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Christ in Job

Sebastien Braxton


The question of suffering is a timeless one. It shall continually be raised until Jesus comes. The book of Job while providing insight into our pain and potential causes, it also points to a greater answer given in Jesus. Job's story sheds an increasing light on the death and suffering of Jesus. And we find that Christ is in Job. In ways that inspire us bear the troubles of life a bit longer but never alone.


Sebastien Braxton is the CEO for The New Life corporation.  He is also a member of the InVerse team, a young adult bible study program on Hope Channel.  He resides in North Carolina w/ his wife Candis and their four children.   His latest project is an online course on how to study and preach the Bible.



  • September 7, 2012
    11:00 AM
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five we just want to thank you for Christian fellowship and community wanted thank you for the opportunity to give the also give you thanks Lord for what you have given in being the first to be a heart that is liberal in your most precious gifts we pray father that you speak to our hearts this morning you will guide us through the passages of Scripture and help us to arrive at truth to arrive at the feet of Jesus and and to love him more is our prayer in Jesus and Joe chapter one Joe chapter one we need to examine and obviously have mercy care jolt chapter one the school to the book of Psalms and then go back one book Joel in the first chapter when I was in college right as I was coming into my conversion to Christianity ice the BAC in an action of be like a CNN also assess with CNN and I I would watch the news for at least an hour two hours every day before with the school and forgive me for this illustration but were all adults and we promise that we will keep it real soul when it do just that but I was watching CNN they were discussing the BR expansion of the game 's epidemic throughout the continent of Africa and that they were highlighting one particular instance in which a group of men in an African village decided to write a virgin girl who was very very very young because they were told that if you sleep with the Virgin you will lose your eights and as I watched this story and I remember you know I don't cry about many things short of Christ and short of the gospel in the forgiveness of God there's very few things I can bring me to tears and passes the result of growing up with a hard life you Artie seen a lot of things at a very young age so you just become callous as you have to just learn to move on in life but this instance just got to my heart and of course on the news there highlighting this in people are talking you know look at each tragedies and of course someone comes on SSC wanting this one of this young girl this baby girl due to deserve this terrible act why is it that bad things happen to good people and so in looking at this question I I I immediately find that amongst college students amongst even high school students and even amongst the most staunch atheist then people will refuse to give their lives to God this is one of the underlying issues and questions am not proposing to you that in the next twenty eight twenty nine minutes better than it solved this eternal conundrum of many ages and centuries but I do believe that the Bible does shed light upon as many of you have known so far that when we talk about questions that you have had one of the critical things to do is that each question comes with a bag of assumptions we want to challenge the questioner in their question so that when someone says why isn't that bad things happen to good people it comes with a bag of assumptions and so I look at them as they so you're assuming that things should only and always happen to bad people right because of the things only it always happen to bad people you would be asking the question and in your question you're assuming good things should only and always happen to good people the person can't look at you like yeah I guess I kind of agree with that so now is that things should only and always happen to bad people and good things it only and always happen to good people how do you define was a good person how many sins can you commit and still be a good person then they start getting a little uncomfortable because you just said you believe that batting should only always happen to bad people at that person is a person who does what and since and how many sins that they trust to be bad how many pathologist for Adam right we discussed that in our senior Bible class through one man one choice at one moment so I looking at the book of Job I believe that we don't understand this question in these concepts as the background to the book of Job we miss what I believe God is trying to say to us through the book of Job I guess you are suffering and pain and I wish I could just do the whole week of prayer on this just because there's so much in here Genesis one Job chapter one the lessons are endless on the issue of suffering and pain in evil and solid goalkeepers very quickly this morning to a lease make one of the points that I think the author of Joe which inspiration tells us as Moses is trying to make on this issue of suffering so the first thing is in John chapter one verse one the Bible says there was a man in the land of what I is the means would it means what was the name child means of lifting to a man named afflicted from a place of wood not find that interesting I see Job is not a good Bible baby name right don't name your son afflicted I just wouldn't recommend it but someone decided to name their son you'll which is afflicted and it says in verse one the notice in these five to six attributes about guilt and medical degrees very quickly so claim number one in verse one it says whose name was Job and Batman was blameless and upright one who was feared well and shuns evil so the first thing we learn about Joe is his character is is what Richter please please don't ever forget this and the office of having a man or a woman is just what they are in their character we assess people by high my scale liability by knowledge but the first thing God is concerned about is you can person of integrity to many times APS will come to mean anything Sebastian you know I do believe in God and you guys use this designer argument that you had a pizza to a pizza showed up at your door you want to be like all look to you all into a pizza at my door and atheist author uses as well Sebastian you know you're right I wouldn't think W is the difference I can go to Julie's pizza and I think that is seasonal we make a pizza but I can talk to God 's universal factory can see where you produce the universe I can't watch a