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11. What Does the Future Hold?

Daniel Pel


Daniel Pel

Speaker/Director of Living Water, Norway



  • January 26, 2014
    6:30 PM
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a man thank you very much for that and that would really be blessed with music and throughout this series of really enjoyed each evening the special music and I will come to our last evening I must say that a series like this is certainly not a one-man show at all we've enjoyed the music would enjoy it of course the fellowship together and it's a lot of organization that goes behind putting on such a meeting series and salsa very thankful to Samuel and John and others that have made this possible and to M Montgomery first seventh at discharge or all that have put into taking this happen and that's been a great blessing and a blessing for my wife and I to be here to have really enjoyed studying the word of God together with you and I hope this will not be the and of your last or journey in Scripture I hope that it will really only be the beginning that you'll continue to dig deep into Scripture and that a transform your life I was happy to be here at last evening what was going to look at this evening I think is a very appropriate as we come to the end of this particular series at certainty in uncertain times we're going to look at a prophecy found in Revelation chapter twenty also many times referred to as the millennium prophecy and why I think it's very appropriate as a prophecy to deal with our final evening is because it gives us really a glimpse into the future you know we are living in uncertain times and challenges face us and we need to have any cards we need to be encouraged to press through trying times and you know what when you know what is around the corner when you know what is waiting for you what God has in store for you then that is stranded that gives me motivation to press on even in difficult times so we going to look at a glimpse into the future would allow the Bible prophecy the buyer more pages of Scripture to peel back the curtains and to give us a picture of what is coming in the future and what is awaiting those in a faithful to Jesus and faithful to his Gospel because there is a beautiful beautiful future in our second presentation we going to look at another chapter the book of Revelation which will be Revelation chapter twelve which deals with God 's final movements in the end times I look forward to both of these studies to begin this evening in Revelation chapter twenty but before we go any further as we've done all the other evenings we need to invite the real teacher to be amongst us which is none other than the Holy Spirit himself so let's pray and will get into the word of God 's evening father in heaven I'm grateful to be here in Montgomery but I never thought of ever being here born in New Zealand live in Europe and he ran but liking that you knew from even before I was born out during this thank you Lord that you brought me here thank you for the opportunity to share your word with the people here which is no longer just people they are friends thank you Lord for the time that we been able to spend here and I just do pray Lord that is where all on this journey to know you more and to know you better I just pray that you continue to strengthen us in our walk with you be with us this evening as we look at this amazing prophecy in Revelation chapter twenty the millennium prophecy and also to look at your last day movement in Revelation chapter twelve so we ask for your blessings upon your word and that the Holy Spirit may be our teacher for this we ask in Jesus name amen amen all right to our attention goes to the book of Revelation as many of us of no interests I believe all of us are familiar with this is the last book in the Bible with that spending considerable amount of my time during the series in the book of Revelation various prophecies of founder Revelation was written by John what was the disciple of Jesus one of the younger disciples when Jesus walked this earth two thousand years ago and that John was actually in many ways unique amongst the other disciples because I should look at the story of the rest of the disciples they all died a martyr staff they actually gave up their lives for the gospel was very trying and difficult time in which they live as they spread the gospel message junk they trying to kill them but it didn't really work and so they banished acts out him to the island of months and got had a very special work for him to do that is on the island of Patmos he received visions and dreams at which he recorded in the last book of the Bible the book of Revelation and Revelation is really about Jesus Christ sometimes we think of the book of Revelation as beasts and dragons in fire and hailstones and electronic stop and it certainly in their but that after all when you take a clear look at the book of Revelation is really a revelation of Jesus Christ but it also reveals powers that uphold are opposed to Jesus and sort of masks deception and it upholds the light that's really what the book of Revelation is all about a revelation of Jesus Christ and revelation of powers that are against Jesus and so when it comes with the end of the book of Revelation and will be particularly using our time this evening in chapter twenty in our first presentation we find that everything is coming to a climax and Revelation twenty deals with the millennium prophecy even though the word millennium is not aware that you find in the Bible it refers basically to the thousand year prophecy that you do read about in chapter twenty the word millennium is a Latin word which basically comes from the last thousand and EMC artists of the thousand year prophecy of identity this evening is with our first just read it through Revelation twenty the first versus their the elegant to go along to see if we can map our understanding around this chapter and what awaits us all as we look at the peak into the future and see what God has in store