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4. What is Your Picture of God?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 18, 2014
    7:30 PM
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all right wonderful yes we got into our baptism of a short talk this week and basically what would you look at here is that really add to what we have already studied this evening and let's start with what brand as we need Holy Spirit again to direct us in our study of his word let's pray together father in heaven what a wonderful opportunity to be gathered to study your word Lloyd there were many people in the past that wished they could do that but a now their lives were in danger Lord as they opened this book but here we are thank you for the opportunity we have and I pray that you will speak to us we know where this evening and they know where to come alive and that we may see something of you that you want us closer to you for this we pray in your name amen amen all right well what you did to now if some we are going to have a look at the more God of the ten Commandments of God and the reason why I place this presentation of the study life after the one that we just looked at is because when you look at the reason why many people are turning away from religion today has to do with a wrong understanding or false understanding of the law the ten Commandments of God many people will look at the ten Commandments of the thinking of the ten Commandments is just this list of don'ts do 's and don'ts and mostly governments and and they'll be like you know I don't want that kind of thing I don't want that kind of your religion or that kind of experience is gone that is just telling me what I can do after they turn away and the the religious structures many times have been successful in turning away people from God because there's been a misrepresentation of who he is a business misrepresentation as often manifested itself through the ten Commandments through the longer witnesses use I will do a short study here I would have read this at the ten Commandments belong thought and see if they are really a list of these adults mostly downs or if they have something else for 's army actually a beautiful revelation of the character of God as well to find out let's go right into this this on the specifics of the week basically look at our first presentation of how you know God is the part where the claim return of many kinds upside down but we want to get back to allow God to portray himself for the one that he has we want him to be the potter we want to be the clay we want to be able to look into Scripture look into his law to understand his character and the law of God has a very central part to play in this whole great controversy that were involved in because really in the beginning when Lucifer revolted against God when he basically when this whole great controversy started Emily started around the law of God these percent handicapped is an arbitrary law is not good stop and so this controversy breaks out in heaven is controversy has continue here on this earth and it is ever the agenda of Satan the devil to misrepresent God now you wake up in the morning and you have a to do list the check off your list the devil you know wakes up in the morning and he has always to do list one thing misrepresent God I did that yesterday that the metadata I doesn't tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and next week and next month next year this is his one they honestly list misrepresent God Mister how can you best do that let's do it to an religious organization the people look to and expect to see the self and he has succeeded in misrepresenting God through also the very things on now what is dearest to God what is the very foundation of the throne of God is his content analysis law any can take I misrepresent God through that while Denny's achieves his goal but we need to get back to the word of God and allow the law of God to take its proper place and allow the ten Commandments not to be the least of these and also turns us away from God actually revelation of character draws us to hit us to go and I'm felt that take a left on I like to look at this I like to think of it is when I think this will be helpful for you the ten Commandments the Lord God really has two functions of a function to function function number one the ten Commandments are a revelation of sand in other words we know what sin is when we have an command and as if there were no commandments no law of God and we wouldn't know what soon actually is if we don't know what centers don't see our need of a Savior from sin and actually really the whole gospel plan falls into nothing so the very first an important function of the law is it's like I like to put it this way it's like America you look into the mirror of the law of God and it reveals you the one thing you are your your circumstances or situation and it's not America beautiful pictures are very pretty picture and when we see our need right now we turn to a savior that can save us from our sin so the law is like a narrow walkway while that's true about me while I need salvation I need Christ that's the first object of Paul puts it this way Romans seven verse seven I would not have known sin except through the law right would not have known covetousness unless the law had said you shall not covet if so we understand when we look into the law we understand our need for Jesus does that make sense that's one of the functions of the law a revelation that we are sinners in need of a Savior we didn't have the law we were not understand our need but now we have the lobby we realize our need we realize our sin anti-Christian stopped there as you know they go through life okay the law is the revelation of sins every time you log on the bad IDG that now that is an important function I wanted downplayed at all in return and I couldn't function