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Christian Lifehacks 2: Paul

Eric Nelson


Eric Nelson

Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga



  • February 1, 2014
    10:00 AM
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this weekend I've been sharing a short series of messages on Christian light of the Christ last night some people didn't know the term life how many of you heard the term life for life hacker before long easier hands how many you've never heard the term white file no he a light pack if you go to Google and type in the light you usually get a bunch of pictures with short captions that are ways to make your life easier simple problems that all of us have things like computer cords always get tangled we hear spaghetti in the microwave it doesn't speed up evenly hot oil over all sorts of simple problem that all the path and they are simple solutions that most of us never thought of before life hacks ways to make your life simple ways to make your life easier will this weekend I'm talking about Christian life acts ways make your Christian life your Christian walk easier last night shared a very simple message only two points first point was what not to do anyone who was there last night what is that we are not supposed to do don't love the world love not the world we talk about some practical ways in which I love the world and I'll bet many of you love the world to what was the second thing that we were supposed to do have the love of the father in our hearts because that is the only way not to love the world that was last night today and I was of course from the gospel is not enough levels from the book of first John chapter two love not the world the things that are in the world this morning were going to notice to live past from Paul and I just reversed the order the first thing were in a study is what to do at point number one in the second point is what not to do very simple only two points I'm very excited about this afternoon 's message is only one life but were going to study together this afternoon John chapter seventeen that marvelous prayer of Christ and I know that each one of you who come will learn something new about John seventeen because it turns out that this huge prayer of Christ is prophetic it also turns out that this prayer of Christ touches on pretty much everything there is in the entire Christian walk and were going to notice the overview and then were going to study only one life hack from Christ to make our Christian walk easier this afternoon how many of you want to be within God 's will think most of us and sometimes it seems that knowing the will of God 's heart evidencing that way there's a lot of decisions in life that you have to make this morning were going to study something that guarantees you can be within the will of God is not wonderful guarantees you can be with the will of God right now our rates are higher going through a lot of decisions in our lives rituals my wife had two lovely children one of decisions I know each one of you are making decisions right now every day and each one of us as we make decisions I pray any way that each one of us want to be within the will of God let's pray together now oh and then will notice our first text for today as the buyer has all gone I ask that you will be present with us here this morning through the presence of the Holy Spirit to the power of the Holy Spirit that you will speak through the Bible the Bible will teach us something new about how it is we can live the Christian walk more simply more easily and be within your will be pretty things in Jesus name amen open your Bibles living were going to first Thessalonians we want to understand how we can be within the will of God were going to notice our first Christian life at what to be within the will of God first Thessalonians chapter five I'm reading verse eighteen first Thessalonians fibers eighteen again everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you is a narrative of point number one what is the will of God that you give thanks laughing pretty together if you give thanks you can know for sure that you are in the will of God because God 's will for you right now is that you give thanks in what situations to begin next every situation as right be thankful in all circumstances of the new living translation says so there you go of point number one is pretty easy whether give thanks all the time who should you get next to the God it doesn't say that in the passage but if you look at the verse right before it it's talking about frame without the I think the application is listening to God were giving thanks to God for giving thanks is linked with prayer union fungi in your prayers and I think we do but I have it on good authority the book steps to Christ that none of us give thanks enough in our prayers that's what it says on page one oh two none of us give thanks enough now I read this passage and I wanted to understand what it needs to give thanks and I read it I spoke to give thanks how often all the time it's kind of like the phrase you probably heard I love him but I don't like him how many of you heard that maybe some of you said that the idea is that this person is not so nice of a person but the Bible says I need to love everyone doesn't it now we need to love and so I love this person but I don't really like them that much they're not nice and I read this passage about giving thanks same way I want to give thanks all the time because the Bible says to buy there's not that much to give thanks for some time so I'm letting kids thanks in light of my circumstances to give thanks in spite of my circumstances you know that's wrong turn with me to Ephesians Ephesians chapter five Ephesians chapter five verse twenty that is going to take the next level Ephesians fibers twenty third giving thanks all with four all things in the name and to God the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ you haven't paid the next level in I is getting thanks all the time in giving thanks all the time for everything that's