both of those that have decided for Christ but also those that have rejected him the outcome of the great outcome of any great analysis of the destiny of all human beings including the devilish is mentioned in this chapter is only known in this fascinating chapter Scripture Revelation chapter twenty select a diverse one here and the Bible says then I saw an angel coming down from heaven having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand he laid hold of the dragon that serpent of old who is the devil and Satan and bound hand for how long for a thousand years and he cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal upon him that he should deceive the nations no more now whatever we have a conclusion we come to as the Revelation chapter twenty and exactly what this all means because obviously there's some symbolic language in both your one thing is for sure this is good news Wednesday I mean this is good news because the devil you know has been out to deceive the nations any as done this for thousands and thousands and thousands of years eleven the story of Scripture from the very beginning as he deceived Adam and even then he continued to still deceive any continue to do work on people 's minds to revolt and rebel against their maker and this is really the only thing that he's been doing for all these years enough is to do list is to deceive as to misrepresent the very director of God Revelation and as we comes with the end of revelation relationship to twenty tells us that this being the try and dabble Satan will be bound you will be changed and otherwise what he was doing he can no longer do and he will be bound according to Scripture for a thousand years now this is going on during this millennium out in years no one else is going on during the Honeywell we continue to reach Europe as a till the thousand years were finished but after these things he must be released for a while we'll talk about that in just a bit but what else is going on during the thousand years the notice of race or sex and I saw thrones and they sat on that and judgment was committed to them then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God who had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their warheads or other hands we talked about the Mark of the beast we talked about this grand deception of the beast that you read about in Revelation chapter thirteen and so obviously a group of people is described here those that have not worship this beast they rather worship Christ they worship God they do not worship this all power that set itself in the very place of God and so they are with the Lord during these thousand years and goes on to say they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years but the rest of the dead cannot live again until the thousand years were finished this is the first resurrection lesson and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection over such the second death has no power but they shall be priests of God and of Christ and shall reign with him a thousand years that's the first six verses of Revelation chapter twenty so we began in Revelation chapter twenty and first we are introduced to the Dragon and it's interesting because there are different players in this great controversy story and so introduced to the Dragon the Dragon is a great deceiver Satan himself but the Bible tells us that he is change is how we can no longer deceive any bound for a period of a thousand years then he goes on the next couple of verses describe what is happening in heaven during those same thousand years in a heaven there are people that are are ranging and judging with Christ himself is sitting on the grounds with Jesus and they are with him they behold him face-to-face and these are those the Bible describes that have not bowed down to the beach is not bow down to this false system of worship they have been faithful very and they have the gap not received the mark of the beast and of course we know what it's what we've studied in previous nights that babies are the very ones that have the seal of God in a sealed by God they are faithful to God they are his children his followers did not receive the mark of the beast and there with Christ in heaven during these thousand years interesting to ask a couple of questions regarding this millennium prophecy to see if we can wrap our spent wrap our minds around exactly what is taking place here and first question that we would ask this evening is which events marked the beginning of the thousand years because relationships twenty four just took out only that chapter and started reading it it doesn't tell us when did it exactly began or those indicated but we need to compare it was some other scripts in order to to really nail it down as to when this period begins that's the first question which events mark the beginning of the thousand years now if you look at the chronology of Revelation Revelation chapter nineteen X he pitches the second coming of Jesus and the revelation twenty talks about the thousand year prophecy and what we find out as we also compare with some of the Bible tax year that the beginning of the thousand years is when Jesus comes back the second time when he returns in the clouds of Lori Canosa first Thessalonians chapter one verse thirteen to eighteen this passage before odor we visited because it has also some truth here as we connected with the millennium prophecy I have before I read that's when it is mentioned some now as we rather have any backup a couple of slides here what important in this passage yet we read that those that are reigning with Christ are part of the first resurrection okay that part of the first resurrection and if so what we should be looking at is when does the resurrection take place the first resurrection okay well first Thessalonians chapter or you might remember this verse would look at it before it says but I do not want you to be ignorant brethren concerning those who have fallen asleep this you sorrow as others who have no hope again all here's not talking about