements called church policies which under the guidance of the Holy Spirit are part of what holds us together as a world family to discard or ignore these mutual agreements violates a sacred trust and creates unnecessary discord after Bible study study of the spirit of prophecy prayerful and careful spirit led discussion inappropriate church settings let us lay aside our personal opinions for the good of the body of Christ and march forward together towards the kingdom of God the fourth concern is the spiritual complacency and apathy that leads to a lack of church missions involvement you heard us talking about it in the panel this morning there seems to be a spiritual paralysis in many members lives recent interviews or surveys I should say in the case that the over one homing majority of the church believe the twenty eight fundamental beliefs but they have a hard time sharing them they believe that there not really perhaps that which they would want to become involved with in terms of the mission of the church there's no fire or passion in their bones Young people without asked if involvement in service to God before man and angels we will not grow spiritually desired ages page eight twenty five says the very life of the church depends upon her faithfulness in fulfilling the Lords commission to neglect this work is surely to invite spiritual feebleness and BK where there is no active labor for others love Wayne sent faith grows dim on Italian and Holy Spirit led involvement in your local church and in your outreach to the community is the answer to apathy if you want to be spiritually alive get involved if you want a vibrant prayer life get involved if you want to appreciate the word of God more get involved if you want to have a deeper love for others get involved if you want to see souls won to Jesus get involved if you want to see Jesus come soon brothers and sisters let's all get involved as Paul did we are to get involved stand firm and proclaimed the truth with clarity and simplicity denouncing the Mars Hill mentality by pointing to the solid rock Jesus Christ is young people youth leaders pastors faithful members we are called to live and proclaim this heaven initiated prophetic advents message that's exactly what Paul did on Mars Hill is eloquent and masterful defense of the only true God in service to him before men and angels in acts chapter seventeen verses twenty four to twenty six Paul told him about the unknown God we heard that marvelous passage read by Amy this morning for Scripture telling them that the world was created in six literal consecutive days recently Paul explained that this God created all humans equal smashing elitism and allows for the rise and fall of people groups in verse twenty seven Paul begins his appeal to the great thinkers telling them that this great true God has made it completely possible to seek him to feel after him and defined the cause he is not far from us in verse twenty eight he gives the real punchline he says for in him we live and move and have our being even contextualize this presentation by quoting from one of their profits and then in verses twenty nine to thirty one speaks against polytheism and paganism as Seventh-day Adventist young people in service to God before men and angels you are called to proclaim the act event hope with the need for revival for repentance and reformation all through the power of the Holy Spirit we need a strong influence of simplicity regarding heaven guided theology outreach message methods and church growth rectus unfortunately we become smug in our sophistication and our self evaluation we become fascinated with our own understanding of how we say him saying this should happen whether or not we like it we are later to see we are the embodiment of Revelation chapter three through God 's grace righteousness and the power of the Holy Spirit we need to humble ourselves in submission to God for clarity of purpose and mission a fuller understanding of who we are as Seventh-day Adventist gods in time movement is remnant people we don't say that in a self-centered proud manner but incomplete humility as a unique prophetic people with a prophetic message in the prophetic mission was to those beautiful quotation from testimonies volume seven page one thirty eight Seventh-day Adventists have been chosen by God as a peculiar people separate from the world he has made them his representatives and has called them to be ambassadors for him in the last work of salvation the greatest wealth of truth ever entrusted to mortals the most Solomon fearful warnings ever sent by God to man have been committed to them to be given to the world as a church we need to return to a setting of humble primitive godliness through submission to Christ realizing it is see who provides the power for this great Adventist movement there is to be no pluralism or loss of mission focus in God 's ranks we will be united in theology and Mission as we personally and corporately connect to Jesus Christ the great sin of Israel was its disconnection from God allowing the pagan gods around them to absorb their attention testimonies volume nine page nineteen his admonition for us today and not let anything absorb our attention except one thing in a special sense Seventh-day Adventists have been set in the world as watchmen and light bearers they have been given a work of the most solemn import the proclamation of the first second and third Angels message there is no other work of so great importance they are to allow nothing else to absorb their attention from Bible prophecy we know that the future will be difficult and challenge tough times are ahead and it's only as we look to Christ and his word that we can stand united and receive the latter rain giving us the power to proclaim those three Angels messages a revelation fourteen and the fourth Angel of Revelation