network according to you so therefore I would conclude right if a pizza ended up and there is no Louie's pizza in getting completely and use that while he may dispute so that you can go to when we use and I said look if you show me God 's universe factory I'll believe in him and I look at him I said so what you're saying is if I took you to show you God 's universe factory you will believe in God passages yes so let's back up litter so what you're saying is you have a principle of life that when you come to know something to be true you immediately apply to your life is that what you're saying yes so then do you know that smoking causes cancer yes do you want to answer no do you smoke yes it seems to me that your issue is not an issue of knowledge as you know many things that are right that are wrong that are true that are false and yet you do not apply them to your life so don't tell me if I give you in the evidence you will believe that is all is your life says I probably true that I want to follow through with you that convenient for me and so this is what character character is determined listen to me very carefully what you do with what you know reveals rhetoric you see by looking as young men and I know that he's sick Doctor and I know that I have the cure security of his disease and I don't care him walk out of Doctor Emily and my good doctor and evil Doctor if I know that you know if I start dating this girl I know that I have no feelings for her I have no interest for her and eventually the breakup is to break her heart shall be crossed and I still date her book on a person in my and my good testimony of a person because what I do with what I know reveals my character at the very heart of Gerald 's line to say that the man is blameless like one who fears God and shuns evil means Job is a Mende says when you reveal something to me as the truth I called that is the basis of life and in the judgment nor can it be lost because they didn't have access to some secret knowledge no one had any lost because they didn't do X Y and Z action allowed to climb Mount Everest to get to the top you cannot enter into heaven but you know what people will be lost for because they don't do what they know that's what people Joe was a man of character the Bible says he was blameless and I wish I could take more time to preach about what it means to fear God because it's too many people in this world that do not fear God some of us are bolt on gaseous prideful the stuff that comes out of some people 's mouth unlike you cannot feel God is dealing only in talking about I don't care to know how to tell doctors presenting his guy was in a debate and he said look what you can do it when you die to appear before the judgment seat of God and you find out all along you are wrong God does exist there is a judgment atheist man said I'll tell him not enough evidence not enough evidence might really begin until the evening God is like you know Mister Wilson your friendly neighbor wanted to believe in me are you going on if that is not enough evidence we haven't even been in the presence of God to know what will be going to our being to stand in the presence of him who knows you can't fool God can't lie can pretend you are transparently only to feelings of Job was a man of character burst through the Bible says and Joel had seven sons and three daughters were born to him saw many children to Joe that ten children in the Bible rightly did Psalm one twenty six where it talks about the fact that children are a heritage from the Lord and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them now the thing is interesting to me is that in the Old Testament it is claimed to be Barry to not be able to have children and the reason was it was viewed as a curse from God so when Sarah was Marion what you have Elizabeth in the New Testament is barren it's like is like a huge embarrassment because people usually so why did God prevent you from having children is a something wrong with you that God is like you know what I can give you any children you can amass their lives up in need of itself so the assumption in the Jewish mind is why are you unable to have children because you're cursed of God but on the flipside if you're able to have lots of children that means you are blessed of God God favors he wants you to raise many sons and daughters and so Job had ten children so the first thing we learned about Joel was is what make sure you're awake was a person with a module 's character second they learned about is what is what his children not as requested regarding personal reasons also he is possessions were seven thousand sheep three thousand Tamils five hundred yoke of oxen five hundred female donkeys and a very large household that means don't have a lot of servants back in those days you don't measure wealth by whichever your bank account you measure in animals you know that one camel can drink up to fifty gallons of water how many candles video I think I will read our what it is that's he them all hundred and fifty thousand gallons of water for one drink in sounds to me that Joe was a wealthy man yes or no three thousand channels and whose feeding of camels you know this five Rebecca Wright she comes at us at liaison that is like all the woman who offered to not only give me something to drink but also my camels why would you make that test because for a woman to go up and down from the well and back she got to get in these forty to sixty gallons per camel and Eleazar sat there in his woman went up and opened open to every camel was done drinking that's ten camels Job had three dollars and wealth in the Jewish mind this is a sign of a blessing from God as if you were poor it was considered you were cursed of God you member the rich young ruler yes or no he came to Jesus what must I do to be saved right Jesus Egeland saw that you have to give to the poor and come and follow me and you shall have treasure in heaven he went away sorrowful as he had great possessions you know the disciples that after Jesus said you know it is easier for the camel to go to the eye of a needle it is for Richmond to be seen the disciples said what they turn to Jesus and he said who then can be saved because in that line it was a sign that God was like you are so blessed you are so favorite of having that haven't decided take some of its riches and give you what payment on earth on the Summit Ridge is now and will we said the first in Toronto with his wife got her second game was his children parking was is well his riches this man is clearly blessed of God multiple children he's got multiple amounts of money this guy is a multimillionaire in his day but the Bible doesn't stop there it tells you at the end of verse three it says so that this man was the one