the sleep of taking a nap when he spoke about the sleep of death okay that don't don't don't be afraid or don't don't be sorry over those that have died because there is a hollow and they took the about this hope he says for if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus for this we say to you by the word of the Lord that we who are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep for the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of in our change it with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first so there's a resurrection that takes place when Jesus Christ comes again then we who are alive and remain shall be quite up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord therefore comfort one another with these words so Paul gives us the assurance here that when Jesus comes again this could be a mighty resurrection called in Scripture the first resurrection and these of the resurrection of the faithful of those who put their faith in Jesus in his death and resurrection it is believed in the promise of eternal life and they will be raised to life and maybe you will be in the resurrection maybe it will still be alive when Jesus let's hope for that and will never think that but whether we rely on whether we have died when Jesus comes we can all be back his first those that put their faith in Christ or raised what an empty data with those that are alive at the time they need the Lord where in the air remember the great deception in the last days will be safe in person and impersonating Christ himself but we know we know this fall if you standing on the start because the Bible tells we would meet him in the air right so we need in and year traditionally marks the beginning of the thousand year prophecy issue we meet him in the Arabic not to come back to this earth my friends we made them in the act to go to the place that he has prepared for us and it would make sense to meet them again and come back to bizarre this art by the way is not really a nice place to be if you read in the book of Revelation the last open legs remember the templates in Egypt before they came out of Egypt the Bible tells that will be seven last plagues before Christ comes again you can read about it in revelations of the fifties and sixties well if you look at those legs and read it carefully you will know that this art will be a dazzling the place after those blades to be poured out not a very nice place to be until the light takes us up into have been a place where he has a place that he is prepared for ops know what happens to those the thing that when Christ returns that have not accepted his invitation of mercy that have rejected the gospel message second Thessalonians chapter two verse eight tells us and then the lawless one will be revealed whom the law and the Lord will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy with the brightness of his coming as a look at that the millennium is ushered in by several events here the second coming of Christ the dead in Christ rise those who are living and will be saved translated and those are living and have rejected salvation will perish the very simple reason events taking place Christ comes back those applicant faith in him at both living and those of the resurrected meet them in the air and then the Lord destroys those that rejected him this is all taking place here at this beginning of the Mannion prophecy malware will save me during the thousand years also very important question to ask as we steadily would make sense for them to come back to this are this is a very uncommon passage very well known at passage gives us a lot of hope by the way it is beautifully described here the house Jesus himself gives us confidence that we had to spend eternity with him he says the following in John chapter fourteen he says what not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my fathers house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again and receive you to myself that where I am there you maybe also know Jesus spoke these words when he was on this earth two thousand years ago so he says let not your heart be troubled you I'm leaving and when I leave him to prepare a place and have them and then I'm coming I can receive you to myself that you may be where I am makes sense right Jesus gone to heaven is preparing a place for us will come again receive us unto himself and taking us to that place that he is prepared so according to Scripture that the housing years are spent in heaven with Jesus in the place that he is prepared for and this Earth will be a desolated place at that time this card will be a place where the devil himself will be bound for a thousand years the next question where will the devil be during the thousand years my friend he will be bound to this are that it won't be a very beautiful place as a matter fact ventilation top twenty will already look at these verses let's read them again it says in verse wanted to them I saw an angel coming down from heaven having the key to the bottomless pit and just remember that word for a moment because we find out what exactly that refers to and a great chain in his hand and he laid hold of the dragon the serpent of old was the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years he was bound to the bottomless pet what does it mean the bottomless at what's interesting what is the bottomless pit with the devil is not the word bottomless pit is actually the word of these sauce or abyss which is the expression that is used is in jeopardy this is fascinating the same expression is used in Shana says when it talks about this are being without form and following so another was when you open up your Bible the intermediate for the first time you journey through the index you go to the Genesis and you start reading chapter one you read in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and the second verse says the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep and the spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters and then verse three nine