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7. What Happens When a Person Dies?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 24, 2014
    6:30 PM
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alright good evening everyone how you raise it through the cold weather I happy for you to be here and that you can always listen to the thing to do these things online but something else be actually present in the room and when the Holy Spirit works when we open up the word of God though I must say I am very thankful for the opportunity for these messages to go online and I suggest to remind you what the website blueprint CIO so take a look at that as John already mentioned the presentations of this series will be available there as well as the presentations of Duane Lemmon for those of you that were with us for the health series is actually another series that I would also like to mention the Sanyo had did a series last fall maybe some of you attended that the blueprint series how many of you are there a couple of you a very good series that you can also share that material with others and go over that very deep studies in prophecy based around the century message in the century has so much to to tell us so and take a look at that as well and good resources I keep bumping into people in different places where I go in the sandal say hi I seen you on amazing discoveries TVR I've heard you on all universities account of a resource websites that basically get the message out there and actually a blessing to know that these messages are reaching people all over the world another website that I can just add is sounding out an industry website which is living water and oh and O stands for Norway but even they go to that website there's a lot of English materials don't be afraid of them to be all in a region is notified when you get in there you'll see you come right on the homepage that will be in English and there's a lot of audio messages there via messages Bible studies and other resources so you can take a look at that as well spread this information with others around you that the word of God rather so on let's get into our presentation for this evening we're going to look at the very important question which is really a six thousand year old question and that is what happens when a person dies what happens when a person dies and that we going to allow the word of God the Bible descriptors to unmask some of the lies of the enemy that have crept in and that are taking the whole of many people in this world today and also found their inroads into Christianity and one allow the Bible to be our authority tonight as we look at this question what happens when a person die salute you have a word of prayer invite Holy Spirit to be with us and them with you to go on this journey together so let's pray heavenly father thank you so much that we can be gathered here thank you that we have your word among us that we can open it and study it and Lord that there is a blessing in it for each one of us and so we pray for your guidance we pray for your spirit to make the topic tonight very clear what I don't believe that human eloquence on my words can really make the impression that needs to be made in regards to this important questions in this important topic and so I do need your help I'm very aware of that and I pray that your spirit will be here and that your spirit will be our instructor and guide for I ask this in the name of Jesus amen all right well let's get going here we can start with down looking at some of the claims of spiritism know when we're talking about the question of data what happens when a person dies he will notice that there is a lot of interest around this question in our world today if there is something on the rise in our society and in our culture it is spiritism the fascination of the supernatural out what happened person by just one of those questions that links into this all over absorbing the mouth of there being something more now spirited sound is really found dead upon the two basic sellers are two basic foundational principles you could say these are the foundations of spiritism number one that there is conscious like the conscious life exists after death or this is what we refer to as natural immortality in other words that the body that can cost there is something that is in mortal and that cannot die so when a person dies they don't really die but they actually continue to exist and will talk more about that I will unpack how how that or this is worldview then secondly this principle this foundational spiritism Baghdad can communicate with the living so not only is there conscious life after death according to spirit Suzanne but also secondly the dad those that have passed away can actually communicate with those that are living with with with our so these are the two fundamental principles of spiritism now this is taken from author Hill which is a spiritist and he writes in this book he says the fundamental principle of spiritism is that human beings survive bodily death and that occasionally under conditions not yet fully understood we can communicate with those who have gone before Stacy very clearly the two principals in this quotation from this spiritist okay now here's another quotation from a spiritist by Linda Sir Oliver Lodge and he says the following there is no doubt in the graveyard I have frequent talks with the I I cannot doubt that people live after death for I frequently all of them this is not some kind of an issue or language they're very sure on what they believe and where they stand on this issue of what happens when a person dies you're another one also taken from the Spirit just as he says and this is kind of an interesting one will be really kind of segue into what the Bible teaches on this because he says the following spiritism says that the dad no more than the living entity clouds the Bible verse found in the book of Genesis chapter three and verse four with the second speaks to the women and he says and the serpent said unto the woman he shall not surely die but Mister Jolly continues here in this goat he says in this as in many other Bible passages the devil told the truth and the Lord is an error so it's interesting to note right away here as we kind of laid the foundation here as we built a platform for our presentation this evening we see very clearly got from the side of the spiritist or off on the side of this this resurgence of spiritism there are two very found of foundational principles embedded in the data not really bad and that we connect to communicate with them and they claim that the Lord is in error and the devil really told the truth when he said you shall not die okay now interesting that is of course very prevalent in modern media today as you look at some of the books and movies that have been released over the last decade you'll find that a lot of the content of those top-selling books and top-selling movies have their roots in this spiritualistic IDB spiritualistic ideas especially when it comes to be idea of what happens when a person dies they don't really die they continue to live this business as a nation in the act your life I find it for example very strongly in the books of Harry Potter which allegedly sold in the millions I