greatest of all the people of the East this is just reputation everybody knows who Joel needs is the wealthiest most prosperous as the most honest and integrity bearing man in town they are now the greatest of the union of the named Joe people automatically have respect but the Bible doesn't stop the Bible says in verse five so it was when the days of feasting had run their course that God would send it sanctified them is talking about Job 's children and he would arise when identity early in the morning he would arise early in the morning the Bible says and offered burnt offerings a quarter exhibit according to the number of them all so not only is John the first to learn about Joe this is what character seconding children think wow what you remember his reputation now the Bible says Joe gets up early in the morning any sacrifice is a burnt offering for every child not think about this from when here's a man who's running a multimillion dollar operation and he wakes up in the morning not to look at spreadsheets and numbers but he wakes up and called each one of his children all ten of them every morning and he takes them to the altar and the sacrifices and offerings for them you hard it is to give a burnt offering Denny's until it's completely consumed so and so character children well education and he's a faithful priest of his you can tell what's important to a person by what makes them get up early in the morning and as if that was not enough the Bible says that Joe said it may be that my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts thus jewelry continue we all have hard superstar spiritual base some days you and I wake up we got our devotions we pray the prayer time we asked the Lord Toomey victory today in victories over like you have been Thursday is a great day I just been soaring spiritually and in tomorrow's wake up Friday and in your life old man didn't have any devotion is woke up late Ms. Mylar late the class I got written got into an argument with another student by the time you get back to your dog that was the day never happened what happened to Thursday but the Bible says it's one thing to the spiritual life is another thing to live a consistent Job was consist now let's review the minimum in the spring to my conclusion the first one of our syllabus is what this character secondly what about Joe Mrs. children everything is well worth reputation fit is a faithful priest of his home and six he lives a life consistent life not all about you when you have a good manner and as yes or no you know even Solomon got corrupted by riches and prosperity but not to so now we have a good man on our hands when I first came to read the book of Job and I never heard of it before and I read the book of Job after the first five verses unlike okay so the rest of the story is don't raise his children he became an army of young people we finished the gospel of Jesus came back on it seems like the logical conclusion of this man's life yes I make a least a brother converted all the people of the East but yet the book of Job is forty two chapters long one and one of the forty two chapters about a person who fears God is wealthy he's praying for his children every day and every day while there was a radio program by amending Paul Harvey used to have this saying that he would say and then to tell you the rest of the story the Bible says there was a day when the sons of God came to me before the board and Satan came also among them and the Lord said to Satan from where do you come Satan said from the earth going to and fro walking back and forth and the Lord said to Satan have you considered my servant Job that there is how many like him how many like him in the East there is none like him where in the water the whole can you imagine all his bragging on this day to the devil you think you're running things on the earth you considered my servant Job is in him and the entire Earth Eagles on any status a blameless and upright man one who fears God and shuns evil that looks familiar and the only thing that God mentions about Job is your not as well not his reputation not him waking up early in the morning just years gone shuns evil blameless upright that's what qualifies a notice with the devil says in verse nine so Satan answered the Lord and said does Joe fear God for what the author got a lot for nothing okay question Joe's behavior so he questions his motive is still jealous living a faithful life but let me tell you why is living a faithful life you dream child serves you for nothing though I had talked to his family as well you do your things you see God you don't you don't understand your life that the biggest you know player you're the biggest owner you're the biggest investor you are the biggest pant whatever word you want to use in the game you give people blessings they serve you sounds like a good deal to me I wish I could just create things out of thin air people are probably start me to and you know some of us I may wonder do we serve block for no original some of us were serving God as long as he keeps him alive if he doesn't die of cancer some of us are serving God as long as I'm excelling academically but if I'm playing I'm having consistent devotions and all decided on struggling academically what I what was the point of writing on serving God as long as he promises to protect my health is a being vegetarian or begin guarantees that you'll never get a disease or cancer so were serving God for something and if we don't get that something in the avenues you were gone we stopped serving so here becomes the question the very heart of Joseph which is unquestionable the devil says you bless them with the hedge around and over and take it away and let's see which you so what conclusions can we make from the first conclusion that we can make your from the book of Joe is that it was never God 's idea for Joel to suffer yes yes or no I wasn't saying the idea number two gel is going through the ordeal he is about to go through to see jobless faithful because Joe bespeak which one is it it's because he's faithful right that says look the reason why John's name is even on the table is because he's living up one so right here and there the Bible is telling us to you and I think in our minds we have this concept that if I live a righteous holy life I'll never suffer him with a book of Job is a wake-up call to say guess what it's because you're righteous that you will that puts it this way all those who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution you want to live a godly life you are inviting the attacks of the devil himself you are inviting all the forces of hell against you and I will like to be will be contested on every inch of ground on our way to the kingdom some of us think once I