eighteen young people at UIC take this prophetic message preaching Sharon living in verse thirty one of acts seventeen Paul preach this message to the opinion Athenians telling them that the day of judgment was coming when those on Mars Hill heard about the resurrection they mocked him in fact Scripture records that Paul's evangelistic series in Athens produced only a few converts when you go to your own Mars Hill in just a few hours proclaiming this precious last name message don't worry about the harvest because that is the work of the Holy Spirit our job is to proclaim the advent message as you return to your home churches to your school or where ever you are going redouble your efforts in reaching out in practical personal witnessing an public evangelistic activity lift up Christ and his righteousness and his distinctive proves with Christ up with passion as we leave this place renew your commitment to Christ through his Word and the Spirit of prophecy walked in Paul's footsteps stand for truth and come back to Mars Hill mentality preach the word in season and out of season in fact education page fifty seven takes on new significance when we understand this the greatest one of the world is the want of men and of women men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name man whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the poll men who will stand for right though the heavens fall on a tell you God is moving on the hearts of people all over this world young people and older people I think about Tatiana and educated attorney and the vice mayor of the capital city in a central Asian country a predominantly Muslim country part of her responsibilities were to care for the acquisition of certain items that people needed in construction one day a pastor came to her office asking for permission to buy some bricks as he came to that office he humbly made his request and thought Deonna knowing nothing about what this individual was doing said come back in three days the pastor came back in three days recognizing that he needed in every way to be courteous and kind and respectful and got the and I said well I haven't had time come back again on a tell you what I send you on a mission never give up keep coming back the pastor came back he was acting as Seventh-day Adventist pastor he came back asking for a certain amount of bricks Jan I was frustrated that I know you get some bricks on the sign the the papers move out of this office get on your way the pastor went and obtained the bricks quite sometime later attendance seventeen -year-old son never minimize the power of a young person are probably some here were seventeen years old her seventeen -year-old son came to her and said mother my birthday is coming up I want you to go with me somewhere I want you to spend the day with me Tatiana thinking she could simply give him some money and be able to just have them have a good time thought she would get rid of him in that way on a failure parents don't just provide good things for your children spend time with them seventeen -year-old son said no mother I want you to spend the day with finally got John agreed the day came she put her scarf over her head not wanting anyone to recognize who she was and they proceeded into the middle of the city they came of all places to a church they entered the church sat down and the pastor began to preach and incredible sermon on the submitting to Christ the Anna was absolutely astounded when her seventeen -year-old son stood up in response to the pastor 's appeal and went for she recognize this was a seventh day at this church her son had been attending this church for some time in fact it was the very church for which she had assigned in the pastor to be able to buy the book the bricks after the service was over a baptism was plan at the Anna saw her seventeen -year-old son animatedly talking with the pastor and her son came back to Randy said please mother you can go with us to the baptism you can ride in the special minivan that has been assigned for me he said no no I'm not interested in going ally what I want to go know please mother cell because it was his birthday she agreed to go they arrived at the site for the baptism all the arrangements had been made by Fiona noticed her son speaking again animatedly with the faster and running back to his mother he said mother I just talk to the pastor he said you can be baptized out Dennis said that's ridiculous you have to know something about an organization that you join I know nothing about this church I'm not even a Christian but mother the pastor said you could be baptized I don't know what the seventeen -year-old son said to the faster because you know that we want people 's lives to demonstrate their walk with Jesus every day before they make a commitment for baptism but somehow he persuaded the pastor and because it was his birthday the auto was baptized they went home they took with them the baptismal certificates and her son in those certificates a safe place didn't want the father to find out in that culture if you did anything in a major way without consulting with the husband and the father of the household you would be in big trouble at the Anna finally came to the point where she said you know I think I'd better find out what I was baptized into and so she opened the word of God and she began to read of God 's love and let me tell you thought Deonna was converted after her baptism he fell in love with you she remembered interestingly and this is how God guides when she was a small girl about three years old her father sent her back Ukraine from where her mother had come because her mother had died and she was sent back to her grandmother her grandmother raised her from age three to about age twelve she remembers her grandmother taking her to church on Saturday because her grandmother was the seventh they