send OS to be light and there was light right so when we really read there in the introduction of Scripture it says that this earth was without form and void on till until God spoke light into existence isn't it fascinating when we truly to the end of Scripture that God basically brings this art back to its form before creation brings it back to what it was before the Lord spoke that there be light he brings it back to a bottomless pit a place that was void without form and void and that Apple is bound on this are that is without form and void for how long for a thousand years now I don't know if those literal chains are symbolic chain I don't know what I do know is that you can go anywhere is bound to this act right it could well be a change of circumstances but he can't leave this are easier and there's no place for him to go and there's no work for him today because what his is dropping for the last thousand thousand years deceiving people but all people are not so because either they are in heaven during the millennium or they're been destroyed by the brightness of Christ coming and so here he is bound on this earth with no people to deceive antes upon earth that is without form and void another was this world is like the beginning before anything was created of SF fascinating this a lot when you think about that because what what what was the great what was the great rebellion in the beginning how does it all starts Lucifer the devil Satan was was rebelling against his maker the creator because he said I want to be like the most high she was jealous with the position that God had because you don't want alone lung wants to be the creative one he wants to be the creates are as a what very very interesting in the end of times this update will bring the birth back to what it was in the beginning the obese adults without form and void will bound to decipher a thousand years create something right create something let's see if you can create something a thousand years of the interesting thing is after those thousand years nothing has changed in other words it's a it's a testimony that God is the only one that can create a man update notice of this description that Jeremiah the prophet in the Old Testament gives us all days are at in its form and basically in this bottomless pit statement is without form and void I described in this letter prophetic insight into my hazardous time was twenty three to twenty sex I beheld the earth and indeed it was without form and void and the heavens they had no nights I beheld the mountains and indeed they trembled and all the hills moved back and forth I beheld and indeed there was no man and all the birds of the heavens let Ivy Hellmann MD the fruitful land was a wilderness of old cities were broken down at the presence of the board by skiers anger so that Jeremiah has this insight into the Lords coming the presence of the Lord and then what the world is like after that he says it was without form and void uses that same languages without all things of what had been destroyed and in an and all things were gone people were no longer there cities were laid waste very interesting discussion as this profit receives an insight into what the world is to be like during the thousand years and of course the great controversy really has been playing out during many many many years and here it really comes to its end during this period and shortly after this next question what will the saved and the redeemed be doing during the thousand years were really going through these questions in order to wrap our understanding around the millennium prophecies of what we found out so far the devil is change of this are during the thousand years this earth is without form and void and during this time the redeemed are and have been raining with Christ but when I look a little bit closer exactly what they are doing what will they be doing during these thousand years first for Revelation chapter twenty verse four and I saw thrones and they sat on them and judgment was connected to them judgment was committed to them but I saw the souls of those would be beheaded for their witness to Jesus so Johnson was committed and what is that exactly the I goes on to say and for the word of God who they are not worshiped the beast or his image not receive his mark on the for heads on their hands and then assess again they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years the judgment was committed to them and they live and reign with Christ during this thousand year period now when you think about judgment being committed unto them how does this mean the judgment of who was going to be saved and who is going to be lost obviously you can't be talking about that judgment because that has already taken place remember when Jesus Christ came back those that were resurrected and those that were translated they were obviously the saved one right the others were destroyed or they did not they weren't part of the first resurrection so so this cannot be talking about the judgment of who was to be saved and was to be lost this must be another kind of judgment while the Scripture gives us an insight into what kind of judgment the redeemed are involved in during the thousand year prophecy and we've got in first Corinthians chapter six in verse two and three and the Bible says the following do you not know that the saints will judge the world do you not know that we shall judge lots Angels now it's interesting judge angels now about my friends at in the beginning when the great controversy broke out they didn't just break out between Satan and Christ there were also a lot of Angels involved in this great controversy the revelation reveals that even a third part of the Angels will get more into that when we go into our second study tonight along Revelation twelve adventures are third-party angels they cited with Lucifer they sided with the enemy a third part of all the Angels and so there are Angels involved in this great battle this great controversy angels that are chosen for Christ Angels have chosen or