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Whirling Wheels

Alvin Cardona



  • February 15, 2014
    10:00 AM
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my father we these almost because of your son with resource because of the sacrifice in the summer simple to us you have called us into lights you have taught as so many beautiful things by their character and we are here because we want a little bit more of your presence and under truth in our lives please continue on changing us molding us into the people that would glorify you help us to be witnesses of numerous senior love to others and we ask all these things praying in the name of your son growing up my Paris may be loveless available available to me that describe the lives of well-known missionary than evangelists of old times I want my favorite of all these books was a slow one goes green with a beautiful cover and it was basically the story of David Livingstone and had very big hype for little kids the read easily and had very simple words and beautiful pictures of you went through and what isn't needed and not very long but that story was one that really inspired me this guy was somebody who went through so much trouble so much suffering so much pain because he had a very strong conviction and raised on calling her a very specific group of people and you made an amazing difference in the lives of literally millions of people we know that in his life and his travels he even traveled he walked over twenty nine thousand miles imagine that because of the passion that had been placed in his heart and in his diary you wrote is very famous quotation I'm sure you've heard of before read anyways he said send me anywhere only go with me lay any burden on me only claiming that were mean from any of high on the tie that binds me to your service into your heart and that anything I needed the kind of Ezekiel the kind of faith and belief in God would lead a man with a unwilling to sacrifice anything for the fulfillment of the mission that you have placed into my heart this kind of this kind of dedication is kind of passion is something that is so needed in our church and especially for young people today I think of young people we all want to have something that we are willing to live and die for so many times we have been kind of mold and while our culture to believe that it isn't a good thing to be so passionate about something you have to be very balance and how passionate you are or you will come across as being in all a little bit crazy or orders out there right with these men they held nothing back in the service of God and the reason I bring this up is because I like to talk about another nine and I believe had a very similar spirit in his life that is Ezekiel said he will go with me to the book of Ezekiel who are going to have to one Ezekiel at this point is a young man some scholars say he is about twenty five years old in that range so he is at the prime of his life and as they get a little bit of background may have been there's been exile occurring people have been very disobedient to God 's loses this isn't really one of Israel or Judas is right spots and history things are kind of sat there very rebellious as we are going to see him and we did that young man suddenly comes across a very specific interest to him from God and were going to read this agree from chapter one starting in verse one were looking at the vision that God is giving the young man Ezekiel now came to pass that reads in the thirtieth year in the fourth month in the fifth day of the month I was among the captives by the river that the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God saw either young man he is in exile he see the heavens opened he sees a vision from God or a simple event in the month which is the fifth year of aching like infectivity the word of the Lord came expressly and Daisy Hill the priest the son of boozing in the lavender Chaldeans by the river to bar in hand of the Lord was upon him what is the content of the vision I look at that and behold a world wind came out of the north a great cloud any fire enfolding itself in a brightness was about it at out of the midst thereof as the color of amber out of the midst of the fire also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures and this is their appearance they had the likeness of a man and everyone had four faces and everyone had four wings and their feet were strangely in the souls of the review work were like the soul of a calf 's foot and they sparkled like the color of burnished brass and they had the hands of a man under their wing and therefore side the move and they have four and a fourth had their faces and their wings their wings were joined one to another it turned not when they went they went everyone straightforward as though as the likeness of their visually before the face of a man in the face of a lion on the right side so you may be thinking of getting a little confusing right a lot of interesting description things are going back and forth authority to the state with the relevant widely current go through the rest of the vision so you have different characteristics in different parts of the month right and I wanted to start thinking about where else in the Bible have you seen a similar set of four leaves that have different body components was filler which is reading that in the floor had the phase of the knocks on the left side before also had food of an eagle is whether faces and their wings were stretched upward to wings of everyone were joined one to another and to cover their bodies verse twelve anyone everyone straightforward whether the spirit was to go they went so they were guided by the spirit