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3. Music Overview

Christian Berdahl


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry



  • January 25, 2014
    4:00 PM
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gracious heavenly father Lord I pray that you would please bless us now as we common reason together we need your Holy Spirit to guide and lead us as a father we ask that you would please help us to choose our ears to you through the Holy Spirit and father we ask that you would bless us now we want to vindicate your name in our lives and father we want to get the devil to the curb as it were I pray that you would please bless us now with your presence in Jesus name and while I have the daunting task of trying to squeeze twelve hours into what I thought might be three or four tonight but now I've been told this entity I believe it over to so now let us squeeze it down even more I'm almost hesitant to share only a certain portion with you the reason the Wii maven music seminar as sure as we could and the source we felt it did service for God 's people was twelve hours so weren't really nice hey and sleeves I see about ten because I gave you a little over an hour this morning and a little bit over an hour last night within about ten remaining hours reason into two so as I said a floor I'm going to talk fast that means you have to listen fast amen the good news is you can was a lot faster than I can thought this is a unknown scientific reality this morning this afternoon 's message is simply titled music overview and I was hoping to get dive deep into if we had more time into the whole worse inside of music but it looks as though we may not be able to get into that so I'll share with you what I can hope we move right along we had time also will boot on the second season will go on okay so as I see one of my friends brother Randy C say I wanted to pray Lord put your words in his mouth your say that I love as with any of you and I were at his convention in Guyana we spent in house together for a little over a week and we love our time together the Lord bless and he always said a you know great voice right and I went a little like me but he's got a great voice and he said Ray Lord Friday Lord put your words and that men's mountain so I would like you to pray that for me as I comes your mind as whom the law Lord put your words and that man's mouth there are two basic questions that were to look at today and this is what were basically didn't answer and I said this one simply called music overview so the questions that we need to ask today and I went to work on answering and as many more that we talked about the series but the first question is is music moral or immoral now his music moral or a moral is the question isn't morally lesser-known is it a moral yes or no some tiresome yes this person 's atmosphere that were next companies because each one of us can hopefully learn something today the reality is as you will see music is very moral or immoral is not amoral another with no moral weight or value more impact so we will try to longer would I try to access the next question of answer is is it the lyrics or the music bad that matters most most people will say the lyrical content some people will say is unusable content and Henry yes if yes I have bold matter the reality is as you'll see as a move along music itself just the music that has an entire language do it no matter what the lyrical content said so will move through that let's start off with a very famous singer her name is Sandi Patty and honestly was really a easy nineties as is not so big now but still well known even by the younger crowds here's what Sandy Patti talks which he says about music music is a very powerful force it has a way of breaking down barriers is she right you better believe it but a lot of artists are taking a very powerful tool and putting and negative horrible lyrics to it and those lyrics are getting into the heart of the listeners and are seeking their values issue right yes Radeon why can't we for example contemporary Christian musicians take that same powerful force music but positive lyrics to an education and guidance and now is there anything wrong with what you said sees nothing wrong with it but she is leading some things out she didn't talk at all about the music that is the reality is inversely she can have any music that has you want as long as the lyrical content is okay here's another was a quite a famous singer in the Christian world data needs basically you have to focus on what the lyrics and song you see that is my criteria to decide whether the song is right or wrong it has nothing to do with the music style it has been with the lyrics with this song is saying what are the words say as Christians we can objectively judge it from that standpoint this is the mantra and contemporary Christian music everywhere you go I happen to interview and talk with and even hang out with quite a few different Christians of different denominations I'm not so scary and I'm not exclusive to add this only and as I spend time and rub elbows with these different brothers and sisters different denominations this is the mantra it doesn't matter what the lyrical causing me what the musical content is only the lyrical content friends is quite dangerous water to be leaving that Professor Marshall McLuhan now Google 's work is viewed as one of the cornerstones studies of media it really revolutionize the fee back in the seventies and eighties it was a professor a philosopher and a scholar and it is interesting what he said about music the medium is the message that is saved on music its melody harmony and rhythm all I saw disposes of men to virtue or vice fire moving be in motion this is exceedingly now is it wrong for us all to move our emotions absolutely not but the fact that it can move our emotions we do need to be careful with it as we can eliminate inappropriate way as a Christian therefore the way in which they moved the passions the melody harmony rhythm should serve as a principal basis for judgment on whether any given piece of music is good or bad it's a great explanation it still falls short the reality is if a Psalm or other good example a dear friend of mine asked me to sing a beautiful hand at her mother 's funeral I suddenly had been forced to like me singing him to the funeral that song now has settlements in motion attached to it because is now attached to her mother 's funeral they come a stumbling block for her is that nothing while we are not content nothing wrong with the music and the new melody in Louisiana that was being played for the local performance on it was all okay and acceptable but for now it was indeed in most types with so a song that might be just fine for most of us could use on the block for somebody else so it's very hard to counter Gore agrees a all of this is okay and all of that is not okay now some in some cases we can do that see that as we progress but in other areas we have to be sensitive with those around us does that make sense excellent entries are off our cell phones for two hours and a nicer on-call position or as a medical professional you can keep yours on his you are about a righteous work for today even on the Sabbath otherwise you can wait and come on now you'll need to know about the score the game was I really bring specialist Doctor Richard Pellegrino he declared the music had the uncanny power to trigger a flood of human emotions is through hole while and images that have the ability to instantaneously produce very powerful changes in emotional states is saying music is so powerful it can give us in motion images instantly amazing and disturbing of all experience that taken from a brain guy says in twenty five years of working with the brain I still cannot that a person 's state of mind the way that one little song is not amazing and flat some of the newest the research out there some of the most reason with people that work with the mind psychologists they will actually even play certain kinds of music during the session knowing their patient's history and what's going on patient's heart and mind dinner thinking