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3. Dinner With Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Krishna

Anil Kanda
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Anil Kanda

Pastor in the Central California Conference




  • March 5, 2014
    7:00 PM
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welcome everybody knows that they online if this is your first time here restoration is one especially welcome you in the very interesting kind of series were going to be covering various kinds of topics these meetings are designed for any kind of person from the students in the installer to the skeptic to the theater these presentations will answer life 's greatest question two municipalities can only truly satisfied you'll be challenged and ultimately changed my what you can see it is a mentor that they are some that are coming up tomorrow night certainly the risk maybe unique methods in the alignment that Friday will be doing from tragedy to triumph the plot will be going as it gets as a Q&A afterwards data twenty August and my testimony Monday night I'll be doing that the end of social injustices they held assignment Tuesday night will be another special method is called how to take your exam and the normal sale and that the relevant for college town I've spent many years of my life in college I spent four years at community college almost all several months at a healthy fourteen to two years and have been to college like the other called class right after Suzanne C philosophy sitting in the law so I've always been part of the educational system I said yesterday is the educational background my family was very intense a lot people are often blown away in European Union fully understand I actually became a problem believing Chris in when I was in college looking back I really praise God because elders in the years of my life where I had the greatest principle during those formative years were understanding my identity my place in this world and to those who are still in college I just want to think as you are in some of the best years of your life don't waste six amen I don't wait and you don't realize what the author is RPM I really wanted junkies crave what would you have me to do today and you know what galaxies speaking at Indian call it there were thousands of Muslims and Hindus there is very difficult to get their attention they were speaking English at college but everyone was just a rowdy and was very distracted as I thought to myself how the world might get their attention so I did it I have to very interesting question how many people here know their grandpa when I think I got probably people here know whether grandpa was born the hands went down they were still disappeared and have a race I have another question how many people know your grandpa 's favorite hobby more and went down to reduce about two or three hands title everybody in the audience is about a thousand students I think taking a look at those two students and I made this point in two or three generations your identity will be extinct on this world then they started listening we have one life to live ladies and gentlemen one life and what we do with that life is a most important and really realizing now that his handling of your life being a pastor off to visit people and one of the things I constantly encounter is a lot of regret and the people live I want to come to my in the end of my life and Faith Hill what I regret most of it I want to be able to say I live life to the fullest and I do want to say that as well as an advantage of every opportunity that God has given to you and just being your preparation series is for the next week and a half is going to be in line changing on LinkedIn opportunities for you to grow closer to Christ as a mentor that him this series is all about answering my greatest blessing in this way is not an examined life is not worth what leaving the unexamined life is not worth living on the interesting talk to somebody was actually he was uneasy with executing something with Eagle hemlock with appointment instantly because a seeming endless out new kinds of teaching and thought that was very controversial for the culture at that time and how these are the beautiful to the blog where we should be surprised that there's anything in opposition to block what they are revolutionary screws is a mentor that you continue to come out with this restoration series is to be blown away by some of the things you're going to learn some things are going to learn you an idea theories Matthew to three years ago and the name of the series was called the dining of my dining and my mind and what this series is all about they took place it was all about the dinner conversation that took place between Jesus and Mohammed Krishna Buddha Jesus Mohammed Chris and Buddha now just imagine what kind of table talk might be anyone's plans for all these various historical figures is just right down to the place where that would be the kitchen table all aiming at causing now imagine for yourself the young Loma Linda is called stealing this individual burn your mental is struggling with life the only kinds of pressures present from the family present from school president from his home on his own spirituality seems to be an all time low this individual is questioning his religious upbringing he lets me make this apparent reason why things are not learned about it I think many I had a very interesting point in my primary personal point where he is quite single white all together and his imaginative fears of losing my mind amen and visit in my events that want to imagine this individual is sitting at the corner of arrest while not many people are there nice Italian restaurant selling foods these are theoretical