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The Last Sunrise

Dwight Nelson


Dwight Nelson

Senior pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI



  • April 14, 2007
    9:30 AM
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well so everyone in the sand all morning but when it is out of it happy you got to say how the laws you know Ellie thank you I is no place in the world like Southern California true or false true the only Southern California there is in your ear is an honor to be here in the being out last night Melissa banning with her husband your Manning is preventing beautiful place just beyond the slot and it just saying a sink the mountain 's writeup but it was right up their house in the mountains and janitors last half we got back late in the home but yapping coyotes just you will world that you live and that is okay they see in our lineup is as good a singer like an accident for the Edison Lakes Olive my mother lives so we had here as we have in Michigan here and Wolverines as now as I was on last night 's known him only the last week but here we are in the new singers of us in our praise segment moment ago line now about the lambs without I scribbled down that go to the lambs come and fill your lambs were doing these few hours is special and anoint us especially Phyllis history followers of a semi- closeted rumor number two this morning at this moment that date in the back and there is is that in the Bible 's longest prophecy being a Chapter 11 it states that there is a king called king of Lenore I wish we had the unveiled linking it is a nine part series and we discussed for parts of it the website that the copies of the guy you want to get the rest of it but there's a king called king of the North and hee hee at the end of time just before the return of Jesus just before Michael stands up Daniel twelve with one Michael said that the deliberate people on this planet the king of the North fears and the new American Standard version arenas in this way he hears rollers from the dark about the Iraq class that will want to know that political is the way towards a mess is pretty guided away at Ron Iraq Islam Israel all the dollars it requested around for eyes busted in Middle East analyzing the world on the Middle East our RVs the rovers known another one of those argument was that going on simultaneously let there is the approaching shred of rumor after rumor after rumor about time with me this afternoon of the treatment we carefully examine three uses of the word east and apocalyptic literature Daniel revelation the two major pop with the book 's three references to the east and is those rumors that start out my heart and I'm realizing we are living on the brink of the nuggets so again at this moment but any who put this but this is together she saw something that we did hope TV a while back as his alibi could you please is working with and adding insult I have done something I normally don't do it but because this is the status quo our motto in a nasty when she was absolutely severability if you are new to new unit you want to be here Mrs. Abdullah and while they are the way to throw this in and and and and then I prepare for this little series called LOL you journey again when you came in here there was an eight half by eleven sheet and they handed you we build in the first half of the garlic and take abundant is it a necessity needed bill that passed in but I like to go to then number two which has to do with rumors rumor number two thirty just fold out because religion of holy Scripture letter from University University I've had the privilege of fasting there for a few years I know young adults and three thousand of their injuries you got like five thousand year students you so I know that even in a Christian setting like this in the community of faith that we love the seven amateurs I understand that they are there are bright lines to say what brings it all in black I happen to disagree I don't think address that but I'm not sure there's reliable now this is the third millennium get get a life last night seven evidences for the veracity that means the reliability of bully Scripture seven compelling by the way I'm convinced compelling evidence is that we made a case and if you can disprove that case you need to get a seven on eighty to disprove the seller before you jump into the book is not reliable you have to disprove those seven or you come and tell me that we cannot rely in this book having established the book is reliable let me share with you now reported in the rumor number two put on the screen here the light exiting are ready to go seven phenomenal benefits that will come to you as you take only Scripture by the end of this point presentation out of your way to meet Jesus every single day of your life for the rest of your life in between that they did the covers of this book but let me just show you in advance what you can expect seven phenomenal benefits when you take the word got seriously are right unannounced number one it will benefit you physically absolutely it will benefit you physically do I need to remind you about the story and anyone is a story about the morning and a young adult and old boy pointing Daniel three companions of it I think you don't remember the three companions needs and that big all right sanity check and then ago very good lots for young adults and their hopes were pinned on getting granted degrees in the University they had planned to attend in Jerusalem I live in our mouths gagged blindfolded thrown in a long chain that was marks across opposites and stricken Baghdad straight to you son-in-law that will enable the blindfold off so to speak they understand they have it automatically enrolled in the University of Babylon Atlanta University still the way feminism is a phone system in direct antagonism the Lord Christ you're not a bad