at his sessions are far more productive using music as medicine love it now can use it alone influence the listener would try to experiment with freedom as you listen to just get comfortable and close your eyes and hypnotizing I promise and I'd like you to listen to the song and learned on race and tell me how you responded to the song he regarded by close your eyes trust me close your eyes lay along a regarding overweight I need to plug in my computers okay when the eleven twelve okay here we go okay Ray to tell me how to make you feel how you responded with somebody anybody yes what joyful without accurate he wants to hear all it was joyful anybody else yet said in passing motivational anybody else alert fun to the kids got a fun words right to all now what it is I read their minds before we see this is you would say it was fun because I know why I want I know and I found this program probably eighty this is a program helping twelve or thirteen different countries in all kinds of cultures from black-and-white theme was right everybody eventually and I known about the culture is as they say why they caused the most is built into the song the unnoticed in the field and in the song that this is this is joyful I don't know my little boys I was putting they were younger when I was putting this together I might understand music playlist on he saw in Arkansas I was the only centimeters you know that I would hope is in his mind he saw went to François jumping around and having a good time and the RI the question is can use it alone influence the listener it makes you laugh and happy images that you don't let my rewrite interesting and what there said your that when the lyrical content okay close your eyes here's another one okay I I want to ask you right here wow that make you feel scanners it was like all visible to him a man that is very sound anybody else out the responder that yet their nine-month old that can't even talk in language jet was stared to see musical created musical key and we continue to see whether new years day if the language my friends are scary airing everywhere I go around the world people will respond Piazza same way okay cause risers are last one it will be scary I can't bear and we also say together yeah either that also appear to defining words we find out we would all say things like peaceful it was tranquil it was relaxing you know the funny thing is something about that new age now that no there is New Age music out there is no structure to it that has structured even those that into the song and it was slowing down is still resolved he was still done it was a complete package and friends there's nothing wrong with that kind of music in fact I'll even go farther to say a few that song put you into Alpha and you had no other incoming information okay relax some beautiful music okay but when the devil can put us in our half while reading copious amounts of the negative information about handing his characters being poured into our soul no we got to be careful you see our father is something this beautiful beta is beautiful if we didn't oscillate in any given day many times between now and paid up brain activity with all the little knots and so this afternoon I specifically went out and sat in a park for little while because I needed to be in some alpha amen I'm appear in beta all day long and you know what they say and our public speaking is akin to eighty hours of physical labor did you know that the amount of brain activity and the burn when you have so today I'm working about four or five days I needed some hour clock I didn't want to go a little crazy with you Leon Doctor Norman in Weinberger he is a professor of neurobiology and behavior writer at UC Irvine 's research confirms that music and powerfully and will rapidly set moods and do so in his meeting music can rapidly and powerfully set moods and do so in a way not easily obtained by other means so let's put this together now do you believe that music can move your emotions yes or no okay now let's tied altogether with the spirit of prophecy praise the Lord for this review and Herald April twenty first eighteen eighty five if the thoughts are wrong the feelings will be wrong and have thoughts and feelings combined May the more role Sharon X or do you see that so if anything and I put in my gears are into my eyes my five senses is moving my emotions in a way contrary to God 's thoughts and feelings many of the moral character you can thus conclude moral music is very moral if not a moral it's either amoral or immoral so the fact that it moves my emotion which triggers thoughts and images it takes a very clear picture music is not a moral it has a credible moral implications that clear while this may not when we decide that as Christians we are not required to restrain they all listen to whatever I want to will guess what you can do that is your walk with your walk I've learned when I listen to whatever I want to my walk was much further away from God and so I want to do away with the things that pull me away and bring in the things that draw me to him amen and so when we as Christians decide we are not required to restrain our thoughts and feelings it's okay that music does this again does that to me we are brought under the influence of evil angels and we invite their presence and Americans all I write that you almost think she wrote this last week MN and there was no such thing as death metal yet not verbatim Christian death metal Christian death metal like jumbo shrimp it doesn't make it an oxymoron Christian death metal him a sassafras doesn't make any sense at all it's not logical but we listened to music we watched TV shows movies with certain Internet without restraining our thoughts and our feelings friend I believe as they says we are inviting demons they hang out with this and let them have control if you are serious were you aware of this this is important stuff so did God create music to influence our thoughts and feelings yes of course praise the Lord we read earlier wind River etc. the music in heaven was so powerful that that Lucifer himself decided to rebel his heart was turned toward God psalms of praise and love came out and then laughs we ran it through a glass amazing power in music my friend and yes it can influence our thoughts and feelings and Don has no problem with that as long as he's the one doing the influencing today's Newsday do you think that the devil has left music alone no way there is no way that the devil has left music alone is one of the most powerful agencies to ensnare a soul we also read he's not really one of the most powerful agencies alone the enjoyment of music and interesting but everything in this book I wasn't too excited about will be doing it all bastard says sometimes you have to eat out watermelon you need to spit out the seeds right I can tell you right now in all this research that we pored over and all music samples all of the we listen to and put together for the seminar there was a lot of spin out of a lot of scenes that someone announcing like they were always seems so we had this and we don't even put the book some of them on our website available were second-fastest she wants there but some of the signs is really good this is interesting well written is the element of music most closely allied to body movement fleshly or carnal to physical action is simpler patterns when repeated over and over which is exactly what rock does and have a hypnotic effect on us and so this particular book and many others if you know you can find I think it's close to five hundred books written on the subject in about three thousand studies were citing a few only a couple today but the reality is when we have and we listen to simpler patterns repeated over and over and over again it has a hypnotic effect on our minds the power of sound in another interesting book in a section entitled stress and addiction mistakes they have also shown scientists that driving drum rhythms in excess of three to four beats per second but the brain into a state of stress regardless if the listener life 's or dislikes the music when the brain is in a stressful stage it will