wanted that the best selling bucks in and in the entire history of humanity what is good to note though that this is still the best-selling book and use a Mac but this is getting close of a business they deliberately sold in the millions of young people I just know that they're just sort in this material that really teaches that you don't death when a person dies nobly died to thought continues and it all goes on and a lot of witchcraft and magic again and all these kinds of things you'll find in the modern media today of course other movie is like twilight and others that are just naturally basically it's like a tsunami that is just the hitting the world in these topics of the supernatural now what does the Bible actually teach regarding spiritism or the conflict with the dead or mad of his wife this whether you have with you you magical white magic as they call it what sexy the Scripture teach about engaging in these kinds of activities well let's go to a text in the book of Deuteronomy and down Chapter eighteen verse ten to twelve and these words were given by God through Moses to the people in these words were actually given just prior to then obtaining or possessing the promised land of Canaan so just imagine the people of being in the wilderness for forty years and about into the promised land but in the promised land there are different cultures and different nations and there are different practices amongst those people and God is warning them and preparing them and doesn't want them to engage in the things that the nations are engaged in their entertainment and so he gives the following warning on a strong warning you can find and autonomy chapter eighteen beginning in verse ten listen to what the Bible says there shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire ninety megabytes and by what is that mean old alert practices amongst the Canaanites and the people of the land the heathen nations and they would actually sacrifice their children to their gods like Guatemala and other dogs and they would cause their children two to go through the fire pit day and if I would consume them and they consider that a sacrifice to their gods and goddesses that they were shipped as of the state I don't want you to begin phasing those things I want you to follow in those things and then amend the Lord goes on to speak here through Moses and says his basically a list of faith that God 's people is particularly special people are not to be engaged in and listen to these things that are listed here 's don't don't course your son or daughter to passive fire or one who practices witchcraft to stay away from witchcraft or a soothsayer or one who interprets omens or a sorcerer or one who can jurist 's fouls or eight medium or a spirit test or listen to the last part of your or one who calls up the dad one who calls out the back so the Bible is very clear in its teaching on spiritualistic matters the Bible to say stay away from it this is not something that the people of God to be engaged in outdoor was not something for the people of God to be engaged in thousands of years ago then I think it's reasonable to say that is not something that God wants us to be involved in today what you say now I wanted to further though I make that statement because you might think wow that's may be kind of a job how do we know that it's still dangerous today I wanted a little Bible study tonight I hope that's okay with egotism script is a colorful script is in the word of God to show what exactly happens when a person die and it is so important that we understand this from the Scripture because if we don't understand this teaching clearly from the Scriptures the enemy the devil Satan which is a real being as we have understood and learned in this seminar is going to make his way into our lives is going to make its way into the chart through the very deceptions all spirits his and the very question of what happens when a person night so let us go to Scripture and a very good place to start is right there in the book of Genesis the first book of the Bible because if you want to understand what happens when a person dies you must first understand what happens when a person is created because creation is back in reverse and to understand what happened the document does not understand what happened the creation of an extent so what happened when the first human being according to Scripture was created on how well the language here in Genesis chapter two and verse seven and listen to what it says are numbered by the screen and everything by the word of his mouth he's been the birds of the air of fish of the sea the animals of the lab is great at the stars and he knows them by name is created the planets is created add brief bank and then he creates the wrong leadership of his creation which is human being which is the human being and you can read about the creation of the first human being in chapter two and verse seven and the whole thing about the two and verse seven is when it tells us about the creation of mankind it was not enough format for God to merrily speak manager existence but God actually comes down and he could we now hope it doesn't be our and brings his own breath and man becomes a living soul it's a three figure Genesis super seven and the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul in other words the human being the first created human being was made up of the dust of the earth and the rat of God that the dust of the earth and the wrath of God which is by the way an incredible picture when you think about it because God didn't speak man's existence we actually created man which is just that it just shows you how close God really is and how much he wants to be involved with our allies from the very beginning there's something special about the creation of the human being now with that in mind if that's what Genesis teaches that that and the first human being was greeted by the breath of God and by the dust of the art than what happens when a person dies take notice of Ecclesiastes chapter twelve and verse seven the Bible says then the dust will return to the earth as it was and this spirit will return to God who gave it now it's interesting at creation we see the breath of God and the dust of the earth come together to create the first human being and Ecclesiastes would describe staff exodus was the separation of those two elements the separations of the breath of God and the body which returns to God now the wrath of God which which which we read about in Genesis and the spirit that talks about here in Ecclesiastes is the same word is the Hebrew word which means Barak insists spirit of rapidly synonymous here and that this is important for us to understand because what is it really that was returning to God it is in the rack that God originally date it's basically we could call it the life force because without God there is really know why when God gives us is licensing peer from him and so that the rest of the spirit and that this returns unto God in the Greek language the word spirit is which also means breath and think about it when a child is born the first thing that that child must do is pray and the last thing that a person does before they died they breathe their last rack right subgraph is so connected to life