not the way I do thanks at least not in my prayers were in a comeback that could be in the idea that we need to give thanks all the time not only all the time but for all things will come back to that again now if you're anything like me when you're praying you thank God for the things that you consider important and this is kind of just the way humans are Jonathan and I were talking last night about how you can tell what people think about all the time and this is a fact of human life I can know what you think about because it comes out of your mouth we noticed that about people whatever they think about all the time whatever is important and then they talk about it you can tell what people think is important I have one of my surgery partners I work as a assistant Professor University of Tennessee in general surgery and rectal surgery and one of my partners in the group I work in happens to be a fan of a certain football team that is going be playing game tomorrow him again tomorrow and what he think that this person talks about they talk about every single player on the team they talk about the coach and then I didn't even know I get the office of coordinators and defensive when they talk about those people they talk about the referees they talk about the score they talk about the other teams are they played they talk about football all the time because that's what's important to them did you know that you need to be very careful what you think about it at least two reasons for this wondering the first rains have finally been physically speaking a large number of people in this room if Jesus doesn't come back first are going to end up old and senile and when you are old and senile I speak from personal experience but I speak from observation when you're old and senile the nurses at your nursing home and your family members come to visit you are going to find out what he thought about your entire life because it got to come out your mouth you need to be very careful what you think about what you spend your time thinking about because people will find out if not now because you're smart you have a good filter on your mouth in the future when Harold Athena the second reason is even more important and less funny or serious what you think about changes you better by the holding we become changed what you think about changes you I used football example one he continued talking about that I don't know how many of you thought about this but the underlying principle of that big games can be played tomorrow and in fact every sports game that ever has been played the underlying principle is the idea that I need to be better than the other guy I need to strive to rise to the top I need to raise myself the underlying principle is that principle of pride in the Original Sin that the original problems they had in fate and if you recall didn't even want to be God it is sad I will arise you know I'll put my tabernacles on the sides of the north all those things I will be better than the multi- now I just want to be one the most high he wasn't even trying to be as one of high he wanted to raise himself up above where God had placed in the underlying principle with one of pride and this is no secret Mrs. is just basic common sense what you think about changes you and this idea that we need to raise ourselves up it said so common in this world is that in literature classes whether it's for whether the business world God forbid whether the church I need to remind you what I really want to be a head elder of my church or whatever it is this idea is so common we don't even notice it anymore but have a look on it everybody needs and God has committed himself in the great controversy to eradicate that disease and it's no secret I mean this is common sense if you spend more time thinking about things in your life that encourage the principal raising myself or watching things that encourages principal I'm going to raise myself up I'm going to be better than the other guy or whatever it is in whatever area of your life had is going to have an impossible time eradicating the disease in your life that's just common sense it's up to you and it's if each one of us to choose every moment of every day what we think about it's important what we think about it changes us and eventually it will come out of our mouth what go back to talking about giving thanks I found out after a study of this passage that in my prayers I'm getting thanks my priorities are all messed up because I thank God for what I thought was important and the things I thank God for one I thank God for now my house heart you'll thank God that I haven't family thank God that you thank you Lord for getting a job thank you for helping me pass that test thank you for this that knows of the things I thank God for ever that wrong now because worthless debate on what everything all the time and that includes the tests and no whatever else it is but what's really important well the Bible has one phrase is repeated six times as just one example of something that we should thank God for public keynote for memory O give thanks unto the Lord for the good and his mercy endures forever this is one example from the Bible thumping we should thank God for data commands us to thank the Lord for he is good you know where anything got to Raleigh attorney for this you might as well start now the idea that God is good it isn't only the idea that God is perfect and ethical perfection the amazing fact that God is always is perfect it isn't only that that's true but this word good have the idea in Hebrew of being pleasant to be around being blessed being happy about the nice guy it's nice to be around God it's pleasant it's fun God is the praise the Lord thankful Lord for he is good for his mercy are you thankful for God 's mercy amen all of us depend on God 's mercy the ideas that God is kind it also translated lovingkindness brings together the concepts of God 's love is desire to do good for other people 's kitty this favor you all heard the definition of mercy unmerited favor his grace God wants