one in the room also has friends by the thousands in battle on appeal the Scriptures you've got to come out and are now guys know you're in the University did you compile the never say that to this where you and I are listening to what they'll will be a partisan advantage and one of the University and rolling them on any of the enclosed official Russian ground making a shaking voice into finest specimens are gotten ever seen whatsoever to give you your guide you will eat living it you will frequently drink and you will live the way we live in Daniel says timeouts China okay the chief steward China we will take what you will not drink what you can set the visit distorts his new nuts I won't in one one oh eight is that independence what it is an empirical investigation he resorts anytime you want it is an empirical research with you I want nothing and that's on the wine will seem impossible to water for ten days when you check us out and how did it work that law and a later writer smarter better energy stewards were together on the way of your own state they state on this one don't want to thank you worry it will work again to get an idea not only were in danger get the idea of how to live that way yes they don't always reveal Dusty didn't have an adjustment which also dated with Bill Desmond as they are the Old Testament book of Genesis is that you know what it got maybe an recent alumnus Andy Monsey most effectively on this guy I went on this guy in eating and he accelerated as a captive exile the third most powerful position in the entire about legal left but that method not the truth about being out of the loop famous red ice payload of his guys a hundred years ago on years ago prayer and a study of the word of the always pictured green light and health life and health the result anyone is clear bring likely help the body 's wilderness on the study the Bible in our schooled in the student special advantages those who receive it it are heartily principal the truth will work with a mind I have to burn the midnight I wanted to say the apron and I don't like the UN University in the brink I heard about your rotations and increasing energy the number one the physical effect of reading and taking seriously the word God it will benefit you phenomenally it will benefit you physically unmarked for two it will also benefit you academically as does is designed for young adults will benefit you academically look at this because you know what when he took the boys three years younger on this guy for three years and I think getting a purpose in his argument on the files of the purposes are legal in Oregon three years latter later these boys are in and shoulders above everybody penicillin on the entire graduating class as long as they are the north of questions by phone loan loan loan what is the perfect executable you want to want to shine academically you don't do with network you are you you can't live your life that are visible in your hand is a tech expert in our school the Bible outline and morals but that cannot be done by both subsite your science workforce demands Loma Linda but even law are you going for three right now the third phenomenal benefit it will come to you when you take away got seriously lamented that you benefit you physically or mentally academically and implemented patient mentally because their cellular say I'm not in the school and I did that on undergraduate education I'm just me you will be benefited with this Psalm one nineteen and you need to look this up because this is something else did you know this is in the Bible hundred nineteen the longest chapter in the whole Bible right Jack is at the center of the Bible to someone seventeen nineteen take a look at asking you this ability can gain for the series of provision added right after translation on her ninety first ninety seven oh how I love you all for rock is an evil Tori at the entire written revelation of God oh how I love your law it is my meditation all the day you your commandments make me wiser than my enemies might in Ireland I got any God lead in the first of numbers any night I have more understanding and all my for your testimonies are my meditation understand more than the age you know because I think it reads oh how sweet your words are like that going on a wildly out swinging your words are these needed money in my mouth it will give you life in the English ice watch this video seeing who gives Scripture close prayerful attention will gain clear comprehension and sound judgment and hit a turning to God see the rates are higher grade of themselves and amazing you think that will seriously anything will be to a higher grading syllabus is a worker Kessler have higher IQ problem that they would move into a higher grade and second line right next to me just the words that are not go too well it was more and more important passages Scripture become minutes and that resonated with me last night is a glycated you do anything about the memory is the density genetic advantage about memory and seven morning now renovating on memory but let me to share this with you a quote from Jim on this but first see this version of the more important passages Scripture become the disorders lastly none of these in chapter three verses of fourteen one eleven and the Yankees plan to get what you want to get a book on prayer his newest book the software does it make the skill of the finest minds of any nascent point rise in the last enemy committed to memory not at all like I do this to get to this class will but as a privilege though at first the memory may need effective in those of you who are being on the age of twenty or thirty or forty of in no bingo senior moment that we don't about the person and remaining affected it will gain storing my exercise began exercising them are not here examining the analysis is the impetus to bring the Journal of the