that in the Scriptures the word for spirit which really gives life is the word wrap because without breathing you can't live I mean you can go a certain number of days without food even though a certain amount of days without water I can go a certain amount of days you know without these things that you need whether it's you know fatal water RRR are other things but when it comes to Iraq became very very go very long without Brad don't try it because going without breath is just a matter of minutes basically some people trained notes it's it to be an adult without record maybe a couple of minutes but knowing that you don't get very far without Barak connected so much to life think of this illustration if you have a light pole the lightbulb only is good to give lights when you have the source of electricity right it's just like you have the body and the body there is the life force there's then ride but when that breakfast on the life force is gone when electricity is gone the light goes out and the body returns to what it was made from its returns into the dust to dust off the bar now Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse five thanks for Wildomar all an idea of what happens when a person dies because spirit or that rack that returns to God the question the big question really is is that any conscious life on the body returns to the art that you know that this is returns to death but Roethlisberger returns about it from some kind of a dose that is now you know at going around and have been ongoing around and how going around to start the art will want one that we must understand what is that breath of spirit is there any consciousness that's the big question when a person dies they continue to think that they continue to different emotions and feelings let's see what the Bible teaches on this Ecclesiastes chapter nine verse five and six for the living know that they will die but the dad know how much not saying and then no more reward for the memory of them is for Doctor also their love their hatred there and be now Paris never more will they have a share in anything done under the sun according to the words of Scripture when a person dies there is no longer while there's no longer hatred is no longer how right there is or that the feelings and emotions that we have when we are right here right now when we are alive in this body mechanics now they notice what songs from the forty six and verse four says his spirit departs which is again that same word the rest the parts of breakfast back to God she returns to the art the body becomes not listen to what it says by the verse in that very day is what is one man's rights so there's not some kind of like unfulfilled in a high here these you know these movies about August still some purpose of this person is like I'm honking this place because I have some business to did not get finished with that business ally of the battle because the Scriptures make it very clear that when a person dies his plan of lots are right there is no longer love there is no longer hate to these feelings are gone that's a notice that the Bible it waits that to sleep more than seventy times this is quite fascinating so in other words when the Bible talks about that more than seventy times in Scripture it is like getting back to sleep so if we can understand what happens when a person dies we must think about this very clear illustration that we find more than seventy times in the word of God and that is sleeping out what happens when a person sleeps right now take notice of first Thessalonians chapter or verse thirteen to eighteen where Paul the apostle under the inspiration of God gives a very hopeful message to the believers in Thessalonica and what he writes this letter to them he is using the analogy of sleep connected with what happens when a person dies while this passage one of my favorite passages in the Bible does it also gives us hope concerning and concerning this question of death and it shows us very clearly that death is not the last thing for the Christian if we believe in Jesus there is a hollow and Paul talks about this hope as the resurrection the good that the life coming back and quality Rita let let let's allow all to put it in his words here listen to this tax and first Thessalonians chapter four beginning in verse thirteen but I do not want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who have fallen asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope now right away with seeing here that Paul is obviously not talking about a sleep when it comes to taking a nap right is not talking about a person is taking a nap in the afternoon I sent you one half the human being out it wouldn't have any any sorrow or that so what is talking about clearly here is the sleep of death so as I don't want to be ignorance concerning those who fallen asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope now there are others that don't have the hope of the resurrection and when their beloved person and every loved one dies it seems the and of the world but Paul says you have to hope now take notice of the hope that he describes here or if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus for this we say to you by the word of the Lord that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of an archangel with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord therefore come with one another with these words so Paul is saying you know what don't be sorrowful when a person dies because if they believe in Jesus that is not the end they are merely sleeping and we know that when a person goes to sleep we know that there one that we don't have one number the better awakening and that is how it is with that death is merely like asleep Paul says because one day they do not awaken and he tells us exactly when that time comes according to this passage when is it that people are going to wake up it's when Jesus returns right this is when the trumpet sounds and could there are so many Dems here is clearly the point of the second coming of Christ he tells us that the two groups when Jesus returns to be those that are alive when he returned them never tasted that and then be those that I didn't be resurrected right he tells us in this passage that the resurrection will happen first first those are identified in price will rise and then he says to gather with those that are alive they will meet the Lord in the air 's opinion imagine Jesus coming of the sky they imagine Jesus Christ with all his angels in glory and power and beauty I see him there and then that the first starts to shake and there's this massive massive resurrection of people to put their trust and hope in Jesus and maybe your living at that day and you will never taste death maybe we'll seen from the sky but if not then you will experience coming out of that great if you put your trust in Christ and then to gather all of us that without faith in Christ Jesus will meet the Lord in the air is a powerful act of how uncle promise of Scripture that there is a hope there is something beautiful to look forward to as a believer in Jesus Christ and that is the resurrection day when Christ returns upon the clouds of glory this is going to be a beautiful amazing and climaxing moment in the course of human history this