and sitting at a table hoping no one will notice in these contemplating life examining his ass realizing that the agenda is too bright for him and at the point I'm in my twenties wondering whether or not to take his own life back together causing one for Tlingit is going to San Diego State University press is not too much relationship issues got into much I need to live in the very prime of his years in India most suicides occur during exam time it's a very interesting time to time Philip Froissart and all sorts of influences that are taking place in your your your struggling with the own mind this individual easily and all cited Walton in this corner thinking no one would notice and if you feel like the loneliest person in the entire world all of a sudden she is joined by former mysterious strangers to anyone that you think will look like and all of a sudden you have a lot of fun topic to let you listen what you have prisoners eloquently when Jesus showing up at the can you imagine how startled this man might be the instant pickup on who these individuals are all of a sudden all the entities in the the scene at combat and healing to the recount the influence is one of these religious leaders have nothing about the playthings on it will include the millions if not billions of followers Chris not adherent to Chris over there and Hinduism I come from that's my background you are the individual who come from the Buddhist background millions of followers were quality boot up your people will begin one persuasion as well and then you also have those brother Kristin made and the more religious leaders who have so much influence in the entire world in their mark on history zero someway somehow they're sitting before this young man about to take advice I'll can you imagine what kind of conversation that probably is believing over to imagine that you do they might discuss using gears of what they might bring with themselves as they are talking with this young man trying to help the next sort of like that he is now living to one hundred questions Mike is very interesting I didn't serve it with some people and ask them what would you do if you showed up at your table with blonde profit anyone will have Christmas and Buddha what kind of conversation would you have questions would you ask to leave your religious leaders that impact in this world the question became very interesting questions and why is there suffering very interesting of your Christian apologist that the number one question that comes up why is there something number two in God God never three how can I please say these about in the top three questions that would if people have their chance in a lyric on everything actually wasn't one day if you have questions that maybe we interview anyone in this entire world also I guess you would you interview is not about of course I think that I would interview Jesus said if you want questions asked Jesus what was Jesus the blessing instead are you born of a virgin piece of the answer to that question will change all history but imagine if you could ask questions to these not willing to thought leaders in organizational to bring up things in our capacities about the future to bring up things about your education when giving up things about their family chart about God revealed to get a look at this liaison at the request and people what do you think will encounter these Motley or in person God why is there suffering and how can I be saved you imagine what kind of conversation that probably is married to disable one of the pumping both in London however since all things that I am wanting a profit the prophet of Allah and I believe what is wrong with your life is that you are not immediately to the principal of all I halfway down in the crime you'll need to complete your forgiveness is you need to change your life and you need to begin a new path following the law the young man says about what a way to this problem in my own heart a lot this is what is needed Mohammed said as he says in the problem is is not that you have an evil heart but seeing as we just seem to be forgiven by a law what you need to seek his forgiveness and change your life I think I'm a Muslim combat when I went to Pakistan it was very interesting Pakistan is ninety five percent Muslim ninety five percent ninety five percent and you just imagine that ninety five percent of the country 's Muslim which means that Islam's prayers they began at a very early time and they are not synchronize five a.m. they will begin a sum will begin at five oh three by fifteen and a half loudspeakers on each one of these laws when I was in Pakistan's leading at the seminary there I went to sleep that night I woke up because I know that I will look in the window and optimism what in the world is and I saw there allowed sleep on the top mama but it was interesting like I said they were not synchronized to let her know whether I want all the land as far as my eye can see the decedent is called to this call to prayer is the time to wake up they put everything on loudspeakers is because it was the man that you are needed and will any of you getting you to be awakened regardless when it was sitting with a young Muslim man he said to me I needed to follow online isotonic that is why that is that is because he is the one true God and Mohammed is his prophet and a half in the simple question what can you tell me how to deal with the evil in my own hearts is just asked for forgiveness on holiday and you and if it got hit in an inevitable and wholly evil how do you atone for sin is that something to me that was very interesting to see that there is no need for an atonement Allah will simply forgive your sins and I thought to myself that very interesting at this young man