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9. Who Will Make it Right?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 25, 2014
    6:30 PM
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alright yes I'm talking tonight what would you do is basically we're going to lock at a prophecy of Christ's first coming which is found in the Old Testament book of Daniel and I will get a segue into a prophecy regarding his second coming or some sign that Jesus gave us that we should be looking for when it comes to the second coming of Jesus Christ and I think this presentation will be both that informative as well as inspirational and it's my prayer so on what a brave and will get straight into it father in heaven we want to thank you for the opportunity we have of being here together this evening we went thank you for your word which never leaves us untouched Lord as we read it over and over again the power in its is always there Lauritzen snowbirds evidently run out all of the power source thank you that we have it available in among us also this evening and what I would pray that your blessing a very special way your words and the study of it this evening and we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us and lead us in this study for I asked this in Jesus name amen to that question first time together so far we have really been looking at a variety of Bible prophecies and I think I mentioned this on the opening night of Bible prophecy is like the signature of God something happens that God assigned that and he confirms that and you already knew it and processes is amazing because it shows the trustworthiness of God and how each time he says something he predict something and it comes to past you predict something else that comes to pass and when this happens you can really sense that God is trying to teach us and show us that he can be trusted that we can actually build our lives upon teachings of his word and as of this evening I'll look at some more of Bible prophecy and there are a lot of Bible prophecies in both the old and new Testaments and met many of the prophecies in the Old Testament they revolt around the first coming of Jesus even though also you will find prophecies in the ultimate testament that point to the second coming of Jesus and I think on the first or second I can't remember exactly we got we actually I actually showed this life here with just quickly some of these prophecies that were made regarding the first coming of Jesus for example there is a prophecy and Micah chapter five in verse two concerning the place where Jesus would be born does anyone remember what place that was Bethlehem exactly and we find fulfillment during the New Testament story also be hypotheses regarding the circumstances of the birth of Jesus at a virgin would conceive as we read about and Isaiah chapter seven and in Genesis chapter forty nine all the way back in Genesis we have a prophecy concerning how to which tribe Jesus would come it would come from the tribe of Judah I know this is important for us to look at these prophecies because some people will say you know what when it comes to Bible prophecy maybe Jesus just knew those prophecy certainly be bad he rolled he read the Old Testament he read the Torah he read the Scriptures and maybe he was just trying to fulfill those prophecies but obviously they are prophecies that are beyond the control of any human being when it comes to the birthplace and the circumstances of your birth of the tribe from which he or the nationality from which it condos is certainly not things that you can control and this was very clear that these prophecies find their fulfillment in Jesus and that Jesus is really the one that doesn't just fulfill some of them or most of them but all of them and that is really again the signature of God on this event with prophecies concerning I think he's would come from from from David the son of David as as we find in Isaiah chapter eleven verse one and what we can do this evening is look at a prophecy in the book of Daniel chapter nine concerning the very high in all the first coming of Christ and this is a powerful prophecy and very significant prophecy and one that again really confirms our faith in Scripture so what would I do this evening in our first presentation we going to look at Daniel chapter nine within a look at a prophecy that talks about the first coming of Christ and to see that he was exactly on time for them more than that they just remain there as at present being a historic fulfillment and historic prophecy but they were going to take that same prophecy and went on to actually learn some lessons from it because that prophecy in many ways shows us also what is to come at some of the events around this prophecy a very significant for you and for me living today what I like to refer to our but many Bible scholars will referred to here is typology there are things that happened in the Old Testament that kind of repeat himself on a worldwide scale in in in hard times today so the Bible is an interesting but because when you read stories in the Old Testament though they are wonderful face building stories of really taken place in the past history they are also stories that in and in a very real way of beautiful white picture of things that are the next even in our very well today this is what we can refer to this typology or shadows there's a shadow meets its a film and so we'll see how that works this evening also regarding this prophecy here and yes it speaks about Christ's first coming but also events that really picture of what things are going to be like before he comes the second time so I would get right into that and so we can go to the book of Daniel and that in the book of Daniel Old Testament book I still give you a little bit of background here many of you are familiar with this story I Daniel was a young man probably still in his teens when Babylon which was a great conquering nation at that time conquered Judah and destroyed Jerusalem where Daniel lived and Daniel is taken captive along with many other Jews and they were taken to Babylon and when you read the book of Daniel in the Old Testament it starts right out there in the first chapter with the story of how they were taken from Jerusalem to Babylon and then you go into the rest of the story and basically is the story of the prophet Daniel