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2. The Book That Changed Asia

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 4, 2014
    7:00 PM
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I'll assert a copy of the reason why you think this is something that is near and dear to my heart really talking about it is something that God has given to each and every one of us something that is accessible to us living in America and this is very interesting book that has changed the world that seems to Asia and many people fly and so I didn't actively make sure you have your Bibles and Bible right in front of them because were to be needing that okay now if you look at the PowerPoint screen you are seeing a lot later and not feeling up to the new meetings when talking about love within the Bible amen that was very interesting the Library of Congress he will actually see this letter there is anything taste it's very mysterious letter that people do not know where organs are however somebody discovered one day not using Ingersoll the big deal about this love letter I see many love letters before getting a new outlet is what you're probably thinking what's so important about this what letter is not Mister Lee's work with you on this love letter and when I was in this love letter to me is absolutely adorable your words matter is written by a young man an e-mail list you can go now to the great love and tenderness I have manager express for he was lost and now I feel that my difference with you in principle fortunately everything is in the morning and I feel the more happy and ridiculous and an object of contempt and the more I feel the small incline and finally determined exactly as you believed me I never had the least inclination copying my hand and heart is not beautiful things in our last conversation how do I start you let it went into the woods have been known which has be no means but that's me what the most exalted opinion of your character and you will be much obliged me you want to wipe me what what are we are united I still expressed nothing but the fearful and think about my parents attitude everlasting displeasure of living with you that just makes me tear up the matter I sincerely do not put yourself to the smallest double recession or write me an answer audio and believing insulin mercy of that is really impossible that I can ever be mounted to the library tell dad isn't that what most beautiful loves a Z your entire life now here's something a little delusional about this elaborate let letter is seemed like a love letter that when you're reading it or giving in resolve this problem can be classified a category have a love letter the reason why even though I'm inclined to think it's a very mysterious piece of literature is the reason why is mysterious it is there is a coating of paint and so-called will letter and what is coded message methods exist every underlying axis shows the real love letter debate love and tenderness I admitted to express for human increases proportionally every day and in the more than I see the more I feel disclosing client and finally determined to offer you my hand and heart are last conversation with the most exalted opinion of your character and if we are united I still expand nothing but the pleasure of living with you man I think sincerely denounce audio and believe that I attend Madame your affectionate lover tell and W toss business axiom in my young man to a young lady whose father is not fooling love him and selecting it is specifically engineered this letter after you sent out the father would make sure all the mail that we conference on financing that he was very happy to get I thought it will only get as later on no real love letter was in the house in this confusion of words that even gentlemen will be talking about God 's love letter that has been given to each and every one of us now with interesting when we looking at a very special story in the Bible stories in the Bible that you have your Bible to lose twenty four Chapter twenty four Doctor Luke and doing recording of the life of Jesus however this story is found in the twenty fourth to me is not only sorry all the stories that appear in the gospel of Luke and I promise you that if you are married and there's nothing you have anything with the left foot we knew we liked the implications of this story is about a little-known chapter twenty four degrees sitting next to me does not please just come over and show the twenty fourth on jabber twenty four Matthew Mark Newton-John Guadalupe Chapter twenty four now the context of this particular passage Jesus has just been crucified the disciples are in disarray and wine themes and confusion ambitions while their dreams I feel like I cannot get any worse but believe the Bible does not go for a walk when they tried to get out of Jerusalem because they're being hunted down until after walking down this mysterious world until May is all of a sudden a unusual strange and I begins the come up right alongside them to lose twenty four starting with verse thirteen the twenty fourth or thirteenth thing to look at what the Bible says right here now the old man were traveling to engage in a village called what a major which was how many miles from Jerusalem seven miles from Jerusalem and they talked together of all the things that happens so that nearly where they were conversing about all the what all the things I had to spirit them to continue to sort one one Lincoln birth and reason that Jesus himself to that Jesus himself to own year and went with them but there I will restrain so that they did not know him and no idea that Jesus and resurrected and that this mysterious stranger which showed up right alongside them was none other than just a stranger to them the Bible records that this was Jesus when somehow some kind of disguise so here they are they're just walking and talking about all the things that are taken place and this included to show them right next to them and they continue walking now much with this mysterious figure citizen anything to them and what kind of conversation is that you have with one another you want an online sad but continues one was able to answer that didn't argue the only stranger in Jerusalem they had no idea what they were talking to no idea what is the only stranger in Jerusalem now what about that next time you not know