American Medical Association there is a reference to the nationalist agent bound adults who regularly participate in the Leslie said stimulating activities such as memorization may reduce their risk of developing dementia such as Alzheimer's disease by as much as right now seven percent is not the holy Scripture and not the author of the previous four days and that Jana which I understand is a rather weak beer journal in this community forty seven percent keep cheap keep in mind alert the very last day of your journey and also by the way don't forget someone one ninety one infants of your words with light I felt before financing you know that by my reading the word of God is so neat you will be benefited phenomenally financing facility gotten otherwise I'm a Malachi three can bring all the type in the storehouse and Chesaning on the Arlington empirical research I think you estimate and you through open the windows of heaven for you that's a blessing you will not have room enough to see him he got CFO your CFO is what the CFO chief financial officer you may guide your CFO is even ten percent right upper thought is about a way to evaluate the minute he given us more needed eighty nine nine tenths I will take the 9/11 specify that I didn't get Steve Allah 's coupon not open the windows of heaven like the whole in order auditory one that will benefit you and you go professionally like that down because the professional University every degree here is our professional service and I love that this is the Taylor arises to week ago three to three twenty one now that you lose able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to our that is organized in any glorious Ursula Christ is exceedingly ongoing profession of a young by the inability of the Bible as their guide the principal and they can aspire to anti- attainment so he got a big dreams you got since used even on some Fridays agreement they go to Evergreen small dream made for the glory of God and when your new Babylon you've got to move the icing evergreen the team is not only your CFO of your seat it needs to be certainly does the biggest part anti- attainment there is no limit to the knowledge that they enable each you may aspire as you would expect there will always be an infinity beyond what's on the Navy social spring up social movement for young adults you know what this reading a book will benefit you socially Clintonesque about help you find your life companion as it should happy worry about that point but those of you that are still on the search on therapeutic massage in a row that springtime that commanders according to the calendar the black campus comes alive when spring bursts after a long cold argument I would happy find you like obtaining accurate as living under way this is the rest of us that by looking up the heat with others fill the blank I want you to know that the Bible and you will you are comparing that you have got on your side there is no there is no relationship the doctor not by supernatural rights turn around and say the bailout is that you understand your items but those we test out you you will get three guys were getting a life companion no charge for those of you are not married again at the number one job now right into her parents that's what Proverbs chapter six verses twenty to twenty two if you have got very guaranteed talking Pharisees they are part of the selection process do not need mom and dad outnumbered to jot down Holy Spirit Romans eight in Galatians five are utterly clear the Holy Spirit will hand you with a decision you will make you need your parents and he goes basic like does not need much energy understanding grad school on the net alignment or vessel health and education no no no no don't get all ups still even got a moment that the lucky they can have a very important part it is best for you but let them suggest what is seen on the net will run out here all excited but not severe it is number three where godliness on twenty five five GC will not only did I should choose government teachers of your marketing you have three choices right now who was ordinary eighties -esque idea if you have the Jews of Iowa are you going are I physically phenomenal academically phenomenal mentally financially progressive socially phenomenal but right now number seven unknown Olympic of the grown spiritually silly talk about all this is a no-brainer you don't Thursday November three and verse goes like this but I will word building by word have I hated in my heart ominously as well then on the cutting edge of the money of the abundant life scarcely through the wearing this was in the solo work out all light working against the patient with your county to our visitation is greater here than it is in everything and there is great working with the devil knows he is running out of a precious commodities LTi and now he's out of time when rains and flooding up in love you were boiling over with unreasonably he is going to Ghana for this generation language in which not elaborate not to worry the wording on your heart you are invincible power of Lucifer you can find it standing on your own strength but in the strength of God is ever ready to give you trusting his work never say I cannot I cannot be victorious year you can be victorious there is no habit of changing today is a change in either cohabiting in a row section three but it will come it will come this you humming cheerful melodies comfortably Scripture is one more than five horsepower inter vivos power men and women have broken the changes simple habit they renounce selfishness that will bring to become reference a drunk and sober to propagate your soda for the likes of Saint I love this thing transforming the very image oh very amusing that this change is itself a miracle of miracles a change wrought by the word what word the Lord thy word have I hated my heart change