is when death will be swallowed up into victory this is when the sting of death will be removed for adverts for us to experience oneness face-to-face communion with our Savior and our Lord now the big question that comes to my mind and must come to all of our minds is very simply this question is the soul immortal or is there a resurrection because they keep a few things for a moment about this question it's really an either or question you to not have both in other words the song immortal asks spiritism teaches and many religions teach today and which is also an idea that is crept into Christianity to a large degree if you believe that the soul is immortal another way but that is not relieved after you continue to exist and you live forever and ever and that is true then there is no need all a resurrection right why would you have a resurrection if people immediately go to happen and they're already there why would they suddenly have to go back into this are to be resurrected but so is that the soul is immortal and there is a resurrection or the soul is immortal and there is no resurrection it's really an either or question and I believe that based on the evidence of Scripture were not finished yet with our Bible study were to go to couple more tax quite a number of text to show this I believe the Scriptures clearly teach that the soul is mortal but that there is a resurrection and the resurrection is the moment that we receive as a guest immortality from God himself but we at this point do not have immortality we are immortal beings now take notice that first Timothy chapter six verse fifteen and sixteen make it very clear the Bible says he who is the blessed and only potentate the chain of kings and Lord of lords Elizabeth says about Jesus the Lord of lords who alone has immortality now he has immortality you and I do not have immortality if we had immortality we would be the is a Christ was one with the father who is God has immortality we receive immortality as a gift and I get according to script is received at the second coming of Jesus Christ it's not I'll know we inherently have at this point the Bible makes it clear that Jesus alone has immortality now in first Corinthians chapter fifteen and this tax connects very well with the text that we already read and process lungs force I hope that you have the text the passage in mind versus legumes for where Paul says he will don't want to be ignorant brethren concerning those who fallen asleep until I do when you sorrow as others do the Lord is coming out with a shout with bizarre change was coming with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise and together with those that are alive to meet the Lord in the air and comfort one another with these words my debts that's the Texan versus learning sport now let's connect that with first Corinthians fifteen to find out exactly when that is swallowed up in victory when immortality puts on immortality puts on immortality first Corinthians chapter fifteen beginning in verse fifty one behold I tell you a mystery we shall not all sleep and again here talking about not the sleep of taking a nap of the sleep of death we shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed we shall want what shall we be changed now how would that change happen look at this in a moment in the twinkling of an eye and other with this change is not to take years targeting days out of the month is not perfect it can happen like that the slip of the finger at the twinkling of an eye then everything will be changed look at what it says when is this change can happen at the last trumpet now the Texan Thessalonians chapter four told us when the trumpet would sound the trumpet with Salman Christ would return and I'm so the trumpet sounds when Jesus returns and that this change happens look at what's as for the trumpet will set for the trumpet will sound and the data will be raised we read about that in the other tax incorruptible and we shall be shamed for this corruptible must put on incorruption and this mortal must put on what immortality now if you must put on immortality do you have immortality right now no input on immortality you are memorial again put on immortality and what is I can happen when the trumpet sounds when it's a trumpet in a sound when Christ returns as an example and then write a little it says here so when this corruptible has put on incorruption and this mortal has put on immortality then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written death is swallowed up in victory all my friends I look for to that day don't you I look for to that day when dad will be swallowed up in victory when Jesus comes and events when going on and I got back pain is gone a man in a twinkling of an eye you know along there we no longer than a here about cancer and that it's Wendling of an eye everyone is to be healed and that will be that will have helped him mortal bodies now we have mortal bodies now we are sick and tired all the time and people they say I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired but one day he will no longer be sick and tired of being sick and tired because if you put your faith in Jesus you'll receive the gift of immortality and in the twinkling of nine to be changed and then you will be changed what a beautiful beautiful promise that will happen my friends according to Scripture when Jesus Christ returns in glory when he comes back a second time and the trumpet sounds now Bible writers from the Old Testament to the New Testament were very very consistent in their understanding of this theme of what happens when a person dies second Timothy four percentage eight here Paul is writing a letter to a beloved cult labor in the gospel work at a young man by the name of Timothy this was not long before his watered down in Rome is not affected was already at the rallies in writing this letter to Young Timothy is in a sense passing the baton to his young co- labor and second interview many ways as regards it is regarded out of the legacy of Paul to his young coworker is reviewing his life and he says the following I have fought the good fight I have finished the race I have capped the faith finally there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord the righteous Judge will give to me on that day and not to me only but also to all who have walked loved his appearing think about that for a moment Paul is writing to Timothy any saying I look I look back on my life and I've kept the faith I feel confident that he's walked in obedience to the Lord as I look forward to the day of reward and then as he describes that day he says that the righteous jobs will will give the reward of the day he says not to me only but also to all who have loved want disappearing below the appearing of Jesus Christ is my friend Paul is now right now sleeping in the right is no conscious spirit floating around he's sleeping in the right and she is waiting for the day when Christ will come back and the trumpet will sound and the raise will open and Paul will rise up from the grave and to gather with all of us we will love the appearing of Jesus amen we will love his appearing and the righteous Judge will get on that day what his lady will give to Paul writes that it needs the reward of eternal life and no give to you