that things would've happened here in these days they had no clue that they're talking about one believe that happened to anytime we talk about Jesus he shows up and so here it is anything is a mountain that means I'll be smiling at one forty seven next descents of them what things I want to the attention to what they begin to say as they are talking there just blabbing out the things that simply even began to seem that now and the discouragement and the skepticism was more and more about Jesus the so-called Messiah what the Bible says they are doing the things concerning Jesus of the Nazareth was a whopping notice is augmenting their fields and Jesus began to diminish on and thought he was now following the poverty was mighty indeed before God and all the people and how that seemed reasonable is condemned and delivered them to be contented that includes a mind that in verse twenty four this is what we were hoping in other words we had about him they were but we were hoping that it was he was going to redeem Israel indeed I called this is absurd to think these things happen I want to personally give you women of our company will arrive in our children must honest us what it is when they say when they don't find his body became saying it also seen a vision of angels that he was alive of those who went with that that's went to the gym and found it just as the women had sent him they cannot see they are to continue talking it out and talking all the starting vigorously with the law and one without the skepticism that as we continue to grow more and more and more and here they are denying all evidence is that Jesus had given them only on the things concerning Jesus was a prophet we were hoping that maybe we can redeem Israel but he wasn't this was the dark days of the crucifixion the women told that something took place in the gym and someone actually went over there and found nothing there they are there talking up and disbursements and there is getting worse and worse and worse what they been given an answer to this situation is that Jesus was really God but now in the discouragement they were denying everything they had been obliterated often times and discouragement in Dallas and slope will is when our thinking begins to shake and you lose that slut that we once had upon God but the wonderful thing is Jesus doesn't forsake the same manner as in mysterious ways an unusual problem is still in our darkest moments to give us a very special message now it was nothing he immediately doesn't have that continued haunting fiddle everything is a lot twenty fifth twenty five pennies incident will is one people will be the only ones and full of hard to believe in all that the public in Spokane not the client relieving an end to enter into important I want to personally seventy tendencies and beginning at Moses and all the popping he expounded to them all things in the Scriptures concerning them sell business regulations and zoning what do you think anything in these the disciples and gave him a Bible study there they are the walking and we just begins to break open the schedules they have no idea who this stranger really is even a little white teeth that can act like Jesus did somebody else have they been in talking how do you begin to explain to them at the inflationary things in the Scripture concerning Jesus the Messiah in what's so powerful about this Jesus could've any moment in their field his identity and I dealt with all the status of the all in all this garden instead of just giving them a miracle Temple is still revealed that they are upon the word of God is a mentor that sort of soul powerful and very important for us to understand why the word of God is so powerful especially in a very discouraging world the word of God is such a powerful instrument that God has given to it in these last days the Bible makes multiple claims about itself number one the Bible tells us that the Bible is the word of God number two is the greatest source of information that we have about you this is a claim about a white comic talks about heaven and before it deals with the relevant life is a well available I have an ability to change the life and I can personally testify that you were thinking if the basis for cultural getting to and it is a solar call flow this was a lot of skepticism concerning God 's word and there is a lot of so-called religious books that are out there had been earlier I grew up everything you have come from the background and in Hinduism you'll find there are two primary categories of Hindu literature to find a bead on which are the holy figure my knees with only the preseason understand and then you have the Mahal and run my in which it was illogical stories most Hindu is our understanding and to have access to this is now I grew up but when I came across the word of God for me it was just visiting to talk to me and I do not see much different then that you would enter that was available I go to the library and you just go into the religious section and you'll see so many books about religion so many books about this religion instantly books about religion but the unusual thing about the Scripture is it in the Bible is a real book about real people and real experience with the real God you know we'll location this is a book that is distinct from all other religious books is not just subjective and there is external to the inhabitants of the word of God and what does can examine and feel them when I did my argumentation class there was one thing my proceeds always teach me see that you need to make sure that you are driving home on good logic outside to make up why in the world meeting in my you write down the principles of logic is what needs to be clear logic is basically principles of right thinking logically to be clear logical needs to be accurate for me well you need to be selfish and want to finance we examined the scripture in the Bible passes every one of these clarity accuracy relevancy the sufficiency and weakens the word of God the very specified letter that God has given to you you didn't immediately get into the whole world that's about one hundred and seventy a month many of these lines medicines were dropping off work wonders accuracy is limited there is plenty of documentation with readers are plenty of archaeology for the call to lines of evidence and scientific lines of evidence is an