the devil and Satan and so according to first Corinthians chapter sex will come a time that the redeemed that are part of this means that the young that are part of this thousand year prophecy in heaven with Christ bringing with them judging with him they will actually have an insight into the judgment is all upon the Angels that has sided with the enemy in this great controversy we will also be able to speak inherent faith that will be part of that great millennium prophecy up in heaven we will also be able to look into the very works of God your God is so good because God is not arbitrary heavenly father I know sometimes we think about you know growing up we think about our earthly parents and sometimes they would say to us things like it can do that and of course the child will always ask why can't I do that and then our parents these my brain thinks I'm sure you can relate to at times they would say because I said so and it is done at yourself as a siren I because I said so and it's and it sounds like while yelling that means like because I said do you know that God never never answers that way when we ask God why God because I said so is not an answer that he gives us the answer that he does give us is well below why now we might not get all the answers that we want right now but I can assure you my friends that they will come a time during the millennium prophecy that God is to say okay you know why I did that during your life why that happened and why that person that you know about that statement so why you bought that I left at that point or why you know that happened or that happened here this is why it will be fascinating my friends it's fascinating to think about that that is the kind of God that we start Psalms one forty five in verse seventeen says the Lord is righteous in how many of his ways it always ways and gracious in County of his works in all the smart so during me me and we will be able to look into the very bucks of heaven will be able to let into the very works of God himself he will put himself on display and has nothing to hide because there will be a lot of questions that we will have during the millennium I heard someone say that's enough it at E3 surprises when you get to heaven surprise number one that you are there surprise number two that there is someone there that you thought would not be back I as a vice number three that there was someone not bear if you thought would be there but the three surprises of having nothing about me we talked to think about this yesterday and about you know solvent became Paul is sold persecuted became Paul the apostle and salt was standing there when Steven was being stung and he consented to his staff in both Stephen and falling to be in heaven and so forth Stephen affinity like what's he doing here some explain explanation has to happen back there during the millennium this is a time where God is able to reveal his wax so that every question be answered and every doubts will be removed during four thousand years what the time to July or another great controversy that were all involved in right now when you learn how it started to learn about the angels and why they chose forsaken why they chose the price will learn about old insights throughout history about all the things that happen in our own life the questions that we have ourselves about why certain things happen and we will have an answer to all of that because these thousand years is a time in which we will be able to judge together with God as you know that this expression in English to have good judgment which also means have good insight and that's exactly what God is doing you saying I want to give you insight into the way I work I would give you insight into the way that I do things I want oh one oh one hoping to be invited into that God is not God says because I said so but he says this is why I did so and I beautiful in answering the thousand thousand years now what will happen at the close of the thousand years old found out thousand years starts at that second coming of Christ resurrection of the righteous they go to happily spend a thousand years and have been an independent dad questions are answered in an insight is given and Angels are judged in all this is going on the reigning with Christ for a thousand years at the same time the devil is bound here are the earth is without form and void he can do anything he can go anywhere again seen anyone this is going on for a thousand years now what happens at the close of these thousand years Revelation chapter twenty one pushes us into this beautiful picture they notice what sets then I John saw the holy city new Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God prepared as a bride adorned for her husband so the new Jerusalem is described as coming down out of heaven now at this point he drew some is in heaven and when weeks go to heaven for a thousand years we will be there in new Jerusalem but in the new Jerusalem itself comes down and it comes to this are after the thousand years is actually a prophecy in the Old Testament book of Zechariah that talks about this is interesting because on this prophecy talks about how his feet and feet of Jesus will stand on the Mount of olives and some people by the way he's that person 's faith Jesus comes again to stand on the side of friends when he comes on he won't but when it comes that our time after the millennium he went I so need to get across we need to get right no one of the great problem was when Jesus came the first time it mystified prophecy and Jesus came as a servant right and they were expecting it to and so they applied processes in the Old Testament the second coming be applied to his first coming at different expectations is that he would wear away for a change and maybe crucify him because they misapplied Bible prophecy that like the prophecies of the second coming to his first coming my friend let's not make the same mistake we need to make sure that we have the right prophecies at the right events so little it says here in Zechariah chapter fourteen