whenever the spirit said though they would go and they turned not when they went after the likeness of the living creature there appears like burning coals of fire in my futures of lamps and went up and down among the living creatures and the fire was bright and out of the fire went forth lightning the living creatures and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning so living creatures are moving back and forth and I really appreciate the fact that these eco- assault detail oriented right he really goes at length the describe as much of the essay can of every single aspect of using given describing their appearance as burning coals or as soon as you see them moving back and forth interestingly the wording there is seems to say they're moving in all directions yet the only facing and what direction I think sounds no different about how normal things are supposed the moral rights of the notices that he also notices that they are moved in response to what I would mention the spirit rights of the Spirit is driving the movement of these four living creatures and so this man Ezekiel his appraisers familiar with with spiritual things and yet here I know I can message you must be wondering what is that the Byzantine sorry I'm sure the feeling I saw something like this there would be questions in our minds fortunately the vision does not end there we read a little more starting of verse fifteen and were going to see another components added to the vision as now as I beheld the living creatures behold one what real upon the earth by the living creatures with his four faces you driven the wheels and their work was like until the color of a barrel in the had one like in their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of the wheel when they went they went upon therefore signs and they turned not to think often about going in all directions but not turning and they turned not when they went first eighteen for their rings they were so high they were dreadful in the rings were full of eyes write about them and when the living creatures went the wheels went by them and when the living creatures were lit up from the earth the wheels were left that up whether whithersoever the spirit was the goal they went there was their spirit to go and the wheels were lifted up over against them for the spirit of the living creatures was and the wheels verse twenty one Wendell 's length these went among the lowest of these start and when goals were left up from the earth the wheels were lifted up over against them for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels go to the bathroom has been mentioned more than once for verse twenty two and a likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creatures what is the color of the terrible crystal stretched forth over their heads above verse twenty three and under the firmament for the wings strength the one for the other everyone had to which covered on this side and everyone had to was covered on outside their bodies was twenty four and they went and when they went I heard the noise of their wings like the noise of great waters as the voice of the Almighty the boys of speech the noise of a host when they stood they let down their wings for twenty five and there was a voice in the firmament that was over they had understood and have let down their wings so we read quite a number of verses in the audience would tell you not to read such big hostages okay and I wanted to get additional of what's happening here and there's two main components right there is the four these and then there is the wheels the wheels are interesting right is dozens of the wheel within a wheel you know sometimes I think maybe like some form of gyroscopic glass apparatus or something right and these things are moving in all directions and not as of these wheels don't seem to the bound to the ground as usual wheels are they are able to go up there able to go down bagel in all elections yet they are always facing the same direction they are all guided by the spirit as it was repeated and the four living creatures in the wheels had to go in the same direction right so when the spirit moves them they all going there up or down or left the rider wherever they have to go they are all guided by the spirit of God while he messes like this be significant to the man in the eye wanted to just take a quick peek at what happens in chapter two can somebody calmly what happened see Ezekiel and Chapter two start he has sent a rebellious Israel he is given a very specific medicine right and you get an admission to a very him go people don't even cosmos and almost impossible in fact few the many think you'll is one of the profit that has one of the roughest ministries of most of the Old Testament prophets this guy really had a hard she was going against impossibility almost every single step of the way and he is one of those prophets that has very little positive results to show for his work even dowdy frustrating for you we are people than hundreds result driven how we know and we value our plug on place value on success on your work based on the results that we get is the best man is about to be sent on a mission and anyone upon possible that on hindsight was seemingly not successful to a people that do not want to hear anything he has to say to a end of life in which he has very little to show for his work and it all begins with a vision of four beasts and wheels being guided by the spirit of God I was go back to chapter one and we're going to look at some details about the vision the first thing I want you to notice is a division comes from which direction suddenly remember that comes out or are from the north and it comes about than what it describes