continues in the life of the Christian every time you you fall it will remind you again your need of Jesus but we can't stop there because the law of God also has a second function and that is when the law of God is now written in our hearts and in our lives the law of God first was a revelation of stealth us as sinners but now it becomes also a revelation of the character of God or the beauty of God or the love of God and it is amazing that God can actually give ten Commandments that they at the same time to be a mirror that rip that reflect our lives that show us that we are a citizen of the same type can also be a reflection of the beautiful amazing love and character of God now how do I know that isn't just something I made up I don't think so I think Scripture supports this in Hebrews chapter ten verse sixteen and seventeen this is the covenant that God wants to establish which is one of both of this is in the New Testament book this is the new covenant that God wants to make with us and we made the following this is the covenant I will make with them after those days says the Lord I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds I will like them so God says all right my commandments I want to write in your heart in your mind young first-time drug on his command was demoted on stone I didn't want to just fight it also he was also derided in the hearts of the people that's always been his desire a once divided in your heart and in my heart and he asked to that in verse seventeen he asked their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more this is the deal also get a want I want to make a covenant with me in agreement with me I love you I thought I will write my command is in your heart in your life I will bring my commands into your life and if that's not enough I won't remember your sin now I don't know about you but I suggested ideal SVM file is amazing I mean thank you Jesus and so this is this is the covenant that he establishes with baths okay now when God 's commandments are written in our hearts listen very carefully they are no longer outside of us in the first function of the law the law is like and merit outside of us we look at the commands well well well they reveal something about us our need of Jesus we doubted Jesus Jesus comes into our life and when Jesus comes into our life the perfect commandments coming to light as Jesus was sinless and he he a perfectly cut the loss when he comes into our life he brings the Commandments into our lives right and he writes them on our hearts in our skin and of ourselves we can keep the Commandments is impossible we have no strength to do that I mean it is just as impossible for us to keep the Commandments as it was impossible for Peter to walk on water the updater had a saving nature is needless to say and you have a simple nature and just as natural it was for Peter to Saint so it is just as natural for us to send you cannot keep the commands about in her own strength by SP to look to Jesus as he could do what was humanly speaking and possibly could walk on water as long as you look to Jesus as long as you and I trust in the power and victory of Jesus we can actually keep the Commandments was not a housekeeping benefit is Jesus keeping them in Oxford that make sense as so that's the covenant he wants to establish with us he wants to write his commandments in our hearts now that's why this verse makes so much sense in Galatians chapter five verse twenty two and twenty three the Bible says of the fruit of the Spirit is love joy peace long-suffering kindness goodness faithfulness gentleness self-control and ends with this brazenness puzzled me for a while but makes perfect sense for me and what I just presented itself as Dems sought against those characteristics up fruit of the spirit that content Jesus against such there is lot no law enforcer is no law interesting phrase now when the law was outside of us like Amira that law was against us like we were under the condemnation of that law but when the commanders are written in our hearts and the fruit of the Spirit is going to our allies against such there is no law against such there is no condemnation so that if there is no mirror that you look at and you are condemned because the law that was once outside of U.S. Army written in your hearts that make sense so how does that happen the rule that was written in our hearts by God himself and it happens once we understand the Commandments as a revelation of the character of God and so for the remaining time now when it goes through the ten Commandments very quickly how to look at each and every commandment and how it reveals the character of God the defendant filed a similar and in Exodus chapter twenty that's the chapter where you find the ten Commandments even before the first commandment is given each is given in verse three arsenal have any other gods before me before the first commandment is given John speaks the following words in Exodus chapter twenty verse twenty two and these words are important by the way many times we skipped then we go right to the First Amendment conversely but the first two verses laid off all foundation for every commandment that follows this is what it says and God spoke all these words saying I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage the reason why we skip those verses is because we say all that's about the Hebrews they were in bondage they were in slavery that's not about me and so I can just go right to verse three wrong because what the you are experienced in Egypt is at high polity or symbolic picture of what all of us experience through the bondage of sin so we have all been meaning to and we all need to come out on that bondage now how do we come out of that bondage this is the meaning that when you go to the story and even we don't have time to read all of the citizens the real short version here but you will remember that