from Loma Linda and wanted philosopher all of a sudden charisma but then present that as young men leaving a continual lesson on life Monday it was a great war and this was written in the book or this one called him on his mobile there's a special section called a diagonal mark the dynamite diva pageant is sexy and there was this great war that had taken place and might be more discreet one that was about to take place between two families I began to talk with margin the plaintiffs in full part in the brain who was wiry about fighting his mother 's I told him many the blessings these wise giant my brothers Andrew Smith a because he is the great drama and every after must play his marvelous whether or not you like it they are warriors and they will live warriors and you are born into this particular kind of tabloid kind of tacit and invisible you are and you luckily in her life to the fullest even if it means destroying about a dog can continue to present out the young man who's from Loma Linda and his family said the problem is this young man you will have a very high on the yes will you are in your half-life has filtered off and now this is coming to the surface the reason why you are just depressed the reason why you are in the spirit is because her convent and now it must be paid back and the only way you're going to do with this blog is my starting to do a very good works change your life doing good works follow the path that I have laid out what you will discover it is that you can't think that will be paid off and eventually in this life when it comes to an end he will reach that final statement of Nirvana and you will become one with the universe and the unmanned whipping and all of a sudden you don't send it Buddha and he says that McNamee tell you what you need to understand the problem is this evil is just an illusion all suffering in this world comes from desire the reason why there is suffering in your life young man and in your heart is because of the great desire to move the desire and the suffering will go away evil is just an illusion that young man's as one of God what about my accountability to God Buddha says this that's for you to decide goddess is very interesting Buddha do not take a stance on whether or not there was a God DL no accountability to him you do not see himself as gotten songs up as a great teacher and while this conversation is taking place in these answers seem to be satisfying the things that are going on in this man talk because apparently is struggling with something nobody else knows about us struggling with the issues deepen his own hearts and as he is struggling with that he began to think about the way up on that in the event in the world today and that is the problem of evil not just people with them but the evil out in the world you one day when I wasn't an awful lot next to the classical reasoning there is not much reason in a class is something very interesting the presence of this is that all of life 's problems will be eventually solved my philosophy is that what we need this radar philosophy of anything when we have greater philosophy all of life 's problems will be completely small business human evolution if I raise my hand because I couldn't think of any more to him philosophy and I sent it in very just an end of the very concept of the things your way if you really believe life answers will be solved with lots of the seven thousand meters at the rate of philosophy and airfield dealing with the problem they were raising disappeared and was utterly silent on talk to afterwards we had a discussion afterwards that evening ladies and gentlemen evil is a big modeling as well just out there but we live in a flaccid moral allotments in a journal it is way the depravity of man is at once the most empirically verifiable reality but that the things I'm most intellectually witnessed in truth or facts is on the experiential listings and if not outright like he was speaking at Penn State and somebody said evil is that he is not afraid of that will objective is to write resumes D login fortnight everyone laughed because it was undeniable reality there is weakness in our world but on the dig is further even if all the witness was gone Lisa and John even we got rid of every rate this molester all admirers all Hitler's all general volunteers even when we feel one of them as being a problem the evil within our own hearts every person here half the season rebellion in Walmart is always in a falling toward the glory of God if you ever read applicable balloons for victory but it ran out before very interesting book it was it scientifically do this research is normal college students seem to be somewhat balance anything of this thought experiment where he actually had some of the students in the wool of prisoners and some of the students available a prison guard NYC discovered to have the situation more intangible work at times he is apart from the prison guards who were suited actually became more than fifty days and they were often times at enclave pain inflicting pain upon leaving prison is unnecessarily the prisoners working on the whole thing but these prison guards over time these regular gloves to all and when they were wanting in these rebellious prison guards to do something they would begin to press a button and these openings on prisoners what pretend like they are being shot at what they began to discover all these imprisoned a prison guard began to present all over and over again maybe during the days all students given the right time the right circumstances that lead the rebellion begins and well in each one of us welcome under the migrants is a very special story ever in a million times but I believe that this is Monday within India doing some journalism 's