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Yes, Lord

Sebastien Braxton


It is often true that a person's resistance to complete surrender to God is due to his fear that he will suffer harm, loss, and pain as a result of His leading and providence. But Jeremiah paints a different picture of God. A God who is a potter with gentle hands. Earnestly desiring to reshape our lives into a beautiful vessel for His use, regardless of the shame and mistakes of our past.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 5, 2012
    7:00 PM
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father in heaven we just want to say thank you Lord for life for the gift of your grace and footage of every blessing that you have shat upon lines we know father that you will not be satisfied until we are meeting your image and so we pray that this sermon would help us in our journey home we pray that it would ensure up to us pray that he would bless us that it will lift us that would help us to love Jesus with all our hearts this is our prayer and we trust your help is to be our experience that we ask in Jesus name amen did you bring your Bibles yes okay which ends down thank you 's or anyone who has never brought the Bible continue these meetings is here and you've never brought survival you should be ashamed okay can put your hands down we don't want people identify you to quickly so ominous specifically pray for those hands that just went up that somehow the Lord would give you a Bible to bring so that you can follow along with us for those of you have brought your Bibles I hope and pray that it is been a blessing and entertaining insights and understanding and appreciation for the part with money coming from the book of Jeremiah in the eighteenth chapter Jeremiah in the eighteenth chapter if you can't follow Psalms in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes and so was Solomon Eliseo and then you'll eventually arrive at Jeremiah and were to be coming from the eighteenth chapter when you're there you can save men do not think that they have mercy okay we just set up procedures for Jeremiah eighteen beginning in verse one are you there the Bible says in verse one the word which came to Jeremiah from the Lord saying arise and go down to the potter 's house and there I will cause you to hear my words then I went down to the potter 's house and there is he was making something at the wheel so God comes the Jeremiah who was a prophet of God and he says Jeremiah alleging to get up and I want you to go down to the potter 's house now apparently the pattern does not have a name we don't know his name you'll know his birth we don't know if it's male or female all they know is his or her tree and all we know that apparently there must only be one partner in town because of these has go down to the potter 's house though the definite article sorry if the target English but you have a indefinite article if I said go down to a potter 's house Jeremiah could choose which one but because the Bible says the potter 's house the assumption is in the Talmud Jeremiah grew up there was only one father and interestingly enough most of the items made in use in those days were made of clay which means they were made by a partner and he tells his prostate well to the potter 's house and there I will cause you teach your my words God leads people places to hear him he sometimes directs them to the PlayStation are his words rather than speaking to them directly you know many things I want to talk about tonight I just told you in a dream we do not just giving your vision and said here is a message for you but spoken to you and your dog is spoken to you this morning it is spoken to you while you are walking to class God doesn't have to reserve but each losing to say I'm a direct source that's where to go so that you can hear what I have to say and indeed many of you are here tonight because God says I want to go there so that you can hear my words and this is what he tells a profitable when God speaks by he gives the word of God Jeremiah but not always directed a prophet to say in order to hear that this message you have to go to a particular police and so he says go down to the potter 's house and there I will cause you to hear my words you know just because you are here listening doesn't mean you here go that many of you that say I'm just listening to this tall skinny black guy talk about things in the Bible and for you this is just the speech this is about oratory skills this is about how well does this guy keep my attention how do we connect with him as a speaker this is not about the messenger this is about hearing the words of God and you should keep anyone who stands up at a poultry accountable to that when Paul was dying he Shaw a young disciple all Scripture is given by inspiration of God that means it is gone green the very life of God is in his words and it is profitable for doctrine over proof for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be truly furnished on to every good work therefore I charge you before God and Jesus Christ because the Bible is gone we preach the word committee be instance in season and out of season so God tells Jeremiah go down there you will year 's should be listening for God in verse three the Bible says that Jeremiah got healed they and he says then I went down to the potter 's house but you know God didn't promise that the plotter would be home so I is walking down the road any he can see the potter 's house in the distance the Bible