release opioids a group of hormones that function like morphine to help return itself to normal equal Librium when these opioids are experienced often enough it can be addicting and the listener seeks for the high again this is my listeners tend to move from left to harder music these steady drum rhythms released in the body go natural and sex form all which is how this sexual arousal so just below pounding and driving these alone release the natural things so how many young people on this campus need to control that are not married their sex hormones and every married man in the world comedy abandon and woman need to control their sex hormones all of us amen so imagine putting a young person who was made a decision for Jesus and they said I limited myself your I will not engage in free sexual premarital intercourse I will wait and save myself just like Jesus has told us to do and I will remain here we went to Christ until I went to my husband or my life young people made the decision a lot but unfortunately what they don't understand is the music they're listening to could be one of their greatest songs don't because they listen to this Taylor Swift song on it was that whatever it may be releasing is not a trial was just makes him want to do in our so now we let Lehman Junior take out little girl from Bible study in their drive role but young lady a young man driving from the Bible study or a Y advantage and he's just a particular home and is described home click C is really very sick he's really hot enough and I really like them but on the Sigma seventeen is that praise the Lord but then he puts on his music Christian music that has a sexual sense you will body language on top of the driving these with releases in the hands of sexual arousal and know what you think is the and everything else the Elsie hello Leslie let's not fool ourselves when I was coming out in the world I was feeling hazy to my mind who became my wife holy and God when starting in my heart sick residents is not been intimate with your say I was in the world nominal back to you I went backwards in the world 's eyes but I went forward in God 's eyes I came to love and university because a friend of mine was enrolling in school here my old roommate use of the inhabitants was madness it is girlfriend older than what generation I think she might've instead generation Adventist they chosen to live off campus so they can together and gather those on your big and here I'm a worldly guy not doing that anymore but you know what all we have to do is look at their lifestyle there were no longer careful with their diet they were raised that way they were no longer careful with the music they were listening to they were raised that way it were no longer care what the movies and they were looking at they became so educated in the worldly programming and the worldly ways but it does make logical sense it is after all were promised each other mean we all know and get married so why not now Franciscan the cart before the horse that really starts the massive relationships and you see the problem is if we entering frankly I was not impressed and I left I have seen is not right but I left with the impression while when God does this ballclub we start right around here first that's where I thought when I saw come to know of course God has people everywhere praise God I didn't know I was ignorant I was even a Christian you here's the thing him we be very careful with what we allow into our years and will be allowing your children's years because here's that sure young lady of a young man that wants to stand for Jesus and the Christian music could actually be driving them away from Christ because of the notes in the body language of the song I give you an illustration man I wish we had more time together guys listen if you want I mean I have a few sets with me I do have the full DVD series with me so at the unit you want to get that you can have so think of it this way lyrically speaking weight and look at me look at me when you think about this proclamation numbered ready I is what you think about that what good hereby do you believe it and that anything wrong lyrics anything wrong with the body language now you see note one supports the other MN I love these right it's ready that there will use the same lyrical content ready I love the seasons no really I love them but not anything wrong with the lyrical content know anything wrong with the way I can do lyrics he had was not just the lyrical content it can even be the way that we sing a Psalm how about my body language what was that saying whatever kind of a slap his face right you see we can play a piece of music that has a beautiful piece of music and the lyrics of any support one another and they uplift us to Christ right I love Jesus but we can also play the same to say anything the same words but have a music band that is trying to income like that whatever students say about this writing I do I said long to I want to do that is not a man lyrical content okay could the delivery being proven is out of the body language you see I can sing the same song but I didn't listen angry spin on the way I sing it at my honey may we use the conventional whole message I love Jesus how let crazies of a new man to prison out of Congress today I didn't even know someone were Christian visitors like in others I cannot tax out the cash everywhere than a piercing visit like I will need your lines while the sum of Bible study with that guy is out of the mouth of a knife I got my dad a man so now it is in having the lyrical content let's say it's okay but the lyrical delivery is all and the body language of the song is off but we can still call it Christian because it has decreased Mary and Jesus lyric but I can be angry I think even inside a young person to rebellion him worse and then on top of it the driving reason rather than releasing a sex hormones one can't fail a exactly is this click and Mrs. Clinton praise the Lord and my trip will not have been in vain loud booming bass music has a similar effect and it's no wonder that adolescent males prefer these types of music burrito stimulating the release of brain chemical the opioids or stimulating hormones or bowl so not only basically what happens is when Windows the body has proceeded and I mean the body disappears the limit here is great and the body is perceiving this music and receiving it and a half days driving from ringtones physiologically and neurologically we actually don't want now emotionally we might want as a whole different story and basically what happens is the brain has two hemispheres and it likes to be enough what's called a state of homeostasis which is the state of our fry and when these driving fees that are excessive and they continue the brain perceives this as an attack and a constant actual dictation or as science was a friction between the two hemispheres of the brain it says releasing the hounds really is no hormones because we are agitated we need to get a hit here and a morphine like substance is released and causes the brain to go this is why certain kinds of music we can actually physiologically connected it to the because were either releasing that hormone or another hormone gonadotropin 's you see how this is much more than an asset out of hand and I fear that so long as so many of the and my mom and my dad is a fast developing my signal why a moment without health because I just know what is the median wall so we need to educate only need to put schools enjoy young people 's hands so they can make educated decisions you don't know find resources like the distracted limit and watch it together went on I'll never get my son to watch off to a trick on how you can did in child you want would like to know what it is okay to twelve hours long I guarantee if there is no watch and the Lord will command eventually by God 's grace here's what you said get off the band by the way and stop hounding them if you make in this problem if you can keep your promise tell him look at their older same watch the series with me and if you watch it from cover to cover all all all twelve hours I'll never talk to value music