experiential life and evidence and there's also like that instead want to examine a few of these up to date information this just came out today his incident report just today I believe is very providential came out today and is seeking the Biblical archaeological review magazine Purdue University 's all-important to the top lists the years it is your visits in a report that they are lazy and were liable to happen confront archaeologically the person talking to his liking of the Mesopotamian monarch as well as lesser-known figures in their names appear in his condition worsened quite close to the lifetime of the person identifying what is so remarkable about the Bible not only did they not only have archaeology confirmed that Scripture has been a wonderful guide to understanding more about the Scripture the Bible itself have meals my archaeologists and anthropologists understand humanity 's past and the Bible has shown itself to be a man remarkable guy you look at the all this is one of the most long as the basis for believing the Scriptures the Dead Sea Scrolls have the greatest impact people in Old Testament ninety six approximately one thousand years older than I previously oldest manuscripts of these roles have demonstrated that the Old Testament what accurately translated as me this interval praise the Lord for the Dead Sea Scrolls will examine a little bit more of you think about the amount of documentation that is actually available for the Bible is astounding for the New Testament alone there are over twenty thousand documents related to estimate alone in what is so amazing about that if it is when you come to the Bible warns of literature aneurysm and other forms of literature something about seasons like contact the debt and inflate so what is so remarkable to these waveforms of literature in the day that they will both seeing and when those copies are available in approximately one thousand year one meter gap to just a few different copies what the Bible is either over twenty four thousand civilians at the twenty four thousand people in the literature not only that but my windows below which were made when copies are available and is very miniscule it was interesting I was actually getting when I visited yesterday unthinkingly just a few years ago I was there and I was just ambulance began a particular church and the airport I like speaking to people about my run at the airport are playing that is why Englishmen in English before they sound very good intelligence believes in brother documentaries such as Palestinians to this wonderful English math the afternoon I was doing in Manchester began to explain to I was therefore he said Ali we believe in the Bible I think absolutely we can deserve various lines of evidence it is easier to me one of the most powerful winds and evidences I explained to him and I said this did you know that archaeologists consider what they consider the oldest New Testament assignment is done while in school and John while in school and what that means that okay did you do things on violence I said yes he said did you know that John Mylan library is right here in Manchester I said are you serious but I just had a lawyer something interesting I found out I found that it was a mile from the place I was saying I went to John Ireland library and there is in this laugh with security as well you have what is considered the oldest New Testament fragment available would you possibly even enjoying the time with John fortunately it's the portions of Jesus in the debacle of John where he is standing before pilot and pilot the last word in that frightening that was there is what is truth just think about that ladies and gentlemen the oldest New Testament fragment available with this man was able to walk away saying and what is truly one awareness for this world is full of pluralism I can't remember what realistic back on Hinduism the three hundred and thirty million God is also the birth was a Buddhism if it wasn't for the flood that took place with the encyclopedia would be the largest Muslim country with all amazing than a portrait of Jesus that was an angel upon his horse was originated I can the way I tend to live in alliance what a wonderful testimony to Congress which is within dialectic thinking that was the Internet is still present the Bible has power to change lives it is a manager that public accounting on removing tons of women in the Bible just a body called the Catholic Church didn't happen so it around A.D. three hundred that Elizabeth is bound to be on opinion by running back Darius Rosen consider one of the greatest dollars on the biblical manuscripts and fit in the wife when the church council but not available in eighty three ninety three listen the twenty seven books of the New Testament canon that was the time when the cabin was placed in yet another one of our major confirming that's sole authority in the amount of books that would be able to visit right here do not fund them any authority which they are not already this book simply recording the previously established benefiting women you might have been written on the origin actually born eighteen one eighty five ninety years after the definite Auckland on the books of the New Testament in a way that exactly correspond with our friendly attendees and other what do you believe what if the husband happened to even be more meeting took place in three ninety three now what a night of Scripture that was available to the early church father Eusebius was wanting to do that we also mentioned the greatest book of the New Testament is remarkable the recognition of the books of the New Testament the scripts will not ultimately kidnapped for profit but not with a natural path is not a matter of ecclesiastical regulation on what you will upon which was something that flies had given authority upon an early church already was recognizing that you can look at the early church fathers they were already calling the epistles of Paul Scripture you can follow up a personal call writing even blog reports that Peter 's writings and you are you using the early church wasn't recognizing enchanted by himself and getting to them they did not take place this is on the migration of the County did not take place because of public children simply because the Spirit of God was moving upon the early church and they were recognizing it is also