and to me the reward of eternal life if we put our faith in crises it's a beautiful promise now take a look at this tax the tax two Peter 's preaching this is the sermon on the day of Pentecost the great sermon that cost three thousand people to be baptized and he's preaching with great power and in the midst of the sermon that you can read in acts chapter two he reviews the life of the patriarch David which was one of the kings of Israel and he said the following regarding David he says men and brethren let me speak freely to you of the patriarch David that he is both dad and Farid and his tomb is with us to this day and then he goes on to say in verse thirty four for David did what not send into the heavens no supportive words David did not ascend into the heavens now the popular belief in Christianity today is that when a person dies where do they go they go straight to heaven or they go straight to how so this idea of the immortal soul continuing to exist in heaven is not something we find in Scripture as a matter of fact Scripture teaches that David is not and have now think about David and David certainly did some things that you know would embarrass most about the box David was also inadequate descriptor after God 's own heart he repented and God using a powerful way he was a man after God 's own heart the Lord will love David David loved the Lord and yet the Scriptures tell us that he is not in heaven today and ascend into the heavens my friends he is like Paul like Timothy like old by the right as they are resting in the graveyard sleeping awaiting the great day when Christ will come and the trumpet will sound now with that in mind and want to take you two F fascinating story that sheds more light on this topic and this story is found in the book of John the fourth Gospel book and chapter eleven and again to give US at as the story here basically Jesus had a very very dear friend by the name of Lazarus Lazarus became very set and Lazarus sent a messenger to Jesus or the family members of Lazarus sent a messenger to Jesus saying to Jesus Tom quickly because Lazarus your friend is about to die now the disciples they are ready to go back and get Jesus Clinton lingers a little bit doesn't go immediately to his friend Lazarus and Lazarus and the dying he passes away he is late in the two and actually he's already been in the tomb for four days before Jesus makes his way and comes to the family now the disciples are kind of like wondering what is all going on and that Jesus says to the disciples before they arrived at the home of Lazarus he said to his disciples and you can read this in John chapter eleven he says Lazarus sleeps Lazarus what sleeps and the disciples say wow if he sleeps he will be okay because they are thinking of the sleep of taking a nap so I'll be sleeping well that's usually a good thing to do when you're sick because that helps the get the body battery gives the body rest and then Jesus when the disciples say well if he seems to be okay Jesus responded to read this in John eleven and he says Lazarus is dead so he states it plainly is in other words like any sleep unto death as but he then says but let's go let's go because he was going to work out a beautiful incredible miracle he was in a raise Lazarus from the gray and so they go to Lazarus and the home of Lazarus and the sister of Lazarus meets Jesus and she says the following words to him and John chapter eleven verse twenty three and twenty four and this is amazing listen to what he says Jesus said to her your brother will rise again why is said to have I know that he will rise again when in the resurrection when at the last day now you see my was a follower of Jesus she had listened to the very teachings of Christ and she knew that Lazarus was going to rise again she had the hope of the resurrection and I wasn't in a happen at the last day as we also see based on many of the tax inspector now Jesus he was in a performed a special miracle and otherwise Jesus was the rise was good to raise Lazarus one of the last day but also at the last day but also by bear and back he was to perform a very special miracle to testify the fact that he is indeed able and capable of raising the death and so it would have noted that in a moment to look at look at and on the texture in John chapter six when Jesus basically states that he will raise up his followers in the last days John took the six verse thirty nine and forty this is the will of the father who sent me that of all he has given me I should lose much nothing but should raise it off at the last day and this is the will of him who sent me that everyone who sees the song and believes in him may have everlasting life and I will raise him up at the last day so very clearly the teachings of Jesus these are teaching them Martha had hard when will be remember living when will we be raised up in the last day right we put our faith in Jesus but Jesus was the performer special Maricopa Lazarus and so he says to the people that are there on the path to grace I desist take away the stone first thirty nine take away the stone and Martha the sister of him who was dead set of Lord by there is a spent we has been bad for days at a diesel to perform a special miracle they take away the stone of the Bible says in verse forty three now when it's at these things he cried with a loud voice Lazarus come forth in the Bible tells us that Lazarus came forth alive and well Jesus rose him from the gray like a miracle by his voice the very same way it is to raise up everyone it is believed in him when he comes back the second time my friends is the voice of Jesus and what is welded to existence a man it was the voice of Jesus that created this world and is the voice of Jesus that can re-create you and me even when we have time so when we are asleep in the grave the life-giving words of Jesus can course I still writes a man and we will rise we put our faith in Jesus I like to think of it this way if I'm listening to the voice of Jesus today I will listen to his voice even when I'm in the gray and those that have discerned his voice when they are living will discern his voice when they die because this is the word of life this is the voice of Jesus amen I custom yourself with the voice of Jesus and even if you would die before he comes again he will hear that voice and you will rise just as Lazarus rose from the grave now I want to think us about I want you to think about a couple of things in the story because this story reveals when you think about it really that ridiculous claims that large portion of Christianity has today regarding what happens when a person dies a lot of Christianity says today when the person dies they go straight to heaven or straighten out now if Lazarus died and went straight to have been then what Jesus didn't like it was not really a nice thing to do the last and last with enjoying the golden cities of new Jerusalem coming he's walking that would Gabriel be Angel Gabriel is ensuring around he even do that if you've ever eaten is why is he is seeing the most irritable things that you've ever seen possible read the Bible says I have not seen here has not heard that Anita had entered into the mind of man the very things of the Lord is prepared for them can you imagine what he is experiencing their uneasy