again you want to know how the young people go I hear you because so many times the passing on each of these them over the head faith and yet they haven't given any tools education so once we are installed in this viewing been a little life will start to go on I have not heard of one report repair as then I'm sure it's happened that offer this report when they sat down with a young person and they watch it may need to deal with them that a young person did not modify some things in their life praise the Lord the history of the song to the Bible is full of suggestions as to the uses and benefits of music and song rightly employed that means we can were wrongly employer right but rightly employed is a Franciscan God design okay it's a gift from who God and it was what is I so gone David and he designed it to be has down no of course not listening on it's designed to let the thought to high and noble beans and to inspire and elevate the soul ever listening to music that's the precedent and leads us of being in opposite ways were going against the original design of God music is defensible put it in your toolbox now would've a couple is eclipse year when elegance and no we start in the music seminar we asked to spend more than three hours going over and honorable history of music wilderness then probably six to twelve minutes here serious renaissance in fourteen fifty about sixteen hundred the music was elevating Ananova link to the soul all were having some difficulties with our lives when we transfer from my laptop to their laptop this one doing a dual system we has some errors so please just bear with us hopefully anything else to work fine Renaissance means rebirth and there were many changes in the way that music was created composers concern themselves with three areas of music sacred secular and instrumental now let's listen to a Renaissance piece that was considered sacred in its day in oh say greater now focusing felt listless into a secular version back in the Renaissance and a heresy out of the second MP GNU C music you understand was largely a privilege music was really a receiver largely for the privileged and the wealthy all link but a common revere this kind of music if they went to church the church put a lot of money into creating beautiful pieces of music to explain that walking into a beautiful Gothic cathedral and you heard that and then much different than walking into a chapel today are our business center that supposed to be a church everybody's rocking out with smoke and lights and all the status of going on I know that happens right in these areas as well interesting that the music was all similar in nature and a shared smooth and gentle rhythms melodies with balanced phrases now the music of America was largely built upon early America was built upon European music why would that be it was the hairpins that found in America they were looking for what religious freedom right and so it was they were seeking listen to be wrong iron fist and have been in the worst of the way that they wanted to worsen so when the Europeans came over the only Americans here when the American Indians are natives the aboriginals different countries different things that the reason we've been natives before that everybody lived very much in Europe and elsewhere music was really gone all when we found in America we brought down with us now I'm going very quickly through music just like I said we normally spend three hours on it was in the early eighteen hundreds in America that a blight on our history came into being in the eighteen hundreds of being awake hang on hang on to try this area in the eighteen hundreds in America there were slaves that were brought from Africa who were sold to white merchants in North America they also brought with them from Africa the ritualistic religious practices known as voodoo now interestingly enough it wasn't noticed to do in the motherland that's what we claimed initially and now strangely enough they call it at themselves but the reality is the Africans when they were sold to white America brought along with them the ritualistic religious practices known as voodoo heavily wrapped around tribal drums in his ancestral worship it was all kinds of things that go on in fact to this day it still happens in certain parts of Africa common knowledge I was nearly in Sweden speaking given this presentation the be conference president of a certain part of Aphrodite was from Kenya he came up to babies at all Chris is not this fall beautiful guy he said all patient thank you so much that is what is is you must come to Africa Yuma I like people they don't believe they don't understand it was so amazing was an amazing moment is working on getting this little life over now to talk about African music that's craziness any but really the reality is on the six foot to beautiful black man trapped little white man's body not tell you right now that any anyway understanding that we are going to talk about African tribal music in the influence on America because this is the American musical history we are not however trying to say that this ritual tribal drumming was only exclusive Africa that is not true you can go to any society around the world and the natives or the aboriginals they all have the same thing in common so it wasn't the bee native Americans the Indians that influenced popular culture in America it was this what this African influence if it had been the Chinese influence of the Russian influence and now I've done in the seminar we play all these clips and you like wow I never knew that it's in every corner of the planet so please don't put any words of my mouth I'm not here to pick on my African brothers and sisters can you say amen amen this is just history this is the reality and if you're not sure about it though study it out it is the reality John H Steele in his book the world of the unexplained he is a professional and going and researching and knowing how different cultures and even expert and one of him being the African culture he says this the follower of voodoo seeks to incorporate a law or a lesser God I was so high arriving and leaving through advanced while drums bang out complex rhythms when just the right rhythm is found for individual law the dancer takes it up in the love interest is sold this is what we would call in proper terms demon possession and there is no such thing as a lesser God my friends and there is one the wrestler creator knees now some creating means the Angels do have certain kinds of powers and their able to do these kinds of things obviously know this is true because biblically the demons were even able to jump into some pay to follow anything they can possess people and animals this is not an unequivocal staff enough of this guy 's a person is not what he understands what's happening in the world of the unexplained Doctor Richardson by the way don't always find three elements in pagan rituals and pagan rites you will always find sex mind altering drugs and hypnotic music is chosen slogan for the rock 'n roll industry sex drugs and rock 'n roll is just different words Doctor Richard Hodges he says that the drummers often shuffled their feet or Slater bodies in dancelike motions to assist men and maintaining contact with the main be especially when the rhythm is is syncopated and this is a word that a lot of people don't understand and I'm not here to tell you that syncopation is of the devil and syncopation is not how the devil there are some people is big on music and they don't understand that sanctification is okay in little doses is like a meal colitis totally bland unseasoned foods anybody here all of would like to have at least probably some of the lists all all right on and I like different flavors I love you I love different herbs and spices in the fresher the better I just went to the store for my wife has been laid up in there and she said please get in basal I said okay great I came back with basil and she wanted basal so I said honey I'll be making some pesto is some fresh pesto but here's remaining when we talk about syncopation think of it like you would a meal to all overseas and on the old one is