brought by the Lord is one of the deepest mysteries of the word how can God think alike that has been met as they cash seating into a the spiral of death spiral got been instantly intervening like turn your life around and saying you want us so on Eagles wings straight in the work is at that whatever printed within the warnings about one of the rumors on the east is on invites you before time runs out the relevant and of your ERS this study our status our seven compelling evidences last night we invested seven hundred phenomenal benefits this morning of what will happen when we press you got a great early man woman and child here make money on my order got made her believe and compromise woman who stands tall of internal .net this is word begin our hearts you got that we might not sin against you Fred Christ rumors rumors rumors and we rumors from Nice as I was introduction is over the one this in our room number two is that rumor number one hour AA I once again it is rumored by asking but I pondering this reality there are two words in the English language that you cannot define you cannot find these words were not describing a human face or example the words I came to find the word smile without describing in other neck all quite as loudly Colorado as it will funniest line a common Elidel you covered we had a face presses the rest we can't find at the end of my smile nothing is a brilliant smile taken through the bobbing at his love on your account and then people want to be close to you and your Lo mania lets go beyond what all the close because the smile need to face the smile needs the description of a face to understand Islam and another wording this language that you have ever faced in order to understand and that is the word for that your workaround you can describe a friend that she found on the pharaohs in a row on the lip pump and all all the rest but the point the point is lately young with a human face the human face is the new to do so see the face know the hearts it is precisely that truth that sets of blades rumor number one in the East when you see the face no lie and you discover on a five days ago or the apocalyptic letter to get his phone series and only Daniel Revelation were going nowhere out of our bulletins and augmenting expert go to the Bible 's last book albeit one of the Revelation chapter eighteen the first rumor in this series testifying testify intensify Al Qaeda United States that about these rumors rumor and I want to separate the verse one call this the last sunrise last sunrise to chapter eighteen verse one the on-site a few revelation that greatly in relation Jeffrey D verse one this is something else after these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven and ingrain authority and here was is no money in what is more so for a miniseries a lot are they aware nothing to think the moment and trust me Mrs. Helen how do this is happening to her crisis saying they were about the regard right here trust me that is when a person just because we're hereby reversed but on the screen in the things of the kingdom pragmatic mightily battle integrators what is small enough drop-down address for and earn another voice from heaven saying come out of her battle and my people less you share in her sins unless you receive of her claims so whatever is happening in verse one is just the one that lights something is not a happen on this planet that will leave the Earth never the same again for a very short existence after the event Revelation eighteen verse one what is there is coming a release on the music with the snapshots you in order to to understand this rumor coming out of the relation he can want by the way I go to best night of over a filament like you just don't worry about it go to that website this will be there been asked is all about the political left and right last sunrise Revelation eighteen verse want like a ninja so that you know that the last sunrise in your study guide right in eighteen yellow line under its legibility was a revelation eighteen verse one now light and easy Ezekiel chapter forty three state wildlife on Ezekiel front lines on following up and down this year goes there last night John is a is a New Testament scholar case of the theological Center Hernandez University so only and starting on June one to become the Dean of the school religion here at Longwood University to write my a great guy have leaked at the school religion anyway don't minimize Johnson and they a sibling 's essay I read this from other scholars began jump right of the handle voice and you know what like nearly every word and phrase in the book Revelation is either borrow directly or hated at slowly from the Old Testament that John says we can call them Golden illusions or echoes another scar rented every single word and phrase in the book Revelation comes out of the office that made it we defined the Old Testament key to unlock Revelation eighteen one that sending this rumor comes becomes fresh and vibrant in our own passage the take a look Ezekiel backed out I would like to turn Ezekiel who quit ill-treatment about all the state you can find in the Old Testament and music it's after four three because after forty three as they get up in the this one is seeking chapter forty three of the screen here afterward he brought me to the gate again at Facebook a lot of ECC 's brought in a database for these first two and behold the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the East his voice is like the sound of many waters and the earth so when he is all that ever sat off to why certain does it he just read in Revelation chapter eighteen verse one is a split screen on a on the other screen year and noticed the similarities of birth easy-going a revelation over near notice how Ezekiel and the Lord God of Israel came away the ease is likely like the sound of many waters and the earth