as growing when driver or just mighty winds right sold mighty winds is coming from the north I want to go with me really quickly the Psalms chapter forty eight Psalms chapter forty eight and this is just trying to get a little bit of perspective so what is the significance of an coming from the north Psalms chapter forty eight and verse two describing the city of God is beautiful for situation the joy of the whole earth is Mount Zion on the science of the north the city of the great King God is known in her palace for a rest for a refuge is one verse where the scribes the northern aspect of the city and we can connect them to other verses to show that whenever North has been described the usual connection is the throne of God okay so interestingly there is a vision coming metaphorically it seems from the throne of God and interestingly it's also end-to-end and conjunction with very peaceful whether millwright stormy weather sleep is not coming in stormy weather these they like themselves the good news not really right I think it is maybe eight eighty fourteen of the ministry the individuals going to have the face in the future anyhow we move on the four living creatures as we said it can also be found where revelation listen chapter four specifically verses two and six and for those of you have been there before where are these four leaves found in Revelation with the spore creatures before the throne I so this is a picture or a seen a vision of what is the scene he's seeing the throne room of God so you getting this amusing insider 's perspective of what is happening in the vicinity of God 's throne need to Ezekiel chapter ten the chapter ten verse twenty here you think yours referring back to this vision that he has any legal chapter one limits of bursitis of the living creature that I saw under the God of Israel by the River of Savard remember that River and I knew that they were cherubim everyone had for this is a piece and everyone had four wings in the likeness of the hands of a man was under their wings so he describing the very same creature living in referring to the vision that he had by this visiting River and he's referring to them as well Karen event so these are angels basically write a kind of angel and they are in the service of whom got the are guided by who spirited Keizo we are expanding our picture of the throne room of God there is ways that are there taking place there is these four creatures which are for Sheridan that stand at the throne of God they serve God they worship God they are guided by the spirit of God in other words these four creatures are the ones that execute the will of God that is their purpose that is there the reason for their existence okay so they do God 's will and they are in the presence in the very front among the variables to see him receive from him direction in the move has gone the wheels what is the story with the wheels so they go in all directions they seem very complicated and I want you to notice with me a very interesting quote that he can write it down this will be awesome on actually I now what does this revisions of her CHL anybody know Christian living maybe we can write his healthiest page twenty six that something when you use the software I sometimes get interesting books so this is really interesting is that because it's referring to this specific passage in Ezekiel she says the sexist chapter of Isaiah has a deep and important lesson for every one of God 's workman said it with humility and earnest prayer then she says the first and second chapters of the Ezekiel should also be carefully studied medicine coming you would think that these are kind of obscure and screening visions right was you say specifically as you study this properly and in humility but notice how she how she can I think she refers to the wheels inside the wheels within wheels represented in the symbol was confusion to the finite I body and of infinite wisdom was revealed amid the wheels perfect order is brought brought out of the confusion and freewheel works in its right place in perfect harmony with every other part of the machinery that interesting we read in chapter and it's all the confusion in the descriptions of what's taking place and what seems than a gasoline nonsense through our eyes simply from reading she says that God works perfect order and perfect efficiency and the working of his servants the people under some Ezekiel a man who is about to be called on a high mission seems to examples of service of God that in the middle of confusion when storm follow perfectly the will of God and carry out his purposes and all of these components both the cherubim and the wheels stand in the presence of God and have a vision of God is and therefore they carry out their mission think about what this would mean to a man about to be called on the life-changing mission so what happens immediately after he sees these visual examples let's go to Ezekiel chapter one verse twenty eight after the description after the children and the wheels is a good chapter one verse twenty eight he sees something else and actually the person before a really important to to describe the throne room which is really interesting point out on person starting in verse twenty eight says as the Epicureans of the bow that is in the clouds in the day of rain so was the appearance of the brightness around about this was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord and when I saw it I fell upon my face and I heard a voice of one notes the case a few things but the last thing he sees is what a description of the glory of God he sees God 's glory and notice how he described that he describes it as a rainbow okay here is this is a reasonable