stopped praying once I get my life together you think the double potential in the back to wish you well that you made a great choice to follow Jesus have a good life no double starts acting up and get ready to circle for you and tell me because some of you are here in your life yet this week of radio 's been a blessing on meeting my Bible identity will be challenged on studying a preying on seeking God am serious about serving him with all my heart what do you think is going to happen I can promise you you'll take seriously what we've been talking about in the word of God Illinois we are moving toward in this direction the devil is about to act awful in your life you thought your mom was sick now you don't know what the double to try not disturbing you think it's hard in temptation now you and I have no idea what the doubles that a try now that you want to serve the book of Job says sometimes the righteous sometimes the righteous but then we read the book of Job Masterson wears Jesus 's words Jesus and so whenever I get into this debate about the issue of suffering people so why do bad things happen to good people I looked him in the eye and I say if I ever knew a good man Jesus was a good yes or no family about his character is what is perfect you talk about having ten children all of us are used children you talk about while Jesus owns everything by inheritance there is nothing that was made that was not made by him or for him you talk about reputation the Bible says he has a name above every name you talk about reasonably following I write to you my little children that you sin not and if any man sin how many any man sin we have been advocate with the father Jesus I the righteous the Bible says he ever needs to make intercession for us in DOS the Jesus continue the five Avenue a good man Jesus was and you see what bad things happen to good people when you look at the cross of Jesus what you see is that bad things happen to a good set of good things could happen in the book night reflections on the Holocaust they told the story 's bought a time when in the concentration camp they were about to hang a nine -year-old boy because he tried to escape from the concentration can everyone thought there's no way these men are so evil and wicked that they would hang a nine -year-old boy and as they started walking in Eli was there with his dad and Hitler's army they had this little practice that whenever people try to escape and are about to be executed they make everybody marched in line and walked by the gallows so you can see the person 's face and remember it when you think about trying to run away they were lining up they are ready to move Eli was walking and he said as they put the young boy on the chair your demand behind talking of God no not this young boy surely they won't do it surely they won't do it and he says he started walking towards the goggles enabled the chair from the young boy is there hanging on his neck and as they got close the soldiers say turn your face and looked in the and if you don't turn your face I wish you to write so as they walked by the gallows I turned faces to look at him and the man behind them says winners where is God and Eli put in his book of voice in me said I'm right hanging on the gallows that he thought enters into our pay when not even good people but Jesus says everything you feel in gospel is about back things up into a good man not improvement the best bus of the gospel is about and we rejoice and celebrate in the cross of Christ that a righteous men was willing to die for an unrighteous every head is bowed in every eyes close our time is exhausted to move quickly are you a person who serves God for something have you tried to make an agreement with God and so you know what more did you do this for me then I will search best paganism is not Christianity we serve Jesus for nothing can make deals with God and maybe you would've been serving God for something serving God hoping that he will do something or prevent some tragedy from coming to your life and now you want to say Lord give me strength put in my heart to serve you for nothing the sow love Jesus no matter what happens I will love Jesus no matter what that's true Christian view on it except that invitation I asked that you spent few feet put it in my heart to love you no matter what and I hope you're not standing just because other people are spending only to serve Jesus for nothing my second invitation very quickly are you individual this question one why would you let this happen to me why did you let this happen to us in today God was to tell you when you were getting abuse I was there with you when you're being unloved I was there with you whatever your gallows was Jesus was hanging there and it's time for us to give up our anger with God need to give up our anger and frustration on why this and I think that you're paying to live related to an God is asking you to come to the altar today to say Lord to give up my anger hominids about my resistance to give forgiveness than a surrender my anger and frustration my pain to Jesus and give it up I've managed to slip out and come to give up my anger God was there with you he was suffering with every others abound in every eyes close Jesus is always there I was hanging with the failure to bring it to me I'll bring it to me because even though one day will be resurrected and God will wipe away every tear but there's one person in heaven will still have his wounds not us Jesus he will never be healed never be healed always been more perfect you want to give your Pentagon their anger frustration so when we cannot understand why we have to trust his heart must learn to Jesus 's pretty fun it had been we are sending invalid because you want to pray to you put it in our hearts cannot serve you for a blessing or distributes that we do not fall under a curse but the Serbia because we love you to serve the Lord because there is not one kinder than you because of the deep love with which to act towards us and numerous because of who you are we pray to you to put that in a part I pray for those who front to give their anger the pain and hatred are suffering to God Jesus came to take that appointment entered into a pain and that he was there the follow-up video blessed with young people on everything you would hear the Protestant and on and without Florida we would behold people that believe they have healed wounds with laughably Scots in this life that will come a day will be completely are going to go with this will is a a is not as high as a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through these audio and much more I would like to know more about a person is more certain and www. nonanswers .org


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