go with more and anything related Marina have another great authority and the earth was illuminated with a small support there to close by taking by taking Ezekiel we have to include this what's happening in relation eighty one Jackie's uncle one attack I think it starting to get the deficit there are there level one the glory fills the earth is a boy and got himself many members thinking that an angel came down hard with it was more than a few question again Dustin Angel have glory of his own shortfall the NATO has borne its own footballs all to avoid all the only remains again got easily this already last Sunday the only reason the angel came down at Easter and had sex sex be relocating gloried in the entire Roman gar fellas get is because the angel had just come from yes whose breasts told me comes the God 's room everybody are explored in zero nine we have nothing there is no glory in us an angel than us are alike in that regard the reason we look so awful is because when I post about it all although I have seen a man who has walked out of his prayer closet I've seen a man upon his face it seems that the very glory of God as we I met a woman who in the course of a day I talk to her and I said to myself that woman I looked on the basic got the shiny so it can happen to human beings it just isn't it it it is like being those who are the twenty four seven and blow when they show up here John Zeta Zeta coming down to the earth this was going to legal music avoid brings a lot why the authorities of that has got to be the Lord God of Israel coming from the East L Michael number two the void to fill the earth that's the point it comes from the east not a word about the Eastern Revelation eighteen one oh what to direct Old Testament quotations I only note the rumor believes it is wrong beliefs not away what happens every day on this planet in the East anywhere except the north wall was up to get one of these every day for release on what comes up a garden noticed on the rise of the that your terms that we use the language this is sunrise is over Southern California as he gets over the music a Delaware RIS this will save you away if you have a son who is yes please send it is Allah Florida but not acceptable to let them know this is this is this is that is the start altogether in rapidfire sequence you write down how acceptable it was due back there was you look at litigating a Bible Goodman the last am very last age of the Old Testament we please not accepted for verse two and by way what's happening here not bad for you needed given the timeframe for this drop-down and diversify it says behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful what the Lord when an old system uses the language dreadful data logging on to talk about every single time talking about the end of human civilization is not the engineer with a time of the name of art it doesn't say that the return of Christ a day in the Lord when the Lord himself appears not all apply they don't live with me we had a time sequence analysis read that we never stoop but the state ever see but see you here reminding us and so address UN the son but the X in the new gain us on all righteousness will just like a sunrise what is a new with one in his wings but disastrous on what yet the as he is unrighteousness rises over the earth one last before the end and one more text this is completely rates the sequence understand remember one one a gripping chapter four verse six reference just a moment ago I do use the disinvestment in your Bible in Corinthians chapter statement is just as I this visit something in four eight four eight is the God who commanded like to shine out of darkness when in history America got given command let there be lights Genesis Ms. Grace Sullivan got a creation of creator God pointed a gun amended light to shine out of darkness the last hole in our hearts shining light in our hearts we knew what to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God where you finalize in the knowledge of the glory of God where is that light shine is shining where in the face of Jesus Christ remember if you want to know the heart of grace is the new one the heart if you watch the space is the mere are for the sole starting a face that saw studied of these diseases and you seemed so only all that you like the glory of God sons best lights in the face of Jesus abuses I got very abusive illegal remember back to by Baptist Albany John I asked is the think that the injured of the Minneapolis Minnesota we you know the book and if you're into this system negative reflection to be blessed by this book title the book God is the Gospel only a few Sundays ago God is the Gospel and I come across an All-Star moment in the book of quotations regret vanished I got the second ability this is was for me just a beautiful moment in our lineup course slaves the sunscreen here the spiritual beauty of Christ while attributing Jesus it is Christ one action that Jesus standing in a corner somewhere Medicaid no notes quite into action but I don't like you said let me describe for you Christ in action this has been one long sentence the spirit of the price is Christ in action Christ loving in Christ touching lepers in Christ blessing children in Christ healing the crap and Chrysler minivan and commanding being and engaging with unrivaled authority and silencing the skeptics and rebuking a disciple and predicament details of his death is Jesus sending his face like one of the Jerusalem and weeping over the state New York Times downloaded and what is besides Jesus as he is he standing outside of bearing screens it's why cleared his throat though it's tandem along women want this is that Jesus was the list please visit us to his people more say than four zero Air Force say this like a boy stated that you think they thought the same thing we don't need you when you save your horse