Moses comes to the Pharisees that my people ours is among the let them go and so play start polling on Egypt replaced I will need like the first leg do not result in the Exodus the second result in the axis authority not result in the axis to translate and the tenth plague was kind of turning point comparison update doubting here and something happened at the same time at the tenth way and the template was at the angel of destruction came to the ranch and he slew every firstborn Egyptians thought the people of God the Hebrews were protected from that way and what they have to do is they have to take a lab your member that I didn't just slave the lab take the block and put it on their doorpost and this was what what Miller became known as the feast of Passover and it really you know that the FISA Passover people really think of it this way when the angel came to the lab he passed over the homes where the blood was on the door pouts now the blood of the lab was a picture of Jesus and actually they this also in Egypt was the first place that they introduced the Jewish year is about center you know what when you keep the speaks of Passover this is the first month of the Jewish year from now on is the fourteenth day that you slay the lab and guess what when Jesus comes on the scene he was crucified in fact on the fourteenth day of the first Jewish month so that sacrifice of the lab it is yet was a picture of none other than the crucifixion of Jesus Christ now get at the foundation of the this Jesus crucified so that at least single commandment that follows is on the foundation of the slain lamb Jesus Christ so it is bypassed in the power of the blood of Jesus you won't have any about the gods before me in the power of the blood of Jesus you don't need to carve out the idols anymore in the power of Jesus your needs and can take the name of God in vain amen it's all in the power of Jesus this is the very foundation now let's look at the first commandment this is just the sum a short synopsis of inherent screen you can go back and read through the Genesis chapter twenty where you have the elaborate description of each commandment no other gods before me God says no other gods before me now many times we look at the Commandments and you know in it and in the first function of the law when it's like the Mira was outside of us we look at that at any condemns us because hey I have a lot of God 's I have a lot of dogs you know small G I have a lot of things in my life that take the place of God and so we look into the commandment and while I'm not living I need a Savior I need to say and when we turn to Christ we take hold of salvation and God writes his commandments in our hearts then this commandment that once condemned us becomes now a double promise of God because when God was actually saying is you don't need any other gods I will be everything for you is not beautiful you don't need anything else before we thought all I need this I need this I need this to make my life complete but now when done right I commanded my heart is not about what I need on your everything for me you satisfy my greatest need you fill my greatest need at all I know now that you you keep your promise God you are rethinking the soap is that you shall not have any other gods before me like we often say it yes it turns us away from him it is not saying you don't need any other I will be everything for you the beautiful now the second commandment on by the way a message at the thirty first forty four just really underlines what we just discussed but we just like you said it is again the kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field command found a hit and for joy over it he goes and sells all he has and buys that field in other words businessman finds this treasure on the sense of the charters more work and everything else that he owns and when you come to the point in your experience that God becomes that great tragedy price becomes a tragic human living up to get any other ill be willing to give up any other God any other thing that is in the place of Christ no bowing down or serving images we think again of this commandment often time in a sense of a yellow historic ancients no commandments because certainly today we don't have any items well we have different kind of idols today we not win might not have idols made of silver and gold and would we might not have mental idols but we have mental idols we have one many times a wrong picture or wrong understanding of who God reality is itself again we look into the mirror of God 's commandments and we see while yes we have actually many other images that we have made no even in our mind with made images of God remember the way of potter clay analogy is that of allowing God to create us in his image we create God in our own image which is really a mental I don't but then when we allow God to minors commanded in our hearts again this commandment that once condemned us becomes a beautiful promise of the Lord because when you looked at in second Corinthians chapter three verse eighteen it tells us the following it says but we always unveiled a beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory just as by the spirit of the law in other words very simple principle IV holding we become changed so God is saying in the second commandment you have to you have to invent what you believe that I like you have to make your own picture of me I will reveal myself to you you don't need to make ideals whether there metal ornamental idols I will reveal myself you and that's exactly what he does in Scripture and by beholding him we become changed amen it becomes a beautiful promise that when you and I can embrace with escapist I wish I could cover it but time does not allow let's go to commandment number three seven number three thousand enough to take the Lords name in vain now is not interesting when you think about this commandment