experiencing the beginnings of heaven and suddenly he hears the voice Lazarus come bar as I was Lazarus I would say I'm doing fine on here I don't want to come into my greetings Lazarus my friends was not in heaven neither was Lazarus in how that is was in the grave in a state of unconsciousness but when a person dies their unconscious there's no love is not hate that is a feeling that there is an unconscious state and so for Lazarus when he died it was nothing going on during the four-day and if there was going to imagine everything the media of you every single CNN and Fox news in all of them would be barely came out so what was it like what was it like and a microphone would be put into the mouth of Lazarus I don't know I don't know that waving his answer she would not have known he didn't know he had he wasn't it there's no report of Lazarus talking about the bliss of heaven experience with this four days or the Tower of power not think my friends it was an unconscious state and he rose because of a special miracle and so every person has died in the faith of Jesus they are not floating around somewhere right now they're not have been done on and how they are in the grave and unconscious state when Christ comes back if they put their faith in Jesus they will be raised to life now the question of course is how has this theory of people going straight to have a straight to hell of the immortality of the soul how has it correct into Christianity today none order to do that we need to go on a little journey this can be a very short output journey into history and so buckle up your seats and here we go we push the rewind button and we go all the way back in time we started in Egypt thousands of years ago it is easy there was a belief of the immortality of the soul in other words when a person dies they continue to live this was founded in Egypt this was a very strong teaching with Egyptians and they actually believe that when I wrote their master would die there came that he continue to exist it was an afterlife and so what they did they believe that the parts in arrow that they referred to at the bottom of the raw they continue to exist and so they would take the body of Farrow they would in Bonham put them in the parody with all his possessions because he would carry those possessions into the afterlife as a disbelief amongst Egyptians was later passed down to the Babylonians and the Babylonians believed in ancestor worship pagan and a nation of the Babylonians actually built into either temples dedicated to their ancestors that they would worship because I believe when a person dies they continue to live and so they would actually worship those of the gone before that this teaching was then passed down from Babylon to the Medes and the Persians which strongly also believed in the immortality of the soul as a link of the objections to the Babylonians to the Medo Persians and that was passed down to Google ranks now the grades were really strongly emphasizing this it was a nation in antiquity that strongly emphasized the mentality of the soul mostly art have most happily it would be the Greek empire the great Greek the Greeks and what they believe is simply the keychain off and is complicated work of break it down for you in a moment anthropological dualism no answer anthropological comes from anthropology which is the study of mankind the study of the human being and do Elizabeth the idea that we are not one but were actually to dualism dualistic answer what they believe is that when a person dies what happens if the body is like a prison house and inside of us there is a spirit and the spirit is separate from the body and the spirit continues to exist for ever and ever because the spirit is immortal the body is not immortal soul and the body dies it's like the prison house is open this spirit is released and continues to live or at work and ever and ever so this is Anfield a logical dualism which the Greeks really perfected this teaching and it is loaded of course in Greek philosophy especially when you read the writings of Aristotle Plato Socrates they were happily I believe students into this idea of the immortality of the soul at very different by the way from the Hebrew mindset because when you go to Scripture you look at the Hebrew mindset Judaism was very strong of a holistic miss of mankind body mind spirit at all it belongs to gather you cannot separate one from the other while the Greeks they really separated that all the compartmentalize these things and here we find creeping in this idea into the Christian church because the Romans passage onto that a sorry the Greeks passed on to the road because what happened when wrong became a strong empire they clung good break but historians will always tell you and remind you that even though Rome conquered Greece geographically Greece Concord Rome philosophically and so what wrong did it wanted to keep their empire United is they can use Greek philosophy all the umpire is of Greek philosophy and even got a a a kind of the boost in the Roman Empire that came after it after the Romans would just spread Greek philosophy of neither empire this idea of anthropological dualism the idea of immortality of the soul now as Christianity is growing and Christianity is getting bigger and more influential throughout the centuries in the Roman Empire you will remember ever dealt with this in a former presentation it was a temporary by the name of Constantine that actually became a Christian and I I do that with quote marks because it's questionable whether he became a Christian because of a real conversion or a political move because what happened is he wanted to get his Empire United were so many Christians of so many pagans and he said okay I'll become a Christian but will just bring the patent rights in the pink pagan traditions of the pagan way of thinking into Christianity I will just emerge in altogether and what came into Christianity in the days of Constantine wasn't exactly the idea of the immortality of the soul as a matter of fact John stopped which is a foremost Anglican theologian even though Anglicans believe in the immortality of soul a kind of study this out for himself in Scripture and he came to the following conclusion so he's quite out-of-the-box thinker on this very point and he says it cannot I think be replied that it is impossible to destroy human beings because they are immortal for the immortality and therefore the inlet distractibility of this all was a great not a biblical concept very clear and very clean observation from Scripture here now the pagan doctrine of the mentality of the soul of the human soul into the back door of the church it was long held belief through all the pagan nations and cultures throughout the antiquity and then it came into Christianity not the first entry if you look at first century Christianity and you read the script is all to look at those passages had a very different idea about this after this came in later centuries when the was this marriage of paganism and Christianity and it has 's being kind of this legacy that Christianity has gone through throughout the ages and I believe that we want to be truly Christians that believe in Scripture we need to remove the traditions we need to remove the culture we need to remove