to do good for those even those who don't want to do good back to him praise the Lord thank the Lord for his mercy and the idea that God will be the same his mercy endures forever specifically his character has always been this way and always will be this way his mercy is always been there and it will be in the future and so I found out my priorities were all messed up instead of thanking God for this important stuff of thanking them for these little insignificant details because that's what was important to me kind of like the little boy who gets a Christmas gift box about this big and his dad is gotten his Christmas gift he unwrapped it and it felt bicycle his very first bicycle and he pulls the bicycle out-of-the-box and you so excited and then he started playing with the cardboard box and the bicycle fits over than the corner on use and he's crawling into the box going out of these having fun with this cardboard box not okay for kids is a Michael and Amy R one -year-old and three -year-old respectively and this last Christmas they got way too many presents it was awful Michael what wasn't quite as opening Christmas presents by himself so Amy would give them a lot of help and he wasn't smart enough to realize that anyway do most of the unwrapping and she make off with the Christmas presidency was left with the box but he was happy to play with the box in Allen that's okay for babies that God doesn't want us to remain children in our Christian walk does he he wants us to grow up he wants us to realize what the best gifts really are and then just passing a test or relationship is a strange indeed would you really think about these passages God commands us to thank him is not what the Bible site how many of you ever sense a gift to someone for their Seder wedding County Arizona wetting it before okay some of you are very ungrateful and currently don't knowingly as got married how many of those you raise your hands when you sent out wedding gift you included in there with the wedding gift a self-addressed stamped envelope and a thank you card that was why any put that in there would be guessing you sent the gift of the display you better thank me for this gift that I'm sending you to congratulate you on getting on the road on no one I haven't either but isn't that what got doing in the Bible you say makes me it's kind of like teaching kids manners I think Michael and Amy are learning manners right now and I'm sure you've seen little kid like this when were eating breakfast the food stays on the countertop until these hours are wrong or food how do you ask Michael said he is about how his leave and that he gets his food in what you say thank you and is so cute watching their learning manners are learning to say please and thank you you not think that's what God is happy to do with us in fact the very fact that were told we don't thank God enough it argues that God has to do this for us he has to remind us thank me there's another reason if you look back in first Thessalonians chapter five you'll see that giving thanks is important for character development is the first the Lions five twenty two legal list of almost like a shopping list I like to think of it a list of seven come man's God telling us to do things and in the and verse twenty three and twenty four the final promises of God will sanctify us holy and keep us blameless until the coming of Jesus that God 's job when you given up and things to do to cooperate with him and in the middle of that list is the command to give banks giving thanks is important for our character development when you say this plainly if you expect to be among those people discussed in the first that God promises to preserve blameless under the coming of Jesus Christ maybe you should consider seriously the command to give thanks because it is a prerequisite is one of those things that God asks us to do cooperate with him in this process in any bank is also important all the time for everything but it is especially important in our devotional and prayer life as we approach the end of time the Bible gives us an example of someone who lived under a gap to create any given as an example of their devotional life go to Daniel you all know the story of Daniel chapter six Daniel chapter six and I'm looking specifically in verse ten you know the entire story how the princes got jealous of Danielle and they convinced the King decided that decree unless everyone worships the same way it was a government decree about how you should worship answer -year-old study Daniel chapter six before anyway looking only at verse ten Alan Daniel knew that this decree was signed he went into his house his windows being opened in this chamber toward Jerusalem he kneeled upon his knees three times a day and praying and gave thanks I never noticed that before before his God as he did before what do saints living under a death decree do they pray and give thanks you know talk about all the time under all circumstances if there were ever a time when I myself might feel tempted not to give thanks anyway pray the giving thanks for the thanking God for after all notice what it says about Daniel 's devotional life after the death decree how many times did he bring it thanks three times a day once right what about before three times did you notice there was no change in his devotional life friends those people who live and make it through this time of persecution at the end where there is a desecrating their devotional life will not change we need to learn the lesson from now about how to pray and give thanks giving thanks is an important part of a devotional life or those who intend to successfully live during a time of persecution we learn the lessons now because when the test comes there won't be any change at least not in those who live successfully it's nearly impossible to change and start giving thanks if you think about it this way it were not able to give thanks now with all the blessings that we have how the world of the organ be able to give thanks then Windows blessings are removed that make sense point