for a long time I thought about it as the pronunciation of the name of the self or ill or the misuse of the pronunciation of the name of God but this goes so much deeper than that when you do a little words studying Scripture and actually look at the name of God you got the word made Bible concordance and you find different references where that is mentioned you'll find out very quickly that the name of God is talking about the character of God you know in the book of acts it is chapter thirty three Moses asks a question he says please show me your glory okay not talking to God is his God show me your glory and God says the following listen to that's then he said speaking to Moses I will make all my goodness pass before you and I will proclaim the watt the name of the Lord before he so the name of God is synonymous to the glory of God or his character and right after that when we don't have time to read this but in Texas thirty fourth basically most thanks got a close up on the mountain he passes by before him and he proclaims his parents are fascinating and when he proclaims his character is proclaiming his name so when the Commandments that do not take the name of the Lord God in vain it's really saying don't misrepresent the character of God so first we are doing that we look in the mirror and our lives are in many ways misrepresenting the character of God but that when we race the commandment and the commandment is written in our hearts suddenly becomes a promise and you know what God says he says I will write my name in your life user will represent wire in a lot in the book of Revelation you read about this group of people hundred forty four thousand and when you study this group it seems to GQ him that you have indicated this is a group of people that is living when Jesus Christ comes back the second time these are those that have really followed Jesus in all in all things and the Bible tells the revelation that the name of God is written on therefore have advised me that they have some kind of the two hundred or this means that the character of God is ingrained in their minds and in their hearts amen and that is the promise of God now the fourth commandment which went by the way going to talk more about tomorrow is the commandment to keep the Sabbath holy and again when you look into the mirror of God 's law and its first function and it reveals you know we look at it and we see wow what you are not doing that much of the Christian world at large is not keeping the Sabbath holy has been effective remember that the gun that begins with the word remember in the commandment that is most forgotten I will talk more about that tomorrow the forgotten commandment and emphasis remember the seventh day to keep it holy when we now allow God to write his commandment in our hearts this then becomes this incredible beautiful and will sing her a sense of who God is because when you look at the Sabbath and and we don't talk much more about this tomorrow but it reveals schedule reveals that the first time that you encounter the Sabbath is in Genesis chapter two and is the seventh day that God sanctify nobody could've sanctified a place or an object but instead he decides to sanctify time now significance goes in many religions today either a places sanctified or eight object is sanctified not to think about Islam for example to have a sacred place of Mecca and once-in-a-lifetime supposed to make you know your pilgrimage the Mac at a lot of you know you that you go to Hinduism or other religions that have sacred objects very important to have his objects in their homes by God in the beginning does not think the fireplace or an object he sanctified high note that is so significant because time is not something that you go to but it comes to you it's always coming to you think about it but might like that if someone would lock you up in a prison and you couldn't move you couldn't move you can go to the sacred place you can have access to the sacred object time is always coming the seventh day which is sanctified by the Lord our God is always on the move everyone has access to it because it's always coming to us with a first date against the seven phase coming the second day is coming with close to the seventh day God is always on the move is always coming to you and this is a revelation of his character a man and so what we see in the seventh day commandment is that God is revealing himself and he is coming to us with talk more about that tomorrow let's go to the next commandment here are basically the first four commandments little summarization of the first four commandments are many that they are a revelation of the relationship between God and ops first commandment no other God before me God 's sake and sing let me have all your affection right no bowing out of serving images let me have your body all the blocks all I completely is to belong to God notetaking of the Lord God the Lord 's name in vain let me have your words keep the Sabbath holy let me have your time let me ask you something someone that wants your affections your body your words and your time if I would have to choose one person that has that for me it's my life funds actually say this is the kind of relationship would I want with it Christ is the bridegroom but sharks the people I DeVry a man so God wants Christ want this intimate beautiful amazing relationship with us covenant with us just pictured by marriage quite fascinating and eight now Jesus sums this up in Matthew chapter twenty two in verse thirty seven to verse forty he says he's incentive you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your mind this is the first and great commandment and the second is like it you shall love your neighbor as yourself on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets love the Lord your God love your neighbor as yourself love the Lord your God represented in the first four commandments