suggests that there am I is coming he's not there yet but as he's coming down he can see that they are he wants I love how the new King James version puts it that he was upon he was home and you expect that the platters only what is he doing probably making a mess and sure enough as Jeremiah 's coming says the Potter is in his house the pottery school and not only that he says making something at the wheel you Jeremiah says something cozy not sure if the plate is as a cop is it some sort of reason to use the draw water from a well he can't really tell at this stage but all he knows is the potter is active doing what he supposed to be doing is in this house and Jeremiah can see into the window as is Potter 's economy holding this click is makings he's acting he's sleeping and so he says in verse four and the vessel that he made of clay was while what is the Bible say it was marvelous of our marketing so Katie can speak be wrong and strong tarnished Nassau I heard something else start yes all of these qualities are definitely in that same ballpark the essential definition of Marty's is ruling so whenever you read a page on some profit that is as the image of God was marred in man that means you think it was ruling when something is wrong when it was in a good state just like you know I had I have a younger brother many younger brothers and when I was younger and about high school just about your age my younger brother was in middle school and I had a job so I could buy my own clothes and my dad believed in school shopping takes place at Walmart and saw my command this is tragic and shocking seventy yup to get beat down in high school every day to take me out to Walmart you know faded glory jeans flannel shirts might day he's like fifty dollars is all you get fifty dollars on my card one pence one service on getting so I got my own job back in my day there was no different popular clothing and shoes in one of these of his popular your word these Air Jordan 's baby blue Air Jordan thirteen and a half the little blue strike a little job as a symbol so I got them in the back then they were a hundred and sixty five dollars which is very expensive nowadays I see Jordan 's been like four hundred dollars this is absurd shoes that are causing the levitating travel to space for developers and so I had these shoes are so I just be very very obsessive over my students my Jordanians my had Air Force ones I had some other Nikes hats and tins I would clean my shoes every day and when I put them in the closet at specific shelves and I will put a sheet over them so no dust would get on my shoes and always check on when I came home it was like having to and so every day when I would go to school my brother was a sap cannot please wear your Jordan 's unlike the web lost your mind going to have a job if something happens to my shoes what can you do a work it off doing what you have no job your thirteen design please may I just need to wear your shoes right I'm like no no no then one day I don't know what came over me I decided to say yes and I said okay Royce you can wear my Jordans today and of course as I drive to school I begin to realize that going to be a rainy day in Atlanta and him home I'm if I was a Christian I would predict but I wasn't a Christian site is hoped well I just hope his brother does not miss my shoes up so I bowed all okay I go to work and I call a sure enough as I get home unlike the first you sound wear my shoes and you even have the mount nothing you know you could tell that when people answer your questions directly payment on your brother met how is your day where are my shoes were usually put them so the audience of them and put them in the closet under the sheet on Mike for sharing itself it rocks so I rushed to the closet I uncovered this year and I pull out my baby blue hundred and sixty five dollars shoes and right there on the side of some girl 's name and pink marker my Jordans were ruling I said bro is how in the world if you let a girl sign my students no matter what happened was we were in class and just know he lives he still lives today like Jesus that lives I accounted that God was able to raise him up I won't tell you the rest of the story but I wasn't a Christian so that I fight even though it we share a room together you're not going anywhere but nevertheless the point remains is that the shoes were rolling cutting get it off and of course yet he's pink permanent marker who has a pink permanent marker all mercy that is probably what you'd assign my students these were rulings but I say this is a more communal life story but when Jeremiah is watching as he says this vessel the I think you learn use at any having a use for this particular battle he says nothing is rolling out I can use it to be up late anymore can use it to be a cop I can use it to be a bowl to notice what the Bible says it says that it was marred in the hand of the pond that means he's holding these fill in involved with this piece of clay and the Bible says so he made it what was the next word again that means the potter says I'm not tired of this great we don't know how many times you try to mold display how many times he became ruling I was talking to an actual plotter just to get a sense of like okay I want to make sure you know might my sermon is accurate to the actual tree upon the fourth reach these companies can I have some ideas and she told me she said yes what happened this is a sometimes when you're on the potter 's wheel and your moldings he says it's it's kind of crazy