in due to the mail every Wednesday I give her doctors said Aaron O'Neill you can't shake it off the site and right if it ruins the meal syncopation is like seasoning the music if you overthink a payday to the neurology and the biology displeasing that make sense so a little bit here are little bit there to add interest or energy that's okay what they have found recently and I didn't know the only record of the seminar couple years that I didn't realize was louder able to ascertain that within thirty seconds to one minute of syncopation the brain can go into how so it can't be the whole song it can't be the whole playlist handle hole I thought amen this is the reality of especially when the rhythm is syncopated and I wish I had time to get into that we don't we have to move on by the way there's a lot of music majors in the area may have come up to me and had great conversations with me and you can ask them to explain to the patient to in fact some of my favorite classical pieces have sex of the syncopation to it it is amazing and awesome and interesting Janik have been wrong to begin any has features that doesn't drive brain into a name like a short circuit or a hypnotic state living on during these rituals that still plague take place in the Congo in your Overland the intricate layers of the multiple rhythmic drumming are considered primary source of local power that the key phrase the multiple rhythmic drumming is called Paula Farnese listen to music today many different sounds happening at one time and so in the rhythm track of a song if there's all these different layers happening which by the way in the Congo new rubble and in way back when before in Africa it took all holds strive to create this rhythmic section well over times and if you look at your history explains a little more as well and when you look at New Orleans something was invented in New Orleans in the ADHD in the eighteen hundreds it was called the contraptions that in this contraption set had what was called around and his player because what they were trying to do was to put this ritualistic African worship service into a Western form of presentation because it is used to a band with Senator player but now when all the dancers are the drummers in the van and everything to be involved it was very strange for all this this port town of New Orleans people from all over the world were coming there so they put the blessing of the Catholic Church they started to alter this and hope that the worst of service was now presented in a Western form of presentation multiple players complain eventually this contraption set was built we know it now as the tracks that and we just shortened it and now one player with four limbs and do what it took for five or six people to do before is not the same complex rhythms so this is written next structure was really gave birth to the moon in the American the American sound and early rock 'n roll before that jazz and ragtime and all that had all the elements and an ragtime and jazz said this newfound rock 'n roll era this makes sense this is the reality is it's just the reality so the multiple rhythmic drumming are considered the primary source of coal power so now we're in a listened to a couple of samples of the new music the reality is both that one right there Basel flava listen to the multiple layers all the different layers figure on the layers listen to this one this is actual data will come back to this is a little bit more modern version all the add-on iTunes focal element added all the different multiple layers of drumming are considered to be the source of occult power you can play these certain rhythms certain rhythms called certain evenings now I'm not here to say please understand me I'm not here saying that if an unknowing person happens to play a rhythm that is based on African rhythm that the demons of that jump into their soul I believe him talking our ignorance protects us an awful lot okay I'm not sitting here saying that there is some that will and I just think that's stretching things and I rather not stretch it and just be my JB Amon EB name and so the whole point is to become hypnotized out or not thinking about it what is responding to the music were doing whatever interesting to see all the numbers on the status of happening in all the clubs it's just real tribal is listening to tribal music it appeals to a depth to the autonomic system appeals to the limbic system interview appeals also to work almost to take over before you know it can't help at hand is going well that's what happened in France that's actually what happened I quote after quote after quote the people all the way from Beyoncé the Michael Jackson feeling a layoff that they did the greatest stars everything at the planet and to say something about the music it just takes me over and I lose control and I'm even know what I'm doing on stage anymore true I've been there done it myself frankly I'll be really frank with you African music to me is a huge stumbling block because I really like installing I think it's some of the coolest rhythmic stuff going on the planet and it's a stumbling block for me I really dig it and so I have to really stay away from it here when saying and lastly wanted to is a bring it into God 's house the whole point in these worship services is to get into trance and become possessed by demons in the eighteen forties a lot of skip past this making forties a lot of Africans and started turning to Christ now I don't say that black people because there are different black people from all different corners of the planet it was specifically the Africans in America so don't be offended because were only talking about the Africans yes I know they're beautiful black people all around the planet but when talking about American musical history okay so a lot of African started turning to Christ and weren't allowed to have their own churches some turned away from drums completely others unfortunately incorporated them into the new faith they would sing the same hands these new converts as Caucasians but was shouting and beating out counter rhythms on tambourines gourds and long eventually this brought about we know now today as the holy flesh movement interestingly enough congregate still sought for possession but now it was called the Holy Ghost true history and so in pagan worship styles we will see people flipping around on the ground speaking in unknown languages we call it in the churches we see people slain in the spirit in the church is friends this is somehow something new as soon as dinner all around a lot and was never found and God 's church from ancient times that's what was going on in the heathen lands around friends asked what was going on in these fallen Babylonian and devilish systems of worship basically what we could say was this was baptized paganism he was baptized paganism now I don't believe it is new converts were trying to bring on demon possession and they were trying to bring this into the church it's just what they knew this is how they were simple but now they're not calling for this evening they wanted to be possessed by other spirits the Holy Spirit they called the Holy Ghost but they were using a faulty and countless methodology to understand later on in our history we get introduced to this guy Alister Crowley like they were making huge leaves here normally would take to three hours to get right up to this guy 's name Alastair Crowley why would talking about him well he promised that if you practice is Satanism in his witchcraft he could become a professional music one of the things he thought found that he found the religious philosophy of the Lima he wrote the book of the law and in the book of the law he states this do what thou wilt this shall be the whole of the law so the whole law in Satanism is to do if you wanted to echelon the majority of Nassau now how does that compare to what God teaches us it flies in the face of God as God does not year will but my you see Satan Satanism at its core is egocentric me I what I want to do that's the truth that's the law as it is not about you it's about me why he can handle that worship weekly I am