remarkable event that even if every single Bible everything the Bible that's available today was completely gone and I was obliterated in Scotland would be able to put back the entire Scripture based upon the writings of the first century and second century church fathers even if everything a lot will think away today because what you said about Scripture and their use of Scripture was already being recognized as a kind of tanning salon people talk about the race manuscript is as well that the degree of publicity in the New Testament and the sheer numbers of church is involved in reading and propagating in the protection against forgery and fraud on the community the different parts of the church with one another across the boundaries meant that mistakes and plot will be recognized and born again at the armors in the Latin Greek Syriac Coptic we need an e-mail that you are losing money and many other languages this amount is material exhibiting in different parts of the world in different languages for an independent when it is a common original text with a well conceived me with the kind of went it a couple of the present Iraqi armed with this language amount is given when what they actually mourns for the protection of the Scripture for selling is very clear after receiving a quality blog thought was because her and that is what is so amazing about God 's word near this book is a call hole will left me to question how do people hear or read a book written by Indian person reason you think you will do more reading my people how easy or have ever written about about a book written by a person from China raising K six and seven people how many people here have ever read a book written by somebody who was not much they look like exact thing happened to that how many people hear or read a book written by somebody with an Eskimo reason of the reason that one person against what might now somebody in India was reading the Bible there's somebody in China is reading the Bible somebody in Russia whose reading about on this partisan Eskimo community who is with the Bible and the Bible is a unilateral reversal of Bush across all cultures all land the Bible is solely leading to penetrate and prejudices and biases and it reaches into the individuality of every single person and that is what is so amazing about the Lord and that is why in the world lip-synching is a public globalism and relatively new it's what we absolutely that God has given to you in a while and surrounded by three legislation and extreme immorality car safety will only now more and more following are some words can you say amen to that example not Indians Indian Americans are Americans of Indian ancestry and five three one eight three one eight three one eight million people or about one percent of the US population the country 's third-largest reporting Asian ancestry Chinese Americans and Filipino Americans a one hundred three communities of Hindus Muslims Christians Sikhs James Buddha is partly the Jews and from Indiana found some religions in the United States according to a twenty twelve Q research Center fifty one percent consider themselves Hindus and eighteen percent and within that category upon things happen for the patient is in a muscle fiber financing to present a intemperance and unaffiliated is according to a twenty ten U.S. Census the Americans have the highest household income of all ethnic groups in the United States bound to feel a bit prejudiced within them not to talk about you people right now but he is elected in seventeen eighty one using that as an example and this is an example because this is taking place all over the world history most people do not know about India is that the Bible has affected culture and history in very unique ways a lot of people think about superstition and paganism and spiritual darkness they only think about media and academics when I want to see you there it is so unusual as a snack two sixty seventy four and was active in all areas examples around built into the mountaintop demilitarization and Google is changing and there is never there when you die everything in your acids are threatening his river my father 's ashes were spread in the Ganges River there people were having some kind of a ceremonial I choose whatever it is very religious and community that exists in India know what is so unique about the word of God 's behalf influence in India you look at this news are on duty at first didn't say any of the might of been variously ninety eight percent have also become the most literate city ninety five percent by weight of the various research reports special biblical literacy and if I get too high your GPA for college students high school student in elementary school students as well fairly strong evidence that Knowles will read about an old Bible actually doing better in school we then those who do not while they were into a lot of ninety three percent and Carolyn have the oldest Christian communication is strictly according to the article on it in the first century after Christ I want to think about this is because Kerala is where you have a lot of computer programmers coming out of what you have a lot of brilliant mathematicians and scientists coming out of Kerala is very recognized agency as being the most educated most intelligence space and I say that I come from another state in India it's a very literate state people are educated in what is so unique in the gospel hassle and integrated part of India is that the very language in Kerala the word cool means the building next to the church the Bible has influenced our lives influence what what influence the languages had in the influence poetry of influence is the likely architecture engineering science eliminated the word of God have to happen it will many of the Ivy League universities are in the United States took place because of Bible believing found swimming in the things they believe in education that will honor the Creator the word of God is so evenly given in the Bible I believe now is the time that God call you we examine the Scriptures I want in traveling and you will find the word of God will be solely unique and a blessing to your soul than anything else could ever be very interesting is written by Doctor who saw this book on the changer that major world talk about India Bible translators did not merely give me my mother