it's like the clay gets a mind of its own no no no I want to go vertical and in thing to start going horizontal no-no no-no I want to go vertically says no I'm going to go horizontal as you like it's got a freaky vision like this thing alive but she says it's true that sometimes you'll come in and your you are trying to make a plate or you try to make a bowl or cup in the clay takes a mind of its own it says this is what I want to be so she says how the potter it is critical that you have gentle hands you don't want to break the clay you don't want to destroy the clay of the claim starts going a different direction and it becomes ruling in your hands he says you just go and you keep China make something else and you see what comes out of Jesus spirit working on think not to experience in this plot it was no different to the way the class how many get some client is to collaborate because him and I make it again another vessel something different from my original intention seems good to the potter to make so we keep going in the Bible he says in verse five that he then then the word of the Lord came to me saying all house of Israel are those the people of God are those not the people of God I'm inside community anybody on the side of case aware that Regents the house of Israel are the people of God they're not atheists they're not agnostics do not pantheist or not polytheists they're not paying in they are believers in the God of the Bible and he says all the house of Israel Chad I'm not dual with you at this point says the Lord look at the clay is in the potter 's hand so are you what is mine and all house of Israel so now that breaks down it says let me explain the parable to you this is about a potter and making flight is not what this is about the says this is about mountainous people and the ones you can start from the beginning of the experience is a Jeremiah brought down to the potter 's house but it gone is the platter and wisdom of going down to lose all that counts and he says that he will hear my words soon as he downtowns about how God 's house God is in his house you cannot something your brothers and sisters that many people when a woman had the usual blog that we're talking Jesus many people were talking so when he turned around and said Botox me at once and let the crowd Thomas into his blinding you you're asking who taught you and Jesus is not someone touched me and once confuse why because Jesus can tell the difference between casual touch and the touch of the many of you that come into these meetings casual touch chapel wasn't anything special the prayer was anything special but there's one person came with an issue and because they come with faith that this meeting can save my life they only changed you go back to the dorm to say casual touch can tell the difference of the people when they come down to the potter 's vessel in this place is and when you're in the potter 's house you expect it to be a lot of clay and when you go down the plot is not just in his house the Bible says was making some he was making he was working a work on you you see we may expect to come to the potter 's house to see all the vessels completed but that's not little pondered the Potters always taking fresh clay fresh material and making new vessels so we may be tempted to come in here to say while you know this if there is brother has been here for three years he or she should be at this place just like the Potter is working he's making something in the life of every single young person in this room he is molding you and most people need to recognize that when you as an individual struggling with an issue using into an individual having clearly a spiritual battle we need to back up a little bit and recognize some people are under construction just see the orange caution signs there is a detour just go around in our searches would be much better for that kind of thing when you look at them you say that person is not finished that's okay the partner is making some see each of you the reason why such a privilege and an honor to do a week of prayer at the Academy is because you are in a state and in the time in your life were going to be moving deeply moved he is making something you have no idea what going strong to make you for but you know sometimes the clay Walmart is working it becomes becomes you know what out of any came from the creators completely in his and she tells us that when Adam and Eve sinned in a test the Angels stop playing their hearts she says all of heaven which each inch were going to meet and now become but yet the Bible says even though it was ruling it was still by tell you something right now you may be ruling you may think you have crossed the line you may think your committee unpardonable sin of many fingers starting decisions that you maintain your past that is that have now disqualified for greater service for God in the future is that you know I love to be more involved in ministry in a special things but I made some bad decisions in my class listen to me I've met and counseled many young people that involved sexual abuse in their mind on ruling many a young man many a young girl sold her virginity for a moment of lust and your rational rash decision the parents send them off to some spiritual school because I like AR daughter needs a lot of help she just gave up her virginity at fifteen listen to me I know the statistics in America the average age of losing your virginity is thirty most people are exposed to oral sex by fifty eight percent of