all up and get back to what Jesus thought a man I disclose once it says you have Christianity started in Palestine is a fellowship they moved to Grayson within the philosophy a move to Italy and became an institution and moved to Europe and became a culture in the United States and became an enterprise when we need to get back we need to get back what we need to remove all these areas laser removal of all this clutter and all these traditions are filed upon the word of God we need to get back to the teachings of Jesus amen and Jesus teaches us what happens when a person dies Jesus teaches us what happened when Christ returns and we cannot go by man's traditions and then we need the clear revelations of the word of God because I is the devil is using this very teaching to deceive is actually millions in our world today there are things that maybe you heard about this things like Mary at operations where so-called marrying the same disappearance of people and giving messages about love upon this while now think about this according to the biblical teaching of what happens when a person that there is married today in the gray she is sleeping right the sleep that there's no conscious form this note floating around she's waiting the right as a matter for these people to sleep in the right and the right if there's no sense of consciousness is no sense of time for them the very next moment is the second coming right but the floating around some time right now and so she is also in the gray waiting for that great day and yeah there are these aberrations and Mary a so-called giving messages to the charts and messages to people and people having personal experiences like this window see their grandmother or their grandfather or a beloved friend suddenly appeared to them late at night and giving them some message of hope and they think this is beautiful this is wonderful but my friends we must look at what Scripture teaches because of Scripture teaches that the debtor in the grave is no conscious form and they are sleeping and who is or what it is actually appearing all take notice of this this is a book is called under a justice which is a four hundred page book that is really dedicated to these operations of the Virgin Mary and on the very first pages in the first chapter it tells us about this one of appearance of Mary and his message that she gives to the well this is what it says this is just on the very first pages of this book the thunder of justice it says a chastisement worse the lot is about to come upon this porn perverted humanity buyer will descend on heaven and this will be the sign of the justice of God as he has as of now fixed the hour of his great manifestation so according to Mary was the sign fire coming now I think this think with those of you that were here in our last lecture last Sunday you remember that we look at a prophecy in Revelation chapter thirteen that were not going to right now you can get the handout you can even don't listen to the message but it tells us that these will come up out of the birth which had two boys like a lamb and would speak like a dragon a new exercise the authority of the first beast in his presence which is where these deceptive powers of that last moments of first history and it didn't cause the earth and those who dwell in it to worship the first piece of salmon worshiping Christ whose deadly wound was healed I look at what it says he performs great signs that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth inside of me is not fastening prophecy tells us that deceptive powers will be at work to perform miracles and signs one of the science Scripture clearly reveals is that it will close fire to come down from heaven and then marry appears and Mary says that fire coming down from heaven is the least sign of God I'm afraid what must we believe we must believe this book a man we must go by the word of God and not be deceived by these aberrations or by these appearances of people which are actually not the very ones that we that many expected to be a think them to be because Mary is in the brain and also loved ones that that that you should be started immediately to experience this yourself that you know easier if you hear about this person seeing their loved one appeared to them and give messages to them offers must be very aware what this actually is the Bible tells us in second Corinthians Chapter 11 verse thirteen and fourteen for such are false apostles deceitful workers transforming themselves into apostles of Christ no wonder for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light the Bible tells us that the devil can transform himself into an angel of light and by the way that's not hard for him because that's who he originally wants when you look at the great controversy in Scripture the devil many times pictured as the little dragon with a pitchfork the red Dragon in charge of how the Scripture picture that is given of this being is an angel of light loosened by the light bearer and if he can appear as an angel of light certainly you can take on the form of a beloved one that has passed away he can take on the form of marry or another saint it can take on the form of a serpent like he did in the garden of Eden he can actually take on a different form in order to deceive people and if people don't know the teaching of what happens when a person dies and they see their beloved line that looked exactly the same and speaks exactly the same and appears to give this beautiful message what are they going to the ballpark and the only protection my friends from the floodgates of spiritism is this book it teachings of the Bible and then as we must know what happens when a person dies I heard this story about a missionary family that went to the country I don't remember which country it was but they lost their child as they were missionaries there under child was only very young by six years old and they and they were really really devastated by what it happened very sad as you can imagine losing your child at one point though that father recalls that he was outside working in the garden and suddenly he's sees his son exactly running towards him smiling and it just seems as if everything is okay again but he knew what the Scriptures taught and even though at that point it was everything in him wanted to embrace his son in the same time said Lee eighty eight he reminded he reminded himself of the Scripture where it says Lee from this me from the devil and she knew that Scripture taught what happens when a person dies and so instead of embracing his son he prayed a prayer to his father in heaven and he basically went from the devil and and hast himself upon and immediately that preparation that his son which was not really his son apparition disappeared it was God my friends we are living in spiritual warfare religious spiritual warfare where where this is happening to sincere people if this happened to you by the way don't think that there's something insincere in you what what you might question why does this happen to be wealthy or very sincere and God-fearing people in this book and experience things like that but what we must know this scripture so we that we can refute these lies in the name of God amen because Scripture is clear on what happens when a person