number one what to do and give thanks all the time for everything point number two what not to do well what keeps you from getting thanks all the time for everything go with me to Philippians 's Philippians chapter four excuse me flipping chapter four and verse six this shows the office of Thanksgiving be anxious for nothing but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God worry chair anxiety either the opposite of Thanksgiving and I confess to you I fail at this all the time after four years of medical school five years of residency one year of research in one year fellowship I'm finally I finally got a real job if I been working in his real job for the last six months and it's amazing that when you find their real job after all his medical training at stuff there's more stuff to worry about and fortunately most of my patients and done very well that I've operated on by even the ones that do well I worry about them and when they don't do well when there's a complication all man than I really worry about them and then I read this passage be anxious for nothing and I realize my lack of faith is an excellent quote by Corrie ten boom this to worrying is not anti- tomorrow of its sorrow and diesel today and enjoy it got once you have joined good as he started the sermon with the mouse on the Mount with all of these blessings he wants you to be happy you want to enjoy and worrying empties to David's joy also from the sermon on the Mount Matthew chapter six of first twenty five to thirty four I know you notice passages Jesus telling us not to worry I want to read it to you in a modern translation this is the new living translation because the cut of brings it home little bit more perhaps this is Jesus speaking to you that's why I tell you not to worry about everyday life when you think about it there's a lot of things to worry about everyday life armor when I was a medical student here a lot of tests and classes stuff of that nature which even get the more basic than that when you have enough food or drink and don't worry about whether to starve to death are not announced or enough clothes to wear isn't life more than food in your body more than clothing look at the birds they don't plan her harvester store food in bars for your heavenly father feeds them argue more valuable to him than they are can all your worries at a single moment to your life and what you worry about your clothing ladies look at the lilies of the field how they grow they don't work or make their clothing yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are and if God cares so wonderfully for the wildflowers that are here today and throw into the fire tomorrow he will certainly care for you why do you have so little faith don't worry about these things thanks what will we eat what will we drink what will we wear these they dominated by the unbelievers but your heavenly father already knows all your needs see the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and he will give you everything you need so don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will bring its own worries today's trouble is enough for today it was January two thousand six and I was the senior medical student here and all of your medical students know how matched it works I had interviewed at twenty different locations and I still remember I was at two five two five one A Lamar Street right down the street from Stephanie and I went to my bedroom there and it was that day like three or four days before match day where you checked the computer just make sure you matched somewhere and then three days later you are in the room with all the other medical students and find out where you're going right and I got a computer and I found out that I had not matched and those of you who are medical students especially thirty four hundred medical students understand what a tremendous shock that was what a letdown what a disappointment was probably up to that point in my life the biggest disappointment that I ever experienced and I remember I knelt down at the side of my bed and I recommitted my life to God and I said whatever your plans for me that's fine with me but you know despite that I did I need to start worrying as you know when don't have the right to worry me it was about that time if you want the complete story I can tell you this afternoon this also impacted my wife's ability to match even though we were doing a couples match because I was early match and she was nuts on the mechanics of it you must explain here but a fellow medical students share something with her and she shared it with me from that wonderful book patriarchs and prophets share with you because it has something to do with worrying many look back to the Israelites and marvel at their unbelief and murmuring doing that we sure new Minas children of Israel he worked so ceiling that they themselves would not have been so ungrateful that we think about them but when their age is tested even by little trials they manifest no more faith or patients than in ancient Israel the other thing about ancient Israel for a little bit they were tested several times during their wilderness wanderings they were probably down to about two or three days of water remaining with no prospect of water on the horizon you think you might worry here I guess I just had matched it out I probably scrambling to something even if it wasn't my first choice I have all of Howell for his math is social safety net to keep me from starving to death and all of you who live here no I mean I got the phone service I also is a free stuff as I was poor California will not allow me to starve and here I was doubting God when I got nothing on the children of Israel when brought into straight places they murmur at the process by which God has chosen to purify D1 if your volume in Weinberger about the process though their present needs a supply I will cover California social safety net my present needs were supplied many are unwilling to trust God for the future and there in constant anxiety lest poverty shall come upon them and their