people who graduate high school Marty done it sexuality is a problem among people your age that's just a reality Christian and non-Christian and we've made some decisions that when I met him ruling telling you people think like this the devil gives us caught up sitting there alone with some young men some younger well Marty come this far I might as well as alive from the pits of hell you'll get a conscience the Holy Spirit nightmare just because look on this blog doesn't mean you can go back well you are so willing to no longer argue in golf pants the Bible says it was willing yes but it's in my hands and not only is it in my head he says on the making of the amount tired of this claim on not to give up on this click on the key working it may develop a mind of its own image what it do its own thing but on the potter I have gentle not to break the click got could easily break us many of you come here which is stubborn attitudes and hardhearted missing stiff neck I don't bring my Bible not enough for no appeal not to stay after for prayer not get into my devotion started breaking she says when Jesus went to the cross he could've blinked and everyone within his facility would cease to link even the devils tremble in your title at people who are possessed by devils I love when I read in early writings have a wife that she was invasion before the presence of the father she wasn't even fully in his presidency was just approaching and she says that he got closer and closer to the presence of the father she says there was so much power emitting from his presence that he says her body started waving in the wind like a leaf she thought she was good at the showing we don't understand you can't just approach God many of us have a low consumption but based on the way that God deals with us God has gentle his goal is not to break the school makes computer why Jesus came to look at a man whose head with him Jesus could looking that had been made and I can make it again to look at a boy possessed thousands of the click feature to be on the ground forming throwing yourself in the fire to meet you would another vessel but it's not what seems good to you or God can use me for this so maybe you can use me for this know the Bible says as these good to the potter to make its according football to do with you and despite all our bad decisions in spite of our mistakes in spite of the ugliness this is why you and I we do not comprehend what Jesus has accomplished for us in spite of being in normal sins that you and I have committed God says you know what originally I had to ruling the earth but now after those who are redeemed who place their faith in Jesus because I want to make them again but this time they go to sit with me on my throne their meningitis Angels that will rule the universe ended on a dwell in the very inner sanctum of God he says that's limited to me this seems good to me so the question the question of God 's cannot not do like this by another words Jesus is asking permission cannot make you again can I make you in other words the only old of clean is to yield to the touch may be going is seeking to move your life and in my life in some way are we resisting what is the answer to Jesus 's quest cannot make you again you may think you're going you may think you've must you may think you belong to an abuse or some dysfunctional family there's no way and Jesus is saying tonight he's asking can make is to fix what is broken to fix can heal your pain I can make you useful to go I can do that but I need your permission I need to you I need you to surrender the molding and you know when the Potters finished he takes that vessel and puts it in the fire and he says when I put it in the fire I wanted to stay that way forever to put it in the fire done molding nominate hopefully meet and he calls it the hard and to be fixed for an invite my wife to come up and sing a song and I cc this song it is going to be my appeal in my appeal was very simple to not do you want to give Jesus permission to make you again do you want to say Lord tonight I want to come with all my heart on bringing everything needs my brokenness Mai broken pieces my ruling condition and I'm coming up saying yes Lord you can make me again I believe that you can redeem the outside of loss I believe you can restore what I have given up a solid episode she my answer is yes you can make you commit I will let you move I would much move every night is about in every eyes closed if you want to say your answer is yes Lord as she sings this song and you just come up during you kneel with me as we pray and say I want to say yes father in heaven you see those in your spirit has brought we are here Lord to say yes you can make this again a new vessel as seems good Lord we don't want to resist your moving we don't want to resist the gentle hands of the say yes when you can exhaust the song was just strongly common with all of our hearts we want to love you Lord and when the live our lives each day to know you and to take all that is in us and serve you father may use you the decisions we've made that we would choose to serve Jesus with all of our hearts to you for the molding hands of God you can mold you can shape and you can make whatever you want we surrender Lord give up I cannot harvest only software as a media was brought as iPod is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to the seven audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. audio tours .org


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