the Lord my God will come and all the saints with you interesting the Saints will come when we will be in heaven with him after the thousand years will come together with him together with the new Jerusalem to this are and in that day 's people stand on the Mount of olives and the money policy we split into from East to West making a very large Valley can imagine with CNET will be as the new Jerusalem will be inside of the city comes out will settle on the mount of olives on this art is art this desolate it is without form and void but will begin the city will be looking at this are to God is about to re-create anyone who has seen that will be better than anything that Hollywood can produce now what will happen to the devil after the thousand years because here we all get the picture we coming down or settle undesired users imagine standing on the walls of the city and looking out in an anxious without form and void all without form and void and just the city as they are now on the mount of olives what will happen to the devil devil is bound to the start remember for a thousand years now it's after the thousand years with what the Bible says will happen now when the thousand years have expired when they finished Sega will be lots released from his prison and will go out to deceive the nations okay so one last time he's released one more time and he goes out to deceive and of course the questions we go to see because without form and void does nothing to deceive while they knows what will happen as well at this time which are in the four corners of the Argonne and I got to gather them together to battle was number is assigned of the seas of diverse people together to battle the losing government from listen to verse five Revelation twenty verse five but the rest of the dad did not live again until the thousand years what they sell and otherwise the Bible talks not about one resurrection but it talks about two resurrections there is a resurrection is called the first resurrection when Jesus Christ comes again the second time but there is a second resurrection there the thousand years first resurrection is at the second coming the second resurrection isn't that a lot as at the start coming we could say or when the holy city descends on this art after the millennium after the thousand years now you might think like well is where Grassley find in Scripture but definitely there other places that we find us in Scripture for example I asked up to twenty four in verse fifteen listen to what sense I have hope in God which they themselves also accept that there will be a resurrection of the dead will of the just and unjust to the one just be a resurrection of the just liberals of the resurrection of the unjust according to the revelation these resurrection will be goodbye needed by a thousand years and other notice of John chapter five verse twenty eight and twenty nine do not marvel at this for the hour is coming in which all who are in the raise would hear his voice and come forth those let done good to the resurrection of life is the first resurrection of the second coming and those were done evil to the resurrection of condemnation that's the second resurrection after the thousand years okay relationship the twentieth go back to what happens the city comes down settles on this are the art is without form and void the devil that is being bound to deserve a thousand years is released for a short while a second resurrection takes place at all those that rejected Christ rejected God those that have done wickedly and they are now resurrected I was born to see them one more time and they are ready to hear his voice is so interesting my friends but if you want to be part of the first resurrection you simply have to listen to the voice of Christ and if you want any part of the second resurrection well that will happen naturally when you don't listen to the voice of the good Shepherd Jesus Christ because these they hear the voice of their leaders they heard the voice of the one that they have followed they hear the voice of the one that they have worship and believe and follow many they will wake up and whereas my heaven here he has to see once more and so they don't listen to what it says that when the thousand years are expired Satan will be released from his prison will go out to deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the art dog and my dog to gather them together to battle whose number is as the sand of the sea it will be many many the Bible says it will be part of the second resurrection as the sand of the seedtime and them I pray that none of us will be in that number is interesting it uses the word document which is really a terminology from the Old Testament and the book of Ezekiel document on poor nations that were enemies with Israel at that time God means at to convert interest to sometimes look at the meaning of words in Scripture God means to cover and nine dog means multitudes of people and so the multitudes of being covered by the very lives of the enemy and now he goes one more time to deceive them and they listen to his voice as they have been accustomed to his voice to listen to his voice about their lives and so they follow him and their number is sad to see and do you know what they actually sit around the city of God leaving the incompetent city now not your agent to think about that picture for a moment each one of them could have been in the city if they want each one of them if it only put their faith in Jesus this could have been inside the city of Jerusalem they rejected Christ they are now outside of the city the part of the second resurrection and analysis of data together they believe that they can actually take the city by force which I believe is kind of salvation by works to ask extreme right salvation by works well make away into that city but it's too late my friends they couldn't be there fairly accepted their Savior but now they surround the city actually believe they ally of the devil that they can destroy the city and take it by force but they notice what