living in Babylon receiving dreams and visions and prophecies from God in this foreign land and that remarkable prophecy some of which we have looked at during the in the course of these this seminar here remember the statute in Daniel chapter two the dream of Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon with these different metal this man made of different metals and how Daniel basically interprets that dream is as different kingdoms that will come in all powerful we looked at that on our opening night and again prophecies like a negative seven about the beast coming up out of the sea and that there is an angel they are instructing Daniel concerning those peace and he says to Daniel V sport B support kingdoms we look at the different kingdoms that came and bought out even look at the arise of this antichrist power of Bible prophecy lots of fascinating incredible stuff there in these prophecies and you just look at history and you see how prophecy and history I just right beside each other it's like hand-in-hand and it just confirms over and over again the authenticity and trustworthiness of the Scriptures now the prophecy that when you look at this evening is found in Daniel chapter nine that what happened is Daniel was in Babylon now for a long time and when we got to the chapter nine of the book of Daniel Daniel is very mindful of the fact that they are suited and that the Jews are soon going to be released to return it back to Jerusalem now why did he believe that he believed that based on another prophecy of another profits that live prior to him that was the prophet Jeremiah and Jeremiah a book that you also find in the Old Testament said he had written a prophecy and said that they would be set and see years in captivity in Babylon so Daniel was mindful and aware of that prophecy and now as we got to Daniel chapter nine through seventy years were about to run out and so he is aware that having the time of captivity is coming to an end soon we are going to go back to Jerusalem go back to Judah would I be able to restore the kingdom again and so Daniel chapter nine what we find there is that Daniel is right he's praying for his people because he realizes that the reason why they are in captivity is really because they had walked contrary to the ways of God they had they had turned away from the Commandments of God and have followed other nations around them the calamity had come upon them and they were taken captive the seventy years had passed in captivity they are about to return and Daniel is praying for his people but there will be a spirited revival in Reformation and there met today as they return they will be able to fulfill the very purpose for which they were raised output which they existed and that was to put the very glory of God the light of on display for the nations around them so this is where we are coming into Daniel chapter nine I went to just take notice of them out of these words here Daniel chapter nine and am reading here beginning in verse one it says in the first here on Gary Hess the son of spirits which was by the patent with which was the king of that Medo Persian Empire Old Dominion given me the leaves of the fence here who was made king over the ROM of the child the ends in the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by the books the number of years specified by the word of the Lord through Jeremiah the prophet that he would accomplish how many years seventeen years of desolation of Jerusalem sedan is aware this period is coming to an end soon we can be of his return to Judah and Jerusalem now we go on here in Daniel chapter nine and you can go back and read the entire chapter is really beautiful prayer that Daniel prays for the people as we jump down to verse twenty one went to take notice because his prayer is interrupted I mean in a good way I wish my friends were interrupted this way because what happens is while he is praying the angel Gabriel visits him him if you would like that to happen oh yeah and an intensive instruction concerning what has been a happen with the people of God with the Jews as they are ready to return to restore and rebuild their city and are in their country and this is what the angel says powerful that you can't deny beginning in verse twenty one yes while I was speaking in prayer the man Gabriel whom I have seen in the vision at the beginning being caused just fly swiftly reached me about the time of the evening offering and he informed me and talked with me and said O Daniel I have now come forth to give you scale to understand and here comes a prophecy healing you with our launch into a prophecy that Gabriel gives to Daniel regarding his people which are the Jewish nation they notice what Gabriel sad verse twenty four seventeen weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city to finish the transgression to make an end of sins to make reconciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy so a list of things I given that have to happen within a certain time period and the time is seventy weeks Gabriel says okay seventy weeks I gave to your people right for your people for your holy city is talking about Jerusalem okay did you want to finish the transgression make an end of sins now that's interesting because we don't understand these words in the context of where they are remember they had come that this is remind us that the story a little bit here remember Abram was called Abram a son by the name of Isaac Isaac and is under the name of Jacob Jacob had twelve sons which became the twelve tribes they were led into he just where they live in a prosperous life for a while but then they were enslaved out of Egypt by Moses through the wilderness for forty years and into Canaan over through Canaan established the land they were to be a light unto the nations but instead of being a light into the nations they absorb the practices of the nations which were stooped in idolatry and pagan worship and so instead of being alive they became dark and so God in order to shake them up sent the king of Babylon being taken captive into Babylon for seventeen years and now they are about to return what is the purpose of their return to be a light unto the nations but that Gabriel Collins and Daniels training Gabriel companies is okay you can be given a second chance you can appeal to return but I've been to give you the