not God he desired to use as a direct quote he desired to use music to bring on the new age dawning of the age of Aquarius all these things as he starts to study it out it was a methodical plan steal the soul out of a newfound country was looking for religious freedom incredible he also said this he desired to as an army of youth to indoctrinate with you what thou wilt God wants to indoctrinate it will and army of youth with don't do it you wanted to do what I want to do through you and I see the devil has the same class it is wants to take over so his philosophy spread like wildfire and through music and eventually other media outlets this entire do what thou wilt philosophy began to blossom in fact what happened was in the early eighties of the thirties and forties even the twenties this difference syncopation was starting to add and it was quite a division between what was called in the day black music and white music by the time that we hit the forties it started to becoming a synthesis of the two about time we hit fifties all of a sudden we had a joining of the two and a brand-new sound was developed which we call today rock 'n roll Bill Haley and the comets these guys hit the streets and what's interesting is everything a come together now and this what was crazy and what was new in what was totally different was that you had a a white band using African derived and African derived art form to create this new sound and the United States and the world went alters for its it was something to be her what's interesting now as they had different elements in the database course instead of it being a patient from a heavy based on letting standup bass they still had a base in the case in the tracks that and they added to things like cars and added even a rhythm guitar the guitar now became a rhythm isn't it I think they may think the main thing was just another polyrhythmic element now in the music remember when you have all the different layers of multiple drumming and the different layers interacting rhythmically with one another it can become the source of occult power we read that earlier it becomes yet demonic as well so you might have recognized in nineteen fifty fourteen know your history they began to write a hit song and as I said as a all-white band using black derived forms this is not my quote lack derived forms this is how they just called it and they venture into rock 'n roll you might recognize the music I want you to listen to how rhythmic this particular song is even the way that the guy is singing the lyrics and great being in the song is written but it was a new sound at all people of all is him and him and him and everything driven roller different instruments you see it starts out one enough but the devil never ever loses their density he always keeps adding more and more poison in the fifties the sixties when music had really become altogether different than what God intended the drug scene began to be like never before rebellion and full of disregard for any sort of authority was in full well I must live anywhere around that you know exactly what I'm talking about it was the free love movement and also set the job in the war what was amazing every time there was a piece demonstration injured in riots why because they would play crazy psychedelic music after riots it within you the listeners with the anger and the raised in the music of the Asian reflected that and as they play these other different demonstrations people weren't dealing with the satanic spirit and they would trash buildings and set off I looked over cars and each other off why well when you listen to that kind of stuff you change into that kind of stuff and then as what how it works so now unfortunately we ventured into openly glorifying the devil now in our music before it was always kind of a hidden element but then as time progressed we started becoming over with our satanic elements in there do what thou wilt was in school blossom to do what thou wilt philosophy we'll decide what goes on we'll decide what we do we'll decide what we know we'll decide what we listen to real decide how we dress how we talk how we act where we go and do philosophy and do what thou wilt became doing your own thing the same Satanic philosophy written in the Satanic Bible becomes the mantra of generation and has never stopped and it just gets changed over the decades what is it now by the way what you know there is a saying among young people your hip right what all your heart and only come on why those that are rare you know you want it as a philosophy in other words the only live once you better do whatever you wanted them as a philosophy to let out well the other thing is real popular the church by the way as don't judge me mean huge bill you exaggerate my trip is my trip in your trip deserves through that by the way is as sinister thought process when you get into that little bit if we had time so what's interesting as I alluded to yesterday is that while in some groups their Satanic messaging was very hidden on the roof like the Rolling Stones bears and was not real hard to figure out when you release an album with the title song call sympathy for the devil I think we know what is individualized by a folly tracking with me but here's something that I want you to you probably have never if you know the song unfortunately I is the love the stones are useless and is one of my favorite songs the songs start out with she or he and here I thought it was some of the coolest cutting edge music ever know it was some of the oldest music on the planet with a very old serpent playing but I want you to listen and watch the lyrical content because friends there is an example at work now I mentioned to you the devil many times will serve up to latter right now that the reality is the same record label certain of the Beatles as the Rolling Stones and so the Christians or the more prim and proper of the more upright Americans or Europeans would not listen to the Satanic Rolling Stones I just listened to the Beatles because after all they had student size and they embraced us reform right now what the lyrics and listen to them this can be hard for me okay here we go to try this in the negative I need help to house eleven twelve what's that such an sorry he did you guess the lyrics and I'm sorry this dual system is driving me nuts listen I round one Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pay main line sewer that pilot lost his hand and seal his phase and I use the lessons of this song as a worldly person I had no idea what this was talking about exactly sounding tool I need to know how to recognize enough may have been visited to drive however the communist North lyrics anyway give me as a plan behind that sometimes all we know is the chorus yeah yeah whatever it is but there's so much can't listen listen don't miss this there's so much lyrical content the subconscious mind does discern and fill all of this talking about make sure that I do not please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth saying been around a long long time so many man's soul in phase all the best of those in zero nine even if the conscious mind is not nearing especially when the conscious mind has been housing were short-circuited but into helpful this player is the devil understand and thought people don't and I want to warn warn more wake up felt searching here's what he says six century BC okay so not worth Christians burnt all is not really sharing anything new with you for changing people 's manners and customs there's nothing better than music nothing a on the bad ever heard of this guy results have well and found that they need his eyes he thinks of Crowley 's source and he established his the official Church of Satan and interestingly enough Nancy wrote the Satanic Bible there's the Bible right there by the way is called the pillow cloth and that is upside down pentagram and visiting goats had which is symbolic of that goal there will go they're not trying to hide their trout to be seeking his Satanists are the absolute absence of Christians it's all about self and every desire that you have must be met in fact he