love your neighbor represented in the latter six upon these hanging the law and the prophets is an interesting of people say all we don't need the tendinitis anymore we just need to love God and love our neighbor well that is the kind and I don't know that that is what the ten Commandments resemble uneven the first four tell us how we love our God the letter states that was how we love our neighbor a man let's not let's not play this game of just the adults putting out that we have been putting away the ten Commandments that we can do our own little things less rather have a revelation on the medium the ten Commandments a man so let's look back at the latter six Commandments of honor your parents number five sixty nine Cal did not commit adultery seven eight do not steal nine do not bear false witness you know how that is interesting the fifth commandment but despite Sepracor of God 's purpose or the human race and that is and he wants to discuss to the root family relationships really resemble his character is way and outputs the command deals with honoring your parents that you can also think the principle of the command to infer also relationships between no a wife and a husband and and and and all other into human relationships that we have friendships now what is so important because this is again a manifestation of the character of God in them and that is if I have this on slide your night on gotten any reason commanded here in Texas at the twenty first wow this is only a father and your mother that your days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God is giving you it's a commandment that is linked with a promise of God now again we look into the mirror and we said okay while gathers and by the way in the world today there's a lot of pain there's a lot of suffering within families family relationships a broken fractured in others this disunity and we see that as we look in the mirror we see our own relationship and with apparently without children maybe with our spouse with friends whatever it may be but then as we allow God to bite his command within our hearts that she starts seeing that God has a purpose for us to be a follower of Jesus and being a follower of Jesus does not start when I go on a mission trip to the other side of the world it starts in the home because it's easy to travel far far away where no one knows me a note to get up and do you know I give you my think he's a really real Christian but your lineup increasingly that my life right isn't it wonderful that that God gives us the promise that that love of God and the beauty and the and the power of God can actually assist in the whole event that is amazing this is a promise that comes true we embrace the beauty and power of God you will also see that all these commandments are really progressive note if you embrace God 's treasure of your life he becomes everything you and he reveals himself and his name is reflected in you and you give him all of your time and he gives you his time as these four commandments are establishing your life you will notice it in your home and then you will notice that with the very people that are closest to you they will see a difference and I'm now take a look at the next three commands that were to take together here I'm running out of time of this modernity this frequent six seven eight do not kill do not commit adultery do not steal now if you do a little survey and ask people of all the ten Commandments which commandment have you been best that most people will say well not mostly sure that all of his command but it needs number six I haven't killed anyone of good for you you know I know that all the rest but that one at least one eyed cat now and we almost will look at the checklist of game did okay on that one needs work on that one my friends each entry commandment has been broken by every single one person in this and every single one of us in this room that you might think no no no that's not frenetic killed someone while Jesus comes along and he basically puts a microscope on this command command under a microscope this is what he says he says in Matthew kept five you heard that it was said to those of old you shall not murder eleven murders will be in danger of the judgment but I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother without a cause to be in danger of the judgment so he says you thought that was all about the physical killing that I'm saying that when you are even angry with some health election already broken a commandment to that so we all sat in the Bible tells with all sinned and come short of the glory of God we have all broken not to now with all of them and id. the merit is there to remind us of basketball I'm I am angry with my brother but then when the command was written in the heart of Jesus sexy saying to you and you know what I can do something in your life I can change your heart not to just keep you from physically taking the life of your brother or that individual that you're angry with I can actually give you the power to conquer with a temptation begins and that's in the mind the same when it comes to the commandment regarding adultery is okay having committed adultery I'm fine but then Jesus comes alongside your heart it was said to those of old you shall not commit adultery but I think you and Linda looks at a woman to lust for for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart of so yes that's one more that you cannot check get some scenarios we broken the command in the same time listen very carefully at the same time this is a promise because one of the promising that the promises that Jesus is saying okay it starts in the mind and I'll deal with it in the mine I can give you power not only to refrain from the physical act of killing the physical act of stealing the physical act of adultery I can give you I think any of the three and the mind if you surrender your thoughts