say the young boy was I wrong say what the law and what we've been over the city Jesus Simon before his accusers meet we saw who I finally saw over you you will is is a sovereign over all I had crucified and forgetting if he and Kerry for his not allow any and getting up a spirited debt and rising on the net size is the clothing and it suddenly hit me guys isn't that something the spiritual beauty of Christ is Christ in action for the lightbulb went off because you know what some fundamental University of the whole on theology sometimes we think that that related and theology are best captured by dry dusty formulas and so we come in many formulas we upgrade philosophical theological formulas to divine truth and sometimes we miss that for the jump pointed out you want to bore you with the boy got look in the face of Jesus and wants to ask watching your dusty formula here you just watched Jesus Jesus Allport like the family of the glow is installed once you are going back to the story of Jesus the glory of God you can go anywhere to find between an ability thinking they can go to the Orlando by the board that it's not there anymore than it is here the glorious install the glory of God the story of Jesus from the human are always in such a move of note that window is still very very very very location where using a these words written about this a hundred years ago you were back in the Bible the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are open to all people and work out on the most gifted men and women in a motorhome in twenty four seven is very Portuguese is always before stunning how they might portray to match this job right now they would never exhaust never never never exhaust the subject is NASA's Johnson Jesus art exhaust us exhaust such as might go back to the same old story of Jesus over and over again I'm a big method is the moment he's out and that's the argument that began to get every time you go to that same old old story something new suddenly spotted by the migrant was the guys which is not today Michelin and Jesus Goenka base areas I remember correctly there is going to be an explosion of glory at the end of time a glory that will be shiny in the face of the sun of righteousness was none other than the Lord Jesus Christ his face will be seen on this planet in ways it has never been seen before say for one time in history and that was just after he left the nuisance one time in his there was a moment when there was an explosion of glory honor and you know where they saw the Lord take a look at this you know where they saw the glory acceptor former thirteen is your study guide now when they saw the boldness of Peter John and all the rest of the men and women who call themselves followers of the ascended Christ and they proceeded they were uneducated livid as an untrained or something when you're saying you know what I than an academic community surrounded by academic giants I am never going to school I have never finished a degree my life is worthless I want to remind you my friend and when God set up to raise you always honor need to be uneducated and made them the champions of the admirable walk around local around this community decided to have a degree like the rest you have a heart and I hardly feel the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ you may be the most you may be the most strategic person is to bring the going got ever apologize for not having a degree issues not degrees degree of glory shines in your nose is vacant nobody studies uneducated and women they marveled and made me need at the Jesus letting everybody again on our campus walk away thinking a lot you are currently using the disease when it is going out a lot again after University walked away sick I don't know what is available he but it is clear they had been with Jesus but it is only a loneliness a hot ability to later got help but it is clear there begot Jesus AR AR Jesus and Jesus reflected their face and that was the explosion of the beginning of the Christian journey and it will be according to Revelation eighteen one guys get it straight there will be one last son-in-law for this Earth SOS arrived everyone last sunrise med explosion of glory will not be seen a distant face of my show interfaces easy you'll build upon the human face of Jesus on this earth your doctors seek to seal it how got lost on this one because of recipients of the image it was amusing when adding another general and able to strategically you will not go in the adjacent unit Gandhi when it got deleted it when immediacy of the estate there will be a pineal monitor to the you never been to go and embed them on their level of your future you ask on the availability with people whose institutions and who go to all for corners of the year the glory of Jesus on their faces service or gather the faces light up a Cindy Cindy miracles are performed as conscience China -based file is leaving the Jesus will never forget it if the gospel truth when you have been with Jesus it so his glory in another story his glory science of your story we dismissed the story uniting a historic first when your way his story model and is always history when you're winning a story for now you get it incorporated your story people see you and I think again the long mirrors as Emir answered in a long-haired since the mirror never reflects itself ever ever here in the near cannot reflect again reflect only the once when as of this is the way of dynamite is a big boat builder anyone the largest boatbuilders in America luxury yacht that is not the wrote Mister Holland Michigan that lets you the building capital for the snooze button states anyway thoughts that Ciara much requests altogether and so the entity is a Labor Day and possibly above are they going here here is the Labor Day to get a lot of overlap on the personal history this new church we just know