happens next what will Satan all the ungodly do at this time verse nine they went up on the breath of the artist and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city you can just imagine the scene it must be just incredible no art can really picture what exactly will be like what they the ungodly surrounded the holy city relations at the twenty first eleven twelve the states but just imagine here and three single person is ever walked upon the face of this planet or ever lived will be represented right they are either inside the city or outside the city is on one side of the other side of those walls of the new Jerusalem you can imagine the scene millions and millions and millions of people that surround the city they believe they can take it by force at that very moment this this this passage this comes alive it says that I saw a great white throne and him who sat on it and lose face the earth and heaven fled away and it was found no place for them and I saw the dead small and great standing before God and books were opened and another book was opened which is the book of life and the dead were judged according to their works by the things which were written in the books this is final judgment scene that takes place there at this scene at the new Jerusalem and you know what is in a five think about how I was even even those that are part of the second resurrection even those who rejected God will happen what have an opportunity to see the very works of God there they will see for themselves that have been wrong all along eight it is interesting for a moment how that must appear this panoramic picture of the great controversy just think about suspect you know from the very beginning Adam and Eve they took of that forbidden fruit but immediately after that the promise was given it out of the woman would come a seed and that scene would set them free it was Jesus himself and he would crush the head of the sex of the symbolic language of the great controversy would be won by God antichrist and we see as we go about with thousands and thousands of years of human history which Scripture preached at present so beautifully that we come to the right point of the birth of this child gone in the last came to this are and you live a life of perfect life in minister to the downcast the downfall and the marginalized and here he is again now on the white about all people see them for who he is they see that his character has been righteous that he has been that he has been killed by unrighteous people and you know what is so beautiful because again all people even those that are part of the second resurrection will see that he is indeed the one that he claimed to be already spent before hiding you might remember those words that he spoke either it asked the question what is truth and he turned around and walked away and Jesus himself was the embodiment of truth and I watched his hand and Jesus was crucified on a tree and here now he's sitting on the white throne high above the city everyone can see him everyone can know him everyone could have been in that city but they chose to reject that great gift Christ himself took our sins upon himself for every single person that seems but only those of the claimed the blood of Jesus are inside of that city at this time Jesus has been in our high priest again when we think about that right now prices right now in in the century have been ministering for each one of us he wants everyone to be saved the book of Hebrews tells us that he will say that even those to the uttermost he will do his very best to save every single person I phrase there is no doubt in my mind that everyone could be in that city and that God wants everyone in that city but sadly there are those who rejected him and he will not force us to be in a place with himself throughout eternity if that's not with answers sadly there are many that have rejected him as to say that rejected him as their high priest that rejected him as their coming kingdom and now they rejected him even right now as if standing around the city they want to take it by force but the Bible tells us they went up on the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city and fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them this is the final destruction of sin the final destruction of sinners of how long to send in their lives this is what hellfire is really as we learned already that hellfire is not internal burning but it isn't and it is a destruction it's over it's done this takes place right here after the thousand years of all those are part of the second resurrection including the devil and his angels and surrounded the city the Bible tells the fire comes down from heaven and devoured them what happens then after Satan and the ungodly are destroyed they notice as well launched into Revelation chapter twenty one and twenty two the final two chapters of the Bible and the Bible describes in a heard a loud voice from the throne saying behold the tabernacle of God is among men and he will dwell among them and they shall be his people and God himself will be among them and he will wipe away every tear from their eyes and there will be no longer any death will be no longer any mourning or crying or pain the first things have passed away and he was sits on the throne said behold I'm making all things new peace and write these words are faithful and true wow amazing after the destruction of sin and sinners what happens is that Christ himself makes all things new remember that this birth during the thousand years was a place that was without form and void the bottomless pit give results now 's the city has come down the second resurrection estate of life the final destruction has taken place of all the wicked now Christ himself doesn't read creating this are just like in the beginning we read that God that of spirits was once delivering across the face of the art and Dawson left to be light and there was light and he started creating from a world of that was without form and void so now Jesus not re-creating this