says that are not the still and assess the session or not he says that inside man there is a least that needs to be exercised not excellent law that's the philosophy of Satanism and friends with Christians even in the satnav is sure are embracing these Satanic philosophies go I'll do what I wanted to don't judge me friends we have to be careful when we become Christians certain things are off the table and at the wildlife that okay you don't have to be a Christian but let's not confuse what it means to be a Christian living like a sellout and because friends the ones who are sold out for God nobody questions whether or not the Lord is leading them on fire for God right and if you're sold out for the devil you think of the Marilyn Manson 's of the world and is sold out for the devil will what whether or not he sold out without they go bad guys forgot and that is evident it is being in the fleeing the area that we as Christians in China want to live like the venerable casino after only a much better parties a lot longer games a lot on her music as we want to be like the devil when we call ourselves Christians God looking for people that will say enough Lord you and you say right the Satanic Bible and of course Crowley is do what thou will is not whole of the law is that certain things official philosophy and doctrine the base is to get into a place where they forget their logic and just do what they want to do just do it now will you see the whole idea is to turn us into nonthinking people and God says no lettuce and reason together let this mind be new which was also in Christ Jesus amen I will renew your mind I will give you a new heart and I will renew your mind and on top if you don't really want if you just want to feel like you're filling a database anyone engaging in is after all the managers shall all this is very interesting I second the low frequencies this is a this was an article written by a reporter named Jason Sneed he wrote about the huge DJ and club scene and just how it is skyrocketing like never before here's what he writes in his article DJ Lauren a.k.a. base nectar rep as always as a success playing amazing sets the past floors throughout North America and beyond based vectors this shows how the future primitive feel all all out rebel really resulting from but I will see of audience involvement that is quite a loaded sentence and middle does he know just how accurate it is but here's what I want to do I want to play a clip for you and this particular clip is one that we heard earlier so the first but that we're going to listen to is updated with and I believe this'll probably started for you and this might even amaze you so here's the clip we heard this earlier care of voodoo okay so now I'd like to play a piece from base nectar and now they sound fully different yes and now it is more the reality is for this exact same thing it's just a little bit more base load of more modern clean her know it was going on in their but here's alliterative I want to start playing that piece again from base nectar and when I slowly I overlaid that bootstrap and he quickly not the sort of trying to mislead it perfectly lines up with the video him and him to absolutely human and time and thought I was playing a lot of the Lord how I illustrate that this indeed is the same music just a modern spin on it and as I was listening to that Holy Spirit in my closet president at the same news as well I know that what is a no access to music and I went my listen to it I went home and I put it in my first software program called ProTools the report outlines on and I put backtracking I grab this one elegant and Emily and I hit play and I went on anything Leon meows like all passive smoking and in the nineteen eighties our music became far more explicit in its sexual content and do what thou wilt that you can do your own thing it became smooth and that live the same philosophy friend just a different mantra in the nineties the music became even more explicit and and and labels have to start being added in the eighties and nineties that said it was a conflict for the first time and her in the history of music and the two thousands brought us amazing different things in our life people like a Marilyn Manson that you would've never had the promoted like they were ever put like they are today and here's something a Maryland resident Marilyn Manson is a rocker out of an alternative kind of rocker and use any satanic is actually an ordained minister of Satan a high priest of Satan literally it was an honorary degree getting to him I don't know what that means except that so then upon him because he's a great disciple for the devil but he says this I don't anyone has really understood what we're trying to do lower people in and once we got him we can give him our message is a friend these are well funded public and that Phyllis is that our young people pay to go to their evangelism outreach efforts we do and are afraid to get dirty people selling out right they are people under the bus until eighty thousand seat auditorium to be indoctrinated reading on here's another quote that he had in spin magazine in nineteen ninety six he says hopefully I'll be remembered as the person who brought them into Christianity is another quote he says this was after the Columbine shootings Gaza was strong evidence that the two young men that think of those arms that they were Jack on his music acting out some of the lyrical content is what he says if somebody feels themselves because of our music and that's one less stupid person in the world he says raise your kids better or I'll be raising them for you you see friend if you have this perception that the people in the music industry that just making music while area musician on the planet have an agenda including me I have a righteous agenda by Cosgrave they met I want to lead souls to Christ when I write a song I wanted not to be about me I don't want to be about what I can doubt I wanted to be about a story a lyrical line that reads all of the beautiful music that Christ I have an agenda you found me out but let me that the resident musicians in the world don't have an agenda that's just like put your head in the sand their well-funded far better funded that God 's church no one has a problem yes he owns the cattle on thousand hills meanwhile wife's as something akin to this yes the Lord owns the cattle on thousand hills the problem is a lot of the catalyst in the pockets of his people God blessed us with talents and means with your doctor whether you're a garbage man with your teacher what I mean application you may have given your talents to impress the world with this operational truth of his son Jesus Christ and to put your money into his work to growing yet again you just so you can have another house of third or fourth car and a vacation home in the vacations every year all were so distracted now that we've forgotten that we are just pilgrims here and we're going to go to a better way to see what the devil is trying to do is to stop this in here as he wants us to be here gay in our trespasses is this any of this making sense the Bible tells us to prove all things hold fast that which is good abstain from every form of evil friends I believe that combining combining Jesus lyrics was Satanic music that is at least a form of the admin is blasphemy but at least a form of evil now what kind of new glorifies God I'm glad you asked praise the Lord you can hand out these cards brothers some of you have these little cards if you do me a favor just give it to one per coupler per family I didn't realize would have so many here and so I didn't bring enough supplies this is a little baby is a card and his gun I have more than we can cover in the next few minutes together this part of the section of the seminar should take two and a half hours with them do it in forty five minutes hopefully what kind of music glorifies God era phase five basic criteria that a song must pass before we allow it into art years we call this our music just how convenient we prayed about this Lord how can we create an acronym that makes sense of horror music test and we came up with by the