brightness all around the likeness of the glory of God what is the result what is the effect seeing the glory of God in Ezekiel Pottstown 's feet and really wanted this for the kindest well on the significance of the keys the scene is progressing right source of my throne room of God are the Sheridan public eye has thrown his illiterate these people carry out the purpose of the underneath of Sheridan are the wheels these lawless Arabs they're both guided by the spirit of God then he goes down to where he is easy-going he looks up and team see the discussion of alternative about actually go back and reloaded another verse twenty six and above the firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne as the appearance of a sapphire stone and unlike the dramas like this as the appearance of a man above upon it and I saw the color of amber as he appeared the fire runabout within a month about within from the appearance of his loins even upward and from the appearance of his life even downward I saw as it were the appearance of a higher and I had brightness roundabout to seeing fire chief seeing beautiful stones he seems the glory of the throne without what is it that causes him to fall me the glory of God and he seems a rainbow can think of the glory of God and finally by a Catholic I can't at this point is so perfect at this point what are the very last words of chapter one the realities in my Bible and I heard a voice of one that spoke when you feel ready to hear a mission from God on his face as a result of seeing the glory of God seeing the glory of God now Ezekiel is ready for his mission now he is ready to commence his life to the very heart commissions will rather live without human results without human approval with suffering because he has experienced God 's glory and that has overwhelmed has brought him down and legal no longer matters to him his reputation no longer matters that have pictures I was a freezing on the man of the hospital to speak he was meant to be admired not only for his intellectual prowess but also for his political influence and yet this man is willing to lay all that aside and literally become a criminal because he has seen the glory of God and it brought the very recovered to Ezekiel is inspired and he is willing to go into an impossible work and the reason I do I love his vision is because even though even the very wheels themselves accomplish things that seem impossible and yet they do the impossible because there guided by the spirit of God versus him chapter two chapter two verse one any phentermine Son of Man stand upon their feet and I will speak unto the end the spirit entered into me the same spirit my friends that was guiding the cherubim and it was guiding the wheels comes in threes he and he is about to go on to describe these amazing things that limit women's rate this something to be really quick this guy is about to be called to do something impossible right something really really impossible and it reminded me of this on his guy John Leslie K is a very well-known preacher and one of his his journals or his Hezbollah rocket that is why he has also on almost feel him funny but is actually really frustrating and the reason is that Sunday morning May five two thousand reasons that a pans was asked not to come back anymore Sunday evening May five preached and St. John's Diggins said get out and stay out Sunday morning May twelve preached and St. Jude's can go back there either Sunday morning May nineteen present something somebody else's bacon called special meeting and circular return Sunday evening May nineteen priests on street pick out a street Sunday afternoon May twenty sixth priest and Meadow chased out of metal as the ball was turned loose during service will Sunday morning June two three out at the edge of town getting off the highway Sunday afternoon June two after presented pastor ten thousand people came up with your perseverance right that reminds me immediately the balcony called to something significant significant and impossible select let's find out what is it that God is calling Ezekiel to do so is very comes into him the first two verse three says Anthony Son of Man I send you to the children of Israel to a rebellious nation that have rebelled against me they and their fathers have transgressed against me even unto this very day for they are imputed children and spirit departed I do send thee unto them and thou shalt stand for them thus saith the Lord God God starts off by saying I'm sending you to the people of Israel and just that very phrase was enough to send Ezekiel and think oh no I will the described them as being run a rebellious spindle hardened by and what isn't but in Ezekiel is commanded to say that the woman was vandalized God was not asking Ezekiel content manufacturing by was not what was thought asking easy to say whatever God told them to stay in yellow makes that difference suddenly cools responsible for results of Israel suddenly all you are doing is simply carrying out like the wheels like the cherubs whatever the spirit of God is leading you to fulfill and when you find than fulfillment in your experience in the throne room of God and God is keep reading so there's divided two thousand and he sends them he simply took to them is to say thus saith the Lord in verse five is little Israel summer is a adverse light and they whether they will hear or whether they will forbear or not here for their rebellious house yet you yet they shall know that there had been a prophet among them spoke bitterly got a sale we decide now whether they hear whether they not it's okay they will know that God was included on or within three profit for six months is beautiful and now Son of Man be not