mortising I'll give you seventeen weeks and if you would just sum up what has to happen in the seventy we it is some very simply seventy weeks to make things right seventy weeks to be a nation that surely portrays the character of God seventy weeks to turn away from your transgression and sin seventy weeks to actually assure in the Messiah which was the promised one that would come and hold this would happen within the seventy weeks it is like the Lord has given down at probation time a time of probation okay you've got seventy weeks to make things right and within the seventy weeks they were to finish transgression to make an end of sins to make reconciliation for iniquity range in ever lasting righteousness to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy well interesting it would be seventy weeks start and how long is this what was to happen within this let's continue to look at this prophecy quite fascinating in order to understand this prophecy we must understand a very simple yet profound principle of interpretation when it comes to Bible prophecy and this is the interpreter this is the principle that in Bible prophecy one prophetic day equals one ritual year you can find this principle in Ezekiel chapter four in verse six as well as in numbers chapter fourteen and verse thirty four and you know people have asked me why why is Bible prophecy given in symbolic language knife I think I mentioned this on earlier night that we had together and that is very simple it was if I was given in plain language we would hotly would probably most likely not have the prophetic confidence that we have today it would be destroyed long time ago remember that both Daniel the prophet in this instance and later job when he wrote the book of Revelation that he is writing processes about the downfall of the three nations under which he is subjected right circular plainly state things certainly these the the Scriptures these these prophecies would've been destroyed a long time ago someone forgot to preserve that it was given in symbolic language I think I also mentioned this earlier Diebold is more presuming you did right and went both in your lap so it's interesting it is good for us to study these things and you know some people say while I don't study revelation or process ecosystems too difficult it's not that difficult to keep it if you have a mind that wants to know the truth even a child can understand these things and then if you really want to God will reveal these things to us so that's a very simple principle in for an prophetic time when dealing with it especially when dealing with these prophecies here in the book of Daniel and Revelation we applied this principle to date eight year and so when we are talking about seventeen weeks what how how long would seventy weeks below seventy weeks let us just translated first into our interpretive first in in in in in days seventeen weeks would give us how many days four hundred ninety right very simply seventeen weeks how many days you have in a week seven so seventy times seven four hundred ninety thanked the seventy weeks is four hundred ninety days but then we take the principle of the day your principle and so help how I wanted now how long is it four hundred ninety years very simple so so what Gabriel is saying to Daniel your people are being given four hundred ninety years okay now we still don't have a beginning dates that but that is given as we continue to look at this prophecy in verse twenty five the notice of this kind of chapter nine verse twenty five know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem unto Messiah the Prince of it shall be seven and sixty two weeks out will look at the Messiah the Prince and the seventy six two weeks in just a moment but right here in the beginning of the verse twenty five we have to beginning date of the seventy weeks prophecy or four hundred ninety years it is from the galling for him the command to restore and build Jerusalem now there were various commands that were given regarding the restoration of Jerusalem the rebuilding of Jerusalem but there was only one command that surely enable them financially and practically to actually begin the restoration and that was given in the year or fifty seven BC in the seventh year of King architects as he commanded that they go I gave them all the provisions that they needed and they started the rebuilding of Jerusalem four fifty seven BC is clearly the date that we looking at here at the beginning of the seventeenth week prophecy or the four hundred ninety years of any backup your because what was to happen within this interestingly verse twenty five tells us know therefore and understand above the going forth of the command to restore and build tourism on Intel Messiah but friend snow was Messiah the Prince which Jesus so from the going forth to the tube to restore the city from the command to restore the city don't be a time beer that will elapse that will bring you to my side of the brand 's Messiah means the anointed one you'll come to be anointed one and how long will that take there will be seven weeks and sixty two weeks now now seven and sixty two is how many weeks combined sixty nine weeks so a seventy weeks prophecy is given and it starts in four fifty seven BC four hundred ninety years ago take the day your principle but before this prophecy is over before it is one hundred ninety years are over with these one hundred ninety years the Messiah would come in the Messiah would come in sixty nine weeks right and how many weeks what time would that be was pretty simple actually if seventy weeks is the nineteen years sixty nine weeks is one week last a week seven days yup why did they get principle seven years so you subtract seven years from one hundred ninety and where does that leave us four hundred eighty three right so four hundred eighty three years from one fifty seven BC some account for fifty seven a recount four hundred eighty three years and interestingly enough that brings us to the year twenty seven eighty the twenty seven eighty how this is so incredible this was the very year that Jesus was baptized now the language in Daniel chapter nine is interesting because it talks about the sign of the prints now the Messiah Messiah means the anointed one and Jesus in a very real sense was anointed of course he was anointed from the very beginning he was