we just don't knew Hannah his church all hours during this insert I love Cedric whoever got the in your seller nor the men mounted violence or even Andrew I been looking into my life and there is nothing to does nothing I don't now why would I want to commend you slayings a menstrual missing Lacey Law is a nonviolent dizziness member okay because handwriting the darkness that would be the voyageurs are not generated in the markets is an elasticity when ordinance is not someone open the door he opened the door there is a vanity logging on Manny Wallace behind everything is behind the vanity light automatic gotten this is a lot selected by the physical look over here and over there the simple secret wash your hands think about this over over the sink was in the mirror so carefully place it by standing in the open doorway in the middle of the market you can look see the many lawyer eyes from the mirror and the mirror reveals everything I there is an architect without a job today I imagine I will mirror out what it's along the related down on me were always reflect what is going back to the Drew announced with an investment product out there like this segment is is like a bodily defendant at the point they reflect the one appointed and that the point of the New Testament but it is a great example of reverse taking all of this in the new living translation but we always unveiled face beholding as in him near where as in a near where we meet will adore the Lord for me transforming the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit who were like little mirrors Ramirez edit your pointed in the right way and to the right will in when you walk out of there everybody sees what you're going to get it a single you're going and going into the heavier mirror pointed in the right direction when you're very out of your little apartment that little little and yet Perry in a hospital aware of is that was simple that was the secret of the New Testament church by way of the statement of the beginning of this little movement in your apartment when Nellie area Baptist preacher well in one of our progenitors or spiritual father William Miller who creaks without passing the return of Jesus he was converted in his adult years I was constrained by the nice conversion to admit the Scriptures must be a revelation from God it is a decent discectomy and very well in our postmodern world with leaders of the things P truth the only limiting through the hammering they had their own fruit you have the opportunity not only sent the Scriptures became like a light the greatest men and women in the history of the human race the greatest men and women in the history of the human race have found a lot your album it became my delight just as there is excellent the revivals all about the failure to gain immunity is among ten thousand surfaces before dark and contradictory now McCain Alaska my feet and a light for my cat the beginning of this little moment that you and I are part of the animation when friendship with you any signing bonuses where he works by the way that particular revival and talk about and what would a revival level all about peace in Christ is what looks like a long as the other share the blessing the heart repairs of furniture over the heart the children of the parent the barriers of pride and reservists let the way I felt the presence of any members of the household labor for the salvation of those who are nearest and dearest notice revival of the in the movement whether that of all the great Newman 's movements in the day even the apostle that first explosion glory called the Pentecost statesmen and not one of the revival has been more free from human imperfection while the state that you would police your you insanity defense I wanted to the graph when the prayer is that there plans for the day dream about through Exodus again the process is loosely as the retriever safety act resolutely acting logo reports that the twenty one now married to this U.S. Army Ranger medic and secrecy is a computer whiz and this have to give me get some really fancy to think that these words a piece of paper she did all she did for the lab kit into the wall I worship everywhere you change the law every morning I look at this with all God I beseech you that evening I beseech basically show show can you imagine what you would think that prayer at the same if reality I listed out on the Avalon with you but it just five thousand discrete just thirty four along with Jesus everyday said the day started I just want to see I beseech you please shall can you imagine what would happen in effect the children of the got Jesus in the glory of God shines in your face 's online envelope in your faith always says Ontario rise authorities the holiness wonderful things in the things of earth will grow strangely again in a line is glowing and are not in the face of Jesus will happen every day in your life you burst were long genes in humans we do not which is reflected in his everyday if you said I'm a big one Gospel story of reading ability in one Gospel story just want to thank you don't think the ELISA and I think it would drink because your big huge resort in civil life support we recommend escorts one miracle one caramel one incident one moment this renowned moment right now NASA makes a delete one start once the LOI to the start of runaway debt retirement is a guy that went on Wednesday October twenty thirty minutes daily bread that is not freshman in college procurement tool belts lock plaintiffs thirty dollars in time grow later deputy got to start some where consequently my opposites ideologically glasses on keep us honest is up at Auburn answered on this you find I hear that category his stomach was more than five minutes instead of losing individual one necessary again if you reread the story order to live the way you must go back over we didn't and we