Holy Spirit on music acronym awesome the Lord and stands for meaningful by the way if you don't get one of these free cards just contact our ministry go to separate call .com will send you as many as you want for free will even pay the shipping and see we want you to have little tools in your hand put this in your pocket put it in your purse if your guy put it in your verse whatever it needs were met vis-à-vis but if there are verses today is awesome to me I don't use one act is awesome it's weird to me but put it in your wallet taken on the deck in your car your radio in the car put it where ever you can put it in a when you look in the mirror you'll see a list drive in the careful with our music choices a man number one or rather in and stands for meaningful not trip the owner comes meaningful music and Santora meaningful not trivial use status for worldly SUV untainted not worldly at stands for spiritual not carnal eyes inspirational not degrading and see clear not confused or disguise this make sense right excellent so let's move on meaningful not trivial let's talk about that for the moment I'm not sure what to get through all of this is our time is ticking away and I must and at six thirty I am told to write again so meaningful nontrivial step motor former head of Word records he was one of found a young lady named Amy grants he's also the CEO of stars song records and he's also one of the main pioneers and executives of the consistent Christian contemporary music movement including eventually the birthing of a magazine entitled the same CCM here's what Stan Moser has a statement guy that help to start this whole Christian contemporary music movements here's what he says to be candid I look at the majority of the music I hear today I think it's virtually meaningless there is a growing chasm between CCN and the church between what is actually happening in the real world of ministry or even in the music ministry of the church and what we're doing in CCN that was an awesome statement divine because the reality is adopted via the blood of all of it at the foot of this and he say it's not even music ministry anymore were so disconnected is become a business on AJ not worldly this talk about this in not understanding in the full seminar we listen to examples of something that would be meaningless versus something that would be meaningful and we listen to different sampling I don't know we have probably have a couple hundred different samples mobile seminar and so I still have time to play all of these will play a couple but not many today in their efforts to reach the Lord speak to reach the people the Lords messengers are not to follow the ways of the world you don't play worldly music to bring the world into the church you have to play beautiful spiritual uplifting music give them an alternative with what there are reading each June otherwise why do they want to join with us time magazine may write this at CCM performers are indistinguishable except for their lyrics from their secular counterparts should we be distinguished by enemies are lyrical content ES should we just be distinguished by our music yes absolutely spiritual not carnal man this is just so I feel like and doing a big disservice to because most of us are probably struggling with the contemporary Christian music not so much well while real people really struggling with the second music and so I almost feel like I'm doing a great disservice is frankly each one of these we spent a lot of time on we listened to some of the samples and Lord just please blessing then all right spiritual not carnal and headache on Paulo that was supposed to be a photo there but apparently valid entrance of transfer over he was writing about what was called the creation fast accuracy musical festival will go on for many many days he kind of like Woodstock back in the day and bands from around the country the world and the country would come to this festival and here's what this guy wrote being in the back room with many of his famous groups of Christian groups before they go on stage is absolutely frightening the ego trips they are on and the language they use to hear their hate for others and when Showtime comes however they go out on stage with an altogether and Jesus Christ and the love that we sure blah blah what's happening in the Christian world musically is these different Christian musicians have found a niche and it can be profitable and unfortunately that using a faulty methodology using secular sounding music and secular ways to create music putting Jesus lyrics on it sometimes some of the V lyrical content Kristen songs are so failed we can even understand what they're talking about and the music they themselves are creating is converting them and so they are talking like foul sailors and they do have hate for each other because the body language of the music has that invoice and when you play it and you created and you do it over and over and over again shall I say it even if you assume more you not to solicitor your now creator of the anger that makes sense inspirational not degrading you not rudderless go to the next let's go to the next slide here to see where it's at okay audio adrenaline inducing top this was in the Christian conscience magazine and this was an article talking about it and they said it has an extremely loud and incessant heavy base to be was the predominant trademark purple bands for the entire evening we're having some technical difficulty area the musicians of audio adrenaline stir up the crowd as they thrashed their heads around and bouncing around the stage in their hard rock music there was virtually no self-control near the stage the crowd was high on the loud music as you travel around this country and around the world and have had your eyes open like-minded and open their argues camps all over the place that have this exact same testimony I was shipped out to the almost takedowns of a conference on even blacklisted in one of our conferences because I talked on this subject and you say they had a full on crazy rock 'n roll is raising going on in the scene in the UK and their ten they had a poster that happens rock group that was even an activist rock group it was a Christian rock group and on it was his oldest dripping off the lot and all the guys that enabled and have a crazy rock concert and the fact that I was in my tent with the little ones teaching them about different things about godly principles of music that guy came after me and try to get me kicked out of the ten day camp and free where I go my eyes and and sometimes what happens is in the adult ten they have beautiful music and do have acceptable music and they has great messages but in the youth attendees the devil is stealing the souls of young people I know that's not popular to say the friends I did not start a ministry to be popular no because if you want to be popular you can't talk like this I don't care I'm not impressed or even worried about earthen powers amen and none of us simply as long as were telling the straight truth unabashedly it's not cocky of me not trying to be a jerk the reality is there's a truth out here we need to share it only need not be ashamed of the gospel we need more people out singing and preaching and teaching a man clear not confused or the skies this is very interesting to me because in this particular last segment on the go to one of my other slide presentations here need yes even there don't touch it in the back audio guys by the way you been doing a great job thank you I need to play one clip for you because I think it'll drive home the point I'm trying to make and I know the devil doesn't want me to play this but by God 's grace too bad it is here okay good so what to move on it is you want to make sure it was here now to talk about clear not disguise looks like were to be on time with everything clear not disguise CCM magazine editor John Staub complained that some Christian songs today are so bailed in terms of their spiritual content that their meaning is lost to all but the most enhancing activity so I have a question for you if


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