filled with the Holy Spirit from his birth but he began his public ministry when he came up from the waters of baptism and remember when John the Baptist baptized them and what happened the heavens were opened and the dove descended upon him he was filled with the Holy Spirit and he went forth preaching the gospel and this was when his public ministry began in for three and a half years he preached the gospel healed the sick you know cast out demons and in all of the wonderful things that we read about he taught the word and such and this happened for three and a half years and be done with the anointing of the Holy Spirit here we have Messiah the Prince coming on the scene and young even John the Baptist was the one that was for was the forerunner for Jesus and when Jesus came to the banks of the River Jordan by John the Baptist you'll remember this very famous verse in the Bible he points to Jesus he says behold the Lamb of God which to take away the sins of the wild event so here Jesus it came now Jesus is publicly known at the one the anointed one and write according to the prophecy of Daniel nine he was exactly on time they might think while twenty seven eighty five how is that because I heard that Jesus died when he was thirty three ounce of three and a half years that would be twenty seven eighty but you need to know my friends that that the dating system that we have today it is not accurate when it comes to the exact birth of Jesus and life of Jesus it is interesting to note that the year twenty seven eighty can be confirmed in history because in the very chapter way you read about the baptism of Jesus Luke chapter three is also the same chapter that gives us a whole other that I know that God was knowing what he was doing when he was inspiring to my descriptor because as a whole list of people that were in power at that time I take notice of this chapter three verse one the Jeffrey the end of the chapter you read about the baptism of Jesus look at what it says in the first verse of this chapter it says now in the fifteenth year of the rate of Tiberius Caesar Pontius Pilate being governor of Judea Herod being touch of Galilee his brother Philip to attract off it to react and the region all trust tonight says and listen yes check check of Abilene in other words if you want to know what year is twenty seven A.D. you can very easily find about because you have all these reference points okay now let's go in and what they did of course as they examine this and so in the end and you can ask a very simple question what was the fifteenth year of Tiberius Caesar it's twenty seven eighty one what was the time that Pontius Pilate was governor in Judea twenty seven eighty and so you have all these reference points historically that show was exact time that Jesus was baptized fascinating and a hundreds of years in advance in Daniel the prophet Daniel living between five and six hundred years before Christ is this amazing prophecy of exactly when this would happen with Jeffrey when all the people were baptized he came to pass that Jesus also was baptized and while he prayed to have been was opened and the Holy Spirit descended in bodily form like a death upon him and a voice came from heaven which said he wore on my beloved son in you I am well please got anointed his son Jesus to go forth and labor and preach the gospel and really bring the kingdom of heaven the kingdom of God into this earth of my chapter wanting notice of the verse year his transition from John the Baptist to Jesus we read here in verse fourteen and fifteen not after John was put in prison Jesus came to Galilee preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God and saying the time is what fulfilled and the kingdom of God is at hand repent and believe in the gospel this is the forerunner preparing for the very work of Jesus very very interesting according to Daniel nine the Messiah the Prince would come after sixty nine prophetic weeks four hundred eighty three years and exactly they are in the year twenty seven eighty we see Jesus coming on the scene filled with the Holy Spirit preaching with power healing the sick casting out demons and fulfilling the very prophecy of Daniel chapter night he was right on time Jesus is never late by the way Jesus is never late notice people what God is never late even sometimes you wonder in your life when you started to come through for me in going through these problems in going through these trials that you might my life seems to be enveloped by darkness but you need to know my friends that God is never late he might it might seem late for us but God knows the perfect timing to breakthrough in our life he knows a perfect time when his son came into this well and then answered Jesus it's not only is that from Jesus prophesied as to when he would commence his public ministry but Daniel chapter nine also prophesied when exactly he would die fascinating they notice of verse twenty six at the prophecy continues Gabriel Lee Angel speaking did under the prophet says and after the sixty two weeks or we should some Bible suite of Zappa sixty nine weeks because basically I'm seven weeks was mentioned in the verse before us we must combat with that so basically after the sixty nine weeks Messiah shall be cut off but not for himself then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering now let's just back up here's that were all on the same page here Daniel is in the Medo Persia he was in Babylon but now Medo Persians conquered Babylon season meet a person he knows his people are about to return and then the Gabriel comes in and says you getting a second chance basically to make things right and you don't get on to get through it appeared as given by the Lord of four hundred ninety years seventy weeks prophecy four hundred ninety years beginning with the rebuilding of the city four fifty seven BC and then mentions once that happened within this sixty nine weeks until Messiah the Prince and by the way you might wonder what if those are the seven weeks by the Bible reveals if you look at the prophecy in Daniel nine at seven weeks were given to the rebuilding of the city so basically seven weeks would be forty nine years and that's exactly the time that they used to really rebuild the whole city and another sixty two weeks on top of that which gives a sixty nine onto the side of friends he was right