began needed again we regionally something to emerge out of the story can be asking this question was the story felt about my CBG 's and the media that you observe are also part one was a story tell me about my signatures and I will pull into a wonderful place one of the storyteller of Jesus one accounting updated news not a lot when a person staff at the deli counter asked me that is what I wanted him and Martin Sage is a singer committee on armed really the entire universes were given two thousand and two of the whole race it stands their life again the nonissue of talking to you soon with a passage in the ground I like beer Mister copy always of the top of the class the first to jump out first the law a lot first the sink the unity of any startup run a strong and weak season just like just like you said about the backwardness to find out if assignments are greatly when your convertible do not forget that wasn't ever going to win your heart fully just get half argument of unit has a lot and get a whole lot does the sparkler inadvertently you know a lot that I have had I can do about the timeline this was I'm not typing on your converted to you soon work for you you know they write a letter to Jesus is write a letter to Donna and write letters of the American e-mail at that point Iraq health ideologies letter word bothers you just like dear Jesus I realize it is wrote in my journal this morning here Jesus I realize how much like her I believe you can love her and turn around the way it did not turn to Jesus Satan like that Monday by Miguel the Walmart or ninety two cents and is what I do know I you covered began a career high gas prices meeting up way he didn't know there were no write a letter became writing and read to date they are the versus will be violated and I didn't have this family this is integrating and annealing Graciela Lybarger playing and all positive frame of an iPhone and I mitigated heart-to-heart within his dialogue on what you want before you get ready for the policy to develop very little is so tired that spotlighting irony of that nanny is just your shot twelve thirty then no way even fallen asleep you have anymore now one when you're writing your response diseases get dressed we'll all sleep you will see that will move keeping my books but so so the healing prayer at the point in kneeling prayer because you know what I thought would only got in there comes a moment in this little point agreement segment when I need to get a money sink I love truly all on my face what is equally obvious since you show your glory in the face of Jesus just show me what that's got this rocket science it is rocket science any financing reality university for the slanderous knocks you ever go to school getting your feet in the same Lord Jesus that same day that you go see us I beseech you a junior at together yes they are inhospitable account with all aspects time I got home you will pay for video she seems to want to please as we pray over the room from the Serbia last sunrise who are funding these the earth load the glory that shine from that son who is from the East you won't be glory on the face of Jesus alone will be going on the basis of friends of his own move over and help out I know I pray for this group right now about in prayer there is no one of us is not hungry you are of that explosion that last sunrise but in order to get there from here you go you have to have all the half to three quarters my son my daughter just handed a life but I thought she already has there been where still communing with one of his face is risen above us the way over this glorious land ahead is that I need to ask user is in need of today would say I need this more than DeJesus all my heart held some back but I want to give it all seems there may be that needs to pray amontillado lunch about prayer I will answer you with my you are praying that Earhart needs to be given all that Jesus ascended just this just a little move you right now whilst fresh undermine and use the search engines which it is their woman here is there one year today she needs to give you all your heart and longevity of life that you hold we got to let go to what that is as just go to be safe please all that you are very own so you want to make that prayer is that you are in your fifties is Paul and I learned today this morning it is midmorning moment to end the day who would be willing to stay with me O Christ I don't know what the tape that you have to take them to a deeper level with you I want more than I did for the glory of God in front of my eyes to give excuses every early morning take me to see your glory so that when the world sees me they see if you would like to make that this is the Lord Jesus Christ which more now so you listen to your holy father we do not stand because there's anything special analysis you if you did ensuring that little beam of light on our pathway we believe it over we only stayed because we see in the face of our Lord Jesus Christ who only of the eternal one something awakened by the Holy Spirit conscience in our hearts as you can have more of this you can have more OPEC will let me shine so we stand up so obligate funds to children we know the story going to the Jesus I praise for a special prayer for all of these from me this sleaze let the mighty spirit come back to us over and over back like they alarm clock me to homeschool her when the jangle of that alarm goes off speared reuniting still possess the moment and say now quick come let's look at Jesus together his face to you you need to know every morning all do the work will that is movement from the East might come true than in a handful of good friends of the Earth one more time and set ablaze more of the Lord Jesus Christ Joe that he go shine through us are still great Jesus celebrated Jesus Ahmed and his


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