the mother tongue in Judea is a need every living literary language teaching it is a testimony to their labor the Army languages there are in India scores of languages in India in two thousand and five in May always all are normal Doctor Murphy submitted a seven hundred page multiset is that you have recognized for their demonstrated Bible translators using the dialectical children arranging he if he created seventy three monitoring late arriving languages India one hundred governor certainly where the ruling class for those who are in the court court actually spoke a different language than what the rest of the people Dan and Bible translators and be gentle towards this end they serve convenience you cannot add connection between when the British want to begin to come into India and they wanted a better way of communicating with Bible translators didn't want the language of the human him into a small literary language that was found in dictionaries now and encyclopedias and friendly symbols and it was due and what Bible translators if they reject about history and is still a lot with the amount of influential Bible translators have had a point to actual language people include the national languages of India in Hindi and is not just Indian ethics hanging on or do something like that Bengali I will install it examined Doctor McGee the visa is wanting me that they were benevolent of Catholic priests examined from a given season and awarded him a PhD in two thousand eight and they recommended him worked to be required reading for studies immediately with sticks can save meant that that is how you just begin to realize the impact of why what has happened watching it and there is more research at the concept while in that one other Asian countries as well it is models when using the word of God influence in the world that we now live in today and get there so many skeptics and out of the God is calling us to re-examine what about whatever before let's go back to that story that we were looking at chapter twenty four p.m. not to be blown away with a very unusual ending to this story the twenty fourth Jesus is and explain the Scriptures to them and Bible study recounting the prophecies of the Old Testament dear Jesus is using it the way we building their faith and strengthen them to throw their discouragement go to verse twenty then a junior to the village where they were going and he indicated that he would've gone further Jesus will push himself into anybody's life but they can range in saying a blind with us they were hospitable forty four evening and the days are spent they enjoyed their time with this mysterious stranger they still had no clue rules everything seemed to be stronger now and he went into the now it came to pass that he didn't want the negative bread blessed and broke and he gave it to them then their eyes were opened and they knew him and he vanished from their site but once that response then they said to one another did not all hearts with an excellent and within us while he talked with us on the road too long he opened the Scriptures to us was so unique about this story of this theme symbolism there are boundaries that need to be better parents otherwise it can be over spiritualized but what is so unique about this story you began to see a very unique and relevant lesson for us in that if this will work on made us angry is the word warm warm spring these disciples in their time of discouragement doubt and despair began to head towards this place of lukewarmness Jesus Law is the law Bible studies and they say it is not our hearts burn within ladies and gentlemen these disciples caught on fire again been caught on fire in the hour of darkness in that time when they were heading towards the place of being comfortable and no longer explicitly Jesus anymore Jesus shows up at the right time what I will sign in now to begin so we build our faith and in the mobile mapping for the words about the living God clients their hearts caught on fire new holds new ambitions and dreams their hour of darkness turned into their greatest moment ladies and gentlemen some you may be going to that time of darkness that you have been walking down that road of despair and discouragement is your faith seems to have strong you can no longer see the purpose of the plans of God in your life anymore here wondering God where I can I'm here to tell you that Jesus wants to encourage you to some of the worst you might have walked away from the Scriptures you might walk away from that special time and thought we would never have picked up on our date you are feeling heaviness and restlessness these disciples felt God is calling you back to the winners is calling you back to that place again where you can clearly see hear his voice in the word Jesus has much to tell you in the Scriptures as much the communities you about your life about your dreams about your purposes and plans the once there were new and we kindle that he might have been put out he wants to put you on fire can and if you will open up the Scriptures God will bless you have committed to everybody the freedom but it is humanity that utilizes the afraid and if you will open on the Scripture you will hear God 's voice speaking to you personally those mysteries that God is calling us to make a decision today eternal decision that is double when your hearts again to the word of God to continue to invite you to these meetings we have some very special thing that would be sharing with you this week and next week I always began with the choice and so I think God has given to you if you'll open your heart to the words he will speak to you his mysteries personally without henceforward a prayer father in heaven we want to hold fast what is true the world is full of so much by God so let's start with a pain father help us not to forsake his source of hope and encouragement that you looking into a more than just a book Lord what a portal between us that have been home loan or credit any person may want down not of those discouraged disciples but if those disciples that were on fire because they had seen Jesus in the word thank you father in your name we pray in this media with broad audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about hot humors in your life is more certain that the visit www. .com universe .org


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