on time with only one week left in the prophecy or in other words one week would be seven days or data principles seven years now and then the Bible says this is backed up here for a moment what happened in that last week when that last seven years this is what it says he shall can borrow a covenant with many one week but in the middle of the week he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering okay in the middle of the week you can bring an end to sacrifice and offering interesting a week seven years what is the middle of a week or how how what what time do we looking at here we have three and a half or three Napa seven two three and a half years the fastest now this is amazing from the baptism of Jesus twenty seven A.D. don't go one weekend he would confirm the company for many with many during this week by the way this morning about what the covenant means is the agreement between himself and on beautiful thing between God and his people but then in the middle of that week in other words after three and a half years he shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering my friends when Jesus died on the cross she was the lab without blemish that was slain for you and me and it was no more need of sacrifice because the lab tech amen Jesus died for you and me and in the middle of the wiki because sacrifice and offering to see if there was no longer need to sacrifice animals for thousands of years living during that and that all pointed forward to one person to one point of time and that was Jesus himself and he came and he was crucified on Passover day and he claws sacrifice and offering deceased was no longer need to sacrifice a lamb because the lab had Jesus came on time he was baptized on time he died on time it was all in the plan of God God had already prophesied this hundreds of years in advance and we see of being fulfilled to the very latter powerful stuff it is reported that when Jesus was die we gave up anything any any of those final words in a Spanish house in Jerusalem they were come to slay the past overlap but the earthquake and the priest that was about to cut the throat of the lab dropped his knife and the landscape can you imagine I read there was no longer need gone and so was showing that the sacrifice has now been made and so what we see in the seventy weeks prophecy of one hundred ninety years beginning with the restoration of Jerusalem it brings us to Messiah the Prince the anointing of Jesus at his baptism and brings us to the very death of Jesus three and a half years later which brings us to the year thirty one eighty but we still have three and a half years left in the prophecy of my friends this is also a prophecy that shows very clearly that God is merciful and long suffering and patience because even though his people the very people who had called to be a light unto the nations even though they crucified the son of God they crucified Jesus God still gave them after the crucifixion of Christ another three and a half years in other words probation or the Jewish nation as a whole do not and when the death of Jesus but expanded the death of Jesus by another three and a half years showing that God is willing to even even when they show his birth is very sound he is still willing to give them another opportunity to repent and you know what is so fascinating when the disciples gathered together after the death and resurrection and held Jesus just before Jesus ascended into heaven he standing there with his disciples is twelve and an end Jesus says to them I want to go back to Jerusalem and I want you to wait in Jerusalem because I'm going to give you a gift and that gap is the Holy Spirit and he says I don't want to stay in Jerusalem you will receive the gift of that he will go out and preach with great power is in a fascinating that God and Jesus didn't send them immediately out into the Roman Empire out into the well but first he sent them to Jerusalem because he wants to give the people the Jews another opportunity to repent even after they had crucified the very son of God as of the Holy Spirit was poured out you remember the story they went forth preaching with great power and praise the name of Jesus thousands of people that had days before cried out crucify him crucify him now with tears repented and became believers in Jesus what you say God is patient is patient with Erie 's patient with me he's patient with this with his people and so what we see here that another opportunity was given of the gospel spread in Jerusalem but it was also persecution because they were leaders in Jerusalem religious leaders that have made up their minds they crucified Jesus and now they were sat on persecuting the followers of Christ and do you know when the seventy weeks prophecy ended very interesting the four hundred ninety years terminated it intended with the stoning of an individual by the name of Stephen in the year thirty four eighty video thirty four A.D. the seventy weeks prophecy four hundred ninety years and that interesting scheme in which you can read about in the book of acts he can read about him that there where she basically came before the leaders of the that the synagogue they are in Jerusalem and he gave skiing is a powerful testimony and what he does need to read it there I believe it's chapter seven of the vaccine debate about how he's giving this power hold testimony of what God has done with his people he goes only back anything refuses the whole story of Abraham and Moses and how they held a team to the promised land and the prophets that were sent among them any room rearranged about how God has led them each step of the way after hearing these things been going more and more better bigger more more angry than he comes to the point that he becomes very boldly says and you are responsible for the very death of Jesus and it becomes so angry that they grabbed him out of the city and they stoned him to death and that was the and of probation with the Jews as a nation seventeen week one hundred nineteen years and now that does not mean that Jews cannot be saved don't get me wrong individually we don't come to Jesus and be safe but as a nation they were no longer a theocracy under God as to what we see happening is a transitional period of the year thirty four A.D. onward as a matter of fact it's fascinating when Stephen was being stolen it was an