when she was twelve years old she was sent back to that central Asian country and forgot all about that experience but God brought it back to her memory about five months later her son came rushing into the house he said mother something terrible has happened father has found the baptismal certificates and he is angry again anew that the evening would be a very tough one she would have to face some unbearable questioning and so she prayed to the Lord give me the right thing to say I want to tell you is you go back to battle them are you those around you ask God for guidance he will give it to you so that evening after the meal but Jan and her husband began to talk and her husband said how could you dare define me become a Christian how could you do this terrible thing without consulting the God gave Tatiana beautiful response he said my dear husband you have the baptismal certificate before you you have the dates on which I was baptized if in the last five months I have become a worse life if I have cared for my son in an even worse way than before if I have become a sad generated individual I will give up this religion but my dear husband if you've seen in the last five months that I've become the sweetener person a nicer person a more helpful person but something has changed my life and please take that there were sides and her husband finally spoke and said no Tatyana you have become a sweeter nicer person was not long after that that that Dion 's husband began to study the Bible for himself he was given interestingly the bulk of the great controversy to read he understood God 's plan for his life and he gave his heart to Jesus and was baptized and to the seventh in the center and they Jan and her husband are powerful pillars of that central Asian capital city I would tell you brothers and sisters as we face the soon coming of Jesus Christ and he is coming soon as you leave Orlando preach the message of Paul Christ crucified risen interceding and coming again in whatever Mars Hill setting you find yourself God will encourage and stand by you as you face the greatest tests and had in the Seventh-day Adventist church within the great controversy theme will you submit today the King of the universe and our coming Lord are you ready for God 's great mission are you ready to do whatever it takes to proclaim God 's last day in message and focus on mission to the cities and rural areas as well are you ready to participate in medical missionary work comprehensive health ministry are you willing to help people to live life to the fullest both now and for eternity will you plead with the Lord for revival Reformation and for the latter reign of the Holy Spirit as we proclaim Bible truth are you willing to march forward in service to God before man and angels you accept this challenge you quietly join me in standing your interview person please submit right now Jesus Christ your Lord and your Savior is calling you to serve him for men and angels rather pray in just a few moments but there may be some of you were facing a very unusual circumstance when you go home maybe you have an unusual burden on your heart maybe you want to place it before the Lord I just ask that if you do would you just join me right here in the front for a special prayer any of you who have a special circumstance that may be coming to you when you come back to your place to your campus to wherever it is that you find it God calling you maybe there is someone here who hasn't fully given their heart the Lord in your wanting to say Lord use me in every possible way you come forward to someone as a burden for a mother or father for a brother or sister you come for maybe a large putting you in such a situation where you may be called upon to be like Paul to proclaim Christ's in every unusual circumstance even though you may be harassed you want personal guidance and blessing from the Lord as you leave this place you come for God to bless you with you go out to these places all over this country and beyond is getting used as a witness before men and he now or in writing loving father in heaven we come to you quietly in this wonderful GUI see congregation we recognize all of the support services all of the encouragement all of the affirmation that exists in these wonderful conferences but when we leave here and go to our own Mars Hill please go with us please bless every young person who's come forward to every individual who has a special burden someone who is perhaps wrestling with a conviction about what he or she should do either for a life partner are for their profession maybe there is personal conflict temptation that is common to a life than destroy the full picture of what God wants to see happen A.B. someone has abused someone else maybe an individual standing here has been a victim of difficult Lord help that individual to feel and to know that you love them unconditionally that you want to give them the power to become the mightiest voice for you Lord bless these young people as you send them out reliving in the very end of time we are just on the education of eternity the second coming of Christ is Sony Lord use us in the service to you before men and they lord we concert great men ourselves completely to you thank you for hearing us in this prayer and thank you for sending us from this place filled with the power that you invested in Nepal and in others who claim the one true God mom gone in whom we live and Jesus I thank you for hearing in this July 's Manhattan and each one powerful and one man our Lord and Savior and paying a high priest as I dismissed this as I went he went to be supporting ministry of ascendancy out of disk space he seems I you young to be my pilot Dave Christ oriented Christians to download the pictures other resources like this please visit us online at www. 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