and some training there is happy without there he looked out into the river and then cease all young woman who was baby I got himself in a way no one 's around this is my opportunity I'm going to pursue this woman handed her a indecent proposition I will pay her a sleep whether you will not going to Elizabeth River and he began swimming for this moment please let me do this for the moment these doesn't want away and escaping all most all of until recently means himself I'm just going to do this and I will take their consequence of later on financing it closer and closer he saw and he realizes he's just a few feet away from her this woman when she stands up out of the water seen with S is about the same one and only when it dawns on him at that very moment what a leprous heart 's something very interesting is it all day and fallen short of the glory of God and this young man's areas in Loma Linda is going within the family 's own heart disease and found about and about when I was actually in Modesto had a wealthy Indian man who contacted me that I want to meet with you you can do one of the wealthiest people in all Modesto thank you much but I have a lot of people in Modesto with now we're talking to record a series of this issue right here he said this I deal with a lot of money big house that I own a construction company is well-known but he says I have a big problem with an older gentleman with a lot of health issues because this is my problem CDC is what you read in people pieces one is the purpose of life is it just agrees as much as you can ask for civilian and this man if you will a slip the reality and that is very evil present in this world not just in our own hearts as a young man if he's contemplating all the wisdom and talk of all these people went all in Jesus the five this week long event I am the Prophet of Allah would I am a teacher of Nirvana so as I am the reincarnation of the avatar of Vishnu is one of entities of that something remarkable in the tabletop conversation in the event met on December the eleventh I am the goods I am the good shepherd know what you are a remarkable good shepherd giveth his life for his sheep but hiring who is not a separate one to my home machine sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees in the will actively seek to understand legalese because he is a hireling and does not care about the CDs we gave everyone in the greatest picture of the keyhole and on the very beautiful example of me that I am the good shepherd something that we've lamented to all his hearers a man who would have to be so patient with the animals and he was taking care of all the pictures and genogram interviews about who really want amazing John the Baptist introduced this idea on what Shatner autoimmunity I never thought I was at the nearby field and I called the gigantic eighties active schema is defined for the spirit one man weapons in the other is thinking out there was a spear and there were people at the foot of the statue and they were getting all the sacrifices they were getting all these offerings that we got back to the church I was in India there was this very interesting picture of defense and was framed in the Barnett said something that let a mark upon the students I think she will not team he is like for you but Jesus was when you think about all the pictures of God Jesus in the exhibit begins it is a very unusual picture of God one half if we can move tenderness him and the satisfaction that no other things intended in this entire euro will Jesus introduces this picture of God being a good shepherd and I am the good shepherd and I know might seem an unknown amount as the father knows me even so I know the father and I relate now known in my life for she and others see my habits are not visible also I must bring and they will hear even Jesus for pilot who surrounded by Kroll with them that's when everyone was on the truths he hears my voice everyone was on the truth hears my voice and after using the latest young man for Melinda he begins as yet is very paternal example if you believe in the Old Testament the word for God to work for father being used for God is holy just a handful of times you going to the New Testament and the work on the connect to God in the New Testament full one hundred times which shall leave the Jews believed that God was the father but they do not believe he was very fatherly and a half seasons begin to really impress upon his hearers is a beautiful kind of picture the love of God began to spring up in people 's hearts each one of us is dealing with the big problem here a very big problem and that if the policy sin destroys our peace and wipes out log connection with heaven if I went with Inez the biggest on their life is not poverty portfolio she said in the fields is sin one psychologist and a bed get rid of my patients if only they knew there was forgiveness for them this one in the fire we define this kind of pieces of the world religions and philosophy teaches very unusual kind of philosophy went up to obtain at least the first is that there needs to be a change in the life of the change in the life and all that is able to produce a relationship with God and had only been announced to have that relationship all of a sudden you will experience that feeds into a longing for what God is very unusual to see what anything I offered to part dependencies so that you may have this relationship with me had ultimately in the pipeline will be change natural byproduct I think that God peace for your life the one thing I struggle with when I was a becoming a Christian specimen I was in college and it was this idea that God really care for me in I don't not like me I know God is willing to bring it up with an idea as they gone really low he