afraid of them neither be afraid other words the dryers and Dorothy Whitney and no you dwell among scorpions being unafraid other words nor be dismayed at their lot looks a rebellious house and no and thou shalt speak my words and of them was able here or whether they will forbear for they are most rebellious forces but thou son of man here what I say unto the team not to how rebellious like that rebellious house open my mouth and eat and eat that I give me when I looked behold a handle seventh-inning and lowly role of a book was there in an experiment before me and it was written within and without and it was written therein lamentations and mornings and will he looking forward to a future of volume and scorpions a future of being rejected a future of people in this verse same looking at him oddly and yet here he receives his message and it makes you wonder what is new in my calling right now happily come to the point were we ourselves have fond the throne of God and allowed him to give you and me calling Google with b-day fusions Ephesians and we are looking at chapter one in Ephesians chapter one before we read I like to suggest to you that like Ezekiel we are all called to a very similar argument the similarities are there humans very inoffensive that we are all called to be used by God 's spirit and we are all called to say simply thus saith the Lord when I called anything else caught that the messengers relays witnesses certainly we are not passed with ensuring specific results in a passive number five we live in a world that rejects that which does not conform to its worldview and all those things combined make it so that if you choose a path service and admission and of evangelism for your life you will encounter frustration you will encounter moments when you will now the very calling that you have felt in your heart building is a wonder I still weather maybe I miss Josh being this the severity or that the truthfulness in this calling but I felt maybe I should have really gone all the way into this I should've the kind of ease my way by still living for this personal world legal and had entertaining commission on five and this is those things make the experience and Ezekiel has extremely significant for people like you and me living here today so long as a result what this is what is his mission how do we know what do you think you'll put out very nicely of the revisions very nicely Ephesians chapter one verse seventeen through nineteen let's reverse the concern from recipients we can get the whole passage were for I also have to record of your faith in the Lord Jesus and love unto all the things seems not to get things for you making mention of you my prayers but the God of our Lord Jesus Christ the father of glory may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him the eyes of your understanding being enlightened that you may know with the hope of his calling and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints and what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us ward who believe according to the working of his mighty power which he wrought in Christ Jesus when he raised him from the dead so Paul visited congregations you are new to the faith and I am praying that you would find this calling the guys want to give you but interestingly interestingly this has to happen through a knowledge of who the revelation or knowledge of who of him and so less common brings together world Ezekiel was called to a very significant mission were significant purpose and this all follows is very specific revelation of God 's and so when I think of all this and I think of the applications in my life I wonder how is it how is it that I find that throne room experience what is the what is the significance behind that experience and makes Ezekiel 's life so different from that point on I think that one of the things that really made me think about this whole income to the residual has is a fact that description found in Ezekiel one twenty eight Ezekiel one twenty is also back easy to one twenty eight and what was that about the front room but ultimately brought you think about his feet glory of God specifically the think is really interesting that God is sitting on a throne but he has a rainbow around I what is Randall remind you of in the Bible promise right which specifically a promise of not only read them send the also restoration right there the sparing and yet a throne that represents just the in these elements combined in the knee and a proper understanding of the identity of God in the middle of the great controversy got to the throne the rainbow is around him that represents a God that keeps his covenant from generation to generation furthermore he's the God that wants to be looked at they don't want to be known the ones that he rightfully represented in this understanding of who God is made all the difference in the life of music do you think you think that a man who has grown up working in a religious system that has probably misrepresented God has probably tried to make a monetary gain from God 's specific do you think that you seal of God is completely different what have an effect on him right the thought makes me wonder what aspects of God have I maybe misrepresented or misunderstood in my life I think it is very easy to take understanding of God 's only different directions because understanding God knowing God can quickly turn into simply a reflection of what you want your got to be right and very easy to settlers are projecting our feelings for how we want to be treated Holly want than the rest and respected and how we want to be Pat on the back or how we want to be the only debate them for some cases it's so easy to reflect