to me and listen to what he says here this is powerful second Corinthians chapter and verse three to five or that we walk in the flesh we do not war according to the flesh or the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God bringing a couple of bottles how many and great thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ so when the temptation surrender as he says he has promised you in the Commandments shall not kill trust me trust the blood of Jesus I will conquer in your life you can overcome anger you can overcome lots you can overcome these things in the name of Jesus amen it is a promise wrong about ninth commandment do not bear false witness now the opposite of bearing false witness would be to have a true witness right to speak truth now isn't it interesting that when we look at this commandment in its first function we look into the mirror again all a while while again many times we have borne false witness we know we we call it maybe a white lie but it's a lie as we say enough is even an exaggeration no typical fishing club officials like this in the complaint is that my pet like that it's alive alive right so we can retrieve times we exaggerate only do it all the time say I was standing in line for after no it's not true for hammer is a long time he was standing on the line for twelve and a half minutes that's not forever so we didn't bear false witness and we do it almost every day out how can it happen that we actually fear a true witness to listen to this this is probably chapter six Jesus says for a good tree ring country does not beer bad fruit nor does a bad tree bear good fruit for every tree is known by its own fruit for men do not gather figs from Owens nor do they gather grapes from bramble bush I don't man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good and evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil and here comes the punch line for out of the abundance of the lot heart his mouth what speaks out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks is there a false witness what is false the heart that's why the Commandments are progression is dealing with your hearts and once gone deals with your heart and his promise comes to pass that he changes your heart my friends out of your mouth see a truly a man let's let let's go now to the very last command and I just love this one this brings everything together the last commandment tells us do not covet not covet your neighbor has your other others have do not cut was needed to come to covet means to want something that is not yours so again first function of the law you look into the mirror of matter reveals I want so much I wanted that a career I want a better job I wanted better position I want more money I want there someone that I want want want want to covet covet covet covet but that we got to start doing something in my life and he writes his Commandments in my heart suddenly God becomes everything for me I don't want anything else but him sometimes basically saying when you have me you will not copy and then that's his promise and my friends I can testify to that because when you have Christ as your treasure you don't want any other thing because that treasury 's worth of free and I'm beautiful Jesus I'm the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father except through me now enclosing one assure you one last thing before we pray and close safe then is basically progressing in the opposite direction it's interesting we started in axis shaft twenty eight verse one right what we start with that the land is the slave I did that then they came out of Egypt out of the bondage through the Passover lamb and the economic one community member three four five six seven eight nine ten when you Lucifer rebellion happen to be gone with transgressing the tenth commandment he commented the position of God and he wanted something that was not getting onto the position of God then he started spreading lies about the god in heaven right all slickness that he sought to steal the position of God in heaven and on a and in a sense he broke his relationship with God like a spiritual divorce he makes warming crisis ages of six to murder them commanded six he is cast out of heaven in his rage is now against the family made in the image of God five if that's the holy time of God revealed in the Sabbath commandment for the effects of very character and name of God I misrepresented command three he creates a new image of God for people to bow down to Commander-in-Chief and ultimately he makes himself go get the best use of it all he must by necessity take one more step and ends up in the bondage of sin and bondage and I'm either yet coming out of bondage or we heading into bondage it's one way or the other I want to disclose with a question here tonight how many of you want to come out of bondage and then a lady like out of the bondage of sin a man a man and become anyone in the race commandments of God in your life a man in a specifically tomorrow look at forgotten commandment the fourth one the south of the amazing study I look forward to it and so hope to see you tomorrow you must close the work rationally have any father thank you for being with us thank you for the power of your Word and afraid as we go from this place that your words have an abiding place in our hearts in our lives bring us back tomorrow evening as we continue our series sections in uncertain times help us to find that certainty in the Jesus for it is only one hand that we can truly rest and find a piece that our souls are so very regularly with the lesson away home I think that is not on her and him and a media list is my hobby is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through three seven audio and much more I would like to know more about our universe this is more so than in the visit www. .net verse .org


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