dies to see the devil does not come up with a little car on the false prophet six six six that's not how it works is not deception like this section the very word is in why that is something that we don't expect it something unaware coming Sino is exactly how the devil works from the very beginning in the saddle when he led the first human beings and to send you subtleties working today and in the subtleness of the devil he specifically seen in the question of what happens when a person dies because what he's doing is he's even appearing as loved one preparing a saint in order to give messages to the world my friend this will be one of the some of the very last deceptions upon this well when he gives messages that people will embrace this is a young married illness or what it can unite now impersonate Jesus himself and what you are they will say onto this comment and all friends need to know this but a man Jesus himself said it if you hear about that if you care about me help him if they say that he is out there in the desert do not go for Matthew twenty forces don't go to go out to see because I will come in the clouds of heaven Jesus made it very clear that we comes again he's not to step on this earth when he comes the second time so anyone on this earth with the field is art that says that Jesus you could know it's a whole acts because of Scripture in the skin in the tax event versus money and when Jesus returns where we can meet him in the act in the air for you know it's false and we know that this deception will come that's why we need to know what Scripture teaches first Timothy chapter orders once is now the Spirit expressly says that a latter times the last days some will depart from the faith giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons and I pray earnestly that none of us will fall into that category of allowing ourselves to be drawn away from the clear revelations in Scripture and to be deceived by doctrines of demons and doctrines of devils with every prevalent in our world today that's why very adamant about this message what happens when a person 's eyes we must know what Scripture teaches on this matter as we come to a close here we must remember that Jesus has given us the promise that all of us that believe on him and believe in his death and his resurrection but he died in our place we took our sins make it personal but he took licensed your sins upon himself that assurance of knowing that our soon to be paid for and that Jesus from the grave he rose up on that Sunday morning gives you and I confidence that we from the gray and that is not the end of the death will be swallowed up in victory that's the language of Scripture and what happened when the last trumpet sounds and when Christ comes back the second time would enclose with this verse in Romans chapter six in verse twenty three says for the wages of sin is what but so happy for the second part of that verse but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord I pray that that eternal life maybe yours this evening remember that were really on a journey all of us because in the scripting of the Scriptures is bookmarked in the beginning there is a garden that was created called the Garden of Eden and the very end of the last two chapters of the book of Revelation God you know makes this new art again in the middle of the garden in the beginning he placed a tree which is called the tree of life yet the tree of knowledge of good and evil but they were not to eat up again on another treatment they were to eat up and it was the tree of life it perpetuated the lie it was life-giving as a replacement in the middle the tree of life when they send they had to leave the garden they left the tree of life when you come to the end of the Bible to the last two chapters of the Bible Revelation God he remakes this planet replaces right in the midst of that the tree of life and so you and I really journeying between the tree 's wood between the two trees of life and how to get from one tree to the other trade is through this tree the crucifixion of Jesus amen Jesus on a tree to bring you from one tree to another tree of life Man your sins were upon him so he could give you grand to think that eternal life and that is a gift is received by faith as a put your faith in Jesus but your faith in the one that bore your sins that rose you and is soon coming again please don't believe in the life take them regarding what happens when a person dies some people will silently close on this one the people say well what about the thief on the cross because the typical argument because it did on the cross secondly young Jesus promised him that he would be in paradise with Jesus and you've got to read carefully what Jesus actually sat easy that people across that you don't remember me when you come to patent when it when you come to the kingdom and Jesus says on terms that he will remember him and that he will be with them in paradise and he says the work today but it's interesting because in the Greek language there are no it's also when you write in Greek you basically just by without and the other can make a huge difference I mean when you place can really make a huge difference and what Jesus was saying if he was giving the promise that they exist today and be with it's today he gave the promise he himself Jesus himself was not in paradise that day is better fact diesels taken down from the from the cost laid in the grave and then on Sunday morning he rose that stone was rolled away he came forth and then some someone that he right there marry mandoline K member the story and she was about to touch Jesus what did Jesus tell married don't touch me because I have not ascended to the father wow so if you sent to the speed today you will be a man and be with me apart as if he meant that they would be there together that day then that does make sense with what he said on Sunday became part of the grace and I've not ascended to the father yet right so it is all in the comment there and I finally just if you just replace that it makes perfect sense to do I answer you we shall we be with me in paradise promise was given bad day my friends at their other scratches that you sent why don't really understand this if we asked me or also we have a handout tonight which will go through some of the many difficult scriptures but we must look at the weight of evidence in Scripture which really leaves the league towards what we've seen tonight that yes we rest in the grave there is no conscious form of life after death immortality will be ours is not ours yet but will be out to be given to us at the second coming of Jesus Christ at the resurrection and this teaching really really protects you in many ways from the subtle attacks of the enemy is when you understand this and you know that all the spiritualistic appearances are not beloved ones and they're not saying the enemy is at work to deceive man I'm well aware of that will be able to also by faith in the word of God able to protect ourselves and others from the subtleties of Vienna and get all that he is media was not as the website is God 's word into three seven audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is more certain is www. nonuniversity .org


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