individual that was they are holding the clothing of those people that were stoning him is anyone notice may solve which later became known as all so he's watching and the Bible says he consented to do Stephen as he agree with the ring with it he persecuted the church chapter lately read about him making his way to Damascus to take them captive to Jerusalem but on his way Jesus appears to him in a vision please knocked off his eye off his horse he's blinded and economically one direction and that is inside of himself in his heart and he realizes that he needs to repent that he has been persecuting the very long convert and so he ripped pants and his site is restored and he becomes a money the apostle and the Sparta Scripture is incredible how God intervenes in the lives of individuals and so Paul the one that consented to the death of Stephen becomes the great preacher of righteousness and he moves throughout the Roman Empire raising up churches no one can stop him he's filled with the Holy Spirit what an interesting day in heaven when Stephen and Paul needs to know what is that guy doing here and God will be amazing Grace is unable because God is good as so what you see here it is a war that God is doing on behalf of his faithful ones now even the one thirty four eighty that time stopped for the Jewish nation to be a witness on him no and no doubt God continue to use individuals as we see in the early church and on what followers of Jesus that will raise up in all different kinds of places that represented who he wants and so here we have a prophecy in Daniel chapter nine the coming of Christ is annoying thing is that in the close of this period upon the Jews as a nation but I want to us to look a little bit deeper at what was going on here as it really gives us a picture of what we can expect in the near future this is very interesting to notice that this is pattern in Scripture and this pattern shows us that when the Messiah is rejected that this really results in destruction now that happen in Daniel chapter nine is when the people at the base we rejected the Messiah the ultimate consequence of that was that their city was destroyed as we read about in Matthew chapter twenty three and twenty fourth or basically message up to twenty three twenty four gives us the prediction of that which later happened in the year seventy A.D. so we talking here about this this prophecy of Daniel nine the lettuce to opt your thirty four A.D. the stoning of Stephen speaking at a number of years you come to the year seventeen eighty and what happened in seventy A.D. the Roman army surrounded the city of Jerusalem and they wanted to destroy the city the people who rejected the Messiah they rejected the followers of the Messiah they stoned Stephen they had persecuted the early disciples and now this is the judgment was coming upon them as a nation and the Roman army had surrounded the city of Jerusalem in the year seventy A.D. but I want you to take notice how in Matt twenty three and twenty four when Jesus on this are the first time how he would think that that this was an happen so now were back in the time of Jesus shortly before he was crucified and he does a prediction of the city of Jerusalem being destroyed and what the followers of his followers would ask critics back in the near future and that's not a prediction that begins which is first and foremost really applicable to the first century also has applications even to the time prior to his second coming will get to see how that all plays out as we got it at two twenty three and twenty four the notice of Matthew chapter twenty three Jesus is the last time in the Temple the temple that was going to be destroyed in seventeen eighty and this is what he says message of the twenty three verse thirty seven thirty eight Jesus has all Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her how often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing to see your house is left to you desolate then Jesus went out and departed from the Temple and his disciples came to show him the buildings of the temples it just does get senior Jews walked into the Temple and he is being rejected and rejected and rejected this is the last time these really in the Temple and suddenly he gives us this prophetic picture and he says you know what solely times of trying to gather you together so many times I tried to leaves you to the truth and profit after profit had been sent a prophet at the property had been rejected now Jesus himself was pleading with them for the last time they rejected him as we get this prophecy not one stone is can be left upon another in this place is his first were seeing and for telling him the very destruction of Jerusalem then his disciples come to an end goes out three walks out after you made the prediction and his disciples running after him and you can just imagine when the disciples it was crazy what do you think effect on the Temple the Temple was the pinnacle of the glory of Judaism I mean if there was something beautiful it was something grand it was something majestic it was the Temple now Jesus has predicted that the Temple is going to destroy they cannot believe that as a matter fact they believed that if the template to be destroyed it must be the end of the world at the look of what they say to Jesus here very interesting Jesus said to them do not seal these things assure as singular not one stone shall be left here upon another that shall not be thrown down now as he sat on the mount of olives the disciples came to him privately saying tell us when will these things be concerning the destruction of the Temple to the next question very interesting and what's will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age and otherwise for the disciples when Jesus is not once noticed to be left upon another here the temple destruction of the Temple immediately they say well this must be the end of the world must begin in the wild so tell us more when will this happen and when you come again Jesus had often spoken about his second coming now they wanted to know when is this going to happen and when Jesus does in a remarkable way in a marvelous way in Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus gives us predictions of what was it happened to Jerusalem in church one I aimed with predictions of what was to happen with the world at large before the