what we want to see and what we had revealed that God is the residual must have been a point in his life where he wasn't willing to be honest with themselves I like it views as how Paul is praying for the Ephesians to have their eyes open so that they would see the call and the crises of the very same things he delivered a point in his life when he wasn't willing to actually be an perceived school God was going to be for him and his life is that we think you'll is going to be the guy I think that our self-centeredness can very easily come in the way of us having this throne will experience which is why it was so important for EV kill to see something that was sold grand sullenness is that so overwhelming that he will literally take it to the point where he has been unanimously filled at that point that he shares a voice at that point where he hears the voice additionally how many time I will try to receive a calling before an experience in the throne room of God is on the net I can relate to very specifically exult in the easy to come to the point where you are surrounded by dog people we are surrounded by my pipe wonderful people that have amazing missions and commissions from God he let out what they are accomplishing what her goals for the future I say well you know that is going to be amazing or this is an amusing work for God and you quickly trying to introspection any say what event is great that I'm doing for him no I stopped hours studying in my room or the library went got in my accomplishing right of many kinds we wonder how am I being perceived by others in terms of my spirituality to other people look at me maybe wonder has to know that Skype is a really doing much immediately think of right now or even one that sometimes health could be a lonely belief in God we fear of how are the payments may come across to him on the fact is that we said to be living for not allowing him to look to us instead of us know going to the way around and the reason why I think this is important is because order of operations matter in the attending clinician and if I like this he also did also say all know and I can fund is going to sit around until that happens and then know the ones I have this marital experience then I will go out and say okay God I'm going to sacrifice over is not really care for the method doesn't really have the kids all because you think that you think you'll would've been approached by God and he had not had for himself a conviction about the current state of this country when he was at first he was there because he had I imagine some sort of convention and what he wanted to be like the finish is bundled come up again with just a very short passage Luke chapter seventeen Luke chapter seventeen versus seven to ten moves of the seventeen seventy says but which of you having a servant plowing or feeding cattle will send to him by and by when he is come from the field coincidentally it to meet and will not understand him make ready wherewith I may suck and gird thyself and certainly the Latin and drunken and afterwards also eat and drink David does he thank the servant because he did the things that were commanded him I thrown the likewise ye when you shall have done all those things which are commanded you say we are unprofitable servants we have done that which was hard to teeth into we are unprofitable servants the which was our duty to do my friends we live in a world of apostasy similar to that of the people of Judah and people Israel we live in a house call also do something impossible and we live in a moment in which only fleets and utter surrender the spirit of God will be able to accomplish anything of value so much the with myself and with you guys and this morning on counseling is to really allow laughs of the a reality in our lives and the reason why it will because there is no room for exalting ourselves but rather for us kneeling before and a mission a life of service a life of sacrifice a life that is willing to put everything aside for God can only happen as a result of an encounter with God and that encounter with God will not happen unless it is sought after day by day by day and when that time comes for us to make the ultimate sacrifice that we not say look back and think all look at all the wonderful things accomplished but may we simply be able to say the spirit of God has guided me and I have simply been a faithful servant doing well was my task to do what is ostensibly quickly coming is going to pray as we move on with the rest of my father we think is so much because you seem to reveal yourself to us father and is anything that I would like us to learn from from today I pray that it would be everything starts with a vision of who you are and I know all that so you lead semester misrepresent you in our lives or misrepresent our understanding of you is when I pray that you would help us to how is opened we would contemplate you our daily business father that our vision of utility accurate that we would know who you are to us father because when we go out there doing things that seem impossible to the world and possible through our own eyes on it we don't want to be living out any sort of self fantasy of who we want to be for you father but we simply want to be useful in your you want to be filled by you the father as we look back on the vision of music I pray that we would think of is that even the greatest most elevated angels are simply vessels for your spirit father we wouldn't expect anything more for us make that a reality numbers five frames is a this media was brought in by audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain and www. on universe .org


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