emotionally and intellectually I knew it was there you mostly it was out there to meet justification to feel like this whole idea that God will wipe away your sin but when you think you have had the same time I could not be taxed that picture and that was not this kind of freedom that I had in the righteousness of Christ all you need to know about the present alleging that no other religion is is is that Christianity is considered a possible article willing to win him a focal religion salvation is something that is provided for in the past were at all the religions teach that salvation must be present at a private him you must attempt to Christianity is only linked enough fact that the salvation that God gave to us what he wants to open years ago as a mentor that is really a problem but when you begin to think about this video chronicles the one wins in the and he was on the annuities about the way down this great beautiful to see what the way that Sue and the like and that no man can come to the father except through Jesus and his righteousness and when Jesus will need one of our place endowments we didn't have that beautiful piece you may be struggling with lately struggling with all the evils that take place as the only deal with their own backlighting and wondered to yourself how the world can there be a blonde Lexi welcoming in spite of all these things I love this beautiful quote this will hear your thoughts my heart more than anything else out of all the things that could be said as we are not to be anxious about what crimes and want think about were not to be anxious about that wondering what in the world to stop thinking about meeting were not to be anxious about what I'm talking about that want to but about what God thinks of Christ's power substitute and when you look back to the life of Christ and you see that measure the reason John is to find a father who was well pleased with his son and when Jesus is dealt with dwelling in your life you will visit over at the father review what you do nothing leaving himself how the world could be that in my presence days that I was to accept Jesus Christ that somehow God the father will look upon me with delight when I have not changed my ways yet it seems indivisible Christianity one of the hardest things for me to fully realize that with this that Christ was a perfect example of God 's love and if he was willing to wrap his arms around sinners and making God accessible two thousand years ago he's willing to do that for me today when I was in college I was thinking to myself how is that everybody health have been together anyone got a good family good morals good upbringing minimal impact on my own life I would just see despair and darkness and discouragement and think upon my own faults I'd always wondered to myself how can you love me interesting there was a story Monday about a man who had a sister the three sister and he was dying in his bed and he always doubt and discouragement he just had a few moments left in his life solicitor said the only other going there and I'm going to encourage and want to see what synergies is a him if you confess your sins Jesus will forgive you an amount that I didn't like the panties that he is repentant and I'm trying to sell the tenancy began to lay down so many things he needs to do an easy affair I have this feeling of ceiling the next to circumvent his father what you need to do it he'll get me to open your hearts and on and you need to let and cleansing from San Juan you need to be legitimate this is what you are right now and you believe that I've been trying to do it until after our twenty something the darkness closing I want him as a consent she said something somewhat interesting everything about the other sisters do she says it when Jesus was on the cross all you think about was you his heart was so overwhelmed with this love for you that he was willing to go to the cross for you because he could not have been to in the man his eyes begin to open up anything in real life is great through a Pentagon poison out what God thinks of us the Gospels about what God thinks of crimes and as we open our hearts and our Gospel we moved me to its benefit he said many years ago they said that the Angels message is justification by faith is that is a very those methods we take a look at the thirty two method of payment of an found identification might make an something right warning to beware of the market of easy but the beauty and that is what influences you are driving down the slow winter coming across this TNR section and I don't think I think you know Trileptal Trileptal Trileptal Trileptal Trileptal feel at implication is turned by the time is now home at the disappointing end of the world thinks don't want to put these dollars of this way don't want to block them easily all evening the implication is just as a point that is available for each and every one of you when you think about trying to think about sanctification meeting about justification what will these things may be like this what Jesus for you what I've done for you and what the Holy Spirit opinion what Jesus has done for you is past due to her apartment him to thought one what Jesus has done for you is that you are present and they get a passing was one oh one and a policeman that he was at Hatfield your present tense presentations anything about what Jesus did you know a fact of life simply yes or no absolutely that is finished the plan of redemption was not but that I was completing the Holy Spirit working you exactness classroom I think that if you seriously think you have been but what Jesus did on the clock to finish work absolutely with the Holy Spirit opinion as an unfinished work is ongoing ladies and gentlemen you are saved biking is not an