coming of Jesus in Matthew twenty four are really predictions about the destruction of Jerusalem and the coming of Jesus the second time by the end of the world and these are given my side-by-side interwoven each other in this remarkable chapter and things about the destruction of Jerusalem we can learn things from that as to how things and to be just prior to Christ's second coming now what are some of the things that he meant in Matthew chapter twenty four when we don't have time to look at all these verses but if you read Matthew chapter twenty four Jesus talks about an increase of war or sex he talks about famine diseases and earthquakes or seven he talks about lawlessness verse twelve he talks about Paul's profits a number of times verse for verse five verse eleven is twenty four and he talks about the gospel being preached in all the world 's first fourteen some in Matthew twenty four which is really kind is the goal of this end times sermon of Jesus when he gets assigned concerning his coming and the end of the age he says okay war is that the increase is getting famine diseases earthquakes lawlessness false prophets but also in the midst of all these we call negative signs there's also be a positive sign and that is that the Gospels can be preached not just one nation but to all the world men now in question you see those things happening today now I know some people will say you know yeah interesting signs but there'll always be wars is only been found in several leaders are always the earthquakes and all of this is always being now those that is true to an extent we must understand very very simple principle here and that is that these things as we get closer to the and are going to increase in frequency otherwise they got here more and more and there goes also be more and more intense greater and that's exactly what we see is in effect you can just go to any scientific source and you can kind of look out the extent of for example wars or famine or earthquakes or diseases and you can simply look okay when do these things happen in the past how you know how big were the impact of these things are said and then how how how what is what is the color the increase of these things been in the last decade or a couple of decades I did a little bit of a study on that you will find very quickly that these things have increased in frequency and intensity teeth in the last decades Barry Barry strongly as it was of course there've always been wise but there's not being the mass destruction of people as we have experienced in recent decades in recent and in the recent this century and last century for example you know you think about famine and disease as they have increased phenomenally even about earthquakes yesterday that major earthquakes in recent times having these signs are certainly taking place even as I speak here right now and the gospel has been phrasing is being preached to them in many places where it has hitherto for till now not yet answered in places where it is not yet gone very fascinating these are signs that we are seeing for Phil before our very eyes is interesting when you think about signs of bodily picture of not of Norway and a couple of cities as he will get to read it but when you're looking for signs is an interesting that when you are traveling to a city we've never been before you will be looking for signs to be wanted to know that you're on the right road and when you are looking at these signs will tell you the distance around that city in Europe we work with kilometers he worked with miles but just distinct for example if you're going to the city we've never been before and use season name of the city on the sign and then it tells you for example two hundred miles then he is you you keep on that road but the closer you get to your destination the more signs of them appeared right so two hundred miles to the city we are having I want to go out for the next sign pounds minimum excise income this is a hundred miles but as you get closer that the signs of an increase in was a healthy eight forty thirty five that he write some more and more signs this is exactly how it works with the signs we find that kept twenty four yes there's always be loyal if their voice and earthquakes yes there's always been found by as we are getting closer and closer to the second coming of Jesus we are seeing an increase in frequency and intensity of these signs and just as Jesus came the first time on time so he is also going to come the second time on time now we don't have a prophecy in the Bible that tells us the exact time of Christ's second return as many think that the Jets twenty four tells us very clearly that no man knows the hour of the return of Jesus so whenever someone comes up and says you know what I have found out from Scripture when Jesus can return wow that's not possible my friends we know the signs but we don't know the exact date because the Bible tells us that we don't know in Matthew ten twenty four Jesus tells no man know it the day nor the hour except upon but we do know in what has been given to us our signs signs that tell us that Christ coming is near near indeed now how does this then link always what happened in Jerusalem and how is what happened in Jerusalem somehow important for us today will take notice of this verse looked up to twenty one which is by the way Luke chapter twenty one is the equipment or the synonymous chapter to Matthew chapter twenty four semester chapter twenty four Jesus talks about the signs of his coming and learn which is one of the other disciples reports the same event in Luke chapter twenty one and take notice what he says about Jerusalem and its destruction but when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then know that its desolation is neat then let those who are in Judea flee into the mountains let those who are in the midst of her department I let not those who are in the country under her wing these are the days of vengeance that all things which are written maybe fulfill so Jesus is talking about the destruction of Jerusalem he says he know what when you see the Army 's then node the destruction is soon coming and he towels them to flee out of the city now you know what happened this is a fascinating history in the year seventy A.D. hiatus which was the commander of the Roman army surrounded Jerusalem and it seemed as if Jerusalem