children be left that writing him me and my wife some are always anticipating evil or magnifying the difficulties that really exist so that their eyes are blinded to the many blessings which demanded their gratitude the obstacles they encounter instead a leading them to seek help from God their only source of strength separate them from him because they awaken unrest and reclining and here's the appeal doing well to be done unbelieving why should we be ungrateful and distrustful Jesus is our friend all heaven is interested in our welfare in our anxiety and fear greed the Holy Spirit of God no place should be given to that distrust of God which leads us to make a preparation against future one the chief pursuit of light and/or happiness consists in an earthly things it is not the will of God 's people should be weighed down with care but our Lord is not tell us there are no dangers in our path but he points us to a never failing refuge Matthew eleven twenty eight twenty nine he invited the weary and care laden to me all ye that are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest lay off the yoke of anxiety and worldly care you have placed on your own neck and take my yield upon you and learn of me for I'm meek and lowly in heart you shall find rest for your souls I must say that my wife learned his lessons better than I did I share with you a birthday card she wrote to me just a few months later Eric looking back over your twentieth year I believe it was the best year of your life true we met with a lot of disappointments you don't know what your career is going to be in we lost our wonderful friends at Loma Linda but Eric look at how God has blessed we had to move away from Loma Linda to a plea as we knew no one is an opportunity to build faith that he will lead us even though we cannot need away he tested our resolve to follow him no matter what remember Eric it is not an easy time so we prove our faithfulness to God it is when the road is hard and we do not like the way he is leading us my birthday wish for you is the God keeps bringing child into our life him and entities is okay do not stop reading and Jackie made a bold this last test with basic we know eventually would both get jobs it was not so much a question of if but where however I felt my feet rapidly growing as I saw God work out everything for his good it was hard but look how much closer we are to God and to each other after going through it Eric we need more trials I want us to continue to draw closer to God and rely wholly on him you have friends I can testify that Philippians four six is true we would a lot of join the anxious for anything but what not to do don't be anxious for anything that the second Christian life back there is a promise attached to this look at Philippians chapter four verse seven the peace of God which passes all understanding shall guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus job in trouble when your thought life yet trouble controlling your thoughts your is your heart attracted to the wrong things independence PC you need heavens peace love and the soul when we put away worrying and we had continual thanksgiving towards God in all things for everything surrendered completely accepting his will for our lives the peace of God be being this wonderful emotional experience which is it is the mechanism whereby heaven protects our minds and our hearts we need to be we need to have this piece is a daily experience in our lives Jesus promised in John fourteen twenty seven days I believe when you my keys I give unto you and he explained it's not like the world 's piece not as a world gives give land to you let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid so what is Jesus peace where one of his source of comfort his source of tranquility his source of peace this is a wonderful commentary on the sermon on the Mount thoughts in the amount of blessing page seventy one this is a very famous quote the father 's presence encircled Christ and nothing befell him but that which infinite love permitted for the blessing of the world here was his Christ's source of comfort and it is for us he was imbued with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ the below that is aimed at him falls on the faith year who surrounds him with his presence whatever comes to him comes from Christ he has no need to resist evil for Christ is his defense nothing can touch him except by our Lord 's permission and all things that are permitted work together for good to them that love God at enough you really believe that idyllic times in life I'm not sure I really believe but friends if we abide in Christ everything that comes to us comes from Christ this was Christ's source of P and this can be our source of peace as well I guess iconic glimpse of the whole mother way to live life completely free from worry and care no anxiety no worry complete trust in Jesus refreshed constantly by constantly giving thanks all the time for all they that leads to the fulfillment of Christ's promise so we can have his peace and forget freely available to all those who will fulfill the requirements in this piece is that mechanism whereby having cards are hard guards are mine helps us with our thought life let's finish with Philippians chapter five because I want to read that promise I'm sorry first Thessalonians five I apologize first Thessalonians chapter five verse twenty three and twenty four the very God of keys sanctify you wholly and I pray God your whole spirit and soul and body be preserved blameless under the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ faithful is he that calls you who also will do it as a promise from God very simple message to things what to do give thanks all the time in every serving their for every thing and what not to tolerate about anything ever this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word three audio and much more than he would like to know more about our universe this is more so than please visit www. .com universal .org


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