unfinished works and this is what makes the gospel solubility in this perspective network client is offering to you in the evening is done for the hardest thing for people to understand and why is this idea that Jesus has done it for me the house is by grace are ye saved through faith and not by grace are you saving for it I love Pittsburgh instead here right now who is coming to an end what a fingerprint which he says he will occasionally bar not what the tribes accepted to the acceptance of accepting with God in the Greek means more than anything I noticed that we learn the content of divine right and the compliance may even want to know why you like this to flying the lines absolutely a lot of meanwhile moral standards as we all know my love is only in the Malawi Congress intended to be accepted in the own experiment made in their apprehension when their spirited live in the home I think God is and what it feels alive so heavenly minded salt on your windowsill will lead to the time they are victims of the fear they are no longer accepted in Lakeland but cleanup on their high joy do not exalt them all that well disciplined and please do not really different in the other sites but they are saving and excepting in the one who never alters in the wind was always beloved of God holy and always without spot or wrinkle or any such thing how much happier and would be and how much more they would honor the safety to walk away ladies and gentlemen from this is tonight you can have the privilege of saying because it seems that the father delightfully mean by their accessibility to the throne of God that I may continue this relationship with God in spite of the person I am crazy because when it is feasible to carry and empowered my walk with God only in spite of anything is a mentor that is powerful through the menu begins really think about this that means even if you approximately do not be the goal is to build take care of the same problem going back to the story of Jesus and that young man with this young man needed more than anything wants to know there was a God have been lost in spite of what was going on but the beautiful thing is not only makes us beautiful in heaven to justification what will all day like a process of making this beautiful here on Kenny's a mentor this is something Jesus is willing to give it on his way to get to any person who believes ran with the story from Microsoft yesterday 's story took place just talking to one of the producers of the media is now begin to share source of the dog gets all the workers then he said this is a very interesting experience some time ago he went to the doctor 's certificate of basic visible went there the physical evidence seemed to be okay the doctor had concerned look on his amazing wonder what the world long the doctor said I want to save my brother when I want to talk to you submit sensitive blood we discovered that the AIDS virus this young man is now defending himself how in the world in this field imagine if he were that news it will be turned upside down so the theory this is why begins the race backwards in time thinking about anything that he learned .net web concept and see what several years ago and got some strange mosquito bikes I think sums up maybe it was that concern on this man's life is a thing about his family at one point she has this virus what do these events are many things about a young child I was just one with an analysis so immediately he went home and family to the hospital they were tested in this man for some time with this arrangement anxiety of now having the AIDS virus what would people say about only half fantasy alive is a alive as much as possible his whole life is now turned upside down family was tested surprisingly none of them have the AIDS virus this may confuse about that went to the doctor that it means we test my blood again they rejected his blood and they discovered she didn't have the virus and story the files were apparently switched with an eighty -year-old woman visited -year-old woman was about to receive the news that somehow she had contracted AIDS virus ladies and gentlemen each one of us has a single virus but Jesus became sin for us that we might be the righteousness of Christ and just how you are you willing to open your heart of the Lord I want to did while there he will gladly accept that offer regardless of the person you are and you will have see his righteousness he is covering his forgiveness and ultimately above all things have been a piece is thinking about your own experiences think about your own sing your own heart and out the recent failures the lack of spiritual power in your life ladies and gentlemen God is inviting you to lay down the foot of the cross and that's your desire but you just want to come to God just as you are when you mind on your as swiftly as anything a moment of silence to pray and to open our own individual Lisa God closing hymn the mess we are father in heaven we just thank you for a love for sacrifice that was in the past yet for love pedestal present thank you God that you're willing to pour your love got forty four Doctor Levine and it is drawing us to you we thank you God that in spite of our failures circumstances God that you truly love us and that your throne is accessible because of Jesus people like me a person leaves God having that piece of having I cannot be bought with money I made every personal name with the piece of having knowing that God is with thinking thank you Fernando prayer in the name is Raymond this media was wrong audio Bruce a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more we would like to know more about our universe the more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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