new era at my friends will be even better than we created the first I mean when you look at the description always could be a beautiful thing and in a lot with him to be able to watch it yesterday the best the best movie ever can you imagine just looking at free Jesus creates this world nothing I will be able to watch it to contradict is this planet that has been the center of say for thousands and thousands and thousands of years is now going to be re-create out of you watch within a watch price do it from moment to moment he will re-create it in its beauty and its in its splendor to be awesome to be beautiful will give us see it happen before our very eyes no more death no more suffering no more pain all activity beautiful people the best thing about that creation is very creative and this could be no tree of knowledge of good and evil you say you train them between why I was no longer be the tree of knowledge believe I went on with that I mean were ultimately not not not not one that outlined what it would seem that done that there is no longer be a need for it that's a beautiful thing you know that the reason why God gave been in the beginning is because he wants to give them choice right free well but my friends everyone that is their facility decided coming there to try to serve the Lord there is no longer in need of a tree of knowledge of good and evil the only thing is replaced the tree of knowledge of good and evil is the marks and scars in the hands of Jesus that we will always behold that is what is replaced that and that will be the reminder of what we've experienced on this earth that will be reminded of what Christ has done to bring us from here to that new world and men what a beautiful moment that will be and him and all things in the Bible tells us in first grade and step into verse nine but as it is written eye has not seen here has not heard nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those elevenths to start imagining what that must be like okay to start imagining the best well that you can imagine and then I'll get enough infinity better and I'm according to those voices can be better than what you can imagine so you knew all about you did a very vast to imagine this would be better like it is a man in a message at the thirty minute close that these verses it says the kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field which a man found and hit and for joy over it he goes and sells old has and buys that field this is a parable that Jesus spoke a man finds a treasure and she deems that treasure more of more value than everything that he has as we goes he sells everything to tango frater friends have you found that rising treasures Jesus amen I keep buying Jesus you found everything if you found Jesus he will need to continue to search for people searching in our world today searching for truth searching for meaning searching for purpose but once you have found the treasure don't search start enjoying I think tonight is from this day forward you have to search you can search the Scriptures you to search for the deep meaning all the trashy of found but you found in a matter you found it this is that I read this is that you can continue to search the front to find anything to the more valuable than that I can assure you that I want to spend your time getting joined the tragedy of running out and looking for something else that you think is to give you meaning and businesses that this is at the other drive I just now make sure that you that you investigate it and embrace it and practice it and bring it into your life and make it at every thing for you then you'll find true happiness and joy treasures Jesus Christ Jesus Christ died for us he's risen for us he is now ministering for us and you will soon come again for us we can be part of the kingdom that he is prepared for us inhabit as well as as we come to this Earth after the thousand years we re-create this are our hearts what a beautiful moment that will be as close with this fact ventilation twenty two verse fourteen Blessed are those who do his commandments that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter through the gates into that city my friends joining blasts keep his commandments a man of people 's commandments follow his commandments they are they are beautiful their wonderful amazing promises to you and to me don't let anything keep you back from entering into that city the Bible tells us that those who do Commandments at the right to the tree of life this is the tree of life in the world made new may nothing keep you from that place however sacrifice you have to bring on this are it's worth that a man it is worth it let's pray together as a father thank you for being with us thank you for the amazing prophecy of the millennium thank you Lord that you have a place in your preparing for us even right now I pray that we may be there that none of us would be part of that second resurrection but all of us will be part of the first order that will be alive when you come Lord what a great joy that would be like me we spend eternity with you in that city and in that world that you make new and I pray that nothing nothing may keep us from the tree of life Lloyd your word says that Blessed are those that do the Commandments a lawyer to help us help us give us the strength and power that we need to make any decision in life that we need to make in order to keep your commandments that we can be part of your people Lord your commandments are not burdensome there's really a blessing in and help us to experience a blessing help us to make use of the greatest treasure ever we thank you for your mercies for your patience with us and for the faith you not only early that we continue to announce as thank you as you is a a this media was not as fine audio nurse is a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to research and audio and much more if you would like to know more about our universe is more certain than it is www. audio source .org


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