to be doomed to destruction there were many people within that city including followers of Jesus disciples that remembered the words of Christ but he said when you see the relevance of it when you see the Army surrounding the city you know it's time to sleep but they couldn't lead over in the city and and and armies were surrounding the city history tells us that for a reason unknown the armies suddenly retreated and left my friends every single believer in Jesus left the city at that moment they knew this is a sign Jesus foretold that we are out of here because destruction is coming the Jews and a majority of the people say you're crazy the last don't worry it be okay and so the Christians left all the followers of Jesus and believe in those words of Christ the prophecy of Matthew twenty four Luke twenty one they lack it didn't take a long time until the Roman army returned and this time they didn't leave they surrounded the city the city was in turmoil there was no food the water sources storage was running running love and eventually there was chaos in the city the Roman army drove through an they haul they didn't leave one stone upon another they destroy the city they held a young old child every as it was a massive massive destruction that came upon Jerusalem at that time and isn't it amazing that in the destruction of Jerusalem not one Christian guy because they believed Bible prophecy I don't know about you and me I know one thing you and I have been given a prophecy and we been given from my friend is not just something that is just interesting theory is not just something that we say wow that's fascinating I want to study that a little more my friends it is more than theological understanding it is also life saving prophecy is life-saving because my friends what happened to Jerusalem Jesus said in his images and it is wonderful wonderful prophetic picture that he gives is a message of the twenty four and Luke chapter twenty one he says what happened in Jerusalem is going to be like what happens every time before I come back again is the chaos and we know we are seeing that this world is becoming a very chaotic place we are living in on certain times I mean wars are increasing terrorism is increasing famines are increasing and natural disasters are increasing all the very things that Jesus spoke about our increasing and we are seeing these things happen before our very eyes and my friends it is time to flee to Christ amen it is time to build our lives upon the firm foundation of the word of God that is the only safety for us today the safety is that we build our lives upon the revealed word of God then we know that we are in the very place that God wants us to be so that when the shot happens around us when uncertain times and you don't hit us from all directions we have a second teeth because our lives are built upon the rock Jesus Christ amen I disclose with these very words here in Matthew chapter seven because this is so applicable for you and for me Jesus as therefore whoever hears all these sayings of mine and does them I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the lot on the rock and the rain descended the floods came and the winds blew and beat on that house and it did not fall for it was founded on the rock my friends that's the experience available to have in Christ Jesus we can build our lives upon the firm platform of the word of God that is our only safety prophecy is beautiful it's fascinating and it's also life saving build your life upon the foundation of Bible prophecy crisis come the first time he is going to come the second time I believe that we are very very near the second coming of Jesus the more I study my Bible the more I study the prophecies of the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation I see that we are very near the second coming of Christ Jesus I don't know the day I don't know the hour but I see the signs happening I see on their signs that we studied about during the course of our time together we seeing that the nations in commotion we seen the very prophecies of Revelation come to pass in our very met and we can know that the King is even at the door is coming is coming and we need to build our lives upon the word of God whenever the word of God says my friend there is safety in following it this should be our guide and everything I think the way the way we treat others young the day that we were shut off right that how we spend our time how we spend our money how we how we eat how we dress how we speak everything are in Tyrol I all characters are to be shaped our lives it's V-shaped by Jesus Christ himself and when he does that runs you know that you and I are actually fulfilling the very word of God in being a nation that will portray to others the love of God but what what God wants to do for ancient Israel and it didn't work she still wants to do today to the followers of Jesus you and me and I'm not disappoint him my friends but allow the Spirit of God work in your life that you can represent the character of God to those around you is that you can call others to the wonderful prophecies of the work and warned them for what is coming because things aren't coming upon this world and truelove will also share these things with others around us so that they will also be able to leave while there is still time lead to the word of God and man while it's a word of prayer as we close together this first study the strength of a father thank you so much for being with us thank you for the power of your Word and thank you that we can build our life on the rock Jesus Christ and Lord I thank you that you came exactly on time your son Jesus came exactly on time the first time and we know he will come again when when that perfect time has come until that time but we want to be faithful faithful to the very end and so give us your Holy Spirit give us your power and we thank you that we can choose to build our lives upon the rock and Lord if there's anything in our lives that is is a hindrance for us right now I pray that you revealed to us that we were able to free up our place in the side surrender in seeking even work with arms you're well on your way to send ranges is this media was brought audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that please visit www. audio verse .org


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